Important Terms People and Ideas

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AP History

Mr. Dunn

Chapter 15 study guide
Important Terms People and Ideas

The Freedman’s Bureau

Radical Republicans

10% Plan

Andrew Johnson

Wade-Davis Bill

John Wilkes Booth

Black Codes

13th amendment

14th amendment

15th amendment

Johnson’s Plan

Congressional Plan

Tenure of Office Act

Johnson Impeachment




Crop-Lien System

Ulysses S. Grant

Credit Mobilier

Seward’s Folly

Ku Klux Klan

Social Darwinism

Compromise of 1877

The New South


Booker T. Washington

Atlanta Compromise

Jim Crow

Plessy v. Ferguson


1. Describe the impact of the Civil War on the Southern states.

2. Describe the actions of African Americans towards gaining independence from White control.

3. What actions did the Freedman’s Bureau take to attempt to help the African Americans?

4. What stopped the Wade Davis Bill from going into effect?

5. Describe President Johnson’s view of the freedmen.

6. Describe the Radical Republican view towards the newly established Johnson governments.

7. Describe the actions taken by Congress and the President in response to the Black Codes.

8. How did the Radical Republicans plan on getting the 14th amendment passed by the Southern states?

9. Describe the provisions of the Tenure of Office Act and the motivation behind passing it.

10. Describe the reasons for the impeachment on Andrew Johnson.

11. What is the difference between a scalawag and a carpetbagger?

12. Discuss the success rate of African American politicians.

13. Evaluate the success or failure of integrated education in the South.

14. How did land tenantry benefit both Whites and Blacks?

15. Describe the cause of the debt cycle associated with the crop-lien system.

16. On a separate piece of paper outline the section entitled The Grant Administration. Staple the paper to this study guide.

17. Describe the goals of the KKK

18. Describe the idea known as social Darwinism.

19. Describe the stipulations found in the Compromise of 1877.

20. What was the goal of the Redeemers?

21. What time period is known as the New South?

22. Explain the recommendation of Henry Grady and the impact this had on the South.

23. Describe the state of agriculture in the New South.

24. What did booker T. Washington urge other African Americans to do?

25. Describe the court decisions of Plessy v. Ferguson and Cumming v. Country Board of Education.

26. Explain the use of the poll tax and literacy test in attempting to evade the 15th amendment.

27. What are Jim Crowe Laws?

28. Describe the illegal efforts made to keep Blacks under the control of Whites in the New South.

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