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contornar = {v} 1. to round; to go, move, or pass around; 2. to outline (= to trace the outline or contour of) {Hence:} contorno

contorno = {n} contour

contorquer [-torqu-/-tort-] = {v} to contort; contorquer se to writhe (as in "to writhe in agony") {Hence:} contortion

contort- see contorquer

contortion = {n} contortion, twisting

contra' = I. {prep} 1. opposite, facing; 2. against; II. {adv} 1. opposite, facing, etc.; 2. on the contrary {Hence:} contrari &; incontrar &

contra = {n} [Fencing] counter

contra- = {prefixo} contra-, counter- (= against, opposing) {Hence:} contrabalancia etc.; contradicer etc.; controlo etc.

contrabalancia = {n} counterbalance

contrabalanciar = {v} to counterbalance

contrabandar = {v} 1. to trade in contraband; 2. to smuggle (= to practice smuggling)

contrabandero = {n} 1. contrabandist; 2. smuggler

contrabando = {n} contraband (1. smuggling; 2. smuggled goods); facer (le) contrabando to smuggle (= to practice smuggling); contrabando de guerra contraband of war {Hence:} contrabandero; contrabandar

contrabasso = {n} [Mus.] double bass, contrabass

contract- see contraher

contractante = {adj/n} contracting (party)

contractar = {v} to contract (= to enter into a contract)

contractile = {adj} contractile

contractilitate = {n} contractility

contraction = {n} contraction (1. shortening; shrinkage; 2. as in "contraction of marriage"; 3. as in "contraction of a debt or disease")

contractive = {adj} contractive

contracto = {n} contract

contractual = {adj} contractual

contractura = {n} [Med.] contracture

contradansa = {n} contredance

contradicer [-dic-/-dict-] = {v} to contradict {Hence:} contradiction; contradictor; contradictori

contradict- see contradicer

contradiction = {n} contradiction (1. act of contradicting; 2. inconsistency); spirito de contradiction spirit of contradiction; esser in contradiction con to be at variance with

contradictor = {n} gainsayer, contradicter, contradictor

contradictori = {adj} contradictory, contradicting; (judicio) contradictori (judgment) after the hearing of all parties concerned

contrafacer [-fac-/-fact-] = {v} to counterfeit (1. to feign, imitate, mimic; 2. to forge) {Hence:} contrafaction; contrafactor; contrafacte

contrafact- see contrafacer

contrafacte = {adj} 1. counterfeit, forged; 2. deformed, misshapen

contrafaction = {n} forgery (1. counterfeiting; 2. counterfeit)

contrafactor = {n} counterfeiter; forger

contraforte = {n} [Arch.] buttress

contrafuga = {n} [Mus.] counterfugue

contrahente = {n} contracting party

contraher [-trah-/-tract-] = {v} to contract (1. to draw together, make smaller or narrower; 2. to enter into with mutual obligations; 3. to incur, acquire); contraher matrimonio to contract marriage or matrimony; contraher se to contract, shrink {Hence:} contrahente; contractile-contractilitate; contraction; contractive; contractura; contracto-contractual, contractar-contractante, quasi-contracto etc.

contralto = {n} [Mus.] contralto

contramandar = {v} to countermand (= to cancel by giving a contrary order)

contramarca = {n} countermark, counterstamp

contramarcar = {v} to countermark, counterstamp

contramarcha (-sh-) = {n} [Mil.] countermarch

contramarchar (-sh-) = {v} to countermarch

contraoffensiva = {n} counteroffensive

contraordine = {n} countermand, counterorder

contrapesar = {v} to counterbalance, counterpoise

contrapeso = {n} counterbalance; counterpoise; counterweight

contraponer [-pon-/-posit-] = {v} to set over against, oppose {Hence:} contraposition

contraposit- see contraponer

contraposition = {n} contraposition, antithesis

contrapunctista = {n} contrapuntist

contrapunctistic = {adj} contrapuntal

contrapuncto = {n} [Mus.] counterpoint {Hence:} contrapunctista-contrapunctistic

contrarevolution = {n} counterrevolution

contrari = {adj} contrary (= opposed in situation, direction, aim, etc.) {Hence:} contrarietate; contrariar; subcontrari; contrario

contrariar = {v} to thwart, oppose, run counter to

contrarietate = {n} l . contrariety; 2. adversity, mishap

contrario = {n} contrary; al contrario on the contrary

contraronda = {n} counterround

contrascarpa = {n} [Mil.] counterscarp

contrasenso = {n} misconception, misinterpretation

contrasignar = {v} to countersign {Hence:} contrasigno

contrasigno = {n} countersign (= watchword, password)

contraspionage (-aje) = {n} counterespionage

contrastar = {v} to contrast (= to form a contrast) {Hence:} contrasto

contrasto = {n} contrast

contratempore = {n} 1. mishap; 2. [Mus.] syncopation (= rhythm in syncopated time); a contratempore at the wrong moment

contravallation = {n} [Fortif.] contravallation

contraveneno = {n} antidote; {also:} counterpoison

contravenir [-ven-/-vent-] = {v} -; contravenir a to contravene (= to act contrary to) {Hence:} contravention; contraventor

contravent- see contravenir

contravention = {n} contravention

contraventor = {n} contravener

contravisita (-ví-) = {n} [Admin., Mil., etc.] cheek inspection

contribuente = {n} contributor (= one who contributes)

contribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] = {v} to contribute (= to furnish as a share); contribuer a to contribute to {Hence:} contribuente; contribution; contributive

contribut- see contribuer

contribution = {n} contribution (1. money, help, etc., contributed; 2. tax, levy)

contributive = {adj} contributive

contristar = {v} to sadden, make sad

contrit- see conter-

contrite = {adj} contrite

contrition = {n} contrition

controlar = {v} to check, verify, {also:} to control, have or keep under control

controlator = {n} examiner, inspector, etc. (= person who checks or verifies); {also:} controller, comptroller

controlo = {n} (act of) checking, verifying; {also:} control, check {Hence:} controlar-controlator

controvers- see controverter

controverse = {adj} controversial

controversia = {n} controversy

controversista = {n} controversialist

controverter [-vert-/-vers-] = {v} to controvert {Hence:} controvertibile-incontrovertibile; controverse-controversia-controversista

controvertibile = {adj} controvertible, controversial

contumace = {adj} contumacious {Hence:} contumacia

contumacia = {n} contumacy (1. pertinacious resistance to authority; 2. wilful disobedience to the summons or order of a court); (sententia) in contumacia (judgment) by default, in contumaciam

contunder [-tund-/-tus-] = {v} to contuse, bruise {Hence:} contusion

contus- see contunder

contusion = {n} contusion, bruise

convalescente 1. ppr of convalescer; 2. {adj} convalescent convalescente {n} convalescent

convalescentia = {n} convalescence

convalescer = {v} to convalesce {Hence:} convalescente-convalescentia

conveller [-vell-/-vuls-] = {v} to convulse {Hence:} convulsion-convulsionari, convulsionario; convulsive; convulse

convenibile = {adj} suitable, fit

conveniente = {adj} proper, decent

convenientia = {n} 1. suitability, convenience; 2. propriety (= correctness of behavior); maritage de convenientia marriage of convenience

convenir [-ven-/-vent-] = {v} 1. to convene, come together; 2. to agree (= to come to an agreement); 3. to suit (= to be fitting); il conveni de (facer le) it is fitting, advisable, to (do it) {Hence:} conveniente-convenientia, inconveniente-inconvenientia; convenibile; convention-conventional-conventionalismo, conventionalista; convento &; disconvenir-disconvenientia

convent- see convenir

conventiculo = {n} conventicle

convention = {n} convention (1. assembly; 2. agreement 3. conventional custom)

conventional = {adj} conventional

conventionalismo = {n} conventionalism

conventionalista = {n} conventionalist

convento = {n} convent {Hence:} conventiculo; conventual

conventu- see convento

conventual = {adj} conventual

convergente 1. ppr of converger; 2. {adj} convergent

convergentia = {n} convergence, convergency (= process or fact of converging)

converger = {v} to converge (= to tend to come together in a point) {Hence:} convergente-convergentia

convers- see converter

conversabile = {adj} conversable (= sociable, affable)

conversar u to converse {Hence:} conversabile; conversation

conversation = {n} conversation

conversion = {n} I. conversion (1. change, transmutation; 2. change to another religion, belief, opinion, etc.); II. [Mil.] wheel

converso = {n} 1. [Eccl.] lay brother; 2. convert

converter [-vert-/-vers-] = {v} to convert (1. to chance, transmute; 2. to change to another religion, belief, opinion, etc.) {Hence:} convertimento; convertibile-convertibititate, inconvertibile-inconvertibilitate; conversion; converso; conversar &

convertibile = {adj} convertible

convertibilitate = {n} convertibility

convertimento = {n} (act of) converting, conversion

convexe = {adj} convex {Hence:} convexitate

convexitate = {n} convexity

conviar = {v} to convoy {Hence:} convio

convict- see convincer

conviction = {n} conviction (= settled belief)

convicto = {n} (one) condemned, convicted; {also:} convict

convincer [-vinc-/-vict-] = {v} 1. to convince; 2. to convict (= to prove guilty) {Hence:} convincimento; conviction; convicto

convincimento = {n} convincement

convio (-vío) = {n} convoy (1. act of convoying; 2. protecting escort; 3. convoyed vessel, fleet, train, party, etc.)

convitar = {v} 1. to invite; 2. to incite, spur {Hence:} convitato

convitato = {n} (invited) guest

conviva = {n} table companion {Hence:} convival

convival = {adj} convivial

conviver = {v} to live together

convocar = {v} to convoke, call together {Hence:} convocation; convocator

convocation = {n} convocation (= action of convoking or calling together)

convocator = {n} convoker

convolut- see convolver

convolute = {adj} convolute

convolver [-volv-/-volut-] = {v} to convolve, convolute {Hence:} convolvulo &: convolute

convolvulaceas = {npl} [Bot.] Convolvulaceae

convolvulacee = {adj} [Bot.] convolvulaceous

convolvulo = {n} [Bot.] convolvulus; {also:} morning-glory {Hence:} convolvulacee-convolvulaceas

convoyar = {v} [Mil.] to convoy {Hence:} convoyo

convoyo (-vó-) = {n} 1. [Mil.] convoy; 2. [R.R.] train; convoyo funebre funeral procession

convuls- see conveller

convulse = {adj} convulsed

convulsion = {n} convulsion; convulsiones convulsions, spasm

convulsionari = {adj} convulsionary, convulsive

convulsionario = {n} [Relig.] Convulsionary

convulsive = {adj} convulsive

coolie [A] = {n} coolie

cooperar = {v} to co-operate {Hence:} cooperation; cooperative-cooperativa: cooperator

cooperation = {n} co-operation (= act of cooperating)

cooperativa = {n} co-operative

cooperative = {adj} co-operative (= willing to co-operate)

cooperator = {n} co-operator

cooptar = {v} to coopt {Hence:} cooptation

cooptation = {n} cooption, cooptation

coordinar = {v} to coordinate {Hence:} coordination; coordinator; coordinate-coordinatas

coordinatas = {npl} [Math.] coordinates

coordinate = {adj} coordinated; propositiones coordinate coordinate clauses

coordination = {n} coordination

coordinator = {n} coordinator

Copenhagen (-há-) = {npr} Copenhagen

coperculo = {n} cover, lid

coperi-foco = {n} curfew

coperi-lecto = {n} coverlet, bedspread, counterpane

coperir [-per-/-pert-] = {v} to cover (1. to place or spread something on or over; 2. [Breeding]); coperir un foco to cover or bank a fire; coperir (le expensas, etc.) to cover (the expenses, etc.) {Hence:} coperculo; copertor; copertura; coperto; discoperir &; recoperir; coperifoco etc.

copernican = {adj} Copernican

Copernico, Nicolaus (-pér-, -láus) = {npr} Nikolaus Copernicus [1473-1543; Polish astronomer] {Hence:} copernican

copert- = {see} `coperir'

coperto = {n} table china and silver; cover (as in "cover charge")

copertor = {n} 1. coverer; 2. studhorse, stud ram, etc.

copertura = {n} cover; `copertura (de lana, etc.)' (woolen, etc.) blanket; `copertura de lecto' bedspread

copia = {n} 1. plenty, abundance, copiousness; 2. copy (= reproduction); 3. [Photog.] print {Hence:} copista; copiose-copiositate; copiar-copiator; cornucopia etc.

copiar = {v} 1. to copy; 2. [Photog.] to print

copiator = {n} copier

copiose = {adj} copious (= plentiful)

copiositate = {n} abundance, copiousness

copista = {n} copyist

coproprietario = {n} co-owner, coproprietor

coproprietate = {n} co-ownership, coproprietorship

copula (có-) = {n} I. [Gram.] copula; II. copulation (= sexual union); III. couple (1. pair; 2. [Mech.]) {Hence:} copular-copulation, copulative; accopular-accopulamento, disaccopular

copular = {v} 1. to join, unite (= to bring or put together); 2. to mate (= to bring together for breeding); `copular se' to copulate, mate

copulation = {n} copulation (= sexual union)

copulative = {adj} 1. connective; 2. [Gram.] copulative

copyright [A] = {n} copyright

coquetta = {n} coquette

coquettar = {v} to coquet, coquette

coquette = {adj} coquet, coquettish {Hence:} coquettar-coquetteria; coquetta

coquetteria (-ía) = {n} coquetry

cor- = {see} `con-'

corac- = {n} [occurring in compounds] coraco- (= crow, raven) {Hence:} nycticorace etc. ...

corage (-aje) = {n} courage {Hence:} coragiose; discoragiar-discoragiamento; incoragiar-incoragiamento

coragiose (-jo-) = {adj} courageous

corallero = {n} coral grinder

coralli-forme = {n} coralliform

corallin = {adj} coralline

corallina = {n} [Zool.] coralline

corallo = {n} coral {Hence:} coralliero; corallin; corallina; coralliforme etc.

[coram] (có-) = 1. {adv} in one's presence, openly, publicly; 2. {prep} in the presence of

corbata = {n} basket (= basketful)

corbe = {n} basket; `corbe de papiro' waste-basket {Hence:} corbata; corbetta; corbero; corberia

corberia (-ía) = {n} basketry

corbero = {n} basketmaker

corbetta = {n} small basket

corcar = {v} to cork (as in "to cork a bottle")

corco = {n} cork (1. bark of the cork oak; 2. cork stopper) {Hence:} corcar-discorcar; tiracorcos etc.

corda = {n} cord, rope, etc.; {also:} twine, string, etc. {Hence:} cordage; cordon-acordonar; cordar

cordage (-aje) = {n} [Naut.] cordage

cordar = {v} to cord (1. as in "to cord a fabric"; 2. to bind with cords)

corde = {n} heart; {also:} [Cards] heart, card of the suit of hearts; `al fundo del corde' at the bottom of one's heart; `corde (de un malo, etc.)' heart or core (of an apple, etc.); `de bon corde' gladly, willingly; `de tote (le) corde' wholeheartedly {Hence:} cordial &; concorde &; discorde &; accordar &; recordar; cordiforme etc.; misericorde etc.

cordi- = {see} `corde'

cordial (1) = {adj} cordial (1. hearty, friendly; 2. stimulating) {Hence:} cordialitate; cordial (2)

cordial (2) = {n} cordial (= stimulating beverage)

cordialitate = {n} cordiality

cordi-forme = {adj} heart-shaped, cordiform

cordillera [H] = {n} cordillera (= mountain range); `Cordillera del Andes' Cordillera of the Andes; `Cordilleras' Cordilleras

cordon = {n} I. (small) cord; II. cordon (1. small braid worn as an ornament or badge; 2. [Mil.]); III. lace, string (as in "shoe lace", "corset string," etc.); `cordon sanitari' sanitary cordon; `cordon umbilical' navel string, umbilical cord

Cordova (cór-) = {npr} Cordova {Hence:} cordovan-cordovano

cordovan = {adj} 1. Cordovan (= pertaining to Cordova); 2. cordovan (= made of cordovan leather)

cordovano = {n} 1. Cordovan (= native of Cordova); 2. cordovan (leather)

Corea (-éa) = {npr} Korea {Hence:} corean-coreano

corean = {adj} Korean

coreano = {n} Korean (1. Korean person; 2. Korean language)

coriacee = {adj} coriaceous

corinthie = {adj} Corinthian

corinthio = {n} Corinthian; `Epistolas al Corinthios' Epistles to the Corinthians

Corintho = {npr} Corinth; `uva de Corintho' currant (= small seedless raisin used in cooking) {Hence:} corinthie-corinthio

corio = {n} leather; `corio capillute' scalp; `corio vernissate' patent leather {Hence:} coriacee; excoriar &

cornalina = {n} [Mineral.] cornelian

cornamusa = {n} bagpipe(s)

cornar = {v} I. to sound a horn; II. to horn (1. to furnish with horns; 2. to gore with the horns)

cornea = {n} cornea

cornee = {adj} horny

cornetta = {n} I. small horn, trumpet; II. cornet (1. [Mus.]; 2. [Mil.]; 3. [Naut.] burgee); III. standard (of cavalry) {Hence:} cornettista; saxcornetta etc.

cornettista = {n} cornettist

cornice (1) = {n} [Ornith.] crow {Hence:} cornicula

cornice (2) = {n} [Arch.] cornice

cornichon [F] = {n} gherkin

cornicula = {n} [Ornith.] crow

corno = {n} horn (1. "horn of cattle, sheep, goats, etc."; 2. material of which horns are composed; 3. [Entom.] feeler, antenna; 4. [Mus.]); `portar cornos' to be a cuckold; `corno de cacia' hunting horn; `corno anglese' [Mus.] English horn; `corno del abundantia' cornucopia, horn of plenty {Hence:} cornetta &; cornalina; cornee-cornea; cornute; cornar; discornar; cornucopia etc.; bicorne etc.; bicornute etc.; Capricorno etc.; saxcorno etc.

cornu- see corno

cornu-copia = {n} cornucopia

cornute = {adj} horned; argumento cornute (sophistical) dilemma

corolla = {n} [Bot.] corolla {Hence:} corollate; corollifere; corolliforme etc.

corollario = {n} [Logic, Math.] corollary

corollate = {adj} [Bot.] corollate, corollated

corollifere = {adj} [Bot.] corolliferous

corolli-forme = {adj} [Bot.] corolliform

corona = {n} 1. wreath; 2. crown; 3. [Fin.] crown, krone, etc.; 4. [Astron.] corona; 5. [Veter.] coronet {Hence:} coronal; coronari; coronar-coronamento, coronation; discoronar

coronal = {adj} coronal (1. crown; 2. [Anat.]); osso coronal frontal bone

coronamento = {n} coronation

coronar = {v} to crown

coronari = {adj} crown, coronary; venas coronari coronary veins

coronation = {n} coronation

corp- see corpore

corporal = {adj} corporal, bodily

corporalitate = {n} corporality, corporeality

corporar = {v} to form into a body

corporation = {n} corporation, guild

corporative = {adj} corporate, corporative

corporatura = {n} build, frame

corpore = {n} body (1. as in "body and soul"; 2. "body of a garment"; 3. matter, substance; 4. group, corps; also: collection, corpus); (luctar) corpore a corpore (to fight) hand to hand; in corpore in a body all together; corpore (del nave) (ship's) hull {Hence:} corporal-corporalitate, incorporal-incorporalitate; corporee-corporeitate, incorporee-incorporeitate; corporar-corporation, corporative, corporatura; incorporar &; corpusculo &; corpulente &

corporee = {adj} corporeal (1. material; 2. corporal, bodily)

corporeitate = {n} corporeity

corps [F] = {n} [Mil.] corps; corps de armea [Mil.] army corps

corpulente = {adj} corpulent {Hence:} corpulentia

corpulentia = {n} corpulence

corpus- see corpore

corpuscular = {adj} corpuscular

corpusculo = {n} corpuscle {Hence:} corpuscular

corpus delicti [L] [Law] corpus delicti

correct- see corriger correcte = {adj} correct (1. proper; 2. right, accurate)

correctessa = {n} correctness

correction = {n} correction (1. action of setting right; 2. rebuke, punishment); domo de correction reformatory

correctional = {adj} correctional (as in "correctional institutions")

corrective = {adj} corrective

correctivo = {n} corrective

corrector = {n} 1. corrector; 2. proofreader

correctori = {adj} correctory, corrective

corregia = {n} strap (= band, thong)

correlatar = {v} to correlate

correlation = {n} correlation

correlative = {adj} correlative

correligionario = {n} co-religionist

correspondente 1. ppr of corresponder; 2. {adj} correspondent, corresponding correspondente {n} correspondent

correspondentia = {n} correspondence (1. conformity; 2. exchange of letters; 3. letters, mail)

corresponder = {v} I. to correspond (1. to be in conformity; 2. to communicate by exchange of letters); II. to respond (= to react sympathetically); corresponder a to correspond to or with {Hence:} correspondente-correspondentia

corridor = {n} corridor, hallway

corriger (-rig-/-rect-] = {v} to correct (1. to set right; 2. to chastise); corriger se to reform (= to become better) {Hence:} corrigibile-incorrigibile-incorrigibilitate; correction-correctional, incorrection; corrective-correctivo; corrector; correctori; correcte-correctessa, incorrecte

corrigibile = {adj} corrigible (= capable of being set right or reformed)

corroborante = {n} corroborant (= strengthproducing medicine)

corroborar = {v} 1. to strengthen, make strong; 2. to corroborate {Hence:} corroborante; corroboration; corroborative

corroboration = {n} 1. act of strengthening or making strong; 2. corroboration

corroborative = {adj} 1. strengthening, making strong; 2. corroborative

corroder [-rod-/-ros-] = {v} to corrode (= to eat away gradually) {Hence:} corrosion; corrosive

corros- see corroder

corrosion = {n} corrosion

corrosive = {adj} corrosive

corrugar = {v} to wrinkle (up), corrugate; {also:} to crease, crumple, etc. {Hence:} corrugation

corrugation = {n} corrugation

corrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] = {v} I. to rot, cause to decay; II. to corrupt (1. to make evil or wicked; 2. to bribe; 3. to make incorrect, falsify) {Hence:} corruptibile-corrruptibilitate, incorruptibile-incorruptibilitate; corruption; corruptor; corrupte-incorrupte

corrupt- see corrumper

corrupte = {adj} 1. rotten, decayed, tainted, infeeted, etc; 2. corrupt

corruptibile = {adj} 1. perishable, subjcct to decay; 2. corruptible

corruptibilitate = {n} corruptibility

corruption = {n} I. decay, taint, etc.; II. corruption (1. depravity; 2. bribery; 3. as in "corruption of a text or of a style")

corruptor = {n} corrupter

corsage [F] = {n} bodice, corsage

corset [F] = {n} corset, girdle {Hence:} corsetero

corsetero = {n} corset maker

corte = {n} court (1. courtyard; 2. "court of a sovereign"; 3. [Law]; 4. courtship, wooing; corte de appello court of appeal; facer le corte a (un prince) to pay one's court or homage to (a sovereign); facer le corte a (un dama) to court, woo, pay attention to (a young lady); corte de recreation playground {Hence:} cortese &

cortes [H] = {npl} Cortes

cortesana = {n} courtesan

cortesano = {n} courtier

cortesar = {v} to court (1. try to gain the favor of by attention or flattery; 2. to woo)

cortese = {adj} courteous {Hence:} cortesano; cortesana; cortesia; cortesar; discortese-discortesia

cortesia (-ía) = {n} courtesy (= graceful politeness)

cortical = {adj} cortical

cortice (cór-) = {n} 1. [Bot.] bark; 2. [Anat.] cortex {Hence:} cortical; corticose; decorticar-decortication

corticose = {adj} [Bot.] corticate, corticose

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