Innovation Implementation Framework

D. Measurement and monitoring

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D. Measurement and monitoring. Performance measurement and monitoring involve setting both process and progress goals and collecting, reviewing, and responding to feedback. This allows us to identify what’s going well, what’s not, what you need to do to improve and ultimately, assess if the implementation has been successful.

Evaluation Criteria Fundamental Elements
1. Category of the processor product innovation i. Map to sector unit it falls to ii.
Fix/normal/futuristic iii. Disruptive / Incremental Architectural / Radical
2. Cost of implementation
3. SWOT analysis
4. Time of realizing it
5. Customer satisfaction – impact on the customer
6. Implementation Speed Placement Matrix (ISPM) – IF i. It requires more time and more effort – plan for it ii. It requires less effort and a lot of time (resources, politics) – seek executive support iii. Requires very little time and effort - implement goes to the proving ground immediately iv. Requires a lot of effort and less time – request for resources
7. Strategy alignment
8. Expected benefit i. Monitory Value ii. Operational Efficiency

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