J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Lillie Mae Kirkman(USA) He’s Just My Size Columbia

Kit-Kats(USA) Sea Of Love Jamie

Christine Kittrell(USA) I’m A Woman (OV) Vee Jay

Christine Kittrell(USA) Sittin’ And Drinkin’ (OV/DV) Vee Jay

Christine Kittrell(USA) Sittin’ Here Drinkin’ Again States

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Double Trouble Blues Bluebird/RCA

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Fish House Blues Vocalion

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Killing Floor Blues Vocalion

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Leave My Man Alone (OV/DV) Vocalion

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Mistreatin’ Easy Rider Vocalion

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Show Me What You Got Document

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) That Thing’s A Mess Vocalion

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) When Can I Get It Vocalion

(Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom(USA) Who’s Been Here Since I’ve Been Gone – Vocalion

((Alias = Mozelle Alderson/Thomas A. Dorsey)

Kitty & the La-Fetts(USA) Can Can Rock & Roll Apollo

Jean Knight(USA) If It Don’t Fit (Don’t Force It) AIM

Jean Knight(USA) Mr. Big Stuff (OV/DV)

Marie Knight(USA) Come On Baby, Hold My Hand Okeh

Marie Knight(USA) Tell Me Why (del. Version 2) (OV/del.DV)

Sonny Knight(USA) Teenage Party (OV/DV)

Cub Koda(USA)(Alias = Brownsville Station) I Got My Mojo Workin’ Baron

Cub Koda(USA) Ace Of Spades Wolf

Cub Koda(USA) I Have A Little Girl Wolf

Cub Koda(USA) Time Has Come, The (Version 2) Wolf

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Bad Boy Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Chicago Daily Blues Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Courtin’ In A Cadillac Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Dirty Dozens, The Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Dust My Broom Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Give Me Back My Wig Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) High And Lonesome Deluge

Cub Koda + Houseshakers(USA) Highway 49 Deluge

Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated(USA) Early In The Morning (Version 3)

Billy J. Kramer + Dakotas(Britain) Dance With Me (Version 6)

James Kuykendall(USA) Christmas Tears (Version 3) Dialtone

James Kuykendall(USA) Merry Christmas Baby Dialtone

La De Da’s(NewZealand) Jump Back Philips

Ray LaMontagne(USA) Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s A Shame) 14th Floor/RCA/Red Ink

Ray LaMontagne(USA) You Are The Best Thing 14th Floor/RCA/Red Ink

Lamplighters(USA) I Wanna Know (OV/DV)

Lamplighters(USA) Sister Sookey Come Home (Answer song) (OV/DV)

Lana Sisters(Britain) You’ve Got What It Takes Fontana

Major Lance(USA) Hey Little Girl (Version 11)

Bob Landers + Willie Joe & his Unitar(USA) Cherokee Dance Specialty

Hoagy Lands(USA) Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand Atlantic

Gary Lane + Mad Lads(USA)(Alias=Darnells (G2) (V: Gary Lane)) Henrietta – Cuca

Linda Lane(USA)(Alias = Linda Jones) Lonely Teardrops Cub

Willie Lane(USA) Howling Wolf(e) Blues Document

Billie Langford(USA)(Alias = Billy Langford Combo) Let Me Grease Your Griddle – Harlem

Richard Lanham(USA)(Alias = Tender Tones) On Your Radio Acme

Larks(USA) I Ain’t Fattenin’ Frogs For Snakes Apollo

Larks(USA) Little Side Car Apollo

Larks(USA) Tippin’ In Apollo

Larks(USA) (add Alias = Four Barons/Tarheel Slim) When I Leave These Prison Walls (OV/DV) – Apollo

Larry & Johnny(USA)(Alias = Larry Williams/Johnny “Guitar” Watson) Beatle Time (Parts 1 & 2) - Jola

Larry’s Rebels(New Zealand – trf. from Britain) I Feel Good Impact Parlophone

Tony Rodelle Larson(USA) Cool Yule Band Box

Denise LaSalle(USA) A Man Size Job Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) Bitch Is Bad, The Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Blues Party Tonight Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Bone It Like You Own It Ecko

Denise LaSalle(USA) Boogie Man Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Breaking Up Somebody’s Home Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) Bump And Grind Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Dip, Bam, Thank You Maam Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Dirty Old Woman Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Five Below Zero Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Give Me Your Most Strongest Whiskey Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Got Myself A Handyman ABC/MCA/Shout

Denise LaSalle(USA) Harper Valley P.T.A. Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) If You Can’t Keep It Up Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) Juke Joint Woman Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Keep Your Pants On Malaco

(Denise LaSalle(USA) Look What Can Happen To You (If You Get Caught Messin’ With My Tutu) -

( - (Answer song) Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Mississippi Woman Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Now Run And Tell That Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) (You Hit One) Over The Fence Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) Pay Before You Pump Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Right Side Of The Wrong Bed Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Risky Business Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) See Saw Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Shame, Shame, Shame Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) Snap, Crackle And Pop Ecko

Denise LaSalle(USA) There Ain’t Enough Hate Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) Thrill Is On Again, The (Answer song) Ecko

Denise LaSalle(USA) Tighten Up On Your Good Thing Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) (I’m A) 24 Hour Woman (Answer song) Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) You Gotta Pay To Play Malaco

Denise LaSalle(USA) You Shoulda Kept In The Bedroom Ecko

Denise LaSalle(USA) You’ll Never Get Your Hooks In My Man Westbound

Denise LaSalle(USA) Your Husband Is A Cheatin’ On Us Malaco

Louie Lasky(USA) How Do You Want Your Rollin’ Done? Vocalion

Latimore(USA)(Alias = Benny Latimore/Latti Moore) Let’s Straighten It Out (OV/DV) – Glades

Stacy Lattisaw(USA)(Alias = Stacey Lattisaw) Attack Of The Name Game (Answer song) - Cotillion

Cyndi Lauper(USA) Romance In The Dark Mercer Street Records

Cyndi Lauper (feat Ann Peebles)(USA) Rollin’ And Tumblin’ Mercer Street Records

Cyndi Lauper (feat Charlie Musselwhite)(USA) Down Don’t Bother Me - Mercer Street Records

Cyndi Lauper (feat Jonny Lang)(USA) Crossroads Mercer Street Records

Cyndi Lauper (feat Jonny Lang)(USA) How Blue Can You Get Mercer Street Records

Cyndi Lauper (feat Jonny Lang)(USA) Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues - Mercer Street Records

Annie Laurie + Paul Gayten(USA) Now That You’re Gone (Version 3)

Annie Laurie + Paul Gayten(USA) One Sweet Letter From You DeLuxe

Miss La-Vell(USA)(Alias = Lavelle White) If (I Could Be With You) Duke

Betty Lavett(USA)(Alias=Betty LaVette/Bettye La Vette) You Killed The Love – Lu-Pine

Thelma La Vizzo(USA) Trouble In Mind Blues (OV) Paramount (1924)

Layabouts(Australia) Doomba Doomba Larrikin

Layabouts(Australia) I Get Evil Larrikin

Layabouts(Australia) Night Life Boogie Larrikin

Layabouts(Australia) Quiet Whiskey Larrikin

Layabouts(Australia) Run Joe Larrikin

Layabouts(Australia) Smokin’ In Bed (Version 2) N/A

Layabouts(Australia) What’ve I Been Drinkin’? Larrikin

L’Cap-Tans(USA)(Alias = Cap-Tans) Call The Doctor Hollywood

L’Cap-Tans(USA) Waiting At The Station Gotham

Rebecca Lea(USA) Devil Hates You, The Groove

Leadbelly + Golden Gate Quartet(USA) Alabama Bound Victor/RCA

Leadbelly(USA) Backwater Blues Smithsonian Folkways

Leadbelly(USA) Big Fat Woman (OV) Everest

Leadbelly(USA) Black Gal (del.OV)

Lead Belly(USA) Bull Cow Blues Columbia

Leadbelly(USA) Christmas Song, The (Version 2) Smithsonian Folkways

Leadbelly(USA) Ella Speed (OV/DV) Document

Leadbelly(USA) Keep Your Hands Off Her (OV) Smithsonian Folkways

Leadbelly(USA) New York City (OV/DV)

Leadbelly(USA) No Good Rider Musicraft/Tradition

Leadbelly(USA) Pig Meat Papa Columbia

Leadbelly(USA) Tell Me Baby Capitol

Leake County Revelers(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (OV) Columbia

Leaves(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 2) Capitol

Led Zeppelin(Britain) Bring It On Home Atlantic Atlantic

Huddie Ledbetter(USA) Black Gal (Where Did You Sleep Last Night) Columbia

Frankie Lee(USA) I’ve Thought About Livin’ (Answer song) Dore

George E. Lee’s Novelty Singing O. (V: Julia Lee)(Alias = Julia Lee) Down Home Syncopated Blues - Merritt

as above He’s Tall, He’s Dark And He’s Handsome Merritt/Brunswick

John Lee (Hooker)(USA) Baby Please Don’t Go (Version 2) United Artists/Document

Johnny Lee(USA)(Alias = John Lee Hooker) Hey Bartender WEA

Johnny Lee(USA) I Came To See You Baby De Luxe

Julia Lee(USA) Do You Want It Capitol

Julia Lee(USA) Don’t Come Too Soon Capitol

Julia Lee(USA) My Man Stands Out Capitol

Julia Lee & her Bear Cats(USA) Scat You Cats Damon/Bear Family

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Can‘t Get Enough Of That Stuff Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) He’s Tall, He’s Dark And He’s Handsome – Merritt/Brunswick

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) I Didn’t Like It The First Time (The Spinach Song) (OV/DV) – Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) It Won’t Be Long (Version 5)

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Knock Me A Kiss Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Last Call For Alcohol (OV/DV) Capitol/Bear Family

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Shake It And Break It Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Sit Down And Drink It Over Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Snatch And Grab It (Version 3) (OV/DV)

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Tell Me Daddy Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Tonight’s The Night (Version 4) Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Ugly Papa (OV/DV) Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) (It Will Have To Do) Until The Real Thing Comes Along – Capitol

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) Won’t You Come Over To My House Merritt

Julia Lee & her Boy Friends(USA) You Ain’t Got It No More Capitol

((Alias = George E. Lee’s Novelty Singing Orch. (Vocals: Julia Lee)/Tommy Douglas Orch. (Vocals: Julia Lee))

Julia Lee + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Come On Over To My House Baby - Brunswick

Peggy Lee(USA) I’m A Woman (del.OV)

Roberta Lee & Hardrock Gunter(USA) Sixty Minute Man Decca

Stag Lee(USA) Night Stagger Lee Came To Town, The (Answer song) Silly

Tommy Lee(USA) Pack Up My Blues Dream Catcher

Warren Lee(USA) Anna (Stay With Me) Soundex

Warren Lee(USA) Anna (We’re Gonna Get Married) Nola

(Warren Lee(USA) Star Revue Deesu

((Alias = Warren (Lee) Taylor/Warren Lee Taylor)

Bobbie Leecan & Robert Cooksey(USA)(Alias=Leecan & Cooksey) Don‘t Let Your Head Hang Down - Victor

Lendells(USA)(Alias = Ly-Dells/Lydells) (Don’t Be A) Litterbug Reach

J.B. Lenoir(USA)(Alias = J.B. Lenore) I Been Down So Long (OV/DV) Decca

J.B. Lenoir(USA) I Feel So Good USA

J.B. Lenoir(USA) I’ll Die Trying (OV/DV) J.O.B.

J.B. Lenoir(USA) Mama Your Daughter Is Going To Miss Me (Answer song) – Parrot

J.B. Lenoir(USA) Move To Kansas City (OV/DV)

J.B. Lenoir(USA) Voodoo Music (OV/DV) Polydor

J.B. Lenore(USA)(Alias = J.B. Lenoir) What About Your Daughter (Answer song) – Checker

Little Leo(USA) Handwriting On The Wall Meladee

Cousin Leroy(USA)(Alias = Leroy Rozier) Catfish Groove

Cousin Leroy(USA) Will A Matchbox Hold My Clothes Ember

Les Surfs(France) Claque Tape (The Clapping Song) Festival Records Of France W & G

(Les Surfs(France) Defense De Toucher Mon Amour (Keep Your Hands Off-A My Baby) –

( - Festival Records Of France W & G

Les Surfs(France) Reviens Vite Et Oublie (Be My Baby) Festival Records Of France W & G

Lazy Lester(USA) Bloodstains On The Wall Alligator

Lazy Lester(USA) Lonesome Highway Blues Excello

Lazy Lester(USA) Nothing But The Devil Antones

Lazy Lester(USA) Strange Things Happen Excello

Lazy Lester(USA) Tell Me Pretty Baby Excello

Lazy Lester(USA) You’re Gonna Ruin Me Baby Excello

Bobby Lewis(USA) Fire Of Love (Version 2) Roulette

Bobby Lewis(USA) You Better Stop Roulette

Furry Lewis(USA) Billy Lyons And Stack O’Lee Vocalion/Brunswick

Furry Lewis(USA) Casie Jones Blues Vocalion

(Furry Lewis(USA)(Alias = Walter Lewis) Creeper’s Blues (OV) Vocalion (1929)

(This song contains the line: "Mama Get Your Hatchet, Kill The Fly On Baby‘s Head" from which the other

(versions are derived.

Furry Lewis(USA) John Henry (The Steel Drivin’ Man) Victor

Furry Lewis(USA) Kassie Jones (Parts 1 & 2) Victor

Furry Lewis(USA) Mean Old Bedbug Blues Vocalion

Furry Lewis(USA) Mistreatin’ Mama (OV/DV)

Furry Lewis(USA) Walking Blues (Version 3)

Huey Lewis & the News(USA) Better To Have And Not Need Elektra

Huey Lewis & the News(USA) Searching For My Love Elektra

Huey Lewis & the News(USA) Surely I Love You Elektra

Jerry Lee Lewis(USA) Blueberry Hill Mercury

Jerry Lee Lewis(USA) Haunted House Mercury

Jerry Lee Lewis(USA) Just A Little Bit Mercury

Jimmy Lewis & Ellis Evans(USA) When I Leave You Baby Document

Black Joe Lewis + Honeybears(USA) Black Snake Lost Highway

Black Joe Lewis + Honeybears(USA) I’m Gonna Leave You Lost Highway

Black Joe Lewis + Honeybears(USA) Livin’ In The Jungle Lost Highway

Black Joe Lewis + Honeybears(USA) Messin’ Lost Highway

Black Joe Lewis + Honeybears(USA) You Been Lyin’ Lost Highway

Margaret Lewis(USA) Dust My Blues Ace

Margaret Lewis(USA) From The Cradle To The Blues RAM

Pete “Guitar” Lewis(USA) Chocolate Pork Chop Man King

Pete “Guitar” Lewis(USA) Raggedy Blues Federal

Richard Lewis & his Orch. (V: Delores Gibson)(USA) Call Me, Call Me, Call Me - Aladdin

Richard Lewis & his Orch. (V: Delores Gibson)(USA) Hey Little Boy (Version 2) - Aladdin

Richard Lewis & his Orch.(USA) Hey Little Girl (Version 9) (OV/DV) Aladdin

Smiley Lewis(USA) Caledonia’s Party Imperial

Smiley Lewis(USA) Come On (Version 9) Imperial

Smiley Lewis(USA) Tee-Nah-Nah (OV/DV) Imperial

Smiley Lewis(USA)(Alias = Overton Lemon/Smiling Lewis) Tore Up Imperial

Smiling Lewis(USA)(Alias = Overton Lemon/Smiley Lewis) Here Comes Smiley – De Luxe

Smiling Lewis(USA) Turn On Your Volume De Luxe

Lexingtons(USA) I Found My Baby (Version 2) (Answer song) (OV/DV) Everest

Jimmy Liggins & his Drops Of Joy(USA) Cadillac Boogie Specialty

Jimmy Liggins & his Drops Of Joy(USA) I Want My Baby For Christmas Specialty

Jimmy Liggins & his Drops Of Joy(USA) I’ll Never Let You Go Specialty

Joe Liggins + Honeydrippers(USA) Going Back To New Orleans (OV/DV)

Joe Liggins + Honeydrippers(USA) Make Love To Me (del.OV)

Joe Liggins + Honeydrippers(USA) Walkin’ (Version 3) (OV/DV)

Joe Liggins + Honeydrippers (V: Candy Rivers)(USA) Freight Train Blues (del.OV)

Joe Liggins + Honeydrippers (V: Candy Rivers)(USA) Write Me One Sweet Letter (OV/DV)

Light Crust Doughboys(USA) Pussy, Pussy, Pussy Vocalion

Limelighters(USA) Cabin Hideaway Josie

Limelighters(USA) My Sweet Norma Lee Josie

Charley Lincoln & Willie Baker(USA)(Alias=Charlie Lincoln) Sweet Patunia Blues – Document

Charlie Lincoln(USA) Doodle Hole Blues Yazoo

Little Linda(USA) I Know Coral

Reg Lindsay(Australia) Mississippi Delta Blues Rodeo

Hip Linkchain(USA) Gambler’s Blues (Version 4) Evidence

Hip Linkchain(USA) House Cat Blues (Version 2) Evidence

Hip Linkchain(USA) Take Out Your False Teeth Evidence

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Ain’t It Hard Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Angel Child Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Black Gal Reprise

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Blues In The Bottle Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Bumble Bee Blues Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Changed The Lock On My Door Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Cocaine Done Kill My Baby Reprise

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Corrine, Corrina Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Easy Rider Blues Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Ella Speed Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Foggy Bottom Blues Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Frankie And Albert Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Haunted House Blues Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Hey Lawdy Mama Reprise

Mance Lipscomb(USA) If I Miss The Train Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Is You Gonna Quit Me Baby Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Jack O’Diamonds (Version 5) Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Key To The Highway Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Mama Don’t Allow Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Mama Let Me Lay It On You Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Mean Boss Man Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Meet Me In The Bottom Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) One Thin Dime Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Shake, Shake Mama (OV/DV) Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Stop Time (Version 2)

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Sugar Babe Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Tell Me Where You Stayed Last Night Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Texas Blues Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) Wonder Where My Easy Rider Done Gone Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) You Don’t Love Me (OV/DV) Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) You Gonna Miss Me Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) You Gonna Quit Me Arhoolie

Mance Lipscomb(USA) You‘ve Got To See Mamma Ev‘ry Night Or You Can‘t See Mamma At All - Arhoolie

Sydney Lipton + Grosvenor House Band(Britain)(Alias = Sidney Lipton) Sadie The Shaker – Decca

Virginia Liston(USA) I Don’t Love Nobody Okeh

Virginia Liston(USA) I’m Sick Of Fattening Frogs For Snakes (Answer song) – Okeh

Virginia Liston(USA) I‘ve Got What It Takes (But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away) - Okeh

Virginia Liston(USA) Make Me A Pallet Okeh

Virginia Liston(USA) Night Latch Key Blues Okeh

Virginia Liston(USA) Weeping Willow Blues Okeh

Virginia Liston(USA) You Can Dip Your Bread In My Gravy, But You Can’t Have Any Of My Chops – Okeh

(Virginia Liston + Clarence Williams’ Blue Five(USA) You’ve Got The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole –

( - (OV/DV) Okeh

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Come On Baby Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Drinkin’ Hadacol Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Joint Jumping Mama Federal

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Just Before Sunrise Modern

(Little Willie Littlefield(USA) K.C. Loving (OV)

(Written in 1952 by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller as K.C. Loving for Little Willie Littlefield - later versions were

(re-named Kansas City. The most famous version was by Wilburt Harrison, recorded in 1959.

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Love Me Tonight (Version 9) Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Lump In My Throat (Tears In My Eyes) Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Mean Mean Woman Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Mello Cats Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Merry Xmas Modern/Document/Ace

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Mistreated Rhythm

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Pleading At Midnight Federal

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Rockin’ Chair Mama Modern

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Searching For My Baby Federal

Little Willie Littlefield(USA) Tell Me Baby Modern

Hattie Littles(USA)(Alias = Littles) Money (That’s What I Want) Motown

Liverpool Five(Britain)(Alias = Liverpool 5) Snake, The (Version 2) RCA

Dickie Loader + Blue Jeans(Britain) My Babe Parlophone

Robert Lockwood Jr.(USA) I’m Gonna Train My Baby Nighthawk

Robert Lockwood Jr.(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 3) (OV) Trix

Robert Lockwood Jr.(USA) Love Me Tonight (Version 10) (OV/DV) Trix

Locomotions(USA) Little Eva (OV/DV) Gone

Cripple Clarence Lofton(USA) Brown Skin Girls Vocalion/Yazoo

Cripple Clarence Lofton(USA) I Don’t Know (Version 2) add Solo Art

Cripple Clarence Lofton (V: Al Nelson)(USA)(Alias=Red Nelson) It’s Got To Be Done - Vocalion/Yazoo

Cripple Clarence Lofton(USA) Monkey Man Blues Vocalion/Yazoo

Cripple Clarence Lofton(USA) Strut That Thing Vocalion/Yazoo

Cripple Clarence Lofton(USA) Sweetest Thing Born Vocalion/Yazoo

Cripple Clarence Lofton(USA) You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down (OV/DV) - Vocalion/Yazoo

Willie Lofton Trio(USA)(Alias = Willie “Poor Boy” Lofton) Beer Garden Blues – Bluebird

Willie “Poor Boy” Lofton(USA)(Alias = Willie Lofton Trio) Dirty Mistreater – Decca/Document

Willie “Poor Boy” Lofton(USA) It’s Killin’ Me Decca/Document

Dorothy Logan with the Gems(USA) Since I Fell ForYou Drexel

Ella Logan + Spirits Of Rhythm(USA) From Monday On (del.OV)

Clarence London(USA) Goin’ Back To Mama Fidelity

Shorty Long(USA) Goodnight Cincinatti, Good Morning Tennessee King

Professor Longhair(USA) Junco Partner Alligator

Professor Longhair & his Blues Scholars(USA) In The Night Atlantic

Professor Longhair(USA) Looka, No Hair Specialty

Professor Longhair + New Orleans Boys(USA) Rockin’ With Fes Star Talent/Federal

Professor Longhair(USA) Thank You, Pretty Baby (del.OV/DV)

(Professor Longhair & his Blues Scholars(USA) Walk Your Blues Away Atlantic

((Alias = Roy Byrd/Roland Byrd)

Bobby Lord(USA) High Voltage (OV/DV)

Lord Lebby + Orch. by the Kalypsonians(Jamaica) Caldonia R & B/Starlite

Los Bravos(Spain) I Don’t Care Press/Decca (UK)

Joe Hill Louis(USA) A Jumpin’ And A Shufflin’ JSP

Joe Hill Louis(USA) Big Leg Woman (del.OV)

Louisiana Rhythm Boys(USA) That Da Da Strain Vocalion (1939)

Kitty Love(USA) You Gotta Change Dade

Preston Love(USA) You Got Me Drinkin’ Federal

(Preston Love + O. (V: Sugar Pie)(USA) Boom Diddy Wa Wa Baby (OV/DV) - Federal

((Alias = Hank & Sugar Pie (DeSanto)/Sugar Pie DeSanto)

Willie Love’s Three Aces(USA) Little Car Blues Trumpet

Willie Love & his Three Aces(USA) Nelson Street Blues Trumpet

Willie Love & his Three Aces(USA) Take It Easy Baby Trumpet

Willie Love & his Three Aces(USA) 21 Minutes To Nine Trumpet

Willie Love & his Three Aces(USA) V-8 Ford Trumpet

Loved Ones(Australia) Woman I Love, The (Version 2) In

Lovers (+ Tarheel Slim)(USA) Love Bug Bit Me Aladdin/Lamp

Virginia Lowe(USA) I’m In Love With Elvis Presley Melba

Lazy Bill Lucas(USA)(Alias = Lazy Bill (Lucas)/Blues Rockers) Calling All Cows - Chrome Dreams

Buddy Lucas(USA) Night Train (del.OV)

Jane Lucas & Georgia Tom(USA) What’s That I Smell Champion

Matt Lucas(USA) Annie Had A Baby (Answer song) Renay

Matt Lucas(USA) Turn On Your Lovelight Dot

Milton Luce + Johnny Wallace Sextet(USA) I Got You Argo

Henry Lumpkin(USA) Mojo Hannah (OV) Motown

Leon Lumpkins(USA) How I Got Over Savoy/Verve

Jimmy Lunceford + Orch.(USA) Rhythm Is My Business (Theme song) (OV)

Nellie Lutcher(USA) Hurry On Down Capitol

Little Luther(USA) Eenie Meenie Minie Moe Checker

Luther & Little Eva(USA) Love Is Strange King/Ace/Parlophone (UK)

Ly-Dells(USA)(Alias = Lydells/Lendells) Doing The Wiggle Wobble Roulette

Ly-Dells(USA) Hear That Train SCA

Ly-Dells(USA) Karen (Version 2) Roulette

Ly-Dells(USA) There Goes The Boy Pam/Parkway

Ly-Dells(USA) Three Little Monkeys Southern Sound

Frankie Lymon(USA) Girls Were Made For Boys Roulette

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