Interesting Debate Topics Is there life after death?

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Interesting Debate Topics

Is there life after death?

Are video games good for you?
Are there aliens? Are we really alone?
Are kids expected to perform chores around the house?
Are school uniforms good or bad idea?
Are social networking sites harmful?
Are vampires real?
Can exes still be best friends?
God: myth or reality
Can kids go anywhere they wished with their friends?
Are beauty pageants more harmful than beneficial?
Do you consider privacy to be a privilege or right?
Are oil and coal bigger threats than a country having nuclear weapons?
Is it acceptable for society to put someone to death?
Are we losing the fight against terror?
Is it alright to purchase any items you want with your allowance or own money?
Can parents be punished for their kids' mistakes?
Is marriage an outdated concept? Is co-habitation the new replacement for marriage?
Do we need better role models for our generation?
Is peer pressure beneficial or harmful?
Does beauty or brains get you ahead in life?
Is public humiliation an acceptable punishment for criminals?
Has Walt Disney done better for mankind than William Shakespeare ever did?
Should junk food be banned from schools?
Is protesting a justified behavior to break the law?
Should kids be allowed to watch a PG-13 or R-rated movies?
Is rap music a means to express one's individuality?
Should the school change the hours from morning to 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.?
Public school vs Private school
Should they increase or decrease the age for voting, smoking, and/or drinking?
Should animal testing be legal or illegal?
What is the permissible age for tattoos and piercings?
Should George W. Bush be re-elected as President?
What's the importance of the Olympics?
Should the death penalty be banned across the world?
What's the meaning of beauty? Is it only skin deep?
Should there be any zoos in the world?
Which is better, television or books?
Should we stop space exploration?
Will computers replace teachers?
Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima justified?

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