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Wicked Kitchen Plant Based Partnership

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Business Report on operations management and Information System of Tesco
Wicked Kitchen Plant Based Partnership With this collaboration, the firm will aim to deliver new and interesting plant-based goods to their shelves on a regular basis, supporting growing customer interest and demand.
Tesco can attribute its operations excellence in its relentless pursuit of innovation in inventory management, in-store customer service satisfaction, and proper treatment of employees according to their job abilities, fitness condition, and position in the company. The opportunities for Tesco lies in building abetter Tesco in the UK. one of the highest threat the company is facing at present is the competition from the other supermarkets like ALDI,
Sainsburry, MS, Waitrose as they provide high quality goods at high prices as well discounts and rewards which makes Tesco as only choice difficult for customers. The company neglects its UK business and focus more on global level and which further leads to less availability in their stores.

As a retailer, Tesco does not face operations challenges typical in manufacturing industry. Hence, it should focus on building an improvised implementation of the just-in-time inventory management system and proper stock management system for avoid availability issues.
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