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System Tray Menu

The System Tray Menu is accessible by clicking the InSync icon in the System Tray. In the Menu are shortcuts to the configuration menus and functions of InSync.
      1. Menu Selections

Menu selections link to the four tabs of the InSync configuration screen.

  • Home: The Home tab provides an overview of InSync and is covered in section 4.

  • Dictation Log: The Dictation Log provides a record of uploaded dictations and is covered in section 6.

  • Devices: The Devices tab shows a list connected devices that can be configured with InSync. It is covered in section 7.

  • Options: Configuration settings for the InSync application are located on this tab. Options are covered in section 8.
      1. Dictation Selections

  • Record New Dictation: This shortcut will open the Recording tab of InSync, and is covered in section 5.

  • Upload Dictations: This shortcut will force InSync to send any files that are waiting to be uploaded.

  • Download Dictations: This shortcut will force InSync to check any connected recorders for dictations waiting to be uploaded.
      1. Other Selections

  • Last Message: This will display the last message InSync displayed, such as “Completed Uploads” or “Device Detected.”

  • Launch InQuiry: A shortcut to the InQuiry website:

  • Help: This links to the Emdat ticket system:

  • Exit: Closes the InSync application. Users will not be able to connect recorders and upload to EMDAT if the program is not running.

    1. Home

The Home tab provides an overview of InSync and the status of unsent dictations. To access all of the features on the Home tab a user must be logged into the application.

      1. Login Menu

  • Select the Login link from the upper right hand corner of the InSync application.

  • To log in, fill in all three of the fields. InSync login credentials are the same as your InQuiry credentials. The application can remember Usernames and Passwords.

  • If the Username has been saved, the name is selected from the dropdown list to expedite the login process.

  • Once logged in, a user can choose to logout by clicking on the down arrow and selecting the option to logout.

      1. Internet Connection Monitor

The internet connection monitor verifies that InSync is connected to the internet and that the ports that InSync uses to transmit data are open. In order for InSync to communicate with the server, the Internet connection must register as active.

      1. Recording Dictation

The home page contains a link to the Recording tab, as well as a quick view of any dictations that are on hold or waiting to be uploaded. Recording functions are covered in section 5.

      1. Support Section

Quick links to Emdat InQuiry, support requests, and the helpdesk telephone number.

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