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compatibilitate = {n} compatibility

compatir [-pat-/-pass-] = {v} to feel compassion; compatir a to feel compassion for, commiserate with {Hence:} compatibile &; compassion

compatre = {n} (spiritual kinsman by the sacrament of baptism) godfather, etc.

compatriota = {n} compatriot

compeller [-pell-/-puls-] = {v} to compel (1. to drive together; 2. to urge with force) {Hence:} compulsion; compulsive; compulsori; compulsar

compendio = {n} compendium {Hence:} compendiose

compendiose = {adj} summarized, compendious

compenetrar = {v} to compenetrate {Hence:} compenetration

compenetration = {n} compenetration

compensabile = {adj} compensable (= that can be counterbalanced or compensated for)

compensar = {v} to compensate (1. to counterbalance; 2. to recompense) {Hence:} compensabile; compensation; compensative; compensator; compensatori; recompensar-recompensa, recompensator

compensation = {n} compensation (1. action of counterbalancing; 2. recompense)

compensative = {adj} affording compensation, compensative

compensator = {n} compensator

compensatori = {adj} compensating, compensatory

competente = {adj} competent (1. qualified; 2. suitable, proper); tribunal competente competent tribunal, proper tribunal

competentia = {n} competence (= qualification for some specific work, activity, etc.); esser del competentia de to be within the competence of

competer = {v} 1. to compete; 2. to belong by right, be due {Hence:} competente-competentia, incompetente-incompetentia; competition; competitor

competition = {n} competition

competitor = {n} competitor

compilar = {v} to compile {Hence:} compilation; compilator

compilation = {n} compilation

compilator = {n} compiler

comping- [-ping-/-pact-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} compacte-compactar, incompacte

complacente = {adj} 1. complaisant, accommodating; 2. pleased, satisfied; {also:} complacent

complacentia = {n} 1. complaisance; 2. pleasure, satisfaction; {also:} complacency

complacer = {v} to please, humor; complacer se in to take pleasure or delight in {Hence:} complacente-complacentia

complect- [-plect-/-plex-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} complexion; complexe-complexitate, complexco

complementar = {v} to complement, to make complete

complementari = {adj} complementary

complemento = {n} complement (= that which completes); also: [Math., Gram.]; complemento directe, indirecte direct, indirect object; complemento (de loco, de maniera, etc.) adverbial phrase (of place, manner, etc.) {Hence:} complementari; complementar

compler = {v} to complete {Hence:} complemento &; completion; completive; completori; complete &

completa = {n} [Eccl.] complin

completamento = {n} completion

completar = {v} to complete

complete = {adj} complete {Hence:} completar-completamento, discompletar; incomplete; completa

completion = {n} completion

completive = {adj} completive

completori = {adj} completing, completory

complex- see complect-

complexe = {adj} complex (1. composite; 2. intricate)

complexion = {n} 1. constitution (= physical make-up of a person);

2. disposition (= temperament)

complexitate = {n} complexity, intricacy

complexo = {n} complex (1. complex whole; 2. [Psychol.]); complexo de inferioritate inferiority complex; complexo de superioritate superiority complex; complexo de Edipo Oedipus complex

complicar = {v} to complicate {Hence:} complication; complicate

complicate 1. pp of complicar; 2. {adj} complicated; morbo complicate discase with complications

complication = {n} complication

complice (cóm-) = {n} accomplice {Hence:} complicitate

complicitate = {n} complicity

complimentar = {v} to compliment

complimentari = {adj} complimentary, flattering

complimento = {n} 1. accomplishment, achievement (= action of accomplishing or achieving); 2. compliment; facer complimentos to pay compliments {Hence:} complimentari; complimentar

complir = {v} to accomplish, achieve; complir su promissa to keep or fulfill one's promise {Hence:} complimento &; complitor; complite

complite 1. pp of complir; 2. {adj} accomplished (= perfect in acquirements)

complitor = {n} accomplisher

componente = {adj} component componente {n} component

componer [-pon-/-posit-/-post-] = {v} to compose (1. to compound, put together; 2. "to compose music"; 3. to settle, as in "to compose a dispute"); componer se de to consist, be composed, of; componer con (su creditores) to compound or compromise with (one's creditors) {Hence:} componente; composition; compositor; composite-composito; composto; composta; decomponer &; recomponer &

comportamento = {n} behavior, comportment

comportar = {v} to bear, allow (of), brook, comport; comportar se to behave, conduct oneself {Hence:} comportamento

composit- see componer

composite (-pó-) = {adj} 1. composed calm; 2. composite, compound; interesse composite compound interest; parola composite compound (word); fractura composite compound fracture

composition = {n} composition (1. act of composing; 2. [Mus., Art]; 3. compromise; 4. [Typog.]; 5. [Gram.])

composito (-pó-) = {n} 1. compound, composite; 2. [Chem.] compound

compositor = {n} 1. composer (= one who composes music); 2. compositor, typesetter

compost- see componer

composto = {n} compost (= prepared manure)

compota = {n} compote

comprehender [-hend-/-hens-] = {v} to comprehend (1. to understand; 2. to include, comprise) {Hence:} comprehensibile-comprehensibilitate, incomprehensibile-incomprehensibilitate; comprehension-incomprehension; comprehensive

comprehens- see comprehender

comprehensibile = {adj} comprehensible, understandable

comprehensibilitate = {n} comprehensibility

comprehension = {n} comprehension (1. act or faculty of understanding; 2. [Logic] the sum of the attributes comprehended in a concept)

comprehensive = {adj} comprehensive (1. including much; 2. of wide mental grasp)

comprender [-prend-/-prens-] = {v} to comprehend (1. to understand; 2. to include, comprise) {Hence:} comprensibile-comprensibilitate, incomprensibile-incomprensibilitate; comprension-incomprension; comprensive

comprens- see comprender

comprensibile = {adj} comprehensible, understandable

comprensibilitate = {n} comprehensibility

comprension = {n} comprehension (1. act or faculty of understanding; 2. [Logic] the sum of the attributes comprehended in a concept)

comprensive = {adj} comprehensive (1. including much; 2. of wide mental grasp)

compress- see comprimer

compressa = {n} [Med.] compress

compressibile = {adj} compressible

compressibilitate = {n} compressibility

compression = {n} compression; pumpa de compression [Mach.] compressor

compressive = {adj} compressive

compressor = {n} compressor (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Mach.]; 3. [Med.])

comprimer [-prim-/-press-] = {v} 1. to compress; 2. to repress, check {Hence:} compressibile-compressibilitate, incompressibile-incompressibilitate; compression; compressive; compressor-turbocompressor etc.: compressar

compromiss- see compromitter

compromisso = {n} 1. mutual promise to abide by the decision of an arbiter; 2. compromise

compromitter [-mitt-/-miss-] = {v} to compromise (1. to expose to risk or danger; 2. as in "to compromise someone") {Hence:} compromisso

compuls- see compeller

compulsar = {v} 1. to compel, force; 2. to examine, check, go through (documents, books, etc.)

compulsion = {n} compulsion

compulsive = {adj} compulsive

compulsori = {adj} compulsory

compunct- see compunger

compunction = {n} compunction

compunger [-pung-/-punct-] = {v} to move to remorse; compunger se to repent, feel remorse or compunction {Hence:} compunction

computabile = {adj} computable

computar = {v} to compute {Hence:} computo; computista; computabile; computation; computator

computation = {n} computation

computator = {n} computer

computista = {n} computer, computist

computo (cóm-) = {n} computation

con = {prep} with (1. together with; 2. by means of; 3. having, carrying, characterized by)

con- = {prefixo} [`co-' before `-h-' and vowels; `col-' before `-l-'; `com-' before `-b-', `-m-', `-p-'; `cor-' before `-r-'] con-, co-, col-, cor- (= with, together, jointly, mutually) {Hence:} concausa etc.; contemporanee etc.; convenir etc.; coexister etc.; collaborar etc.; correligionario etc.

conational = {adj} from the same country conational {n} fellow countryman, conational

concatenar = {v} to link together, concatenate

concatenation = {n} concatenation

concausa = {n} concause (= cooperating cause)

concausal = {adj} concausal

concave = {adj} concave

concavitate = {n} concavity

conceder [-ced-/-cess-] = {v} to concede, grant {Hence:} concessibile; concession-concessionari, concessionario; concessive; concessor

concentrar = {v} to concentrate (1. to focus, center; 2. [(Chem.]; 3. [Mil.]) {Hence:} concentration; concentrate

concentrate I. pp of concentrar; II. {adj} 1. [Chem.] concentrated; 2. close, reticent, reserved

concentration = {n} concentration (1. action of concentrating or centering; 2. [Chem.])

concentric = {adj} concentric

concept- see conciper

conceptaculo = {n} [Bot.] conceptacle

conception = {n} conception (1. [Physiol.]; 2. "mental conception")

conceptive = {adj} conceptive

concepto = {n} 1. concept; 2. [Lit.] concetto, conceit {Hence:} conceptual-conceptualismo, conceptualista

conceptu- see concepto

conceptual = {adj} conceptual

conceptualismo = {n} [Philos.] conceptualism

conceptualista = {n} [Philos.] conceptualist

concernente = {prep} concerning

concerner = {v} to concern (= to have relation or reference to) {Hence:} concernente

concertante = {adj} [Mus.] concertante (as in "a concertante part")

concertar = {v} to concert

concertina = {n} [Mus.] concertina

concertista = {n} concert performer

concerto = {n} I. concert (1. [Mus.]; 2. agreement, harmony); II. concerto; de concerto in concert, in unison {Hence:} concertina; concertista; concertar-concertante, disconcertar &

concess- see conceder

concessibile = {adj} concessible

concession = {n} concession, grant

concessionari = {adj} concessionary

concessionario = {n} concessionnaire

concessive = {adj} concessive, concessionary

concessor = {n} concessor

concha = {n} I. conch, marine shell; II. concha (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Arch.]) {Hence:} conchoide-conchoidal; conchyle &; conchiforme etc.

conchi-forme = {adj} shell-shaped, conchiform

conchoidal = {adj} conchoidal

conchoide = {n} [Geom.] conchoid

conchyle = {n} sea shell {Hence:} conchylio-conchyliologo etc.

conchylio = {n} sea shell

conchyliologia (-ía) = {n} conchology

conchyliologista = {n} conchologist

conchylio-logo (-ólogo) = {n} conchologist {Hence:} conchyliologia-conchyliologista

concid- [-cid-/-cis-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} concision; concise

conciliar = {v} to conciliate; conciliar se to win, gain, capture (as in "to gain someone's affections") {Hence:} conciliation; conciliative; conciliator; conciliatori; reconciliar-reconciliabile-irreconciliabile-irreconciliabilitate, reconciliation, reconciliatori

conciliation = {n} conciliation

conciliative = {adj} conciliatory, conciliative

conciliator = {n} conciliator, peacemaker

conciliatori = {adj} conciliatory

concilio = {n} council (as in "Nicene Council") {Hence:} conciliar &

conciper [-cip /-cept-] = {v} to conceive (1. [Physiol.]; 2. "to conceive mentally") {Hence:} concipimento; concipibile-inconcipibile-inconcipibilitate; conceptaculo; conception-anticonception-anticonceptional; conceptive; concepto &; preconciper-preconception

concipibile = {adj} conceivable

concipimento = {n} [Physiol.] conception

concis- see concid-

concise = {adj} concise

concision = {n} concision, conciseness

conclave = {n} [Eccl.] conclave {Hence:} conclavista

conclavista = {n} [Eccl.] conclavist

concludente = {adj} conclusive

concluder [-clud-/-clus-] = {v} to conclude (1. to bring to a close; 2. to reach a final settlement of; 3. to infer) {Hence:} concludente; conclusion; conclusive

conclus- see concluder

conclusion = {n} conclusion (1. close, termination; 2. final arrangement, settlement; 3. inference)

conclusive = {adj} conclusive

concordante 1. ppr of concordar; 2. {adj} concordant

concordantia = {n} concordance (1. concord, agreement; 2. "concordance of the Bible, etc.")

concordar = {v} to agree (= to be in agreement); {also:} [Gram.]

concordatari = {adj} of the concordat

concordato = {n} concordat

concorde = {adj} concordant {Hence:} concordia; concordar-concordante-concordantia, concordato-concordatari

concordia = {n} concord

concrear = {v} to create together

concresc- [-cresc-/-cret-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} concrescibile; concretion; concrete-concretar, concretizar

concrescibile = {adj} congealable (= capable of becoming concrete)

concret- see concresc-

concretar = {v} to concrete (= to cause to coalesce or congeal)

concrete = {adj} concrete (1. united in a solid form; 2. not abstract)

concretion = {n} concretion

concretizar = {v} to concretize

concubina = {n} concubine

concubinage (-aje) = {n} concubinage

concubinari = {adj} concubinary

concubinato = {n} concubinage

concubino = {n} paramour, one living in concubinage {Hence:} concubina-concubinage, concubinato, concubinari

concupiscente = {adj} concupiscent

concupiscentia = {n} concupiscence

concupiscer = {v} to covet, be covetous {Hence:} concupiscente-concupiscentia

concurrente 1. ppr of concurrer; 2. {adj} [Geom.] concurrent concurrente {n} 1. competitor, rival; 2. contestant (= one who takes part in a contest)

concurrentia = {n} I. (action of) running together, meeting; II. concurrence (1. agreement in opinion; 2. union in action);

III. competition, rivalry

concurrer [-curr-/-curs-] = {v} I. to run together and meet; II. to concur (1. to agree in opinion; 2. to work jointly); III. to compete {Hence:} concurrente-concurrentia; concurso

concurs- see concurrer

concurso = {n} 1. concourse (= gathering of people); 2. contest, competition; 3. competitive examination

concuss- see concuter

concussion = {n} 1. concussion; 2. extortion (= illegal exaction on the part of an official)

concussionari = {adj} guilty of extortion

concussionario = {n} official guilty of extortion

concussive = {adj} concussive

concuter [-cut-/-cuss-] = {v} 1. to shake violently; 2. to force by threats {Hence:} concussion-concussionari, concussionario; concussive

condemnabile = {adj} condemnable, to be condemned

condemnar = {v} to condemn (1. to pronounce guilty of crime or wrong; 2. to pronounce unfit or no longer available for use); condemnar (un porta, fenestra, etc.) to condemn or put out of use (a door, window, etc.) {Hence:} condemnabile; condemnation; condemnator; condemnatori

condemnation = {n} condemnation

condemnator = {n} condemner

condemnatori = {adj} condemning, condemnatory

condensabile = {adj} condensable

condensabilitate = {n} condensability

condensar = {v} to condense (= to make denser, more compact, more concise, etc.) {Hence:} condensabile-condensabilitate; condensation; condensator

condensation = {n} condensation

condensator = {n} condenser

condescendente = {adj} condescending

condescendentia = {n} condescension

condescender = {v} to condescend {Hence:} condescendente-condescendentia

condigne = {adj} adequate, deserved; {also:} condign

condimentar = {v} to spice, season

condimento = {n} condiment {Hence:} condimentar

condir = {v} to spice, season {Hence:} condimento &

condition = {n} condition (1. prerequisite; 2. mode, state of being); esser in condition de to be in a position to (do something); persona de condition person of rank, of quality; a condition que on condition that, provided that {Hence:} conditional-inconditional; conditionar-conditionate

conditional = {adj} conditional conditional {n} [Gram.] conditional

conditionar = {v} to condition (1. to be a determining condition of; 2. to put into specified or desired condition)

conditionate I. pp of conditionar; II. {adj} conditioned (= subject to a condition); reflexo conditionate conditioned reflex; (un objecto) ben (mal) conditionate (an object) in good (bad) shape

condolentia = {n} condolence

condoler = {v} to condole {Hence:} condolentia

condominio = {n} condominium

condor (cón-) = {n} [Ornith.] condor

conducer [-duc-/-duct-] = {v} to conduct (1. to guide, lead; 2. to direct; 3. [Phys.] to transmit); conducer se to conduct oneself; {also:} to behave {Hence:} conductibile-conductibilitate; conduction; conductive-conductivitate; conductor-radioconductor etc.; conducto-salveconducto etc.; conducta, reconducer

conduct- see conducer

conducta = {n} conduct (1. leading, guidance; 2. direction, management; 3. behavior)

conductibile = {adj} conductible

conductibilitate = {n} conductibility

conduction = {n} conduction (1. [Lawl conductio; 2. [Physiol.])

conductive = {adj} conductive

conductivitate = {n} conductivity

conducto = {n} conduit; conducto auditori auditory duct

conductor = {n} conductor (1. one who guides or directs; 2. "railway conductor, bus conductor, etc."; 3. [Phys.])

confabular = {v} to confabulate, chat {Hence:} confabulation; confabulator

confabulation = {n} confabulation, chat

confabulator = {n} confabulator, chatterer

confect- see confic-

confecteria (-ía) = {n} confectionery (= confectioner's trade, shop, etc.)

confectero = {n} confectioner

confection = {n} 1. making, compounding, etc.; 2. [Pharm.] confection; 3. readymade apparel, confection

confectionar = {v} 1. to make, manufacture, confect; 2. [Pharm.] to confection (= to make into a confection)

confecto = {n} candy; confectionery

confectura = {n} jam, preserves

confederar = {v} to confederate {Hence:} confederation; confederate; confederative; confederato

confederate 1. pp of confederar; 2. {adj} confederate

confederation = {n} confederation, confederacy

confederative = {adj} confederative

confederato = {n} confederate, ally; le Confederatos [Hist.] the Confederates

conferentia = {n} 1. conference; 2. lecture

conferential = {adj} conferential

conferentiar = {v} 1. to confer (= to consult together); 2. to lecture

conferer = {v} I. to compare; II. to confer (1. to consult together; 2. to bestow) {Hence:} conferentia-conferential, conferentiar

confess- see confit-

confessar = {v} to confess (1. to make a confession of; 2. to hear the confession of)

confesse = {adj} confessed, shriven

confession = {n} confession (1. "confession to a priest"; 2. acknowledgement, admission of a fault, etc )

confessional = {adj} confessional confessional {n} confessional

confessionario = {n} confessional, confessionary

confessor = {n} confessor (1. priest who hears confessions; 2. Christian who adheres to his faith under persecution)

confetti [I] = {n} confetti; {also:} a piece of confetti

confic- [-fic-/-fect-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} confection-confectionar; confectura; confecto-confectero, confecteria

confidente = {adj} 1. trustful, confiding; 2. confident (= self-confident) confidente {n} confidant, confident

confidentia = {n} confidence (1. "confidence in someone or something"; 2. thing told in confidence); confidentia in confidence in; voto de confidentia [Parl.] vote of confidence; facer un confidentia a to make a confidence to; in confidentia in confidence; (persona) de confidentia trustworthy (person)

confidential = {adj} confidential (= told or written as a secret)

confider = {v} to confide; confider un cosa a un persona to confide something to someone (1. to entrust something to someone; to impart something in confidence to someone; 2. to entrust someone with something); confider in un persona to confide, have faith, in someone {Hence:} confidente-confidentia-confidential

configurar = {v} to form, shape, configure {Hence:} configuration

configuration = {n} configuration

confin = {adj} bordering, conterminous {Hence:} confinio; confinar-confinamento

confinamento = {n} confinement (= act of confining, restraining)

confinar = {v} 1. to border (upon), be contiguous (to); 2. to confine, restrain; confinar se to seek seclusion, shut oneself up

confinio = {n} -; confinios confines (= boundary, frontier)

confirmar = {v} to confirm (1. to corroborate, establish; 2. [Eccl.]) {Hence:} confirmation; confirmative; confirmator; confirmatori

confirmation = {n} confirmation (1. corroboration, establishment; 2. [Eccl.])

confirmative = {adj} confirmative

confirmator = {n} confirmer

confirmatori = {adj} corroborative, confirmatory

confiscabile = {adj} confiscable

confiscar = {v} to confiscate {Hence:} confiscabile; confiscation; confiscator; confiscatori

confiscation = {n} confiscation

confiscator = {n} confiscator

confiscatori = {adj} confiscatory

confit- [-fit-/-fess-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} confitente; confession-confessionario, confessional; confessor; confesse; confessar

confitente = {n} confitent (= one who confesses)

conflagrar = {v} to set afire, conflagrate {Hence:} conflagration

conflagration = {n} conflagration

conflict- see confliger

conflicto = {n} conflict

confliger [-flig-/-flict-] = {v} to conflict {Hence:} conflicto

confluente = {adj} confluent (1. flowing together; 2. [Med.]) confluente {n} 1. confluent; 2. confluence (= place where two or more rivers, etc., unite)

confluentia = {n} confluence (1. meeting or junction of two or more rivers; 2. place where two or more rivers unite)

confluer = {v} to flow together {Hence:} confluente-confluentia

conformar = {v} 1. to form, shape; 2. to conform, adapt {Hence:} conformation

conformation = {n} conformation (= structure); vitio de conformation malformation, physical defect

conforme = {adj} conformable, in conformity; conforme a in conformity with, according to; copia conforme true copy {Hence:} conformista-nonconformista; conformitate-nonconformitate

conformista = {n} conformist

conformitate = {n} conformity

confortabile = {adj} comfortable (= affording tranquil enjoyment and content)

confortabile = {n} easy chair

confortar = {v} 1. to strengthen, fortify; 2. to comfort, console {Hence:} conforto; confortabile; confortation; reconfortar

confortation = {n} (action of) comforting, consoling

conforto = {n} comfort (1. consolation; 2. ease of circumstances, sufficiency)

confraternal = {adj} confraternal

confraternitate = {n} brotherhood, confraternity

confratre = {n} confrere

confrontar = {v} to confront (1. to bring face to face; 2. to compare) {Hence:} confrontation

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