Innovation Implementation Framework

Diffusion of the Innovation

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Diffusion of the Innovation (
Critical success factors for dissemination) Typically, the assessment will involve computation of ratios associated with
• Percentage of sales generated through NPD
• Percentage of net sales invested in RD
• Time invested by key stakeholders
• Number of patents filed or granted over a specified timeframe

Proposed Framework -
Overview of the framework (An Integrated System of Reinforced Parts)
Components: These are the tools and techniques that we will use to implement the pillar. Components provide structure to the implementation.
Refer to the people involved in driving and adopting the pillar we are implementing.

Reflect that implementation is a multistage and often iterative process
Refers to the internal and external factors that can impact the implementation — and which make every effort unique. To achieve this, the strategy will focus on a framework for creating various facilities and programs to enhance and support the country’s innovative capability to enable them to build new and innovative products.

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