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abduction = {n} [Physiol.] abduction

abductor = {n} [Physiol.] abductor

Abel = {nprm} Abel

aberrante = {adj} aberrant (= deviating from the normal type)

aberrar = {v} to deviate, aberrate {Hence:} aberrante; aberration

aberration = {n} aberration

abhorrer = {v} to abhor {Hence:} abhorrimento; abhorribile

abhorribile = {adj} abominable, hateful

abhorrimento = {n} abhorrence

abiberar = {v} to water (1. to supply with drink; 2. to irrigate)

abiberatorio = {n} watering-place, water-hole

abiete = {n} fir (1. fir-tree; 2. fir wood); `abiete de Canada' hemlock (spruce)

-abile = {suffixo adjective} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -able (= that can be ...ed; that is worthy to be ...ed) {Hence:} observabile etc.; admirabile etc.

abiogenese (-génese) = {n} abiogenesis, spontaneous generation

abiogenesis (-génesis) = {n} abiogenesis, spontaneous generation

abiogenetic = {adj} abiogenetic

abject- = {see} `abjic-'

abjecte = {adj} abject, mean

abjection = {n} abjection, abjectness

abjic- [-jic-/-ject-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} abjection; abjecte

abjurar = {v} to abjure (1. to forswear; 2. to recant, repudiate) {Hence:} abjuration

abjuration = {n} abjuration

ablandar = {v} to soften; {also:} to mollify, mitigate, assuage, etc.

ablativo = {n} ablative; `ablativo absolute' ablative absolute

abluer [-lu-/-lut-] = {v} to wash, cleanse {Hence:} ablution

ablut- = {see} `abluer'

ablution = {n} ablution, washing

abnegar = {v} to deny oneself, abnegate {Hence:} abnegation

abnegation = {n} abnegation, self-denial

abolimento = {n} abolishment, abolition

abolir = {v} to abolish {Hence:} abolimento; abolition-abolitionismo, abolitionista

abolition = {n} abolition, abolishment

abolitionismo = {n} abolitionism

abolitionista = {n} abolitionist

abominabile = {adj} abominable

abominar = {v} to abominate {Hence:} abominabile; abomination

abomination = {n} abomination (1. loathing; 2. loathsome object)

abonamento = {n} subscription (to a periodical, etc.)

abonar (1) = {v} to enter the subscription (to a periodical, etc.) of (a person); `abonar se' to subscribe (to a periodical, etc.) {Hence:} abonamento

abonar (2) = {v} to improve (= to make better)

abor- [-bor-/-bort-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} abortive; aborto-abortar-abortamento

aborigines (-ígines) = {npl} aborigines

abort- = {see} `abor-'

abortamento = {n} miscarriage, abortion

abortar = {v} I. to miscarry (1. to have a miscarriage; 2. to come to nought); II. [Biol.] to abort (= to remain undeveloped or shrink away)

abortive = {adj} abortive

aborto = {n} abortion

ab ovo [L] = ab ovo, from the beginning

abrader [-rad-/-ras-] = {v} to abrade {Hence:} abrasion; abrasive

abras- = {see} `abrader'

abrasion = {n} abrasion

abrasive = {adj} abrasive

abrogabile = {adj} abrogable

abrogar = {v} to abrogate {Hence:} abrogabile; abrogation; abrogative; abrogator; abrogatori

abrogation = {n} repeal, abrogation

abrogative = {adj} abrogative

abrogator = {n} abrogator

abrogatori = {adj} rescinding, abrogating

abrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] = {v} to break off, rend {Hence:} abrupte

abrupt- = {see} `abrumper'

abrupte = {adj} abrupt (= very steep)

Abruzzi [I] = {nprpl} Abruzzi

Absalom = {nprm} Absalom

absceder [-ced-/-cess-] = {v} to form (turn into) an abscess {Hence:} abscesso

abscess- = {see} `absceder'

abscesso = {n} abscess

abscinder [-scind-/-sciss-] = {v} to cut off, abscind {Hence:} abscissa

absciss- = {see} `abscinder'

abscissa = {n} [Math.] abscissa

absentar = {v} -; `absentar se' to absent oneself

absente = {adj} absent {Hence:} absentia; absentismo; absentista; absentar

absentia = {n} absence; `brillar per su absentia' to be conspicuous by one's absence

absentismo = {n} absenteeism

absentista = {n} absentee (owner)

absinthic = {adj} absinthial, absinthic

absinthina = {n} [Chem.] absinthin

absinthio = {n} absinthe (1. [Bot.] Absinthium; 2. "alcoholic liquor absinthe") {Hence:} absinthismo; absinthic; absinthina

absinthismo = {n} [Med.] absinthism

absolut- = {see} `absolver'

absolute = {adj} absolute; `temperatura absolute' absolute temperature; `ablativo absolute' ablative absolute

absolution = {n} absolution, remission; {also:} acquittal

absolutismo = {n} absolutism

absolutista = {n} absolutist

absolutor = {n} absolver

absolutori = {adj} absolutory, absolving

absolver [-solv-/-solut-] = {v} to absolve, acquit {Hence:} absolution; absolutor; absolutori; absolute-absolutismo, absolutista

absorbente = {adj} absorbent

absorbente = {n} absorbent (= absorbing substance)

absorbentia = {n} absorbency

absorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-] = {v} to absorb; `absorbite in' absorbed in {Hence:} absorbente-absorbentia; absorbibile; absorbtion; reabsorber-reabsorption

absorbibile = {adj} absorbable

absorpt- = {see} `absorber'

absorption = {n} absorption

abstent- = {see} `abstiner'

abstention = {n} abstention

abstentionista = {n} abstentionist

abstinente = {adj} abstemious

abstinentia = {n} abstinence

abstiner [-tin-/-tent-] = {v} -; `abstiner se de' to abstain from {Hence:} abstinente-abstinentia; abstention-abstentionista

abstract- = {see} `abstraher'

abstracte = {adj} abstract

abstraction = {n} abstraction (1. [Logic]; 2. state of being lost in thought); `facer abstraction de' to disregard, leave out of consideration

abstraher [-trah-/-tract-] = {v} [Logic] to abstract {Hence:} abstraction; abstracte

abstruder [-trud-/-trus-] = {v} 1. to thrust away; 2. to conceal {Hence:} abstruse

abstrus- = {see} `abstruder'

abstruse = {adj} abstruse

absurde = {adj} absurd {Hence:} absurditate

absurditate = {n} absurdity

abuccamento = {n} 1. (action of) seizing, snatching up (with the mouth); 2. (action of) interconnecting (two openings); 3. interview, conference

abuccar = {v} 1. to seize, snatch up (with the mouth); 2. to interconnect (two openings); `abuccar se' to come or get together (for an interview, a conference, etc.) {Hence:} abuccamento

abundante = {adj} abundant

abundantia = {n} abundance; `corno del abundantia' cornucopia, horn of abundance or plenty

abundar = {v} to abound, be plentiful; `abundar in' to abound in or with {Hence:} abundante-abundantia; superabundar-superabundante-superabundantia

abus- = {see} `abut-'

abusar = {v} -; `abusar de' to abuse, make bad use of

abusator = {n} abuser, misuser

abusive = {adj} abusive (= of improper or wrong use)

abuso = {n} abuse (= improper or wrong use)

abut- [-ut-/-us-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} abusive; abuso-abusar-abusator, disabusar

abysmal = {adj} abysmal

abysmo = {n} abysm {Hence:} abysmal

abyssal = {adj} abyssal

abyssin = {adj} Abyssinian {Hence:} Abyssinia; abyssino

Abyssinia = {npr} Abyssinia

abyssino = {n} Abyssinian

abysso = {n} abyss {Hence:} abyssal

acacia = {n} [Bot.] acacia

academia = {n} academy {Hence:} academic, academico

academic = {adj} academic, academical

academico = {n} academician

Academo = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Academus {Hence:} academia &

acaju [-jú] = {n} 1. cashew; 2. mahogany; `nuce de acaju' cashew nut

acantha = {n} [Bot.] prickle, thorn {Hence:} acanthophore etc.; tragacantha etc.; notacanthe etc.

acanthaceas = {n} [Bot.] Acanthaceae

acanthacee = {adj} [Bot.] acanthaceous

acantho = {n} acanthus (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Arch.]) {Hence:} acanthacee-acanthaceas

acantho-phore [-ó-phore] = {adj} spine-bearing, acanthophorous

acceder [-ced-/-cess-] = {v} 1. to approach; 2. to accede (= to assent) {Hence:} accessibile-accessibilitate, inaccessibile-inaccessibilitate; accession; accessori-accessorio; accesso

accelerando [I] = {n} [Mus.] accelerando

accelerar = {v} to accelerate {Hence:} acceleration; accelerator

acceleration = {n} acceleration

accelerator = {n} accelerator (1. anything which increases speed of motion; 2. contrivance for producing greater speed in a machine)

accendalia = {n} kindling (= wood, shavings etc. used to kindle a fire)

accender [-cend-/-cens-] = {v} to light, kindle {Hence:} accendalia; accendimento; accendibile; accensibile-accensibilitate; accenditor

accendibile = {adj} inflammable, combustible

accendimento = {n} lighting, kindling

accenditor = {n} lighter (= device for lighting cigarettes, gas, candles, etc.)

accens- = {see} `accender'

accensibile = {adj} inflammable, combustible, accensible

accensibilitate = {n} inflammability, combustibility, accensibility

accento = {n} 1. accent, stress; 2. accent mark {Hence:} accentuar-accentuation

accentu- = {see} `accento'

accentuar = {v} to accentuate, accent

accentuation = {n} accentuation

accept- = {see} `accip-'

acceptabile = {adj} acceptable

acceptabilitate = {n} acceptability

acceptar = {v} to accept

acceptation = {n} acceptance

acception = {n} acceptation (= standard meaning)

access- = {see} `acceder'

accessibile = {adj} accessible

accessibilitate = {n} accessibility

accession = {n} 1. accession ("accession to a dignity, a throne, etc."); 2. adherence ("adherence to a treaty, a party, etc.")

accesso = {n} access (1. "access to a place"; 2. fit)

accessori = {adj} accessory (= adjunct)

accessorio = {n} accessory

accidental = {adj} accidental (1. nonessential; 2. happening by chance)

accidente = {n} I. accident (1. nonessential quality; 2. contingency; 3. mishap); II. [Gram.] accidence

accider = {v} to happen, befall {Hence:} accidente-accidental

accip- [-cip-/-cept-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} acception; acceptar-acceptabile-acceptabilitate, inacceptabile; acceptation

accisia = {n} excise

acclamar = {v} to acclaim (= to applaud) {Hence:} acclamation; acclamator

acclamation = {n} acclaim, acclamation; `per acclamation' by acclamation

acclamator = {n} acclaimer

acclimatar = {v} to acclimatize, acclimate

acclimatation = {n} acclimatization, acclimation

accollada = {n} accolade (= ceremonious salutation and embrace)

accollar = {v} to embrace, salute with an accolade {Hence:} accollada

accommodabile = {adj} 1. adaptable; 2. adjustable (as in "adjustable quarrel")

accommodamento = {n} settlement (of disputes, etc.)

accommodar = {v} to accommodate (1. to adapt; 2. to settle (disputes, etc.)) {Hence:} accommodamento; accommodabile; accommodator; accommodation

accommodation = {n} adaptation, accommodation

accommodator = {n} accommodator

accompaniamento = {n} I. (action of) accompanying; II. retinue, attendance; III. accompaniment (1. concomitant; 2. [Mus.])

accompaniar = {v} to accompany {Hence:} accompaniamento; accompanitor

accompaniator = {n} [Mus.] accompanist

accopulamento = {n} coupling (1. act of coupling; 2. [Techn.]); {specif.:} [R.R.]

accopular = {v} 1. to couple (= to unite, bring together in pairs); 2. to mate (= to bring together for breeding)

accordabile = {adj} 1. reconcilable; 2. tunable; 3. grantable

accordante' I. ppr of accordar; II. {adj} accordant (1. conformable; 2. [Mus.] harmonious)

accordar = {v} 1. to harmonize (= to cause to agree); 2. to tune; 3. to grant, accord {Hence:} accordo; accordante; accordabile; accordator; accordatura; disaccordar-disaccordo

accordator = {n} tuner (of pianos, etc.); `clave accordator' tuning key

accordatura = {n} 1. tuning; 2. pitch (as in "concert pitch")

accordion = {n} accordion {Hence:} accordionista

accordionista = {n} accordionist

accordo = {n} 1. accord, agreement; 2. [Mus.] chord; `de accordo' in accord; `esser de accordo' to be in accord, agree; `poner se de accordo' to come to an agreement; `de commun accordo' by common consent

accostabile = {adj} approachable, accostable

accostamento = {n} approach (as in "new lines of approach")

accostar = {v} to accost {Hence:} acostamento; accostabile

accostumar = {v} to accustom {Hence:} accostumate-inaccostumate; disaccostumar

accostumate = 1 {pp} of `accostumar'; 2. {adj} accustomed, usual

accreditar = {v} to accredit (= to send with credentials)

accrescer = {v} to increase (= to cause to increase) {Hence:} accrescimento

accrescimento = {n} increase (= growth in size, amount, or degree)

accular = {v} to back up (a horse, cart, etc. against a wall, etc.)

accumulamento = {n} heaping or piling up, accumulation

accumular = {v} to accumulate, heap up {Hence:} accumulamento; accumulation; accumulator

accumulation = {n} accumulation

accumulator = {n} accumulator (1. one who accumulates; 2. storage battery)

accurrer = {v} to come running, rush up

accurtamento = {n} shortening (= act of making shorter)

accurtar = {v} to shorten, make shorter {Hence:} accurtamento

accusabile = {adj} blameworthy, liable to be accused; accusable

accusabilitate = {n} blameworthiness

accusamento = {n} accusing, accusation

accusar = {v} to accuse; `accusar reception de' to acknowledge receipt of {Hence:} accusamento; accusabile-accusabilitate; accusation; accusativo; accusator; accusatori; accusato-coaccusato

accusation = {n} accusation

accusativo = {n} [Gram.] accusative

accusato = {n} accused, defendant

accusator = {n} accuser

accusatori = {adj} accusing, accusatory; {also:} accusatorial

acerbar = {v} to acerbate

acerbe = {adj} acerb; {also:} sour, bitter, harsh {Hence:} acerbitate; acerbar-exacerbar &

acerbitate = {n} acerbity

acere = {n} maple, maple tree

acetabulo = {n} [Rom. Antiq.] acetabulum; {also:} [Anat.]

acet-amido (-ámido) = {n} [Chem.] acetamide

acetato = {n} [Chem.] acetate

acetic = {adj} acetic

acetificar = {v} to acetify

acetification = {n} acetification

aceto = {n} vinegar {Hence:} acetato; acetabulo; acetona; acetic; acetose; acetificar-acetification; acetamido etc.

acetona = {n} [Chem.] acetone

acetose = {adj} acetous, acetose

acetylen = {n} [Chem.] acetylene

Acheronte = {npr} Acheron

achillea (-éa) = {n} [Bot.] Achillea

Achilles (-ílles) = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Achilles; `calce de Achilles' Achilles' heel; `tendon de Achilles' Achilles' tendon {Hence:} achillea

achromate = {adj} achromatous, colorless

achromatic = {adj} [Opt.] achromatic

achromatizar = {v} [Opt.] to achromatize

achromatization = {n} [Opt.] achromatization

achromatismo = {n} [Opt.] achromatism

achromat-opsia (-ía) = {n} achromatopsy (= complete color blindness)

acicula = {n} [Bot., etc.] acicula (= needle, prickle etc.) {Hence:} acicular

acicular = {adj} acicular

acide (ácide) = {adj} acid {Hence:} aciditate; acidule-acidular; acidificar-acidificabile, acidification; acido-amino-acido etc.; bydracido etc.; acidimetro etc.

acidificabile = {adj} acidifiable

acidficar = {v} to acidify (= to make acid, convert into an acid)

acidification = {n} acidification

acidi-metro (-ímetro) = {n} acidimeter

aciditate = {n} acidity

acido (ácido) = {n} acid; `acido carbonic' 1. carbonic acid; 2. carbon dioxide, carbonic acid gas; `acido chlorhydric' hydrochloric acid

acidular = {v} to acidulate, flavor with an acid

acidule = {adj} acidulous

acierage (-aje) = {n} steel plating, acierage

acierar = {v} to steel (1. to overlay, point, plate, etc., with steel; 2. to convert into or cause to resemble steel)

acieration = {n} acieration (= conversion into stee])

acieria (-ía) = {n} steelworks, steel mill

aciero = {n} steel {Hence:} acieria; acierar-acierage, aciration

aco = {n} needle {Hence:} acicula &; acupunctura etc.

aco- = {n} [occurring in compounds] aco-, -ac- (= remedy) {Hence:} acologia etc.; vanac- etc.

aco-logia (-ía) = {n} [Med.] acology {Hence:} acologic

acologic = {adj} [Med.] acologic

acordonar = {v} to lace (= to fasten or tighten with a lace)

acquest- = {see} `acquirer'

acquesto = {n} acquisition (= thing acquired)

acquiescente = 1 {ppr} of `acquiescer'; 2. {adj} acquiescent

acquiescentia = {n} acquiescence

acquiescer = {v} to acquiesce {Hence:} acquiescente-acquiescentia

acquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] = {v} to acquire {Hence:} acquiribile; acquesto; acquisition; acquisitor; acquiritor

acquiribile = {adj} acquirable

acquiritor = {n} acquirer

acquisit- = {see} `acquirer'

acquisition = {n} acquisition (1. act of acquiring; 2. thing acquired)

acquisitor = {n} acquirer

acr- = {adj} [occurring in compounds] acro- (= terminal, topmost) {Hence:} acropole etc.; acrostichio etc. ...

acre (1) [A] = {n} acre

acre (2) = {adj} acrid {Hence:} acritate; acrimonia &

acrimonia = {n} acrimony {Hence:} acrimoniose

acrimoniose = {adj} acrimonious

acritate = {n} acridness

acrobata (-óbata) = {n} acrobat {Hence:} acrobatia; acrobatismo; acrobatic

acrobatia (-ía) = {n} acrobatics

acrobatic = {adj} acrobatic

acrobatismo = {n} acrobatism

acro-pole = {n} acropolis

acro-stichio = {n} [Pros.] acrostic

act- = {see} `ager'

action = {n} I. action (1. act, acting; 2. lawsuit); II. [Fin.] share; `homine de action' man of action; `action civil' civil action

actionabile = {adj} actionable

actionar = {v} 1. to actuate (= to set in action or motion); 2. [Law] to sue

actionero = {n} shareholder, stockholder

actionista = {n} shareholder, stockholder

activar = {v} to activate; {also:} to stir up, rouse

activation = {n} activation

active = {adj} active; `le voce active' the active voice

activitate = {n} activity

activo = {n} [Com.] assets

acto = {n} I. act (1. action, deed; 2. "act of a play"); II. [Law] instrument, deed, record, etc.

actor = {n} actor

actrice = {n} actress

actual = {adj} 1. actual, real; 2. current, present

actualizar = {v} to actualize

actualization = {n} actualization

actualitate = {n} 1. actuality (= actual existence); 2. character of what is current or present, thing or event that is current or present; `actualitates' current events, news (as in "news report, newsreel, news film, etc.")

actualmente = {adv} 1. at present, (just) now; 2. actually

actuar = {v} to actuate (= to put into action)

actuarial = {adj} actuarial

actuariato = {n} actuary's office (or profession)

actuario = {n} actuary

actuation = {n} actuation

aculeate = {adj} [Zool., Bot.] aculeate

aculei-forme = {adj} aculeiform

aculeo = {n} 1. [Zool.] sting; 2. [Bot.] thorn {Hence:} aculeate; aculeiforme etc.

acuminar = {v} to sharpen, acuminate

acuminate = 1 {pp} of `acuminar'; 2. {adj} pointed, acuminate

acumine = {n} 1. [Bot.] a tapering point; 2. acumen {Hence:} acuminar-acuminate

acu-punctura = {n} acupuncture {Hence:} acupuncturar

acupuncturar = {v} to acupuncture

acustic = {adj} acoustic; `tubo acustic' speaking tube; `corno acustic' ear trumpet {Hence:} acustica

acustica = {n} acoustics

acut-angule = {adj} [Geom.] acute-angled, acutangular

acute = {adj} acute (1. sharp-pointed; 2. shrewd, penetrating, keen; 3. acting keenly on the senses); `angulo acute' [Geom.] acute angle; `morbo acute' acute disease; `nota acute' high-pitched sound; `voce acute' shrill voice; `dolor acute' acute or sharp pain; `accento acute' [Gram.] acute accent, ´ {Hence:} acutessa; acutiar-acutiamento, acutiator; acutangule etc.

acutessa = {n} sharpness, acuteness

acutiamento = {n} sharpening

acutiar = {v} to sharpen (= to make sharp)

acutiator = {n} sharpener (= one who sharpens)

[ad] = {prep} 1. to; 2. at (= `a')

ad- = {prefixo verbal} [subject to assimilation before single consonant; used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] ad- (= to, toward, into [expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.]) {Hence:} accurrer etc.; approximar, etc.; adjudicar, etc.

-ada = {suffixo substantive} [used with nouns and verbs] -ade I. [used with nouns] (1. product made from ...; 2. series of ...); II. [used with verbs] (= action of {Hence:} limonada etc.; columnada etc.; cavalcada etc.

adagio = {n} adage

adagio [I] = {n} [Mus.] adagio

adagio [I] = {adv} [Mus.] adagio

Adam = {npr} Adam; `pomo de Adam' Adam's apple {Hence:} adamitas; adamic

adamic = {adj} Adamic

adamitas = {npl} [Eccl. Hist.] Adamites

adaptabile = {adj} adaptable

adaptabilitate = {n} adaptability

adaptar = {v} to adapt; `adaptar a' to adapt to {Hence:} adaptabile-adaptabilitate, inadaptabile; adaptation

adaptation = {n} adaptation; `facultate de adaptation' adaptability, ability to adapt oneself

addendum (pl addenda) [NL] = {n} addendum

adder = {v} to add ("to add one thing to another") {Hence:} addition-additional, additionar; additive

addition = {n} addition (1. action of adding; 2. thing added)

additional = {adj} additional

additionar = {v} [Math.] to add up

additive = {adj} additive

addormir = {v} to put to sleep; `addormir se' to fall asleep

addormite = 1 {pp} of `addormir'; 2. {adj} asleep

adducer [-duc-/-duct-] = {v} to adduce {Hence:} adduction; adductor

adduct- = {see} `adducer'

adduction = {n} adduction (1. act of adducing; 2. [Physiol.])

adductor = {n} 1. adducer; 2. [Physiol.] adductor

adelpho- = {n} [occurring in compounds] adelpho-, adelph- (1. brother; 2. twin) {Hence:} monadelphe etc.; Philadelphia etc.

aden [Gr.] = {n} [Physiol.] gland {Hence:} adenitis; adenoma; adenoide; adenose; adenographia etc.

adenitis (-ítis) = {n} [Pathol.] adenitis

adeno-graphia (-ía) = {n} adenography

adenoide = {adj} adenoid, adenoidal

adenoides = {npl} adenoids

adenoma = {n} [Pathol.] adenoma

adenose = {adj} glandulous, adenose

adeo (-éo) = {interj} farewell, good-by(e)

adepto = {n} adept

adequar = {v} to equalize {Hence:} adequation; adequate-inadequate

adequate = 1 {pp} of `adequar'; 2. {adj} adequate

adequation = {n} adequation

adherente = {n} adherent, follower

adherentia = {n} adherence, attachment

adherer [-her-/-hes-] = {v} to adhere (1. to stick fast; 2. as in "to adhere to an opinion, party, etc.") {Hence:} adherente-adherentia; adhesion; adhesive

adhes- = {see} `adherer'

adhesion = {n} adhesion (1. sticking; 2. assent)

adhesive = {adj} adhesive, sticking

ad hoc [L] = ad hoc (= for the sake of this particular case, well-suited for this matter)

ad hominem [L] = ad hominem; `argumento ad hominem' argumentum ad hominem

[adhuc] = {adv} to this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, still

adieu [F] = {n} farewell, adieu

adipe (ádipe) = {n} animal fat, body fat; {also:} adeps {Hence:} adiposis; adipose-adipositate; adipocera etc.

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