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superior = {n} superior; {also:} [Eccl.]; matre superior mother superior

superioritate = {n} superiority

superlative = {adj} superlative (1. supreme; 2. [Gram.]) {Hence:} superlativo

superlativo = {n} [Gram.] superlative

supermundan = {adj} supermundane, supernatural

supernatural = {adj} supernatural

supernavigar = {v} to sail above; to float or sail on (top of)

supernominar = {v} to surname; {also:} to nickname, give a nickname to

supernomine = {n} surname; {also:} nickname {Hence:} supernominar

supernumerari = {adj} supernumerary, extra

superpaga = {n} overpayment

superpagar = {v} to overpay

superpassar = {v} to surpass (1. to excel; 2. to exceed)

superponer [-pon-/-posit-] = {v} to superpose, superimpose {Hence:} superposition

superposit- see superponer

superposition = {n} superposition, superimposition

superproduction = {n} overproduction

supersaturar = {v} to supersaturate

supersaturation = {n} supersaturation

superscarpa = {n} overshoe

superseminar = {v} to sow over (ground already sown)

superstition = {n} superstition {Hence:} superstitiose

superstitiose = {adj} superstitious

superstructura = {n} superstructure

supertaxa = {n} surtax

supertoto = {n} 1. overcoat, surtout; 2. topcoat; 3. overalls

supervenientia = {n} supervenience

supervenir = {v} to happen, supervene {Hence:} supervenientia

supervivente = {n} survivor

superviventia = {n} survival (as in "survival of the fittest")

superviver = {v} to survive (= to continue to exist); superviver a to survive (= to outlive, outlast) {Hence:} supervivente-superviventia

suppa = {n} soup {Hence:} suppiera

suppiera = {n} tureen

supplantar = {v} to supplant, supersede {Hence:} supplantation; supplantator

supplantation = {n} supplantation

supplantator = {n} supplanter

supplementar = {v} to supplement

supplementari = {adj} supplementary; angulos supplementari supplemental angles

supplementation = {n} supplementation

supplemento = {n} supplement (1. addition; 2. [Math.]) {Hence:} supplementari; supplementar-supplementation

suppler = {v} 1. to supply, provide, furnish; 2. to substitute, to supply for (someone); 3. to be a substitute or replacement {Hence:} supplemento &; suppletion; suppletive; suppletor; suppletori

suppletion = {n} [Gram.] suppletion

suppletive = {adj} supplementary, suppletive

suppletor = {n} 1. supplier, provider; 2. substitute, deputy

suppletori = {adj} supplementary, suppletory

supplica (súp-) = {n} request, prayer, petition

supplicante = {n} supplicant, suppliant

supplicar = {v} to entreat, supplicate

supplication = {n} entreaty, supplication

supplicator = {n} suppliant, supplicator

supplicatori = {adj} supplicatory

supplice (súp-) = {adj} supplicant {Hence:} supplicio &; supplicar-supplica, supplicante, supplication, supplicator, supplicatori

suppliciar = {v} 1. to execute, put to death; 2. to torture

suppliciato = {n} 1. executed person; 2. person under torture

supplicio = {n} punishment; torture; execution {Hence:} suppliciar-suppliciato

supponer [-pon-/-posit-] = {v} to suppose {Hence:} suppositicie; supposition; suppositive; suppositorio; presupponer &

supportabile = {adj} supportable, bearable

supportar = {v} to support (1. to sustain, carry; 2. to endure, suffer) {Hence:} supporto; supportabile-insupportabile

supporto = {n} support (= anything that supports or holds up)

supposit- see supponer

suppositicie = {adj} supposititious, spurious

supposition = {n} supposition

suppositive = {adj} suppositive

suppositorio = {n} [Med.] suppository

suppress- see supprimer

suppression = {n} suppression; {also:} [Med.]

suppressive = {adj} suppressive

supprimer [-prim-/-press-] = {v} to suppress (as in "to suppress newspapers, a smile, etc.") {Hence:} suppression; suppressive

suppurante 1. ppr of suppurar; 2. {adj} suppurant, suppurative

suppurante = {n} suppurative

suppurar = {v} to suppurate (= to form or secrete pus) {Hence:} suppurante; suppuration; suppurative

suppuration = {n} suppuration

suppurative = {adj} suppurative

[supra] I. {prep} above, over; II. {adv} on the top, above

suprarenal = {adj} [Anat.] suprarenal, adrenal; capsulas, glandulas, suprarenal adrenal glands

suprasensibile = {adj} [Philos.] supersensible; spec.: spiritual

suprematia (-ía) = {n} supremacy

supreme = {adj} 1. supreme; 2. last, final; le hora supreme the last hour, the hour of death; in le supreme grado in the highest degree; corte supreme Supreme Court {Hence:} suprematia

[sur] = {prep} on, upon; on top of

sur- see sub-

sura = {n} calf (of the leg) {Hence:} sural

sural = {adj} sural (= pertaining to the calf of the leg

surde = {adj} 1. deaf; 2. surd, dull, muffled {Hence:} surdina; surditate; assurdar; surdemute etc.

surde-mute = {adj} deaf and dumb, deaf-mute

surdina = {n} [Mus.] mute, sordine

surditate = {n} deafness

surgente 1. ppr of surger; 2. {adj} surgent

surger [surg-/surrect-] = {v} to rise, arise; {also:} to loom, emerge {Hence:} surgente; insurger &; resurger &

surmontabile = {adj} surmountable

surmontar = {v} to surmount (1. to rise above; 2. to be above or on top of; 3. to overcome) {Hence:} surmontabile-insurmontabile

surplicio = {n} [Eccl.] surplice

surplus [F] = {n} surplus

surprendente = {adj} surprising

surprender [-prend-/-pris-] = {v} to surprise (1. to take unawares; 2. to astonish) {Hence:} surprendente; surprisa

surpris- see surprender

surprisa = {n} surprise (1. unexpected act, event, etc.; 2. "feeling of surprise"); per surprisa by surprise

surrealismo = {n} surrealism

surrealista = {n} surrealist

surrep [-rep-/-rept-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} surreption; surrepticie

surrept- see surrep-

surrepticie = {adj} surreptitious

surreption = {n} surreptitious action or manner; surreption

surrider [-rid-/-ris-] = {v} to smile (= to be smiling) {Hence:} surriso

surris- see surrider

surriso = {n} smile

surrogar = {v} to substitute for, replace {Hence:} surrogato

surrogato = {n} substitute (as in "substitute for coffee"), surrogate

sursum corda [L] = sursum corda, lift up your hearts!

surtout [F] = {n} overcoat

surveliante = {n} supervisor, superintendent, watcher

surveliantia = {n} supervision, superintendence, watch

suveliar = {v} to supervise, superintend, watch {Hence:} surveliante-surveliantia

sus- see sub-

suscept- see suscip-

susceptibile = {adj} susceptible (= very sensitive); {also:} touchy;

susceptible de (amelioration) susceptible or capable of (improvement)

susceptibilitate = {n} susceptibility; susceptibleness; also: touchiness

susception = {n} -; [Eccl.] susception del ordines sacre susception of holy orders

susceptive = {adj} susceptive

suscip- [-cip-/-cept-]' [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} susceptibile-susceptibilitate; susception-intussusception etc.; susceptive

suscitar = {v} to raise up, bring into being; give rise to; stir up, instigate {Hence:} suscitation; resuscitar &

suscitation = {n} (action of) raising up; provocation; instigation

*suso = {adv} above, upward, up

suspect- see suspic-

suspectar = {v} to suspect

suspecte = {adj} suspicious, suspect

suspender [-pend-/-pens-] = {v} to suspend (1. to hang, hang up; 2. as in "to suspend sentence, publication, etc."; 3. to remove temporarily from office, function, etc.) {Hence:} suspension; suspensive; suspensor; suspensorio; suspense

suspens- see suspender

suspense = {adj} in suspense, in suspension

suspension = {n} suspension (= act of suspending)

suspensive = {adj} suspending, suspensive

suspensor = {n} suspender (= one who or that which susspends or allows to suspend); suspensores [Clothing] suspenders

suspensorio = {n} [Med.] suspensory

suspic- [-spic-/-spect-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} suspicion-suspiciose; suspecte; suspectar

suspicion = {n} suspicion

suspiciose = {adj} suspicious, distrustful

suspirar = {v} to sigh; to suspire {Hence:} suspiro; suspirator

suspirator = {n} sigher

suspiro = {n} 1. sigh; 2. [Mus.] quarter-rest

Susquehanna = {npr} Susquehanna

sustenente 1. ppr of sustener; 2. {adj} sustaining

sustenentia = {n} sustenance

sustene-pectore = {n} brassière

sustener [-ten-/-tent-] = {v} to sustain (1. to prop up; 2. to back, give one's support to; 3. to keep, maintain; 4. to bear, endure); sustener se 1. to hold oneself up; 2. to continue, last (= to continue to exist) {Hence:} sustenimento; sustenente-sustenentia; sustentor; sustentar-sustentamento, sustentation; sustenepectore etc.

sustenimento = {n} sustainment (1. sustaining; 2. means of support)

sustent- see sustener

sustentamento = {n} sustenance

sustentar = {v} to sustain, feed, etc.

sustentation = {n} sustentation

sustentor = {n} sustainer

susurrante = {adj} whispering, murmuring, rustling, susurrant, etc.

susurrar = {v} 1. (to make a low, continuous sound), to hum, drone buzz, etc.; 2. to whisper, mutter, mumble, grumble, etc. {Hence:} susurro; susurrante; susurration; susurrator

susurration = {n} susurration

susurrator = {n} murmurer, whisperer, hummer, etc.

susurro = {n} murmur, buzz, hum, rustle, etc.; {also:} susurrus

sut- see suer

sutura = {n} 1. suture (1. [Anat., Bot.]; 2. [Surg.]); II. sewing, stitching; {also:} needlework; III. seam (of a dress, suit, etc.)

sutural = {adj} sutural

Sveda = {npr} Sweden {Hence:} svede-svedo

svede = {adj} Swedish

svedo = {n} 1. Swede; 2. Swedish

svelte = {adj} slender, slim; {also:} svelte

sweater [A] = {n} sweater, (knitted) jumper

Switza = {npr} 1. Switzerland; 2. Schwyz {Hence:} switze-switzo

switze = {adj} Swiss; caseo switze Swiss cheese

switzo = {n} I. Swiss (1. native of Switzerland; 2. Swiss guard, Switzer; 3. Swiss language or dialect); II. [Eccl. etc.] hall porter (in full regalia)

syl- see syn-

syllaba (síl-) = {n} syllable {Hence:} syllabismo; syllabic; syllabar-syllabation; parisyllabe etc.; polysyllabe etc.; bisyllabe etc.; monosyllabe etc.

syllabar = {v} to syllabify

syllabario = {n} syllabary

syllabation = {n} syllabification

syllabic = {adj} syllabic

syllabismo = {n} syllabism

syllepsis = {n} syllepyiy

sylleptic = {adj} sylleptic

syllogizar = {v} to syllogize {Hence:} syllogismo; syllogistic

syllogismo = {n} syllogism

syllogistic = {adj} syllogistic

sylphide (síl-) = {n} sylph; sylphid

sylpho = {n} (male) sylph

-sylv- see silva

sym- see syn-

symbolic = {adj} symbolical, symbolic; {also:} [Relig.]

symbolica = {n} 1. symbolism (= system of signs or symbols); 2. symbology

symbolizar = {v} to symbolize

symbolization = {n} symbolization

symbolismo = {n} symholism (1. practice or art of using symbols; 2. system of symbols or signs)

symbolista = {n} symbolist (= one who uses symbols or practises symbolism)

symbolo (sím-) = {n} symbol (1. [Relig.]; 2. symbolic representation; 3. significant mark or character) {Hence:} symbolismo; symbolista; symbolic; symbolica; symbolizar-symbolization; symbologia etc.

symbol-ogia (-ía) = {n} symbology

symmetr- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] symmetr- (= symmetrical) {Hence:} symmetria-symmetric-asymmetric, symmetrizar, pseudosymmetria etc.; asymmetre-asymmetria

symmetria (-ía) = {n} symmetry

symmetric = {adj} symmetric, symmetrical

symmetrizar = {v} symmetrize

sympath- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives] sympath- (= sympathetic) {Hence:} sympathia-sympathic, sympathizar

sympathia (-ía) = {n} 1. sympathy (= affinity between persons or things); 2. liking, friendly feeling

sympathic = {adj} 1. sympathetic (= operating, or produced, through affinity); 2. likable, attractive; tinta sympathic invisible ink, sympathetic ink

sympathizar = {v} to harmonize, sympathize (= to be in harmony as to disposition, qualities, etc.)

symphone = {adj} symphonious, symphonous {Hence:} symphonia-symphonista, symphonic

symphonia (-ía) = {n} [Mus.] symphony (as in "the Fifth Symphony")

symphonic = {adj} symphonic; orchestra symphonic symphony orchestra

symphonista = {n} symphonist (= composer of symphonies)

symphysis (sím-) = {n} [Anat., Zool., etc.] symphysis

symptoma [-ma/-mat-] = {n} symptom {Hence:} symptomatic; symptomatologia etc.

symptomat- see symptoma

symptomatic = {adj} symptomatic

symptomato-logia (-ía) = {n} symptomatology

syn- = {prefixo} [`syl-' before `-l-'; `sym-' before `-b-', `-m-', `-p-', `-ph-'; used chiefly to form technical terms] syn-, syl-, sym- (= with, together; alike) {Hence:} synecologia etc.; synodo etc.; synchrone etc.; synonyme etc.; syllogizar etc.; symmetria etc.

synagoga = {n} synagogue

synchrone = {adj} synchronous {Hence:} synchronic; synchronizar-synchronismo, synchronization

synchronic = {adj} synchronous, synchronic

synchronizar = {v} to synchronize

synchronization = {n} synchronization

synchronismo = {n} synchronism

syncopal = {adj} syncopal

syncopar = {v} to syncopate (1. [Gram.]; 2. [Mus.])

syncopation = {n} syncopation (1. [Gram.] syncope; 2. [Mus.])

syncope (sín-) = {n} I. syncope (1. [Gram.]; 2. [Med.]); II. [Mus.] syncopation {Hence:} syncopal; syncopar-syncopation

syncrasis (-crá-) = {n} syncrasis (= intermixture, blending) {Hence:} idiosyncrasia etc.

syndical = {adj} 1. pertaining to a syndic; 2. syndicalist

syndicalismo = {n} 1. syndicalism; 2. tradeunionism

syndicalista = {n} 1. syndicalist; 2. tradeunionist; {also:} attrib

syndicar = {v} 1. to syndicate (= to organize into a syndicate); 2. to organize (a union); syndicar se 1. to combine or be combined into a syndicate; 2. to form or be formed into a trade-union

syndicato = {n} 1. [Fin.] syndicate; 2. trade-union

syndico (sín-) = {n} 1. [Admin.] syndic; 2. [Law] trustee {Hence:} syndicato; syndical-syndicalismo-anarchosyndicalismo etc.; syndicalista-anarchosyndicalista etc.; syndicar

synecologia (-ía) = {n} synecology

Synedrio = {n} Sanhedrin, Synedrion, Synedrium

synodic = {adj} synodic, synodical (1. [Eccl. synodal; 2. [Astron.])

synodista = {n} synodist (= member of a synod)

synodo (sí-) = {n} synod (1. [Eccl.]; 2. assembly, convention; 3. [Astrol.] conjunction) {Hence:} synodista; synodic

synonyme (-ónime) = {adj} synonymous {Hence:} synonymia; synonymic; synonymo

synonymia (-ía) = {n} synonymy (= quallty of being synonymous)

synonymic = {adj} synonymic, synonymical

synonymo (-ónimo) = {n} synonym

synopsis = {n} synopsis

synoptic = {adj} synoptic, synoptical; evangelios synoptic Synoptic Gospels

syntactic = {adj} syntactic, syntactical

syntaxe = {n} [Gram.] syntax

synthese (-íntese) = {n} synthesis; specif.: [Philos., Chem., etc.] {Hence:} photosynthese etc.; polysynthese etc.

synthet- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] synthet- (= put together, compounded; synthetic) {Hence:} synthetic-photosynthetic etc.; synthetizar; polysynthetic etc.

synthetic = {adj} synthetic, synthetical; cauchu synthetic synthetic rubber

synthetizar = {v} to synthesize

syphil- see Syphilis

Syphilis (sí-) = {npr} [Latin poem by Fracostoro, published in 1530 and relating the story of the shepherd Syphilus]; syphilis [Pathol.] syphilis {Hence:} syphilitic-syphilitico

syphilitic = {adj} syphilitic

syphilitico = {n} syphilitic

Syria = {npr} Syria {Hence:} syrie-syrio; syriac-syriaco; syriarcha etc.

syriac (-rí-) = {adj} Syriac (as in "Syriac language"); also: Syrian

syriaco (-rí-) = {n} Syriac (language)

syri-archa = {n} [Rom. Hist.] Syriarch

syrie = {adj} Syrian

syringa = {n} 1. syrinx, pipe of Pan; 2. syringe; 3. [Bot.] Syringa {Hence:} syringar-syringation

syringal = {adj} [Ornith.] syringeal

syringar = {v} to syringe, to treat with a syringe

syringation = {n} injection (of morphine, etc.)

syringe = {n} syrinx (1. panpipe; 2. [Archaeol.]; 3. [Ornith.]) {Hence:} syringal

syrio = {n} Syrian (= native of Syria)

systaltic = {adj} [Physiol.] systaltic

systema [-ma/-mat-] = {n} system {Hence:} systematic; systematizar

systemat- see systema

systematic = {adj} systematic

systematizar = {v} systematize

systole = {n} [Physiol.] systole {Hence:} systolic

systolic = {adj} [Physiol.] systolic

-ta see -ista

tab- see tabula

tabu (-ú) = {adj} taboo tabu (-ú) {n} taboo

tabach- see tabaco

tabacheria (-ía) = {n} tobacconist's, cigar store, etc.

tabachero = {n} tobacconist

tabachiera = {n} snuffbox

tabaco = {n} tobacco (1. tobacco plant; 2. as in "smoking tobacco") {Hence:} tabachero; tabacheria; tabachiera

tabella = {n} table, tables (as in "statistic tables")

tabernaculo = {n} tabernacle

tableau [F] = {n} tableau

table d'hôte [F] = {n} table d'hôte

tabletta = {n} tablet (= small flat piece of medicine, candy, etc.)

tabouret [F] = {n} stool (= seat without a back)

tabula (tá-) = {n} I. slab, plate, board, table; II. table (1. [Furniture]; 2. as in "table of contents"); le tabulas del lege the Tables of the Law; tabula rase tabula rasa; facer tabula rase de to make a clean sweep of; poner le tabula to lay or set the table; tabula nigre blackboard; tabula (de fenestra) (window) sill {Hence:} tabular (1); tabuliero; tabular (2)-tabulation, tabulator; intabular-intabulamento; retabulo; tabella

tabular = {adj} tabular tabular {v} to tabulate

tabulation = {n} tabulation

tabulator = {n} tabulator

tabuliero = {n} board (for chess, checkers etc.); tabuliero (de servicio) tray (for serving tea, coffee etc.)

tacer = {v} 1. to be silent, keep quiet (= to refrain from speaking); 2. to pass over in silence, keep to oneself {Hence:} tacite-taciturne &; retic- &

tachy- = {adj} [occurring in compouns] tachy- (= swift) {Hence:} tachygrapho etc.; tachymetro etc.

tachygraphia (-ía) = {n} tachygraphy

tachygraphic = {adj} tachygraphic, tachygraphical

tachy-grapho (-kí-) = {n} tachygrapher, tachygraphist {Hence:} tachygraphia; tachygraphic

tachymetria (-ía) = {n} [Surv.] tachymetry

tachy-metro (-kí-) = {n} [Surv.] tachymeter {Hence:} tachymetria

tacite (tá-) 1. pp of tacer; 2. {adj} tacit

taciturne = {adj} taciturn {Hence:} taciturnitate

taciturnitate = {n} taciturnity

tact- see tanger

tactic = {adj} tactical {Hence:} tactico; tactica

tactica = {n} tactics, tactic

tactico = {n} tactician

tactile = {adj} tactile (= pertaining to the sence of touch)

tactilitate = {n} tactility

tacto = {n} 1. (act of) touching; 2. tact (as in "social tact")

taffeta (-tá) = {n} taffeta; taffeta de Angleterra court plaster

Tago = {npr} Tagus

taikun [J] = {n} tycoon (= shogun)

tal = {adj} such a, such; un tal (persona) such a (person); tal e tal such and such (a)

talco = {n} [Mineral.] talc; talco (in pulvere) talcum (powder) {Hence:} talcose

talcose = {adj} talcose

talento = {n} talent (1. [Antiq.]; 2. as in "talent for acting") {Hence:} talentose

talentose = {adj} talented

talia = {n} 1. edge (= sharp side of a blade); 2. stature, height {Hence:} taliar-taliator, detaliar &, retaliar &

taliar = {v} 1. to cut (= to make or shape by cutting); also: [Dressmaking] to cut out; 2. [Cards] to hold the bank

taliator = {n} cutter (of gems, wood, stone, etc.)

talisman = {n} talisman {Hence:} talismanic

talismanic = {adj} talismanic

talmente = {adv} so; (un libro) talmente (belle) so (beautiful) a (book), such a (beautiful book)

talmud [Heb.] = {n} Talmud {Hence:} talmudista; talmudic

talmudic = {adj} Talmudic

talmudista = {n} Talmudist

talon = {n} 1. heel; (also of stocking, shoe etc.); 2. [Arch.] talon; 3. [Fin.] stub, counterfoil, talon, etc.

talpa = {n} [Zool.] mole

[tam] = {adv} so, as, to such a degree; tam ... quam as ... as {Hence:} tamen

*tamben = {conj} also = tanto ben = equalmente

tambur = {n} I. drum (1. [Mus.] 2. eardrum; 3. [special: Arch., Technol., etc.]); II. [Fortif.] tambour; III. drummer; tambur major drum major; (a) tambur battente with drums beating; batter le tambur to drum, beat the drum {Hence:} tamburino

tamburino = {n} tambourine

[tamen] (tá-) = {adv} yet, however, nevertheless, notwithstanding

tampon [F] = {n} [Med.] tampon {Hence:} tamponar-tamponamento

tamponamento = {n} [Med.] tamponage

tamponar = {v} [Med.] to tampon

[tan] = {adv} so, as; tan ... como as ... as, (not) so ... as (= tanto)

-tang [Chinese] = {n} [occurring in compounds] -tang (= party) {Hence:} Kuomintang etc.

tangente = {adj} [Math.] tangent {Hence:} tangentia-tangential; tangente (2)-cotangente, subtangente

tangente = {n} [Math.] tangent

tangentia = {n} [Math.] tangency

tangential = {adj} [Math.] tangential

tanger [tang-/tact-;-ting-/-tact-] {v} to touch {Hence:} tangente &; tangibile-tangibilitate, intangibile-intangibilitate; tactile-tactilitate, intactile; intacte; tacto; attinger &; continger &

tangibile = {adj} tangible (= capable of being touched)

tangibilitate = {n} tangibility (= quality of being tangible)

tank (1) [A] = {n} [Mil.] tank

tank (2) [A] = {n} tank (as in "water tank, gasoline tank, etc.")

tannage (-aje) = {n} tanning, tannage

tannar = {v} to tan (skins)

tannator = {n} tanner

tanneria (-ía) = {n} tannery

tannic = {adj} tannic

tannino = {n} tannin

tanno = {n} tan, tanbark {Hence:} tannic; tannino; tannar-tannage, tanneria; tannator

tantalic = {adj} [Chem.] tantalic

tantalite = {n} [Mineral.] tantalite

tantalium (-tá-) = {n} [Chem.] tantalum

Tantalo (tán-) = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Tantalus; tantalo [Ornith.] tantalus {Hence:} tantalium-tantalite, tantalic

tante = {adj} so much, so many; tante per cento so much per hundred, percentage; tante ... como as much, as many ... as {Hence:} tanto-intertanto; tante cosas = so many things

tanto = {adv} so, so much; tanto ... como as much ... as; in tanto que inasmuch as, in so far as; tanto plus ... que all the more ... that; quanto ... tanto the ... the

tapete = {n} rug, carpet, tapestry, etc.; esser super le tapete to be on the tapis, be under consideration; tapete de papiro wallpaper

-tapho- = {n} [occurring in compounds] taph- (= tomb) {Hence:} epitaphio; cenotaphio etc.

tapioca = {n} tapioca

tapis [F] = {n} rug, carpet, tapestry, etc.; esser super le tapis to be on the tapis, be under consideration {Hence:} tapissero; tapissar-tapisseria

tapiss- see tapis

tapissar = {v} to do tapestry work; {also:} to upholster

tapisseria (-ía) = {n} tapestry; {also:} upholstery

tapissero = {n} tapestry worker; {also:} upholsterer

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