J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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(Lincoln Chase(USA) Jim Dandy Atlantic

(Although Lincoln Chase wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see LaVern Baker)

Earl Chatman(USA) Take Two Steps Back Fortune/Savage Kick

Sam Chatmon(USA) Black Night L & R

Sam Chatmon(USA) God Don’t Like Ugly Arhoolie

Sam Chatmon(USA) I Have To Paint My Face Arhoolie

Sam Chatmon(USA) I Stand And Wonder Arhoolie

Sam Chatmon(USA) Kansas City Blues (Version 2) Blue Goose

Sam Chatmon(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor Blue Goose

Sam Chatmon(USA) Prowling Ground Hog (OV) Albatros

Sam Chatmon(USA) Stoop Down Baby L & R/Wolf

Sam Chatmon(USA) Stop And Listen Wolf

Boozoo Chavis(USA) My Toot Toot Goldband

Boozoo Chavis(USA) Worried Life Blues Goldband

Boozoo Chavis + Tempo Kings(USA) Paper In My Shoe Folk Star

Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham(USA) Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On – Concord

Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham(USA) Muddy Water Blues Concord

Chubby Checker(USA) Birdand Parkway

Chubby Checker(USA) Dancin’ Party (OV/DV)

Checkers(USA) Ghost Of My Baby King

Check Mates(USA) Hey Mrs. Jones (Parts 1 & 2) (OV/DV) Arvee

Checkmates, Inc.(USA)(Alias = Checkmates Ltd.) All Right Ikon

Checkmates, Inc.(USA) Do It To Deff Ikon

Checkmates, Inc.(USA) High Heel Sneakers Ikon

Checkmates, Inc.(USA) Kansas City Ikon

Checkmates, Inc.(USA) Louie Louie Ikon

Checkmates, Inc.(USA) Sittin’ On My Ya Ya Ikon

Checkmates, Inc.(USA) What’d I Say Ikon

Checkmates, Ltd.(USA) Sexy Ways Rustic

Chellows(USA) Ain’t That A Shame Hit

Clifton Chenier(USA) Baby Please Don’t Go Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Black Gal Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Black Snake Blues Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Caldonia Arhoolie

(Clifton Chenier(USA) I’m Comin’ Home (To See My Mother) - Arhoolie/Image Entertainment

(From the 2009 Movie “In The Electric Mist”

Clifton Chenier(USA) Jole Blon Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Key To The Highway Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Let The Good Times Roll Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Louisiana Two-Step Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) New Orleans Beat (OV/DV) Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Rockhouse Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Standing On The Corner (Version 2)

Clifton Chenier(USA) Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) Worried Life Blues (Version 2) Arhoolie

Clifton Chenier(USA) You Gonna Miss Me Arhoolie

Cherokees (Group 2)(USA) Bed Bug United Artists

Cherokees (Group 2)(USA) Drip, Drip (The Coffee Grinder) Peacock

Chessmen (Group 3)(USA) Pick It Up Mirasonic

Sonny Chestain(USA) Po’ Boy Long Way From Home Library Of Congress

Johnny Chester(Australia) Mother-In-Law Fable

Chesterfields(USA) I Got Fired (Answer song) (OV/DV)

Chesters(USA)(Alias = Little Anthony + Imperials/Duponts) Lift Up Your Head – Apollo

Chi-Lites(USA) Love Bandit (Version 2) Daran

Chicago Black Swans(USA) Don’t Tear My Clothes No. 2 Vocalion

Chimes(USA) Zindy Lou (OV/DV)

Chippendales(USA) Voodoo (Version 4) Rust

Chips(USA) Mixed Up Shook Up Girl Philips

Chocolate Dandies(USA) Casa Loma Stomp (DV)

Chordcats(USA)(Alias = Chords/Sh-Booms) Sh-Boom Cat

Chords (Group 2)(USA) Over And Over Hit

Chuck & Bill(USA) Watch Your Step Brunswick

Eugene Church(USA) Good News (Version 7)

Eugene Church(USA) Mind Your Own Business King

Savannah Churchill(USA) Daddy, Daddy Manor

Savannah Churchill(USA) Fat Meat Is Good Meat Beacon

Savannah Churchill(USA) Shake A Hand Decca

Savannah Churchill(USA) Two-Faced Man Manor

Savannah Churchill + Five Kings(USA) Let’s Call A Spade A Spade Manor

Jimmy Clanton(USA) I Wanna Go Home (Version 2) Ace

Eric Clapton(Britain) After Midnight (Version 4) (OV)

Eric Clapton(Britain) Christmas Tears (Version 3) A & M A & M

Eric Clapton(Britain) Come Back Baby (Let’s Talk It Over One More Time) (Version 16) – Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Come On In My Kitchen Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Goin’ Away Baby Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Hell Hound On My Trail Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Hoochie Coochie Man Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) It Hurts Me Too Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Kind Hearted Woman Blues Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Last Fair Deal Gone Down Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Love In Vain Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Me And The Devil Blues Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Milkcow Calf’s Blues Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Motherless Child (Version 2) Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Reconsider Baby Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Stop Breakin’ Down Blues Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) They’re Red Hot Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Third Degree Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) 32:20 Blues Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) When You Got A Good Friend Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Charles Clark + Willie Dixon Band(USA) Hidden Charms (OV/DV)

Claudine Clark(USA)(Alias = Joy Dawn/Sherry Pie) A Sometimes Thing Jamie

Claudine Clark(USA) Buttered Popcorn Jamie

Claudine Clark(USA) Dancin’ Party Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) Foxy TCF Hall

Claudine Clark(USA) Goodbye Mama Fayette

Claudine Clark(USA) Happy Birthday Baby (Version 2) Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) Havin’ A Party Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) Locomotion Match/Atlantic

Claudine Clark(USA) Party Time Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) Somebody Else Is Taking My Place (Version 2) Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) Telephone Game, The Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) Walk Me Home (From The Party) Chancellor

Claudine Clark(USA) What Kind Of Party Chancellor

Claudine Clark + Detroit Spinners(USA) Angel Of Happiness Herald

Claudine Clark + Detroit Spinners(USA) Teenage Blues (Version 6) Herald

Claudine Clark & the Get Setters(USA) Get Set Song, The Alma

Dee Clark(USA) Because I Love You (Version 4) Vee Jay

Dee Clark(USA) Gloria (Version 2)

Dee Clark(USA) Hot Potato Abner

Dee Clark(USA) How About That Abner Top Rank

Dee Clark(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 3) Vee Jay

Dee Clark(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 24) Constellation

Dee Clark(USA) You Can Count On Me (OV/DV)

Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts(USA) Hot Nuts (Parts 1 & 2) Gross

Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts(USA) Two Old Maids Gross

Gary Clark Jr.(USA) Don’t Owe You A Thang Hotwire/Warner Bros.

James (Beale Street) Clark(USA) Get Ready To Meet Your Man (OV) Ace

James (Beale Street) Clark(USA) Love Me Or Let Me Go Columbia

Jim Clark(USA) Fat Fanny Stomp Document/Yazoo

W.C. Clark(USA) Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing Alligator

W.C. Clark(USA) Get Out Of My Life, Woman Alligator

W.C. Clark(USA) Midnight Hour Blues Alligator

W.C. Clark(USA) Snatching It Back Alligator

Classicals with the Rockets(USA)(Alias=Kenny & the Rockets) Camel, The - Prudential

Merry Clayton(USA) Doorbell Rings, The Teldisc

(Eddie Clearwater(USA) Ain’t That A Shame Wolf

((Alias = Eddy Clearwater/Clear Waters)

Eddie Clearwater(USA) All Your Love (del.Version 3) (OV/DV) Rooster Blues/Blind Pig

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Baby Please Wolf

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Bad Dream Rooster Blues

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Black Night Storyville

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Came Up The Hard Way Delmark

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Check Up On My Baby Bullseye

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Chills (Version 3) Rooster Blues

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Ding Dong Daddy Rounder

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Every Day I Have The Blues Storyville

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Find You A Job Rooster Blues

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Hard Way To Make An Easy Living Bullseye

Eddie Clearwater(USA) (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man Storyville

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Hound Dog Evidence

Eddie Clearwater(USA) I Just Want To Make Love To You Bullseye

Eddie Clearwater(USA) I’m Tore Up Rooster Blues

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Let The Four Winds Blow Rounder

Eddie Clearwater(USA) My Babe Storyville

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Poison Ivy (Version 2) Storyville/Blind Pig

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Rock Me Baby Storyville

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Stormy Monday Evidence

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Things I Used To Do, The Storyville

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Tore Up All The Time Delmark

Eddie Clearwater(USA) 2 X 9 Delmark

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Who Loves You Baby Federal

Eddie Clearwater(USA) You Upset Me Baby Evidence

Eddie Clearwater(USA) You’re Humbuggin’ Me Rounder

Eddy Clearwater(USA) Hypnotized (Version 2) Federal

Eddy Clearwater(USA) Rock-A-Blues Baby Federal

Eddy Clearwater(USA) Three Ways To Skin A Cat Alligator

Eddy Clearwater(USA)(Alias = Eddie Clearwater) Twist Like This Federal

Cleftones(USA) Little Girl Of Mine (del.DV)

Cleftones(USA) Niki Hokey (Version 2) (del.OV)

George Clinton + Gangsters Of Love feat.Carlos Santana(USA) Gypsy Woman - Shanachie

George Clinton + Gangsters Of Love feat. RZA(USA) Heaven (Version 2) – Shanachie

(George Clinton + Gangsters Of Love feat. Red Hot Chili Peppers & Kim Manning(USA) –

((Alias = Parliament) - Let The Good Times Roll (Version 2) Shanachie

George Clinton + Gangsters Of Love(USA) Pledging My Love Shanachie

Paul Clifton(USA) She Wobbles When She Walks Teen Post

Claude Cloud + Thunderclaps(USA) Cloudburst (OV) MGM

Clouds(USA) Rock & Roll Boogie (Version 4) Cobra

Clovers(USA) Fool, Fool, Fool (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Clovers(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Clovers(USA) I, I Love You Atlantic

Clovers(USA) In The Morning Time Atlantic

Clovers(USA) Stay Awhile (Version 3)

Clovers(USA) There’s No Tomorrow Atlantic

Clovers(USA) Ting-A-Ling (OV)

Clovers(USA) Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash (OV)

Clovers(USA) Your Tender Lips Atlantic

Coasters(USA) Ain’t That (Just Like Me) (OV/DV)

Coasters(USA) Dance! Atco

Coasters(USA) Frosty The Snowman Atco

Coasters(USA) Gee, Golly Atco

Coasters(USA) Here I Am (Version 3) (del.OV/DV)

Coasters(USA) Let’s Go Get Stoned (del.OV)

Coasters(USA) Mohair Sam King

Coasters(USA) (Down At) Papa Joe’s King

Coasters(USA) She Can (Answer song) Date

Coasters(USA) Snake And The Book Worm, The Atco

Coasters(USA) Stewball (OV/DV)

Coasters(USA) Talkin’ ‘Bout A Woman (Answer song) King

Coasters(USA) That Is Rock And Roll (OV/DV)

Coasters(USA) Wait A Minute (Version 6) (del.OV)

Coasters(USA) What About Us (OV/DV)

Willie C. Cobbs(USA) My Little Girl (Version 12)

Cobras (Group 2)(USA) Sindy Modern

Eddie Cochran(USA) Important Words Rockstar

Joe Cocker(Britain) I Put A Spell On You EMI

Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen(USA) Don’t Let Go Paramount

Co-Eds with the Ebb-Tides(USA) Jive Time Boys Amina

Ann Cole(USA) Don’t Stop The Wedding (OV/DV) Roulette

Ann Cole(USA) Easy Easy Baby (OV) Baton

Ann Cole(USA) I’ve Got Nothing Working Now (Answer song) Baton

Ann Cole & the Suburbans(USA) Each Day Baton

Eddie Cole(USA) News For You Baby Gotham

King Cole Trio(USA) Pitchin’ Up A Boogie Excelsior

King Cole Trio + Lionel Hampton & his O.(USA) Hit That Jive, Jack Decca/Capitol

Nat Cole Quartet(USA) Black Spider Stomp Varsity

Nat King Cole + Trio(USA) Bang Bang Boogie Capitol

Natalie Cole(USA) Merry Christmas, Baby Elektra

Jaybird Coleman(USA) Ah’m Sick And Tired Of Telling You (To Wiggle That Thing) (OV/DV) – Gennett

Jaybird Coleman(USA) Coffee Grinder Blues Columbia

Jaybird Coleman(USA) Times Getting’ Hard – Work’s Been Gettin’ Scarce - Gennett

Walter Coleman(USA) Mama Let Me Lay It On You Catfish/Document

Collard Greens & Gravy(Australia) Another Man Done Gone Brunswick

Collegians(USA) Grandma Told Me So Post

Collegians(USA) He Will Break Your Heart Wheels

Collegians(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Post

Collegians(USA) Let’s Go For A Ride X-Tra

Collegians(USA) Oh, I Need Your Love Winley

Collegians(USA) Rockin’ Time Winley

Collegians(USA) Tonite, Oh Tonite Winley

Collegians(USA) Teenie Weenie Little Bit Winley

(Al Collins(USA)(Alias = Albert Collins) I Got The Blues For You Ace

(Although not the same song, it was influential on Eddie Bo’s “I’m Wise” (aka “Slippin’ And Slidin’).

Albert Collins(USA) And Then It Started Raining Imperial

Albert Collins(USA)(Alias = Al Collins) Caldonia Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Don’t Lose Your Cool TCF-Hall/Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Get To Gettin’ Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Good Fool Is Hard To Find Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Got A Mind To Travel Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) I Ain’t Drunk Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) If You Love Me Like You Say Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Light’s Are On But Nobody’s Home Alligator/Point Blank/Eagle

Albert Collins(USA) Sippin’ Soda (Version 2) Hall-Way

Albert Collins(USA) T-Bone Shuffle (prev. shown as Instrumentals) Alligator/Virgin

Albert Collins(USA) Taking My Time 20th Century

Albert Collins + Rhythm Rockers(USA) Freeze (Version 2) (DV) Kangaroo

Albert Collins & Johnny Copeland(USA) Lion’s Den Alligator

Dorothy Collins(USA) Tweedlee Dee Coral

Glenda Collins(Britain) Lollipop HMV

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) Devil In The Lion’s Den (OV/DV) Gennett/Yazoo/Document

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Do That Thing (OV/DV) Gennett/Superior/Yazoo/Document

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) It Won’t Be Long (Version 3) Gennett/Yazoo/Document

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) Midnight Special Blues Gennett/Superior/Yazoo/Document

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Slow Mama Slow Yazoo/Document

Big Tom Collins (V: Champion Jack Dupree)(USA) Heart Breaking Woman King

Big Tom Collins (V: Champion Jack Dupree)(USA) Watchin’ My Stuff King

Columbus Pharaohs (Four Pharaohs/Egyptian Kings)(USA) Move Around, The – Ransom

Commandos(USA) Chicken Scratch Symbol

Conductor, The (Titus Turner with the Mort Garson Orch.)(USA)(Alias=Titus Turner) Pony Train – Jamie/Barry

Arthur Conley(USA) Star Revue Atco

Arthur Conley(USA) Whole Lot Of Woman Atco

Connie & the Cones(USA) Lonely Girl’s Prayer Roulette

Contours(USA) Can You Do It Gordy

Contours(USA) Can You Jerk Like Me? Gordy

Contours(USA) Whole Lotta Woman (Version 2) (OV/DV) Motown

Convicts of Bellwood Prison Camp, Atlanta, GA(USA) In The Pines - Library Of Congress

Jim Conway’s Big Wheel (V: Don Hopkins)(Australia) Running Away With The Blues Chief

Al Cook(USA) Bad Boy Blues Document

Al Cook(USA) Bad Things On My Mind Document

Al Cook(USA) Bumble Bee Blues Document

Al Cook(USA) Down In Boogie Alley Wolf

Al Cook(USA) 44 Blues Document

Al Cook(USA) If You Can Dish It Wolf

Al Cook(USA) I’m Down With The Blues Document

Al Cook(USA) Last Fair Deal Gone Down Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Let Me Be Your Honeydripper Document

Al Cook(USA) My Baby Gone Dead On Me Wolf

Al Cook(USA) My Baby Left Me This Mornin’ Document

Al Cook(USA) No Kind Hearted Woman’s Slave Document

Al Cook(USA) Slavin’ Mama Blues Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Sleepin’ All By Myself Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Sweet Home Chicago Wolf

Al Cook(USA) They Got Wake Me In The Mornin’ Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Things Ain’t Goin’On Right Wolf

Al Cook(USA) When Man Gets In Trouble Wolf

Little Joe Cook(USA) Can’t Get Enough (Version 2) Beantown International Recording Corp.

Little Joe Cook(USA) Give It To Me (Version 6) Beantown International Recording Corp.

Little Joe Cook(USA) Hold Up, Stick ‘Em Up Beantown International Recording Corp.

Little Joe Cook(USA) King Of Rock & Roll Beantown International Recording Corp.

L.C. Cooke(USA) Wobble, The SAR

Sam Cooke(USA) Baby, Baby, Baby (Version 7) (OV/DV)

Sam Cooke(USA) Meet Me At Mary’s Place (OV/DV) RCA

Sam Cooke(USA) One Hour Ahead Of The Posse Keen

Sam Cooke(USA) Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day) (OV) RCA

Sam Cooke(USA) Sugar Dumpling (OV/DV) RCA

Sam Cooke(USA) ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do Keen

Cookie & his Cupcakes(USA)(Alias=Boogie Ramblers feat. Huey Thierry) Mathilda (Version 2)(OV/DV)

Cookies(USA) Hippy-Dippy-Daddy Josie

Eddie Cooley & the Dimples(USA) Betty Lou Royal Roost

(Eddie Cooley & the Dimples(USA) Fever MGM

(Although this song was written by Eddie Cooley he was not the first to record it (see Little Willie John).

Eddie Cooley & the Dimples(USA) Juicy Fruit Royal Roost

Jack Cooley & his Orch.(USA) Caldonia’s Easter (Answer song) Square Deal

Spade Cooley(USA)(Alias = Hank Penny & Spade Cooley) You Never Miss The Water - Columbia

Dolly Cooper(USA)(Alias = Thelma Cooper) Ay, La Bas (DV)

Thelma Cooper(USA)(Alias = Dolly Cooper) Cool Poppa Gotham

Thelma Cooper(USA) I Need A Man Gotham

Thelma Cooper(USA) Ooh Daddy Gotham

Johnny Copeland(USA) Houston (Version 2) Rounder/Demon (UK)

Pat Cordel + Crescents(USA)(Alias = Elegants) Darling, Come Back (OV/DV) - Club/Michelle/Victory

Little Miss Cornshucks(USA) Never Let You Go (Version 2) Chess

Little Miss Cornshucks(USA) So Long Chess

Ida Corr(USA) Make Them Beg Document

James Cotton(USA) Baby, Don’t You Tear My Clothes Telarc

James Cotton(USA) Cut You Loose Universe

James Cotton(USA) Key To The Highway Telarc

James Cotton(USA) Polly Put The Kettle On (Version 3) (DV)

James Cotton(USA) Rainin’ In My Heart (Version 2) Telarc

James Cotton(USA) She’s Murder Verve

James Cotton(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 7) Justin Time

James Cotton(USA) Strange Things Happen (Version 4)

James Cotton(USA) Two Trains Running Verve

James Cotton(USA) V-8 Ford AIM

Sammy Cotton(USA) Give Me One More Drink Okeh

Counts(USA) Hot Tamales (Version 4) Dot

Counts(USA) Little Sally Walker Dot

Counts(USA) Wailin’ Little Mama Dot

Coup D’Etat(New Zealand) Doctor I Like Your Medicine Vertigo

Coup D’Etat(New Zealand)(Alias = Jan Preston) Heart Attack Vertigo

Don Covay(USA) Rockin’ The Mule In Kansas Cameo

Don Covay(USA)(Alias = Pretty Boy) Wiggle Wobble Cameo

Don Covay & the Goodtimers(USA) See Saw (Version 2) (OV/DV) Atlantic

Ida Cox(USA) Cherry Pickin’ Blues Paramount

Ida Cox (+ Pruitt Twins)(USA) Down The Road Bound Blues Paramount

Ida Cox(USA) Four Day Creep add Vocalion/Paramount

Ida Cox(USA) Lawdy, Lawdy Blues (OV/DV) - Paramount/Riverside

Ida Cox(USA) Mean Papa Turn In Your Key Paramount/Document

Ida Cox(USA) Mistreatin’ Daddy Paramount/Riverside

Ida Cox(USA) One Hour Mama (OV/DV) Paramount

Ida Cox(USA) St. Louis Blues Paramount

Ida Cox(USA) Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues (OV/DV) Paramount/Document

C-Quents(USA) All I Want For Christmas Is You (Version 3)

Harry Crafton(USA)(Alias = Harry “Fats” Crafton) Get Off, Mama Gotham

Harry Crafton(USA) Let Me Tell You Baby (OV/DV) Gotham

Harry Crafton(USA) I Don’t Want Your Money, Honey (Answer song) Gotham

Harry Crafton(USA) Roly Poly Mama Gotham

Harry Crafton(USA) She Got A Mule Kick In Her Eyes Oscar

Harry Crafton & the Craftones + Agnes Riley(USA) Big Fat Hot Dog Oscar

Harry Crafton & the Sonotones(USA) Long Time Baby Jarman

Harry “Fats” Crafton(USA)(Alias = Harry Crafton) So Long, Baby Gotham

Hosie Dwine Craven(USA) Mercury Boogie (Version 2)

Bixie Crawford(USA) I Got Your Water On King

Bixie Crawford(USA) Maybe Some Rainy Day King

Bobby Crawford(USA)(Alias = Crawford Bros.) That Little Old Lovemaker Me - Del-Fi

James Crawford(USA)(Alias = Sugar Boy Crawford) She’s Got A Wobble (When She Walks) – Imperial

James “Sugar Boy” Crawford(USA)(Alias= Sugar Boy Crawford) Have A Little Mercy (OV/DV)

James “Sugar Boy” Crawford(USA) It’s Over (Version 3)

James “Sugar Boy” Crawford(USA) You Gave Me Love (OV/DV) Imperial

Jimmy Crawford(USA) Till My Baby Comes Back (OV/DV)

(Sugar Boy Crawford(USA) Oo Wee, Sugar (OV/DV)

((Alias = James Crawford/Sugar Boy & the Cane Cutters)

Robert Cray(USA) Baby’s Arms Rykodisc

Robert Cray(USA) Cry For Me Baby Rykodisc

Robert Cray(USA) I’m Gonna Forget About You Atlantic

Robert Cray(USA) Night Patrol Mercury

Robert Cray(USA) Steppin’ Out (Version 4) Mercury

Robert Cray(USA) Tollin’ Bells Rykodisc

Robert Cray(USA) Too Many Cooks Atlantic

Robert Cray(USA) Twelve Year Old Boy, The Mercury

Robert Cray(USA) 24-7 Man Rykodisc

Robert Cray(USA) Who’s Been Talkin’ Atlantic

Robert Cray(USA) You’re Gonna Need Me Mercury

Robert Cray Band(USA) Back Door Slam Vanguard

Robert Cray Band(USA) Bad Influence Demon/Hightone

Robert Cray Band(USA) Don’t Touch Me Demon/Hightone

Robert Cray Band(USA) So Many Women So Little Time Demon/Hightone

Robert Cray Band(USA) That’s What Keeps Me Rockin’ Vanguard

Robert Cray Band(USA) Trouble And Pain Vanguard

Pee Wee Crayton(USA) Bop Hop, The (Version 3)

Pee Wee Crayton(USA) Every Dog Has His Day (Version 2) Imperial

(Cream(Britain) Lawdy Mama Polydor

(After some experimentation by Cream this song became Strange Brew.

Crescendos(USA) Crazy Hop Nasco/Tip Top

Crescendos(USA) School Girl Nasco/Tip Top

Crew Cuts(Canada) Gee Baby RCA

Crew Cuts(Canada) I Like It Like That (Version 5) Mercury

Crew Cuts(Canada) Tell Me Why (delete Version 3)

Crickets(USA) I Think I’ve Caught The Blues Liberty

Cleveland Crochet(USA) Sugar Bee (OV)

Croom Bros.(USA)(Alias = Dillard Croom) Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie (Version 7) (del.OV/DV)

Bob Crosby + O. (Vocals: Eddie Miller)(USA) Louise Louise (del.OV/DV)

Gary Crosse(USA) Fat Sam From Birmingham Gotham

Crowbar(Canada) House Of Blue Lights Daffodil/Paramount Daffodil

Crowbar(Canada) Let The Four Winds Blow Daffodil/Paramount Daffodil

Crowbar(Canada) Murder In The First Degree Daffodil/Paramount Daffodil

Crowbar(Canada) Too True Mama Daffodil/Paramount Daffodil

Crowns(USA)(Alias = Arthur Lee Maye) Cool Lovin’ (OV/DV) (Transferred from Doo Wop)

Crows(USA) Baby (Version 17)

Crows(USA) Mambo Shevitz Tico

Arthur Crudup(USA) Dig Myself A Hole Fire

Arthur Crudup(USA) Katie Mae Fire

Arthur Crudup(USA) Mean Ole Frisco Fire

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA)(Alias = Percy Lee Crudup/Mr. Rain) Baby, I’ve Been Mistreated - RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 3) RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Fall On Your Knees And Pray RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Gonna Follow My Baby RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Hand Me Down My Walking Cane RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) I Don’t Know It RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 10) RCA

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