Introduction Objectives Order winners and Order Qualifier of Tesco

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Business Report on operations management and Information System of Tesco
Objectives of the Organization
The company is known for providing its customers best possible customer service. Everything they do revolves around their customers. The company majorly focuses on understanding the requirements and expectations of customers, colleagues, and communities and aims to comprehend with them and help them achieve abetter and simple lifestyle by serving them little better each day. The firm aims to understanding what means most to them and then attempting to do better in every possible way with the help of digital technology and improving their process. It also focusing on creating more value for all stakeholders by doing the fundamentals excellently and leveraging the Tesco Group's many distinct advantages to boost competitiveness, accelerate development, and produce more revenue. Tesco aims to provide its customers by providing the goods they want and the service they expect. By meeting customers needs better than its other competitors, Tesco earns profit and create values for its shareholders as a loyalty.

Order winners and Order Qualifier of Tesco
Price: Tesco aims to give its customers excellent value for money. They compare prices with other grocery stores such as Sainsbury's, Asda, and Morrisons and try to match or beat their prices. If their prices are more expensive than these stores, they reward their customers with promotions, coupons, and loyalty, resulting in excellent value for money. (Tesco)
Tesco's own brand Apart from offering different brands of different products for customers to choose from, Tesco also manufactures its own brand products. These products are of high quality and available at low prices. In fact, they were the first supermarket to introduce a value range in 1993, and they have continued to push the pace of innovation over the years. Finest and Everyday Value are now two of the UK's largest food companies, with annual sales in excess of £1 billion.

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