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People in all states wait for Christmas, birthdays, and other important occasions. People in Alabama wait for that stuff to, but one of the main things is seeing two teams on one field. One in crimson and white, one in burnt orange and blue. Seeing these two teams come out of the tunnel no matter if you’re an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan, whether it’s in Bryant-Denny or Jordan-Hare it makes the people of Alabama go wild. The rivalry has grown from a game to bragging rights for a year. People say it can get out of hand, but in the end everyone loves it. Alabama and Auburn started out as small teams that were never thought to have such success. These teams never knew that when they first played it was the very first Iron Bowl. Alabama and Auburn hold what is known as the best rivalry in the in NCAA [National College Athletics Association] football has ever had.

The Rivalry Growth

The Alabama Auburn football rivalry has exceeded more than any other competition between teams. The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn keeps getting bigger and bigger. The bigger it gets, the more exciting their games are for the fans. These teams seem to never stop getting better. The growth has made it from Alabama to all the states. With how big it is now, it will probably not stop growing. Fans go crazy seeing the tide (Alabama) and the tigers (Auburn). These teams just never stop.

Over time the rivalry has progressed immensely. It went from tens of people watching them to tens of thousands watching them. Now that is a lot of people in one stadium. They both went from little college teams to SEC champions. The success theses to teams have had is just outstanding. These teams have had great coaches and players. These teams train and train to become the best they can be. The rivalry just keeps getting better.

Is the Rivalry Good or Bad for the NCAA?

People debate whether the rivalry is a desirable quality for the NCAA. Even though it is a great rivalry sometimes things get out of hand. As an example, one time in 2010 Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr. poisoned the oak tree at Auburn University. The man was soon arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief. He said he did it because some people put a Cam Newton jersey on the Paul Bear Bryant statue. The rivalry led to much arguing and competitions, which still go on today. The rivalry however was a great addition to the NCAA. It keeps fans on the edge of their feet just waiting for football season to roll around just so they can see them play. The rivalry gets more fans and TV viewers. There are some bad thing and some good thing, but there are too many good things about the rivalry to say it’s not a desirable quality for the NCAA.

The Alabama University Football Team

Many people consider the Alabama University football team a good team. The Alabama University football team has been around for a long time. The Alabama football team stated in 1892 where they played in a baseball park in Birmingham and won 56-0. In 1907 the team adopted the nickname ‘’Crimson Tide’’ (also called “the tide”). In the end of the 1922 season, the head coach Xen C. Scott died of cancer. Shortly after a new coach named Wallace Wade was hired and led the team to their first national championship. This game is now called ‘’the game that changed the south’’. Soon after athletics’ director George Denny took advantage of this newfound popularity and started to sponsor the team. People started enrolling there no matter where they lived. In 1930 one third of the students were from out of state. Wade led the team to two more national championships before taking the head coach position at Duke University. Frank Thomas a former quarterback for Notre Dame accepted the job and kept the team going with two more national championships before health issues interfered and forced him to retire after 14 years. Paul ‘‘bear’’ Bryant came to the tide in 1957. After Bama won many championships they got their present coach and won more championships.

The Alabama University football team played some great games in the past. They seem to know what to do and when to do it. They’ve won a total of 826 games from there first to 2011. They have had great coaches and players which lead to all there championships.

Big Al

The Alabama football team is considered to have a great mascot. There mascot, ‘’Big al’’ started in 1930 when a sportswriter was talking about how at their Ole Miss Game a fan screamed ‘’Hold your horses the elephants are coming’’. The name stuck throughout what became a national championship season. Melford Espy Jr. was the first to where the costume in the 1960’s. He later became the university administrator and coach Paul ‘’bear’’ Bryant asked him to take responsibility when student groups ask to resurrect the costume in the late 1970’s. The costume ‘’Big al’’ officially debuted in 1979 when Alabama beat Penn state at the sugar bowl for a national championship. Since then the mascot has been a favorite for Alabama fans. Even though he’s not on the logo of the team’s helmet he’s still a big part of bama. Auburn University

The Auburn University football team played some great games in the past. Auburn officially began playing football in 1892. In 1932 the tigers became a part of the South Eastern Conference (SEC). The tigers began competing in the western division in 1992 when it got split up. Throughout history the team has gotten many awards. The team started out really good between 1904-1922. Around the 30’s and 40’s success denied them. They changed 9 coaches over a 28 year period. The only conference champion- ship over that time period was under Coach Chett A. Wynne. Auburn’s first bowl win was against Michigan State in the Orange Bowl in 1937. Auburn had three consecutive bowl appearances in 1953, 1954, and1955. But the one that is most recognized from the 1950’s was the 1957 BCS championship led by Coach Ralph Shug Jordon. Auburn went on to be in two bowls in 1963 and 1965. Jordon led them to 7 more bowl appearances. Jordon became the only active coach to have a stadium named after them. Jordon later retired in1975 after a 25 year tenure at Auburn. After many struggles throughout many years in 2010 auburn won its second BCS national championship with head Coach Gene Chizik. The Iron Bowl

The Iron Bowl could probably be one of the biggest games of the year. The Alabama and Auburn football programs were less than a year old when the schools staged the first game of what was to become the most intense intrastate college rivalry in the nation. Other states boast great traditional rivalries like games such as Texas-Texas A&M, Georgia-Georgia Tech, USC-UCLA and Florida-Florida State, but the Iron Bowl seems to generate a passion like no other. Every Alabama and Auburn fan waits year round to see this historic event.

Alabama Iron Bowl History

Alabama won many of the Iron Bowls in the past. From the very first iron bowl to the 2012 Iron Bowl Alabama has won 42 and loss 34 of them with only one tie ever. Alabama got there first Iron Bowl win in1894 which was the third Iron Bowl. After that Alabama lost the Iron Bowl 4 times in a row before their second win. After that they won 3 out of the 4 games played before the tie (The Tie will be talked about in a later section). After 40 years the team s finally played again and bama won what was the highest scored game for any Iron Bowl 55-0. After that, auburn won by a point and Alabama won the next 4. Then Alabama c couldn’t win for 5 games. After Alabama won 10 out of the 14 games played. Then Alabama got a 9 game winning streak. That’s the longest winning in Iron Bowl history. Soon after Alabama and auburn were tied both winning 10 out of the next 20 games, but then auburn stopped it with a 6 game winning streak. Then Alabama won the next 3 out of 4 and that brings us to the current time of 2012.

Auburn Iron Bowl History

Auburn won several of the past Iron Bowls.

Alabama and Auburn had some really close Iron Bowls seasons throughout the years. Auburn won the very first iron bowl 32-22.then Auburn won the next one but lost their first iron bowl in 1894 on their third game. Then they got a four game win streak and 3 out of the 4 Alabama had 0 points. Then Alabama stopped them in 1903. After that Auburn won 1 out of the next 3. Then the tie came. Then after a bitter loss the next year they won but then Alabama won again for the next three years. Once they sop the streak the started one of there own and won five games in a row and in one of those games they became the 1957 national champions. Then sadly won only one of the next ten games. Then in 1972 was ‘’Punt Bama Punt’’ were auburn won by blocking two Alabama punts to win. Then Auburn lost until 1982 when they won and the game was from then on called ‘’Bo over the top’’ when in the final seconds of the game Bo Jackson Auburns Heisman winning running back jumped over the pile and made it over the goaline to win the game. Then in 1983 Bo Jackson again showed off by breaking the Iron Bowl rushing record and won the game. Then Bama won two and then Auburn won three games then lost three games. After that auburn won then bama then Auburn and so on from 1993 to 1998 when bama stopped it by winning 2 in a row. Then a few years later Auburn was on a roll with a 6 win streak. After a few years later we come to the present of 2013.
The Tie On November 16, 1907 in Birmingham AL a game was played. After it was over the scoreboard said home 6 away 6. The people of the state of Alabama were stunned. After that game, an argument between the Auburn head coach Mike Donahue and Alabama head coach Doc Pollard changed the poor citizens of Alabama for the next 31 years. The argument was about how Donahue said he would stop having the Iron Bowl if pollard didn’t stop having all these shifts and sending people in motion. Pollard protested against it and said there was no penalty for it and it was perfectly allowed in football, which it is allowed there is no penalty for it as long there’s only one person in motion. But Donahue wouldn’t take it and sure enough the iron bowl was gone for 31 years. In 1947 the Alabama House of Representatives passed a resolution encouraging the schools to make an agreement to keep playing. Both schools didn’t want to play again. Although the Alabama congress threatened to withhold state funding from the schools unless they did resume the rivalry. With that threat in mind, Ralph B. Draughon, the president of Auburn (then named the Alabama Polytechnic Institute), and Alabama president John Gallalee decided during the winter and spring of 1948 to end the disagreement and renew the series. The games would be played in Birmingham because it had the largest stadium in the state, 44,000-seats at Leigon field, and the tickets would be split evenly between the two schools. Alabama won the first game when the series renewed 55–0, the most lopsided victory of the series.


These two teams have grown bigger and better every season. The same goes for the rivalry. This rivalry is what brings families together unless the whole family is not for the same team. Then there’s going to be a lot of screaming and yelling. Alabama has won championships and been named number many times. Auburn has won games made memories and raise freshmen recruits to Heisman winners. These teams have played all season every season just waiting for the game they see each other. The Iron Bowl has held great days for both teams in the end when the clock hits 0 in the fourth quarter everyone looks at the scoreboard to see how there year will be till the next time these teams are on the same field. The teams are made or hard work and sweat. The memories and thoughts of winning are what drives them. From the history of the first time the played to the mascots and old uniforms the history will forever be told and the future will forever be talked about. In the end when the game is done and the battle is lost or one, the only question that remains unanswered is who will win next year.

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