J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Cripple Creek Ed Haley Instrumentals

Cripple Creek Bill Monroe + Blue Grass Boys Instrumentals

Cripple Creek Frank Proffitt Instrumentals

Cripple Creek Dr. Ralph Stanley + Clinch Mountain Boys Instrumentals

(Crooked Little House (OV) Jimmie Rodgers Folk

((Alias=Crooked Little Man/Don‘t Let The Rain Come Down)

Crooked Little Man (del.OV) Serendipity Singers Pop (Group)

Cross Country Blues Frankie Lee Sims Blues

(Crosscut Saw (del.OV) Lonnie Brooks Rhythm n’ Blues

((Alias = Crosscut Saw Blues/Cross Cut Saw Blues)

Crosscut Saw Tony Hollins Blues

Crosscut Saw Blues (OV) Sam Chatmon Blues

Cross Cut Saw Blues(Alias = Crosscut Saw Blues/Crosscut Saw) Big Joe Williams Blues

Cross Cut Saw Blues Will Roy Sanders + Binghampton Blues Boys Blues

Cross My Heart Yvonne & the Violets Girl Groups

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Elvis Presley Rock & Roll

Crosscut Saw R.L. Burnside Rhythm n’ Blues

Crossroads(Alias = Crossroad Blues) Texas Alexander Blues

Crossroads Cyndi Lauper (feat. Jonny Lang) Rhythm n’ Blues

Crossroads Homesick James & Snooky Pryor Rhythm n’ Blues

Crossroads Cousin Leroy Blues

Crossroads John Mayer Rock

Crossroads Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock

Crossroads Hound Dog Taylor + House Rockers Rhythm n’ Blues

Cross-Ties(Alias = Crossties) Dale Hawkins Instrumentals

Crossties(Alias = Cross-Ties) (OV/DV) Link Wray Instrumentals

Crow Hopping Blues Roosevelt Sykes Blues

Crowing Rooster Blues Lonnie Johnson Rhythm n’ Blues

Cruel Hearted Woman Thunder Smith & Rockie Rhythm n’ Blues

Cruel Sea Revelairs Surf (Inst.)

Cruel To Be Kind (DV) Nick Lowe Rock

Cruel To Be Kind (OV) Brinsley Schwarz Rock

Cruisin’ (Version 2) Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton Rock & Roll

Cruisin’ (Version 2) Hollywood Hornets Rock & Roll

Cruisin’ (Version 3) Ray Anthony Big Band Popular Jazz

Cruisin’ (Version 4) Cruisers Instrumentals

Cruisin’ (Version 4) (OV/DV) Hollywood Vines Instrumentals

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ Gene Davis Rockabilly

Cruisin’ The Cab Cab Calloway + Cabbaliers Rhythm n’ Blues

Cruncher Ventures Surf (Inst.)

Cry Cathy Carroll Pop (Female)

Cry (OV) Ruth Casey Pop (Female)

Cry Four Knights Pop (Group)

Cry (del.OV) Johnnie Ray Pop (Male)

Cry Baby Mad Lads Soul

Cry Baby (Version 2) John Lee Hooker Rhythm n’ Blues

Cry, Baby, Cry (Version 2) Judy Garland Pop (Female)

Cry, Baby Cry (Version 2) Jack Harris + O. (V: Dinah Miller) Pop (Female)

Cry, Baby, Cry (Version 2) (OV) Kay Kyser + O. (V: Sully Mason) Pop (Male)

Cry, Baby, Cry (Version 2) (DV) Bea Wain + Larry Clinton & his Orch. Pop (Female)

Cry Cry Baby Johnny O’Keefe Rhythm n’ Blues

Cry For A Shadow (OV/DV) Beatles Instrumentals

Cry Hard Luck Jimmy Nelson Rhythm n’ Blues

Cry Like A Baby Jimmy James & the Vagabonds Soul

Cry Me A River Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews Pop (Group)

Cry Me A River Anne Murray Pop (Female)

Cry Not For Me Patsy Cline Country

Cry On Daddy(Alias = Cry On Baby) Clara Morris Rhythm n’ Blues

Cry Of The Wild Goose Tennessee Ernie Ford Country

Cry Of The Wild Goose (OV) Terry Gilkyson Folk

Cry Of The Wild Goose Terry Gilkyson & the Easy Riders Folk

Cry Of The Wild Goose (del.OV) Frankie Laine Pop (Male)

Cry Of The Wild Goose Stargazers Pop (Group)

Cry To Me S.E. Willis Rhythm n’ Blues

Cry You A Bayou John Evans Rockabilly

Crying (Alias = Lisrando) Il Divo Pop (Group)

Crying All By Myself Wendy Rene Girl Groups

Crying Blues (OV/DV) Tippy Barton Blues

Crying Blues Joshua White Blues

Crying Game, The(Alias = Cryin’ Game, The) (DV) Dave Berry & the Cruisers Rock

Cryin’ Game, The(Alias = Crying Game, The) Ian & the Zodiacs Rock

Crying Game, The (OV) Brenda Lee Pop (Female)

Crying In The Chapel (del.OV) Rex Allen Country

Crying In The Chapel (OV) Darrell Glenn Gospel

Crying In The Chapel Billy Vaughn & his Orch. Instrumentals

Cryin’ In The Morning Guitar Slim Blues

Crying Mother Blues Cripple Clarence Lofton (Vocals: Red Nelson) Blues

Cryin’ On My Pillow Dorothy Berry Girl Groups

Crying The Blues Bobby Adams Orch. Rhythm n’ Blues

Cryin’ Time (OV) Buck Owens Country

Cryin’ Time (del.OV) Buck Owens & Susan Raye Country

Cryin’, Wishin’, Hopin’ Rattles Pop (Male)

Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay (OV/DV) Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch. Rhythm n’ Blues

Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay Dutch Tilders Rhythm n’ Blues

Crystal Ship Doors Rock

Cszardas Laszlo Tabor + O. feat. Jack Laroque on violin Orchestral

Cu Cu Rru Cu Cu Paloma(Alias = Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Palmoa) Perez Prado Popular Jazz

(Cuando Caliente El Sol Rich Acocella Instrumentals

((Alias = Love Me With All Of Your Heart/Love Me With All Your Heart)

Cuando Calienta El Sol (OV) Trio Hermanos Rigual Pop (Male)

Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado(Alias=What A Difference A Day Makes) Eydie Gorme + Trio Los Panchos – PG

Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado (OV) Chiquito Socarras + Pedro Via‘s Orch. Pop (Male)

Cuban Pete Louis Armstrong Popular Jazz

Cuban Pete Desi Arnez + King Sisters Pop (Group)

Cuban Pete (DV) Jim Carrey Pop (Male)

Cuban Pete Xavier Cugat & his Orch. Instrumentals

Cuban Pete Sonora Mantecera + Miguelito Valdes Instrumentals

Cuban Pete (OV) Mantovani & his Orch. (V: George Barclay) Pop (Male)

Cuban Pete Tito Puente & his Orch. Instrumentals

Cuban Love Song De Castro Sisters Pop (Group)

Cubana Chant(Alias = Cubano Chant) Galapagos Duck Popular Jazz

Cuddle-Bug Wade Ray Rockabilly

Cuddle Up A Little Closer Charlie Spivak + O. (V: Irene Daye) Pop (Female)

Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine Ada Jones & Billy Murray Pop (Group)

Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine (del.OV) Meredith Wilson Pop (Female)

Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine (OV) Alice Yorke Pop (Female)

Cudelia Brown (DV) Louise Bennett Calypso

Cudelia Brown(Alias = Cordelia Brown) (OV) Edric Connor Calypso

Cuernavaca Choo Choo Freddy Cannon Rock & Roll

Cugi’s Cocktail (Hully Gully Cha Cha) Xavier Cugat & his Orch. Popular Jazz

Cumberland Gap Reno & Smiley Instrumentals

Cumberland Gap Dr. R. Stanley + Clinch Mountain Boys Instrumentals

Cumberland Gap (OV) Uncle Am Stuart Instrumentals

Cumberland Gap Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo Country

Curfew In The Dance Frankie Paul Reggae

Curious George Theme Dr. John Rhythm n’ Blues

Curtain In The Window (OV/DV) Ray Price & his Cherokee Cowboys Country

Curtain In The Window Don Walser Country

Cus Cus(Alias = Cuss Cuss) Horace Andy Reggae

Cuss Cuss(Alias = Cus Cus) Lloyd Robinson Reggae

Custard Pie Chris Barber + Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Rhythm n’ Blues

Custard Pie(Alias = I Want Some Of Your Pie) Led Zeppelin Rock

Custer’s Last Man Popcorn & the Mohawks Novelty

Custom City Annette Surf (Vocals)

Custom Machine Beach Boys Surf (Vocals)

Cut Off From My Baby Sonny Terry Rhythm n’ Blues

Cut Off My Legs And Call Me Shorty Louis Armstrong Pop (Male)

Cut That Out(Alias = You Better Cut That Out/Better Cut That Out) Billy Boy Arnold Rhythm n’ Blues

Cut That Out Aubrey Cagle Rockabilly

Cut That Out Pinetop Perkins Rhythm n’ Blues

Cut That Out Greg “Fingers” Taylor Rhythm n’ Blues

Cut That Out (Version 2) Nighthawks (Group 2) (V: Dee Rogers) Rockabilly

Cut Out Johnny & the Hurricanes Instrumentals

Cut You Loose James Cotton Rhythm n’ Blues

Cuttin’ ‘Em Slow Peetie Wheatstraw Rhythm n’ Blues

Cutting My ABC’s Charley Jordan Rhythm n’ Blues

Cuttin’ Out Earl Bostic Popular Jazz

Cuttin’ Out Baby Boogie Bill (Webb) Rhythm n’ Blues

Cuttin’ Up B & S Style Sunny Cowgirls Country Rock

Cutting Wood Louise Lamb Calypso

Cycle Set, The (OV/DV) Hondells Surf (Vocals)

Cycle Set Donna Loren Surf (Vocals)

Cypress Grove(Alias = Cypress Grove Blues) Kelly Joe Phelps Blues

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