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atlantic = {adj} Atlantic (as in "Atlantic coast"); `Oceano Atlantic' or `le Atlantico' Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic

Atlantida (-lán-) = {npr} Atlantis

Atlas (át-) = {npr} 1. [Gr. Mythol.] Atlas; 2. [Geog.] Atlas Mountains; `atlas' atlas (= book of maps)

atmo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] atmo- (= steam, vapor) {Hence:} atmosphera etc...

atmo-sphera = {n} atmosphere

atmospheric = {adj} atmospheric, atmospherical

-ato = {suffixo substantive} [used with titles, designations of rank, etc.] -ate, -dom (= function, status, rank, jurisdiction, period of office, or territory of a ...) {Hence:} ducato etc.; episcopato etc.; noviciato etc.

atollo = {n} atoll

atomic = {adj} atomic; `peso atomic' atomic weight

atomicitate = {n} atomicity

atomizar = {v} to atomize (= to reduce to atoms)

atomismo = {n} [Philos.] atomism

atomista = {n} atomist

atomistic = {adj} atomistic

atomo (á-) = {n} atom {Hence:} atomismo; atomista-atomistic; atomic-atomicitate, polyatomic etc., pentatomic etc.; atomizar

atone = {adj} 1. [Med.] atonic; 2. unstressed {Hence:} atonia; atonic

atonia (-ía) = atony (1. [Med.]; 2. [Phonet.])

atonic = {adj} atonic (1. [Med.]; 2. [Phonet.])

-ator = {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -ator, - er (= one who, or that which ...s) {Hence:} administrator etc.; accelerator etc.

-atori = {suffixo adjective} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -atory (= pertaining to, or serving for, the action of {Hence:} -atoria; -atorio; circulatori etc.; inflammatori etc.; proparatori etc.

-atoria = {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] (= instrument for {Hence:} mangiatoria etc.

-atorio = {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -atory, -atorium (= place where is done) {Hence:} laboratorio etc.; sanatorio etc.

[atque] = {conj} and, and also, and even

atr- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] atro- (= black) {Hence:} atrabile etc. ...

-atra = {see} `-latra'

atra-bile (-íle) = {n} atrabile, melancholy (1. [Anc. Med.] black bile; 2. gloom) {Hence:} atrabiliari

atrabili- = {see} `atrabile'

atrabiliari = {adj} atrabiliary, melancholic (1. [Med.]; 2. gloomy, depressed in spirit)

atroce = {adj} atrocious {Hence:} atrocitate

atrocitate = {n} atrocity (1. horrible wickedness; 2. atrocious deed)

atrophe (á-) = {adj} atrophic {Hence:} atrophia-atrophiar

atrophia (-ía) = {n} atrophy

atrophiar = {v} to atrophy (= to cause to atrophy)

attaccabile = {adj} attackable, assailable

attaccar = {v} to attack, assail {Hence:} attacco; attaccabile-inattaccabile; reattaccar

attacco = {n} attack (1. assault; 2. [Med.])

attachabile = {adj} attachable

attachamento = {n} attachment (1. action of fastening; 2. affection)

attachar = {v} to attach, fasten {Hence:} attaccamento; attaccabile; reattaccar-reattaccamento

attaché [F] = {n} [Admin.; Dipl., Mil.; etc.] attaché; `attaché militar' military attaché

attemperar = {v} to attemper (1. to temper, moderate by mixture; 2. to accommodate)

attendente = {n} attendant (= one attending to someone's needs)

attender [-tend-/-tent-] = {v} 1. to give attention to, attend to; 2. to await, wait for {Hence:} attendente; attention-inattention; attentive; attente

attent- = {see} `attender'

attentar = {v} to make a criminal attempt; `attentar al vita de un persona' to make an attempt on someone's life {Hence:} attentatori; attentato

attentato = {n} criminal attempt

attentatori = {adj} attacking, making a criminal attempt on

attente = {adj} attentive, intent

attention = {n} attention (1. careful notice, heed; 2. act of courtesy); `prestar attention' to pay attention

attentive = {adj} attentive (1. intent; 2. courteous)

attenuante = 1 {ppr} of `attenuar'; 2. {adj} extenuating; `circumstantias attenuante' extenuating circumstances

attenuar = {v} 1. to attenuate (= to make thin or slender); 2. to extenuate (as in "to extenuate an offense") {Hence:} attenuante; attenuation

attenuation = {n} attenuation

atter- [-ter-/-trit-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} attrition, attrite

atterrage (-aje) = {n} [Aeronaut.] landing

atterrar = {v} [Aeronaut.] to land {Hence:} atterrage

attestar = {v} to attest (1. to testify to; 2. to certify) {Hence:} attestation; attestator

attestation = {n} 1. attestation (= attesting, witnessing); 2. certificate, certification

attestator = {n} attester, attestant

attinger = {v} to attain (= to arrive at, reach) {Hence:} attingimento

attingimento = {n} attainment (= action or process of attaining)

attitude = {n} attitude (1. position of the body; 2. way of thinking, acting, or feeling)

attract- = {see} `attraher'

attraction = {n} attraction; {also:} [Phys.]; `attractiones' attractions (= things that delight or attract people)

attractive = {adj} attractive (1. [Phys.]; 2. alluring)

attractivitate = {n} 1. [Phys.] (force of) attraction; 2. attractiveness

attrahente = 1 {ppr} of `attraher'; 2. {adj} attractive, attracting

attraher [-trah-/-tract-] = {v} to attract (1. to draw to oneself; 2. to allure) {Hence:} attrahente; attraction; attractive-attractivitate

attrappar = {v} to catch, seize

attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] = {v} 1. to assign, allot; 2. to attribute, ascribe; `attribuer se un cosa' to arrogate something to oneself {Hence:} attribution; attributive; attributo

attribut- = {see} `attribuer'

attribution = {n} attribution

attributive = {adj} attributive (1. attributing; 2. [Gram.])

attributo = {n} attribute (1. inherent quality; 2. conventional symbol; 3. [Gram.])

attristar = {v} to sadden, make sad

attrit- = {see} `atter-'

attrite = {adj} [Theol.] attrite

attrition = {n} attrition; {specif.:} [Theol.]

attruppamento = {n} 1. (act of) assembling, gathering; 2. crowd, gathering

attruppar = {v} to troup, gather, assemble; `attruppar se' to flock together, assemble

-atura = {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -ature (= action or result of {Hence:} caricatura etc.; creatura etc.; ligatura etc.

auction = {n} auction {Hence:} auctionar-auctionator

auctionar = {v} to auction, auctioneer

auctionator = {n} auctioneer

audace = {adj} audacious, daring {Hence:} audacia-audaciose

audacia = {n} audacity, daring

audaciose = {adj} audacious, daring

audibile = {adj} audible

audibitate = {n} audibility

audientia = {n} I. the perception of sounds; II. audience (1. interview with a person of high rank; 2. hearing)

audio-metro (-ó-) = {n} [Acous.] audiometer

audir = {v} to hear (= to perceive by the ear) {Hence:} audientia; audibile-audibilitate, inaudibile; audition; auditive; auditor; auditori; auditorio; inaudite; audito; audita; audiometro etc.

audita = {n} audition (= act of hearing)

audition = {n} audition (= act of hearing)

auditive = {adj} auditory

audito = {n} hearing, sense of hearing

auditor = {n} auditor, hearer, listener

auditori = {adj} auditory

auditorio = {n} 1. auditorium, auditory; 2. audience (= assembly of listeners)

augmentabile = {adj} augmentable

augmentar = {v} to augment, increase; `augmentar le precio de un cosa' to raise, advance the price of something; `augmentar de precio' to rise, advance in price

augmentation = {n} increase, augmentation

augmentative = {adj} [Gram.] augmentative

augmentator = {n} augmenter

augmento = {n} 1. increase, augmentation; 2. [Gram.] augment {Hence:} augmentar-augmentabile, augmentation, augmentative, augmentator

augurar = {v} to augur (1. to act as augur; 2. to predict, foretell)

augure (áugure) = {n} augur (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. soothsayer) {Hence:} augurio; augurar-inaugurar-inauguration, inaugurator

augurio = {n} augury (1. art of the augur; 2. omen, sign); `de bon augurio' auspicious; `de mal augurio' ominous

Augusta = {nprf} Augusta

auguste = {adj} august {Hence:} augusto

augustee = {adj} Augustan

augustinian = {adj} Augustinian

augustinianismo = {n} Augustinianism

augustiniano = {n} Augustinian

Augustino = {nprm} Augustine; `Sancte Augustino' St. Augustine {Hence:} augustinian-augustinianismo, augustiniano

augusto (1) = {n} (the) august (one); `Augusto' Augustus (= honorific of Roman emperors)

Augusto (2) = {nprm} Augustus, August; `augusto' (the month of) August {Hence:} Augustee; Augustino &; Augusta

aulo- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] aulo- (= flute; pipe) {Hence:} hydraulic etc. ...

aura = {n} aura; {specif.:} [Pathol.]

aural = {adj} aural

aurar = {v} to gild; `aurar le pillula' to gild or sugar the pill

aurate = 1 {pp} of `aurar'; 2. golden, gold-colored; `juventute aurate' jeunesse dorée, gilded youth

aure = {n} ear (= organ and faculty of hearing); `esser tote aures' to be all ears; `prestar le aure a' to lend an ear to; `aure de mure' [Bot.] mouse-ear, forget-me-not {Hence:} auricula; aurista; aural; auriforme etc.

auree = {adj} golden

aureola (-ré-) = {n} aureole, halo {Hence:} aureolari; aureolate; aureolar

aureolar (1) = {adj} halo-like

aureolar (2) = {v} to halo, invest with a halo

aureolate = {adj} haloed, invested with a halo

au revoir [F]' au revoir

auricula = {n} I. auricle (1. "auricle of the ear"; 2. "auricle of the heart"); II. [Bot.] auricula, bear's ear; `auricula de urso' [Bot.] bear's ear, auricula; `auricula de mure' [Bot.] mouse-ear, forget-me-not

aurifere = {adj} auriferous, gold-bearing

aurificar = {v} [Dent.] to fill with gold

aurification = {n} [Dent.] (making of a) gold filling

aurifice (-rí-) = {n} goldsmith

auri-forme = {adj} auriform, ear-shaped

auri-pelle = {n} 1. tinsel, foil; 2. sham (= tawdry object)

auri-pigmento = {n} [Chem.] orniment

aurista = {n} aurist, otologist (= ear specialist)

auro = {n} gold; `folio de auro' gold foil or leaf; `natar in le auro' to be rolling in wealth; `auro virgine' virgin or native gold; `pagar in auro' to pay in gold; `de auro' golden, gold (= made of gold); `etate de auro' golden age {Hence:} auree; aurifere; aurar-aurate, disaurar; aurifice-aurificar-aurification; auripigmento etc.; auriforme etc.

aurora = {n} dawn; `aurora boreal' northern lights, aurora borealis

auspice (áu-) = {n} [Hist.] auspex {Hence:} auspicio

auspicio = {n} [Hist.] auspice (= sign or token derived from the observation of birds); `auspicios' auspices, patronage; `sub le auspicios' de under the auspices of

auster = {adj} austere {Hence:} austeritate

austeritate = {n} austerity, austereness

austral = {adj} southern, austral

Austral-asia = {n} Australasia {Hence:} australasian

australasian = {adj} Australasian

Australia = {npr} Australia {Hence:} australian-australiano

australian = {adj} Australian

australiano = {n} Australian

Austria = {npr} Austria {Hence:} austriac-austriaco

austriac (-í-) = {adj} Austrian

austriaco (-í-) = {n} Austrian

austro = {n} south wind, Auster {Hence:} austral-Australia &; Australasia etc.

[aut] = {conj} or; `aut ... aut' either ... or (= `o')

autarchia (-ía) = {n} autarchy, self-sufficiency

authentic = {adj} authentic {Hence:} authenticitate; authenticar-authentication; inauthentic-inauthenticitate

authenticar = {v} to authenticate (1. to render authentic; 2. to prove authentic)

authentication = {n} authentication

authenticitate = {n} authenticity

auto = {n} auto, motorcar, car {Hence:} autoista; autodromo etc.; autobus etc.

auto- = {prefixo} auto-, aut- (= self) {Hence:} autobiographia etc.; automobile etc.; autonome etc.

autobiographia (-ía) = {n} autobiography

autobiographic = {adj} autobiographic, autobiographical

auto-bus (-bús) = {n} (motor)bus, autobus

auto-car = {n} motor coach; {also:} sight-seeing bus, etc.

autochthone = {adj} autochthonous {Hence:} autochthonia; autochthono

autochthonia (-ía) = {n} autochthony

autochthono (-óctono) = {n} autochthon

autoclave = {n} pressure cooker, autoclave

autocrate (-ó-) = {n} autocrat

autocratia (-ía) = {n} autocracy

autocratic = {adj} autocratic

autodafé [P] = {n} auto-da-fé

autodidacte = {adj} self-taught {Hence:} autodidactic; autodidactico

autodidactic = {adj} autodidactic

autodidacto = {n} autodidact (= one who is self-taught)

auto-dromo' (-tó-) {n} autodrome (= race course for automobiles)

autographia (-ía) = {n} autography (= art of autographic reproduction)

autographiar = {v} to make autographic reproductions, to autograph

autographic = {adj} autographic

autographo (-tó-) = {n} autograph {Hence:} autographia-autographiar; autographic; telautographo etc.

autogyro = {n} autogiro

autoista = {n} autoist

automate (-tó-) = {adj} automatous, automatic {Hence:} automato-automatismo, automatic-automaticitate, automatizar

automatic = {adj} automatic

automaticitate = {n} automaticity, automatism (= state of being automatic)

automatizar = {v} to automatize, render automatic

automatismo = {n} automatism

automato (-tó-) = {n} automaton

automobile = {adj} self-propelling, automobile; `(vehiculo) automobile' motor vehicle {Hence:} automobilismo; automobilista

automobile = {n} automobile, motor vehicle

automobilismo = {n} automobilism

automobilista = {n} automobilist, motorist

autonome (-tó-) = {adj} autonomous (= self-governing) {Hence:} autonomia

autonomia (-ía) = {n} autonomy; self-government

autopsia (-ía) = {n} [Med.] autopsy

autor = {n} author (1. originator; 2. writer); `derectos de autor' author's rights {Hence:} autorato; autoritate &; autorizar &

autorato = {n} authorship

autorizabile = {adj} authorizable

autorizar = {v} to authorize {Hence:} autorizabile; autorization; autorizate

autorizate = 1 {pp} of `autorizar'; 2. {adj} authorized

autorization = {n} authorization

autoritari = {adj} 1. authoritative, dictatorial; 2. authoritarian

autoritatismo = {n} authoritarianism

autoritate = {n} authority {Hence:} autoritari-autoritarismo

auto-strata = {n} (auto) highway

autumnal = {adj} autumnal

autumno = {n} autumn, fall {Hence:} autumnal

auxiliar (1) = {adj} auxiliary; `verbos auxiliar' auxiliary verbs

auxiliar (2) = {v} to help, aid

auxiliator = {n} helper

auxilio = {n} help, aid {Hence:} auxiliar (1); auxiliar (2)-auxiliator

ava = {n} grandmother

aval = {n} [Com.] endorsement, backing (of a bill of exchange) {Hence:} avalista; avalizar

avalanche [F] = {n} avalanche

avalizar = {v} [Com.] to endorse, back (a bill of exchange)

avalista = {n} [Com.] endorser, backer (of a bill of exchange)

avantage (-aje) = {n} advantage; `haber le avantage super un persona' to have an advantage over someone; `prender avantage de un cosa' to take advantage of something, to turn to account; `dar avantage a un persona' to give someone odds {Hence:} avantagiose; avantagiar; disavantage-disavantagiose

avantagiar (-ajar) = {v} to give an advantage to

avantagiose (-ajo-) = {adj} advantageous

avantal = {n} apron

avante = {adv} before (= in front, ahead) {Hence:} avantage &; avantal; avantiar &

avantia = {n} advance (= payment beforehand)

avantiamento = {n} 1. advance (= forward motion); 2. advancement (= promotion in rank)

avantiar = {v} to advance (1. to move forward; 2. as in "to advance a proposition"; 3. to promote in rank) {Hence:} avantia; avantiamento; avantiate-avantiata

avantiata = {n} [Mil.] outpost, advance guard

avantiate' I. pp of `avantiar'; II. {adj} advanced (1. far on in progress; 2. far on in life, time or course); `posto avantiate' advanced post

avar = {adj} avaricious, miserly {Hence:} avaritia-avaritiose; avaro

avaritia = {n} avarice

avaritiose = {adj} avaricious

avaro = {n} miser

ave (1) = {n} bird; `ave de appello' decoy (bird); `aves domestic' poultry {Hence:} aviario-aviarista; avion; aviar &; avicultura etc.; avestruthio etc.; espaventaaves etc.

ave (2) = {n} ave (1. Ave Maria; 2. time of ringing the Ave bell; 3. Ave bead of the rosary)

Ave! (3) [L] = {interj} ave!, hail!

avellana = {n} hazelnut, filbert {Hence:} avellaniero

avellaniero = {n} hazel (tree)

aveller [-vell-/-vuls-] = {v} to tear away, avulse {Hence:} avulsion

Ave Maria [L] = Ave Maria, Hail Mary

avena = {n} oat, oats

aventura = {n} adventure; `per aventura' by chance; `al aventura' at random {Hence:} aventurero; aventurose; aventurar

aventurar = {v} to venture, risk

aventurero = {n} adventurer

aventurose = {adj} adventurous

avenue [F] = {n} avenue

averar = {v} to aver (= to avouch, verify)

avergoniar = {v} to shame, put to shame; to make (feel) ashamed

avergoniate = 1 {pp} of `avergoniar'; 2. {adj} ashamed

avers- = {see} `averter'

aversion = {n} aversion (1. act of averting turning away; 2. strong dislike); `haber un aversion a un persona' to have an aversion to someone

averter [-vert-/-vers-] = {v} to turn away, avert {Hence:} aversion

ave-struthio = {n} ostrich; `haber un stomacho de avestruthio' to have the digestion of an ostrich

aviar = {v} to aviate {Hence:} aviation; aviator; aviatrice

aviario = {n} aviary

aviarista = {n} aviarist

aviation = {n} aviation; `base de aviation' air base; `campo de aviation' airfield

aviator = {n} aviator

aviatrice = {n} aviatrix

avicinar = {v} to border upon, neighbor

avi-cultura = {n} aviculture

avide (á-) = {adj} avid, greedy {Hence:} anviditate

aviditate = {n} avidity, greed, greediness

avinar = {v} -; `avinar se' to tipple, get drunk {Hence:} avinate

avinate = {adj} drunk, in one's cups

avion = {n} airplane

avisar = {v} to advise (1. to give information or notice to; 2. to counsel) {Hence:} avisate

avisate = 1 {pp} of `avisar'; 2. {adj} prudent, circumspect; `mal avisate' ill-advised, imprudent

aviso = {n} I. opinion, judgment; II. advice (1. notice; 2. counsel); `littera de aviso' [Com.] notification of dispatch, letter of advice

avivamento = {n} 1. (action of) reviving, vivifying; 2. (action of) heightening (colors)

avivar = {v} 1. to revive, vivify; 2. to heighten (colors) {Hence:} avivamento; reavivar

avo = {n} grandfather {Hence:} avunculo &; atavo &: bisavo etc.: bisava etc.

avocatiero = {n} avocado (tree)

avocato = {n} avocado, alligator pear {Hence:} avocatiero

avoirdupois [A] = {n} avoirdupois

avuls- = {see} `aveller'

avulsion = {n} avulsion (= tearing away)

avuncular = {adj} avuncular

avunculo = {n} uncle {Hence:} avuncular

axe = {n} 1. axis; 2. axle, axletree {Hence:} axilla &; axial; axungia etc.

axial = {adj} axial

axilla = {n} 1. armpit, axilla; 2. [Bot.] axil {Hence:} axillari

axillari = {adj} axillary (1. pertaining to the axilla; 2. [Bot.])

axioma [-ma/-mat-] = {n} axiom {Hence:} axiomatic

axiomat- = {see} `axioma'

axiomatic = {adj} axiomatic

ax-ungia = {n} [Pharm.] axunge

azalea = {n} [Bot.] azalea

azoic = {adj} azoic; {also:} [Geol.]

Azores (-zó-) = {nprpl} Azores

azur = {adj} azure; {also:} blue {Hence:} azuro-azurato

azurato = {n} azure (= color of the clear sky)

azuro = {n} azure (= the blue color of the clear sky); {also:} blue, bluing

azyme (á-) = {adj} azymous, unleavened; `(festa del) azymos' [Jewish Rel.] Feast of Unleavened Bread

Babel = {npr} Babel; `(le) turre de Babel' (the) Tower of Babel

ba-bordo = {n} [Naut.] port (= left side of a ship)

baby [A] = {n} baby

Babylon = {npr} Babylon {Hence:} Babylonia-babylonian

babylonia = {npr} Babylonia

babylonian = {adj} Babylonian

baca = {n} berry; `baca de junipero' juniper berry

baccalaureato = {n} baccalaureate

baccalaureo = {n} [Acad.] bachelor {Hence:} baccalaureato

bacchanal (1) = {adj} bacchanal (1. Bacchic; 2. bacchanalian)

bacchanal (2) = {n} bacchanal, orgy; `bacchanales' Bacchanalia

bacchanalia = {npl} [Rom. Relig.] Bacchanalia

bacchante = {n} bacchante

bacchar = {v} to celebrate the Bacchanalia; {also:} to take part in a bacchanal or orgy

bacchic = {adj} 1. Bacchic; 2. bacchic, riotous

Baccho = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Bacchus {Hence:} bacchic; bacchanal; bacchar-bacchante

bacillari = {adj} bacillary

bacillo = {n} bacillus {Hence:} bacillari

bacterial = {adj} bacterial

bacterio = {n} bacterium {Hence:} bacterial; bacteriotherapia etc.; bacteriologo etc.; nitrobacterio etc.

bacteriologia (-ía) = {n} bacteriology

bacteriologic = {adj} bacteriological

bacterio-logo (-ólogo) = {n} bacteriologist {Hence:} bacteriologia; bacteriologic

bacterio-therapia (-ía) = {n} bacteriotherapy

bagage (-aje) = {n} baggage, luggage

bagatella = {n} bagatelle, trifle

baia (báya) = {n} [Geog.] bay

Balaam (bá-) = {npr} Balaam

balalaika [R] = {n} balalaika

balamento = {n} bleat

balancia = {n} balance (1. pair of scales; 2. equilibrium; 3. [Com.]); `balancia roman' steelyard, Roman balance; `balancia de commercio' balance of trade; `esser in balancia' to be undecided, waver {Hence:} balanciero; balancista; balanciar-balancio, balanciamento, balanciatoria, contrabalanciar; contrabalancia

balanciamento = {n} (action of) balancing

balanciar = {v} I. to balance (1. to weigh the pros and cons of; 2. to bring to equilibrium; 3. to waver, hesitate); II. to swing (= to cause to go to and fro); `balanciar se' to swing (= to go to and fro)

balanciatoria = {n} seesaw

balanciero = {n} [Watchmaking] balance, balance-wheel

balancio = {n} [Com.] balance, balance-sheet; `facer un balancio' to draw up a balance sheet

balancista = {n} scale tester, scale inspector

balar = {v} to bleat {Hence:} balamento

balbutiamento = {n} stammer, stutter; {also:} babble

balbutiar = {v} to stammer, stutter; {also:} to babble {Hence:} balbutiamento; balbutiator

balbutiator = {n} stammerer, stutterer

balcon = {n} balcony (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Theat.])

balena = {n} 1. whale; 2. whalebone, baleen {Hence:} balenero; baleniera

balenero = {n} whaler (1. whale fisher; 2. vessel for whale fishery)

balenera = {n} whaleboat, whaler

Balkanes (-ká-) = {nprpl} Balkans (1. the Balkan Mountains; 2. the Balkan States) {Hence:} balkanic; balkanizar

balkanic = {adj} Balkanic; `Peninsula Balkanic' Balkanic Peninsula

balkanizar = {v} to Balkanize

balla = {n} I. ball (1. globular object; 2. cannon ball, bullet, etc.; 3. [Print.]); II. bale; {also:} bolt (of cloth, paper, etc.) {Hence:} ballon; ballotta &; imballar &

ballada = {n} 1. ballad (= poem founded on folk legend); 2. ballade

ballar = {v} to dance {Hence:} ballo; ballerina

ballast = {n} ballast; {also:} [R.R.]

ballerina = {n} ballet dancer, ballerina

ballet [F] = {n} [Theat.] ballet

ballista = {n} [Hist.] ballista, ballist {Hence:} ballistic-ballistica; arcoballista etc.

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