Innovation Implementation Framework

Ways in which the government will support the pillar

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Ways in which the government will support the pillar.

Focus Areas
Entrepreneurial interest in the innovators i.e. innovators come up with ideas that can be commercialized.
1. Number of collaborative research projects involving the government, academia and the private sector.
2. Number in products and services offered to the public in innovation driven entrepreneurs
3. Number of products and services that are brought to market by innovation driven entrepreneurs
4. Improved Global Innovative Index listings.
5. Number of quality graduates with relevant skills for the digital economy
6. Number of academic and scientific on at a global level on innovation driven entrepreneurs
7. Number of innovation hub, incubators, accelerators
8. Growth in intellectual property rights applications.
9. Growth in revenues from entrepreneurs invested in information economy
Funding towards research and innovation. Seed capital, angel investment, venture capital, for investments. Tax and other incentives (including subsidies and waivers, innovation- oriented companies that may include companies involved production of digital products. To include tax support and other incentives for startups. Commercialize with an aim of globalizing businesses in order to grow or scale up Support business models that leverage on both open access and intellectual property systems. Incubation and accelerators for innovation e.g Ministry of ICT “Whitebox” Vision and strategy for innovation driven entrepreneurship Development of talent/human resources for digital businesses/economy Facilitation of access of Public procurement for innovation products by innovation driven entrepreneurs

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