I’ll assess my students by giving them written tests and also by observing them

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  • I believe education is one of the most important things in life. I want my students to live a long, healthy and fit life.

  • Health and physical education is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone should know how to keep themselves healthy. If everyone knows how to be healthy and fit then it could prevent several health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

  • As a health and physical education teacher I want to follow the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as best as I can. The several sections I will teach will be fitness, wellness, integrated skills, drugs and medicine, human relationships and sexuality, and motor skill development.

  • Since every student learns differently I would like to use different teaching styles such as command, practice, and reciprocal.

  • I’ll assess my students by giving them written tests and also by observing them.

  • Throughout the year I want to see an improvement in my students… Overall, I want my students to know how to eat healthy and how to stay physically fit.

  • I am twenty four years old.

  • I am from Mays Landing, NJ.

  • I have played softball and field hockey all my life.

  • I play club softball at Rowan University.

  • I transferred from Atlantic Cape Community College.

  • I got the softball program started at Atlantic Cape Community College.

  • I was woman of the year at Atlantic Cape Community College.

  • I have always wanted to be a teacher and coach as well.

  • I am very driven and always give 110% no matter what.

  • I am responsible, trustworthy, and reliable.
Who I Am

Teaching Philosophy

Discovery Learning Center


Child Care

August 2014

Barbarito & Beyer’s Preschool

Teacher/ Child Care

June 2012-June 2014

Tilton Fitness

Sales Associate/

Child Care

June 2011-August 2011

Atlantic Cape Community College

Peer Leader/ Note Taker

August 2009-

June 2011



Rowan University

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