Innovation Implementation Framework

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The Prepare phase will include designing and documenting the innovation strategy, assembling the implementation team, creating a clear plan (or parameters for an iterative planning process, and designing the approach for measurement, training, and communications.
Execute and Improve

All of this is done before the roll-out of the innovation strategy during the Execute phase. Monitoring the implementation during execution is essential to provide data and feedback for the Improve phase, during which adjustments are made to enhance results.
Only after improvements are made, sometimes requiring multiple execution cycles, can the Ministry move to the Maintain phase, transitioning responsibility for the innovation strategy to steady state operations. Context - Where The implementation can be impacted by all kinds of internal factors, such as whether or not other policy changes are being implemented concurrently, shifts in executive leadership, failure of past change efforts, or the current performance or capability levels of the Ministry. It can also be impacted by external factors, such as changes in the regulatory or economic climate, actions taken by partners, or even popular opinions about what we are implementing. For this reason, we will take stock of the environment in which we are operating and incorporate our assessment of contextual risks and opportunities into our planning and management strategies. Although it would be awfully convenient, most implementations do not operate in a bubble sealed off from outside influences. So, it's best to not act as if they do.

Evaluation Matrix
Innovation requires collaboration, ideation, implementation and value creation. This implementation framework has focused on the key area of the innovation driven entrepreneurship and the strategy each stakeholder need to employ to realize the objectives of the pillar. The pillar has taken care of limitations such as resource allocation, lack off collaboration among the stakeholders and constant review of the innovation strategy. This framework will fast track achieving the goal of this pillar in the Kenyan digital economy blueprint.

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