J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Walter Brown(USA) ABC Blues Peacock

Walter Brown (delete Artist 2)(USA) Alley Cat (Version 2) (trf. From Rockabilly) - Zip

Walter Brown (delete Artist 2)(USA) Gonna Play With Your Woman Zip/Capitol

Walter Brown (delete Artist 2)(USA) Jolly Roll Rock Zip

Walter Brown (delete Artist 2)(USA) Play The Blues Zip

Walter Brown(USA) Search, The Peacock

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Cindy Lou (Version 4) Mercury

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay Decca

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Hometown Blues Decca

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Hootie Blues Decca

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) I’m Gonna Get Married (Version 2) – Decca

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Just Thinkin’ Mercury

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Lonely Boy Blues Decca

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Sloppy Drunk (Version 3) Decca/Mercury

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Suppressin’ The Blues (Answer song) – Capitol

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Work Don’t Bother Me Capitol

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) You Better Leave My Gal Alone – Decca

Willie Brown(USA) Kickin‘ In My Sleep Blues Paramount

Willie Brown(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor Herwin

Willie Brown (Artist 2)(USA)(Alias=Little Willie Brown) Cadillac Boogie (OV/DV) - add Decca

Willie Brown (Artist 2)(USA) Don’t You Want A Man Like Me (OV/DV)

Brownsville Station(USA)(Alias = Cub Koda) Hey Little Girl Big Tree

Brownsville Station(USA) Roadrunner (Version 3 – trf. From Version 2)

Tommy Bruce & the Bruisers(Britain) My Little Girl (Version 4)

Bill Bruner(USA) He’s In The Jailhouse Now Okeh (1930)

Gladys Bryant(USA) Laughin’ Cryin’ Blues (DV) Paramount

Gladys Bryant(USA) Triflin’ Blues Paramount

Gladys Bryant(USA) You’ve Got To See Mama Every Night Paramount

Jillian Buckley with the Thunderbirds(Australia) Hey Lawdy Lawdy Gem

Buckwheat Zydeco(USA) My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now Rounder

Buckwheat Zydeco(USA) Oooh-Wow Island

Buckwheat Zydeco(USA) Tee Nah Nah Rounder

Allen Bunn(USA)(Alias = Alden Bunn/Tarheel Slim) Guy With The 45, The (OV/DV)

Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon(Britain) Time Has Come, The (Version 2) - MGM/United Artists

Mojo Burford(USA) Whole Lotta Woman (Version 2) Bangar

Solomon Burke(USA) Baby Come On Home Atlantic

Solomon Burke(USA) Be-Bop Grandma (OV/DV)

Solomon Burke(USA) Tonight’s The Night (Version 2)

Solomon Burke(USA) Why Do You Do Me That Way Apollo

Dan Burley & his Skiffle Boys(USA) Chicken Shack Shuffle (OV/DV)

Hank C. Burnette(Sweden)(Alias = Sven Ake-Hogberg) Rocking Daddy Gucci

Eddie Burns(USA)(Alias = Eddie “Guitar” Burns) Dealing With The Devil - De Luxe

Eddie Burns(USA) Don’t Even Try Red Bird

Eddie Burns(USA) Gangster Blues Gotham/JVB

Eddie Burns(USA) Mean And Evil (Baby) Harvey

Eddie Burns(USA) Squeeze Me Baby (OV/DV) Gotham

Eddie Burns(USA) When I Get Drunk Blue Suit

Eddie Burns(USA) You Better Cut That Out Von

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA)(Alias = Eddie Burns/Swing Bros.) Bad Bad Whiskey - Action

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA) Bottle Up And Go Action/Flyright

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA) Hard Hearted Woman (Version 2) Document

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA) Notoriety Woman Palda

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA) Treat Me Like I Treat You (OV/DV) Chess/JVB

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA) Whiskey Headed Woman Action

Jimmy Burns(USA) Nervous Combo

Jimmy Burns + Fantastic Epics(USA) You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone – Tip Top

Jimmy Burns + La-Casics(USA) I Don’t Need Your Help Tip Top

R.L. Burnside(USA) Bad Sign Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Boogie Chillen Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Crosscut Saw Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Fireman Ring The Bell Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) .44 Pistol Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) I’s Be Troubled Arhoolie

R.L. Burnside(USA) Killing Floor Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Look On Yonder’s Wall Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Nine Days In Jail Genes

(R.L. Burnside(USA) Old Black Mattie Fat Possum/New West

(From the 2007 Movie “Black Snake Moan”

R.L. Burnside(USA) Outskirts Of Town Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Peach Tree Blues Genes

R.L. Burnside(USA) Peaches Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Poor Boy Long Way From Home Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Rollin’ And Tumblin’ Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Shake ‘Em On Down Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Shake For Me Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Two Trains Running Genes

Harold Burrage(USA) Got To Find A Way (OV/DV) M-Pac!

Harold Burrage + Combo(USA) Feel So Fine (Version 2) States

Buddy Burton (V: Irene Sanders)(USA)(Alias=Blythe & Burton) New Block And Tackle Blues - Document

(Bus Boys(USA)(Alias = BusBoys) New Shoes Arista

(From the 1982 Movie “48 Hrs.”

Butanes(USA) Don’t Forget I Love You Enrica

Sam Butera & the Witnesses(USA) Bim Bam Capitol

Sam Butera & the Witnesses(USA) Dig That Crazy Chick Capitol

Sam Butera & the Witnesses(USA) Honey Love Capitol

Sam Butera & the Witnesses(USA) Up Jumped A Rabbit Capitol

Cliff Butler & his Blue Boys(USA) Adam‘s Rib States

Jerry Butler(USA) Hey, Western Union Man (OV)

Jimmy Butler(USA) Trim Your Tree Savoy

Mary Butler(USA) Mad Dog Blues Brunswick

Trixie Butler(USA) Take It Easy, Greasy Bluebird

Trixie Butler(USA) You Got The Right Key Bluebird

Butterbeans (of Butterbeans & Susie)(USA) Hello, Sue Doxy/Arhoolie

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Adam And Eve Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Brown Skin Gal (Version 2) Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Cold Storage Papa (Mama‘s A Little Too Warm For You) - Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Get Away From My Window (Stay Away) Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Gonna Make You Sorry (For Everything You Do) - Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Hydrant Love (Turn It On, Shut It Off) Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) I Ain’t Scared Of You Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) I Got Your Bath Water On (OV/DV)

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) I Want A Hot Dog For My Roll Okeh/Proper

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) If You Can’t Bring It You’ve Got To Send It Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) I’ll Put You Under The Jail Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Let The Door Knob Hit You In The Back Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Love Me And The World Is Mine (Hit Me And The Jail Is Yours) - Okeh

(Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Mama Stayed Out The Whole Night Long (But Mama Didn’t Do No Wrong) –

( - (DV) Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Mama’s Gonna Shorten Your Days Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Married Man’s A Fool Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) My Daddy’s Got The Mojo But I Got The Say-So – Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Not Today, Sweet Mama Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Oh Yeah (Version 10) Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus, Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree - Okeh/Viper/Document

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Papa Don’t Hold Back On Me Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Sweet Papa Butterbeans And Sweet Mama Susie Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Tain’t None O’ Your Business Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Tain’t What You Used To Have, My Friend (It’s What You’re Holding Now) - Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) That Same Dog Okeh

Butterbeans & Susie(USA) When My Man Shimmies Okeh

(Butterbeans & Susie(USA) Yes, I’ve Been Cheatin’ Okeh

((Alias = Jodie “Butterbeans” Edwards/Susie Hawthorne)

Paul Butterfield(USA) You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Wounded Bird

Paul Butterfield Blues Band(USA) Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Elektra

Paul Butterfield Blues Band(USA) Goin’ Down Slow Elektra

Paul Butterfield Blues Band(USA) Tollin’ Bells Elektra

Paul Butterfield Blues Band(USA) Walkin’ Blues (Version 3) Elektra Astor

Josephine Byrd(USA) Take Me Away From Here Columbia/Document

Roland Byrd(USA)(prev. shown as Professor Longhair) Hey Little Girl (Version 9) - Atlantic

Roland Byrd(USA)(Alias = Roy Byrd/Professor Longhair) Willie Mae Atlantic

Roy Byrd(USA) Boogie Woogie (Version 7) Atlantic

Roy Byrd(USA) Junker’s Blues (OV/DV) Okeh

Russell Byrd(USA) Hitch Hike (Parts 1 & 2) add Sue

Byrds(USA) I Know My Rider Columbia

Jerry Byrne(USA) Carry On Specialty

Russell Byrd(USA) Hitch Hike (Parts 1 & 2) Symbol

Roy ‘C’(USA) Gone Gone Shout

Cadets(USA) Annie Met Henry (Answer song) (del.OV/DV)

Cadets(USA) Love Bandit (Version 2) (OV/DV) Modern/Norton

Cadillac Moon(USA) Every Dog Has His Day (Version 9)

Cadillacs(USA) A’Looka Here Josie

Cadillacs(USA) About That Girl Named Lou Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Bad Dan McGoon Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Boogie Man (del.OV/DV) Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Broken Heart (OV/DV)

Cadillacs(USA) Dum Dee Dum Dum Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Dumbell (Version 2) Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Frankenstein Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Holy Smoke Baby Josie

Cadillacs(USA) I Want To Know About Love Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Jay Walker (OV/DV)

Cadillacs(USA) Jelly Bean Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Naggity Nag Josie

Cadillacs(USA) Who Ya Gonna Kiss Josie

Pearline Caesar(USA) Go (Answer song) Kapp

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas(USA) Forty-Four Blues Arhoolie

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas(USA) One Thin Dime (OV/DV) Arhoolie

(J.J. Cale(USA) After Midnight (Version 4) (DV)

(Although J.J. Cale wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see Eric Clapton).

Bob Call with James Wiggins(USA) Evil Woman Blues (del.OV/DV) - Paramount/Black Swan

Anthony Callea, Kate Ceberano, Ricki-Lee Coulter, David Campbell, Jade MacRae, David Hobson, Ian Moss,

(& Adam Harvey(Australia) Born To Hand Jive (DV) N/A

(As performed on It Takes Two TV Show, 2008

Blanche Calloway & her Joy Boys(USA) I Got What It Takes Jass

Cab Calloway(USA) Come On With The ‘Come On’ (OV/DV)

Cab Calloway(USA) Ghost Of Smokey Joe (OV/DV)

Cab Calloway(USA) Hey Now, Hey Now (OV/DV) Columbia

(Cab Calloway(USA) Hi De Ho (OV/DV) add Columbia

(From the 1947 Movie “Hi De Ho”.

Cab Calloway(USA) Hucklebuck Hi-Tone

Cab Calloway(USA) I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped (OV/DV)

Cab Calloway(USA) I Want To Rock (del.OV)

Cab Calloway(USA) I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby Perfect

Cab Calloway(USA) (Hep! Hep!) The Jumpin’ Jive (OV/DV) add RCA

(Cab Calloway(USA) Minnie’s A Hep Cat Now Columbia

(From the 1947 Movie “Hi De Ho”

Cab Calloway(USA) Smokey Joe Vocalion

Cab Calloway(USA) Sweet Georgia Brown Columbia

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) A Blue Serge Suit Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) Airmail Stomp Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) Cruisin’ The Cab Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) Duck Trot, The Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) Frantic In The Atlantic Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) I Got A Girl Named Netty Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) Jealous Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) Jumpin’ Jive (OV/DV) Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) One O’Clock Jump Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) That Old Black Magic Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) This Is Always Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers(USA) You Got It (Version 2) (OV/DV) Swing House/Atlantic

Cab Calloway + Missourians(USA) Electric Man Blues RCA

Cab Calloway + Missourians(USA) St. James Infirmary RCA

Cab Calloway & his Orch.(USA) Boo-Wah Boo-Wah (OV) Okeh

Calvanes(USA) Buzz Buzz Buzz Hightone

Calvanes(USA) Mary Lou Hightone

Calvanes(USA) Smokey Joe’s Cafe Hightone

Calvanes(USA) Traveling Stranger Hightone

Camelots(USA) Pocahontas Ember

Camelots(USA) Searchin’ For My Baby Ember

Bill Campbell (V: Baby Dee)(USA) I Like To Ride Southern

Jo Ann Campbell(USA) Dance With Me Henry ABC-Paramount

Jo Ann Campbell(USA) Jim Dandy Groove

Jo Ann Campbell(USA) Mr. Lee ABC-Paramount

Jo Ann Campbell(USA) Willie And The Hand Jive ABC-Paramount

Lillian “Money Honey” Campbell(USA) Money Honey Ebony

Louis Campbell(USA) Don’t Want Anyone Hangin’ Around Delta

Candlelighters(USA) At The Sock Shop Delta

Canned Heat(USA) Bring It On Home Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Built For Comfort Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Bullfrog Blues (del.OV)

Canned Heat(USA) Catfish Blues Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Christmas Blues (Version 7) Liberty

Canned Heat(USA) Dizzy Miss Lizzy Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Gamblin’ Woman AIM

Canned Heat(USA) Goin’ Down Slow Liberty

Canned Heat(USA) Kid Man Blues Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Midnight Special Boogie Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Mercury Blues AIM

Canned Heat(USA) Shaken Blues Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Sloppy Drunk Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Sneakin’ Around Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Sunnyland (Version 2) AIM

Canned Heat(USA) Too Many Drivers Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) 24 Hours Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) Worried Life Blues Ruf

Cannibal & the Headhunters(USA) Land Of A 1,000 Dances (del.OV)

Freddie Cannon(USA) Good News Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Gus Cannon(USA) Kansas City Blues Folkways

Gus Cannon(USA) Salty Dog Stax

Cap-Tans(USA) Crazy About My Honey Dot

Cap-Tans(USA) Feel Like Ballin’ Some More Roadhouse

Cap-Tans(USA) Homework D.C./Savoy

Cap-Tans(USA) I’m So Crazy For Love Dot

Cap-Tans(USA) Tight Skirts And Crazy Sweaters Anna

((Alias = L’Cap-Tans/(Wailin’) Bethea & the Cap-Tans/Progressive Four/Paratones/Masked Man & the Agents)

Capris (Group 2)(USA) Rock Pretty Baby (Version 3) Candelite

Chuck Carbo(USA) Hey Mardi Gras! (Here I Am) Rounder

Chuck Carbo(USA) Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On (DV)

Cardigans(USA) Poor Boy (Version 7)

Cardinals(USA) Choo Choo (del.OV)

Jack Cardwell(USA) Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) King

Caribbeans(USA) Baby (Version 19) Brooks

(Carla & Rufus(USA) ‘Cause I Love You (OV/DV) Satellite/Atco

((Alias = Rufus & Carla/Rufus & Friend/Rufus Thomas/Carla Thomas)

Cliff Carlisle(USA) Sal’s Got A Meatskin (OV/DV) Bluebird

Cliff Carlisle(USA)(Alias = Carlisle Bros.) That Nasty Swing Bluebird

Carlisle Bros.(USA)(Alias = Cliff Carlisle/Bill Carlisle) Sal’s Got A Meatskin (OV/DV) - Solar

Chick Carlton + Mixtures(USA)(Alias = Majestics (Group 3)) Turkey Time (Parts 1 & 2) - Faro

Chick Carlton & the Majestics(USA) So You Want To Rock Faro

Carols(USA) I Got A Feelin’ (Version 4)

Carpets(USA) Chicken Backs (OV)

Barbara Carr(USA) Bone Me Like You Own Me (OV/DV) Ecko

Barbara Carr(USA) Footprints On The Ceiling Ecko

Barbara Carr(USA) Good Woman Go Bad Bar-Car

Barbara Carr(USA) If You Can’t Cut The Mustard Ecko

Barbara Carr(USA) Stroke It Ecko

Barbara Carr(USA) What A Woman Wants Ecko

Dora Carr(USA) Cow Cow Blues Columbia

Leroy Carr(USA) Ain’t It A Shame (Version 3) Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Leroy Carr(USA) Big House Blues (OV/DV) Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Black Gal What Makes Your Head So Hard? Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Evil Hearted Woman (Version 2) Columbia/Biograph/Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Gambler’s Blues (Version 3) Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Going Back Home Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Leroy Carr(USA) Rocks In My Bed Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Leroy Carr(USA) Sloppy Drunk Blues Vocalion/Document/Yazoo

Leroy Carr(USA) You Got To Reap What You Sow Vocalion

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Barrelhouse Woman Columbia

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Barrelhouse Woman No. 2 Yazoo

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Cold Blooded Murder No. 2 Document

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Midnight Hour Blues (OV/DV)

Valerie Carr(USA) I Talked Too Much (Answer song) Roulette

Irv Carroll & Al Jennings(USA) Five Guys Named Moe (OV) Bluebird

Jim Carroll(USA) Long Tall Shorty (del.OV)

Yvonne Carroll(USA) How Long Must This Fool Pay Challenge

Carroll Bros.(USA) Bo Diddley Cameo

Nelson Carson(USA) Crazy About My Baby (Version 4)

Alice Carter(USA) Bleeding Hearted Blues Document

Bo Carter(USA) Ants In My Pants Vocalion

Bo Carter(USA) Banana In Your Fruit Basket Columbia

Bo Carter(USA) Don’t Mash My Digger So Deep Document

Bo Carter(USA) Howling Tom Cat Blues Okeh/Bluebird

Bo Carter(USA) I’ve Got A Case Of Mashin’ It Okeh

Bo Carter(USA) Mashing That Thing Bluebird

Bo Carter(USA) My Pencil Won’t Write No More Okeh

Bo Carter(USA) Please Don‘t Drive Me From Your Door Bluebird

Bo Carter(USA) Queen Bee Bluebird

Bo Carter(USA) Ram Rod Daddy Vocalion/Document

Bo Carter(USA) Warm My Weiner Vocalion

Bo Carter(USA) When Your Left Eye Go To Jumping Bluebird

Bunny Carter(USA) It Won’t Be Long (Version 3) Conqueror

Bunny Carter(USA)(Alias = Cryin’ Sam Collins) Midnight Special Blues Conqueror

(Charlie Carter(USA) I’m Looking For A Woman Who Knows How To Treat Me Right – Broadway

((Alias = Charlie Jackson)

Clarence Carter(USA) Back Door Santa Atlantic

Clarence Carter(USA) Dr. C.C. Colossal Colossal

Clarence Carter(USA) Further On Up The Road Atlantic

Clarence Carter(USA) I Smell A Rat Atlantic

Clarence Carter(USA) Patches (del.OV)

Clarence Carter(USA) Strokin’ (OV/DV)

Clarence Carter(USA) Tell Daddy (OV) Atlantic

Goree Carter(USA) Come On Let’s Boogie Freedom

Goree Carter(USA) Every Dog Has His Day (Version 4) Imperial

Goree Carter(USA) I’m Your Boogie Man Freedom

Goree Carter(USA) I’ve Got News For You Freedom

Goree Carter(USA) Let’s Rock (OV/DV)

Goree Carter & his Hep Cats(USA) Hoy Hoy (del.OV)

Harry Carter(USA) Rhythm In My Soul Mar-Vel

Margaret Carter(USA) Come Get Me Papa Before I Faint Vocalion

(Margaret Carter + Buddy Christian’s Jazz Rippers(USA) I Want Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan - Pathe

((Alias = Margaret Johnson)

Casanova(USA) Sally Mae Port Prestige

Casanova(USA) They Call Me Casanova Port Prestige

Tony Casanova(USA) Boogie Woogie Feeling (OV/DV)

Casanovas(USA) Deep In The Heart Of The Jungle Planet

Casanovas(USA) Good Lookin’ Baby Apollo

Casanovas(USA) Sleepy Head Mama Apollo

Smith Casey(USA) Jack O’Diamonds Herwin/Document

Alvin Cash + Crawlers(USA) Keep On Dancing (OV/DV)

Eva Cassidy(USA) Ain’t Doin’ Too Bad Blix Street

Eva Cassidy(USA) Early One Morning (Version 2) Blix Street

Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown(USA) Gee Baby, Ain’t I Been Good To You Hot Hot

Casteleers(USA) Hi Fi Baby Felsted

Castelles(USA) Sweetness Grand

Castle-Tones(USA) At The Hot Dog Stand Rift

Jimmy Castor & the Juniors(USA) I Promise (To Remember) (OV/DV) Wing

Jimmy Castor & the Juniors(USA) This Girl Of Mine Atomic

Tommy Castro(USA) It Serves You Right To Suffer Heart & Soul

Casualairs (Group 2) Satisfied

Cats & The Fiddle(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water (del.OV)

Cats & The Fiddle(USA) Shorty’s Got To Go (OV/DV) Manor

Cautions(USA) Watch Your Step Shrine

Nick Cave(Australia) Stagger Lee Mute/Spider

Nick Cave(Australia) Up Jumped The Devil Mute/Elektra/Virgin

Jimmy Cavello(USA) Early In The Morning (Version 2) Coral

Jimmy Cavello(USA) Fanny Brown Coral

Jimmy Cavello(USA) Ha Ha Ha Blues Coral

Jimmy Cavello(USA) I Got Eyes For You Coral

Jimmy Cavello(USA) La La Coral

Jimmy Cavello(USA) That’s The Groovy Thing Coral

Cedar Creek Sheik(USA) Don‘t Use That Stuff Bluebird

Little Dickie Chaffin + Cheyenne Cowboys(USA) Think Twice Before You Go - Karl

Chairmen Of The Board(USA) Patches (OV) Invictus

Chambers Bros.(USA) C C. Rider Vault

Chambers Bros.(USA) House Of The Rising Sun Vault

Chambers Bros.(USA) It’s All Over Now Vault

Chambers Bros.(USA) You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide) Vault

Champions(USA) Mexico Bound Chart

Champlains with Fred Parris(USA) Ding Dong (Version 3)

Gene Chandler(USA)(Alias = Dukays) Duke Of Earl (del.OV)

Gene Chandler(USA) Groovy Situation (DV)

Gene Chandler(USA) Kissin’ In The Kitchen (del.OV)

Chanters(USA) My, My, Darling De Luxe/King

Chants(New Zealand) Early In The Morning (Rec. in Australia) Bacchus

Chants(New Zealand) I’m Your Witchdoctor (Rec. in Australia) Bacchus

Chants(New Zealand) Land Of 1,000 Dances (Rec. in Australia) Bacchus

Chants(New Zealand) Neighbour Neighbour (Rec. in Australia) Bacchus

Chants (Group 2)(Britain) She’s Mine Pye

Paul Chaplain(USA) Caldonia Pat

Paul Chaplain(USA) I Saw Her Standing On The Corner Pat

Bill Chappell(USA) Big Mama Yucca

Bobby Charles(USA) Darlin’ You Know I Love You (del.OV/DV)

Bobby Charles(USA) Good Loving (Version 7)

Bobby Charles(USA) Laura Lee Chess

Bobby Charles(USA) Lonely Street (del.OV)

Bobby Charles(USA) No Using Knocking (No Use In Knocking) Chess

Bobby Charles(USA) Queen Bee (Version 6) Rice N’ Gravy

Bobby Charles(USA) One More Glass Chess

Bobby Charles(USA) Take It Easy, Greasy (del.OV)

Bobby Charles(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 18) Chess

Bobby Charles(USA) Watch It, Sprocket (OV/DV)

Bobby Charles(USA) What A Party Imperial

Ray Charles(USA) Big Bertha (DV) Strand

Ray Charles(USA) Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Ampar W & G

Ray Charles(USA) Come Back Baby (OV/DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Early In The Morning (delete Version 2)

Ray Charles(USA) Gee, Baby Ain’t I Been Good To You ABC Stateside

Ray Charles(USA) Heartbreaker (del.OV/DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Here We Go Again (OV/DV) ABC-Paramount/ABC Stateside

Ray Charles & the Raelets(USA) Hit The Road Jack (del.OV)

(Ray Charles(USA) I Got A Woman (OV/DV)

(Ray Charles adapted I Got A Woman from the Gospel song It Must Be Jesus. Some say it was My Jesus Is All

(The World To Me however of the two songs, It Must Be Jesus is the closest in format to the Ray Charles song.

Ray Charles(USA) I’m Lost Without You Strand

Ray Charles(USA) I’m Wonderin’ And Wonderin’ Rockin’/Strand

Ray Charles(USA) It’s Been So Long Strand

Ray Charles(USA) Leave My Woman Alone (del.OV)

Ray Charles(USA) Love Walked In ABC Stateside

Ray Charles(USA) Rocking Chair Blues (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Sticks And Stones (DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Tell The Truth (del.OV)

Ray Charles(USA) Them That Got ABC-Paramount W & G

Ray Charles(USA) Walkin’ And Talkin’ (To Myself) (Version 2)

Ray Charles(USA) Why Did You Go? Rockin’

Ray Charles(USA) Worried Mind (DV)

Ray Charles(USA) You’re Just About To Lose Your Clown (OV/DV) ABC-Paramount

Left Handed Charlie(USA) Honey Bee, Honey Bee Goldband

Charmers(USA) Mambo, The Timely

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