Innovation Implementation Framework

Key Stakeholders of the Innovation Process

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Key Stakeholders of the Innovation Process
Stakeholder’s Name
Influencing Strategy
Government Agencies Digital Economy Planning Strategy, Policy, and Implementation Formulation, adapting and updating of a national ICT policy or strategy Design a timetable for actions and key performance indicators (KPIs) for accountability and successful implementation.
Financers such as venture capitalists Affordability of digital infrastructure, tools and services Financial support towards implementation of the strategies Resource mobilization and coordinated investment Enable the sustainable rollout of ICT infrastructure and last-mile connectivity through public-private partnerships and innovative financing Educators and RD agencies Development of talent/human resources for digital Foster new innovations to be adopted by the entrepreneurs

businesses/economy Encourage learners and citizens to be equipped with digital skills and knowledge Service providers User centered services for businesses Focus on platform development, digital services and delivery channels, and e- government services for businesses Prioritizing accessibility of digital services and user inclusion Entrepreneurs Create an ecosystem that embraces new and improved digital practices in their businesses Encourage ICT-related entrepreneurship activity as well as partner with the private sector to create an enabling ecosystem

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