J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Johnny Duke & the Volcanoes(USA) Oh, Oh Mojo (OV/DV)

Roy Dunn(USA) Don’t Tear My Clothes Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) Further On Down The Line Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) I Changed The Lock Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) Move To Kansas City Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) Red Cross Store Trix

Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds (V: Moon Mullican)(USA) Ease My Worried Mind Decca

Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds (V: Moon Mullican)(USA) Mean Mistreater Decca

Duponts (+ Little Anthony)(USA) A Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall) Roulette

(Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Ain’t No Meat On De Bone King

((Alias = Duke Bayou & his Mystic Six)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Ain‘t That A Shame (Version 3) - Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Big Fat Mama Storyville

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Black And White Blues Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Black Cat Shuffle Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Black Wolf Joe Davis

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Dirty Mistreater (Version 3) Storyville

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Do The Boogie Woogie Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

(Champion) Jack Dupree(USA) Drunk Again Red Robin

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Going Down To The Bottom Alert

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Grandma (You‘re A Bit Too Slow) - Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

(Champion) Jack Dupree(USA) Highway Blues Red Robin

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Highway 51 Alert

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) I Haven’t Done No One No Harm - Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) I’m A Doctor For Women Celebrity

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) I’m Gonna Find You Someday Apollo

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) It’s A Hard Pill To Swallow GNP-Crescendo

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) I’ve Been Mistreated (Version 3) - Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Kansas City Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Lollipop Baby Vik

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Mailorder Woman King

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) My Home’s In Hell Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) One Sweet Letter Apollo

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Rock Me Mama Storyville

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Rub A Little Boogie Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Santa Claus Blues (Version 2) Joe Davis

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) See My Milk Cow Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) She Makes Good Jelly Joe Davis

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Street Walking Woman Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Tee-Nah-Nah Beat Goes On

(Champion) Jack Dupree(USA) That’s All Right (Version 2) Okeh

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Third Degree (del.OV/DV)

(Champion) Jack Dupree(USA) Tongue Tied Blues King

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Too Evil To Cry Asch

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Two Below Zero Federal/King

(Champion) Jack Dupree(USA) Walking The Blues (Version 2) (DV) Federal

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Whiskey, Look What You Done To Me - Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well - Blue Horizon (Recorded in Britain)

Champion Jack Dupree(USA) You Got To Do As I Tell You Storyville

(Champion) Jack Dupree & Mr. Bear(USA) Walkin’ The Blues (Version 2) King

Reese Dupree(USA) One More Rounder Gone (OV) Okeh 1924)

Judith Durham(Australia) Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer Pye (UK)

Judith Durham(Australia) Mama’s Got The Blues Pye (UK)

Jean Du Shon(USA)(Alias = Jean DuShon) Second Class Lover Okeh

Jean DuShon(USA)(Alias = Jean Du Shon) For Once In My Life (OV) Cadet (demo 10/66)

Jean DuShon(USA) Hitch Hike Argo

Jean DuShon(USA) It Won’t Stop Hurtin’ Me Lenox

Jean DuShon(USA) Talk To Me (Version 2) Atco

Jean DuShon(USA) Tired Of Trying (Answer song) Atco

Tom Dutson & Robert Pete Williams(USA) Angola Special Folk Lyric

Tom Dutson & Robert Pete Williams(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor – Folk Lyric

Tom Dutson & Robert Pete Williams(USA) Texas Blues (OV/DV) Folk Lyric

Bob Dylan(USA) Crawling King Snake Chrome Dreams

Bob Dylan(USA) Driving Wheel Chrome Dreams

Bob Dylan(USA) Jack O’Diamonds (Version 7) Chrome Dreams

Bob Dylan(USA) Pallet On The Floor Chrome Dreams

Bob Dylan(USA) Poor Boy Blues Columbia

Bob Dylan(USA) Shake Shake Mama Sony

Bob Dylan(USA) Smokestack Lightning Chrome Dreams

Bob Dylan(USA) Standing On The Highway Chrome Dreams

Bob Dylan(USA) Step It Up And Go Chrome Dreams

Vince Eager(Britain) Anyway You Want Me (Version 4) (del.OV/DV) – Avenue

Vince Eager + Vagabonds(Britain) Money Honey Rollercoaster

Snooks Eaglin(USA) Bottle Up And Go Arhoolie

Snooks Eaglin(USA) Going Back To New Orleans Arhoolie

Snooks Eaglin(USA) I’ve Had My Fun Arhoolie

Snooks Eaglin(USA) Jack O’Diamonds Arhoolie

Snooks Eaglin(USA) Mama Don’t You Tear My Clothes Arhoolie

Snooks Eaglin(USA) Mardi Gras Mambo Arhoolie

Snooks Eaglin(USA) Walkin’ Blues (Version 3) Arhoolie

Deloris Ealy + Kenyaettes(USA) Come Into My Bedroom (Answer song) Duplex

Richard Earl(USA) X-mas Comes But Once A Year Dialtone

(Justin Townes Earle(USA) Harlem River Blues Bloodshot

(Note: son of Steve Earle.

Amos Easton(USA) Queen Bee Blues Vocalion

Ebb-Tones(USA) I‘ve Got A Feeling Ebb

Ebb-Tones (Group 2)(USA) That’s All (Version 3) (DV) Crest

Echoes (delete Group 2)(USA) Scratch My Back Swan

(Echoes (Group 2)(USA) Aye Senorita Combo

((Alias = Richard Berry & the Dreamers/Rollettes/Dreamers (Group 5) + Richard Berry/Blossoms)

Echoes (Group 2)(USA) Ding Dong (OV/DV) Gee

Echoes (Group 2)(USA) My Little Honey Combo

Echoes (Group 5)(USA) House Warming Ace

Echos (Group 7)(Australia) Undecided (Version 6) W & G

Echoes (Group 8)(USA)(Alias = Innocents) Dee Dee Di Oh (OV/DV) Andex/Keen

Big Ed & his Combo(USA) Biscuit Baking Mama Checker

Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials(USA) Black Night Bullseye

Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials(USA) Creeper, The (Version 2) Bullseye

Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials(USA) Never Miss Your Water Bullseye

Eddie & Ernie(USA) Tell It Like It Is Revue

Eddie & Oscar(USA)(Alias=Eddie Shafer/Oscar Woods) Nok-Em-All Victor

Eddys(Australia) Crazy Lil’ Mama Axis

Eddys(Australia) Go Go Go (Version 3) Axis

Eddys(Australia) It Ain’t The Meat (It’s The Motion) Axis

Eddys(Australia) Rockin’ On Sunday Axis

Eddys(Australia) Rollin’ In The Dirt Axis

Eddys(Australia) Save The Last Dance For Me Axis

Eddys(Australia) Twist And Shout Axis

Shepard Edmonds(USA) There Are Others Who Don’t Think That Way (OV) - N/A

Dave Edmunds(Britain) I’m Ready Essential/Sanctuary

Edsels(USA) Shake Shake Sherry (OV/DV)

Moanin’ Bernice Edwards(USA) Butcher Shop Blues (OV/DV) Columbia

Moanin’ Bernice Edwards(USA) Long Tall Mama Columbia

Moanin’ Bernice Edwards(USA) Low Down Dirty Shame Columbia

Moanin’ Bernice Edwards(USA) Mean Man Blues Columbia

David “Honeyboy” Edwards(USA)(Alias=Honeyboy Edwards) Bull Cow Blues – Testament

David “Honeyboy” Edwards(USA) Love Me Over Slow Library Of Congress

Frank Edwards(USA) Chicken Raid Trix

Honeyboy Edwards(USA) Crawling Kingsnake Testament

Honeyboy Edwards(USA) Drop Down Mama Chess

(Honeyboy Edwards(USA) Sweet Home Chicago Sun/Chess

((Alias = David “Honeyboy” Edwards/Mr. Honey)

(Tommy Edwards(USA) That Chick‘s Too Young To Fry Top (1949)

(Although Tommy Edwards wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see Louis Jordan + Tympany Five).

Little Willie Egans(USA) It’s A Shame Elko

Willie Egans(USA) Come On (Version 5) Mambo

Willie Egans(USA) Wear Your Black Dress Mambo

Egyptians(USA) Love Train (Version 2) Pyramid

El Capris(USA)(Alias=El-Capris) (Shimmy Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop (OV) Bullseye

El Capris(USA) Oh But She Did Bullseye

El Dorados(USA) At My Front Door (OV/DV)

El Dorados(USA) Baby I Need You (OV)

El Dorados(USA) My Loving Baby (OV/DV)

El Venos(USA)(Alias = El-Venos) My Heart Beats Faster Vik

Donnie Elbert(USA) Your Red Wagon (You Can Push It Or Pull It) Gateway

Elchords(USA) Peppermint Stick (OV/DV)

Elgins(USA) Camel Walk Tamla/V.I.P.

Elgins (Group 3)(USA)(Alias = Mirrors) Once Upon A Time (Version 6) Joed

Hattie Ellis(USA) Desert Blues (OV/DV) Library Of Congress

Shirley Ellis(USA) Clapping Song, The (del.OV)

Shirley Ellis(USA) Name Game, The (Answer song) (del.OV/DV)

Shirley Ellis(USA) Nitty Gritty, The (OV/DV)

Brother Claude Ely(USA) Ain’t No Grave (OV) King

Emanons(USA) Itty Bitty Mama Josie

Embers(USA) Cool Me Out (OV/DV)

Billy “The Kid” Emerson(USA) Teasing Around Sun

Billy “The Kid” Emerson(USA) Whip, The (Parts 1 & 2) M-Pac

Empires(USA) Don’t Touch My Girl Wing

Empires(USA) I Want To Know Wing

Enchanters(USA) Come On Baby, Let’s Do The Stroll Bald Eagle

Enchanters(USA) Rock Around Bald Eagle

Entertainers(USA) Yes-O-Yes It‘s S.O.S Again Ent Records

Episode 6(USA) Baby, Baby, Baby (Version 7)

Leroy Ervin(USA) Blue Black And Evil Gold StarArhoolie

Leroy Ervin(USA) Rock Island Blues Gold StarArhoolie

Escorts (Group 4)(USA) Tore Up Over You RCA

Esquerita(USA) Never Again (Version 5) (OV/DV)

Esquires(USA) Get On Up (OV/DV)

John Estes(USA)(Alias = Sleepy John Estes) Girl I Love, She Got Long And Curly Hair, The - Bluebird

Sleepy John Estes(USA)(Alias =John Estes) Bottle Up And Go Storyville

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Diving Duck Blues (OV) Victor/Smithsonian Folkways/Storyville

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Drop Down (Don’t Feel Welcome Here) Decca

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Drop Down Mama (OV/DV) Champion/Decca/Brunswick/Delmark

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Floating Bridge (OV/DV) Decca

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Harlem Bound (OV/DV) Ora-Nelle

Sleepy John Estes(USA) I’d Been Well Warned Delmark

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Milk Cow Blues (del.OV) (see Notes for Papa Freddie)

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Rats In My Kitchen Sun/Delmark

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Sloppy Drunk Blues (Version 2) Testament

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Special Agent (Railroad Police Blues) Decca

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Stone Blind Ora-Nelle

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Stop That Thing Decca

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Working Man Blues (Version 2) (OV/DV) (transferred from Instrumentals)

Sleepy John Estes(USA) You Got To Go Delmark

Little Esther(USA) All Night Long Savoy

Little Esther(USA) Gee Baby RCA

Little Esther(USA) Just Say Goodbye (DV) Atlantic

Little Esther(USA) Mainliner Federal

Little Esther(USA) Saturday Night Daddy Federal

Little Esther(USA) Wild Child Warwick

Little Esther with the Blue Notes(USA) Lover’s Lane Boogie Savoy

Eternals(USA) Blind Date Warwick

Eternals(USA) Rock ‘N’ Roll Cha Cha (OV/DV) Musicnote/Hollywood

Etta & Harvey(USA)(Alias = Etta James/Harvey Fuqua) Spoonful Chess

Little Eva(USA)(Alias = Eva Boyd) Mama Said Spring

Little Eva(USA) Some Kinda Wonderful (Version 2) (DV)

Little Eva(USA) Wake Up John Dimension

Doc Evans & his 6-Alarm-6(USA) Willie The Weeper (Answer song) (del.OV)

Joe Evans & Arthur McClain(USA) Down In Black Bottom (OV/DV) Perfect

Eventuals(USA) Charlie Chan (Version 2)

Betty Everett & Jerry Butler(USA) Way You Do The Things You Do (del.OV) (transferred from Soul)

Vince Everett(USA)(Alias = Marvin Benefield/Marvin Fields) Sugar Bee - ABC-Paramount

Everly Bros.(USA) So Fine Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

William Ezell(USA) Barrelhouse Man Paramount

William Ezell(USA) Barrelhouse Woman (OV/DV) Paramount

William Ezell(USA) Bucket Of Blood Paramount

William Ezell(USA) Crawling Spider Blues Paramount

Fabulous Marcels(USA)(Alias = Marcels) I Put The Bomp Colpix

Fabulous Playboys(USA) Nervous Daco/Apollo

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) Diddy Wah Diddy Benchmark

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) I Can’t Quit You Baby Benchmark/Chrysalis

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) I Hear You Knockin’ Benchmark/Chrysalis

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) Low-Down Woman Benchmark/Chrysalis

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) Marked Deck Benchmark

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) Scratch My Back Benchmark

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) She’s Tough (She’s Tuff) Benchmark

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) Stagger Lee Benchmark/Chrysalis

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) Tip On In Benchmark

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover - Benchmark/Chrysalis

Fabulous Thunderbirds(USA) You’re Humbuggin’ Me Benchmark/Chrysalis

Billy Fair(USA) I’ll Be True To You Derby

Adam Faith(Britain) Sho’ Know A Lot About Love Parlophone

Falcons(USA)(Alias=Ramblers/Newports (Group 2)) Baby That’s It Mercury

Falcons(USA) Country Shack Unart

Falcons(USA) Good Good Feeling (OV/DV) National Sound Corporation

Falcons feat. Goldie Boots(USA) How Blind Can You Be Regent

Falcons(USA) I Can’t Help It Big Wheel

Falcons(USA) Love Love Love Big Wheel

Falcons(USA) This Heart Of Mine Kudo/Anna/Chess

Famous Hokum Boys (Vocals: J. Lucas)(USA) Come On Mama Perfect

Famous Hokum Boys(USA) Eagle Ridin’ Papa (DV) - Banner/Romeo/Oriole/Perfect/Jewel/Homestead

Famous Hokum Boys(USA) Where Did You Stay Last Night (OV) Paramount

Famous Hokum Boys (Vocals: J. Lucas)(USA) You Got To Reap What You Sow - Perfect

Fascinators (Group 3)(USA) Shivers And Shakes Dooto

Fascinators (Group 3)(USA)(Alias = Jewel Akens) Tee Vee King

Federals(USA)(Alias = Wheels) Cold Cash DeLuxe

Terry Fell & the Fellows(USA) (We Wanna See) Santa Do The Mambo X

Freddy Fender (with Noel Vill)(USA) Bony Moronie Norco

Freddy Fender(USA) In The Still Of The Night Norco

Freddy Fender(USA) New Stroll, The Norco

Freddy Fender(USA) Please Come Home For Christmas ABC/Dot

Freddy Fender(USA) Talk To Me, Talk To Me ABC

Freddy Fender(USA) Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (OV/DV)

Freddy Fender(USA) You Got What It Takes Talent Scout

(Fention & his Castle Rockers(USA) Freeze, The (Version 2)

((Alias = Fention Robinson/Fenton Robinson)

H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 3)

H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) Hole In The Wall (Version 5) Decca

H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 3)

Ferris Wheel(Britain) Na Na Song, The Pye

Ferris Wheel(Britain) Three Cool Cats Pye

Fidels(USA) I’m Giving You Notice Baby Dore

Venetta Fields + Ike Turner Band(USA) I’m Leaving You Sony

Venetta Fields + Ike Turner Band(USA) You’re Still My Baby Sony

Fiestas(USA) Broken Heart Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Come On Everybody Strand

Fiestas(USA) Dollar Bill Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Good News (Version 7) (del.OV)

Fiestas(USA) Grandma Gave A Party Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Gypsy Said, The Old Town

Fiestas(USA) I Feel Good All Over (OV/DV)

Fiestas(USA) It Don’t Make Sense Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Mama Put The Law Down Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon Old Town

Fiestas(USA) She’s Mine Old Town

Fiestas(USA) So Nice (Version 2) Old Town

Fiestas(USA) That Was Me Old Town

Ella Fitzgerald(USA) Cherry Red Verve

Ella Fitzgerald(USA) See See Rider Verve

Ella Fitzgerald(USA) Teardrops From My Eyes Verve

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan(USA) Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My Own – Decca

Ella Fitzgerald + Chick Webb & his O.(USA) Have Mercy (Version 2) (OV/DV) – Decca

Five Arrows(USA)(Alias = Arrows (Group 2)) Pretty Little Thing Parrot

5 Blazes(USA) Chicago Boogie Aristocrat

(Five Breezes (with Willie Dixon)(USA) Laundry Man Bluebird

((Alias = Four Jumps Of Jive/Big Three)

Five Du-Tones(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 8) One-Der-Ful

(5 Hearts(USA) Please Please Baby Flair

((Alias = Five Hearts/Rams/Crowns/Arthur Lee Maye/Off-Beats)

Five Keys(USA) Boom-Boom Capitol

Five Keys(USA) Gee Whittakers Capitol

Five Keys(USA) Handy Andy Capitol

Five Keys(USA) Ling Ting Tong (OV)

Five Keys(USA) Mama (Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me) (Answer song) Aladdin

Five Red Caps (+ Steve Gibson)(USA) Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night (OV/DV)

Five Red Caps(USA) Mama Put Your Britches On Beacon

Five Royales(USA) (Alias = 5 Royales) Faith (Version 2) Smash

Five Royales(USA) I Like It Like That (Version 6) (OV/DV) Apollo

5 Royales(USA) Every Dog Has His Day (Version 5) King

5 Royales(USA) Laundromat Blues (Answer song) (OV)

5 Royales(USA) Mohawk Squaw (OV/DV) King

5 Royales(USA) School Girl (Version 4) King

5 Royales(USA) Tell The Truth (OV) King

(5 Royales(USA) Think (Version 2) (OV)

((Alias = Five Royales/Royal Sons/Royalls)

Five Scamps(USA) Chicken Shack Okeh

Five Scamps(USA) Red Hot Okeh

Five Secrets(USA) Queen Bee (Version 7) Decca

Five Tinos(USA) Don’t Do That (Version 2) Sun

Flairs(USA) Shake Shake Sherry Epic

Flairs(USA) Steppin’ Out (Version 5) ABC-Paramount

Flairs(USA) Swing Pretty Mama Antler

Flaming Stars(Australia) Catty Town FS

Flaming Stars(Australia) Get On The Right Track Baby FS

Flaming Stars(Australia) I’m Ready Ga Ga

Flaming Stars(Australia) One Night With You FS

Flamingos(USA) Get With It (Version 2)

Flamingos(USA) Kiss-A Me Decca

Flash Cadillac + Continental Kids(USA) Betty Lou Epic

Flatlanders(USA) Midnight Train New West

Fleetwood Mac(Britain) Homework Blue Horizon

Fleetwoods(USA) Slow Motion Dolton

Wade Flemons(USA) My Baby Likes To Rock (OV/DV) Vee Jay

Wade Flemons(USA) Slow Motion (OV/DV) Vee Jay

Phil Flowers(USA) Dances, The (OV/DV) Empire

Phil Flowers & the Batmen(USA) Honey Chile Hollywood

Phil Flowers(USA) No More Tossin’ And Turnin’ (Answer song) Sway

Phil Flowers(USA) Sadie From Haiti Empire

Dean Ford & the Gaylords(Britain) Name Game, The Columbia

Tennessee Ernie Ford(USA) Nobody’s Business (But My Own) Capitol

(Frankie Ford(USA) Roberta (DV)

(This song started life as "I Ain‘t Mad At You, Pretty Baby" by Clarence "Gatemouth" Moore or "I Ain‘t Mad

(At You" by Buddy Johnson, each with their own lyrics but sharing the same tune. Frankie Ford also uses the

(same tune but has written yet another set of lyrics - all versions are cool songs - I personally like the Frankie

(Ford version best.

Foreday Riders(Australia) Let’s Have A Ball Avan-Guard

Foreday Riders(Australia) Midnight Creeper Avan-Guard

Foreday Riders(Australia) Prison Bars All Around Me Avan-Guard

Foreday Riders(Australia) Shake Your Hips Avan-Guard

Foreday Riders(Australia) T-Bone Shuffle Avan-Guard

Foreday Riders(Australia) Two Hours Past Midnight Avan-Guard

Johnny Fortune(USA) Too Many Cooks (OV/DV)

(Fortunes (Group 3) My Baby’s Fine (OV/DV) Cortland/Astra/Black Beauty/Chest

((Alias = Donald & the Delighters (Daylighters (Group 2))/Starr Bros.)

Jim Foster(USA)(Alias = Cryin’ Sam Collins) Devil In The Lion’s Den Champion

Jim Foster(USA) Do That Thing Champion

Jim Foster(USA) It Won’t Be Long (Version 3) Champion

Jim Foster(USA) Midnight Special Blues Champion

Baby Face Leroy Foster(USA) Rollin’ And Tumblin’ Parkway

Four Barons(USA)(Alias=Larks/Tarheel Slim) Lemon Squeezer (OV/DV) Regal/Regent

Four Bars(USA) Stop It, Quit It Josie

Four Brothers And A Cousin(USA) Whistle Stop Blues Jaguar

Four Buddies(USA) Look Out (Version 5) (del.OV/DV)

Four Chickadees(USA) Ding Dong (Version 7) (del.OV) Checker

Four Chickadees(USA) Teenage Blues (Version 2) Checker

Four Deuces(USA)(Alias=Luther McDaniels/Lord Luther) Down It Went - Music City

4 Dots(USA) He-Man Looking For A She-Girl Bullseye

Four Esquires(USA) All Around The Clock Paris

Four Jacks(USA) Charlie Brown ARC

Four Jacks(USA) Hey Baby (Version 10) Decca

Four Jacks(USA) Sh Boom Gateway

Four Jacks(USA) She Say (Oom Dooby Doom) ARC

Four Jacks(USA) Sure Cure For The Blues Federal

Four Jewels(USA) Dapper Dan Checker

Four Knights(USA) Baby Doll Capitol

Four Loggers(USA) Blues Of Desire, The Van Ryder

Four Loggers(USA) Log Snakers Blues Van Ryder

Four Lovers(USA) Honey Love RCA

Four Mints(USA)(Alias = Mints) Night Air Lin

Four Seasons(USA) Book Of Love Vee Jay

Four Seasons(USA) Church Bells May Ring Philips Philips

Four Seasons(USA) Don’t Let Go Philips Philips

Four Seasons(USA) Gypsy Woman Vee Jay

Four Seasons(USA) La Dee Dah Philips

Four Seasons(USA) Little Darlin’ Philips Philips

4 Southerners(USA) Dan The Back Door Man Document

Four Spices(USA) Fire Engine Boogie MGM

Four Upsetters(USA) Surfin’ Calliope Sun

Four Vagabonds(USA) Big Fat Mama Bluebird/Document

Four Vagabonds(USA) Choo-Choo (OV)

Four Vagabonds(USA) Comin’ In On A Wing And A Prayer (OV/DV) Bluebird

Four Vagabonds(USA) Lonesome Mama Blues radio transcription

Four Vagabonds(USA) “Murder” He Says radio transcription

(Four Vagabonds(USA) One Broken Heart For Sale (Version 2) Bluebird/Document

(My research shows that this is a different song from the one recorded by Elvis Presley. The Four Vagabonds

(recorded their version in the early 1940‘s at which time Otis Blackwell, the writer of the Elvis version, would

(have been only 10 years old. The Four Vagabonds version was never released although it is available on a

(Document compilation.

Four Vagabonds(USA) Sharp As A Tack radio transcription

Four Vagabonds(USA) Stick To You Knittin’ Kitten radio transcription

Don Fox(USA) T’ain’t What You Do Triumph

Inez & Charlie Foxx(USA) (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days (OV/DV) Dynamo

Inez & Charlie Foxx(USA) Tightrope Dynamo

Carol Fran(USA) I Quit My Knocking (Answer song) Excello

Frankie & her Boys(USA) Not On The First Night Jukebox

Aretha Franklin(USA) Muddy Water (Version 3) Sony

Aretha Franklin(USA) Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning Atlantic

Aretha Franklin(USA) Oh No, Not My Baby Atlantic

Aretha Franklin(USA) See Saw (Version 2) Atlantic

Doyle Franklin(USA) If The Blues Don’t Kill Me Fortune

Erma Franklin(USA) What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am) (OV) Epic

Calvin Frazier(USA) Rock House JVB

(Mr. Freddie (Spruell)(USA) Don’t Cry Baby Bluebird

((Alias = Freddie Spruell/Papa Freddie/Mr. Freddie Spruell)

Mr. Freddie (Spruell)(USA) Let’s Go Riding Bluebird

Mr. Freddie (Spruell)(USA) Mr. Freddie’s Kokomo Blues Bluebird

(Papa Freddie(USA)(Alias = Freddie Spruell/Mr. Freddie) Milk Cow Blues (OV) - Okeh

(Recorded in 1926 - Sleepy John Estes recorded his version in 1930 - Kokomo Arnold didn‘t get around to

(recording this song, which he wrote, until 1934. The problem for Kokomo Arnold was that as he travelled

(around singing his song, other Blues Artists were also learning the song, often making small changes. The Okeh

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