J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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(label shows "Freddie" as the writer on the Papa Freddie version & this might be because nobody, including

(Freddie, knew the name of the original writer. I personally am satisfied that all three versions of Milk Cow

(Blues have the same genesis, i.e. Kokomo Arnold.

Papa Freddie(USA) Tom Cat Blues (DV) Paramount

Bobby Freeman(USA)(Alias=R.B. Freeman/Romancers) Big Fat Woman (DV)

Bobby Freeman(USA) Little Ole Heartbreaker Me Autumn

Bobby Freeman(USA) Shame On You, Miss Johnson (OV/DV) Josie

Bobby Freeman(USA) She Said She Wants To Dance (Answer song) Josie

Bobby Freeman(USA) There Oughta Be A Place Double Shot

Bobby Freeman(USA) This Is The Place Lakeside

Bobby Freeman(USA) Whip It Up Baby Parkway

Friar’s Society Orch.(USA) That Da Da Strain Gennett (13/3/23)

Bob Fuller (Artist 2)(USA) I Ain‘t Got Nobody And Nobody Cares For Me – Brunswick

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Ain‘t It A Crying Shame? AIM

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) (Alias = Fulton Allen) Baby Quit Your Low Down Ways (OV/DV) – Columbia/Flyright

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Bull Dog Blues (Version 2) ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Cat Man Blues Perfect

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Death Valley ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Evil Hearted Woman ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Get Your Yas Yas Out ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) I Want Some Of Your Pie (OV/DV) Vocalion/Columbia/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) If You Don’t Give Me What I Want (OV/DV) ARC/Vocalion/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) I’m A Rattlesnakin’ Daddy (OV/DV)

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) I’m Going To Move (To The Edge Of Town) ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Keep Away From My Woman ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Looking For My Woman ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Looking For My Woman No. 2 Vocalion/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Mean And No Good Woman Flyright

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Meat Shakin’ Woman Yazoo/Document

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) New Oh Red! Columbia/ARC/Vocalion/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Pistol Slapper Blues Vocalion

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Shake It Baby (Version 3) Vocalion

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Shake That Shimmy Vocalion/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) (I Got A Woman Crazy For Me) She’s Funny That Way – ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Some Day You’re Gonna Be Sorry ARC

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Step It Up And Go (OV/DV)

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Sweet Honey Hole ARC/Vocalion/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Ten O‘Clock Peeper Vocalion/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Throw Your Yas Yas Back In Jail ARC/Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Too Many Women Blues (OV/DV) ARC/Vocalion

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) What Is That Smells Like Fish? Conqueror

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Where My Woman Usta Lay Decca

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Worried & Evil Man Blues ARC/Flyright

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) You Never Can Tell (Version 3) AIM

Blind Boy Fuller + Blind Gary Davis(USA) Rag, Mama, Rag (OV/DV) ARC/Oriole

Ernestine Fuller(USA) Boogie Woogie Santa Dialtone

Ernestine Fuller(USA) How I Hate To See Christmas Dialtone

(Johnnie Fuller + Candy Man McGuirt + Band (USA) No More – No More - Irma/Veltone/Sound

((Alias = Johnny Fuller)

Johnny Fuller(USA)(Alias = Johnnie Fuller) Mercy, Mercy Imperial

Johnny Fuller(USA) Roughest Place In Town Hollywood

Johnny Fuller(USA) She’s Too Much Veltone

Johnny Fuller(USA) Stop Look And Listen Imperial

Johnny Fuller(USA) Swingin’ At The Creek Specialty

Little Boy Fuller(USA)(Alias = Richard Trice) Bed Springs Blues Savoy

Little Boy Fuller(USA) I’m Leaving Here Savoy

Little Boy Fuller(USA) Shake Your Stuff Savoy/Document

Lowell Fulsom(USA)(Alias = Lowell Fulson) Talking Woman Blues (OV/DV) - Kent

Lowell Fulson(USA)(Alias = Lowell Fulsom/Tulsa Red) Baby Don‘t You Hear Me Calling? – Swingtime

Lowell Fulson(USA) Back Door Key Kent

Lowell Fulson(USA) Black Nights (del.OV)

Lowell Fulson(USA) Blood, Sweat And Tears Crazy Cajun/Edsel

Lowell Fulson(USA) Blues Come Rollin’ In Swing Time

Lowell Fulson(USA) Blues Is Killing Me, The Swing Time

Lowell Fulson(USA) Blues With A Feeling (OV/DV) Aladdin

Lowell Fulson(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 7) Downbeat/Crazy Cajun/Edsel

Lowell Fulson(USA) Don’t You Hear Me Calling You Down Beat

Lowell Fulson(USA) Going To Chicago Kent

Lowell Fulson(USA) Going To See My Baby Trilon

Lowell Fulson(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 13)(Trf. From Blues) Swingtime

Lowell Fulson(USA) I’m A Night Owl (Parts 1 & 2) Aladdin

Lowell Fulson(USA) I’m Prison Bound (OV/DV)

Lowell Fulson(USA) It Took A Long Time Checker

Lowell Fulson(USA) It’s Your Fault Checker

Lowell Fulson(USA) Let Me Ride Your Little Automobile Swingtime

Lowell Fulson(USA) Let’s Throw A Boogie Trilon

Lowell Fulson(USA) Little Girl (Version 16)

Lowell Fulson(USA) Love ‘n’ Things Chess

Lowell Fulson(USA) Loving You (Version 5) Checker

Lowell Fulson(USA) Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home Swing Time

Lowell Fulson(USA) Meet Me In The Bottom JSP

Lowell Fulson(USA) My Baby Left Me (Version 4)

Lowell Fulson(USA) Night And Day (Version 2) Hollywood/Aladdin

Lowell Fulson(USA) One More Drink (OV/DV) Swingtime

Lowell Fulson(USA) Rockin’ After Midnight (OV/DV) Swing Time

Lowell Fulson(USA) Stoop Down Baby Crazy Cajun/Edsel

Lowell Fulson(USA) Stormin’ And Rainin’ (OV/DV)

Lowell Fulson(USA) Sweet Jenny Lee Down Beat

Lowell Fulson(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 9) Trilon

Lowell Fulson(USA) Tollin’ Bells (OV/DV) Chess

Lowell Fulson(USA) Trying To Find My Baby Trilon

Lowell Fulson(USA) You Gotta Reap Aladdin

Lowell Fulson(USA) You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone Big Town/Aladdin

Billy Fury(Britain) Bye Bye Parlophone

Guitar Gable(USA) Congo Mombo (OV/DV) Excello

Gabriel & the Angels(USA) Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart Amy

Bob Gaddy + Alley Cats(USA) Bicycle Boogie Jackson

Bob Gaddy(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 4)

Slim Gaillard(USA) I’m In The Mood For Love (Version 2) (del.OV)

Slim Gaillard(USA) Thunderbird (Version 7) Dot

Peggy Gaines(USA) Gravy Hit

Peggy Gaines(USA) Locomotion Hit

Bill Gaither(USA) Bad Luck Child Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Evil Hearted Me Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Greyhound Blues Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) I Can Drink Muddy Water Okeh (1941)

Bill Gaither(USA) In The Wee Wee Hours Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) It’s Too Late Now (OV/DV)

Bill Gaither(USA) Old Model ‘A’ Blues Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Orneriest Girl In Town Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Pains In My Heart Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) That Will Never Do Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Thousand Years And A Day Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Tired Of Your Trifling Ways Okeh

Bill Gaither(USA) Too Many Woman Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Triflin’ Woman Blues Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) Who’s Been Here Since I’ve Been Gone? Okeh

Bill Gaither(USA) You Done Showed Your D.B.A. Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) You Done Showed Your D.B.A. No.2 Decca

Bill Gaither(USA) You’re A Mean Mistreater Decca

Gallahads(USA) Ooh Ah Capitol

Johnny Gamboa(USA) Every Every Night Star Revue

Gamma Goochee Himself(USA) I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog (OV/DV)

Cecil Gant(USA) Cindy Lou (Version 2) Dot

Cecil Gant(USA) Don’t You Worry Decca

Cecil Gant(USA) That’s The Stuff You Gotta Watch Gilt Edge

Cecil Gant(USA) Train Time Blues (OV/DV) Bullet

Cecil Gant(USA) Waiting For My Train Dot

Gants(USA) Road Runner (Version 3 – trf. from Version 2)

Gardenias(USA) My Baby’s Tops Federal

Gardenias(USA) What’s The Matter With Me? Fairlane

Don Gardner(USA) Sneakin’ In Cameo

Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford(USA) Don’t You Worry (Version 3)

Blind Leroy Garnett with James Wiggins(USA) Forty-Four Blues Paramount/Black Swan

Al Garris(USA) That’s All (Version 4) (DV) add Glodis

Great Gates(USA) Late After Hours, The Krazy Kat

Rev. J.M. Gates(USA) Hell Bound Express Train Okeh

Gay Notes(USA) Pu Pu Pa Do Drexel

Marvin Gaye(USA) Some Kind Of Wonderful (Version 2) Motown

Barbara Gayle & the Larks(USA) Who Walks In When I Walk Out Lloyds

Gayles(USA) My Boy, Flat Top King

Bob Geddins Cavaliers (Vocals: Jimmy Wilson)(USA) Nobody’s Business – Cava-Tone

Frankie Gee(USA) Mixed Up, Shook Up Boy (Answer song) Channel

Gems (Group 2)(USA) Kitty From New York City Drexel

Jivin’ Gene & the Jokers(USA) Up Up And Away (Version 2) Jin

Gene & Debbe(USA)(Alias=Gene & Debbie) I’ll Come Running TRX Hickory

Gene & Eunice(USA) Hully Gully Case

Gene & Eunice(USA) Let’s Get Together (Version 6) (del.OV/DV)

Genies(USA) Crazy Feeling Warwick

Genies(USA)(Alias=Roy ‘C’/Claude Johnson) No More Knockin’ (Answer song) – Hollywood

Genies(USA) Twistin’ Pneumonia (OV/DV) Warwick

Lloyd George & the Factory(USA) Lightning Rod Man Bizarre/Straight/Edsel

(Irene Gibbons + Clarence Williams’ O.(USA) I’m Busy And You Can’t Come In (DV) – Columbia

((Alias = Eva Taylor) Not the same song as "Keep A Knockin‘" or it‘s derivatives (e.g. "You Can‘t Come In").

Georgia Gibbs(USA) Red Hot Mama Epic

Bill “Jazz” Gillum(USA)(Alias = Jazz Gillum) Early In The Morning Bluebird

Jazz Gillum(USA) Gonna Be Some Shooting RCA

Jazz Gillum + Jazz Boys(USA) Good Old 51 Highway Bluebird

Jazz Gillum(USA) Jockey Blues Bluebird

Jazz Gillum(USA) Look On Yonder Wall RCA

Jazz Gillum + Jazz Boys(USA) Reefer Head Woman (OV/DV) Bluebird

(Jazz Gillum(USA) Stavin’ Chain Bluebird

((Alias = William McKinley/Bill McKinley/William McKinley Gillum/Bill “Jazz” Gillum)

Gingerbread Men (Group 2)(Australia) Let The Little Girl Dance Columbia

Gladiolas(USA) Hey! Little Girl (Version 8) (del.OV)

Lloyd Glenn(USA) (Christmas) Sleigh Ride Swing Time/Hollywood

Lillian Glinn(USA) Black Man Blues Columbia

Lillian Glinn(USA) Brown Skin Blues Columbia

Lillian Glinn(USA) I’m A Front Door Woman With A Back Door Man Columbia

Lillian Glinn(USA) Shake It Down Columbia

Lillian Glinn(USA) Shreveport Blues Columbia

Lillian Glinn(USA) Wobble It A Little Daddy Columbia

Mae Glover(USA) Forty-Four Blues (Big Gun Blues) Champion

Mae Glover(USA) Grasshopper Papa Champion

Mae Glover(USA) I Ain’t Givin’ Nobody None Champion

Mae Glover(USA) Kid Man Blues Champion

Mae Glover(USA) Shake It Daddy Champion

Golden Eagles feat. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux(USA) Hold ‘Em Joe Rounder

Golden Eagles feat. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux(USA) Little Liza Jane Rounder

Golden Eagles feat. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux(USA) Shoo-Fly Rounder

Golden Eagles feat. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux(USA) Two-Way-Pak-E-Way - Rounder

(Nat Gonella, Johnny Claes & his Clay Pigeons(Britain) Flat Foot Floogie - Parlophone

((Alias = Johnny Claes & his Claepigeons)

Babs Gonzales(USA) Be Bop Santa Claus (OV/DV)

Babs Gonzales(USA) House Rent Party (DV) King

Goodtimers(USA)(Alias=Don Covay & the Goodtimers) Pony Time (OV)

Fannie Mae Goosby(USA) Fortune Teller Blues Brunswick

Benny Gordon(USA) Camel Walk Enrica

Benny Gordon(USA) Kansas City Woman Enrica

(Jimmie Gordon + Vip Vop Band(USA) Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Version 4) – Decca

((Alias = Mississippi Mudder (Artist 2))

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Bed Spring Blues Decca

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Bed Springs Blues No 2 Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Black Gal Blues (What Makes Your Head So Hard) - Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Drunken Woman Blues Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Little Red Dress (She Usta Wear) Challenge

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Mean Mistreater Blues Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Mistreated Blues Document

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Rattlesnake Bite Decca

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Rock That Boogie King/Queen/Proper

Jimmie Gordon(USA) She Sells Good Meat Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Sweet Jelly Rollin’ Bluebird

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Whip It To A Jelly Decca

Jimmie Gordon(USA) Yo Yo Mama Blues Bluebird

Mike Gordon(USA) You Got To Give Cat

Rosco Gordon + Red Tops(USA) Bop It Sun

Rosco Gordon + Red Tops(USA) Bop With Me Baby Sun

Rosco Gordon(USA) Dapper Dan (OV/DV) Vee Jay

Rosco Gordon(USA) Do The Bop (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Rosco Gordon(USA) I Found A New Love (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Rosco Gordon(USA) If You Don‘t Love Me Baby Sun

Rosco Gordon(USA) Merry Christmas Everyone (Version 2) Stony Plain

Rosco Gordon(USA) Real Pretty Mama (OV/DV)

Rosco Gordon(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 19) Sun

Rosco Gordon(USA) Tell Daddy (Answer song) (del.OV/DV)

Rosco Gordon(USA) That’s What You Do To Me (OV/DV) Sun

Rosco Gordon(USA) You Don’t Love Me Baby (OV/DV)

Roscoe Gordon(USA) Hey Fat Girl Duke

Roscoe Gordon(USA) I Wade Through Muddy Water Chess

Roscoe Gordon(USA) Surely I Love You (OV) Vee Jay

Roscoe Gordon(USA) You’ll Never Know (Version 2) Duke

Trevor Gordon(Australia) Little Miss Rhythm ‘n’ Blues add Spin

Jimmie Gordon’s Vip Vop Band(USA) Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter Decca

Blind Roosevelt Graves & Brother (Aaron Graves)(USA) Crazy ‘Bout My Baby (V3) - Paramount/Document

Blind Roosevelt Graves & Baby James(USA) Just Can’t Stay Here Paramount

Doreen Gravesande(Trinidad) Ting A Ling Forever Gems

Maureen Gray(USA) Crazy Over You Chancellor

Maureen Gray(USA) There Is A Boy Chancellor

Maureen Gray(USA) Today’s The Day Goldisc

Richard Gray + Four Bros.(Australia) Ain’t That A Shame Philips

Richard Gray + Four Bros.(Australia) Gum Drop Philips

(Grayson & Whitter(USA) Train No. 45 (OV/DV) Gennett (1927)/Victor

((Alias = G.B. Grayson/Gilliam Banmon Grayson/Henry Whitter)

Rudy Grayzell(USA) Judy (Version 4) (del.OV)

Great Gates, The(USA)(Alias = Edward Gates White) Race Track Blues Krazy Kat

Christina Gray & Joe Lawrence(USA) You Can Walk Out Just Like You Walked In - Okeh

Boy Green(USA) Play My Juke Box Regis

L.C. Green(e)(USA) Little School Girl (Version 5) Dot

Lee Green (Vocals: F.T. Thomas)(USA) Bootleggin’ My Jelly Vocalion

Lee Green (Vocals: F.T. Thomas)(USA) Memphis Fives Vocalion

Lee Green (Vocals: F.T. Thomas)(USA) Wash Day And No Soap Vocalion

Lil Green(USA) Aggravatin’ Papa RCA

Lil Green(USA) Blow Top Blues RCA

Lil Green(USA) Cherry Tree Blues Bluebird

Lil Green(USA) How Come You Do Me Like You Do? RCA

Lil Green(USA) I Gotta Have It RCA

Lil Green(USA) My Be Bop Daddy Aladdin

Lil Green(USA) 99 Blues Bluebird

Lil Green(USA) Rock Me Baby RCA

Lil Green(USA) Romance In The Dark Groove/RCA

Lil Green(USA) Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Version 4) (OV/DV) RCA

Lil Green(USA) You’ve Been A Good Old Wagon RCA

Lil Green with Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Knockin’ Myself Out (OV/DV) Bluebird

Lil Green with Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Romance In The Dark (OV)

Lil Green & Memphis Minnie(USA) Why Don’t You Do Right? Bluebird

(“Porkchops” Green (V: Roosevelt Sykes)(USA)(Alias=(Leothus) Lee Green) Train No. 44 (OV) - Okeh (1929)

(Little Brother Montgomery wrote this song as Vicksburg Blues as an Instrumental. In 1929, Roosevelt Sykes

(recorded the song with "Porkchop" Green using lyrics he wrote himself, calling it "Train No 44", thus becoming

(the first to record the song.

Slim Green(USA) Alla Blues Elko

Ellie Greenwich(USA) Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Marry (OV)

Lil Greenwood + Four Jacks(USA) My Last Hour Federal

Big John Greer(USA)(Alias = John Greer) Ride Pretty Baby RCA

John Greer(USA)(Alias = Big John Greer) You Played On My Piano RCA

Jimmy Griffin(USA) Hard Road To Hoe Imperial

Griffin Bros. (V: Tommy Brown)(USA)(Alias=Tommy Brown) Honky Tonk - Dot

Griffin Bros. (V: Tommy Brown)(USA) Weeping And Crying Dot

Shirley Griffith(USA) Bad Luck Blues Bluesville

Shirley Griffith(USA) Cool Kind Papa From New Orleans Bluesville

Shirley Griffith(USA) Hard Pill To Swallow Bluesville

Shirley Griffith(USA) Mean Mistreater Mama Bluesville

Shirley Griffith(USA) Meet Me At The Bottom Bluesville

Shirley Griffith(USA) Walkin’ Blues Bluesville

Groop(Australia) Ain’t That A Shame W & G Custom

Groop(Australia) Big Boy Pete W & G Custom

Groop(Australia) Roberta W & G Custom

Groop(Australia) Your Feet’s Too Big W & G Custom

Felix Gross(USA) Love For Christmas Savoy

Groove(Australia) I’ve Got My Mojo Working Columbia

Ervin “Big Boy” Groves(USA)(Alias = Ervin Groves/Big Boy Groves) You Can’t Beat The Horses – Vita

Johnny Guarnieri & Slam Stewart(USA) Santa’s Secret Savoy

Arthur Gunter(USA) Crazy Me Excello

Arthur Gunter(USA) Don’t Leave Me Now Excello

Hardrock Gunter(USA) Gonna Dance All Night Sun

Hardrock Gunter & Roberta Lee(USA) Tennessee Blues Decca

Browley Guy & the Skyscrapers(USA) Knock Me A Zombie Miracle

Buddy Guy(USA) Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues (OV/DV) Silvertone

Buddy Guy(USA) Early In The Mind Silvertone

Buddy Guy(USA) $100 Bill Chess

Buddy Guy(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Vanguard

Buddy Guy(USA) She Suits Me To A Tee (OV/DV) Chess

Buddy Guy(USA) Stone Crazy (OV/DV) Silvertone

Buddy Guy(USA) There Is Something On Your Mind Silvertone

Buddy Guy(USA) Too Many Cooks USA

Buddy Guy + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(USA) She Suits Me To A Tee WEA

(Buddy Guy with Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas(USA) Damn Right I Got The Blues – Image Entertainment

(Buddy Guy with Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas(USA) Stone Crazy – Image Entertainment

(Both above selections from the 2009 Movie “In The Electric Mist”

Guytones(USA) Ooh Bop Sha Boo (Give All Your Love To Me) King

Bobby Hall & the Kings(USA) Come On Little Baby Jalo

James Hall(USA) Street Wakin’ Woman Vocalion/Document

Juanita Hall(USA) Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik From Alabam) Fantasy

Nat Hall(USA) Why (I Want To Know) (OV/DV) Loop

Vera Hall(USA) Stagolee Library Of Congress

Gil Hamilton(USA) Tell Her (Version 2) (OV) Fame

Roy Hamilton(USA) So Long Epic

John Hammond(USA) I Wish You Would Vanguard

John Hammond(USA) Malted Milk Shanachie

Stick Horse Hammond(USA) Little Girl (Version 14)

Stick Horse Hammond(USA) Truck ‘Em On Down Gotham

Lionel Hampton + Orch. (V: Lionel Hampton)(USA) Chicken Shack Boogie Decca

Lionel Hampton + Orch. (V: Sonny Parker)(USA) Merry Christmas Baby RCA

(Hank & Sugar Pie(USA) Boom Diddy Wa Wa Baby Federal

((Alias = Henry Houston/Sugar Pie DeSanto (Umpeylia Marsema Balinton)/Preston Love & his Orch. with

(Sugar Pie/Pee Wee Kingsley featuring Sugar Pie DeSanto)

Larry Hanna(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 5)

George Hannah(USA) Boy In The Boat, The Paramount

Harlem Hamfats(USA) Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes Document

Harlem Hamfats(USA) Move Your Hand (OV/DV) Decca/Document

Wayne Hancock(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 10)

Lane Hardin(USA) Hard Time Blues Bluebird

(Hardin-Aires & Lil Armstrong‘s Continental Band with Lee Roi "Lips" Nabors(USA) –

( - Let‘s Have A Ball (Ants In My Pants) (OV/DV) Trend

Harlem Hamfats(USA)(Alias = Joe McCoy) Oh! Red (OV) Decca

Harlem Hamfats(USA) Weed Smoker’s Dream (OV/DV) Decca

Ben Harper & Relentless 7(USA) Number With No Name Virgin

Willie Harper(USA)(Alias = Billy Harper) A New Kind Of Love (Version 2) (del.OV/DV)

Willie Harper(USA) Here Comes That Hurt Again Alon

Slim Harpo(USA) Dynamite (Version 3) (OV/DV)

Slim Harpo(USA) I’m Gonna Keep What I’ve Got Excello

Slim Harpo(USA) Midnight Blues (Version 2) (trf. From Blues)

Harptones(USA) I Got A Notion (OV) Bruce

Harptones(USA) Mambo Boogie (Version 2) Bruce/Raven

Betty Harris(USA) Hook Line ‘N’ Sinker Sansu

Betty Harris(USA) I Don’t Wanna Hear It Sansu

Betty Harris(USA) I’m Gonna Git Ya Sansu

Betty Harris(USA) It’s Dark Outside Jubilee

Betty Harris(USA) Mean Man Sansu

Betty Harris(USA) Mojo Hannah Jubilee

Betty Harris(USA) Ride Your Pony Sansu

Betty Harris(USA) Show It Sansu

Betty Harris(USA) Takin’ Care Of Business Douglas

Betty Harris(USA) 12 Red Roses Sansu

Casey Harris(USA) Salt Lake City Blues Broadway

Casey Harris(USA)(Alias = Papa Charlie Jackson) Salty Dog Blues Broadway

Corey Harris(USA) Between Midnight And Day Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Bumble Bee Blues Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Diddy Wah Diddy Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Early In The Morning Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Eh La Bas Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Fish Ain’t Bitin’ Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) If You Let A Man Kick You Once Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) I’m A Rattlesnakin’ Daddy Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) It Hurts Me Too Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Jack O’Diamonds Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Preaching Blues Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Shake What Your Mama Gave You Njumba

Corey Harris(USA) Special Rider Blues Rounder

Corey Harris(USA) Sweet Black Angel Alligator

Corey Harris(USA) Walkin’ Blues (Version 3) Columbia/Njumba

Corey Harris(USA) You Got To Move Alligator

Joyce Harris(USA) I Cheated (Answer song) Domino

Mary Harris(USA) No Christmas Blues Decca

Otis Harris(USA) Walking Blues (Version 10) Columbia/Philips

Pat Harris + Black Jacks(Britain) You Gotta See Mama Ev’ry Night Pye

(Peppermint Harris(USA) I Got Loaded Aladdin

((Alias = Peppermint Nelson/Harrison Nelson)

Peppermint Harris(USA) Key To The Highway Aladdin

Peppermint Harris(USA) Let The Back Door Hit You (OV/DV) Aladdin

Peppermint Harris(USA) Raining In My Heart (OV) Sittin’ In With

Peppermint Harris(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 9)

Peppermint Harris(USA) There‘s A Dead Cat On The Line Aladdin

Peppermint Harris(USA) Three Sheets In The Wind Aladdin

Peppermint Harris(USA) To Be With The One You Love Sittin’ In With

Peppermint Harris(USA) Treat Me Like I Treat You Specialty/JSP

Pete Harris(USA) Alabama Bound (DV) Herwin/Document

Pete Harris(USA) Is You Mad At Me? Document

Pete Harris(USA) Jack O’ Diamonds Document

Pete Harris(USA) Red Cross Store, The Document

Pete Harris(USA) Thirty Days In Jail Document

Pete Harris(USA) Two White Horses Standin’ In Line (Blind Lemon’s Song) - Document

Thurston Harris(USA) Hey Little Girl (OV) Aladdin

Thurston Harris(USA) Smokey Joe (OV/DV)

Thurston Harris(USA) You’re Gonna Need Me (Version 4) (del.OV)

William Harris(USA) Devil Got My Woman Herwin/Document

William Harris(USA) Kansas City Blues Gennett/Herwin/Document/Yazoo

Wynonie Harris(USA) Good Morning Mr. Judge (OV/DV)

Wynonie Harris(USA) Here Comes The Night (Version 4) (OV/DV)

Wynonie Harris(USA) Lightnin’ Struck The Poor House (OV/DV) Bullet/Aladdin

Wynonie Harris(USA) Mister Blues Is Coming To Town King

Wynonie Harris(USA) Mr. Blues Jumped A Rabbit (del.OV)

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