J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Splendors(USA) Puddin’ Tan (OV) Jano

Bruce Springsteen(USA) Jersey Girl Columbia

Mr. Freddie Spruell(USA)(Alias = Mr. Freddie/Papa Freddy) Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Man - Paramount

Squires(USA) (Alias = Don & Dewey) Don’t Accuse Me Herald

Squires(USA) Lucy Lou (OV/DV) Kicks

Squires(USA) Sindy (OV) Mambo

Squires(USA) Walkin’ (Version 3) Herald

Squires (Group 4)(USA) My Little Girl (Version 2) Combo

Houston Stackhouse(USA) Canned Heat Arhoolie

Mary Stafford(USA) Ain’t Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee In The Morning – add Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Mary Stafford(USA) Crazy Blues Columbia

Mary Stafford(USA) Take Your Finger Off It (DV) add Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Jeff St. John & the Id(Australia) Black Girl Spin

Jeff St. John & the Id(Australia) Parchman Farm Spin

Jeff St. John & the Id(Australia) Watch Out! Spin

Ray Stanley(USA) I Can’t Wait add Argo

Starfires (Group 3)(USA) Dances, The Bargain

Starfires (Group 3)(USA) Do-Ko-Ieki-No Bernice

Starfires (Group 3)(USA) Let’s Do The Pony D & H

(Doc Starkes + Nite Riders (V: Mel Smith)(USA) Pretty Plaid Skirt Sue

((Alias = Melvin Smith/Blow-Top Lynn & his House Rockers (Vocals: Melvin Smith))

Doc Starkes + Nite Riders (Night Riders)(USA) Rockin’ To School - Linda/Modern Sound/Quality

Starlings (Group 2)(USA)(Alias = Skylarks) A-Loo A-Loo Josie/Dawn

Starlings (Group 2)(USA) Fine Brown Frame Josie

Starr Bros.(USA) Don Juan (Version 2) Cortland

Starr Bros.(USA)(Alias=Daylighters (Group 2)) Mother Goose (Parts 1 & 2) - Cortland

Freddie Starr & the Midnighters(Britain) Peter Gunn Locomotion Decca

Ringo Starr(Britain) Dear Santa (OV/DV) Mercury

State Street Boys (+ Big Bill Broonzy & Jazz Gillum)(USA) Don’t Tear My Clothes (OV) – Okeh/Vocalion

State Street Boys(USA) Midnight Special Okeh

State Street Boys(USA) She Caught The Train Okeh

(State Street Swingers (V: Dr. Leonard Scott)(USA) At The Bottom (OV/DV) - Vocalion/Document

((Alias = Blue Scott & his Blue Boys/ Dr. Leonard Scott)

(State Street Swingers (V: Big Bill Broonzy + Chicago Black Swans)(USA) Don’t Tear My Clothes No. 2 –

( - (OV/DV) Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Mary Mack)(USA) Don’t Tear My Clothes No. 2 - Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Dr. Leonard Scott)(USA) I Kept On Rubbing That Thing – Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Mary Mack)(USA) I Vouch For My Man Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Washboard Sam)(USA) Oh Red! Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Washboard Sam)(USA) Oh Red! No. 2 Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Mary Mack)(USA) Rattlesnakin’ Daddy Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Bob Robinson)(USA) When You Were A Girl Of Seven - Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Washboard Sam)(USA) Whippin’ That Jelly Vocalion/Document

(State Street Swingers (V: Big Bill Broonzy + Chicago Black Swans)(USA) You Drink Too Much –

( - (OV/DV) Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Mary Mack)(USA) You Drink Too Much Vocalion/Document

State Street Swingers (V: Dr. Leonard Scott)(USA) You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down-Vocalion/Document

Preacher Stephens(USA) Whoopin’ And Hollerin’ RPM

Ray Stevens(USA) Mother-In-Law Clyde

Shakin’ Stevens(Britain) Don’t Lie To Me Epic Epic

Shakin’ Stevens(Britain) I’m Ready Track

Shakin’ Stevens(Britain) Treat Her Right Epic Epic

Billy Stewart(USA) Reap What You Sow (Version 2)

Billy Stewart(USA) Strange Feeling (OV/DV)

Rod Stewart(Britain) Keep Your Hands Off Her Columbia

Jimmy Strange(USA) Yas, Yas, Yas Document

Arbee Stidham(USA) Don’t Set Your Trap For Me Checker

Arbee Stidham(USA) Feel Like I’m Losing You RCA

Arbee Stidham(USA) I Found Out For Myself RCA

Arbee Stidham(USA) I Stayed Away Too Long States

Arbee Stidham(USA) Look Me Straight In The Eye States

Arbee Stidham(USA) Meet Me Halfway RCA

Arbee Stidham(USA) Send My Regrets RCA

Arbee Stidham(USA) Someone To Tell My Troubles To Checker

Arbee Stidham(USA) Squeeze Me RCA

Arbee Stidham(USA) Walking Blues (Version 9) (OV/DV) Folkways

Arbee Stidham(USA) When I Find My Baby Abco

Arbee Stidham(USA) You’ll Be Sorry RCA

Frank Stokes(USA) Downtown Blues (Version 2)

Frank Stokes(USA) ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do (Parts 1 & 2) Victor

(Jesse Stone + Stone Crushers(USA) Crawfish RCA

((Alias = Charlie Calhoun/Big Al Sears (Vocals: Charlie Calhoun)

Jesse Stone(USA) Hey Sister Lucy (What Makes Your Lips So Juicy) Majestic

Jesse Stone(USA) Sneaky Pete (Version 2) RCA

Jesse Stone Orch.(USA) I Came Home Unextectedly RCA

Rory Storm + Hurricanes(Britain)(Alias = Ringo Starr) Dr. Feelgood Oriole

Strangers(Australia) If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody W & G

Street Singers(USA) Caldonia Mambo Tuxedo

Mr. Stringbean(USA) Pass The Juice Miss Lucy Herald

Barrett Strong(USA) Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Version 2) Motown

Barrett Strong(USA) Oh, I Apologize Tamla

Suburbans(USA) Alphabet Of Love Port

Suburbans(USA) Leave My Gal Alone Baton

Sugarman, The(USA) Which Woman Do I Love? Sittin’ In With

(Eddie Sugarman–Peniger Orch. (V: Little Miss Sharecropper)(USA) Easy Baby (OV/DV) - RCA

( as above I Wonder Why RCA

Sultans(USA) Boppin’ With The Mambo Duke

J.B. Summers + Doc Bagby’s O.(USA) I Want A Present For Christmas Gotham

Sunbeams(USA) You’ve Got To Rock & Roll Acme

Lonesome Sundown(USA) I’m A Mojo Man (OV/DV)

Lonesome Sundown(USA) I’m Glad She’s Mine Excello

Lonesome Sundown(USA) Just Got To Know Joliet/Alligator

Lonesome Sundown(USA) Leave My Money Alone Excello

Lonesome Sundown(USA) I’m A Samplin’ Man Excello

Lonesome Sundown(USA) They Call Me Sundown Joliet/Alligator

Sunny & the Sunglows(USA) Talk To Me (Version 2) (DV)

Superbs(USA) Baby Baby All The Time Dore

Superbs(USA) It’s A Million Miles To Paradise Dore

Surfin’ Gorillas(Sweden) Go Go Gorilla Part Records (Germany)

Screaming Lord Sutch + Savages(Britain) Come Back Baby (Version 23) Oriole

Screaming Lord Sutch + Savages(Britain) Dracula’s Daughter Oriole

Screaming Lord Sutch + Savages(Britain) I Ain‘t Mad At You Decca

Swallows(USA) Bicycle Tillie King

Swallows(USA) Roll, Roll, Pretty Baby King

(Sweet Honey in The Rock(USA) It’s Good To Be Me N/A

(As sung on Jack’s Clubhouse TV Show.

Joe Swift(USA) What’s Your Name (Version 3)

Swing Bros.(USA)(Alias = Eddie “Guitar” Burns) Bad Woman Blues Palda

Swing Bros.(USA) Detroit Black Bottom Big Bear

Swing Session(USA) Big Fat Mama (Version 5)

Swinging Blue Jeans(Britain) Crazy ‘Bout My Baby HMV

Swinging Blue Jeans(Britain) It’s All Over Now HMV

Swinging Blue Jeans(Britain) Three Little Fishes HMV

Swingin’ Medallions(USA) Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love) (del.OV)

Swingin’ Medallions(USA) M.T.Y.L.T.T. Smash

Swordsmen(USA) Roadrunner (Version 3 – trf. From Version 2)

Isabel Sykes with Roosevelt Sykes(USA)(Alias = Roosevelt Sykes) In Here With Your Heavy Stuff - Document

(Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Blood Stains Imperial

((Alias = Isabel Sykes with Roosevelt Sykes/Willie Kelly/The Honeydripper)

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 24) United/Delmark/DocumentWolf

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Date Bait Bluebird

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Dresser Drawers Delmark

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Eagle Rock Me Baby N/A

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Hard Lead Pencil Document/Yazoo

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Honeydripper, The (Version 2) (OV/DV) Bluebird

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) I’m Tired Of Being Mistreated (OV/DV) Okeh

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Jail Bait Vogue

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Keep Your Hands Off Her Document/Diablo

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Kickin’ Motor Scooter Delmark

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Road To Ruin, The (OV/DV)

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) She Got What It Takes (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) St. Louis Woman Blues Document

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Walking The Boogie United

Roosevelt Sykes(USA) You Deceived Me (OV/DV) Southland

Roosevelt Sykes + Napoleon Fletcher(USA) She Showed It All Document

Roosevelt Sykes + St. Louis Bessie(USA)(Alias=Bessie Mae Smith) Meat Cutter Blues - Document

Tabs(USA) Wallop, The Wand

Sweet Papa Tadpole(USA) Black Spider Blues (OV/DV) Victor

Sweet Papa Tadpole(USA) Weep And Moan When I’m Gone Victor

Tads(USA) Bumble Bee (OV) Atlantic

Blind Joe Taggart(USA) I Wonder Will My Mother Be On That Train Decca (1934)

Blind Joe Taggart(USA) Little Black Train Presto acetate

Tams(USA) Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (DV) ABC-Paramount

Tams(USA) I’ve Been Hurt ABC-Paramount

Tams(USA) What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am) (OV/DV)

Sharon Tandy(South Africa) Move A Little Closer Atlantic

Tangiers(USA) Ping Pong Class

Tangiers(USA) Waddle, The A-J

Leon Tarver(USA) Somebody Help Me (Version 5) (DV)

Howard Tate(USA) How Come My Bulldog Don’t Bark (OV/DV) Verve

Little Archie “Schoolboy” Taylor(USA) Let’s Have A Ball (Ants In My Pants) - Ebony

Carmen Taylor(USA) Ding Dong (Version 3)

Danny Taylor(USA) Coffee Daddy Blues Coral

Eddie Taylor(USA) Bad Boy (Version 4) (OV/DV)

Eddie Taylor(USA) Peach Tree Blues (Version 2) Testament

Eva Taylor(USA) Midnight Blues (A Wee Hour Chant) (Version 5) Victor

Eva Taylor(USA) Papa De Da-Da (OV/DV) Okeh

Eva Taylor(USA) That Da-Da Strain Columbia

Eva Taylor + Clarence Williams & his O.(USA) Do It A Long Time Papa Okeh

Eva Taylor + Clarence Williams Trio(USA) Jazzin’ Babies Blues Okeh

Eva Taylor + Sara Martin(USA) Hesitation Blues Okeh

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Can’t Get No Grindin’ Appaloosa

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Cave Man Rock Money

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Cut That Out Appaloosa

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Doo Wop Shang-A-Lang Shimmy Shimmy Ripete

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Fine Little Mama Warehouse Creek Records

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Harpoon Man Appaloosa

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Hi Fi Baby Warehouse Creek Records

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) I Want My Fleetwood Back Warehouse Creek Records

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Little Girl (Version 12) Appaloosa/ Warehouse Creek Records

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Messin’ With The Kid Appaloosa

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Olds 98 Blues Ripete

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Scratch My Back Ripete

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Shim Sham Shimmy Money

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Sleeping In The Ground Warehouse Creek Records

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Standing At The Crossroads Again Ripete

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Tip On In Ripete

Greg ”Fingers” Taylor(USA) Two Headed Woman Money

Hound Dog Taylor + House Rockers(USA) Crossroads Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor + House Rockers(USA) Hawaiian Boogie Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor + House Rockers(USA) Mama Talk To Your Daughter - Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor + House Rockers(USA) Roll Your Moneymaker Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) Dust My Broom Alligator Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) Give Me Back My Wig (OV/DV) Alligator Alligator/Toadstool

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) It’s Allright (Version 2) Alligator Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) Rock Me Alligator Alligator

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) She’s Gone (OV/DV)

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) Things I Used To Do, The Wolf

Hound Dog Taylor(USA) Watch Out Checker/Chess

Little Johnny Taylor(USA) Zig Zag Lightning Galaxy

Johnnie Taylor (Artist 2)(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water SAR

Johnnie Taylor (Artist 2)(USA) Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day) (DV) SAR

Johnnie Taylor (Artist 2)(USA) Take Care Of Your Homework Fantasy/Stax

Kingsize Taylor + Dominoes(Britain) Bad Boy Decca

KoKo Taylor(USA) All Your Love (del. Version 3)

KoKo Taylor(USA) Better Watch Your Step Alligator

KoKo Taylor(USA) Black Rat Alligator

KoKo Taylor(USA) Evil (Is Going On) Alligator

KoKo Taylor(USA) Gonna Buy Me A Mule Alligator

KoKo Taylor(USA) Hard Pill To Swallow Alligator

KoKo Taylor(USA) I Got What It Takes (DV)

KoKo Taylor(USA) Queen Bee (Version 2) (Answer song) Alligator

Sammy Taylor(USA)(Alias = Taylor Bros.) Switchin’ In The Kitchen Jalynne

Warren (Lee) Taylor(USA) Every Hour, Every Day Nola/Vee Jay

(Warren (Lee) Taylor(USA) Key To Your Door Nola/Vee Jay

((Alias = Warren Lee/Warren Lee Taylor)

William Tell Taylor(USA) I Like It (Version 5) (trf. From Rock)

Teardrops(USA) Sweet Lovin’ Daddy-O Sampson

Techniques(USA) Hey Little Girl (Version 6)

Teddy & the Rough Riders(USA) Money And Gold (Part 1) (OV/DV) Huron

Willie Tee(USA) I Want Somebody (To Show Me The Way Back Home) Atlantic

Teenagers (with Billy Lubrano)(USA) Mama Wanna Rock Roulette

Teenagers(USA) Tonight’s The Night End

Johnny Temple(USA) Better Not Let My Good Gal Catch You Here Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Big Woman Blues Bluebird

Johnnie Temple(USA) Corrine Corrina Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Down In Mississippi Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Evil Bad Woman Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Hoodoo Woman Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) I’m Cuttin’ Out Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 8) Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Mean Baby Blues Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) New Louise Louise Blues Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) New Vicksburg Blues Decca

Johnnie Temple(USA) Peeping Through The Keyhole Decca

Johnny Temple(USA Believe My Sins Have Found Me Out Proper

Johnny Temple(USA) Chain Gang Blues Proper

Johnny Temple(USA) Dixie Flyer Proper

Johnny Temple(USA) Evil Devil Blues, The del. Decca/add Vocalion

Johnny Temple(USA) Fix It Up And Go Decca

Johnny Temple(USA) Grinding Mill Decca

Johnny Temple(USA) Lead Pencil Blues Decca

Johnny Temple(USA) Mama’s Bad Luck Child Decca

Johnny Temple(USA) Olds 98 Blues (OV/DV) Ora-Nelle

Johnny Temple(USA) Rhythm Mama Proper

Johnny Temple(USA) Stavin’ Chain Decca

Johnny Temple(USA) Walkin’ Blues Decca

Johnny Temple(USA) What Is That Smells Like Gravy Document

(Johnny Temple + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Big Leg Woman (OV) Decca

((Alias = Johnnie “Geechie” Temple/Johnnie Temple)

Johnny Temple + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Every Dog Must Have His Day Decca

Johnny Temple + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Gimme Some Of That Yum Yum Yum (OV/DV) - Decca

Johnny Temple + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Louise Louise Blues (OV/DV) Decca

Johnny Temple + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Stavin’ Chain (OV/DV)

Tempo-Tones(USA) In My Dreams (OV/DV) Acme

Tempo-Tones(USA) My Boy, Sleepy Pete Acme

Temptations(USA) Romance Without Finance Miracle

Temptations (Group 2)(USA) Birds ‘N’ Bees Cameo/Parkway

Temptations (Group 3)(USA) Mister Juke Box Savoy

Temptations (Group 4)(USA) Roach’s Rock King

Ten Years After(Britain) Me And My Baby Deram Deram

Tender Tones(USA)(Alias = Richard Lanham) I Love You So Ducky

Tenderfoots (Lamplighters)(USA) Sindy (del.OV/add DV) Federal

(“Georgia Boy” Terry(USA) Whiskey Head Woman Southern

((Alias = Dossie “Georgia Boy” Terry)

Sonny Terry(USA) Cold Wind Blowing Blue Labour/Interfusion

Sonny Terry(USA) Cut Off From My Baby Blue Labour/Interfusion

Sonny Terry(USA) Feeling Like Robbin’ The Grave Blue Labour/Interfusion

Sonny Terry(USA) Going Down Slow Smithsonian Folkways

Sonny Terry(USA) Jail House Blues (Version 4) Folkways

Sonny Terry(USA) Mean Old Woman (OV/DV) Blue Labour/Interfusion

Sonny “Hootin’” Terry + Night Owls(USA) Women Is Killin’ Me Jackson

Sonny Terry & his Buckshot Five(USA) I Love You Baby (Version 11) (OV/DV)

(Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Dangerous Woman (With A .45 In Her Hand) (Version 2) (OV/DV) –

((& his Buckshot Five#(Alias = Bob Gaddy)) - Jackson/Harlem#/Sittin’ In With

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Dirty Mistreater (Version 4) Capitol

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Gin Headed Woman Smithsonian Folkways

(Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Hole In The Wall (Version 5) ABC-Bluesway

(Although Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee wrote this song they were not the first to record it (see Memphis

(Minnie & Kansas Joe)

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Hot Headed Woman Smithsonian Folkways

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Meet Me Down At The Bottom Prestige

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (+ Lightnin’ Hopkins)(USA) Po’ Boy - Davon/Horizon

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Preachin’ The Blues Smithsonian Folkways

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Screamin’ And Cryin’ Blues - Smithsonian Folkways

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Sportin’ Life Blues Smithsonian Folkways

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 4) (OV/DV) - Savoy

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee(USA) That’s The Stuff (Watch Out) Savoy

Sonny Terry & Willie Dixon(USA) If The Blues Was Money Hip-O

Joe Tex(USA)(Alias=Little Booker (V: Joe Tex)) All I Could Do Was Cry (Parts 1 & 2) – Anna

Joe Tex(USA) Pneumonia King

Joe Tex + X Class Mates(USA) Blessed Are These Tears Ace

Joe Tex + X Class Mates(USA) Charlie Brown Got Expelled Ace

George Thams(USA)(Alias = George W. Thomas) Don’t Kill Him In Here - Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Ain’t Nobody Got Nothin’ Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Bring It On Home To Your Grandma (DV) Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Get It In Front Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Get Your Mind On It Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Hot Dog Man Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) I Done Caught That Rascal Now (Answer song) Document

(Lovin)’ Sam Theard(USA) I Wonder Who’s Boogiein’ My Woogie Decca

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) New Rubbin’ On That Darn Old Thing Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Rubbin’ On That Darn Old Thing Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) She’s Givin’ It Away Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) State Street Blues Brunswick

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) That’s What I’m Talkin’ About Vocalion (1937)

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) Ugly Child Document

Lovin’ Sam Theard(USA) What You Gonna Do? Document

(Lovin’ Sam Theard + Burns Campbell O.(USA) You’re Gonna Be A Rascal ‘Til You Die (Answer song) –

( - Brunswick/Bluebird/Document

((Alias = Lovin’ Sam/Oscar’s Chicago Swingers (V: Lovin’ Sam Theard)/Lovin’ Sam From Down In ‘Bam)

Thee Midniters(USA) Dragon-Fly (Version 2) Whittier

Thee Midniters(USA) Never Knew I Had It So Bad Whittier

Ba Ba Thomas(USA) Miss Shake It (OV/DV)

Carla Thomas(USA) Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) (del.OV)

Henry Thomas(USA) Bull Doze Blues (OV) Vocalion/Yazoo

Henry Thomas(USA) Don’t You Leave Me Here Herwin/Vocalion

Henry Thomas(USA) Lovin’ Babe Vocalion

Henry Thomas(USA) Shanty Blues Vocalion

Henry Thomas(USA) Stomp That Thing (OV/DV) Vocalion

Henry Thomas(USA) Texas Easy Street Vocalion

Hersal Thomas (V: Hociel Thomas)(USA) I Must Have It (OV) Gennett/Buddy/Document

Hersal Thomas(USA) Suitcase Blues (OV) add Okeh

Hociel Thomas + Louis Armstrong‘s Jazz Four(USA) Put It Where I Can Get It - Okeh

Irma Thomas(USA) Time Is On My Side (del.OV)

Irma Thomas(USA) Yield Not To Temptation Rounder

Irma Thomas(USA) You Can Have My Husband (Don‘t Mess With My Man) (OV/DV) – Ron

James Thomas(USA) Bumble Bee Blues L + R

James Thomas(USA) Mama Don’t Allow L + R

James Thomas(USA) Momma Talk To Your Daughter L + R

James “Son” Thomas(USA)(Alias = James Thomas/Son Thomas) Boogie Chillun – Flying High

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Bull Cow Blues L + R

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Crawling Kingsnake L + R

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Dust My Broom Southern Culture

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl L + R

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Look Upside The Wall Southern Culture

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Mama Don‘t ‘Low No Guitar Playin‘ Here L + R

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Must Have Been The Devil Southern Culture

James “Son” Thomas(USA) 61 Highway L + R

James “Son” Thomas(USA) Standing At The Crossroads Southern Folklore/Southern Culture

James “Son” Thomas & Cleveland Jones(USA) I Laid And I Wondered L + R

Jamo Thomas + Party Brothers Orch.(USA) I Spy For The FBI Thomas

Jamo Thomas + Party Brothers Orch.(USA) Snake Hip Mama Thomas

Jesse Thomas(USA) Bases Are Loaded Tail-Gate

Jesse Thomas the Blues Troubadour + guitar(USA) D Double Due Love You – Miltone

Jesse Thomas(USA) I Can’t Stay Here (And Be Treated Thisa Way) Club

Jesse Thomas(USA) I Wonder Why (Version 3) Club

Jesse Thomas(USA) Jack Of Diamonds (Version 3) Specialty

Jesse Thomas(USA) My Heart’s A Rolling Stone Victor

Jesse Thomas(USA) Tomorrow I May Be Gone Modern

Jesse Thomas(USA)(Alias = Jesse “Babyface” Thomas) Watch Out Red River

(Willard) “Ramblin’” Thomas(USA) Guess I’ll Walk Alone Freedom/Yazoo

(Willard) “Ramblin’” Thomas(USA) Hard Dallas Blues Tempo

(Willard) “Ramblin’” Thomas(USA) Shake It Gal Victor

Rufus Thomas(USA) I’ll Be Your Santa, Baby (Answer song) Stax

Rufus Thomas(USA) Jump Back (OV)

Rufus Thomas(USA) (Do The) Push And Pull (OV)

Rufus Thomas(USA) Somebody’s Got To Go Ecko

(Rufus Thomas(USA) Sophicticated Sissy Stax

(Note: This is a different song to Sophisticated Cissy by The Meters.

Son Thomas(USA)(Alias = James “Son” Thomas/James Thomas) Big Fat Mama - L + R

Son Thomas(USA) Black Rat L + R

Son Thomas(USA) Bottle Up And Go Albatros/L + R

Son Thomas(USA) 44 Blues Matchbox/Autogram

Son Thomas(USA) Roll And Tumble Southland

Son Thomas(USA) Shake ‘Em On Down Albatros

Vaneese Thomas(USA) Soulful Dress Segue

Vaneese Thomas(USA) Tell Mama Segue

Dickie Thompson(USA) Thirteen Women And One Man (OV) Herald

Ginger Thompson(USA) Boy Watcher 123

Peggy Thompson(USA) I Sold My Heart To The Junkman Hit

Peggy Thompson(USA) Mashed Potato Time Hit

(Sonny Thompson & his Orch.(USA) I Ain’t No Watchdog (Answer song) King

((Alias = Lula Reed with Sonny Thompson)

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Big Change Peacock

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Everytime I Think Of You (Version 2) Peacock

Big Mama Thornton(USA) How Come (OV) Peacock

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Mischievous Boogie Peacock

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Quit Snoopin’ ‘Round My Door Ace (UK)

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Rock A Bye Baby (OV/DV) Peacock

Big Mama Thornton (USA) Rolling Stone Vanguard

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Sweet Little Angel (del.OV)

Big Mama Thornton(USA) Walking Blues (Version 7) Peacock

Big Mama Thornton(USA) You Don’t Move Me No More Peacock

Margaret Thornton(USA) Jockey Blues Black Patti

Willie Mae Thornton(USA) All Fed Up Peacock

Willie Mae Thornton(USA) Just Like A Dog (Barking Up The Wrong Tree) Peacock

Willie Mae Thornton(USA) Laugh, Laugh, Laugh Peacock

Willie Mae Thornton(USA) Let Your Tears Fall Baby Peacock

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