J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Keep Your Arms Around Me (OV/DV) Bluebird

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) My Baby Boogies All The Time RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) My Mama Don’t Allow Me Bluebird

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Where Did You Sleep Last Night RCA

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup(USA) Worried About You Baby (OV) RCA

Percy Lee Crudup(USA)(Alias = Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup) Open Your Book – Checker

Crystalairs(USA) Richie The Snake Crystal Ball

Cues (with Charles Calhoun)(USA) My Pigeon’s Gone Groove

Cufflinx(USA)(Alias = Raindrops (Group 4)) So Tough Dooto

Boyce Cunningham(USA) Too Young Downey

(Cupcakes with Shelton Dunaway(USA) Cindy Lou Goldband

((Alias = Cookie & the Cupcakes)

Cupids(USA) Let’s Rock Times Square

Clifford Curry(USA) Keep Your Legs Crossed EMN

(Steve Curry, Lamont Washington & Melba Moore(USA) Ain’t Got No (OV) – RCA

(From the 1967/68 Musical “Hair”

Lee Curtis & the All Stars(Britain) A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues Philips

Cyclones (Group 3)(Australia) Walkin’ To New Orleans

Johnny Cymbal(USA)(Alias = Derek) Mr. Bass Man

Debbie Dabney(USA) I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis (OV/DV) Savoy

Larry Dale(USA) Buffalo Bill RAM

Larry Dale(USA) Feelin’ All Right Groove

Larry Dale(USA) Hoppin’ And Skippin’ Ember

Larry Dale(USA) Let The Doorbell Ring Glover

Larry Dale(USA) Lookin’ For A Woman Atlantic

Larry Dale(USA) No Tellin‘ What I‘ll Do Herald

Larry Dale(USA) Poison Ivy (Version 2) RAM

Larry Dale (V: Cootie Williams)(USA) Rinky Dink (Version 2) Groove

Larry Dale(USA) Rock A While Fire

Larry Dale(USA) Things Ain’t What They Used To Be Atlantic

Larry Dale(USA) Things I Used To Do, The Fire

Larry Dale(USA) You Better Heed My Warning Groove

Leroy Dallas(USA) Baby Please Don’t Go Back To New Orleans Sittin’ In With/Jade

Leroy Dallas(USA) I’m Down Now, But I Won’t Be Down Always Sittin’ In With

Leroy Dallas(USA) She Caught The M & O Sittin’ In With/Jade

Dallas Jug Band(USA) Bottle It Up And Go Champion/Varsity

Maria D’Amato + Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band(USA)(Alias=Maria Muldaur) I’m A Woman - Vanguard

Blind Blues Darby(USA) Bootleggin’ Ain’t Good No More Decca

Blind Blues Darby(USA) Girl I Left Behind, The Decca

Blind Darby(USA) I’m Gonna Wreck Your Vee Eight (Vee Eight Blues (Parts 1 & 2) - Bluebird/Vocalion

(Blind Darby(USA) She Ain’t No Girl Of Mine Bluebird

((Alias = Teddy Darby/Blind Squire Turner (V: Teddy Darby)/Blind Blues Darby)

Teddy Darby(USA)(Alias = Blind Darby) Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues Paramount

Bobby Darin(USA) Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Version 2)

Bill Darnell & the Smith Bros.(USA) (We Wanna See) Santa Do The Mambo X

Larry Darnell(USA) Boogie Woogie (Version 3) Okeh

Larry Darnell(USA) Christmas Blues (Version 3) Okeh

Larry Darnell(USA) I Love My Baby (OV/DV)

Larry Darnell(USA) I Love You So (Version 2) (OV) Okeh

Larry Darnell(USA) Work, Baby, Work (OV/DV)

Darts(Britain) Honey Bee (Version 3)

Charles “Cow Cow” Davenport (V: Dora Carr)(USA) Cow Cow Blues Okeh

Cow Cow Davenport(USA) Railroad Blues Vocalion

Little David(USA)(Alias = David Wylie) You’re Gonna Weep And Moan - Muse/CBS

Dianne Davidson(USA) (I Need A) Sixty Minute Man (Answer song) Janus

Carol Davies + Halos(New Zealand) Bony Moronie Collector

Cyril Davies Blues Allstars(Britain) Country Line Special Pye

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis(USA) Huckle Boogie Sittin’ In With

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis(USA) Notoriety Woman Sittin’ In With

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 25) Sittin’ In With

Eunice Davis(USA) Go To Work Pretty Daddy Atlantic

Eunice Davis(USA) Let’s Have A Party Grand

Eunice Davis(USA) Work Daddy Work DeLuxe

J.C. Davis(USA) Chicken Scratch, The (OV/DV) Chess

Jesse Davis(USA)(Alias=Jesse Ed Davis) Sue Me, Sue You Blues (OV) Atco

Jimmie Davis(USA) Organ Grinder Blues Victor

(Jimmie Davis(USA) She‘s A Hum Dum Dinger (From Dingersville)(OV/DV) –

( - Victor/Bluebird/Sunrise/Montgomery Ward

Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis(USA) Baby Please Don’t Go Elektra

Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis(USA) Dust My Broom Elektra

Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis(USA) My Baby Changed The Lock On My Door - Elektra

(Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis(USA) Two Trains Running Elektra

((Alias = Maxwell StreetJimmy/Jimmy Davis)

Blind John Davis(USA) Don’t Lie To Me (del.DV) L & R Music/Evidence

Blind John Davis(USA) Frankie & Johnny Alligator/Chrisly

Blind John Davis(USA) Harlem Blues L & R Music/Evidence

Blind John Davis(USA) Kansas City Alligator/Chrisly

Blind John Davis(USA) Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Version 7) Document

Blind John Davis(USA) When I‘ve Been Drinking L & R Music/Evidence

Laurie Davis(USA) Doncha Shop Around (Answer song) Guaranteed

Martha Davis & Louis Jordan(USA) Daddy-O Jewel

Martha Davis & Louis Jordan(USA) Just Goodbye (OV) Jewel

Martha Davis & Spouse(USA) Hold Tight (Want Some Seafood Mama) Ampar W & G

Martha Davis & Spouse(USA) Your Feet’s Too Big Ampar W & G

Mary Davis(USA) Danger (Playboy At Work) Conclave

Mary Davis(USA) Taps Blow For My Baby Conclave

Little Sam Davis(USA)(Alias = Little Sammy Davis) Goin’ To New Orleans – Rockin’

Little Sammy Davis(USA)(Alias = Little Sam Davis) Hey Little Girl (Version 15) – Delmark

Walter Davis(USA) Ashes In My Whiskey Victor/Proper

Walter Davis(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 7) (OV/DV) Bluebird

Walter Davis(USA) I Would Hate To Hate You Bullet

Walter Davis(USA) Let Me In Your Saddle Victor/EPM

Walter Davis(USA) Night Creepin’ Yazoo/Document

Walter Davis(USA) Please Remember Me (OV/DV) Victor/EPM

Walter Davis(USA) Sloppy Drunk Again (Answer song) Yazoo/Document/EPM

Walter Davis(USA) So Long Baby (OV/DV) Bullet

Walter Davis(USA) Stop That Train In Harlem Bullet

Walter Davis(USA) That Stuff You Sell Ain’t No Good EPM

Walter Davis(USA) What May Your Trouble Be Bullet

Walter Davis(USA) Working Man Blues (Version 2)

Walter Davis + Roosevelt Sykes(USA) M & O Blues No. 2 (My Baby‘s Come Back) - JSP

Walter Davis + Roosevelt Sykes(USA) Pleadin’ To My Baby JSP

Davis & Stafford(USA) Jail House Blues (Version 4) (OV) N/A (1915)

Jimmy Dawkins(USA) Cross Road Blues Storyville

Jimmy Dawkins(USA) Driving Wheel Storyville

Jimmy Dawkins(USA) It Serves You Right To Suffer Black & Blue

Jimmy Dawkins(USA) Think Twice Before You Speak Excello

Jimmy Dawkins(USA) Tin Pan Alley Evidence

Joy Dawn(USA)(Alias=Claudine Clark/Sherry Pie) Hang It Up Swan

Bobby Day(USA) Bippin’ An’ Boppin’ (DV)

Bobby Day(USA) Down On My Knees (Answer song) (DV) RCA

Bobby Day(USA) Pretty Little Girl Next Door RCA

Day Bros.(USA) Cleopatra Brown Firebird

Daylighters(USA) Cool Breeze Tip Top/Regency/Chest/Okeh (as Gerald Sims)

Daylighters(USA) I’ll Never Let You Go Domino

Daylighters(USA) Something Is Wrong Domino

Daylighters + Al Perkins Band(USA) Sweet Rockin’ Mama C.J.

Daylighters + Al Perkins Band(USA) Tough Love C.J.

De Bonairs(USA) Lanky Linda Ping

De Castro Sisters(Cuba) Biddle-Dee Bop (Recorded in USA) RCA

(Johnny De Droit(USA) Nobody Knows You When You‘re Down And Out (OV) - N/A

(Introduced in Vaudeville in 1924 - the Writer, Jimmy Cox, died before he could record it.

Bill Deal & the Rhondels(USA) I’ve Been Hurt Heritage

Bill Deal & the Rhondels(USA) May I Heritage

Debbie Dean(USA) Don’t Let Him Shop Around (Answer song) Motown

Dean & Jean(USA) Sticks And Stones Rust

Dean & Jean(USA) Thread Your Needle Rust

Debbie Debney(USA) I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis (OV/DV)

Debonaires(USA) Eenie Meenie Gypsaleenie Golden World

Debonaires(USA) Mama Don’t Care Dore

Debs(USA) Shoo Doo De Doo (OV/DV) Bruce

Debs (Group 2)(USA) Doom-A-Roca Keen

Debutantes(USA) Little Latin Lupe Lou Gail & Rice

Debutantes(USA) Shake A Tail Feather Gail & Rice

Dedications(USA) Toy Bell Bell

Nick D’Egidio + Dry Martinis(USA) Don’t Stop The Wedding (Answer song) – West Side

Mary Del(USA) Oh What A Dream Drexel

Mary Del + Do-Re-Mi Trio(USA) ABC Boogie (OV) Drexel

Del-Royals(USA) Always Naggin’ Minit

Del-Tones(Canada) Rockin’ Blues Quality/Time/Globe

(Del Vikings (feat. Clarence Quick on lead)(USA) Come Go With Me (OV) - Collectables

(The Collectables demo version is with Clarence Quick on lead (Original Recording).

Del Vikings(USA)(Alias = Gus Backus) Cool Shake Mercury

Del Vikings(USA) Down In Bermuda Fee Bee

Del Vikings(USA) Finger Poppin’ Woman Fee Bee

Del Vikings(USA) Flat Tire (OV/DV)

Del Vikings(USA) Hey Senorita Collectables

Del Vikings(USA) Jitterbug Mary Mercury

Del-Vikings(USA) Maggie Fee Bee

Del Vikings(USA) Milk Shake Mama Relic

Del Vikings(USA) Willette Fee Bee

Del Vikings + Charles Jackson(USA)(Alias=Chuck Jackson) Cold Feet (OV/DV) - add Petite

Dell-Vikings(USA) Christmas Time Blues Mercury/Madacy

Delicatessan(USA) Red Baron’s Revenge (Answer song) Vocalion/Crescendo

Dells(USA) Power Of Love, The (Version 7 – trf. from Version 4))

Delta Boys(USA)(Alias = Sleepy John Estes) Black Gal Swing (OV/DV) Bluebird

Delta Boys(USA) You Shouldn’t Do That Bluebird

Delta Rhythm Boys(USA) Headin’ For The Bottom Decca

Delta Rhythm Boys(USA) Kiss Crazy Baby (OV/DV) Decca

Sugar Pie DeSanto(USA) It Won’t Be Long (Version 6) (OV/DV) Checker

Sugar Pie DeSanto(USA) Use What You Got Checker

Detroit Cobras(USA) Leave My Kitten Alone Cobraside

Detroit Cobras(USA) Shout Bamalama Sympathy for the Record Industry

(Deuces (Duces) Of Rhythm + Tempo Toppers (with Little Richard)(USA) -

( - A Fool At The Wheel Peacock

( as above - Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens Peacock

De Villes(USA) Do-Wop Aladdin

(Devil‘s Daddy-In-Law, The(USA) I Don‘t Want No Hungry Woman Vocalion/Conqueror

((Alias = Floyd Council/Dipper Mouth Council)

Devil‘s Daddy-In-Law, The(USA) Lookin‘ For My Baby Vocalion/Conqueror

Devotions(USA) Zindy Lou Roulette

(Dion Di Mucci(USA) Merry Christmas Baby Jive

(From the 2007 Movie “This Christmas”

Lee Diamond(USA) It Won’t Be Me (Version 2) Minit

Diamonds(Canada) Don‘t Say Goodbye (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Diamonds(Canada) High Sign Mercury

Diamonds(Canada)(prev. shown as Pop (Group)) Honey Bird Mercury Mercury

Diamonds(Canada) My Dog Likes Your Dog Mercury Mercury

Diamonds(Canada) One And Only Mercury Mercury

Deke Dickerson(USA) Hatchet Man, The Hightone

Deke Dickerson + Ecco-Fonics(USA) Poontang HMG

Pearl Dickson with Pet & Cam(USA) Twelve Pound Daddy Columbia

Tom Dickson(USA) Death Bell Blues (OV/DV) Yazoo

Bo Diddley(USA) Cops And Robbers (del.OV)

Bo Diddley(USA) Dearest Darling (del.DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) Gonna Tell It Like It Is Checker/Chess

Bo Diddley(USA) Hush Your Mouth (OV/DV) Checker

Bo Diddley(USA) I Love You So (OV) Checker

Bo Diddley(USA) I’m A Man (OV/DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) Live My Life Checker Chess

(Bo Diddley(USA) Love Is Strange (OV) Hip-O

(Written by Bo Diddley (under his wife‘s name, Ethel Smith) this song was recorded for, but not released by

(Chess - Mickey & Sylvia did the first commercial version.

Bo Diddley(USA) Mama Don’t Allow No Twistin’ Checker

Bo Diddley(USA) Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (OV/DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) Mummy Walk (OV/DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) Nursery Rhyme Checker Chess

Bo Diddley(USA) Oh Yea (OV) Checker

Bo Diddley(USA) 100% More Man Checker Chess

Bo Diddley(USA) Piggy Back Surfers Checker

Bo Diddley(USA) Rock ‘N’ Roll (OV/DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) Story Of Bo Diddley, The (OV/DV) Checker Chess

Bo Diddley(USA) Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Version 2) (del.OV/DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover (OV/DV)

Bo Diddley(USA) You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care) (OV/DV) Checker

Varetta Dillard(USA) Camel Walk (OV) Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Easy Easy Baby (DV) Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Good Gravy Baby Savoy/Triumph

Varetta Dillard(USA) Mercy Mr. Percy Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) No Kinda Good, No How add Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Scorched add Savoy/Triumph

Varetta Dillard with H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) Double Crossin’ Daddy Savoy

Ding Dongs(USA) Ding Dong (Version 3)

Ding Dongs/Rinky Dinks/Bobby Darin(USA) Early In The Morning (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Bob Dingus(USA) Step It Up And Go Florentine

Dino Martinis(Canada) BBQ Rockett Productions

Dion(USA) Little Girl Of Mine (DV) Columbia

Distants(USA)(Alias = Primes/Elgins/Temptations) Come On (Version 10) Northern

Sweet Annie Divine(USA) I’m Drunk In A Memphis Boarding House Lightnin

Sweet Annie Divine(USA) Mississippi Low Down Blues Lightnin

Sweet Annie Divine(USA) (Alias = Duchess, The) Somebody’s Been Using That Thing – Lightnin

Dixie Jazzers Washboad Band(USA) Kansas City Shuffle Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Dixie Jazzers Washboad Band(USA) My Old Daddy‘s Got A Brand New Way To Love – Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Floyd Dixon(USA) Come Back Baby Aladdin

Floyd Dixon(USA) Hole In The Wall (Version 4) (del.DV)

Floyd Dixon(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water Stax

Floyd Dixon(USA) Reap What You Sow Specialty

Floyd Dixon(USA) Too Much Jelly Roll Modern

Willie Dixon(USA) Big Boss Man Indigo

Willie Dixon(USA) Built For Comfort Prestige/Bluesville

Willie Dixon(USA) 450 Pound Woman Alligator

Willie Dixon(USA) Got To Love You Baby (OV) Ovation

Willie Dixon(USA) Hidden Charms Fuel 2000

(Willie Dixon(USA) I Ain’t Superstitious (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Howlin’ Wolf).

(Willie Dixon(USA) I Can’t Quit You, Baby (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Otis Rush).

Willie Dixon(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Blues Boulevard

(Willie Dixon(USA) I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man Columbia

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Muddy Waters).

Willie Dixon(USA) Jungle Song CJ Productions

(Willie Dixon(USA) Little Red Rooster, The (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Howlin’ Wolf).

(Willie Dixon(USA) My Babe (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Little Walter).

Willie Dixon(USA) Pain In My Heart (Version 2) Chess

(Willie Dixon(USA) Same Thing, The (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Muddy Waters).

(Willie Dixon(USA) Seventh Son, The (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Willie Mabon).

Willie Dixon(USA) Sittin’ And Cryin’ The Blues Prestige/Bluesville

(Willie Dixon(USA) Spoonful (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Howlin’ Wolf).

Willie Dixon + Memphis Slim(USA) That’s My Baby (Version 3) - Stax/Fantasy/Bluesville/Prestige

(Willie Dixon(USA) Third Degree Blues Boulevard

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Eddie Boyd).

Willie Dixon(USA) Too Many Cooks Fuel 2000

Willie Dixon(USA) Walking The Blues (OV)

Willie Dixon(USA) Wang Dang Doodle (OV) add Chess

(Willie Dixon(USA) You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Bo Diddley).

(Willie Dixon(USA) You Shook Me (del.OV)

(This song was written by Willie Dixon but he was not the first to record it (see Muddy Waters).

Lefty Dizz(USA)(Alias = Jimmy Dawkins) Look On Yonder’s Wall JSP

Dockstader Minstrels(USA) Nobody’s Bisness But My Own (Version 3)

(John Doe(USA) Losing Kind Yep Roc/New West

(From the 2007 Movie “Black Snake Moan”

Bill Doggett (V: Toni Williams)(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water (Rec. in France) – Black & Blue (France)

Linda Doll & the Sundowners(USA) Bonie Maronie Piccadilly

Bo Dollis & Monk Boudreaux + Rebirth Brass Band(USA) Shoo Fly (DV)

Fats Domino(USA) Are You Going My Way Imperial Sunset

Fats Domino(USA) Baby Please Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Bad Luck And Trouble Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Birds And Bees Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Brand New Baby (OV/DV)

Fats Domino(USA) Coquette Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Domino Twist (OV/DV)

Fats Domino(USA) Don’t You Lie To Me Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey – Reprise

Fats Domino(USA) “44” Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Good Hearted Man Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) I Guess I’ll Be On My Way Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) I Want To Go Home Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) I’m A Fool To Care (del.OV)

Fats Domino(USA) In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Isle Of Capri Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) La La (OV/DV) Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Little School Girl (Version 4) Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Love Me (Version 6)

Fats Domino(USA) Margie Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Natural Born Lover Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Nothing New (Same Old Thing) (OV/DV) Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Oh Whee Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Please Don’t Leave Me (OV)

Fats Domino(USA) Rockin’ Chair Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Rooster Song, The Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Sheik Of Araby, The Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) So Long (Version 8) (OV/DV)

Fats Domino(USA) So Swell When You’re Well Reprise

Fats Domino(USA) South Of The Border Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Stack And Billy Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Swanee River Hop Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Sweet Patootie (DV)

Fats Domino(USA) Trouble Blues Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Twist Set Me Free, The Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) What A Price (OV/DV)

Fats Domino(USA) What’s The Matter Baby Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) What‘s The Reason (I‘m Not Pleasin‘ You?) Imperial London

Fats Domino(USA) Where Did You Stay Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Wishing Ring Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Yes, My Darling (OV/DV) Imperial

Fats Domino(USA) Young School Girl Imperial

Fats Domino with Doug Kershaw(USA) Don’t Mess With My Popeye’s Toot Toot

Fats Domino with Doug Kershaw(USA) My Toot Toot Toot Toot

Don & Bob(USA) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Argo/Chess

Don & Dewey(USA) Annie Lee Specialty

(Don & Dewey(USA) Big Boy Pete(OV/DV) (Note: Jolly Green Giant by the Kingsmen uses the same melody.

(Alias=Don Bowman/Don “Sugarcane” Harris/Dewey Terry/Squires)

Don & Dewey(USA) Bim Bam (OV) Specialty

Don & Dewey(USA) Heart Attack Specialty

Don & Dewey(USA) Little Sally Walker Fidelity

Don & Dewey(USA) Miss Sue Shade

Don & Dewey(USA) My Heart Is Aching Shade

Don & Juan(USA) Chicken Necks Big Top

(Donald + Delighters (Daylighters (Group 2)(USA) (Native Girl) Elephant Walk – (see label details below)

(Donald + Delighters (Daylighters (Group 2)(USA) Wang Dang - Cortland/Astra/Black Beauty/Chest

((Alias = Fortunes (Group 3)/Starr Bros.)

Donettes(USA) 5-10-15 Hours Donettes

Jimmy Donley(USA) Domino Twist, The (Dance With Mr. Domino) Tear Drop

Doors(USA) Back Door Man Elektra Elektra

Doors(USA) Roadhouse Blues (DV)

Lee Dorsey(USA) Eenie Meenie Miny Moe Fury

Lee Dorsey(USA) Give It Up (Version 4) (OV/DV)

Lee Dorsey(USA) Great Googa Mooga Amy

Lee Dorsey(USA) Lonely Avenue Amy

Lee Dorsey(USA) Lonely Evening Rex/Ace

Lee Dorsey(USA) People Sure Act Funny Amy

Lee Dorsey(USA) Rock Pretty Baby (Version 2) Rex/Ace

Lee Dorsey(USA) So Long (Version 9)

Lee Dorsey(USA) Yum Yum Fury

Mattie Dorsey(USA) Stingaree Blues Document

Buck Douglas & his Orch.(USA) I’m A Man (Version 2) Square Deal

Craig Douglas(Britain) 100 Pounds Of Clay add Top Rank

K.C. Douglas(USA) Bottle Up And Go Ace

K.C. Douglas(USA) Canned Heat (Version 2) Cook/Bluesville/Ace

K.C. Douglas(USA) Catfish Blues (Version 2) Arhoolie

K.C. Douglas(USA) I Got The Key Cook

K.C. Douglas(USA) Key To The Highway Bluesville/Ace

K.C. Douglas Trio(USA) Mercury Boogie (OV/DV) Down Town/Gilt-Edge

K.C. Douglas(USA) Move To Kansas City Ace

K.C. Douglas(USA) Whiskey Headed Woman Bluesville/Ace

K.C. Douglas & Sidney Maiden(USA) Blues And Trouble Arhoolie

Tommy Douglas O. (V: Julia Lee)(USA)(Alias = Julia Lee) If It’s Good Mercury

Tommy Douglas O. (V: Julia Lee)(USA) Lotus Blossom del. Capitol/ add Mercury

Dovells(USA) Baby Workout Parkway

(Dovells(USA) Do The New Continental Parkway

(From the 1961 Movie "Don‘t Knock The Twist"

Dovells(USA) Foot Stompin’ Parkway

Dovells(USA) Hully Gully Parkway

Downbeats(USA)(Alias = Elgins) Your Baby’s Back Tamla

Little Buddy Doyle(USA) She Got Good Dry Goods Yazoo

Dreamers (Group 3)(USA) Because Of You

(Dreamers (Group 5) + Richard Berry(USA) At Last Flair

((Alias = Richard Berry & the Dreamers/Rollettes/Echoes (Group 2)/Blossoms)

Dreamers (Group 5) + Richard Berry(USA) Bye Bye (OV/DV) Flair

Dr. Feelgood(Britain) Homework United Artists/Liberty

Dr. Feelgood(Britain) I’m Talking About You (Version 3) United Artists

Dr. Feelgood(Britain) Lights Out Grand

Drifters(USA) Dance With Me (Version 6)(OV/DV) Atlantic London

Drifters(USA) Honey Bee (Version 8) Atlantic

Drifters(USA) Hypnotized (del.OV)

Drifters(USA) Some Kind Of Wonderful (Version 2) (OV)

Drifters(USA) Such A Night (OV)

Drifters(USA) When My Little Girl Is Smiling Atlantic

Drifters (with Clyde McPhatter)(USA) What’cha Gonna Do (Version 2) (del.OV)

Drivers (Group 2)(USA) Dry Bones Twist King

(Dr. John(USA) Down In New Orleans Walt Disney

(From the 2009 Movie “The Princess And The Frog”

Du Droppers(USA) Dead Broke Groove

Du Droppers(USA) Honey Bunch (del.OV)

Du Droppers(USA) I Found Out (What You Do When You Go Round There) (Answer song) – RCA

(Du Droppers(USA) I Wanna Know (What You Do When You Go Round There) (Answer song) (del.DV)

Du Droppers(USA) Talk That Talk (Version 3) (OV/DV) Groove

Du Droppers(USA) Ten Past Midnight RCA

Du Droppers(USA)(Alias = Bob Kornegay/Dixieaires/Valiants/4 Loggers) Train Keep Rollin’ On – RCA

Duchess, The(USA)(Alias = Norma-Jean Wofford) Backdoor Man Piece Of Mind

Bo Dudley(USA) Shotgun Rider add Ghana

Dudlow & Peek Curtis(USA) 44 Blues (del.OV/DV)

Dukays(USA)(Alias = Gene Chandler) Duke Of Earl (OV) Nat

Dukays(USA) Kissin’ In The Kitchen (OV) Nat

Dukays(USA) Please Help (Answer song) Vee Jay

Barry Duke(USA) Love Bandit (Version 2) Choice Cut

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