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TASK 4 Language register. Choose the correct expression. Write the suitable subject of the report

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TASK 4 Language register. Choose the correct expression. Write the suitable subject of the report
To: Capt. Tom Smith, Company Commander

From: 2Lt John Brown, Platoon Leader

Date: 22nd March 2006

Subject: ..................................................................................................

The purpose of this report is to give an account of/ to talk about the car accident and to recommend changes which could help us to get rid of /to avert similar situations in the future.

Time and place

The accident happened on February 28 at about 07.00 hours /o’clock on the road from the hotel to the Signal Battalion in eastern England where I am currently serving/living.


The weather conditions were very bad. This means it was a cloudy and snowy morning. What is more, the road was covered with ice and that is why it was very slippery. I was driving very slowly on the left side as I am not

a good /an experienced driver. When I was coming near/approaching the crossroad the jeep which was being driven by Capt. Robertson started to overtake my car. I started to brake which caused a skid. So/As a consequence, my jeep landed in a ditch. Then, Capt. Robertson stopped his car and came to my rescue.

Fortunately, nobody was injured. The only person who suffered in the accident was me with a few bruises and cuts. I was taken to the hospital twenty minutes after the crash where I got the first-aid.


My jeep had a smashed windscreen and a right front light. The body of the car was not seriously damaged but the right door was dented and it needs repainting. Besides, the clutch should be replaced.


Each Polish soldier who will be on his new posting /get a job in British Army unit should go to/attend a special course on the British Highway Code. Before they drive themselves they must be taught how to use a steering wheel as it is situated on the opposite side to ours. Every driver should be better prepared for adverse /nasty weather conditions and surprising/emergency situations on the road.


Taking everything into consideration, I am sure/convinced that it was an unfortunate accident which was caused by bad weather conditions and lack /absence of driving experience on the British road. Thus, it would be useful if you could accept my proposals which might contribute to/cause decreasing a number of car accidents.

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