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butyrero = {n} butterman

butyric = {adj} [Chem.] butyric

butyrina = {n} [Chem.] butyrine

butyro (bú-) = {n} butter {Hence:} butyrato; butyrero; butyreria; butyrina; butyrari; butyric; butyrose; butyrar; disbutyrar

butyrose = {adj} 1. buttery; 2. butyrous

buxo = {n} 1. box, box tree; 2. boxwood (= wood of the box tree)

byzantin = {adj} Byzantin

byzantino = {n} Byzantine

Byzantio = {npr} Byzantium {Hence:} byzantin-byzantino

-c = {see} `-ic'

cabala (cá-) = {n} 1. cabala; 2. cabal {Hence:} cabalista-cabalistic; cabalar

cabalar = {v} 1. to cabalize, practice cabala; 2. to plot, intrigue

cabalista = {n} cabalist

cabalistic = {adj} cabalistic

cabana = {n} cabin, hut; {also:} cottage; `cabana de folios' arbor, bower

cabaret [F] = {n} cabaret (1. cabaret shop; café chantant; 2. tea, coffee, etc., set) {Hence:} cabaretero

cabaretero = {n} cabaret owner, cabaretier

cabina = {n} 1. [Naut.] cabin, stateroom; 2. car (of an elevator) {Hence:} cabinetto

cabinetto = {n} cabinet (1. small room; {also:} closet; 2. [Gov.]); `cabinetto de lectura' reading-room; `question de cabinetto' 1. state affair that may cause a change of cabinet; 2. vital question

cablar = {v} to cable (= to transmit messages by cable)

cablo = {n} cable {Hence:} cablar; cablogramma etc.

cablo-gramma = {n} cablegram

cabriolet [F] = {n} cabriolet (1. cab.; 2. [Motoring] convertible coupé or roadster)

cac- = {adj} [occurring in compounds] caco (= bad, evil) {Hence:} cacodemone etc.; cacoethe etc.; cacographo etc.; cacophone etc.

cacao (-áo) = {n} I. cacao (1. cacao tree; 2. cacao bean); II. cocoa; `butyro de cacao' cocoa butter

Cachmir (-sh-) = {npr} Kashmir; `cachmir' cashmere (cloth)

cacia = {n} 1. hunting, chase; 2. game (killed in hunting) {Hence:} caciar - caciator

caciar = {v} to hunt, chase; {also:} to chase (away), drive off, etc.

caciator (sh-) = {n} I. hunter, huntsman; II. chaser (1. [Navy]; 2. [Naut.] chase-gun)

caco-demone' cacodemon (1. evil spirit; 2. [Astrol.])

caco-ethe = {n} cacoëthes (1. bad habit; 2. [Med.])

cacographia (-ía) = {n} cacography, bad spelling

caco-grapho (-có-) = {n} cacographer, poor speller {Hence:} cacographia

caco-phone = {adj} cacophonous, cacophonic {Hence:} cacophonia-cacopphonic

cacophonia (-ía) = {n} cacophony

cacophonic = {adj} cacophonous, cacophonic

cactaceas = {n} [Bot.] Cactaceae

cactacee = {adj} [Bot.] cactaceous

cacto = {n} cactus {Hence:} cactacee-cactaceas

cadavere = {n} 1. corpse, cadaver; 2. carcass {Hence:} cadaverose

cadaverose = {adj} cadaverous, corpse-like

caddie [A] = {n} [Golfing] caddie

cadentia = {n} cadence (1. rhythmical flow or movement; 2. [Mus.] concluding strain) {Hence:} cadentiar

cadentiar = {v} to give cadence or rhythm to; to cadence

cader [cad-/cas-; -cid-] = {v} to fall, drop, tumble, etc.; `cader malade' to fall ill {Hence:} cadentia &; caso &; cadita-paracadita etc.; accider &; incider &; decader &; recader &

cadette = {adj} -; `(filio, fratre) cadette' younger (son, brother) {Hence:} cadetto

cadetto = {n} cadet (1. younger son or brother; 2. student at a military school)

cadita = {n} fall, falling; `cadita de aqua' waterfall

cadmium (cád-) = {n} cadmium

café [F] = {n} coffeehouse, café

caffe = {n} 1. coffee; 2. café {Hence:} caffetero; caffetera; caffeina

caffeina (-ína) = {n} caffeine

caffetero = {n} coffeehouse keeper

caffetera = {n} coffeepot

caftan = {n} caftan

Cain (-ín) = {nprm} Cain

Caiphas (-fás) = {nprm} Caiaphas, Caiphas

caisson [F] = {n} caisson (1. [Mil.]; 2. [Engin.]; 3. [Arch.])

calamitate = {n} calamity (1. great public misfortune; 2. serious trouble, distress) {Hence:} calamitose

calamitose = {adj} calamitous

-calar = {v} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} intercalar &; nomenclar etc.

calcar = {v} 1. to trample, tread; to stamp; to press; 2. to kick; 3. to trace, make a tracing {Hence:} calco; calcator

calcari = {adj} calcareous

calcario = {n} limestone

calcator = {n} tracing point, tracer

calce (1) = {n} 1. heel; 2. foot (of a pillar or mast); 3. stock (of a rifle) {Hence:} calceo &; calcar &; recalcitrar &

calce (2) = {n} lime (= calcium oxide); `calce vive' quicklime; `calce extincte' slaked lime; `lacte de calce' whitewash (= mixture of lime and water); `petra de calce' limestone {Hence:} calcite; calculo &; calcari; calcario; calcic; calcium; calcifere; calcificar-calcification; calcinar &

calcea = {n} hose; {also:} stocking; `calcea blau' bluestocking {Hence:} calcetta &; calceones; calcear &

calcear = {v} 1. to put (shoes, boots, stockings, etc.) on (someone's feet); 2. to cover the foot or root (of a tree, etc.); `calcear se' to put on one's shoes, stockings, etc. {Hence:} calceator; calceatura; calceate; discalcear-discalceamento, discalceator, discalceate

calceate = 1 {pp} of `calcear'; 2. {adj} wearing shoes, boots, etc., shod

calceator = {n} shoehorn

calceatura = {n} footwear, footgear

calceiforme = {adj} [Bot.] calceiform

calceo = {n} shoe slipper; {also:} [Technol.] {Hence:} calceolo &; calceiforme; calcea &

calceolaria = {n} [Bot.] calceolaria

calceolate = {adj} [Bot.] calceolate

calceolo (-é-) = {n} 1. small shoe or slipper; 2. small wedge, socket, etc. {Hence:} calceolaria; calceolate

calceones = {npl} underpants; {also:} shorts

calcetta = {n} (small) stocking; {also:} sock {Hence:} calcettero; calcetteria

calcetteria (-ía) = {n} hosiery; {also:} hosiery shop

calcettero = {n} stocking maker, stocking weaver

calcic = {adj} [Chem.] calcic

calcifere = {adj} calciferous

calcificar = {v} to calcify

calcification = {n} calcification

calcinar = {v} to calcine {Hence:} calcination; calcinatori

calcination = {n} calcination

calcinatori = {adj} calcinatory

calcite = {n} calcite

calcium (cál-) = {n} [Chem.] calcium

calco = {n} tracing, traced design

calculabile = {adj} calculable

calcular = {v} to calculate; `machina de calcular' calculating machine {Hence:} calculo (2); calculabile-incalculabile; calculation; calculator

calculation = {n} calculation

calculator = {n} calculator (= one who calculates)

calculo (1) = {n} 1. small stone; {also:} pebble; 2. [Med.] calculus {Hence:} calculose; calcular &

calculo (2) = {n} calculation; `calculo mental' mental arithmetic; `calculo (differential, integral, etc.)' (differential, integral, etc.) calculus

calculose = {adj} [Med.] calculous

calde = {adj} warm, hot {Hence:} caldera &; escaldar &

caldera = {n} kettle boiler, etc.; `caldiera de vapor' steam boiler; `caldiera tubular' tubular or fire-tube boiler {Hence:} caldierata; caldierero; caldieretta; caldieron

calderata = {n} kettleful

calderero = {n} coppersmith

calderetta = {n} small kettle, boiler, etc.

calderon = {n} large kettle, cauldron

cale-facer [-fac-/-fact-] = {v} to warm, heat {Hence:} calefaciente; calefaction; calefactor

calefaciente = {adj} [Med.] calefacient, calefactive

calefact- = {see} `calefacer'

calefaction = {n} heating, calefaction; `calefaction central' central heating

calefactor = {n} calefactor, heater, etc.

calendario = {n} calendar {Hence:} calendarista

calendarista = {n} calendar maker

calendas = {npl} calends {Hence:} calendario &; calendula

calendula = {n} [Bot.] calendula

caler = {v} to be warm or hot; to glow {Hence:} calide; calor &; calefacer etc.

calfatage (-aje) = {n} (act of) calking, caulking

calfatar = {v} to calk, caulk (ships) {Hence:} calfatage; calfatator

calfatator = {n} calker, caulker (= one who calks ships)

calibrar = {v} to calibrate

calibrator = {n} calibrater

calibre = {n} 1. caliber; 2. caliber rule {Hence:} calibrar-calibrator

calice (cá-) = {n} 1. chalice (= cup, goblet; {also:} calix); also: [Eccl.]; 2. [Bot.] cup, calyx {Hence:} caliciforme etc.

calici-forme = {adj} cup-shaped, caliciform

calico (-có) = {n} calico

calide = {adj} warm; hot

califa = {n} caliph {Hence:} califato

califato = {n} caliphate

call- = {n} [occurring in compounds] calli- (= beauty) {Hence:} calligrapho etc.; hemerocallide etc.

calligraphia (-ía) = {n} calligraphy

calligraphiar = {v} to calligraph, write calligraphically

calligraphic = {adj} calligraphic

calli-grapho (-í-) = {n} calligrapher {Hence:} calligraphia-calligraphiar; calligraphic

callista = {n} corncutter, chiropodist

callo = {n} callus (= hard, thickened place on the skin); also: corn (on one's toe) {Hence:} callista; callose-callositate

callose = {adj} callous

callositate = {n} 1. callosity, callousness; 2. callus

calma = {n} calm

calmante = 1 {ppr} of `calmar'; 2. {adj} calming; calmative

calmante = {n} calmative

calmar = {v} to calm; {also:} to calm down

calme = {adj} calm {Hence:} calma-calmar-calmante

calomel = {n} calomel

calor = {n} heat; warmth; `il face (un) grande calor' it is very hot; `calor specific' specific heat; `in le calor de (un discussion, etc.)' in the heat of (an argument, etc.) {Hence:} caloria; calorifero; calorific; calorose; calorificar-calorification; calorimetro etc.

caloria (-ía) = {n} calorie

calorifero (-ífero) = {n} (central) heating installation

calorific = {adj} calorific

calorificar = {v} [Phys.] to calorify

calorification = {n} calorification

calori-metro (-í-) = {n} culorimeter

calorose = {adj} hot; warm

calumnia = {n} calumny, slander {Hence:} calumniose; calumniar-calumniation, calumniator, calumniatori

calumniar = {v} to calumniate, slander

calumniation = {n} calumniation

calumniator = {n} calumniator

calumniatori = {adj} calumniatory

calumniose = {adj} calumnious

calvario = {n} 1. Calvary; 2. martyrdom

calve = {adj} bald {Hence:} calvitia

Calvin, Jean = {npr} [1509-1564; French theologian] {Hence:} calvinismo; calvinista-calvinistic

calvinismo = {n} Calvinism

calvinista = {n} Calvinist

calvinistic = {adj} Calvinistic

calvitia = {n} baldness

cambaro (cám-) = {n} crayfish, crawfish

cambiabile = {adj} changeable

cambiamento = {n} change (1. act of making different; 2. changed condition)

cambiante = 1 {ppr} of `cambiar'; 2. {adj} changeable (as in "changeable silk")

cambiar = {v} to change (1. to make or become different; 2. to replace by another; 3. as in "to change a dollar"); `cambiar de opinion' to change one's mind; `cambiar de (conducta, etc.)' to change (one's conduct); `cambiar de vestimento, cambiar se' to change (clothes); `cambiar de traino' to change (trains); `seta cambiante' changeable silk {Hence:} cambio-cambista; cambiamento; cambiante; cambiabile; cambiator; excambiar &, intercambiar &

cambiator = {n} 1. changer (= one who or that which changes); 2. money-changer

cambio = {n} I. change (1. substitution of one thing for another; 2. money returned as balance of that tendered for an article); II. [Fin.] exchange (1. as in "foreign or domestic exchange"; 2. rate of exchange) III. [R.R.] switch; `littera de cambio' bill of exchange; `agente de cambio' stockbroker

cambista = {n} cambist (= exchange expert)

camelero = {n} camel driver

camellia = {n} camellia

Camellus, George Joseph = {npr} [Latinized form of George Joseph Kamel, Jesuit priest who traveled in Asia and wrote an account of plants of the Philippine Islands] {Hence:} camellia

camelo = {n} camel {Hence:} camelero

cameo (-éo) = {n} cameo

camera (cá-) = {n} chamber (1. room, bedroom; 2. hall used by deliberative or judicial body; 3. group of lawmakers; 4. "the chamber of a gun"); `musica de camera' chamber music; `camera de aere' inner tube; `camera obscur' 1. [Optics] camera obscura; 2. [Photog.] darkroom; `camera (photographic)' [Photog.] camera {Hence:} camerero; camerera; cameretta; antecamera

camerada = {n} comrade {Hence:} cameraderia

cameraderia (-ía) = {n} comradeship

camerera = {n} 1. lady's maid; 2. chambermaid

camerero = {n} 1. valet, man-servant; 2. chamberlain

cameretta = {n} small room

camino = {n} 1. fireplace; 2. chimney; {also:} smokestack, funnel, etc.; `mantello (del camino)' mantel, mantelpiece

camion [F] = {n} truck (as in "automobile truck")

camisa = {n} 1. shirt; 2. chemise; 3. [Fortif.] revetment; 4. cover, envelope, jacket, etc.; `camisa de nocte' nightgown; nightshirt; `camisa de fortia' strait jacket {Hence:} camisero; camiseria; camisetta; camisola; subcamisa

camiseria (-ía) = {n} shirtshop

camisero = {n} shirtmaker

camisetta = {n} chemisette

camisola = {n} (woman's) sleeved vest

camminar = {v} to walk along, tramp, journey, etc.

cammino = {n} way, road; `mitter se in cammino' to start out (on a trip, journey, etc.) {Hence:} camminar; incamminar; discamminar

camoce = {n} chamois; {also:} shammy {Hence:} camociar

camoci- = {see} `camoce'

camociar = {v} to chamois

camomilla = {n} camomile; `tisana de camomilla' camomile tea

camouflage [F] = {n} camouflage

campamento = {n} encampment (1. camping; 2. camp)

campana = {n} bell {Hence:} campanil; campanula &

campania = {n} 1. open country; 2. country, countryside; 3. campaign {Hence:} campaniol

campanil = {n} bell tower, campanile

campaniol = {n} [Zool.] vole, fieldmouse

campanula (-pá-) = {n} bellflower, campanula {Hence:} campanulacee-campanulaceas; campanulate

campanulaceas = {npl} Campanulaceae

campanulacee = {adj} campanulaceous

campanulate = {adj} [Bot.] campanulate

campar = {v} 1. to camp (= to live in a camp); 2. to encamp (= to place in a camp)

campestre = {adj} rural, rustic; `vita campestre' country life; `guarda campestre' rural policeman or constable

camphora (cám-) = {n} camphor {Hence:} camphorato; camphoriero; camphoric; camphorar-camphorate

camphorar = {v} to camphorate, camphor

camphorate = 1 {pp} of `camphorar'; 2. {adj} camphorated, camphor

camphorato = {n} [Chem.] camphorate (= salt of camphoric acid)

camphoric = {adj} camphor, camphoric; `acido camphoric' camphoric acid

camphoriero = {n} [Bot.] camphor tree

campion = {n} champion (1. defender, supporter; 2. [Sports]) {Hence:} campionato

campionato = {n} [Sports, Games, etc.] championship

campo = {n} I. field (1. piece of land put to a particular use; 2. range of opportunity or interest; 3. [Her., Paint., etc.]); II. [Mil.] camp; `campo magnetic' magnetic field; `campo de aviation' airfield; `campo de concentration' concentration camp; `campo de minas' mine field {Hence:} campion &; campania &; campestre; campar-campamento, discampar &; escampar

campo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} hippocampo etc. ...

can = {n} 1. dog; 2. [Firearms] trigger; `vita de can' dog's life; `can de aqua' poodle {Hence:} canalia &; canicula &; canil; canin

can- [can-/cant-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} canor &: cantilena; cantor; canto-cantico, discanto &; cantar-cantabile, cantator, cantatrice, cantata, incantar &, recantar &

Canaan (cá-) = {npr} [Bib.] Canaan {Hence:} canaanita

canaanita = {n} [Bib.] Canaanite

Canada (cá-) = {npr} Canada {Hence:} canadian-canadiano

canadian = {adj} Canadian

canadiano = {n} Canadian

canal = {n} I. canal (1. artificial watercourse; 2. [Anat.]); II. channel (1. [Geog.]; 2. deeper part of a waterway; 3. tube or tubular passage; 4. means, medium); III. [Arch.] fluting {Hence:} canalizar-canalization, canalizator; canaliculo-canalicular; canaliforme etc.

canalia = {n} canaille, rabble, mob {Hence:} incanaliar

canalicular = {adj} canalicular

canaliculo = {n} canaliculus

canali-forme = {adj} channelled, channel-like, channel-shaped

canalizar = {v} to canalize; {also:} to channel

canalization = {n} canalization (1. construction of canals; 2. system of canals or conduits); {also:} sewage system

canalizator = {n} constructor of canals

canari = {adj} Canary (= of the Canary Islands) {Hence:} canario; Canaria

Canaria = {npr} Canary (Island); Canarias Canaries, Canary Islands

canario = {n} canary (= canary bird)

cancan [F] = {n} cancan

cancellar = {v} to cancel (= to annul by crossing out)

cancellation = {n} cancellation (= act of annulling by crossing out)

cancellator = {n} canceler

cancelleria (-ía) = {n} 1. chancellery (= office of a chancellor); 2. bureau, office, etc.

cancellero = {n} chancellor [title of various officials of locally or nationally varying functions]

cancello = {n} 1. lattice enclosure, grating, railings, etc.; 2. space separated by railings, etc. {Hence:} cancellero; cancelleria; cancellar-cancellation, cancellator

cancere = {n} 1. [Zool.] crab; 2. cancer; `Cancere' [Astron.] Cancer, Crab {Hence:} cancerose

cancerose = {adj} cancerous

cand- = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} candela &; candide &; candor; candesc- &

-cand- [-cand-/-;-cend-/-cens-] = {v} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} accender &; incender &

candela = {n} 1. candle; 2. [Techn.] spark plug {Hence:} candelabro; candeliero

candelabro = {n} candelabra, candelabrum

candeliero = {n} candlestick

candesc- = {v} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} incandescer &

candidato = {n} candidate; `candidato a' candidate for {Hence:} candidatura

candidatura = {n} candidature, candidacy

candide = {adj} candid, straightforward {Hence:} candidato &

candor = {n} candor, straightforwardness

canevas (-vás) = {n} canvas (1. heavy closely woven cloth of hemp or flax; 2. crossstitch canvas)

canicula = {n} 1. [Astron.] canicula, Dog Star; 2. dog days {Hence:} canicular

canicular = {adj} canicular (1. [Astron.]; 2. as in "canicular days")

canil = {n} kennel (= house in which a pack of hounds are kept)

canin = {adj} canine; `dente canin' canine tooth, eyetooth

canna = {n} cane (1. [Bot.] reed; 2. walking stick); `canna (de piscar)' (fishing) rod or pole; `canna (de sucro)' (sugar) cane {Hence:} cannella &: cannula; cannar-cannage

cannabe (cá-) = {n} hemp {Hence:} cannabero; cannabera

cannabero = {n} hemp grower

cannabera = {n} hemp field

cannage (-aje) = {n} (act of) caning (chairs)

cannar = {v} to cane (as in "to cane a chair")

cannella = {n} 1. (small) tube; 2. cinnamon {Hence:} cannelliero; cannellar &

cannellar = {v} to groove, channel, flute {Hence:} cannellatura; cannellate

cannellate = 1 {ppr} of `cannellar'; 2. {adj} grooved, fluted; {also:} cannellated

cannellatura = {n} 1. groove, channel; {also:} cannelure; 2. [Arch.] flute, fluting (of a column)

cannelliero = {n} cinnamon tree

cannibal (1) (-í-) = {n} cannibal {Hence:} cannibalismo

cannibal (2) (-í-) = {adj} cannibal, cannibalistic

cannibalismo = {n} cannibalism

cannon = {n} 1. gun, cannon; 2. barrel (= metal tube of a rifle, gun, etc.) {Hence:} cannonero; cannoneria; cannonera; cannonar-cannonada

cannonada = {n} cannonade

cannonar = {v} to bombard, cannonade

cannonera = {n} gunboat

cannoneria (-ía) = {n} 1. cannons collectively; 2. gun foundry

cannonero = {n} cannoneer

cannula = {n} [Surg.] cannula

canoa (-óa) = {n} canoe {Hence:} canoero; canoar-canoage

canoage (-áje) = {n} canoeing

canoar = {v} to canoe

canoero = {n} canoeist

cañon [H] = {n} canyon, cañon

canone = {n} canon (1. law of a church; 2. standard; 3. part of the Mass; 4. list of saints; 5. canonical books of the Bible; 6. [Mus.]; 7. [Print.]) {Hence:} canonista; canonic-canonicitate, canonico-canonicato; canonizar-canonization

canonic = {adj} canonical; `horas canonic' canonical hours; `derecto canonic' canon law; `libros canonic' canonical books (of the Bible)

canonicato = {n} 1. canonicate; 2. sinecure

canonicitate = {n} canonicity

canonico = {n} canon (= member of a Cathedral Chapter)

canonizar = {v} to canonize

canonization = {n} canonization

canonista = {n} canonist

canor = {adj} canorous, ringing, melodious {Hence:} canoritate

canoritate = {n} canorousness

cant- = {see} `can-'

cantabile (1) = {adj} singable; {also:} [Mus.] cantabile

cantabile (2) = {n} [Mus.] cantabile

cantar = {v} to sing; `le gallo canta' the cock crows; `le grillo canta' the cricket chirps

cantata = {n} [Mus.] cantata

cantator = {n} singer

cantatrice = {n} (female) singer; {also:} cantatrice

cantico = {n} canticle, hymn; `le Cantico del Canticos' the Song of Songs

cantilena = {n} [Mus.] cantilena

cantina = {n} [Mil.] canteen, Post Exchange {Hence:} cantinero

cantinero = {n} canteenkeeper, sutler

canto = {n} 1. singing, art of singing; 2. [Mus.,Poet.] song; 3. canto; `canto del gallo' cockcrowing; `canto gregorian', `canto plan' Gregorian chant, plain chant, plain song; `canto funebre' dirge

canton = {n} [Admin.] canton {Hence:} cantonal

cantonal = {adj} cantonal

cantor = {n} singer; {also:} cantor, precentor, etc.

capabile = {adj} capable {Hence:} capabilitate; incapabile-incapabilitate

capabilitate = {n} capability

capace = {adj} 1. capacious; 2. capable {Hence:} capacitate; incapace-incapacitate

capacitate = {n} capacity (1. receiving power; 2. capability); `mesura de capacitate' capacity measure, dry measure, liquid measure

caper [cap-/capt-;-cip-/-cept-] = {v} 1. to grasp, seize; 2. to hold, contain {Hence:} capace &; caption-captiose; captive &; captura-capturar-recapturar; mentecapte etc; captar &; accip- &; conciper &; deciper &; excip- &; inciper &; intercip- &; perciper &; precip- &; reciper &; suscip- &

caperna- = {see} `Capernaum'

capernaita (-íta) = {n} Capernaite (1. native or inhabitant of Capernaum; 2. [Eccl., Hist.])

Capernaum (-úm) = {npr} Capernaum {Hence:} capernaita

Capet = {npr} [surname of Hugh, King of the Franks, in the 10th Century] {Hence:} capetian-capetiano

capetian = {adj} Capetian

capetiano = {n} Capetian; `capetianos' Capetians, Capetian dynasty

Capharnaum (-úm) = {npr} Capernaum

capillacee = {adj} capillaceous

capillar = {adj} capillary

capillaritate = {n} capillarity

capillatura = {n} (head of) hair

capillo = {n} hair (= a single hair of the human head); `capillos' hair (= a person's hair); `sin capillos' bareheaded; `capillos à la can' bangs {Hence:} capillatura; capillacee; capillar-capillaritate; capillute; discapillar-discapillate

capillute = {adj} hairy (= covered with hair)

capistro = {n} halter, muzzle (for animals)

capital (1) = {adj} capital (1. pertaining to the head; 2. standing at the head; 3. of primary importance); `crimine capital' capital crime; `pena capital' death penalty, capital punishment; `peccato capital' deadly sin; `littera capital' capital letter, capital; `citate capital' capital city, capital {Hence:} capital (2)-capitalismo, capitalista, capitalizar-capitalization

capital (2) = {n} capital (1. capital city of a state or country; 2. [Fortif.]; 3. [Econ.])

capitalizar = {v} to capitalize (= to turn into capital)

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