Interlingua English Dictionary revised in plain ascii format

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cortina = {n} curtain (1. as in "window curtain," "bed curtain"; 2. [Fortif.]) {Hence:} cortinar; incortinar

cortinar = {v} [Fortif.] to encurtain

corvetta = {n} corvette

corvin = {adj} corvine; nigre corvin raven black

corvo = {n} raven; crow; Corvo [Astron.] Corvus; corvo marin cormorant {Hence:} corvin

cosa = {n} thing; alicun cosa something, anything

cosecante = {n} [Trig.] cosecant

cosina = {n} cousin (= daughter of one's uncle or aunt)

cosino = {n} cousin (= son of one's uncle or aunt) {Hence:} cosina

cosinus (-sí-) = {n} [Math.] cosine

cosmetic = {adj} cosmetic {Hence:} cosmetico; cosmetica

cosmetica = {n} cosmetics

cosmetico = {n} cosmetic

cosmic = {adj} cosmic (= relating to the universe)

cosmo = {n} cosmos (1. universe; 2. orderly whole) {Hence:} cosmic; cosmogonia etc; cosmographo etc.; cosmologo etc.; cosmorama etc.; macrocosmo etc.

cosmo-gonia (-ía) = {n} cosmogony (= theory of the generation of the universe) {Hence:} cosmogonic

cosmogonic = {adj} cosmogonal, cosmogonic

cosmographia (-ía) = {n} cosmography (= description of the universe or of the earth)

cosmographic = {adj} cosmographic, cosmographical

cosmo-grapho (-mó-) = {n} cosmographer {Hence:} cosmographia-cosmographic

cosmologia (-ía) = {n} cosmology

cosmologic = {adj} cosmological

cosmo-logo (-mó-) = {n} cosmologist {Hence:} cosmoiogia; cosmoiogic

cosmo-polita = {n/adj} cosmopolitan, cosmopolite {Hence:} cosmopolitismo

cosmopolitismo = {n} cosmopolitanism, cosmopolitism

cosm-orama = {n} cosmorama

cossinetto = {n} 1. small cushion; {also:} pincushion, pad etc.; 2. [Mech.] bearing; 3. [R.R.] rail chair; cossinetto de ballas ball bearing

cossino = {n} cushion (= pillow to sit, lie or kneel on) {Hence:} cossinetto

costa = {n} 1. [Anat.] rib; 2. slope (of hill); 3. coast, seashore {Hence:} costal-intercostal, supercostal, sternocostal etc.; costari; costear; accostar &; guardacostas etc.

costal = {adj} [Anat.] costal

costar = {v} to cost {Hence:} costo-costose

costari = {adj} coastal

Costa Rica [H] = {npr} Costa Rica

costear = {v} to coast along, sail along (the coast); costear (un foresta, monte, etc.) to skirt (a forest, mountain, etc.)

costo = {n} cost (= price paid or charged); a omne costo, a tote costo at all costs, at any cost

costose = {adj} costly (= costing much)

costumar = {v} to costume

costumari = {adj} customary

costume = {n} 1. custom, usage; 2. [Theat., etc.] costume; de costume usually; haber le costume de (facer un cosa) to be in the habit of (doing something), to be accustomed to (do something) {Hence:} costumari; costumar; accostumar &

cotangente = {n} [Math.] cotangent

cotelette [F] = {n} cutlet, chop

cotillon [F] = {n} cotillion, cotillon

coton = {n} cotton (1. cotton plant; 2. cotton fiber); coton hydrophile absorbent cotton; filo de coton cotton thread {Hence:} contonari; cotoniero

cotonari = {adj} cotton (= having to do with cotton)

cotoniero = {n} cotton shrub, cotton plant

cotta = {n} habit, gown, etc.; {also:} coat, tunic; cotta de armas tunic (worn over armor) tabard; cotta de malia coat of mail

cotutor = {n} [Law] coguardian, cotutor

coulisse [F] = {n} 1. [Theat.] wing, side, scene; 2. [Fin.] outside market, free market; {also:} curb market

Coulomb, Charles Augustin = {npr} [1736-1806; physicist after whom the "coulomb" is named]; lege de Coulomb Coulomb's law {Hence:} coulomb

coulomb (culómb) = {n} [Elec.] coulomb

coupé [F] = {n} coupé (1. four-wheeled closed carriage with a seat for two people inside and a seat for the driver outside; 2. closed, two-door automobile; 3. railroad compartment)

coupon [F] = {n} [Fin.] coupon

covar = {v} to brood, sit on (eggs); {also:} to hatch {Hence:} covator; covatrice; covata

covata = {n} brood (= hatch of birds)

covator = {n} brooder (= bird that sits on eggs)

covatrice = {n} brooder (= female bird that sits on eggs; also: incubator)

coxa = {n} 1. hip; hip joint; thigh {Hence:} coxal; coxalgia etc.

coxal = {adj} hip, of the hip; coxal

cox-algia (-ía) = {n} coxalgia, pain in the hip {Hence:} coxalgic

coxalgic = {adj} coxalgic

crabba = {n} [Zool.] crab

crac = {n} 1. crack (= sudden sharp and loud noise); 2. [Fin.] crash, smash crac see craccar

craccar = {v} to crack (= to make a sudden sharp sound in breaking) {Hence:} crac

Cracovia = {npr} Cracow, Krakow

crampa = {n} cramp, clamp, staple, clip, etc. {Hence:} crampar

crampar = {v} to cramp, clamp, staple, clip (together), etc.

crampo = {n} [Med.] cramp

crangon = {n} [Ichthyol.] shrimp

cranian = {adj} cranial

cranio = {n} cranium, skull {Hence:} cranian; craniologo etc.; cranioscopio etc.

craniologia (-ía) = {n} craniology

craniologic = {adj} craniological

cranio-logo (-ólogo) = {n} craniologist {Hence:} craniologia; craniologic

craniometria (-ía) = {n} craniometry

craniometric = {adj} craniometric

craniometrista = {n} craniometrist

cranio-metro (-ó-) = {n} craniometer {Hence:} craniometria; craniometrista; craniometric

cranioscopia (-ía) = {n} cranioscopy

cranioscopic = {adj} cranioscopical

cranio-scopio = {n} instrument for examining the cranium {Hence:} cranioscopia; cranioscopic

cranio-scopo (-ós-) = {n} cranioscopist

[cras] = {adv} tomorrow {Hence:} crastine-procrastinar &

crasis (crá-) = {n} [Gram.] crasis

crasse = {adj} 1. thick (= not flowing easily); 2. crass {Hence:} crassitate; crassitude; crassilingue etc.

crassi-lingue = {adj} crassilingual, thicktongued

crassitate = {n} crassitude (1. thickness; 2. crassness, grossness)

crassitude = {n} crassitude (1. thickness; 2. crassness, grossness)

crastine = {adj} of tomorrow, tomorrow's

-crato- = {n} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} -cratia-autocratia, aristocratia etc, bureaucratia etc.; democratia etc.; -cratic-autocratic, aristocratic etc., bureaucratic etc., democratic etc.; -crate- autocrate, aristocrate etc., democrate etc.

-crate [occurring in compounds] -crat (as in "aristocrat, plutocrat, etc.")

crater = {n} crater (1. [Gr. Antiq.] krater; 2. mouth of a volcano) {Hence:} crateriforme etc.

crateri-forme = {adj} crateriform

-cratia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -cracy (= power, rule)

-cratic [occurring in compounds] -cratic

cravata = {n} necktie, scarf, cravat

crear = {v} to create {Hence:} creation; creative; creator; creatura; increate; concrear; procrear &; recrear &

-creas = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -creas, creat-, creato-, creo- (= flesh) {Hence:} creatina; creophage etc.; creosoto etc.; pancreas etc.

creat- see -creas

creatina = {n} [Biochem.] creatine

creation = {n} creation (1. act of creating, thing created; 2. world, universe)

creative = {adj} creative

creator = {n} creator; Creator Creator creator {adj} creative

creatura = {n} creature; created being

credente 1. ppr of creder; 2. {adj} believing, trustful, credent credente {n} believer (= follower of some religion)

credentia = {n} I. belief (1. trust faith; 2. credence); II. sideboard; III. [Eccl.] credence (= small table for Eucharistic elements); littera(s) de credentia [Dipl.] credentials

credential = {adj} credential; litteras credential credential letters, credentials

creder = {v} to believe; creder a un cosa to believe in (the existence or truth of) something; creder in un persona to believe in someone; creder se to consider oneself, look upon oneself as {Hence:} credente-credentia-credential, miscredente-miscredentia; credule &; credibile-credibilitate, incredibile-incredibilitate; creditor; credito &

credibile = {adj} credible

credibilitate = {n} credibility

creditar = {v} [Bookkeeping] to credit (= to enter on the credit side of an account)

cedito (cré-) = {n} credit (1. prestige based on the confidence of others; 2. [Com., Accounting, Fin.]); establimento de credito loan society, credit establishment; littera de credito letter of credit; aperir un credito (a un persona) to open a credit (account) (in someone's favor; vender a credito to sell on credit {Hence:} creditar; accreditar; discredito-discreditar

ceditor = {n} creditor

credo [NL] = {n} creed, credo

credule = {adj} credulous {Hence:} credulitate; incredule-incredulitate

credulitate = {n} credulity

crema = {n} I. cream (1. oily nart of milk; 2. fancy dish made of, or like, cream; 3. [Cosmetics]; 4. best part of a thing); II. crème (= thick sweet liqueur) {Hence:} cremeria; cremose

cremar = {v} to cremate {Hence:} cremation; crematori; crematorio

cremation = {n} cremation

crematori = {adj} crematory; forno crematori crematory (= furnace for cremating)

crematorio = {n} crematorium

cremeria (-ía) = {n} creamery

cremose = {adj} creamy

creo- see -creas

creolo = {n} creole (= person of pure European descent born in the Latin American countries); (linguas) creol creole (languages)

creo-phage (-ó-) = {adj} creophagous, carnivorous, meat-eating {Hence:} creophagia; creophago

creophagia (-ía) = {n} creophagy

creophago (-óphago) = {n} creophagist, carnivore, meat eater

creosotage (-aje) = {n} (action of) creosoting

creosotar = {v} to creosote

creo-soto = {n} creosote {Hence:} creosotar-creosotage

crepar = {v} I. to crack, crash (1. to make a sharp, loud noise; 2. to break with a sharp, loud noise); II. [Slang] to croak (= to die) {Hence:} crepitar &; discrepar &

crepe [F] = {n} crepe crepe de Chine [F] crepe de Chine

crepitante 1. ppr of crepitar; 2. {adj} crepitant

crepitar = {v} to crackle {Hence:} crepitante; crepitation; decrepitar &

crepitation = {n} crepitation

crepuscular = {adj} crepuscular

crepusculo = {n} twilight, dusk, crepuscule {Hence:} crepuscular

crescendo [I] = {n} crescendo

crescente 1. ppr of crescer; 2. {adj} growing, increasing; le luna crescente the waxing moon crescente {n} crescent

crescentia = {n} growth (= action of growing)

crescer [cresc-/cret-] = {v} to grow (= to become larger); crescer in to grow or increase in {Hence:} crescimento; crescente-crescentia; crescita; accrescer &: concresc- &; descrescer &; discrescer; excrescer &

crescimento = {n} growth (= process of growing)

crescita = {n} rising of water (flood, freshet, spate)

Creso = {npr} [Anc. Hist.] Croesus; creso Croesus (= very rich man)

cresson = {n} [Bot.] cress

cresta = {n} crest (1. comb, tuft on the head of a bird; 2. decoration, plumes, etc., on a helmet; 3. ridge of a wave or a mountain); levar le cresta to hold one's head high; cresta de gallo [Bot.] cockscomb

creta = {n} chalk (1. soft limestone; 2. piece of chalk or chalklike material for writing or drawing) {Hence:} cretacee; cretose

Creta = {npr} Crete {Hence:} cretese

cretacee = {adj} cretaceous

cretese = {adj/n} Cretan

cretonne [F] = {n} cretonne

cretose = {adj} chalky (= of chalk)

cribrar = {v} to sift

cribri-forme = {adj} cribriform

cribro = {n} sieve, strainer, etc. {Hence:} cribrose; cribrar; cribriforme etc.

cribrose = {adj} sievelike, cribriform

cricket [A] = {n} [Sports] cricket

Crimea (-éa) = {npr} Crimea

criminal = {adj} criminal (1. relating to crime; 2. guilty of crime) criminal {n} criminal

criminalista = {n} criminal jurist; criminologist

criminalitate = {n} criminality (= quality of being criminal)

criminar = {v} to criminate

crimination = {n} crimination

crimine = {n} crime; crimine passional crime passionnel {Hence:} criminal-criminalista, criminalitate; criminar-crimination; incriminar-incrimination; recriminar &; criminologo etc.

criminologia (-ía) = {n} criminology

criminologic = {adj} criminological

criminologista = {n} criminologist

crimino-logo (-nó) = {n} criminologist {Hence:} criminologia-criminologista; criminologic

crin = {n} horsehair; crin vegetal vegetable horsehair {Hence:} crinera; crinolina etc.

-crin- [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} endocrin etc. ...

crinera = {n} mane

crino-lina = {n} crinoline (1. stiff cloth made of horsehair and linen thread; 2. hoop skirt)

crise = {n} crisis

crispar = {v} 1. to crisp, curl, frizzle, crimp, crape, etc.; 2. to contract, shrivel

crispation = {n} contraction, shriveling, crispation

crispe = {adj} curly, crisped, crisp {Hence:} crispar-crispation

crista = {n} crest (1. comb, tuft on the head of a bird; 2. decoration, plumes, etc., on a helmet; 3. ridge of a wave or a mountain); levar le crista to hold one's head high; crista de gallo [Bot.] cockscomb {Hence:} cristate

cristate = {adj} crested, tufted

critar = {v} to cry, cry out; {also:} to scream, shriek; critar al lupo to cry wolf {Hence:} crito

criterio = {n} criterion

critic = {adj} critical (1. pertaining to criticism; 2. pertaining to a crisis) {Hence:} criticismo; criticar; hypercritic-hypercritico, hypercritica; critico; critica

critica = {n} [Lit., Art, etc.] criticism; {also:} critique

criticar = {v} to criticize

criticismo = {n} [Philos.] criticism

critico = {n} critic

crito = {n} cry (= loud sound produced by man or beast); also: scream, shriek; crito de guerra war cry

croate = {adj} Croatian

Croatia = {npr} Croatia

croato = {n} 1. Croat, Croatian; 2. Croatian (language) {Hence:} Croatia; croate-serbocroate etc.

croc = {n} hook, crook

crochet [F] = {n} [Needlework] crochet {Hence:} crochetar

crochetar (-sh-) = {v} to crochet

crocodilian = {adj} crocodilian

crocodiliano = {n} [Zool.] crocodilian

crocodilo = {n} [Zool.] crocodile {Hence:} crocodilian-crocodiliano

crocus (cró-) = {n} [Bot.] crocus

cromlech = {n} cromlech

croquet [A] = {n} [Sports] croquet {Hence:} croquetar

croquetar = {v} to croquet

croquette [F] = {n} [Cookery] croquette

crotalo (cró-) = {n} [Zool.] Crotalus; {also:} rattlesnake {Hence:} crotaloide

crotaloide = {adj} crotaloid, crotaline

croup [A] = {n} [Pathol.] croup

cruce = {n} cross (= sign, symbol, thing, etc. in the shape of a cross); Cruce Rubie Red Cross; portar su cruce to bear one's cross; facer le signo del cruce to make the sign of the cross; in cruce crosswise {Hence:} cruciera; crucial; crucifere-crucifero; cruciar &; cruciforme etc.; crucifiger etc.

crucia = {n} crutch

cruciada = {n} crusade

crucial = {adj} crucial (= having the form of a cross); incision crucial [Med.] crucial incision

cruciamento = {n} I. crossing (1. placing crosswise; passing across; 2. intersection); II. [Biol.] cross; III. torture, torment

cruciar = {v} I. to cross (1. to place crosswise; 2. to intersect, pass across; 3. to cause to interbreed); II. to torture, torment; III. to cruise (= to sail to and fro over some part of the sea on the lookout for enemy ships or for the protection of commerce) {Hence:} cruciada; cruciamento; cruciation; cruciator; cruciata; intercruciar

cruciata (de vias) = {n} crossroads

cruciation = {n} torture, torment, cruciation

cruciator = {n} 1. one or that which crosses, crosser; 2. cruiser; {also:} [Navy]; 3. torturer

crucibulo (-cí-) = {n} crucible, melting pot

cruciera = {n} [Navy] cruise

crucifere = {adj} cruciferous

crucifero (-cí-) = {n} crucifer (1. [Eccl.]; 2. [Bot.])

cruci-figer [-fig-/-fix-] = {v} to crucify {Hence:} crucifixion; crucifixor; crucifixo

crucifix- see crucifiger

crucifixion = {n} crucifixion

crucifixo = {n} crucifix

crucifixor = {n} crucifier

cruci-forme = {adj} cruciform, cross-shaped

crude = {adj} I. raw (1. uncooked; 2. crude); II. unripe, green {Hence:} cruditate; recrudescer &

cruditate = {n} crudity, crudeness

cruel = {adj} cruel {Hence:} cruelitate

cruelitate = {n} cruelty

cruppa = {n} croup (= hindquarters of a horse, etc.) {Hence:} cruppada; cruppera

cruppada = {n} [Man.] croupade

cruppera = {n} crupper (= leather loop passing under a horse's tail)

crusta = {n} crust {Hence:} crustacee &; crustose; incrustar &

crustacee = {adj} crustacean, crustaceous {Hence:} crustaceo

crustaceo = {n} crustacean; crustaceos Crustacea

crustose = {adj} crusty, crustose

crypt- = {adj} [occurring in compounds and derivatives] crypto- (= hidden, secret) {Hence:} cryptogramma etc.; cryptographo etc.; cryptomnesia etc.; cryptogame etc.; crypta

crypta = {n} crypt

crypto-game (-ó-) = {adj} [Bot.] cryptogamous {Hence:} cryptogamia-cryptogamic, cryptogamista; cryptogamo

cryptogamia (-ía) = {n} [Bot.] cryptogamy

cryptogamic = {adj} [Bot.] cryptogamic

cryptogamista = {n} [Bot.] cryptogamist

cryptogamo (-ó-) = {n} [Bot.] cryptogam

crypto-gramma = {n} cryptogram

cryptographia (-ía) = {n} cryptography

cryptographic = {adj} cryptographic

crypto-grapho (-ó-) = {n} 1. cryptograph, cryptogram; 2. cryptographer {Hence:} cryptographia; cryptographic

crypto-mnesia (-ía) = {n} cryptomnesia

crystalleria (-ía) = {n} 1. glass works; 2. glassware store

crystallero = {n} glassmaker

crystallin = {adj} crystalline

crystallino = {n} [Anat.] lens; crystalline lens

crystalizabile = {adj} crystallizable

crystallizar = {v} to crystallize

crystallization = {n} crystallization

crystallite = {n} [Mineral.] crystallite

crystallo = {n} crystal (1. clear, transparent variety of quartz; 2. crystal-glass; 3. form resulting from crystallization) {Hence:} crystallite; crystallero; crystalleria; crystallin-crystallino; crystalloide; crystallizar-crystallizabile, crystallization

crystallographia (-ía) = {n} crystallography

crystallographic = {adj} crystallographical

crystallo-grapho (-ó-) = {n} crystallographer {Hence:} crystallographia; crystallographic

crystalloide = {adj} crystalloid

cualiar = {v} to curdle

cualio = {n} rennet {Hence:} cualiar

Cuba = {npr} Cuba {Hence:} cuban-cubano

cuban = {adj} Cuban

cubano = {n} Cuban

cubar (1) = {v} to cube (1. to make a cube or cubes of; 2. to measure the cubic content of; 3. [Alg.])

cubar (2) = {v} to lie (= to be lying somewhere) {Hence:} cubiculo; concubino &; incubar &; succubar &

cubatura = {n} cubature

cubic = {adj} cubic (1. having the form of a cube; 2. [Alg.]); radice cubic cube root; metro cubic cubic meter

cubiculo = {n} small bedroom, cubicle

cubismo = {n} cubism

cubista = {n} cubist

cubital = {adj} [Anat.] cubital

cubito (cú-) = {n} I. elbow; II. cubit (1. [Anat.] ulna; 2. [Entom.]; 3. "the measure cubit") {Hence:} cubital; cubitodigital etc.

cubito-digital = {adj} cubitodigital

cubo = {n} cube (1. [Geom.]; 2. [Alg.]) {Hence:} cubatura; cubismo; cubista; cubic; cubar

cucu = {n} 1. [Ornith.] cuckoo; 2. cuckold

cucumbre = {n} cucumber

cucumere = {n} cucumber

cucurbita (-cúr-) = {n} cucurbit (1. [Bot.] gourd; {also:} pumpkin; 2. distilling flask) {Hence:} cucurbitacee-cucurbitaceas

cucurbitaceas = {npl} Cucurbitaceae

cucurbitacee = {adj} cucurbitaceous

cuirassamento = {n} (act of) cuirassing

cuirassar = {v} to cuirass

cuirassate 1. pp of cuirassar; 2. {adj} armored, armor-plated, panzer

cuirassato = {n} battleship

cuirasse = {n} 1. cuirass; 2. armor (of a warship, etc.) {Hence:} cuirassero; cuirassar-cuirassamento, cuirassate-cuirassato

cuirassero = {n} cuirassier

*cuje = {pron} whose

culice (cú-) = {n} 1. gnat; mosquito; 2. [Entom.] Culex {Hence:} culiciforme etc.

culici-forme = {adj} gnatlike, gnat-shaped, mosquito-like, etc.

culina = {n} kitchen {Hence:} culinari

culinari = {adj} culinary

culminar = {v} to culminate; puncto culminante culminating point

culmination = {n} culmination; {also:} [Astron.]

culmine = {n} climax (= culminating point) {Hence:} culminar-culmination

culo = {n} posterior, buttock; culo de bottilia bottom or punt of bottle {Hence:} accular; recular &

culpa = {n} guilt {Hence:} culpar-culpabile-culpabilitate; disculpar; inculpar-inculpabile, inculpation

culpabile = {adj} guilty

culpabilitate = {n} culpability, guilt

culpar = {v} to blame, censure

cult- see coler; cultro

culte = {adj} 1. cultivated, tilled; 2. cultured erudite; 3. ornate, elegant

cultellasso = {n} cutlass (= short, curving sword)

cultelleria (-ía) = {n} cutlery (= business of a cutler)

cultellero = {n} cutler

cultello = {n} knife {Hence:} cultellasso; cultellero; cultelleria

cultismo = {n} cultism, Gongorism

cultivabile = {adj} cultivable

cultivar = {v} to cultivate (1. to till; 2. to raise or foster the growth of); cultivar le amicitate de un persona to cultivate somebody's friendship; cultivar un persona to cultivate a person {Hence:} cultivabile; cultivation; cultivator

cultivation = {n} cultivation (= tilling of land)

cultivator = {n} cultivator (= tiller of the soil)

culto = {n} 1. worship; 2. cult

cultor = {n} cultivator

cultro = {n} 1. plow colter; 2. knife (= butcher knife, hunting knife, etc.) {Hence:} cultello &

cultura = {n} culture (1. cultivation, act of cultivating; 2. [Bacteriol.]; 3. state or level of culture) {Hence:} cultural; agricultura etc.; motocultura etc.

cultural = {adj} cultural

[cum] = {prep} with (1. together with; 2. by means of; 3. having, carrying, characterized by) (= con)

-cumber = {v} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} incumber-incumbente-incumbentia; succumber

cum grano salis [L] cum grano salis, with a grain of salt

cumino = {n} 1. cumin; 2. caraway; liquor de cumino kümmel

curnular = {v} 1. to heap or pile up, cumulate; 2. to fill (up, to overflowing, etc.); cumular (un persona) de (honores, etc.) to heap (honors, etc.) on (someone)

cumulation = {n} heaping up, cumulation

cumulative = {adj} cumulative

cumulo (cú-) = {n} 1. heap, pile; 2. [Meteorol.] cumulus {Hence:} cumular-cumulation, cumulative; accumular &

cuna = {n} cradle (= rocking or swinging bed); canto de cuna cradlesong {Hence:} cunar; incunar-incunabulo

cunar = {v} to rock (in a cradle)

cuneage (-aje) = {n} 1. (act of) wedging in; 2. coinage (= coining, minting)

cuneal = {adj} cuneal

cunear = {v} 1. to wedge in, drive in; 2. to coin, mint

cuneate 1. pp of cunear; 2. {adj} cuneate

cuneator = {n} 1. one who inserts wedges, wedger; 2. coiner

cunei-forme = {adj} cuneiform

cuneo = {n} 1. wedge (= wedge-shaped object or tool); 2. (stamping) die {Hence:} cuneal; cunear-cuneage, cuneator, cuneate; cuneiforme etc.

-cunque [occurring in compounds] -ever {Hence:} quicunque etc.; comocunque etc.

cup- = {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] {Hence:} cupide &; concupiscer &

cupa = {n} vat (= large vessel, tub) {Hence:} cupula &; cupero; semicupio etc.

cupero = {n} cooper

cupide = {adj} covetous {Hence:} cupiditate

cupiditate = {n} cupidity, covetousness

Cupido (-ído) = {n} Cupid; cupido cupid

cupola (cú-) = {n} cupola, dome

cuppa = {n} cup, goblet; cuppa (Davis, Gordon Bennett, etc.) (Davis, Gordon Bennett, etc.) cup {Hence:} cuppella &; subcuppa

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