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viveres = {npl} victuals, food

vivide = {adj} vivid

vivific = {adj} vivifying

vivificar = {v} to vivify

vivification = {n} vivification

vivificator = {n} vivifier

vivi-pare = {adj} viviparous (= producing living young) {Hence:} ovovivipare etc.

vivi-section = {n} vivisection {Hence:} vivisectionista

vivisectionista = {n} vivisectionist

[vix] = {adv} 1. with difficulty; 2. hardly, scarcely, barely

vocabulario = {n} vocabulary (1. list of words with their meanings; 2. stock of words used by a person, class of people, profession, etc.)

vocabulo = {n} word, vocable {Hence:} vocabulario

vocal = {adj} vocal (= pertaining to voice or speech) vocal {n} vowel {Hence:} vocalic-intervocalic; vocalismo; vocalizar-vocaliso, vocalization, vocalizator; semivocal etc.

vocalic = {adj} vocalic

vocalization = {n} vocalization (1. act of changing into a vowel; 2. [Mus.])

vocalizator = {n} [Mus.] vocalizer

vocalismo = {n} vocalism (= system of vowels)

vocaliso = {n} [Mus.] exercise in vocalization, vocalizing

vocar = {v} to call (= to command, ask, etc. to come) {Hence:} vocabulo &; vocation; vocative-vocativo; advocar &; convocar &; evocar &; invocar &; provocar &; revocar &; equivoc etc.

vocation = {n} vocation (1. divine call; 2. action or activity a person feels called upon to perform); le vocation de Abraham the call of Abraham

vocative = {adj} vocative

vocativo = {n} [Gram.] vocative, vocative case

voce = {n} voice (1. as in "human voice"; 2. [Gram.]) {Hence:} vocal (1)-vocal (2) &; vociferar &; portavoce etc.

vociferante = {adj} vociferous

vociferar = {v} to bawl, vociferate {Hence:} vociferante; vociferation; vociferator

vociferation = {n} vociferation

vociferator = {n} vociferator

vodka [R] = {n} vodka

voga = {n} 1. (act of) sailing, moving, floating, drifting; 2. vogue; esser in voga to be in vogue or in fashion

vogar = {v} to sail, move, float, drift {Hence:} voga

[voi] = {pron} you (= vos)

[vol] pr of voler; 1. will(s), wish(es); 2. [Grammatical function: auxiliary, forming the future]; io vol comenciar 1. I wish to begin; 2. I shall begin

volante = {n} 1. flywheel; 2. steering wheel; 3. frill, ruffle; 4. shuttlecock

volapük [Vol.] = {n} [Interling.] Volapük {Hence:} volapükismo, volapükista

volapükismo = {n} [Interling.] Volapükism

volapükista = {n} [Interling.] Volapükist

volar = {v} to fly (as in "birds fly") {Hence:} volo; volante; volatile &; volata; revolar

volata = {n} 1. flight (as in "the flight of a shot," "within an eagle's flight," etc.); 2. [Artil.] chase

volatile = {adj} 1. flying;

2. volatile (= evaporating rapidly); sal volatile smelling salts {Hence:} volatilitate; volatilizar-volatilization

volatile = {n} flying animal, winged creature

volatilizar = {v} to volatilize

volatilization = {n} volatilization

volatilitate = {n} volatility

voler = {v} to wish, want; voler (facer un cosa) to want to (do something); voler (un cosa) to want (a thing); voler dicer to mean, signify {Hence:} benevolente etc.; volition; volitive; benevole etc.; see verbal forms [vol], [velle]

voler = {n} will (= act of willing)

Volga = {npr} Volga

volition = {n} volition

volitive = {adj} volitive, volitional

volo = {n} flight (1. action or manner of flying; 2. distance covered in flying)

volt = {n} [Elec.] volt

volt- see volver

volta = {n} 1. [Man.] volt; 2. vault (= arched ceiling or roof) {Hence:} voltar; voltear-volteo; archivolta etc.

Volta, Alessandro = {npr} [1745-1827; physicist after whom the "volt" is named]; lege de Volta Volta's law; effecto Volta Volta effect {Hence:} voltaismo; voltaic-voltametro etc.; volt-voltage, voltimetro etc., voltampere etc.

voltage (-aje) = {n} voltage

voltaic (-áic) = {adj} voltaic; pila voltaic voltaic pile; arco voltaic voltaic arc

voltaismo (-ímo) = {n} voltaism

volta-metro (-tá-) = {n} voltameter

volt-ampere (-pér) = {n} voltampere

voltar = {v} to vault (= to cover with a vault)

voltear = {v} [Man.] to vault

volteo (-éo) = {n} [Man.] (act or art of vaulting)

volti-metro (-ímetro) = {n} voltmeter

volu- see volver

volubile = {adj} voluble (1. apt to roll; 2. [Bot.]; 3. glib, garrulous) {Hence:} volubilitete

volubilitate = {n} 1. tendency to roll; 2. volubility, volubleness

volumine = {n} volume (1. as in "a work in three volumes"; 2. space occupied, compass) {Hence:} voluminose

voluminose = {adj} voluminous

volunt- see voluntate

voluntari = {adj} voluntary

voluntariato = {n} [Mil.] voluntariate, voluntary service

voluntario = {n} [Mil.] volunteer

voluntate = {n} will; a voluntate at will; bon (mal) voluntate good (ill) will; de bon voluntate willingly, gladly; de mal voluntate unwillingly, grudgingly; le ultime voluntate the last will {Hence:} voluntari-involuntari; voluntario-voluntariato

volupt- see voluptate

voluptate = {n} pleasure, delight; specif.: sexual pleasure

= {Hence:} voluptuari; voluptuario; voluptuose-voluptuositate

voluptuari = {adj} voluptuous, voluptuary

voluptuario = {n} voluptuary

voluptuose = {adj} voluptuous

voluptuositate = {n} voluptuousness

volut- see volver

voluta = {n} volute (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Zool.] any kind of gasteropods)

volver [volv-/volut-/volt-] = {v} to roll, turn round {Hence:} volvulo; volubile &; voluta; volta &; circumvolver &; convolver &; devolver &; evolver &; involver &; revolver &

volvulo = {n} [Med.] volvulus

vomic = {adj} vomitive, vomitory; nuce vomic [Bot.] nux vomica {Hence:} vomica

vomica (vó-) = {n} [Med.] vomica

vomir = {v} to vomit {Hence:} vomic &; vomitive-vomitivo; vomitorio; vomito; vomitar-vomitator; vomiturition; ignivome etc.

vomitar = {v} to vomit

vomitator = {n} vomiter

vomitive = {adj} vomitive, vomitory

vomitivo = {n} vomitory, emetic

vomito (vó-) = {n} vomit, vomiting

vomitorio = {n} [Arch.] vomitory, vomiitorium

vomiturition = {n} [Mcd.] vomiturition

vorace = {adj} voracious {Hence:} voracitate

voracitate = {n} voraciousness, voracity

vorar = {v} to devour {Hence:} vorace &; devorar &; carnivore etc.; omnivore etc.

vortice (vór-) = {n} whirlpool, vortex {Hence:} vorticose

vorticose = {adj} vortical, vorticose

vos = {pron} I. pers you [1. in polite or formal use; addressing one person or several persons (as in "you are", "I love you" "for you"); 2. in familiar or informal use; addressing several persons (as in "you are", "I love you", "for you")]; II. refl 1. yourself [in polite or formal use (as in "you hurt yourself," "to yourself")]; 2. yourselves [in all uses (as in "you hurt yourselves", "to yourselves")] {Hence:} vostre

vosgian = {adj} Vosgian (= pertaining to the Vosges Mountains)

Vosgos = {nprpl} Vosges Mountains {Hence:} vosgian

vostre' I. {adj poss} your [1. in polite or formal use; addressing one person or several persons; 2. in familiar or informal use, addressing several persons]; II. {pron poss} yours [1. in polite or formal use; addressing one person or several persons; 2. in familiar or informal use; addressing several persons]

vot- see vov-

votante = {n} voter

votar = {v} I. to vow (1. to promise solemnly; 2. to dedicate); II. to vote (1. to cast a vote; 2. to approve, determine, or grant by a vote)

votive = {adj} votive

voto = {n} 1. vow (= solemn promise); 2. vote (as in "to cast a vote"); facer voto de to vow (= to promise solemnly)

vov- [vov-/vot-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] {Hence:} votive; voto; votar-votante; devov- &

vulcanic = {adj} 1. Vulcanic, Vulcanian; 2. volcanic; {also:} [Geol.]

vulcanie = {adj} Vulcanian

vulcanizar = {v} 1. [Geol.] to volcanize; 2. [Technol.] to vulcanize

vulcanization = {n} 1. [Gcol.] volcanization; 2. [Technol.] vulcanization

vulcanismo = {n} [Geol.] volcanism; {also:} vulcanism

Vulcano = {npr} [Rom. Relig.] Vulcan; vulcano volcano {Hence:} vulcanismo; vulcanic; vulcanie; vulcanizar-vulcanization

vulgar = {adj} vulgar (1. of the common people; 2. low, coarse); lingua vulgar vulgar tongue, vernacular

vulgarizar = {v} to vulgarize

vulgarization = {n} vulgarization

vulgarizator = {n} vulgarizer

vulgarismo = {n} vulgarism (1. vulgarity; 2. vulgar phrase or expression)

vulgaritate = {n} vulgarity

Vulgata [L] = {n} [Theol.] Vulgate

vulgo = {n} common people, vulgus {Hence:} vulgar-vulgarismo, vulgaritate, vulgarizar-vulgarization, vulgarizator; divulgar &

vulgo [L] = {adv} commonly, vulgo

vulnerabile = {adj} vulnerable

vulnerabilitate = {n} vulnerability

vulnerar = {v} to wound

vulnerari = {adj} vulnerary

vulneraria = {n} vulnerary (= vulnerary remedy)

vulnere = {n} wound {Hence:} vulnerari-vulneraria; vulnerar-vulnerabile-vulnerabilitate, invulnerabile-invulnerabilitate

vulpe = {n} fox {Hence:} vulpin

vulpin = {adj} vulpine (1. pertaining to a fox; 2. foxy)

vulture = {n} vulture {Hence:} vulturides; vulturin

vulturides (-túr-) = {npl} [Zool.] Vulturidae

vulturin = {adj} vulturine

wadi (-dí) [Ar.] = {n} wadi

wafla = {n} waffle

wagon = {n} (railroad) car; wagon restaurante dining car, diner; wagon lectos sleeping car

waldense = {adj/n} Waldensian; waldenses Waldenses

Waldo, Peter = {npr} [founder of the Waldenses] {Hence:} waldense

walzer [G] = {n} waltz

water-closet [A] = {n} water closet, toilet

water-polo [A] = {n} water polo

watt = {n} [Elec.] watt {Hence:} wattage; wattimetro etc., watt-hora etc.; kilowatt etc.

watta = {n} (absorbent) cotton {Hence:} wattar

wattage (-aje) = {n} [Elec.] wattage

wattar = {v} to pad, wad, quilt, etc.

watt-hora = {n} watt-hour

watti-metro (-í-) = {n} wattmeter

W.C. [A] = {n} W.C., water closet

week-end [A] = {n} week end

west = {n} west; (ir) al west (to go or travel) west; (vento) del west west (wind), westerly (wind) {Hence:} Westfalia etc.; sud-west etc.

West-falia = {npr} Westphalia {Hence:} westfalic

westfalic = {adj} Westphalian

whig [All = {n} whig

whisky [A] = {n} whisky

whist [A] = {n} whist

wigwam [A] = {n} wigwam

Wilno [Polish] = {npr} Wilno, Vilna

wolfram [G] = {n} wolfram (1. [Chem.] tungsten; 2. [Mineral.] wolframite) {Hence:} wolframite

wolframite = {n} [Mineral.] wolframite

wombat (wóm-) = {n} [Zool.] wombat

Worms [G] = {npr} Worms

xen- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] xeno-, xen- (1. strange, foreign; 2. guest) {Hence:} xenio; xenophobe etc.; pyroxeno etc.

xenio = {n} [Antiq.] xenium (= present given to a guest or to an ambassador)

xenon (ksé-) = {n} [Chem.] xenon

xeno-phile = {adj} xenophile {Hence:} xenophilia; xenophilo

xenophilia (-ía) = {n} xenophilism

xenophilo (-nó-) = {n} xenophile

xeno-phobe (-nó-) = {adj} xenophobe, xenophobian {Hence:} xenophobia; xenophobo

xenophobia (-ía) = {n} xenophobia

xenophobo (-nó-) = {n} xenophobe

xylo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] xylo- (= wood) {Hence:} xylographo etc.; xylologia etc.; xylophono etc.; xylophage etc.; pyroxylo etc.

xylographia (-ía) = {n} xylography (art of engraving on wood or taking impressions from such engravings)

xylographic = {adj} xylographic

xylo-grapho (-ógrapho) = {n} xylographer {Hence:} xylographia; xylographic

xylo-logia (-ía) = {n} xylology

xylo-phage (-ó-) = {adj} [Zool.] xylophagous {Hence:} xylophago

xylophago (-ó-) = {n} [Zool.] xylophage

xylophonista = {n} xylophonist

xylo-phono = {n} [Mus.] xylophone {Hence:} xylophonista

[ya] = {adv} already (= ja, jam)

yacht [A] = {n} yacht

yak = {n} [Zool.] yak

yankee [A] = {n} Yankee

yard [A] = {n} [Meas.] yard

yo: [yo] = {pron pers} I (= io)

yogurt = {n} yogurt

York [A] = {npr} York {Hence:} Nove York etc.

yug- = {n} [occurring in geographical compounds] yugo-, jugo- (=south) {Hence:} yugoslave etc.

yugo-slave = {adj} Yugoslav {Hence:} yugoslavo-Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia = {npr} Yugoslavia

yugoslavo = {n} Yugoslav (1. native of Yugoslavia; 2. Serbo-Croatian language)

Zacharia (-ía) = {npr} Zachariah; Zachary

Zarathustra = {npr} Zarathustra

ze- = {n} [occurring in geographical compounds] Zea-, Zee- (= sea) {Hence:} Zelanda etc.

zebra [Amh.] = {n} [Zool.] zebra {Hence:} zebrate

zebrate = {adj} striped

zebu (-bú) = {n} [Zool.] zebu

Ze-landa = {npr} Zeeland (= province in the Netherlands) {Hence:} Nove Zelanda etc.; neozelandese etc.

zelar = {v} to be zealous (about)

zelator = {n} zealot (1. zealous person; 2. [Jewish Antiq.])

zelo = {n} zeal, ardor {Hence:} zelote &; zelose &; zelar-zelator

zelose = {adj} 1. zealous; 2. jealous;

zelose de (le libertate) jealous of (one's liberty) {Hence:} zelosia

zelosia (-ía) = {n} jealousy

zelote = {n} zealot (1. zealous person; 2. [Jewish Antiq.]) {Hence:} zelotismo

zelotismo = {n} zealotism, zealotry

zenit = {n} zenith {Hence:} zenital

zenital = {adj} zenith, zenithal

Zephyro = {npr} [Cr. Mythol.] Zephyrus; zephyro zephyr (1. west wind; 2. soft, gentle breeze; 3. zephyr cloth)

zeppelin [G] = {n} Zeppelin

zero = {n} 1. zero, cipher; 2. as in "zero centigrade"; zero absolute absolute zero

zeta = {n} 1. zeta (= sixth letter of the Greek alphabet); 2. zed, zee (= the letter "z")

Zeus (Zéus) = {npr} [Gr. Relig.] Zeus {Hence:} diantho etc.

zigzag (zígzág) = {n} zigzag {Hence:} zigzagar

zigzagar = {v} to zigzag

zinc = {n} [Chem.] zinc; oxydo de zinc zinc oxide; blanco de zinc zinc white {Hence:} zincar-zincage; zincographo etc.

zincage (-aje) = {n} (act of) zincking

zincar = {v} to zinc, coat with zinc

zincographia (-ía) = {n} zincography, zinc etching

zincographic = {adj} zincographic, zincographical

zinco-grapho (-có-) = {n} zincographer {Hence:} zincographia; zincographic

zircon = {n} [Mineral.] zircon {Hence:} zirconium-zirconic

zirconic = {adj} [Chem.] zirconic

zirconium = {n} [Chem.] zirconium

zodiacal = {adj} zodiacal

zodiaco (-dí-) = {n} zodiac {Hence:} zodiacal

zoic (zóic) = {adj} [Zool.] zoic

zona = {n} zone; le zona torride the Torrid Zone; zona temperate Temperate Zone; zona frigide or glacial Frigid Zone {Hence:} zonal-bizonal etc.; zonar

zonal = {adj} zonal

zonar = {v} to zone

zoo-graphia (-ía) = {n} zoography {Hence:} zoographic

zoographic = {adj} zoographic

zooide = {n} zooid

zoo-latra (zo-ó-) = {n} zoolater, animal worshiper {Hence:} zoolatria

zoolatria (-ía) = {n} zoolatry, animal worship

zoo-litho (zo-ó-) = {n} zoolith, zoolite

zoologia (-ía) = {n} zoology

zoologic = {adj} zoological; jardin zoologic zoological garden

zoologista = {n} zoologist

zoo-logo (zo-ó-) = {n} zoologist {Hence:} zoologia-zoologista; zoologic

zoon (zó-on) (pl zoa) = {n} [Zool.] zoon {Hence:} zoic-cenozoic etc, paleozoic etc; zoide; epizoon; azoic; zoolitho etc; zoologo etc; zoographia etc; zoophyto etc; spermatozoon etc; entozoon etc.; protozoon etc.

zoophytic = {adj} [Zool.] zoophytal, zoophytic

zoo-phyto (zo-ó-) = {n} [Zool.] zoophyte

zoophyto-logia (-ía) = {n} zoophyto]ogy

zoo-spora (zo-ó-) = {n} [Bot.] zoospore

zoo-tomia (-ía) = {n} zootomy

Zoroastre = {npr} Zoroaster {Hence:} zoroastrismo; zoroastrian-zoroastriano

zoroastrian = {adj} Zoroastrian

zoroastriano = {n} Zoroastrian

zoroastrismo = {n} Zoroastrianism

zuavo = {n} zouave

zulu = {n} Zulu

zym- = {n} [occurring in compounds] zymo-, zym- (= leaven, ferment) {Hence:} azyme; enzyma
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