Idealism and realism are two diverse concepts that are mostly used in various areas of life like philosophy and epistemology. The two concepts are opposing approaches about things. They stand against each other in reality

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Idealism and realism are two diverse concepts that are mostly used in various areas of life like philosophy and epistemology.The two concepts are opposing approaches about things. They stand against each other in reality.One looks out for perfection in a situation whilst the other looks out for reality or actuality in a situation.Idealism was established by Plato and all the people who believe in this concept are also known as the idealist or Platonist. According to Plato, to understand the truth, one must pursue knowledge and identify it with the absolute mind. Idealism is a concept that sees things the way they are or in an ideal way. They believe that things exist only as ideas is in your mind rather than as material objects. They focus on conscious reasoning of the the mind, their emotions and how the mind interpret ideas and they rely solely on the mind. Realism on the other hand is a concept that sees things the way they happen in a current situation and what they are and how they are. Realism believe that reality has an absolute existence independence from one thoughts ,ideas and even consciousness.they believe in reality of the world as physical objects. They believe in objectivity because it is more of testing ideas through logical reasoning and the use of scientific methods in it finding. The passage below will talk about the reasons why I prefer realism to the idealist perspective.
To begin with, realism emphasizes on observation and experimentation. Realism believes the world is just a mere phenomena. They do not believe in spirituality or ideas. They believe in evidence and this evidence is derived from observation and then experimentation.They observe events analyze it and test their findings through experimentation and then interprets the results as evidence which is tested against the real world. Unlike the idealist who believe that ideas are the absolute truth and there is no need to test ideas.And I believe that everything in this modern world should be tested and approved with evidence rather than just ideas.
Secondly realism is objective while idealism are subjective in nature and subjectivity holds that true to resides only in the mind .For an idealist a ,particular statement can be true for one person and false for another based on solely one’s mental choices or emotions.So for an idealist , he can interpret events base on his own imaginative ideas or conception of perfection.But realism believe in objectivism and objectivism is when a particular statement can be true for one person and false in another . There is radical difference in the relevant perceptual evidence available to the two people. They do not believe in ideas and mental choices.
Furthermore, the realism emphasizes on practical knowledge ,they believe the knowledge is acquired through our senses hence whatever we perceive by our senses is real nature and the true entity of the world, they also believe that everything we know comes from experiences and from reflection of the experiences .We are not born with any innates ideas but rather blank slate. But the idealist are impractical and persuade ideas with practical ends.But I believe that the best way to give an account on an event or a phenomena it’s when one has an experience or has experience that events and can give accurate explanation or an account of it.
Realism deals with scientific methods and scientific processes in order to prove the existence of reality. Through the assumption of scientific approach, there is development of reasoning power which leads to creativity. As a student of history, history also deals with historical methods which are similar to scientific methods which helps to improve our mental power which improves a student of history, when eternal facts such as painting etc are all as a result of creativity.Historical methods will lead on to gain understanding of historical events then will make people become creative in forming statues,drawings to give knowledge of historical events.My reason of choosing realism is that, all the factors that make history relevant are all factors that make realism relevant.Idealism state that, what is real is what is in the mind and does not improve deep thinking which leads to creativity.
In conclusion,realism uses observation and experimentation in their research findings,they are also objective in their research work,they use practical knowledge in giving account of their work and they have great impact in educational philosophy because of the foundation of scientific reasoning.Realist encourage the use of observation and conclusion from the world around them rather than confining themselves to analysis of their own ideas.
which I think is more important as compared to the idealist who are subjective in nature,impractical and just believe in ideas,emotions,mental choices and conception of perfection.
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