J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Frankie Lymon(USA) It’s Christmas Once Again Roulette

Frankie Lymon(USA) Push And Pull (DV)

Frankie Lymon(USA) Up Jumped A Rabbit (OV/DV)

Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers(USA) ABC’s Of Love Gee

Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers(USA) Begin The Beguine Roulette

Barbara Lynn(USA) I Got Love If You Want It Atlantic

Barbara Lynn(USA) Jealous Love (Version 2) Jamie

Barbara Lynn(USA) Long Gone Atlantic

Barbara Lynn(USA) Lynn’s Blues Atlantic

Barbara Lynn(USA) Money Atlantic

Barbara Lynn(USA) Payback (Version 2) Bullseye Blues

Barbara Lynn(USA) Sugar Coated Love Atlantic

Barbara Lynn(USA) Sweet Sixteen Bullseye Blues

Sammi Lynn(USA) Down On Your Knees (OV) Sue

Cheri Lynn(USA) Your Money Ain’t Long Enough (OV/DV) Apollo

Clyde “Blow Top” Lynn + House Rockers (V: Melvin Smith)(USA) School Boy Blues - RCA

Gloria Lynne(USA) You Don’t Have To Be A Tower Of Strength (Answer song) – Everest

Susan Lynne(USA) Even Though Dual

Lynyrd Skynyrd(USA) Double Trouble (OV/DV)

Ricky Lyons(USA) Shim Sham Shuffle (OV) Federal

Lyrics(USA) Down In The Alley Mid South

Lyrics(USA) Oh, Please Love Me Harlem/Wildcat/Coral

Lyrics (Group 2)(USA) Come Back Baby (Let’s Talk It Over One More Time) (Version 16) (OV/DV) – Rhythm

Lyrics (Group 3)(USA)(Alias = Falcons (Group 2)) Come On Home (Version 2) – Vee Jay

Redd Lyte(USA)(Alias = Floyd Hollis) Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (Version 2) - Savoy/JSP

Willie Mabon(USA)(Alias = Big Willie) I Don’t Care add Parrot

Willie Mabon(USA) Monday Woman (OV/DV)

Willie Mabon(USA) Poison Ivy (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Willie Mabon(USA) Seventh Son (OV)

Willie Mabon(USA) Shake That Thing (Version 2) Wolf

Macbeth The Great(Trinidad) Bad Bad Whiskey Time

Big Maceo (Merriweather)(USA) It’s All Up To You Bluebird

Big Maceo (Merriweather)(USA) Since You Been Gone Bluebird

Big Maceo (Merriweather)(USA) So Long Baby Bluebird

Big Maceo (Merriweather)(USA) Some Sweet Day Bluebird

Alura Mack(USA) I Ain‘t Puttin‘ Out Nothin‘ Gennett

Alura Mack(USA) Everybody’s Man Is Mine Gennett

Alura Mack(USA) My Kitchen Man Gennett

Alura Mack(USA) Wicked Daddy Blues Gennett

Ida Mae Mack(USA)(Alias = Ida May Mack/Ida Mack) Good-Bye Rider – Victor/Document

Ida Mae Mack(USA) When You Lose Your Daddy Victor/Document

Lonnie Mack(USA) Rockin‘ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu Fraternity

Big Dave MacLean(USA) Santa Come Down Stony Plain

Ed Macon & Tampa Joe(USA) Try That Thing Okeh

Short Stuff Macon(USA)(Alias=John Wesley Macon) Corrina Folkways

Short Stuff Macon(USA) Hell Bound Blues Folkways

Short Stuff Macon(USA) Messing With That Thing Folkways

Josh Macrae(Britain) Original Talkin’ Blues (Talkin’ Southern Blues) Pye

Daisy Mae & her Hep Cats(USA) Stuff You Gotta Watch Gotham

Daisy Mae & her Hep Cats(USA) Want Me A Man Gotham

Daisy Mae & her Hep Cats(USA) Woman Trouble Gotham

Elsie Mae (TV Mama)(USA) Whole Lot Of Lovin’ Smash

(Streamline Mae(USA) Streamline Blues Document

((Alias = St. Louis Bessie/Bessie Mae Smith/Blue Belle/Bessie “Blue Belle” Smith)

Johnny Maestro & the Crests(USA) Try Me Parkway

Magic Tones(USA) Cool Cool Baby (OV/DV)

Magistrates(USA) Here Comes The Judge MGM

Magnolia Five(USA) If You Can’t Get Five Take Two Joe Davis

Taj Mahal(USA) Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My Own Warner Bros.

Taj Mahal(USA) Diving Duck Blues (DV)

Sidney Maiden(USA) Honey Bee Blues Imperial

Sidney Maiden(USA) Hurry, Hurry Baby Flash

Sidney Maiden(USA) Me And My Chauffeur Prestige Bluesville

Sidney Maiden(USA) My Black Name Prestige Bluesville

Sidney Maiden & K.C. Douglas(USA) Eclipse Of The Sun Down Town/Heritage

Sidney Maiden & K.C. Douglas(USA) Mercury Boogie Down Town

Sidney Maiden + Stan Green & the Cats From Fresno(USA) Hand Me Down Baby - Dig

Majestics (Group 3) Lone Stranger, The Foxie/20th Fox/Sioux

Majestics (Group 3) Teach Me How To Limbo Chex

Majestics (Group 4) Cave Man Rock (OV/DV) Marlin

Majestics (Group 4)(Alias = Sam & Dave) Nitey Nite Marlin

Majors(USA) Oh Baby Josie

Majors(USA) String Along (Version 2) Josie

Mando & his Chili Peppers(USA) Congo Mombo Golden Crest

Manhattan Transfer(USA) Bacon Fat Wounded Bird

Manhattan Transfer(USA) In The Dark Wounded Bird

Manhattan Transfer(USA) That Cat Is High Wounded Bird

Gloria Mann(USA) Teenage Prayer (OV)

Manfred Mann(Britain) Sticks And Stones HMV

Wingy Manone(USA) Hesitation Blues (del.OV)

Wingy Manone(USA) How Long Blues RCA

Marcels(USA) Betty Lou Baron

Marcels(USA) Got A Job (Answer song) Decca

Marcels(USA) Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart Colpix

Bobby Marchan(USA) Sad Sack Dial

Bobby Marchan & the Tick Tocks(USA) Shoppin’ And Accusin’ Fire

Margo & the Marvettes(Britain) So Fine Parlophone

Maria & the Autumns(USA) Goodbye Angel Baby (Answer song) BAB

Marie & Rex(USA)(Alias = Marie Knight/Rex Gavin) I Can’t Sit Down Carlton

Marquees(USA) Christmas In The Congo Warner Bros.

Marquees(USA) Santa Done Got Hip Warner Bros.

Marquis(USA) Hope He’s True Onyx

(Marshall & Davis(USA) Jail House Blues (Version 4) N/A (1919)

(Performed at Gibson‘s New Theater, Philadelphia (1919).

Blind George Martin(USA) Diddie Wa Diddie Broadway

Blind George Martin(USA) Goodbye Mama Moan Broadway

Blind George Martin(USA) He’s In The Jailhouse (Answer song) Broadway

Blind George Martin(USA) Police Dog Blues Broadway

Pete Martin(USA) I Guess I Was Born To Lose Gotham

Sara Martin(USA) Can‘t Find Nobody To Do Like My Daddy Do Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Do It A Long Time Papa Black Swan/Paramount

Sara Martin(USA) Down At The Razor Ball Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Eagle Rock Me, Papa Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Every Woman Needs A Man Okeh

Sara Martin + Clarence Williams Blue Five(USA) I Want Every Bit Of It, I Don‘t Like It Second Hand - Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) If You Don’t Like It Leave Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Keeps On A-Rainin’ (Papa, He Can’t Make No Time) Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Mistreated Mama Blues (OV/DV)

Sara Martin + Thomas Waller on piano(USA) Last Go Round (OV/DV) Okeh

Sara Martin + Thomas Waller on piano(USA) Mama’s Got The Blues (OV/DV) - Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Pleading Blues Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Slow Down Papa Mama’s Catching Up With You Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) ‘T Ain’t Nobody’s Bus’ness If I Do Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) That Dance Called Messin’ Around Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Tired O’ Waitin’ Blues Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) What Kinda Man Is You Okeh

Sara Martin(USA) Ye Shall Reap Just What You Sow Okeh

Mississippi Marvel(USA) Catfish Blues Broke & Hungry Records

Mississippi Marvel(USA) 44 Blues Broke & Hungry Records

Mississippi Marvel(USA) Hard Pill To Swallow Broke & Hungry Records

Mississippi Marvel(USA) Laundromat Blues Broke & Hungry Records

Mississippi Marvel(USA) Stoop Down Mama Broke & Hungry Records

Marvellos(USA) Calypso Mama Theron

Marvellos(USA) Red Hot Mama Marvello

Marvelows(USA) Shim Sham, The ABC-Paramount

Marvin & Johnny(USA) Tick Tock Modern/Crown Astor

Mascots(USA) Do The Wiggle King

(Masked Man & the Agents(USA) One Eye Open Dynamo

((Alias = Wailin’ Bethea & the Cap-Tans/Maskman & the Agents)

Masked Marvel(USA)(Alias = Charlie Patton) Screamin’ And Hollerin’ The Blues (OV/DV)- Paramount

Will Mastin Trio (feat. Sammy Davis Jr.)(USA) Boogie Woogie Piggy N/A

Mississippi Matilda(USA) Happy Home Blues Bluebird/RCA

Mississippi Matilda(USA) Hard Working Woman Blues Bluebird/RCA

Fat Man Matthews + 4 Kittens(USA) Later Baby (OV) Imperial

Sherlie Matthews(USA) My Sugar Baby Mirwood

Matthew “Hogman” Maxey(USA) Fast Life Woman Doxey/Arhoolie

Matthew “Hogman” Maxey(USA) Stagolee Doxey/Arhoolie

John Mayall + Bluesbreakers(Britain) I’m Your Witchdoctor(OV/DV) Immediate

Big Maybelle(USA) A Good Man Is Hard To Find (del.OV/DV)

Big Maybelle(USA) Hurry Hurry (Big Maybelle’s 1st recording) Decca

Big Maybelle(USA) Jinny Mule Okeh

Big Maybelle(USA) My Country Man Okeh

Big Maybelle(USA) Rockhouse (Version 4)

Big Maybelle(USA)(Alias = Mabel Smith) So Long (del.OV)

Arthur Lee Maye(USA) Hey Pretty Girl Flip

Arthur Lee Maye(USA) Honey Honey (Version 2) Dig

Arthur Lee Maye(USA) Sh-Boom Dig

Arthur Lee Maye(USA)(Alias-Arthur Lee Mayes) Sincerely Dig

Arthur Lee Maye & the Crowns(USA) Cool Lovin’ RPM

Arthur Lee Maye & the Crowns(USA) Do The Bop (del.OV)

Arthur Lee Maye & the Crowns(USA) Oochie Pachie (OV) RPM

Texas Pete Mayes(USA)(Alias = Pete Mays) Crazy Woman Ovide

Texas Pete Mayes(USA) Moving Out (Version 7) Ovide

Percy Mayfield(USA) Hit The Road Jack (OV) Specialty

Percy Mayfield(USA) Please Send Me Someone To Love (OV)

Percy Mayfield(USA) Strange Things Happening (OV/DV)

Bert Mays(USA) (No Use A-Knockin’ ‘Cause) You Can’t Come In Vocalion (Rec.1928)

Georgia Boy McCain(USA) I Got To Check Up On My Baby Ebony

Jerry McCain(USA) Courtin’ In A Cadillac (OV/DV)

Jerry McCain(USA) She’s Tough (OV/DV) Excello

Jerry McCain(USA) Wine-O-Wine Trumpet

Ernest McClay(USA) Night Working Woman Murray

Tommy McClennan(USA) Baby Don’t Tell On Me Bluebird/Montgomery Ward/Proper

Tommy McClennan(USA) Bottle It Up And Go (Version 2) (OV/DV) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) Brown Skin Girl (Version 2) (OV/DV) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 12) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) My Little Girl (Version 7) (OV/DV) Columbia

Tommy McClennan(USA) New Shake ‘Em On Down (OV/DV) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) New Sugar Mama Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) Shake It Up And Go (Version 2) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) Whiskey Head Woman (OV/DV) Bluebird (1945)

Delbert McClinton(USA) Have Mercy Mercury

Delbert McClinton(USA) I’m Talking About You (Version 3) Mercury

Delbert McClinton(USA) See Saw (Version 2)

Delbert McClinton(USA) Standing On Shaky Ground Alligator

Charlie McCoy(USA) That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away Okeh

Charlie McCoy(USA) You Gonna Need Me (OV/DV) Okeh

Joe McCoy(USA) I’m Through With You Decca

Joe McCoy(USA) When I Said Goodbye Decca

Joe McCoy(USA) Your Money Can’t Buy Me Decca

Joe McCoy + Harmon Ray(USA) Got To Go Blues Decca

Joe McCoy (Artist 2) + Real McCoys(USA) Who’s That Under My Bed Tiara

Minnie McCoy(USA)(Alias = Memphis Minnie) I’ve Been Treated Wrong (OV/DV) - Vocalion

Robert McCoy(USA)(Alias= Robert Nighthawk/McCoy Bros.) Bye Bye Baby - Vulcan

Robert McCoy(USA) Sent For You Yesterday Vulcan/Delmark

(Robert Lee McCoy(USA) Prowlin’ Nighthawk Bluebird

((Alias = Robert Nighthawk/Robert McCoy)

Viola McCoy(USA) Ain’t Gonna Marry, Ain’t Gonna Settle Down Brunswick

Viola McCoy(USA) Backwater Blues Document

Viola McCoy(USA) Black Snake Blues Document

Viola McCoy(USA) Bleeding Hearted Blues Vocalion

Viola McCoy(USA) Chirpin’ The Blues Gennett/Columbia/Starr

Viola McCoy(USA) How Come You Do Me Like You Do? - Domino/Banner/Oriole/Regal

Viola McCoy(USA) I Don’t Want Nobody That Don’t Want Me – Vocalion/Ajax/Brunswick

Viola McCoy(USA) I Want A Good Man (And I Want Him Bad) Document

Viola McCoy(USA) If You Really Love Your Baby Columbia/Document

Viola McCoy(USA) If You Want To Keep Your Daddy Home Vocalion/Document

Viola McCoy(USA) I’m Saving It All For You Cameo/Romeo/Variety

Viola McCoy(USA) It Makes No Difference Now Vocalion/Guardsman/Brunswick

Viola McCoy(USA) Laughin’ Cryin’ Blues Columbia/Gennett

Viola McCoy(USA) Lonesome Daddy Blues Ajax

Viola McCoy(USA) Long Lost Mama Gennett

Viola McCoy(USA) Memphis Bound Document

Viola McCoy(USA) Mistreatin’ Daddy Vocalion

Viola McCoy(USA) Shake That Thing Document

Viola McCoy(USA) Slow Up Papa (OV/DV) Cameo/Romeo/Variety/Document

Viola McCoy(USA) Some Day You’ll Come Back To Me - Cameo/Romeo/Variety/Lincoln/Document

(Viola McCoy & Julia Moody(USA) Broke Busted, Can’t Be Trusted Blues -

( - Domino/Banner/Oriole/Regal/Document

Viola McCoy & Julia Moody(USA) Good Man Sam Document

Viola McCoy & Julia Moody(USA) He’ll Do You Wrong Columbia

McCoy Bros.(USA)(Alias=Charlie McCoy/Joe McCoy) One More Greasing (OV/DV) – Decca

McCoy Bros.(USA) Something Gonna Happen To You Decca

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Club Savoy Gedinson’s/Trilon

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Don’t Have To Worry (Jumpin’ In The Heart Of Town) – Modern

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Drag, The (OV/DV) Art-Tone/Barry

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Get Tough Checker/Chess

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Hamburger Joint Modern

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Hop, Skip And Jump Mercury

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) I Got Eyes On You Modern/Kent/R & B

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) I’ll Get A Break Someday Modern

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) I’m Gonna Tell Your Mother (Answer song) - Modern/Kent/R & B

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) I’m The One (Version 4)

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 2) Modern

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Looking For A Woman (Answer song) (del.OV/DV) - Swing Time/Imperial

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Panic’s On, The Modern

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Savoy’s Jump Irma

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Shame, Shame, Shame Art-Tone/Barry

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Sooner Or Later Imperial

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Stinger Man Minit

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Suffer (Version 3) Modern

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Think (Version 3) (OV/DV) Imperial

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) When I’m Gone Old Swing-Master

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Wobble, The (OV/DV) Mercury

Jimmy McCracklin(USA)(Alias = James David Walker) You Deceived Me (OV/DV) – Modern

Jimmy McCracklin + Blues Blasters(USA) Bad Condition Blues Down Town/Modern

Jimmy McCracklin + Blues Blasters(USA) Bad Luck And Trouble Trilon/Aladdin

Jimmy McCracklin + Blues Blasters(USA) I Found That Woman (Answer song) – Swing Time/Hollywood

Jimmy McCracklin + Blues Blasters(USA) Low Down Blues J & M Fullbright/Courtney

Jimmy McCracklin + Blues Blasters(USA) Please Forgive Me Baby Modern

Jimmy McCracklin + Blues Blasters(USA) You Had Your Chance - J & M Fullbright/Courtney

Jimmy McCracklin + J.D. Nicholson(USA) Achin’ Heart Globe/Preview

Jimmy McCracklin + J.D. Nicholson(USA) Highway 101 Globe

Jimmy McCracklin + J.D. Nicholson(USA) Miss Mattie Left Me Globe

(Mississippi) Fred McDowell(USA) Big Fat Mama OBC

Mississippi Fred McDowell(USA) Diving Duck Blues Testament

(Mississippi) Fred McDowell(USA) Drop Down Mama Atlantic

(Mississippi) Fred McDowell(USA) I Asked For Whiskey, She Gave Me Gasoline - Red Lightnin’

(Mississippi) Fred McDowell (with Jo-Ann Kelly)(USA) My Baby Done Me Wrong - Red Lightnin’

Mississippi Fred McDowell(USA) Scratch My Back Philo

(Mississippi) Fred McDowell(USA) Shake ‘Em On Down Atlantic/Arhoolie

Mississippi Fred McDowell(USA) Smokestack Lightning Philo

Mississippi Fred McDowell(USA) What’s The Matter With Papa’s Little Angel Child – Hightone/Arhoolie

Mississippi Fred McDowell(USA) You Got To Move Capitol

Mississippi Fred McDowell (+ Jo-Ann Kelly)(USA) Evil Hearted Woman (Version 4) - Red Lightnin’

Ruth McFadden(USA) He Hurt Me Again Recona

Ruth McFadden(USA) Rover Rover Huff Puff

Ruth McFadden + Harptones(USA) Schoolboy (Version 2) Old Town

Ruth McFadden + Supremes (Group 2)(USA) Darling, Listen To The Words Of This Song (OV/DV)

Orphelia McFall(USA) Every Every Night (OV/DV) Little Star

Orphelia McFall(USA) He’s Never There Saturn/Essar/Concert Room

Brownie McGhee(USA) Auto Mechanic Blues Savoy

Brownie McGhee (Vocals: Champion Jack Dupree)(USA) All Night Long (Version 9) (OV/DV) - Derby

Brownie McGhee (Vocals: Champion Jack Dupree)(USA) Woman I Love (DV) – Derby

Stick McGhee(USA)(Alias = Sticks McGhee) Jail House Blues (Version 4) - Smithsonian Folkways

Sticks McGhee + Buddies(USA)(Alias=Stick McGhee) Blues Mixture (I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water)-LuPine

Fannie McGoosby(USA) Fortune Teller Blues Brunswick

Jimmy McHugh(USA) Do The Kangaroo Success

Ellen McIlwaine(USA) Born Under A Bad Sign Stony Plain

Ellen McIlwaine(USA) Crawling King Snake Stony Plain

Arthur McKay(USA) She Squeezed My Lemon Decca

Billie McKenzie(USA) If You Can Dish It No. 2 (I Can Take It) Vocalion

Billie McKenzie(USA) I’m Getting Even With You Vocalion

Billie McKenzie(USA) Little Red Wagon Vocalion

Billie McKenzie(USA) Papa Don’t Hold Out On Me (OV/DV) Vocalion/ Document

(Billie McKenzie(USA) Woke Up With The Rising Sun Document

((Alias = Billie (Willie Mae) McKenzie/Willie Mae McKenzie/Eddie Miller (Vocals: Billie McKenzie)/Eddie

(Miller (Vocals: Willie Mae McKenzie))

Billie (Willie Mae) McKenzie(USA)(Alias=Billie McKenzie) I Stagger In My Sleep - Vocalion

David “Pete” McKinley(USA) Shreveport Blues Gotham

L.G. McKinley(USA) Disgusted Vee Jay

L.G. McKinley(USA) Sharpest Man In Town Vee Jay

L.G. McKinley(USA) She’s Five Feet Three Vee Jay

L.G. McKinley(USA) Strange Girl Vee Jay

William McKinley(USA)(Alias = Jazz Gillum/Bill McKinley) I Went To The Gypsy – ARC

McKinney Cotton Pickers(USA) Selling That Stuff (OV/DV)

Tommy McLain(USA) Barefootin’ Jin

Tommy McLain(USA) Sticks And Stones Jin

Connie McLean’s Rhythm Kings(USA) Sissy Man Decca

Oscar McLollie(USA) God Gave Me Christmas Modern

Oscar McLollie + Honey Jumpers(USA) Lollypop (Version 5)

Oscar McLollie(USA) Love Me Tonight (Version 2) (del.OV/DV) Modern

Oscar McLollie & Annette(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 2) Class

Oscar McLollie & Annette(USA) Rock-A-Cha, The Class

Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker(USA) Hey Girl Hey Boy (OV/DV)

Dennis McMillon(USA) Goin’ Back Home JSP

Barbara McNair(USA) For Once In My Life Motown (11/66)

Barbara McNair(USA) Here I Am Baby (OV) Motown

Clyde McPhatter(USA) Come What May (del.OV)

Clyde McPhatter(USA) Lover Please (del.OV)

Teddy McRae + Zanzibar Orch.(USA) C-I-N-C-I-N-N-A-T-I (OV/DV) Queen

Jay McShann(USA) Ain’t Nobody’s Business Stony Plain

Jay McShann(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water Atlantic/Wounded Bird

Jay McShann & Al Casey(USA) Goin’ To Kansas City JSP

Jay McShann & Maria Muldaur(USA) Confessin’ The Blues Stony Plain

Blind Willie McTell(USA) A To Z Blues (OV/DV) Regal

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Blues Around Midnight Atlantic

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Come Around To My House Mama Columbia

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Dirty Mistreater (Version 2) (OV/DV) Columbia/Okeh

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Kill It Kid (OV/DV) Library Of Congress

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Last Dime Blues Atlantic

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Let Me Play With Yo’ Yo-Yo (OV/DV) Decca/MCA-Coral

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie Atlantic

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Salty Dog Blues Bluesville

Blind Willie McTell(USA) Soon This Morning Atlantic

Blind Willie McTell(USA) You Got To Die Atlantic

Blind Willie McTell & Ruby Glaze(USA) Rollin’ Mama Blues (OV/DV)

Jack McVea (V: Louise Beatty)(USA) Trying To Tell Ya Combo

Meadowlarks(USA)(Alias = Larks (Group 2)) Can You Do The Duck Money

Mel & Tim(USA) Groovy Situation (OV) Bamboo

Mello-Moods(USA) I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night Red Robin

Memphis Jazzers(USA)(Alias = Clarence Williams) Moanin’ Low Grey Gull/Radiex

(Memphis Jug Band(USA) Baby Got The Rickets (Mama‘s Got The Mobile Blues) - Victor

((Alias = Casey Bill Weldon/Will Weldon/Memphis Sheiks)

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Black Woman Is Like A Black Snake Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Beale Sreet.Mess Around Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Bottle It Up And Go Okeh

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Cave Man Blues Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Dirty Butter Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) He’s In The Jailhouse Now Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) I Packed My Suitcase, Started To The Train Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) I Whipped My Woman With A Single Tree Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) I’m Looking For The Bully Of The Town Victor

(Memphis Jug Band (with Will Shade)(USA) Kansas City Blues (Version 2) Victor

(Will Shade wrote Kansas City Blues, but his friend Jim Jackson was first to record the song.

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Memphis Jug Blues Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Move That Thing (OV/DV) Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Papa’s Got Your Bathwater On Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) She Stay Out All Night Long Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Snitchin’ Gambler Blues Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Spider’s Web Blues Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Stingy Woman Blues Victor

Memphis Jug Band(USA) Take Your Finger Off It (del.DV) Indigo

Memphis Jug Band(USA) You Got Me Rollin’ Victor

Memphis Sheiks(USA)(Alias = Memphis Jug Band) Jail House Blues (Version 4)

Mercy Baby(Alias = Jimmy “Mercy Baby” Mullins) Don’t Lie To Me Ric/Ace

Big Maceo Merriweather(USA) Broke And Hungry Blues (Version 2) Bluebird/Document

Big Maceo Merriweather(USA) Can’t You Read Bluebird

(Big) Maceo Merriweather(USA) Texas Blues (Version 3) Bluebird

Anna Meyers + Original Memphis Five(USA) Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness If I Do (OV) – Pathe Actuelle (1922)

Mickey & Sylvia(USA) Dearest (DV)

Mickey & Sylvia(USA) I Can’t Get You On The Phone RCA

Mickey & Sylvia(USA) Love Is Strange (del.OV)

Mickey & Sylvia(USA) No Good Lover (OV/DV)

Bette Midler(USA) Twisted Atlantic

Midnight Star(USA) No Parking (On The Dance Floor) Solar

Mighty Sparrow(Grenada) Bang Bang Lulu RA

Big Mike(USA) Down In New Orleans Savoy

Mike & the Modifyers(USA) I Found Myself A Brand New Baby Motown

Amos Milburn(USA) Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Boogie Woogie (Version 5) Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) Christmas (Comes But Once A Year) (OV/DV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Hard Driving Blues (OV/DV) Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) How Long Has This Train Been Gone Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) I Wanna Go Home (Version 2) (del.OV/DV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Let’s Have A Party (Version 2) Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) Money Hustlin’ Woman Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) Move Your Hand, Baby (DV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Please Mr. Johnson (del.OV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Rock, Rock, Rock (Version 4) (del.OV/DV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Tears, Tears, Tears (OV/DV) Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) That’s My Chick Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) Walking Blues (Version 8) Aladdin

Amos Milburn & Charles Brown)(USA) I Wanna Go Home (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Josie Miles(USA) A - Z Blues Ajax

Josie Miles(USA) Can’t Be Trusted Blues Banner

Josie Miles + Kansas City Five(USA) Mad Mama’s Blues Edison/Document

Josie Miles(USA) Temper’mental Papa Edison/Document

Lizzie Miles(USA) A Good Man Is Hard To Find Conqueror

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