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It's hard to beat that "old-fashioned" face-to-face approach [Return to Intro]

Laura O'Kane, Nitec's Sales Team Co-ordinator, reflects on the recent business productivity seminar

It's always nice to meet people and put a face to the name. Our recent business productivity seminar turned out to be a great success with really positive feedback. For both our customers and Nitec the event was a good networking opportunity and a great way to connect with people and share thoughts. It was rewarding to see people taking the time out of their business schedule to attend the seminar and we thank them for visiting.

The speakers on the day were Nitec's Nigel Mulholland and Gavin Woods. Whilst I would love to provide access to electronic copies of their presentations, those who know Nitec will know that we don't make a lot of use of PowerPoint slides and live demos were the order of the day.

So what were the highlights?

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - as the product name suggests, this is a place where you share information.

  • It is desgined to make it easier for people to work together, share ideas, store collective knowledge and help manage documents and information.

  • In today's economic climate, increased business productivity is critical and SharePoint can enable productivity through enabling remote access to information and facilitating offline working scenarios.

  • Out-of-the-box, Sharepoint provides web content management, collaboration, enterprise search and digital marketing capabilities. But, with a single, extensible platform, the product can easily adapt and expand to fulfil other business requirements within a single-user interface, reducing staff training costs and helping to realise faster return-on-investment.

Microsoft Lync 2010 - This is such a cool product and the live demo was a real eye-catching moment during the seminar. Lync helps bring people together and communicate regardless of their location. In today's world social networking is an increasing part of how we communicate and Microsoft Lync is the product to use to adapt to this style of communication within the business environment. The main features are summarised below:

  • Conferencing: By using Microsoft Outlook, you can send a request for a meeting with dial-in conferencing call details.

  • Instant Messaging: Within your contacts list you can send an instant message to any online contact wherever they are, at home, on the road, or in the workplace.

  • Presence: You can let others know if you are reachable, or you can check the status of your work colleagues. There are several colours to choose from, for example if you are available Green is your colour; if you're in a meeting you will be marked as Red; and if your away from your desk and your computer has been idle this will automatically turn your status to amber.

  • Sharing and Collaboration: at any point in a conference meeting or during a conversation via instant messaging, you may share your desktop or share a program with participants, allowing you to easily work collaboratively on a Word proposal document or finance spreadsheet.

  • Voice and Video: Lync will allow you to make voice calls and, if you wish, you can add video during your conversation via a webcam

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - The easiest way to understand Microsoft's customer relationship management solution is by visualising the product as three business tools in one.

  • Marketing: communicate effectively with customers; create mail campaigns; analyse success.

  • Sales: you can manage every step of the sales process; store contact details; record potential clients and opportunities; control and measure your pipeline.

  • Customer Service: CRM provides a way to log customer issues so you can respond to and track issues or queries efficiently.

A special thanks to the team from Microsoft who provided support on the day. We heard from David Keddy, Lync Specialist, Patrick Herlihy Business Productivity Specialist, Seymour Rackoff, Lync Hardware Specialist and Declain McGovern, Account Manager, all of whom shared their knowledge and experiences during the networking sessions.

And congratulations to Moira Quinn, from Moyle District Council and Patrick McDaid, from McElhinney & McDaid, who were the lucky prise winners on the day.

So what happens next? Perhaps we can work together on an upcoming project or help you further explore and investigate any of the above technologies that may be of interest. If the recent even was of interest to you but unfortunately you were unable to attend, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will be happy to arrange a demo or discuss your requirements. Hope to see you at the next event!

BT Mobile announce new all-Ireland tariff [Return to Intro]

Many of you will have recently received details of the new promotion by BT for their All-Ireland mobile phone tariff. As one of BT's main indirect Partners, we are in the strong position to take this offer, tailor it to your particular business needs and then implement it with all the benefits of Nitec's renowned customer service.

So, if you think your business might benefit from the savings available by including your ROI mobile calls in your bundled minutes allowance, give our technical sales team a call on 028 9442 7000 or mail them at

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