J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Original Memphis Five (V: Anna Meyers)(USA) That Da Da Strain - Pathe Actuelle (19/10/1922)

Orioles(USA) Barfly Jubilee

Orioles(USA) Don’t Cry Baby Jubilee

Orioles(USA)(Alias = Sonny Til) Hold Me! Squeeze Me! (Hold Me Tight) Jubilee

Orlie & the Saints(USA) King Kong (OV) Band Box

Kid Ory + Creole Jazz Band(USA) Eh, La-Bas (OV)

John Oscar(USA) Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here Brunswick

Oscar’s Chicago Swingers (V: Lovin’ Sam Theard)(USA) I Wonder Who’s Boogiein’ My Woogie-Decca/Victor

Oscar’s Chicago Swingers (V: Lovin’ Sam Theard)(USA) New Rubbin’ On That Darn Old Thing - Decca/Victor

Johnny Otis(USA) Mambo Boogie (OV/DV) Savoy

Johnny Otis(USA) Please Don’t Leave Me (del.OV)

Johnny Otis(USA) Turtle Dove (Version 2)

Johnny Otis & his Orch.(USA) Court Room Blues (OV/DV)

Johnny Otis & the Peacocks(USA) Young Girl (Version 2) (OV)

Johnny Otis Band (V: Jayos)(USA) Good Lovin’ Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Band (V: Jayos)(USA) Sexy Ways Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Band (V: Arthur Lee Maye)(USA) At My Front Door Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Band (V: Arthur Lee Maye)(USA) Fever Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Band (V: Arthur Lee Maye)(USA) Gee Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Band (V: Arthur Lee Maye)(USA) Honey Love Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Band (V: Arthur Lee Maye)(USA) One Mint Julep Dig/Ace

Johnny Otis Congregation (V: Little Esther & Mel Walker)(USA) Wedding Boogie, The – Savoy

Johnny Otis Quintet (V: Little Esther)(USA) Hangover Blues Regent

Johnny Otis Quintet (V: Redd Lyte)(USA) Freight Train Boogie Regent

Johnny Otis, Richard Berry & Shuggie Otis(USA) Louie Louie J & T

Johnny Otis, Sugarcane Harris & Ron Selico(USA) I’ve Got The Walking Blues – J & T

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Can’t See, Baby Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Cherry Ball Blues Library Of Congress

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Cherry Ball Blues No. 2 Albatros

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) .44 Blues Wolf

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Hard Times Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 18) Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) I Won’t Be Bad No More Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) It Must Have Been The Devil Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Jack Ain‘t Had No Water Testament

Jack Owens (Artist 2)(USA) Train Time Testament

Kenny Owens(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 18)

Packards(USA) Ding Dong (Version 3) Paradise/Old Town/Apollo

Hot Lips Page(USA) Just Another Woman RCA

Star Page(USA) I Ain’t Puttin’ Out Document

Jewel Paige(USA) I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of This Jelly Roll Arhoolie

Doc Palmer(USA)(Alias = Doc Pomus) Bye Baby Bye (OV) ? Groove

Gladys Palmer(USA) Fool That I Am Miracle

Robert Palmer(Britain) Have Mercy Island

Palooka Washboard Band(USA)(Alias = Joe McCoy) We Gonna Move Decca

Palooka Washboard Band(USA) You Done Tore Your Pants With Me Decca

Parakeets(USA) Betty Jean Atlas

Paramounts(USA) When You Dance Dot

Paratones(USA)(Alias = Cap-Tans/Progressive Four) Darling Nellie Gray Paragon

Tiny Parham & his Musicians(USA) Black Cat Moan (OV/DV) Bluebird

Bobby Parker(USA) You Got What It Takes (OV) Vee Jay

Junior Parker(USA) Dangerous Woman (Version 4) Duke

Junior Parker(USA) Going Down Slow Duke

Junior Parker(USA) I Done Got Over It Duke

Junior Parker(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water United Artists

Junior Parker(USA) Movin’ Out (Version 4) (OV/DV)

Junior Parker(USA) My Jug And I (Got Up This Morning) Duke

Junior Parker(USA) No-One Knows (What Goes On When The Door Is Closed) – Duke

Junior Parker(USA) Stranger In My Own Home United Artists

Junior Parker(USA) Things I Used To Do, The Duke

Junior Parker(USA) Tin Pan Alley Groove Merchant

Little Junior Parker(USA) In The Dark (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Little Junior Parker(USA) There Better Be No Feet In Them Shoes Duke

Little Junior Parker + Blue Flames(USA) Feelin’ Good (Version 2)

Monister Parker(USA) Black Snake Blues Nucraft

Pat Parker & the Way Mates(USA) Boy Watcher (OV) Skyland

Raymond Parker(USA) Ring Around The Rosie (OV/DV) Nola

Willie Parker(USA) I Live The Life I Love M-Pac

Isabelle Patricola + Virginians)(USA)(Alias = Isabella Patricola) Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam) - Victor

Kellee Patterson(USA) If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It (DV)

Charley Patton(USA) It Won’t Be Long (Version 4) Paramount

Charley Patton(USA)(Alias = Charlie Patton/Masked Marvel) Snatch It And Grab It – Paramount

Charlie Patton(USA) Devil Sent The Rain Blues Herwin

Charlie Patton(USA) Fetch Your Water Paramount

Charlie Patton(USA) Heart Like Railrod Steel Herwin

Charlie Patton(USA) Mean Black Cat Blues Herwin

Charlie Patton(USA) Rattlesnake Blues (OV/DV) Herwin

Charlie Patton(USA) Running Wild Blues Herwin

Charlie Patton(USA)(Alias = Charley Patton) Screamin’ And Hollerin’ The Blues (OV/DV)- Paramount

Charlie Patton(USA) Some Of These Days I’ll Be Gone Herwin

(Country Paul(USA) Since I Seen Your Smiling Face King

((Alias = Paul Howard/Ed Harris/Jammin’ Jim/Lazy Slim Jim/Carolina Slim/Georgia Pine)

Peaches & Herb(USA) Close Your Eyes (Version 2)

Peaches & Herb(USA) For Your Love (DV)

Pearl & the Deltars(USA)(Alias = Kodaks) Dance, Dance, Dance (Version 3) – Fury

Mike Pedicin Quintet(USA) Ain’t That A Shame Apollo

Mike Pedicin Quintet(USA) Burnt Toast And Black Coffee Federal

Mike Pedicin Quintet(USA) D-E-V-I-L RCA

Mike Pedicin Quintet(USA) Hotter Than A Pistol RCA

Mike Pedicin Quintet(USA) I Wanna Hug You, Kiss You, Squeeze You RCA

Penguins(USA) Butterball (OV/DV)

Penguins (Group 2)(Australia) Poison Ivy Penguin

Dan Penn(USA) I’m Your Puppet (OV) MGM/Sire/London

Hank Penny(USA) Hot Time Mama Vocalion

Hank Penny(USA) I Want My Rib Vocalion/RCA

Hank Penny(USA) I’ve Got The Right Key Baby Vocalion

Hank Penny(USA) Let Me Play With Your Poodle King

Hank Penny(USA) Open The Door, Richard King

Hank Penny(USA) Red Hot Mama & Ice Cold Papa King

Hank Penny(USA) Red Hot Papa Vocalion

Hank Penny(USA) Sweet Mama Put Him In Low King/RCA

King Perry(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 17)

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Big Fat Mama (Version 3) Hightone/Vanguard

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Cut That Out Antone’s

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Grinder Man Blues Sagebrush

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Grindin’ Man Telarc/Vanguard

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Just Keep On Drinking Deluge

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Kidney Stew Deluge

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Little Girl (Version 3) Deluge

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Look On Yonder Wall Deluge

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Murmur Low Sagebrush

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie (del.OV/DV)

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Rather Quit Her Than Hit Her Sagebrush

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Sweet Black Angel Sagebrush

Red Perkins(USA) Big Blue Diamonds (OV) Audio Lab/King

King Perry & the Pied Pipers(USA) Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, Tonight (del.OV/DV)

Paul Perryman & Band(USA) Just To Hold Your Hand (OV) Duke

Persians(USA) Gee What A Girl Golden Eagle/Gold Eagle

Persians(USA) Let’s Monkey Again Goldisc

Persians(USA) Let’s Monkey At The Party Music World

Persians(USA) Let’s Monkey That’s If You Want Me To ABC

Persians(USA) Ling Ting Tong Bobby

Persuasions(USA) Can’t Do Sixty No More Bullseye Blues

Persuasions(USA) Hey Santa Claus Capitol

Persuasions(USA) One Mint Julep Bullseye Blues

Persuasions(USA) Searchin’ For My Baby Bullseye Blues

Persuasions(USA) Sixty Minute Man Bullseye Blues

Washboard Pete (Vocals: Ralph Willis)(USA)(Alias=Ralph Willis) Christmas Blues (V6) (OV/DV) - Savoy

Lucky Peterson(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Robert Petway(USA) My Little Girl (Version 9) Bluebird

Pharaohs(USA) Come On Baby Skylor

Pharaohs(USA) My Little Girl (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Phaetons(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 7)

Norman Phelps(USA) Talkin’ ‘Bout You Decca

Esther Phillips(USA) Mojo Hannah Atlantic

Esther Phillips(USA) Romance In The Dark Atlantic

Esther Phillips(USA) Such A Night (Version 2) King

Gene Phillips + Rhythm Aces(USA) Rock Bottom (OV/DV)

Little Esther Phillips(USA) Oo Poppa Do (OV/DV) Savoy

(Picaninny Jug Band(USA) Bottle It Up And Go (OV) Champion

((Alias=Pickaninny Jug Band/Picaninny Jazz Band)

Charlie Pickett(USA) Down The Highway Wolf

Charlie Pickett(USA) Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon (OV/DV) Wolf

Dan Pickett(USA)(Alias = James Founty) Lemon Man Gotham

Dan Pickett(USA) You Got To Do Better Gotham

Wilson Pickett(USA) I’m Gonna Love You (Version 3) add Wand

Wilson Pickett(USA) Mustang Sally (del.OV)

Sherry Pie(USA)(Alias=Claudine Clark/Joy Dawn) Gimme A Break Match

(Sugar Pie & Pee Wee(USA) One, Two, Let’s Rock Aladdin

((Alias = Sugar Pie De Santo/Pee Wee Parham)

Billie & De De Pierce(USA)(Alias = Dee Dee Pierce) Dippermouth Blues Riverside

Billie & De De Pierce(USA) I’m In The Racket Riverside

Billie & De De Pierce(USA) St. James Infirmary Riverside

Henry Pierce + Five Notes(USA) Hey Fine Mama Specialty

Henry Pierce + Five Notes(USA) Thrill Me Baby Specialty

(Pinetop & Lindberg(USA) East Chicago Blues Bluebird

((Alias = Aaron “Pinetop” Sparks/(Marion) Milton “Lindberg” Sparks/Pinetop Sparks/Sparks Bros.)

Playboys (Group 3)(USA) Mambo Boogie Ace/Collectables/Krazy Kat

Playboys (Group 3)(USA) Rock, Moan And Cry Cat

Playboys (Group 3)(USA) Shotgun (Version 4) Rik

Pleasers(New Zealand) Bo Diddley Red Rooster

Pleasers(New Zealand) Mona Red Rooster

Pointer Sisters(USA) Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues MCA

Pointer Sisters(USA) I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good) MCA

Poonanny(USA) I Can Do Bad By Myself Waldoxy

Poonanny(USA) Let’s Straighten It Out Waldoxy

Poonanny(USA) Mamma Tell A Lie Waldoxy

Poonanny(USA) Poonanny Be Still Waldoxy

Poonanny(USA) Steppin’ Out Waldoxy

Poonanny(USA) Strokin’ Waldoxy

Jenny Pope(USA) Whiskey Drinkin’ Blues Bluebird

Joe Pope with the Tams(USA) My Baby Sure Can Shag Virgin

Melba Pope & her Village Trio(USA) That’s The Stuff You Gotta Watch Chicago

Little Pork Chops(USA)(Alias = John Lee Hooker) Wayne County Ramblin’ Blues - Danceland

Porkchops(USA) Everything’s Cool Herald

Pat Powdrill(USA)(Alias = Mirettes/Ikettes) Do It Downey

Pat Powdrill(USA) Fell By The Wayside Reprise

Chris Powell + Five Blue Flames(USA) I Come From Jamaica Okeh/Grand

Eugene Powell(USA) Blues Jumped A Rabbit, The Albatros

Eugene Powell(USA) Meet Me In The Bottom (OV/DV)

Premiers (Group 2) (V: Bucky Walters)(USA) Firewater Nu-Phi

Premiers (Group 3)(USA) Baby (Version 16) Dig

Elvis Presley(USA) Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Version 2) (DV)

Elvis Presley(USA) Fool Fool Fool (Version 2) RCA RCA

Elvis Presley(USA) Satisfied RCA RCA

Elvis Presley(USA) That’s The Groovy Thing RCA

Elvis Presley(USA) That’s The Stuff You Gotta Watch Sun

Elvis Presley(USA) Three Corn Patches RCA RCA

Elvis Presley(USA) Witchcraft (Version 2) RCA RCA

Jan Preston(Australia) Bad Luck Woman Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) Blood From A Stone BMM

Jan Preston(Australia) Don’t Mess With My Man BMM

Jan Preston(Australia) Good With His Hands Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) Mama Cat Cuttin’ No Slack (DV) Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) Pain In My Heart BMM

Jan Preston(Australia) Richest Guy In The Graveyard, The Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) Scared Of The Dark Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) She Walked Right In And She Walked Right Out Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) Ugly Papa Jan Preston

Jan Preston(Australia) Wild Woman Don’t Have The Blues Jan Preston

Jimmy Preston + Prestonaires(USA) Hucklebuck Daddy Gotham

Pretenders(Britain) Break Up The Concrete Shangri-La Music

Pretenders (Group 2)(USA) Tempatation Walk, The Money

Pretty Things(Britain) Don’t Lie To Me (Version 2) Fontana

Pretty Things(Britain) Judgement Day Fontana

Pretty Things(Britain) Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut Fontana

Pretty Things(Britain) Moon Is Rising, The Fontana

Pretty Things(Britain) Pretty Thing Fontana

Pretty Things(Britain) Roadrunner (Version 3) Fontana

Pretty Things(Britain) She’s Fine, She’s Mine Fontana

Alan Price Set(Britain) Baby Workout Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Barefootin’ Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Boom Boom Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Goin’ Down Slow Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Over And Over Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Sea Cruise Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Seventh Son Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Shame, Shame, Shame Decca

Alan Price Set(Britain) Walk, The Decca

Lloyd Price(USA) Ain‘t It A Shame (Version 4) Specialty

Lloyd Price(USA) Down By The River (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Lloyd Price(USA) Every Night (Version 2) (del.OV/DV)

Lloyd Price(USA) I Yi Yi Gomen A Sai Specialty

Lloyd Price(USA) Merry Christmas Mama Double-L

Lloyd Price(USA) So Long (Version 14)

Lloyd Price(USA) Take All Jad/Uptown

Lloyd Price(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 12) Specialty

Priscilla Price(USA) I Really Want To Love You Rock House

Priscilla Price(USA) Rockerfella Jones GMC

Sam Price(USA) Dirty Dozens, The (del.DV)

(Big Walter Price(USA) Answer To Staggerlee, The (Answer song) Crazy Cajun/Diablo/Edsel

((Alias = Answer To Stagger Lee, The (Answer song))

Big Walter Price(USA) Cool Breeze (OV/DV) N/A

Big Walter Price(USA) Gamblin’ Woman (OV/DV)

Big Walter Price(USA) Git To Gittin’ (OV/DV) Crazy Cajun/Diablo/Edsel

Big Walter Price(USA) If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It Crazy Cajun/Diablo/Edsel

Big Walter Price(USA) Money Is The Root Of All Evil (OV/DV) Crazy Cajun/Diablo/Edsel

Big Walter Price(USA) Louise (Version 3) N/A

Charley Pride(USA) Walkin’ (The Stroll) Sun (Demo)

L.C. Prigett(USA) When I Say Ta-Ta, It Means Goodbye Document

Louis Prima(USA) Dig That Crazy Chick (OV/DV) Celebrity

Louis Prima(USA) Oh Babe (OV/DV) Robin Hood/Celebrity

Louis Prima(USA) Who Put The Whiskey In The Well Majestic

Louis Prima(USA) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Celebrity

Louis Prima + New Orleans Gang(USA) House Rent Party Brunswick

Louis Prima + New Orleans Gang(USA) Long About Midnight (OV) Brunswick

Louis Prima + O. (V: Louis Prima)(USA) Continental Twist, The (OV/DV) – Capitol/Dot

Primettes with Al Garner(USA) Return Of Stagger Lee (Answer song) (OV/DV)

Peppy Prince(USA) Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (Version 2)

P.J. Proby(USA) Niki Hoeky (OV/DV)

Progressive Four(USA)(Alias = Cap-Tans/Paratones) Darling Nellie Gray (OV/DV) - D.C.

Snooky Pryor(USA) Bottle Up And Go Bluebird

Snooky Pryor(USA) Can’t Love Me And Homesick Too Bluebird

Snooky Pryor(USA) Crazy ‘Bout My Baby (Version 2) (OV/DV) Blind Pig

Snooky Pryor(USA) Crazy ‘Bout You Big Bear

Snooky Pryor(USA) Dangerous Woman (Version 3) Big Bear

Snooky Pryor(USA) Gonna Have A Good Time Bluebird

Snooky Pryor(USA) How’d You Learn To Shake It Like That Blind Pig

Snooky Pryor(USA) Judgement Day (OV/DV)

Snooky Pryor(USA) Shake My Hand Blind Pig

Snooky Pryor(USA) Sloppy Drunk Bluebird

Snooky Pryor(USA) You Don’t Know My Name Bluebird

Snooky Pryor & Homesick James(USA) Crossroads Big Bear

Joe Pullum(USA) Black Gal What Makes Your Head So Hard? (OV/DV) Bluebird

Joe Pullum(USA) Black Gal What Makes Your Head So Hard? No. 2 Bluebird

Joe Pullum(USA) Black Gal No. 3 Bluebird

Joe Pullum(USA) Black Gal No. 4 Bluebird

Joe Pullum(USA) Cows, See That Train Comin’ Bluebird

James & Bobby Purify(USA) I’m Your Puppet (del.OV)

Purple Hearts(Australia) Born In Chicago (transferred from Rock)

Purple Hearts(Australia) Early In The Morning (Version 6 transferred from Version 2)

Pyramids (Group 2)(USA) Hot Dog Dolly Wah Shell

Pyramids (Group 2)(USA) Oh No You Won’t (Oh Yes You Will) RCA

Pyramids (Group 2)(USA) Okay Baby Davis

Pyramids (Group 2)(USA) Shakin’ Fit Vee Jay

Python Lee Jackson(Australia) Your Mother Should Have Warned You CBS

Doug Quattlebaum(USA) Big Leg Woman Prestige Bluesville

Doug Quattlebaum(USA) Black Night Is Falling Prestige Bluesville

Doug Quattlebaum(USA) Mama Don’t Allow Me To Stay Out All Night Long - Prestige Bluesville

Quintones(USA) Ding Dong (Version 4)

Yank Rachel & Dan Smith(USA) Gravel Road Woman Vocalion/Flat Rock

Yank Rachel & Shirley Griffith(USA) Peach Orchard Mama Dust To Digital

Yank Rachell(USA) Black Snake Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Check Up On My Baby Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Diving Duck Delmark

Yank Rachell(USA) Early In The Morning Delmark

Yank Rachell(USA) Match Box Blues Yazoo

Yank Rachell(USA) Moonshine Whiskey Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Move Your Hand Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Pack My Clothes And Go Yazoo/Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Peach Tree Blues (OV/DV)

Yank Rachell(USA) Roll Me Over Baby Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Roll Me Over Slow Flat Rock

Yank Rachell(USA) She Changed The Lock Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) She Loves Who She Please Bluebird/Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Skinny Woman Blues Yazoo

Yank Rachell(USA) Stack O’Dollars Blues Flat Rock

Yank Rachell + Tennessee Jug Busters(USA) Stop Knocking On My Door - Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Tappin’ That Thing (OV/DV) Bluebird/RCA/Blue Goose

Yank Rachell(USA) Too Hot For The Devil Flat Rock

Yank Rachell(USA) Up And Down The Line Blue Goose

Yank Rachell + Sleepy John Estes & Jab Jones(USA) Sweet Mama (DV) Yazoo

Yank Rachell + Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee)(USA) .38 Pistol Blues – Bluebird/RCA/Flat Rock

Bobby Radcliff(USA) Serves Me Right To Suffer Black Top

Radiants(USA) Baby You’ve Got It (OV/DV)

Mr. Rain(USA)(Alias = Big Boy Crudup) Who Dat? Document

Rainbows(USA)(Alias = Jewel Akens) Mama, Take Your Daughter Back (Answer song) – Gramo

Ma Rainey(USA) Black Eye Blues Paramount

Ma Rainey(USA) Jelly Bean Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Ma Rainey & her Georgia Band(USA) Sissy Man Paramount

Ma Rainey with Louis Armstrong(USA) Yonder Comes The Blues (OV/DV) – Paramount

(Ma Rainey & Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Ma And Pa Poorhouse Blues Paramount

((Alias = Papa Charlie Jackson)

Ma Rainey + Tub Jug Washboard Band (USA) Hustlin’ Blues Paramount

Bonnie Raitt(USA) Walking Blues (Version 3) Warner Bros.

Ramblers (Group 3)(USA) Fifty-Fifty Love

Rams(USA) (Alias = Flairs/Flares) Rock Bottom Flair/Crown Astor

Rams(USA) Sweet Thing (Version 4) (OV/DV) Flair

Wayne Raney(USA) Why Don‘t You Haul Off And Love Me (OV) King

Rattles(Germany) Bo Diddley Bear Family

Rattles(Germany) Mashed Potatoes Bear Family

Rattles(Germany) Shame, Shame, Shame Bear Family

Rattles(Germany) Sticks And Stones Bear Family

Rattles(Germany) There Goes My Heart Again Bear Family

(Raven-Simone(USA) Keep Your Eye On The Ball Columbia/Sony

(From the 2006 Movie”Everyone’s Hero”

Ravens(USA) Come A Little Bit Closer (Version 3) (del.OV)

Ravens(USA) Write Me A Letter National/Rendition/Mercury

Harmon Ray(USA) Xmas Blues Document

James Ray(USA) Itty Bitty Pieces Caprice

Wade Ray(USA) I Need A Good Girl Bad RCA

Ray-O-Vacs(USA) Hot Dog (Version 2) Regent

Ray-O-Vacs(USA) Wino Kaiser/Atco

Sonny Raye(USA) Whip It On Me Jetstream

Pearl Reaves & the Concords(USA) I’m Not Ashamed (Ugly Woman) Harlem

Pearl Reaves & the Concords(USA) You Can’t Stay Here (Step It Up And Go) – Harlem

Bull City Red(USA) I Won’t Be Doggin’ Around Perfect

Dirty Red(USA)(Alias = Red Nelson) You Done Me Wrong (OV) Aladdin

Louisiana Red(USA) Rollin’ Stone Atco

Louisiana Red(USA)(Alias = Iverson Minter/Rockin’ Red) Rock Me Baby Checker

(Rockin’ Red(USA)(Alias = Louisiana Red) Boogie Woogie All Night Long (OV/DV) – Modern/Ember/Crown

(This track has been wrongly attributed to John Lee Hooker who was part of the backing band but does not sing

(on this particular track.

Speckled Red(USA) Blues Hurt My Tongue To Talk Delmark

Speckled Red(USA) Dirty Dozens, The (OV/DV) Vocalion/Brunswick

Speckled Red(USA) Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Version 2) Storyville

Tampa Red(USA)(Alias=Houston Woodbridge) Big Fat Mama (Version 2) Columbia

Tampa Red(USA) Coffee Grindin’ Blues Historical

Tampa Red(USA) Come On If You’re Coming RCA

Tampa Red(USA) Corrine Blues RCA

Tampa Red(USA) Dead Cat On The Line Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Don’t Deal With The Devil RCA

Tampa Red(USA) Don’t You Lie To Me (OV) add Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Down The Alley Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) Drinkin’ My Blues Away (OV/DV) Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Duck’s Yas Yas, The Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) If I Let You Get Away With It Once (You‘ll Do It All The Time) – Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) I’ll Get A Break Someday (OV/DV)

Tampa Red(USA) I’ll Kill Your Soul (And Dare Your Spirit To Move) Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) I’ll Never Let You Go (del.OV)

Tampa Red(USA) I’m Disappointed In You Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) It Hurts Me Too (OV/DV) Victor

Tampa Red(USA) It’s Red Hot Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) It’s Tight Like That No. 2 Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) Jelly Whippin’ Blues Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) Juicy Lemon Blues Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) Keep On Dealin’ (Play Your Hand) Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Let Me Play With Your Poodle (OV) Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Love Her With A Feelin’ (del.DV) Bluebird/RCA

Tampa Red(USA) Mean Mistreater Blues Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Mean Old Tom Cat Blues Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Mercy Mama Blues (OV/DV)

Tampa Red(USA) My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll) Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) She Want To Sell My Monkey Vocalion

Tampa Red(USA) Somebody’s Been Using That Thing (OV)

Tampa Red(USA) Sweet Black Angel Vocalion

Tampa Red(USA) Sweet Little Angel Victor/Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Things ‘Bout Comin‘ My Way Okeh

Tampa Red(USA) Too Black Bad Paramount

Tampa Red(USA) Too Late, Too Long RCA

Tampa Red(USA) What Is That Smells Like Gravy? Yazoo

Tampa Red(USA) When You Were A Gal Of Seven (OV/DV) Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) Woman I Love, The Bluebird

Tampa Red(USA) You Can’t Come In Paramount

Tampa Red & Georgia Tom(USA) Corrine, Corrina Vocalion (1929)

Tampa Red & Georgia Tom(USA) It’s Tight Like That (OV) RCA

Tampa Red & Georgia Tom(USA) Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here (OV) - Paramount

(Tampa Red & Georgia Tom(USA) You Can’t Get That Stuff No More Vocalion

((Alias = Hudson Woodbridge (Whittaker) - (Tampa Red)/Thomas Dorsey – (Georgia Tom))

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