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partibile = {adj} bipartible

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bipartibile = {adj} bipartible

bi-partir = {v} to divide into two parts {Hence:} bipartibile; bipartition; bipartite

bipartite = {adj} bipartite (= having two parts)

bipartition = {n} bipartition

bi-pede (1) (bí-) = {adj} biped

bi-pede (2) (bí-) = {n} biped

bi-penne = {n} [Hist.] (two-edged) battle-axe

bi-plano = {n} biplane

bi-polar = {adj} bipolar

bira = {n} beer; `bira clar' light beer; `bira obscur' dark beer {Hence:} birero; bireria

bi-reme (1) = {adj} bireme, two-oared

bi-reme (2) = {n} bireme

bireria (-ía) = {n} saloon, beerhouse

birero = {n} (beer) brewer

bis' 1. {adv} twice; 2. {interj} encore {Hence:} bisavo etc.; bistorta etc.

bis-ava = {n} great-grandmother

bis-avo = {n} great-grandfather

biscuit = {n} biscuit (1. cracker, cooky, etc.; 2. [Pottery] bisque) {Hence:} biscuitero; biscuiteria

biscuiteria (-ía) = {n} biscuit bakery

biscuitero = {n} biscuit baker

bi-sexual = {adj} bisexual

bismuth (bíz-) = {n} [Chem.] bismuth

bison = {n} bison (1. European aurochs; 2. American buffalo)

bisonte = {n} bison (1. European aurochs; 2. American buffalo)

bis-torta = {n} [Bot.] bistort, snakeweed

bi-syllabe (-sí-) = {adj} dissyllabic, disyllabic {Hence:} bisyllabo

bisyllabo (-sí-) = {n} dissyllable, disyllable

bituminage (-aje) = {n} bituminization (= process of covering with bitumen)

bituminar = {v} to bituminize, cover with bitumen

bitumine = {n} bitumen {Hence:} bituminose; bituminar-bituminage; bituminizar-bituminization

bituminizar = {v} to bituminize, cover with bitumen

bituminization = {n} bituminization (= process of covering with bitumen)

bituminose = {adj} bituminous; `carbon bituminose' bituminous coal, soft coal

bivac = {n} bivouac {Hence:} bivacar

bivacar = {v} to bivouac

bi-valve = {adj} [Bot., Zool.] bivalve {Hence:} bivalvo

bivalvo = {n} [Zool.] bivalve

bizarre = {adj} odd, queer, bizarre {Hence:} bizarria

bizarria (-ía) = strangeness, oddness, oddity

bi-zonal = {adj} bizonal

blanc = {adj} white; `papiro blanc' blank paper; `carta blanc' carte blanche; `verso blanc' blank verse {Hence:} blanchir-blanchimento; blanco

blanch- = {see} `blanc'

blanchimento = {n} 1. (act of) whitening, blanching; 2. [Metal.] (act of) blanching; 3. (act of) bleaching

blanchir = {v} 1. to whiten, blanch (= to make white); 2. [Metal.] to blanch; 3. to bleach

blanco = {n} I. white; II. blank (= blank space); `blanco del oculos' white of the eyes; `blanco de ovo' white of an egg; `in blanco' (in) blank

blande = {adj} 1. soft, mild, bland; 2. flattering (as in "flattering words") {Hence:} blandir &; ablandar

blandimento = {n} flattery

blandir = {v} to flatter; blandir se 1. to flatter oneself; 2. to delude oneself {Hence:} blandimento; blanditor

blanditor = {n} flatterer

blasmabile = {adj} blameworthy

blasmar = {v} to blame (= to find fault with, find blameworthy) {Hence:} blasmo; blasmabile

blasmo = {n} blame (= expression of disapproval)

blason = {n} 1. coat of arms, blazon; 2. (science or art of) heraldry

blasphemar = {v} to blaspheme; {also:} to swear (= to use abusive language)

blasphemator = {n} blasphemer

blaspheme = {adj} blasphemous {Hence:} blasphemia; blasphemar-blasphemator

blasphemia = {n} blasphemy; {also:} oath (= abusive language)

blasto- = {n} [occurring in compounds] blasto-, blast- (= bud, sprout; specif.: germ, embryo) {Hence:} blastoderma etc.; gymnoblaste etc.

blasto-derma = {n} [Embryol.] blastoderm

blatta = {n} cockroach

blau = {adj} blue

blesamento = {n} stammering; {also:} lisping

blesar = {v} to stammer; {also:} to lisp

blese = {adj} stammering, speaking indistinctly; {also:} lisping; `esser blese' to stammer, speak indistinctly; {also:} to lisp {Hence:} blesitate; blesar-blesamento

blesitate = {n} stammering; {also:} lisping

blocada = {n} [Mil.] blockade

blocar = {v} 1. to block, obstruct; 2. [Mil.] to blockade

blockhaus = {n} blockhouse (= building designed to protect an outlying strategical point)

bloco = {n} 1. block (= solid mass of wood, stone, etc.); {also:} log; 2. [Pol.] bloc; 3. pad (as in "writing pad"); `in bloco' in block; `bloco erratic' [Geol.] erratic block or boulder {Hence:} blocar-blocada, disblocar

blonda = {nf} blonde

blonde = {adj} blond {Hence:} blondessa; blonda

blondessa = {n} blondness

bluff [A] = {n} bluff (= act of bluffing) {Hence:} bluffar-bluffator

bluffar = {v} to bluff (= to deceive by false appearances)

bluffator = {n} bluffer

blusa = {n} blouse (1. "workman's blouse"; 2. "woman's blouse")

boa = {n} boa (1. [Zool.]; 2. scarf of fur or feathers); `boa constrictor' boa constrictor

bobina = {n} bobbin, spool, reel; `bobina de induction' induction coil {Hence:} bobinar-bobinage, bobinatorio

bobinage (-áje) = {n} (act of) winding, spooling, coiling, etc.

bobinar = {v} to wind, spool, coil, etc.

bobinatorio = {n} winding frame

bobsleigh [A] = {n} bobsled, bobsleigh

boheme = {adj} Bohemian (= of Bohemia) {Hence:} bohemo-Bohemia, bohemic

Bohemia = {npr} Bohemia; bohemia Bohemia (= way of life of social Bohemians)

bohemic = {adj} Bohemian (1. of Bohemia or its inhabitants; 2. of social Bohemians)

bohemo = {n} I. Bohemian (1. native or inhabitant of Bohemia; 2. as in "social Bohemian"); II. gypsy

boia = {n} [Naut.] buoy (= floating object moored to the bottom) {Hence:} boiada; boiage; boiar-boiante

boiada = {n} buoyage (= system of buoys)

boiage (-aje) = {n} buoyage (= act of providing with buoys)

boiante = {adj} buoyant, floating

boiar = {v} to buoy, keep afloat

bolchev- = {see} `bolchevico'

bolchevico (bolshevíco) = {n} bolshevik, bolshevist {Hence:} bolchevismo; bolchevista; bolchevizar-bolchevization

bolchevizar (-sh-) = {v} to bolshevize

bolchevization (-sh-) = {n} bolshevization

bolchevismo (-sh-) = {n} bolshevism

bolchevista (-sh-) = {n} bolshevist, bolshevik; {attrib.:} bolshevist, bolshevistic

boliv- = {see} `Bolivar, Simon'

Bolivar, Simon (-lí-) = {npr} [1783-1830; Venezuelan patriot, "liberator of South America"] {Hence:} Bolivia-bolivian-boliviano

Bolivia = {npr} Bolivia

bolivian = {adj} Bolivian

boliviano = {n} Bolivian

bolla = {n} ball, globe; `joco de bollas' game of bowls; `jocar al bollas' to play bowls, to bowl {Hence:} bolletta; bollar

bollar = {v} to bowl

bolletta = {n} 1. pellet; 2. meatball; 3. bullet

bomba = {n} bomb, bombshell; `bomba atomic' atomic bomb {Hence:} bombarda &; bombar-bombator

bombar = {v} to bomb, bombard, shell

bombarda = {n} I. bombard (1. [Hist.] type of cannon; 2. bombard vessel); II. [Mus.] bombardon (= brass reed stop on the organ) {Hence:} bombardero; bombardon; bombardar-bombardamento, bombardator

bombardamento = {n} bombardment

bombardar = {v} to bombard

bombardator = {n} bombarder

bombardero = {n} [Hist.] bombardier

bombardon = {n} [Mus.] bombardon (= bass tuba)

bombator = {n} bomber (= one who or that which bombs)

bombides = {npl} [Zool.] Bombidae

bombo = {n} 1. booming, humming buzzing; 2. [Zool.] Bombus; {also:} bumblebee {Hence:} bombides

bon = {adj} good; `bon!' good! fine! all right! {Hence:} bonitate; bonificar-bonification; abonar; bono

bona fide [L] = bona fide, in good faith

bonbon = {n} candy {Hence:} bonbonera

bonboniera = {n} candy box

bonetteria (-ía) = {n} cap seller's (store)

bonettero = {n} capmaker, cap seller

bonetto = {n} cap (= man's cap) {Hence:} bonettero; bonetteria

bonhomia (-ía) = {n} good-heartedness, good nature

bonhomo = {n} good-natured man, good fellow, etc. {Hence:} bonhomia

bonificar = {v} to ameliorate

bonification = {n} amelioration

bonitate = {n} goodness; `haber le bonitate de' to have the kindness, be good enough kind to

bonnette [F] = {n} [Naut.] bonnet

bono = {n} 1. good (as in "the good and the beautiful"); 2. certificate (representing money value); {also:} coupon, bond, etc.

bonus [NL] = {n} bonus

book-maker [A] = {n} [Horse racing] book-maker

boomerang [A] = {n} boomerang

Booz (bó-oz) = {nprm} Boaz

bor- = {see} `borax'; `borace'

borace = {n} [Chem.] borax {Hence:} boro-borato, boric

borato = {n} [Chem.] borate

borax (bó-) = {n} [Chem.] borax {Hence:} boro-borato, boric

bordada = {n} 1. [Naut.] broadside (= simultaneous discharge of a broadside); 2. [Naut.] board, tack (= the stretch which a ship makes on one tack in beating to windward)

bordar = {v} to border (= to provide with a border or edging)

bordatura = {n} border (= strip on the edge of anything for strength or ornament)

bordello = {n} brothel

bordo = {n} 1. [Naut.] board (= side of a ship); 2. border, edge; `a bordo' on board (of), aboard; `a bordo de' on board (of), aboard {Hence:} bordada; bordar-bordatura; abbordar &; disbordar &; transbordar &; babordo etc.

boric = {adj} boracic, boric; `acido boric' boric acid

boro = {n} [Chem.] boron

borra = {n} padding, stuffing, etc. (= material with which something is padded or stuffed) {Hence:} borrar

borrar = {v} to stuff, pad

borusse = {adj} (Old) Prussian, Borussian

Borussia = {n} Borussia, Prussia

borusso = {n} (Old) Prussian, Borussian (1. member of the Old Prussian people; 2. Old Prussian language) {Hence:} Borussia; borusse

boscage (-aje) = {n} thicket, boscage

bosch- = {see} `bosco'

boschetto = {n} grove

bosco = {n} wood (= wooded place) {Hence:} boscage; boschetto; imboscar &

Bosporo (bós-) = {npr} Bosporus

botan- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] {Hence:} botanista; botanic; botanica; botanizar; botanologia etc.

botanic = {adj} botanical; `jardin botanic' botanical garden

botanica = {n} botany

botanizar = {v} to botanize

botanista = {n} botanist

botano-logia (-ía) = {n} botany

*bote = {n} boat (small)

boteca = {n} shop, store {Hence:} botechero

botech- = {see} `boteca'

botechero = {n} shopkeeper, storekeeper

botta = {n} boot, high boot {Hence:} bottina-bottinero

botte = {n} barrel, cask, butt {Hence:} bottilia-imbottiliar

bottilia = {n} bottle

bottina = {n} half boot, high shoe

bottinero = {n} shoemaker

bouillon [F] = {n} bouillon

bouquet [F] = {n} bouquet (1. nosegay; 2. perfume exhaled from wine)

bove = {n} 1. ox (= castrated male bovine quadruped); 2. beef (meat from a cow or steer); `oculo de bove' 1. bull's eye (small circular window); 2. ox-eye daisy {Hence:} bovello; bovero; boveria; bovin

bovello = {n} steer

boveria (-ía) = {n} cowshed

bovero = {n} 1. cowherd; 2. cattleman

bovin = {adj} bovine

boxa = {n} boxing (= act of fighting with the fists)

boxar = {v} to box (= to fight with the fists) {Hence:} boxa; boxator

boxator = {n} boxer, pugilist

boycott = {n} boycott, boycotting {Hence:} boycottar-boycottage

Boycott, Charles Cunningham = {npr} [estate agent in Ireland, the original victim of boycotting in 1880] {Hence:} boycottar-boycottage

boycottage (-aje) = {n} boycott, boycotting

boycottar = {v} to boycott

boy scout [A] = {n} boy scout

bracas = {npl} breeches

brachial = {adj} brachial

brachio = {n} [Anat.] arm {Hence:} brachial; brachiopode etc.

brachio-pode (-ópode) = {adj} [Zool.] brachiopod {Hence:} brachiopodo

brachiopodo (-ópodo) = {n} [Zool.] brachiopod

brachy-cephale = {adj} [Anthropometry] brachycephalic

bracial (1) = {adj} arm, arm- (= pertaining to or done with the arm)

bracial (2) = {n} brassard (= badge worn on one's arm)

bracialetto = {n} bracelet

braciar = {v} [Naut.] to brace

braciata = {n} armful

bracio = {n} 1. [Anat.] arm; 2. brace (= robe attached to yard for trimming sail); `bracio de mar' arm of the sea; `bracio de un chaise, balancia, etc.' arm of a chair, balance, etc. {Hence:} braciata; bracial-bracialetto; braciar; imbraciar &; antebracio etc.

Brahma = {npr} [Hindu Relig.] Brahma

brahman = {n} Brahman, Brahmin {Hence:} brahmanismo; brahmanic

brahmanic = {adj} Brahmanic

brahmanismo = {n} Brahmanism

brahmin = {n} Brahmin, Brahman

branca = {n} branch

branchia = {n} [Zool.] gill, branchia {Hence:} branchial; branchiate; branchiopodo etc.; pectinibranchie etc.; lamellibranchio etc.

branchial = {adj} branchial

branchiate = {adj} [Zool.] branchiate

branchio-podo (-ópodo) = {n} [Zool.] branchiopod

brandimento = {n} (action of) brandishing

brandir = {v} to brandish {Hence:} brandimento

brandy [A] = {n} brandy

brasa = {n} live coals; embers {Hence:} brasiero; brasar

brasar = {v} to braise

brasiero = {n} brazier

brasil (1) = {n} brazilwood {Hence:} brasiletto; brasilina; Brasil &

Brasil (2) = {npr} Brazil; `nuce de Brasil' Brazil nut {Hence:} brasilian-brasiliano

brasiletto = {n} [Bot.] brasiletto

brasilian = {adj} Brasilian

brasiliano = {n} Brazilian

brasilina = {n} [Chem.] brazilin

bravada = {n} bravado

bravar = {v} to brave

brave = {adj} 1. brave, courageous; 2. exellent, fine {Hence:} bravura; bravar-bravada; bravo-braveria

braveria (-ía) = {n} bravery, courage

bravo (1) = {n} bravo (= hired assassin)

bravo! (2) [I] = {interj} bravo!

barvura = {n} bravery (= quality of being brave); `aria de bravura' [Mus.] bravura

brecha (-sh-) = {n} [Mil.] breach; `facer un brecha' in to breach

breve = {adj} brief, short {Hence:} breviario; brevitate; abbreviar &; breve (2)-breveto &; semibreve etc.

breve = {n} 1. [Eccl.] brief; 2. [Mus.] breve

brevetar = {v} 1. to grant letters patent to (someone); 2. to patent (an invention)

breveto = {n} patent (1. letters patent; 2. "inventor's patent") {Hence:} brevetar

breviario = {n} breviary

brevitate = {n} brevity (1. shortness of time; 2. conciseness, briefness)

bric-à-brac [F] = {n} bric-a-brac

bricca = {n} brick (as in "to pave with bricks")

brida = {n} bridle; {also:} [Anat.] frenum, bridle {Hence:} bridar-disbridar

bridar = {v} to bridle, put a bridle on

bridge [A] = {n} [Cards] bridge

brigada = {n} [Mil.] brigade {Hence:} brigadero

brigadero = {n} [Mil.] brigadier

brigantage (-aje) = {n} brigandage, brigandism

brigante = {n} bandit, brigand {Hence:} brigantage; brigantesc

brigantesc = {adj} brigandish

brillantar = {v} 1. to give brilliance to, cause to be (or appear) brilliant; 2. to cut (or shape, etc.) as a brilliant

brillante (1) = I. ppr of `brillar'; II. {adj} brillant (1. shining brightly; 2. splendid, distinguished)

brillante (2) = {n} brilliant (= diamond cut to parkle brightly)

brillantia = {n} brilliance, brilliancy (1. great brightness, radiance; 2. splendor, magnificence)

brillantina = {n} brilliantine (= oily hair dressing)

brillar = {v} to shine (1. to send out or reflect light; 2. to be eminent, conspicuous); `brillar per su absentia' to be conspicuous by one's absence {Hence:} brillante-brillantia, brillantina, brillantar

brio [I] = {n} brio; `con brio' con brio

briquette [F] = {n} briquette, briquet

brisa = {n} breeze (= light wind) {Hence:} parabrisa etc.

bristol (brís-) = {n} Bristol board

Britannia = {npr} 1. Britain; 2. Brittany

britannic = {adj} British

britanno = {n} Briton {Hence:} Britannia-Grande Britannia etc.; britannic

britone = {n} 1. Briton; 2. Breton

broca = {n} 1. [Locksmithing] broach; 2. raised thread in brocaded design {Hence:} brocar-brocato-brocatello

brocar = {v} to brocade

brocatello = {n} brocatel

brocato = {n} brocade

broccoli (bróc-) = {n} broccoli

brochar (-sh-) = {v} [Bookbinding] to stitch

broche [F] = {n} brooch

brochure [F] = {n} pamphlet, brochure; {also:} paper-bound booklet

brodar = {v} to embroider (1. to ornament with embroidery; 2. to do emhroidery; 3. to add imaginary details to) {Hence:} broderia; brodator

brodator = {n} embroiderer

broderia (-ía) = {n} embroidery (1. action or art of embroidering; 2. embroidered material)

bromato = {n} [Chem.] bromate

bromic = {adj} [Chem.] bromic

bromo = {n} [Chem.] bromine {Hence:} bromato; bromuro; bromic

bromuro = {n} [Chem.] bromide

bronchial = {adj} bronchial

bronchio = {n} [Anat.] one of the bronchia; `bronchios' [Anat.] bronchia {Hence:} bronchiolo; bronchitis; bronchial

bronchiolo (-í-) = {n} [Anat.] bronchiole

bronchitis (-ítis) = {n} [Pathol.] bronchitis

broncho = {n} [Anat.] bronchus; `bronchos' [Anat.] bronchi {Hence:} bronchio &; bronchopneumonia etc; bronchotomia etc.; bronchotomo etc.; bronchoscopio etc.

broncho-pneumonia (-ía) = {n} [Pathol.] bronchopneumonia

broncho-tomia (-ía) = {n} [Surg.] bronchotomy

broncho-tomo (-ótomo) = {n} [Surg.] bronchotome

bronzage (-aje) = {n} (act of) bronzing

bronzar = {v} to bronze (= to give the color of bronze to)

bronzator = {n} bronze worker

bronzo = {n} bronze {Hence:} bronzar-bronzage, bronzator

brossa = {n} brush (1. brushwood, thicket; 2. implement for brushing); `brossa de dentes' toothbrush {Hence:} brossero; brosseria; brossar

brossar = {v} to brush (= to clean with a brush)

brosseria (-ía) = {n} brushmaking

brossero = {n} brushmaker

brougham [A] = {n} Brougham (carriage)

bruma = {n} fog, mist, brume {Hence:} brumal; brumario; brumose

brumal = {adj} wintry, brumal

brumario = {n} [Fr. Hist.] Brumaire

brumose = {adj} foggy, misty, brumous

brun = {adj} brown {Hence:} brunette-brunetta; brunir &; imbrunir

brunetta = {n} brunette

brunette = {adj} brunette

brunimento = {n} burnishing, burnishment

brunir = {v} to burnish {Hence:} brunimento; brunitor; brunitorio; brunitura

brunitor = {n} burnisher

brunitorio = {n} burnisher (= tool used in burnishing)

brunitura = {n} burnish

brusc = {adj} brusque (= blunt, rude) {Hence:} bruscheria; bruscar

bruscar = {v} to be brusque or rude to

brusch- = {see} `brusc'

bruscheria (-ía) = {n} brusqueness, brusquerie, bluntness

Brussel = {npr} Brussels; `caule de Brussel' Brussels sprouts

brutal = {adj} brutal

brutalizar = {v} to brutalize

brutalitate = {n} brutality

brute = {adj} 1. brute; {also:} brutish; 2. [Com.] gross; `bestia brute' brute beast; `fortia brute' brute force {Hence:} brutal-brutalitate, brutalizar; imbrutir-imbrutimento, imbrutiente; bruto

bruto = {n} brute

Bruxelles [F] = {npr} Brussels {Hence:} bruxellese

bruxellese' 1. {adj} of Brussels; 2. {n} inhabitant of Brussels

bucca = {n} mouth; `bucca de foco' piece of ordnance; `bucca (de armas de foco)' muzzle (of firearms) {Hence:} buccata; buccal; abuccar &; disbuccar &; imbuccar &

buccal = {adj} [Anat.] buccal

buccata = {n} mouthful

bucla = {n} curl (= curled lock of hair) {Hence:} bucletta; buclar; disbuclar

buclar = {v} to curl (= to cause to curl)

bucletta = {n} little curl (= little curled lock of hair)

Buddha = {npr} Buddha {Hence:} buddhismo; buddhista-buddhistic; buddhic

buddhic = {adj} Buddhistic, Buddhist

buddhismo = {n} Buddhism

buddhista = {n/adj} Buddhist

buddhistic = {adj} Buddhistic

budget [A] = {n} budget {Hence:} budgetari; budgetar

budgetar (budjetar) = {v} to budget, include in the budget

budgetari (-dj-) = {adj} budgetary

bufalo (bú-) = {n} buffalo

buffet [F] = {n} 1. buffet, sideboard; 2. [R.R.] refreshment room {Hence:} buffetero

buffetero = {n} [R.R.] refreshment-room manager

buffon = {n} buffoon {Hence:} buffoneria; buffonar

buffonar = {v} to play or act the buffoon

buffoneria (-ía) = {n} buffoonery

bufon = {n} toad

bulbar = {adj} bulbar

bulbi-cultor = {n} bulbgrower

bulbi-cultura = {n} bulbgrowing

bulbi-forme = {adj} bulbiform, bulb-shaped

bulbillo = {n} [Bot.] bulbil, bulblet

bulbo = {n} bulb (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Anat.] a rounded enlargement at one end of a hair, tooth, etc.); `bulbo del oculo' bulb of the eye, eyeball {Hence:} bulbillo; bulbar; bulbose; bulbicultura etc.; bulbiforme etc.

bulbose = {adj} bulbous

bulgare = {adj} Bulgarian

Bulgaria = {npr} Bulgaria

bulgaro (búl-) = {n} bulgarian {Hence:} Bulgaria; bulgare

bulla = {n} 1. [Eccl.] bull; 2. bubble; 3. [Med.] blister {Hence:} bullose; bullir &

bull-dog [A] = {n} bulldog

bulletin = {n} bulletin (= official report); bulletin meteorologic weather report {Hence:} bulletinero

bulletinero = {n} writer of bulletins

bulliente = {adj} boiling

bullir = {v} to boil, be boiling {Hence:} bulliente; ebullir-ebulliente-ebullientia, ebullition; subbullir-subbullimento

bullose = {adj} 1. blistery; 2. bubbly

bureau [F] = {n} 1. bureau, desk writing table; 2. office (as in "office to let") {Hence:} bureaucrate etc.; bureaucratia eta.; bureaucratic etc.

bureau-crate (burócrate) = {n} bureaucrat

bureau-cratia (burocratía) = {n} bureaucracy (= undue influence of administrative bureaus)

bureau-cratic = {adj} bureaucratic

burgese = {n} person of the middle class, bourgeois {Hence:} burgesia

burgesia (-ía) = {n} middle class, bourgeoisie

burgo = {n} town {Hence:} burgese &; burgomaestro etc.; Teutoburgo etc.

burgo-maestro = {n} 1. burgomaster; 2. mayor

Burgundia = {npr} Burgundy; `vino de Burgundia' Burgundy (wine)

burgundie = {adj} Burgundian

burgundio = {n} Burgundian {Hence:} Burgundia; burgundion; burgundie

burgundion = {n} Burgundian

burla = {n} joke, jest {Hence:} burlesc; burlar-burlator

burlar = {v} to joke, jest

burlator = {n} joker, jester

burlesc = {adj} droll, comical; {also:} burlesque (as in "burlesque poem")

burnus [Ar.] = {n} burnoose

bursa = {n} 1. purse ("change purse"); 2. scholarship, burse; 3. stock market, stock exchange; `bursa de pastor' [Bot.] shepherd's purse {Hence:} bursero; disbursar &; imbursar &

busardo = {n} buzzard (= Buteo buteo)

bursero = {n} purse maker

-bus = {see} `omnibus'

bussola (bú-) = {n} compass (= instrument showing magnetic meridian); `perder le bussola' to lose one's head

busto = {n} bust (1. upper front part of the body; 2. [Art])

butinar = {v} to collect booty

butino = {n} booty {Hence:} butinar

button = {n} 1. [Bot.] bud; 2. pimple, pustule; 3. button; 4. knob (as in "door knob"); `button de foco' cauterizing iron; `button de auro' [Bot.] buttercup {Hence:} buttonero; buttoneria; buttonera; buttonar-disbuttonar

buttonar = {v} to button (= to fasten with a button or buttons)

buttoneria (-ía) = {n} 1. button manufacture or trade; 2. button factory

buttonero = {n} button manufacturer or dealer

buttonera = {n} buttonhole

butyrar = {v} to butter

butyrari = {adj} butter

butyrato = {n} [Chem.] butyrate

butyreria (-ía) = {n} 1. butter industry; 2. butter dairy

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