J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Billy & Lillie(USA) Bells, Bells, Bells Swan

Billy & Lillie(USA) Greasy Spoon (DV) Swan

Billy & Lillie(USA) Honeymoonin’ Swan

Dennis Binder(USA) Nobody Wants Me Crown

Elvin Bishop(USA) Don’t Let The Bossman Get You Down (OV/DV) Alligator

Frankie Black(USA)(Alias = Scrapper Blackwell) Alley Sally Blues Champion/Decca

Frankie Black(USA) My Old Pal Blues 77 Records/Document

Black Ace(USA) Black Ace Decca

Black Ace(USA) Evil Woman Blues (Version 4) Arhoolie

Black Ace(USA) I Am The Black Ace Decca

Black Ace(USA) Vamp, The Aladdin

Black Ace(USA) Whiskey And Women Decca

Black Cats And The Kitten(USA) Step It Up And Go Okeh

Black Keys(USA) Have Love Will Travel Fat Possum

(Black Keys(USA) Howlin’ For You Shock

(Used as a theme for the 2010 Australian TV series Cops – L.A.C.

Black Keys(USA) Never Gonna Give You Up Nonesuch

Black Keys(USA) Nobody But You (Version 2) Fat Possum

Black Keys(USA) She’s Long Gone Nonesuch

Black Keys(USA) Ten Cent Pistol Nonesuch

Black Keys(USA) Tighten Up (Version 2) Nonesuch

Black Spider Dumpling(USA)(Alias = John D. Twitty) Sold It To The Devil (OV/DV) - Victor

Bumps Blackwell(USA) Good Golly Miss Molly (OV) Specialty/Ace

Otis Blackwell(USA) Daddy Rollin’ Stone (OV) Jay-Dee/Inner City/Shanachie/Collectables

(Otis Blackwell(USA) Hey Little Girl Empire Music Group Inc.

(Although Otis Blackwell wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see Dee Clark).

(Otis Blackwell(USA) Just Keep It Up Empire Music Group Inc.

(Although Otis Blackwell wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see Dee Clark).

Otis Blackwell(USA) I’m Travelin’ On Flyright

Otis Blackwell(USA) My Josephine (Version 2) Flyright

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Non-Skid Tread Vocalion

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Rambling Blues Champion/Superior/Varsity

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Sneaking Blues Champion/Superior/Varsity

Willie “61” Blackwell(USA) Don’t MisuseMe, Baby Bluebird

Willie “61” Blackwell(USA) Junior’s A Jap Girl’s Christmas For His Santa Claus – Bluebird

Blind Blake(USA) Back Door Slam Blues (OV/DV)

Blind Blake(USA) Brownskin Mama Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) C.C. Pill Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Cold Hearted Mama Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Come On Boys Let‘s Do That Messin‘ Around (Messin‘ Around) - Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Diddie Wa Diddie No. 1 (OV) Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Diddie Wa Diddie No. 2 Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Doing A Stretch Paramount

Blind Blake + Gus Cannon(USA) He’s In The Jailhouse Now (Answer song) – Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Hey Hey Daddy Blue (OV/DV)

Blind Blake(USA) Ice Man Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Lonesome Christmas Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Notoriety Woman Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Police Dog Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Search Warrant Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Southern Rag (OV/DV) Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Sweet Papa Low Down Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Third Degree Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Too Tight Blues No. 1 Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Too Tight Blues No. 2 Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) What A Low Down Place The Jailhouse Is Paramount

Cicero Blake(USA) Shing-A-Ling Grapevine

Edgar Blanchard(USA) She’ll Be Mine After Awhile Peacock

Billy Bland(USA) Grandmaw Gave A Party (OV/DV)

Billy Bland(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 7)

Billy Bland(USA) Sweet Thing (OV/DV)

Bobby Bland(USA) Ain’t Doin’ Too Bad (OV/DV)

Bobby Bland(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 4) Duke

Bobby Bland(USA) That’s The Way Love Is (del.OV)

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Honey Bee (Version 2)

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Honey Child (OV/DV) Duke

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 6)(OV/DV) Duke

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 7) (OV/DV) Duke

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Reconsider Baby Duke

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Twisting Up The Road Duke

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Yield Not To Temptation (OV/DV) (prev. shown as Gospel)

Blasters(USA) All Your Love Evangeline

Blasters(USA) Don’t You Lie To Me Evangeline

Blasters(USA) Flip, Flop & Fly Evangeline

Blasters(USA) Have Mercy Baby Evangeline

Blasters(USA) It’s All Your Fault (Version 2) Evangaline

Blenders(USA) Memories Of You Decca

Blenders(USA) Soda Shop Aladdin

Blind Boys Of Alabama(USA) Higher Ground (del.DV)

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Down The Road Spindrift

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Gangster Of Love Spindrift/Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Give Me What You Got Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Hey Little Girl Spindrift/Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) I Ain’t Done Nothing Wrong Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) I Went Down To The River Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) It Ain’t The Meat It’s The Motion Spindrift

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) My Man Spindrift

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) No Good Lover Spindrift/Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Please Don’t Leave Me Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Roberta Spindrift

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Sapphire Spindrift

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) That Ain’t My Name Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Unlock The Door Spindrift/Azan

Big Boy Bloater(Britain) Where You At Spindrift

Big Brother & the Holding Company(USA) Jack O‘Diamonds Blues Mainstream

Blockbusters(USA) Why Baby Why (DV) Aladdin

Blue Chips(USA) Come Back (OV)

Blue Jays (Group 2)(USA) Stingy Little Thing Dig This Record

Blues Band(Britain) Got To Love You Baby (DV) Arista

Blues Band(Britain) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Blues Band(Britain) Talkin’ Woman Blues (DV) Arista

Blues Bros. feat. Erykah Badu(USA) Funky Nassau (DV) (trf. From Instrumentals)

Blues Bros.(USA) I Don’t Know (delete Version 2)

Blues Jumpers(USA) Baby I’m Gone Ridge

Blues Jumpers(USA) Chartreuse Ridge

Blues Jumpers(USA) Go Ahead And Burn (DV) Ridge

Blues Jumpers(USA) Good Morning Judge Ridge

Blues King(USA)(Alias = Alec Seward/Louis Hayes) Good Boy, Long Way From Home - Apollo

Blues Magoos(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 2) Mercury

Blues Project(USA) Back Door Man Verve/Folkways

Blues Project(USA) Black Night Capitol

Blues Project(USA) Parchman Farm Verve

Blues Project(USA) Spoonful Verve/Folkways

Blues Project(USA) Who Do You Love? Verve/Folkways

Blues Project(USA) You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover Verve

Blues Rockers(USA) Calling All Cows (OV/DV)

Blues Rockers(USA) My Mama’s Baby Child Aristocrat

Blues Rockers(USA) Times Are Getting Hard Aristocrat

Blues Rockers(USA) Trouble In My Home Aristocrat

Jimmy Blythe(USA) Ain’t Gonna Beg You For That Stuff Vocalion

Jimmy Blythe(USA) Alley Rat Vocalion

Jimmy Blythe(USA) Brown Skin Mama Champion

Jimmy Blythe(USA) Shake Your Shimmy Vocalion

Jimmy Blythe(USA) Some Do And Some Don’t Champion

Jimmy Blythe + Blythe’s Owls(USA) Have Mercy (OV) Vocalion

Jimmy Blythe + Blythe’s Sinful Five (V: Viola Bartlette)(USA) Quit Knockin’ On My Door – Paramount

Jimmy Blythe + Blythe’s Sinful Five (V: Viola Bartlette)(USA) Shake That Thing – Paramount

Jimmie Blythe & his Ragamuffins (V: Trixie Smith)(USA) Messin’ Around - Herwin

Jimmie Blythe + Jimmie Blythe‘s Ragamuffin Boys (V: Trixie Smith)(USA) Jimmie Blues - Paramount

Jimmie Blythe + Jimmie Blythe’s Ragamuffin Boys (V: Trixie Smith)(USA) Steppin’ On The Gas - Paramount

Jimmy Blythe & Ma Rainey(USA) Don’t Fish In My Sea Paramount

Jimmy Blythe + State Street Ramblers(USA) Georgia Grind (OV/DV) Champion/Superior

Jimmy Blythe + State Street Ramblers(USA) Roadhouse Blues (OV) Gennett

Jimmy Blythe’s Ragamuffins + Johnny Dodds (V: Trixie Smith)(USA) Messin’ Around (OV/DV) – Herwin

Blythe & Burton(USA)(Alias = Jimmy Blythe/Buddy Burton) Block And Tackle Blues (OV/DV) Gennett/Doc’t

Blythe & Burton(USA) New Block And Tackle Blues (OV/DV) Document

Eddie Bo(USA) Every Dog Has It’s Day (Version 3) (OV/DV)

Eddie Bo(USA) Hey Bo Apollo

(Eddie Bo(USA) We Like Mambo Ace

(Note: Shown as by Eddie Bo on label but is actually Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns.

Eddie Bo(USA) Why Does Everything Happen To Me Ace

Little Bo(USA) Baby (Version 16) Ace

Little Bo(USA) So Glad (OV/DV) Ace

Barbecue Bob(USA)(Alias = Robert Hicks) Atlanta Moan Paramount

Barbecue Bob(USA) Barbecue Blues Paramount/Columbia

Barbecue Bob(USA) Brown Skin Gal (Version 2) Paramount/Columbia/Document

Barbecue Bob(USA) Chocolate To The Bone (OV/DV) Paramount/Columbia

Barbecue Bob(USA) Diddle Da Diddle Paramount/Columbia

Barbecue Bob(USA) Goin’ Up The Country Columbia

Barbecue Bob(USA) How Long Pretty Mama Piedmont (1927)

Barbecue Bob(USA) I’m On My Way Down Home Paramount

Barbecue Bob(USA) It’s Just Too Bad Columbia

Barbecue Bob(USA) Poor Boy A Long Ways From Home (Version 3) (OV/DV) – Paramount (1927)/Columbia

Barbecue Bob(USA) She Shook Her Gin Paramount

Barbecue Bob(USA) She’s Coming Back Some Rainy Day Paramount

Barbecue Bob(USA) Spider And The Fly, The (Version 3) Paramount

Barbecue Bob(USA) Twistin’ That Stuff Paramount

Barbecue Bob(USA) Yo Yo Blues Paramount

Bob & Earl(USA) Gee Whiz (OV) Class

Bobbettes(USA) Dance With Me George (Answer song) Triple X

Bobbettes(USA) I Don’t Like It Like That (Answer song) Gone

Bobby & Ron(USA) You’re Mine Document

Willie Bobo(USA) Evil Ways (OV) Verve

Lucille Bogan(USA)(Alias=Bessie Jackson) Alley Boogie (OV/DV) American Record Corporation

Lucille Bogan(USA) B.D. Woman’s Blues (DV) ARC/Columbia

Lucille Bogan(USA) Black Angel Eyes (OV) Brunswick

Lucille Bogan(USA) Chirpin’ The Blues Okeh

Lucille Bogan(USA) Coffee Grindin’ Blues (OV/DV) Brunswick

Lucille Bogan(USA) Don’t Mean You No Good Blues Okeh

Lucille Bogan(USA) I Hate That Train Called The M & O (OV/DV) ARC

Lucille Bogan(USA) Mean Twister Banner

Lucille Bogan(USA) Pawn Shop Blues ARC

Lucille Bogan(USA) Shave ‘Em Dry (DV) Decca/Banner

Lucille Bogan(USA) Sloppy Drunk Blues (OV) Decca/Document

Lucille Bogan(USA) Sweet Patunia (OV/DV) Paramount

Lucille Bogan(USA) Tell Me Papa (How Do You Want It Done)(OV/DV) Columbia

Lucille Bogan(USA) That’s What My Baby Likes Melotone

Lucille Bogan(USA) Till The Cows Come Home (OV/DV) Columbia

Lucille Bogan(USA) Tricks Ain’t Walkin’ No More (OV/DV) Okeh

Lucille Bogan(USA) Triflin’ Blues (Daddy Don’t You Trifle On Me) Okeh

Lucille Bogan(USA) Woman Won’t Need No Man (OV) Paramount

Doc Boggs(USA) Down South Blues (OV) Folkways

Doc Boggs(USA) Old Rub Acohol Blues Yazoo

Bogtrotters(USA) Ain’t That Trouble In Mind Biograph

Bogtrotters(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor Biograph

Bogtrotters(USA) Who Broke The Lock Biograph

Calvin Boles(USA) 99 Years Yucca

Boll-Weevils(Britain)(Alias = Kinks) I’m A Hog For You Baby Sanctuary

Hattie Bolton(USA) Move That Thing Document

Hattie Bolton(USA) Tired Of Your Evil Ways Document

Bon Jovi(USA) House Of The Rising Sun Mercury

Son Bonds(USA) All Night Long (Version 9) Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Black Gal Swing Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Every Time My Heart Beats Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) I’ll Work Up To You Someday Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon Wolf

Bonnevilles(USA) Freeway U.S.A. Coral

Baby Bonnie(USA) Backbiting Moan Gennett

Baby Bonnie(USA) Black Bottom Blues Gennett

Baby Bonnie(USA) I Got Your Water On Gennett

Boogaloo + Gallant Crew(USA) Clothes Line (Wrap It Up) Crest

(Boogaloo + Gallant Crew(USA) Cops And Robbers (OV) Crest

(Alias = Boog Aloo/Kent Harris)

(Boogie Ramblers featuring Huey Thierry*(USA) Cindy Lou(OV/DV) Goldband

((Alias = *(later of Cookie & his Cupcakes)

Charley Booker with Ike Turner(USA) Charley’s Boogie Woogie (transferred from Instrumentals)

James Booker(USA) Come On In This House Amiga

John Lee Booker(USA) My Baby Don’t Love Me De Luxe

Little Booker (V: Joe Tex)(USA) Open The Door Ace

Earl Bostic(USA) Let’s Ball Tonight (Parts 1 & 2) Gotham

Earl Bostic(USA) Rockin’ And Reelin’ (Version 2) Gotham

Earl Bostic(USA) That’s The Groovy Thing (Parts 1 & 2) (OV/DV) Gotham

Boulevards(USA) Chop Chop Hole In The Wall Everest/Dee Jay

Al Bowlly & Sid Colin + Lew Stone & his Band(Britain) Down And Out Blues - Aircheck/Decca

Al Bowlly + Lew Stone + Band*/Ray Fox + Band#(Britain) Minnie The Moocher - Aircheck/Decca*/Decca#

Al Bowlly + Ray Fox & his Band(Britain) Minnie The Moocher’s Wedding Day - Decca

(Al Bowlly + Arthur Briggs Savoy Synchopators(Britain) Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) –

( - Homocord/Deutsch Grammophon/Polydor/Decca

(Priscilla Bowman(USA) A Spare Man Falcon

((Alias = Pricilla Bowman & the Spaniels/Priscilla & the Spaniels)

Priscilla Bowman(USA) Don’t Need Your Lovin’ Vee Jay

Priscilla Bowman(USA) I’ve Got News For You Vee Jay

Priscilla Bowman(USA) Sugar Daddy Falcon

(Pricilla Bowman & the Spaniels(USA) A Rockin’ Good Way (OV) Abner/Joy

((Alias = Priscilla & the Spaniels/Priscilla Bowman)

Alan Bown Set(Britain) Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Version 5) Pye

Georgia Pine Boy(USA) One More Greasing Champion

Sugar Boy + Cane Cutters(USA) I Bowed On My Knees Checker

Sugar Boy & the Cane Cutters(USA) Long Lost Stranger Checker

(Sunny Boy & his Pals(USA) Don’t You Leave Me Here Champion

((Alias = Harvey Hull)

Eddie Boyd(USA) Sent For You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today) – Blue Horizon

Eddie Boyd(USA) Third Degree (OV/DV)

Eddie Boyd & the Daylighters(USA) Come On Home (Version 2) Bea & Baby/Key Hole

(Idalia Boyd(USA) Hula Hoopin’ Dimension

(Idalia Boyd(USA) Some Kind Of Wonderful (Version 2) Dimension

(With backing by Little Eva (her sister) & the Cookies.

Elmor Boyer(USA) You’re Gonna Need My Help Library Of Congress

Mississippi Bracey(USA) You Scolded Me And Drove Me From Your Door – Okeh

Bradford & Bell(USA) Popsicle Pusher Surfside

Tiny Bradshaw(USA) Come On And Do The Twist (OV/DV) King

Tiny Bradshaw(USA) I’m A Hi-Ballin’ Daddy (OV) King

Tiny Bradshaw(USA) T-99 Blues King

Jean Brady with Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Knockin’ Myself Out Okeh

Al “TNT” Braggs(USA) Earthquake (Version 4) Peacock/Vocalion (UK)/Action (UK)

Al “TNT” Braggs(USA) Hey Fine Mama Peacock/Action (UK)

Linda Brannon(USA) I’m Leaving Ram

Jackie Brenston(USA) Juiced (OV/DV)

Jackie Brenston with Edna McRaney(USA) Hi Ho Baby Chess

Peter Briggs & the Vikings(Australia) Bring It On Home (Version 2)

Larry Bright(USA) Shake That Thing Del-Fi

Grace Brim(USA)(Alias=Mrs. John Brim) Hard Pill To Swallow (OV/DV) J.O.B.

Grace Brim(USA) Man Around My Door J.O.B.

Grace Brim(USA) Mean Man Blues (Boogie Disease) Fortune

John Brim(USA) Drinking Woman J.O.B.

John Brim Trio(USA) Humming Blues J.O.B.

John Brim(USA) I Would Hate To See You Go (Be Careful) Chess

John Brim(USA) Ice Cream Man Chess

John Brim(USA) Rattle Snake (OV/DV) Chess

John Brim Combo(USA) Strange Man Fortune

John Brim(USA) You Got Me (Where You Want Me) Chess

Mrs. John Brim(USA)(Alias = Grace Brim) Going Down The Line Random/J.O.B.

Mrs. John Brim(USA) I Love My Baby (Parts 1 & 2) J.O.B.

Mrs. John Brim(USA) Leaving Daddy Blues Random

Mrs. John Brim(USA) Trouble In The Morning Random

Buddy Britten(Britain) Right Now Piccadilly

Broadway Cast of “Grease” (1972)(USA) Born To Hand Jive (OV) Polydor

David Bromberg Band(USA) Beware, Brother Beware Fantasy

Tony Brook & the Breakers(Britain) Ooh Poo Pa Doo Columbia

Bobby Brooks(USA) She Called Me Baby (del.OV/DV)

Hadda Brooks(USA) Romance In The Dark Modern

Lonnie Brooks(USA) Crosscut Saw (del.OV)

Lonnie Brooks(USA) Feel Good Doin’ Bad Hip-O

Lonnie Brooks(USA) I Want All My Money Back Alligator

(Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter & Phillip Walker(USA)

( - Alligators Around My Door Alligator

( as above Bon Ton Roulet Alligator

( as above Boogie Rambler (DV)

( as above Feel Good Doin’ Bad (OV/DV) Alligator

( as above I Can’t Stand It No More Alligator

( as above It’s Mighty Crazy Alligator

( as above Quit My Baby Alligator

( as above Roll, Roll, Roll Alligator

( as above Street Walking Woman Alligator

Big Bill Broonzy(USA)(Alias = Sammy Sampson) All By Myself add Okeh

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Baby I Done Got Wise Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Evil Hearted Me Melotone/Perfect

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Evil Woman Blues (Version 6) Fuel/Yazoo/JSP

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) How Do You Want It Done? Vocalion

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Hard Hearted Woman (Version 2) Document

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Hell Ain‘t But A Mile And A Quarter Document

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Hey Hey (OV/DV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) House Rent Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Hush Hush (Version 3) Chess

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) I Feel So Good (OV/DV) Vocalion

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) I Want My Hands On It Storyville/JSP

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (del.OV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) It Feels So Good (OV) Chess

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) It Hurts Me Too Chess

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Just A Dream (Version 2) (OV) Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Kansas City Blues (Version 2) Chess

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Key To The Highway (del.OV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Long Tall Mama (OV/DV) Banner/Melotone

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Milkcow’s Calf Blues WNTS

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) New Shake ‘Em On Down Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Night Time Is The Right Time Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Oh Yes Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Take This Hammer Chess

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Tell Me Baby (OV/DV) add Okeh

Big Bill (Broonzy)(USA) To(o) Many Drivers (OV/DV) Vocalion

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Trouble And Lying Woman Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) You Do Me Any Old Way Melotone Epic

William “Big Bill” Broonzy(USA) Rock Me Baby (Version 4) Columbia

William “Big Bill” Broonzy(USA) Somebody’s Got To Go Columbia

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Leaving Town Blues Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Mistreatin’ Woman Blues Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Santa Fe Blues Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Something Keeps A-Worryin’ Me Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Vicksburg Blues (Part 3) Bluebird

B. Brown + Rockin’ McVoots(USA)(Alias = Buster Brown) Fannie Mae Is Back (Answer song) – Vest

Benny Brown(USA) Poppa She Treats Your Son So Mean (Answer song) Gotham

Bessie Brown & George Williams(USA) You Can‘t Proposition Me Columbia

Buster Brown(USA) Dangerous Woman (Version 5)

Buster Brown(USA) Don’t Dog Your Woman (OV/DV)

Buster Brown(USA) Good News (Version 7)

Charles Brown(USA) A Virus Called The Blues Bullseye

Charles Brown(USA) Bad Bad Whiskey Bullseye

Charles Brown(USA) Black Night (OV)

Charles Brown(USA) Christmas Blues (Version 2) De Luxe/King

Charles Brown(USA) It’s Christmas Time De Luxe/King

Charles Brown(USA) Seven Long Days Bullseye

Charles Brown(USA) Texas Blues (Version 4) Aladdin

Charles Brown(USA) Too Late (Version 3) Bullseye

Chocolate Brown + Blind Blake(USA)(Alias = Irene Scruggs/Dixie Nolan) St. Louis Woman Blues - Paramount

Chocolate Brown + Blind Blake(USA) Stingaree Man Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Chocolate Brown + Blind Blake(USA) You’ve Got What I Want - Varsity/Gennett/Paramount

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) I Ain‘t Mad At You V-Disc/Savoy

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) I’ve Been Mistreated (Version 2) Peacock

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Midnite Hour (Version 2) Verve

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Take Me Back, Baby Verve

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Too Late Baby (Version 2) add Verve

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Walk Right In (Version 2) Peacock

Cleo Brown(USA) Latch On (Version 2) Decca

Cleo Brown(USA) Lookie Lookie Lookie (Here Comes Cookie) (OV) Decca

Cleo Brown(USA) Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie Decca

Cleo Brown(USA) Stuff Is Here And It’s Mellow, The add Decca

Doris Brown & the Capris(USA) Sanafee JVB

Doris Brown & the Capris(USA) Santa Fe Blue Lake

Freddy Brown(USA) Raised In The Alley Blues Paramount

Freddy Brown(USA) Whip It To A Jelly Paramount

Gabriel Brown(USA) Frankie And Albert (Cooney And Delia) - Library Of Congress/Document

Gabriel Brown(USA) Got No Money Blues MGM

Gabriel Brown(USA) It’s Getting Soft Joe Davis/Gennett

Gabriel Brown(USA) Nobody Loves Me Like My Little Girl Jay-Dee

Gabriel Brown(USA) Stick With Me Coral

Gabriel Brown(USA) Suffer (Version 4) Coral

Gabriel Brown(USA) What Did The Doodle-Bug Say To The Mole - Library Of Congress/Flyright-Matchbox

Gabriel Brown(USA) You Ain’t No Good Joe Davis

James Brown(USA) Give It Up, Turn It Loose (OV/DV) Drive

James Brown(USA) I Don’t Know (delete Version 2)

James Brown(USA) I Got You (I Feel Good) (del.OV)

James Brown(USA) Think (Version 2) (del.OV)

James Brown(USA) Three Hearts In A Tangle King

Jim Brown + Sy Oliver & his O.(USA) Ain’t That A Shame Bell Festival

Lee Brown(USA) Round The World Blues Proper

Maxine Brown(USA) All In My Mind (OV/DV) add Musictone

Maxine Brown(USA) Now That You’re Gone (Version 5) add Nomar

Nappy Brown(USA) There’ll Come A Day Savoy

Nappy Brown(USA) Two Faced Woman (And A Lyin’ Man) Savoy

Oscar Brown Jr.(USA) Snake, The (Version 2) (OV) Columbia

Piney Brown(USA) A New Kind Of Lovin’ Miracle

Piney Brown(USA) Return Of Piney Brown Miracle

(Richard “Rabbit” Brown(USA) Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice - Victor

((Alias = Blind Willie Harris)

Roy Brown(USA) Ain’t It A Shame (Version 6) (OV/DV)

Roy Brown + Mighty Mighty Men(USA) Beautician Blues (OV/DV)

Roy Brown(USA) Dreaming Blues De Luxe

Roy Brown(USA) Fanny Brown (OV/DV)

Roy Brown((USA) Gal From Kalamazoo King

Roy Brown(USA) Let The Four Winds Blow (del.OV)

Roy Brown(USA) Lolly Pop Mama (del.OV/DV)

Roy Brown(USA) Long About Midnight (DV)

Ruth Brown + Rhythm Makers(USA) As Long As I’m Movin’ (OV/DV)

Ruth Brown(USA) I Don’t Know (delete Version 2)

Ruth Brown(USA) Jack O’Diamonds (Version 2) (del.OV/DV)

Ruth Brown(USA) Mend Your Ways Atlantic

Ruth Brown(USA) Papa Daddy Atlantic

Ruth Brown(USA) Salty Papa Blues Fantasy

Ruth Brown(USA) Takin’ Care Of Business (OV/DV)

Ruth Brown(USA) Too Many Men Atlantic

Little Tommy Brown(USA)(Alias = Tommy Brown) Goodbye I’m Gone King

Tommy Brown(USA) Double-Faced Deacon Savoy

Tommy Brown(USA)(Alias = Little Tommy Brown) V-Eight Boogie Savoy

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