Intermediate written work on theoretical phonetics of English for the 3rd

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Intermediate written work on theoretical phonetics of English for the 3rd year
Students of 2020-2021 academic year
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Variant 1

  1. What is the function of the lungs?

  1. They direct the stream of air either to the mouth or to the nasal cavity

  2. They produce voice

  3. They provide air for sounds

  4. They affect very considerably the shape of the mouth cavity

  1. Find the affricates

  1. tʃ, dʒ

  2. s,z

  3. t,v

  4. ʃ, tʃ

  1. Find L.V.Scherba’s definition of the phoneme

  1. The smallest unit of alphabet

  2. The smallest unit of linguistics

  3. The shortest general sound image of a given language, which is capable of associating with the images of meaning differentiating words

  4. The smallest meaningful unit of language

  1. According to the stability of articulation vowels can be:

  1. Divided into three groups

  2. Divided into two groups

  3. Divided into four groups

  4. Divided into monophthongs and diphthongs

  1. According to the degree of muscular tension English vowels are classified into:

  1. Fortis and lenis

  2. Strong and weak

  3. Tense and lax

  4. Long and short

  1. Phonetics has the following four main aspects

  1. Articulatory, acoustic, perceptual (auditory), phonological

  2. Articulatory, acoustic, phonetical, phonological

  3. Articulatory, acoustic, perceptual, morphonological

  4. Articulatory, acoustic, perceptual, morphological

  1. What type of regional pronunciation are there in the USA?

  1. The Eastern type of pronunciation

The Southern type
The Western general American type

  1. The Eastern and the Southern type

  2. The Eastern and the Western American type

  3. The Southern and the Western American type

  1. When did the phonemic period begin?

  1. 1875

  2. 1870

  3. 1865

  4. 1929

  1. Give the sonorants in English

  1. M, n, ŋ, w, r, l, j

  2. M, n, k, q

  3. M, ŋ, w, v, r

  4. M, n, ŋ, k, l, j

  1. What is the most important means of human intercourse?

  1. Phonetics

  2. Language

  3. Phonology

  4. Grammar

  1. The pronunciation adopted by native speakers as the right and proper way of speaking is ………

  1. Varities

  2. Orthoepic norms

  3. Dialects

  4. A,b,c

  1. Find the example of double assimilation

  1. Twenty

  2. Horse-shoe

  3. Place

  4. Newspaper

  1. Name the functions of a syllable

  1. Semantic, syntactic, stylistic

  2. Constitutive, distinctive, recognative

  3. Segmental, suprasegmental, grammatical

  4. Grammatical, semantic, emotional

  1. Fill in the gap

Usually the pronunciation of …… depends on the neighbouring consonant

  1. Vowels

  2. Consonants

  3. Plosives

  4. Fricatives

  1. Define the oral consonant

  1. T

  2. N

  3. M

  4. Ŋ

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