J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Herman E. Johnson(USA) She Had Been Drinking Folk Lyric/Arhoolie

Jack Johnson(USA) It Was Early One Morning Document

James P. Johnson & Perry Bradford(USA) Messin’ Around Regal (1912)

James “Stump” Johnson(USA) Don’t Give My Lard Away QRS

Kripp Johnson & Chuck Jackson(USA)(Alias = Del Vikings) Willette Dot

Kripp Johnson’s Versatiles feat. Chuck Jackson(USA)(Alias = Del Vikings) Willette - Petite

Lil Johnson(USA) Anybody Want To Buy My Cabbage? Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Black And Evil Blues Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Broken Hearted Blues Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Crazy About My Rider Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Evil Man Blues Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Get ‘Em From The Peanut Man (The New Hot Nuts) - Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Hot Nuts (Get ‘Em From The Peanut Man) (OV) Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) If You Can Dish It (I Can Take It) Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) If You Don’t Give Me What I Want Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Keep On Knocking Bluebird/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Meat Balls (OV/DV) Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Murder In The First Degree Document

Lil Johnson(USA) My Baby (Squeeze Me Again) Document

Lil Johnson(USA) My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It Vocalion

Lil Johnson(USA) My Stove’s In Good Condition Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Do (OV/DV) - Document

Lil Johnson(USA) New Shave ‘Em Dry Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Press My Button (Ring My Bell) Vocalion

Lil Johnson(USA) Sam The Hot Dog Man Vocalion/Document/Mercury

Lil Johnson(USA) Shake Man Blues Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Snake In The Grass Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Take It Easy Greasy (OV) Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) Two Timin’ Man Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson(USA) You’ll Never Miss Your Jelly Till Your Jelly Roller’s Gone - Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) Ain’t That A Shame ARC/Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) Buck Naked Blues ARC/Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) If It Don’t Fit (Don’t Force It) (OV) - ARC/Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) Stavin’ Chain (That Rockin’ Swing) – Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) Take It Easy Greasy No. 2 - Vocalion/Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) Take Your Hand Off It Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) When Can I Get It (OV/DV) ARC/Document

Lil Johnson & Barrel House Annie(USA) You Stole My Cherry Document

Lemmy Johnson(USA) Eatin’ And Sleepin’ Blues (OV/DV) Document

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Baby Will You Please Come Home Document

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Backwater Blues Document

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Best Jockey In Town, The Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Big Leg Woman Prestige/Bluesville/Fantasy

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Crowing Rooster Blues Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Go Back To Your No Good Man Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Good Old Wagon Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Got The Blues For Murder Only Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool Decca

Lonnie Johnson(USA) I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) It Feels So Good (DV)

Lonnie Johnson(USA) (He’s A ) Jelly Roll Baker (OV/DV) Bluebird

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Kansas City Blues (Parts 1 & 2) Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Mean Old Bed Bug Blues Okeh

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Mr. Johnson’s Blues Columbia

Lonnie Johnson(USA) She-Devil Prestige/Bluesville/Fantasy

Lonnie Johnson(USA) She’s Drunk Again Prestige/Bluesville/Fantasy

Lonnie Johnson(USA) She’s Makin’ Whoopee In Hell Tonight (OV)

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Tell Me Baby King

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Wipe It Off Okeh

Lonnie Johnson & Victoria Spivey(USA) Furniture Man Blues (Parts 1 & 2) Okeh

Louise Johnson(USA) Long Ways From Home Paramount/Proper

Louise Johnson(USA) On The Wall Paramount

Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson(USA) Big Leg Woman Rounder/Bullseye

Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson(USA) If The Blues Was Whiskey Rounder/Bullseye

Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson(USA) I’m A King Bee Rounder/Bullseye

Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson(USA) Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman Rounder/Bullseye

Margaret Johnson Band(USA)(Alias = Margaret Carter) Stinging Bee Blues Okeh

Margaret Johnson + Black And Blue Trio(USA) Dead Drunk Blues Victor

as above Mama, Papa Don’t Wanna Come Back Home Victor

(Margaret Johnson + Clarence Williams’ Harmonizers(USA) –

( - I Love You Daddy, But You Don’t Mean Me No Good - Victor

Marv Johnson(USA) I’ve Got A Notion (del.OV)

Marv Johnson(USA) Magic Mirror (DV)

Marv Johnson(USA) Merry-Go-Round (del.OV)

Marv Johnson(USA) You Got What It Takes (del.OV)

Mary Johnson(USA) Barrel House Flat Blues Paramount

Mary Johnson(USA) Peepin’ At The Risin’ Sun Decca

Mary Johnson(USA) Rattlesnake Blues Decca

Mary Johnson(USA) Stop My Barrelhouse Ways Decca

(Mary Johnson(USA) Those Black Men Blues Decca

((Alias = Mary Smith/Mary Williams)

Meathead Johnson + Mickey “Guitar” Baker(USA) Barrelhouse Woman Apex

Meathead Johnson + Mickey “Guitar” Baker(USA) Mean Black Woman Gotham

Merline Johnson(USA)(Alias = Yas Yas Girl) Mean Mistreatin’ Daddy Bluebird

Merline Johnson(USA) Pallet On The Floor (Version 2) (Answer song) Bluebird

Merline Johnson(USA) Patrol Wagon Blues Vocalion

Peggy Johnson(USA) If You Can’t Get Five Take Two (OV/DV) N/A

Robert Johnson(USA) Malted Milk (OV/DV)

Robert Johnson(USA) Walking Blues (Version 3) (OV/DV)

Roy Lee Johnson(USA) Cheer Up – Daddy’s Coming Home Philips

Roy Lee Johnson(USA) My Best Just Ain’t Good Enough Columbia

Roy Lee Johnson(USA) She Put The Whammy On Me Philips

Sherman “Blues” Johnson(USA) Back Alley Boogie Apollo

Sonny Boy Johnson(USA) Quinsella Gotham

Stella Johnson(USA) Hot Nuts Swing Decca

Stella Johnson(USA) Trial Of Stagger Lee (Answer song to Stagger Lee) Night Train

(James) “Stump” Johnson(USA) Duck’s Yas-Yas-Yas, The Document

Syl Johnson(USA) Annie’s Got Hot Pants (Answer song) TwiNight

Syl Johnson(USA) (I’ve Reached) The Breaking Point TwiNight

Syl Johnson(USA) I Can Take Care Of My Homework TwiNight

Syl Johnson(USA) I’ll Take Those Skinny Legs TwiNight

Syl Johnson(USA) Steppin’ Out (Version 4) (OV/DV) Hi

Tommy Johnson(USA) Big Fat Mama Blues Victor

Kripp Johnson’s Versatiles feat. Chuck Jackson(USA)(Alias=Chuck Jackson) Cold Feet – Petite

Kripp Johnson’s Versatiles feat. Chuck Jackson(USA) Willette Petite

Albinia Jones(USA) Hole In The Wall Tonight (DV)

Albinia Jones(USA) Salty Papa Blues Savoy

Ann Jones + American Sweethearts(USA) A Big Fat Gal Like Me King/Audio Lab

Ann Jones + American Sweethearts(USA) (I’m A) Hi-Ballin’ Daddy (DV) add King

(Ann Jones + Western Sweethearts(USA) You’ve Got To See Mamma Ev’ry Night

( (Or You Can’t See Mamma At All) – Capitol

Ann Jones + Western Sweethearts(USA) He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me Sometimes)-Capitol

Bessie Jones(USA) Beggin’ The Blues Library Of Congress

Curtis Jones(USA) I Feel So Good In My Bedroom Vocalion

Curtis Jones(USA) Like The Way You Do Bluebird

Curtis Jones(USA) Roll Me Mama (OV) Vocalion/Document

Curtis Jones(USA) Tin Pan Alley (OV/DV) Okeh/Document

Curtis Jones(USA) Treat Me Like I Treat You (Version 2) Bluebird

Etta Jones(USA) Cool, Cool Daddy Prestige

Etta Jones(USA) Gal From Joe’s, The (OV/DV) Prestige

Etta Jones(USA) Good-For-Nothin’ Joe Prestige

Etta Jones(USA) In The Dark Prestige

Etta Jones(USA) Travelin’ Light Prestige

Etta Jones(USA) You Ain’t Nothin’ Daddy Chicago

Etta Jones(USA) You Don’t Know My Mind Prestige

Etta Jones + J.C. Heard + O.(USA) I Sold My Heart To The Junkman (del.OV)

Etta Jones + J.C. Heard + O.(USA) Richest Guy In The Graveyard, The - Black & White

Floyd Jones(USA) Keep What You Got Marvel

Floyd Jones(USA) On The Road Again (Version 2) (OV)

Frankie Jones(USA) Jockey Blues Vocalion/Document

Grant “Mr. Blues” Jones(USA) Hello Stranger (Version 2) (del.OV)

(Grant Jones + Brown’s Blues Blowers(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water (And Sleep In A Hollow Log) –

( (DV) - Decca (1951)

Grant Jones(USA) Night Time Is The Right Time (del.OV)

(Jimmy Jones(USA) Don’t You Just Know It Parkway

((Alias = Jimmy Jones & the Jones Boys/Jimmy Jones & the Pretenders)

Jimmy Jones(USA) Dynamite (Version 3) Parkway

Jimmy Jones(USA) Mr. Fix-It Vee Jay

Jimmy Jones(USA) Snap My Fingers Bell

Jimmy Jones(USA) Walkin’ (Version 6) Roulette

Jimmy Jones + Jones Boys(USA) Heaven In Your Eyes Arrow

Jimmy Jones + Jones Boys(USA) Whistlin’ Man, The (OV) Arrow

Jimmy Jones + Pretenders(USA) Daddy Needs Baby ABC-Paramount

Lacey Jones(USA) Two Time Loser Ring A Ding

Linda Jones(USA) Stop Dogging Me Around Turbo

Linda Jones(USA) You’re So Fine Sequel

Luke Jones(USA) Mama Oh Mama RPM

Luke Jones(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 20) Boulevard Vintage

Maggie Jones + Louis Armstrong(USA) Anybody Wanna Try My Cabbage? (OV) - Columbia

Maggie Jones(USA) Do It A Long Time Papa Black Patti/Paramount

Maggie Jones(USA) Early Every Mornin’ (I Want My Lovin’) Columbia

Maggie Jones(USA) Good Time Flat Blues Columbia

Maggie Jones(USA) If I Lose, Let Me Lose (Mama Don’t Mind) (OV/DV) - Columbia/Memphis Archives

Maggie Jones(USA) I’m Leaving You (OV/DV)

Maggie Jones(USA) Mama Stayed Out All Night Long (But Mama Didn’t Do No Wrong)-Columbia/Document

Maggie Jones(USA) Screamin’ The Blues (OV/DV) Columbia

Myrtle Jones(USA) I’m Goin’ Home Courier

Phil Jones & the Unknown Blues(Australia) Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy Festival

Richard M. Jones + Jazz Wizards(USA) Bring It On Home To Grandma (OV) – Decca

Richard M. Jones + Jazz Wizards(USA) Dark Alley Blues Victor

Richard M. Jones + Jazz Wizards(USA) I’m Gonna Run You Down Decca

Richard M. Jones + Jazz Wizards(USA) Squeeze Me Decca

(Richard M. Jones + Jazz Wizards(USA) Trouble In Mind Decca (1936)

(Although Richard M. Jones wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see Thelma La Vizzo).

Sonny Jones(Alias = Little Sonny Jones) Can’t You See Chart

Stompy Jones(USA) That Wig A Gotta Go Jewel

Tom Jones(Britain) Don’t Knock Mercury/Island/Lost Highway

Tom Jones(Britain) Nobody’s Fault But Mine Mercury/Island/Lost Highway

Tom Jones(Britain) Strange Things Mercury/Island/Lost Highway

(Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) -

( - Good Morning Blues/One O’Clock Jump Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Linda Lu Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Mess Of Blues Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) My Babe Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Odd Man Out Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Roberta Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Sally Suzas Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Think (Version 3) Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) 200 lbs Of Heavenly Joy – Warner

Wilson “Stavin’ Chain” Jones(USA) Stavin’ Chain Document

(Jook House Rockers(USA) Dangerous Woman (Version 2) Sittin’ In With

((Alias = Sonny Terry/Brownie McGhee/Bob Gaddy)

Jook House Rockers(USA) Key To The Highway Sittin’ In With

Charley Jordan(USA)(Alias = Charlie Jordan/Two Charlies) Brown Skin Angel – Vocalion

Charley Jordan(USA) Cuttin’ My ABC’s Vocalion

Charley Jordan(USA) Deep Sea Diver Vocalion

Charley Jordan(USA) Don’t Pat It So Long Vocalion

Charley Jordan(USA) Good Grinder Blues Vocalion

Charley Jordan(USA) Got Your Water On Victor

Charley Jordan(USA) Hell Bound Boy Blues (OV/DV) Vocalion

Charley Jordan(USA) It Ain’t Clean (That Thing Ain’t Clean) Decca

Charley Jordan(USA) Just A Spoonful Victor

Charley Jordan(USA) Stack O’ Dollars Blues Wolf

Charley Jordan(USA) You Run And Tell Your Daddy Victor

Charley Jordan & Verdi Lee(USA) Christmas Christmas Blues De Luxe

Charley Jordan & Verdi Lee(USA) Christmas Tree Blues De Luxe

Charley Jordan & Verdi Lee(USA) Get It If You Can Vocalion

Louis Jordan(USA) If I Had Any Sense I’d Go Back Home Aladdin W & G

Louis Jordan(USA) Messy Bessy (DV) Aladdin

Louis Jordan(USA) Santa Claus, Santa Claus Pzazz

Louis Jordan(USA) Saturday Night Fish Fry Parts 1 & 2) (del.OV)

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) (You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse (OV/DV) – Decca

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Version 2) (del.DV)

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) Early In The Morning (OV)

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) Five Guys Named Moe (DV)

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) House Party (OV/DV)

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) I Want Yo To Be My Baby (OV) Decca

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) I’m Alabama Bound Decca

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) Keep A-Knockin’ Decca

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) Junco Partner Decca

(Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) Reet, Petite And Gone Decca

(From the 1947 Movie "Reet, Petite And Gone"

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) That Chick‘s Too Young To Fry (OV/DV) Decca

Luke Jordan(USA) Pick Poor Robin Clean Victor

Luke Jordan(USA) Traveling Coon Victor

Luke Jordan(USA) Won’t You Be Kind (OV/DV) Vocalion

Marvie Josie(USA) Later For You Baby (Version 4) Time

Cee Cee Joy(USA) Dribblin’ Around Columbia

Don Julian & the Larks(USA)(Alias = Larks) Penguin, The Jerk

Don Julian & the Meadowlarks(USA) Popeye (With A Touch Of Twist) Dynamite

Don Julian & the Meadowlarks(USA)(Alias = Larks/Medallions) It’s Stompin’ Time - Interlude

Del Julianna(Australia) What’d I Say RCA

Detroit Junior(USA) Christmas Day (Version 2) Foxy

Detroit Junior(USA) Money Tree Bea & Baby

Guitar Junior(USA)(Alias = Lonnie Brooks) Tell Me Baby (Version 7)

(Little Junior’s Blue Flames(USA) Mystery Train Sun

((Alias = Little Junior Parker & his Blue Flames/Junior Parker)

Jimmy Justice(Britain) A Little Bit Of Soap Pye

Jimmy Justice & the Jury(Britain) Bloodshot Eyes Pye

Jimmy Justice(Britain) Little Lonely One Pye

Jimmy Justice(Britain) Tell Her (Version 2)

Ernest Kador(USA)(Alias = Ernie K-Doe) So Glad You’re Mine Specialty

Kansas City Tom Cats(USA) Meet Me, Meet, Meet Me Baby Josie

Kansas City Tom Cats(USA) Nobody Knows Josie

Sax Kari & his Orch.(USA) Signifying Monkey Apollo

(Swinging Sax Kari + O. (V: Gloria Loring)(USA) Daughter (That’s Your Red Wagon) – States

Karl & Herty(USA) Sweet Mama Put Him In Low Okeh

Kansas Katie(USA) Deep Sea Diver (OV/DV) Document

Beatrice Kay(USA) Boy You Better Watch It Girl Garpax

Dolly Kay(USA) Hard-Hearted Hannah (OV) Columbia (1924)

Dolly Kay(USA)You’ve Got To See Mama Ev’ry Night (Or You Can’t See Mama At All)(OV/DV) – Columbia

Ernie K-Doe(USA) My Mother In Law (Is In My Hair Again) (Answer song) Duke

Ernie K-Doe(USA) Tuff Enuff (Version 2) Ember

Ernie K-Doe(USA) Where There’s A Will There’s A Way Minit

Ernie K-Doe’s Blue Diamonds + Billy Tate & his Band(USA) No Money (OV/DV) - Savoy

Benny Kelly + Jump Jackson O.(USA) Choo Choo Blues Aristocrat

Earl & George Kelly(USA) Let It Roll (Parts 1 & 2) ABC

Jack Kelly + South Memphis Jug Band(USA) Doctor Medicine Document

Jack Kelly + South Memphis Jug Band(USA) Highway 61 Blues (OV/DV) American Records Corp./Document

Jack Kelly + South Memphis Jug Band(USA) Ko Ko Mo Blues Meletone

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) B.D. Woman Columbia

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Black Mary Saydisc

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Black Rat Swing Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Boll Weevil (Version 2) Red Flag/Manhaton

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Boney Maroney Tradition & Moderne

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Catfish Blues Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Come On In My Kitchen Epic

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Driftin’ And Driftin’ Columbia

Jo-Ann Kelly + Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts(Britain) Dust My Blues Saydisc

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues Blue Goose/Columbia

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Jump Steady Daddy Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Just Like I Treat You Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pocket Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Me ‘N’ My Chauffeur Red Flag

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Moon Going Down Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Nothin In Ramblin’ Saydisc

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Rollin’ And Tumblin’ Columbia

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Shave ‘Em Dry Connoisseur

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Sugar Babe (Ain’t Got No Lovin’ Now) Mooncrest/Open

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Tell Me Papa (How You Want It Done) Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Till My Back Ain’t Got No Bone Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Tricks Ain’t Walkin’ No More Blue Goose

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Walking Blues Mooncrest

Jo-Ann Kelly(Britain) Where Is My Good Man At Red Flag/Mooncrest

Willie Kelly(USA)(Alias = Roosevelt Sykes/The Honeydripper) 32:20 Blues – Bluebird

Nat Kendricks & the Swans(USA)(Alias = James Brown) (Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Parts 1 & 2) (OV)

Billy Kennedy(USA) Sweet Things Thelma

Chris Kenner(USA) Come See About Me (Version 2) (del.OV)

Chris Kenner(USA) Get On This Train Valiant

Chris Kenner(USA) Grandma’s House (OV/DV)

Chris Kenner(USA) Land Of 1,000 Dances (OV)

Chris Kenner(USA) She Can Dance Instant

Kenny & the Socialites(USA)(Alias = Socialites) King Tut Rock Crosstown

Al Kent(USA) Dat’s Why (I Love You So) (OV) Checker

Kents(USA) I Found My Girl Argo

Freddie Keppard + Jazz Cardinals (V: Papa Charlie Jackson)(USA) Messin’ Around – Paramount

(Freddie Keppard + Jazz Cardinals (V: Papa Charlie Jackson)(USA) Salty Dog – Paramount/American Music

((Alias = Charlie Jackson)

Tampa Kid(USA)(Alias = Charlie McCoy) Baby Please Don’t Go Paramount

Tampa Kid(USA) Keep On Trying Paramount

Kidds(USA) Drunk Drunk Drunk Imperial

Hank Kilroy(USA) Harlem Women Boulevard Vintage

Junior Kimbrough(USA) Crawling King Snake Fat Possum

Junior Kimbrough(USA) Do The Romp (OV/DV) Fat Possum

Junior Kimbrough(USA) Nobody But You (Version 2) (OV/DV) Fat Possum

Kid Kine’s Combo(USA) Banana Split Paramount

Albert King(USA) Answer To The Laundromat Blues (Answer song) Fantasy/Stax

Albert King(USA) As The Years Go Passing By (del.OV)

Albert King(USA) Bad Luck Chess

Albert King(USA) California Blues Chess

Albert King(USA) Don’t Burn Down The Bridge (‘Cause You Might Wanna Come Back Across) - Fantasy/Stax

Albert King(USA) I Can’t Stop Baby Chess

Albert King(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Tomato/Utopia

Albert King(USA) Killing Floor (del.OV)

Albert King(USA) Laundromat Blues (Answer song) (DV) Fantasy/Stax

Albert King(USA) Looking For A Woman Chess

Albert King(USA) Sky Is Crying, The Stax

Albert King(USA) You’re Gonna Need Me (OV/DV) Atlantic

B.B. King(USA) Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Version 3) – Universal Island Records/MCA

B.B. King(USA) Catfish Blues (Version 5) King

B.B. King(USA) Darlin’ You Know I Love You (OV/DV) RPM/Geffen

B.B. King(USA) Don’t You Lie To Me Geffen/MCA

B.B. King(USA) Don’t You Want A Man Like Me Modern

B.B. King(USA) Fishin’ After Me Kent

B.B. King(USA) Gambler’s Blues (Version 4) (OV/DV) MCA

B.B. King(USA) Help The Poor (OV/DV) ABC

B.B. King(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water (del.DV)

B.B. King(USA) In The Dark ABC-Paramount

B.B. King(USA) Jump With You Baby Flair/Crown Astor

B.B. King(USA) Just A Dream (Version 2) (del.OV)

B.B. King(USA) Need Your Love So Bad Geffen

B.B. King(USA) Rock Me Baby (del.OV)

B.B. King(USA) Shake It Up And Go (OV/DV)

B.B. King(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 7) MCA

B.B. King(USA) Shut Your Mouth RPM

B.B. King(USA) Sweet Sixteen (del.OV)

B.B. King(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 5)

B.B. King(USA) Think It Over (Version 3) MCA

B.B. King(USA) Tomorrow Night Geffen

B.B. King(USA) Woman I Love, The (Version 2) (OV/DV)

B.B. King(USA) Worry, Worry ABC

Buzzy King(Britain) Schoolboy Crush Top Rank

Dee King(Britain) It’s So Fine Piccadilly

Earl King(USA) Come On (Version 2) (OV/DV) Rex/Imperial

Earl King(USA) Mother’s Love (OV/DV) Specialty

Earl King(USA) She’s My Drivin’ Wheel Amy

Earl King(USA)(Alias = Handsome Earl) Those Lonely, Lonely Nights (OV/DV)

Freddie King(USA) Boogie Man (del.OV/DV)

Freddie King(USA) Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) RSO RSO

Freddie King(USA) Going Down (DV)

Freddie King(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Shelter

Freddy King(USA) Now I’ve Got A Woman Federal

Freddie King(USA) Texas Flyer (del.OV) RSO RSO

Freddy King(USA) You Gotta Love Her With A Feeling (del.OV)

Freddy King & Lula Reed(USA) You Can’t Hide King

Little Freddie King(USA) Mean Little Woman MadeWright

Jewel King(USA) Broke My Mother’s Rule Imperial

Jewel King(USA) Keep Your Mouth Shut Imperial

Jewel King(USA) Low Down Feeling Imperial

Jewelle (Jewel) King + Dave Bartholomew(USA) 3 X 7 = 21 (OV/DV)

Jimmy King(USA)(Alias = Jim & Lou) Knockin’ On Your Door Herald

Julius King(USA) I Want A Slice Of Your Pudding Apollo

Julius King(USA) Mississippi Boogie Document

Julius King(USA) One O’Clock Boogie Document

Pee Wee King(USA) Catty Town (OV/DV)

King Bees(USA) Puppy Love (Version 7) (OV/DV) (transferred from Doo Wop)

Kingpins (Group 2)(Britain)(Alias=King Pins (Group 2)) Another Tear Falls – Columbia

Kingpins (Group 2)(Britain) Shame On You, Miss Johnson Raucous

King Pins (Group 3)(USA) I Won’t Have It Federal

King Pins (Group 3)(USA) You’re Using Me Federal

Pee Wee Kingsley feat. Sugar Pie De Santo(USA) A Nickel And A Dime - Music City

Pee Wee Kingsley feat. Sugar Pie De Santo(USA) Flippin’ And Floppin’ Music City

Kingsmen(USA) Kicking With My Stallion Club 51

King Toppers(USA) Walkin’ And Talkin’ The Blues Josie

Andy Kirk & his Twelve Clouds Of Joy(USA) Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Drinking Wine - Decca

as above Froggy Bottom Brunswick

as above Give Her A Pint (And She’ll Tell It All) Decca

as above Take It And Git Decca

as above (Vocals: June Richmond) Take Those Blues Away Decca

as above (Vocals: June Richmond) Wham (Wham-Re-Bop-Boom-Bam) - Decca

as above What’s Your Story, Morning Glory? Decca

as above Worried Life Blues Decca

as above (Vocals: Pha Terrell)(USA) Worried Over You (OV/DV) Decca

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) Have Mercy On Me (OV)

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) I Tried Lu Pine/Tru-Sound

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) Man Of Stone Tru-Sound

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) Train Done Gone (Version 2) Lu Pine/Tru-Sound

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