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4. Fashion Crafts
This type of crafts encompasses all the elements of dressing the human body: jewelry, hats, leatherwork (shoes, belts, handbags) and garments. This craft type will naturally intersect with other craft types since jewelry can be made through metalworking and garments are fabricated by sewing – which can be classified as a textile craft.
5. Functional Crafts
Many of the four other types of crafts can also be classified as functional. For example, decorative pottery is made with components that are okay for your customers to eat from such as serving platters or utensils. Many furniture crafts are primarily functional but can also be quite decorative.
Local craft is the craft practices within our local environment. Nigeria is a multi-diverse ethnicity, different local ethnic group with their varied craft practices. Nigeria abounds with so much of these crafts, this is due to the geography and the natural mineral resources spread all over the country.
The types of craft made in African society include ceramics/pottery making, weaving which includes Cloth, mat, basket, bags etc, fiber craft, metal work and wood crafting or carving, leather works, bead work, scarifications, body decorations, wall decoration etc.
These craft works can either be functional, nonfunctional, and they can be decorative in nature.
Pottery is a one of the oldest crafts synonymous with civilization because it grew out of humans’ needs to store and carry food and drink. At one time it was made by hand with the help of round stones or shaped within wicker baskets, the wheel has replaced these earlier techniques and it enables the potter to achieve greater regularity of form.
Pottery, as a craft is the use of clay to produce functional and decorative home utensils, this craft is practices throughout the whole of Nigerian because clay is in abundance.
Weaving, this is the crises crossing of fiber or strands in both vertical and horizontal to form closely woven fabric, this includes Mat, basket, hats and bags etc. This craft is practices throughout Nigeria.
Wood Carving, this is the use of wood that is in so much abundance in west Africa to make things like canoes, wood doors panels and columns, petal and mortars.
Metal works, this is the use of metals such as iron, gold, silver, aluminum, bronze, brass etc. to make and forge decorative and functional items and tools, farm implements and jewelry. People who engage in this craft are known as, Blacksmith, Gold or Silver smith.
Leather Works, this is the use of animal skins to make functional as well as decorative item for every day domestic uses, such as Leather jackets, slippers, shoes, bags, buffs. Purse and wallets etc.
Scarification, this is a method of ethnic identification it is the act of scaring the surface of the body for beautification and identification making marks with sharp objects.
Body Decoration, this is the decorating of the body using all kinds of earth colors made from grounded colored

powders, more like body make up.

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