J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Wynonie Harris(USA) Quiet Whiskey (OV/DV)

Wynonie Harris(USA) Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door (del.OV/DV)

Wynonie Harris(USA) Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well (Answer song) (OV/DV) - Aladdin

(George Harrison(Britain) Sue Me, Sue You Blues (DV) Apple Apple

(Although George Harrison wrote this song he was not the first to record it (see Jesse Davis).

Hattie Hart(USA) I Let My Daddy Do That Victor/Yazoo

Alex Harvey(Britain) Going Down To Birmingham Pilot

Alex Harvey(Britain) Told You Twice Already Pilot

Buddy Boy Hawkins(USA)(Alias = Walter “Buddy Boy” Hawkins) Shaggy Dog Blues – Paramount

Buddy Boy Hawkins(USA) Snatch It Back Blues Paramount

Dale Hawkins(USA) Caldonia Checker

Dale Hawkins(USA) Sweetie Pie Checker

Roy Hawkins(USA) Condition I’m In, The Modern

Roy Hawkins(USA) Highway 59 Modern

Roy Hawkins(USA) If I Had Listened RPM

Roy Hawkins(USA) It’s Too Late To Change Modern

Roy Hawkins(USA) On My Way Modern/Ace

Roy Hawkins(USA) They Raided The Joint (OV/DV) Cava-Tone

Roy Hawkins(USA) Trouble In Mind Kent

Roy Hawkins(USA) Why Do Things Happen To Me (OV) Modern

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins(USA) Frenzy (OV/DV)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins(USA) Little Demon (OV/DV)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins(USA) So Long Philips

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins(USA) Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle Epic

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins(USA) Tear Drops (Version 6)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins(USA) Voodoo RCA

Ted Hawkins(USA) Gypsy Woman Rounder

Ted Hawkins(USA) Let The Good Times Roll (Version 2) Rounder

(Walter Hawkins(USA) How Come Mama Blues (DV) Paramount

((Alias = Buddy Boy Hawkins/Walter “Buddy Boy” Hawkins)

(Walter “Buddy Boy” Hawkins(USA) Snatch It And Grab It (OV/DV) Paramount

Hawks(USA) Nobody But You Imperial

Linda Hayes(USA) Atomic Baby (OV/DV) Recorded In Hollywood

Linda Hayes(USA) Yes I Know (What You’re Putting Down) (Answer song) – Hollywood

Linda Hayes & the Platters(USA) Oochi Pachi (DV)

Linda Hayes & the Platters(USA) Please Have Mercy King

Louis Hayes & Alec Seward(USA) Good Boy, Long Way From Home Apollo

Richard Hayes + Eddie Sauter Band(USA) Junco Partner (DV) Mercury

Sherman Hayes Orch.(USA) Chi Baba Chi Baba Aristocrat

Sherman Hayes Orch. (V: Sherman Hayes)(USA) Get On The Ball Paul Aristocrat

(Sherman Hayes Orch.(USA) You Don’t Learn That In School Aristocrat

(1st recording for Aristocrat, forerunner of Chess Records.

Heartbeats(USA) Oh Baby Don’t Hull/Rama

Heartbeats(USA) Rockin’-N-Rollin’-N-Rhythm-N-Blues-N Hull

Heavy, The(USA) How Do You Like Me Now? Counter

Hello Sailor(New Zealand) Dr. I Like Your Medicine (OV) Festival

Hello Sailor(New Zealand) Dr. Jazz Festival

Jessie Mae Hemphill(USA) Honey Bee Hightone/Shout!

Bertha Henderson(USA) Lead Hearted Blues Paramount

Rosa Henderson(USA) Don’t Advertise Your Man WHRA/Document

Rosa Henderson(USA) Fortune Teller Blues Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Rosa Henderson(USA) Get It Fixed WHRA/Document

Rosa Henderson(USA) Got The World In A Jug (Stopper’s In My Hand) Ajax

Rosa Henderson(USA) Hard-Hearted Hannah WHRA/Document

Rosa Henderson(USA) He May Be Your Dog But He’s Wearing My Collar – Vocalion

Rosa Henderson(USA) How Come You Do Me Like You Do? Vocalion

Rosa Henderson(USA) If You Don’t Give Me What I Want (I’m Going To Get It Somewhere Else) - Okeh

Rosa Henderson(USA) I’m A Good Gal (But I’m A Thousan’ Miles From Home) - Brunswick

Rosa Henderson(USA) It Takes A Two Time Papa WHRA/Document

Rosa Henderson(USA) Low Down Daddy Blues (OV/DV) - WHRA/Document

Rosa Henderson(USA) Low Down Papa (Sweet Mamma’s Blues) (DV) Victor

(Rosa Henderson(USA) Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Is Doin’ –

( - Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Rosa Henderson(USA) Papa Doesn’t Two-Time No Time Vocalion

Rosa Henderson(USA) Shake It Down (DV) Marathon

Rosa Henderson(USA) Slow Up Papa Pathe Actuelle/Perfect

Rosa Henderson(USA) What’s The Matter Now? WHRA/Document

Bobby Hendricks(USA) Molly B. Goode (Answer song) Sue

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Big Legs Tight Skirt Reprise

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Born Under A Bad Sign Radioactive Records

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Cherry Red Delta Distribution

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Easy Rider Red Lightning

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Hear My Train A-Comin’ Reprise/Polydor Polydor

Jimi Hendrix(USA) House Of The Housing Sun Reprise

Jimi Hendrix(USA) I’m You’re Hoochie Coochie Man Reprise

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Killing Floor Reprise

Jimi Hendrix(USA) Stormy Monday Radioactive Records

Big Boy Henry(USA) Black Rat Swing New Moon

Big Boy Henry(USA) Rattlesnakin’ Mama New Moon

Big Boy Henry(USA) Shake That Thing New Moon

Clarence “Frogman” Henry(USA) In The Jailhouse Now Crazy Cajun

Clarence “Frogman” Henry(USA) Your Picture Argo

Sloppy Henry(USA) Canned Heat Blues Okeh

Sloppy Henry + Peg Leg Powell on guitar(USA) Best Cheap Car In The Market Is A Ford, The - RST/Yazoo

Sloppy Henry + Peg Leg Powell on guitar(USA) Long Tall Disconnected Mama - RST/Yazoo

Sloppy Henry + Peg Leg Powell on guitar(USA) Some Sweet Rainy Day - RST/Yazoo

Sloppy Henry + Eddie Heywood on piano(USA) Tom Cat Rag RST/Yazoo

Judy Henske(USA) Hooka Tooka (OV) Elektra

Al Hibbler(USA) Blues Came Falling Down, The Atlantic

Al Hibbler(USA) My Ev’a Lovin’ Baby Sunrise

Edna Hicks(USA) Bleeding Hearted Blues Gennett

Edna Hicks(USA) Kansas City Man Blues (DV) Gennett

Edna Hicks(USA) Oh Daddy Blues Gennett

Edna Hicks(USA) Tin Roof Blues Gennett

(Edna Hicks+Fletcher Henderson’s O.(USA)I Don’t Love Nobody So I Don’t Have No Blues –

( - (OV/DV) Paramount

Edna Hicks+Fletcher Henderson’s O.(USA)You’ve Got Everything A Sweet Mamma Needs But Me-Paramount

Ramona Hicks(USA) I Must Have It Bluebird/Montgomery Ward/Document

Ramona Hicks(USA) Tell My Mama On You Bluebird/Montgomery Ward/Document

Chuck Higgins(USA) Oh Yeah (Version 4) (del.OV)

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V: Geechie Howard)(USA) Big Fat Mama (Version 5) (DV) - Combo

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V: John Watson)(USA) Big Fat Mama (Version 5) – Combo

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones(USA) Bip Bop Boom Rollin’ Rock

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V: John Watson)(USA) Just Won’t Treat Me Right - Combo

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V: John Watson)(USA) Motor Head Baby (OV/DV) – Combo

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V: Daddy Cleanhead)(USA) Papa Charlie - Combo/Comet

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones(USA) Shotgun Wedding Kicks

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V: John Watson)(USA) Stormy Combo

High Numbers(Britain)(Alias = The Who) I’m The Face Fontana

Donna Hightower(USA) Cool Daddy Cool Modern

Little Donna Hightower(USA) I Found A New Love (Version 2) Decca

Little Donna Hightower(USA) You Had Better Change Your Ways Decca

Bertha “Chippie” Hill(USA) Street Walker Blues Okeh

Bertha “Chippie” Hill & “Scrapper” Blackwell + Two Roys(USA) Non-Skin Tread – Okeh

Harvey Hill Jr.(USA) She Fool Me JSP

King Solomon Hill(USA) Down On Bended Knee Paramount

King Solomon Hill(USA)(Alias = Joe Holmes) My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon – Paramount

King Solomon Hill(USA) Tell Me Baby Paramount

King Solomon Hill(USA) Whoopee Blues (DV) Paramount

(Rosa Lee Hill(USA) Roll & Rumble Fat Possum

((Alias – Rosalie Hill/Roll & Tumble)

Andrew “Smokey” Hogg(USA) Country Gal (Version 2) Modern

Andrew “Smokey” Hogg(USA) Goin’ Back Home Bullet

Andrew “Smokey” Hogg(USA) Hard Hearted Woman Decca

Andrew “Smokey” Hogg(USA) I Feel Good (Version 2) Modern

Andrew “Smokey” Hogg(USA) Little School Girl (Version 6) Modern

(Andrew) “Smokey” Hogg(USA) Suitcase Blues (Lowdown Blues) (del.OV)

Smokey Hogg(USA) Ain’t You Sorry Baby Recorded In Hollywood

Smokey Hogg(USA) Anytime Is The Right Time (Answer song) (OV/DV) - Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) Baby Shake Your Leg Top Hat

Smokey Hogg(USA) Born On The 13th Fidelity

Smokey Hogg(USA) Bottle Up An’ Go Combo

Smokey Hogg(USA) Change Your Ways Macy’s Recordings

Smokey Hogg(USA) Comin’ Out Blues (That’s My Baby) Jade

Smokey Hogg(USA) Dirty Mistreater Mercury

Smokey Hogg(USA) Evil Mind Blues Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) Good Mornin’ Baby Ebb

Smokey Hogg(USA) Hello Little Girl Combo

Smokey Hogg(USA) Highway 51 Fidelity

Smokey Hogg(USA) I Ain’t Got Over It Yet Federal

Smokey Hogg(USA) I Don’t Want Nobody’s Bloodstains On My Hands Exclusive

Smokey Hogg(USA) I Have Often Wondered Jade

Smokey Hogg(USA) I’m Gonna Find Your Tricks Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) I’m Leaving (OV/DV)

Smokey Hogg(USA) I’m Looking For My Baby Mercury

Smokey Hogg(USA) Keep A Walkin’ Federal

Smokey Hogg(USA) Key To My Door Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) My Christmas Baby Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) My Train Is Coming Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) Restless Bed Blues Exclusive

Smokey Hogg(USA) To(o) Many Drivers Modern

Smokey Hogg(USA) When I’ve Been Drinkin’ Imperial

Smokey Hogg(USA) You’ll Need My Help One Day Recorded In Hollywood

Smoky Hogg(USA) I Love You Baby (Parts I & II) (Version 11) Sittin’ In With

Hokum Band (V: Frankie "Half Pint" Jackson)(USA) Easy Rider Blues - Vocalion/AFCDJ

Hokum Boys(USA) Ain’t Gonna Beg You For That Stuff (OV/DV)

Hokum Boys(USA) Caught Us Doing It Okeh

Hokum Boys(USA) Let Me Pat That Thing Paramount

Hokum Boys(USA) Selling That Stuff Paramount

Hokum Boys(USA) Shake That Thing Paramount

Hokum Boys(USA) Somebody’s Been Using That Thing Paramount

Hokum Boys(USA) We Don‘t Sell It Here No More Paramount

Hokum Boys(USA) You Can‘t Get Enough Of That Stuff (OV/DV) Paramount

Ron Holden(USA) Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Version 4)

Dave Hole(Australia) Bullfrog Blues Alligator (in USA)/Provogue

Dave Hole(Australia) Don‘t Say Goodbye (Version 2)

Dave Hole(Australia) Going Down Alligator (in USA)/Provogue

Dave Hole(Australia) Short Fuse Blues Alligator (in USA)/Provogue

Jon E. Holiday(USA) Yes I Will Love You Tomorrow (Answer song) Atlantic

Eddie Holland(USA) Merry-Go-Round (OV) Tamla/United Artists

Eddie Holland(USA) You (Version 2) (OV) Tamla/United Artists

Fred Holland & John Tinsley(USA) Keep Your Hands Off ‘Er Boulevard Vintage

Hollies(Britain)(Alias=Graham Nash later of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) Searchin’ – Parlophone

Hollies(Britain) Stay Parlophone

Tony Hollins(USA) Crawlin’ King Snake (del.OV) Decca

Tony Hollins(USA) Wine-O-Woman Decca

Buddy Holly & the Crickets(USA) Blue Monday Coral

Buddy Holly & the Crickets(USA) Smokey Joe’s Café Coral

Hollywood Flames(USA) Annie Don’t Love Me No More (Answer song) Symbol

Hollywood Flames(USA) Dance Senorita Symbol

Hollywood Flames(USA) Gee Chess

Hollywood Flames(USA) Ooh La La (Version 3)

Libby Holman(USA) There Ain‘t No Sweet Man That‘s Worth The Salt Of My Tears (DV) – Decca

Libby Holman(USA) Who‘s That Knockin‘ At My Door Decca

Carl Holmes & the Commanders(USA) I Can’t Sit Down Atlantic

Carl Holmes & the Commanders(USA) Mashed Potatoes (Parts 1 & 2) (del.OV)

Wright Holmes(USA) Alley Special Gotham

Holmes & Howard(USA) Somebody’s Been Usin’ That Thing (DV) Supertone

Hometowners(USA) Ding Dong (Version 3)

Mr. Honey(USA)(Alias = David “Honeyboy” Edwards) Build A Cave – ARC (Artist Record Company)

Honeydripper(USA)(Alias = Honey Dripper) Bread Pan Blues Decca

Honey Dripper(USA) Driving Wheel Blues (OV/DV) Decca

(Honey Dripper(USA) Night Time Is The Right Time, The (OV) Decca

((Alias = Roosevelt Sykes/Willie Kelly/Honeydripper)

Honeydripper, The (Roosevelt Sykes) + Kokomo Arnold(USA) Honeydripper, The (Version 2) - Decca

Earl Hooker(USA) Everything Gonna be Alright (Version 3) Cuca/Black Top

Earl Hooker(USA) On The Hook Rockin’

Earl Hooker(USA) Shake ‘Em Up (Version 4) King

Earl Hooker(USA) Sweet Angel Rockin’

Earl Hooker(USA) Sweet Black Angel Blue Thumb

Earl Hooker(USA) You Got To Lose (OV/DV) Bluesway

John Lee (Hooker)(USA) Baby Please Don’t Go (Version 2) United Artists/Document

John Lee (Hooker)(USA) Money (delete Version 2) Impulse

John Lee (Hooker)(USA) My Daddy Was A Jockey Impulse

(John Lee Hooker(USA) Baby Don’t Do Me Wrong Jewel

((Alias=Delta John/Birmingham Sam/Johnny Williams/Little Pork Chops/John Lee Booker(Cooker)/

((Texas Slim/Johnny Lee)

John Lee Hooker(USA) Baby I’m Gonna Miss You Jewel

John Lee Hooker(USA) Birmingham Blues (Version 2) Vee Jay

John Lee Hooker(USA) Black Man Blues M.I.L. Multimedia/JSP

John Lee Hooker(USA) Boogie Chillen #2 Sensation/Regal

John Lee Hooker(USA) Boogie Chillun (OV/DV) add Besman

John Lee Hooker(USA) Boogie Rambler (Version 2) JVB

John Lee Hooker(USA) Burnin’ Hell (OV/DV) Sensation

John Lee Hooker(USA) Cry Baby (Version 2) Fortune

John Lee Hooker(USA) Daizey Mae Jewel

John Lee Hooker(USA) Don’t You Remember Me (OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) Driftin’ And Driftin’ (OV/DV) Vee Jay

John Lee Hooker(USA) Goin’ Home Blues Savoy/United

John Lee Hooker(USA) Goin’ On Highway 51 Sensation

John Lee Hooker(USA) Grinder Man (del.OV/DV) Specialty

John Lee Hooker(USA) Hard Hearted Woman (Version 2) Vee Jay

John Lee Hooker(USA) Huckle Up Baby Sensation/Specialty

John Lee Hooker(USA) I Didn’t Know (OV/DV) Pausa/Chase Music

John Lee Hooker(USA) I Love You Baby (Version 6) (del.OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) I Met The Grindin’ Man Philo

John Lee Hooker(USA) I Want To Hug You (OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) I Was Beggin’ My Baby (OV/DV) Philo

John Lee Hooker(USA) I’m Ready (Version 5) Modern

John Lee Hooker(USA) It Serves You Right To Suffer Mercury/Vanguard

John Lee Hooker(USA) Jack O’Diamonds Eagle/Flyright

John Lee Hooker(USA) John Henry Eagle/Flyright

John Lee Hooker(USA) Juke Bug Fortune

John Lee Hooker(USA) Little Girl Go Back To School Lunar #2

John Lee Hooker(USA) Looking Back Over My Day Jewel

John Lee Hooker(USA) Looking For A Woman (Version 2) Modern

John Lee Hooker(USA) Louisiana Blues For You Philo

John Lee Hooker(USA) Mad Man Blues (OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) Mad With You Baby Galaxy

John Lee Hooker(USA) Moon Is Rising, The (del.OV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) My Baby She’s Long And Tall United Artists

John Lee Hooker(USA) Need Your Love So Bad Mastertone

John Lee Hooker(USA) No More Doggin’ Battle/JVB

John Lee Hooker(USA) Notoriety Woman (OV/DV) add Regal

John Lee Hooker(USA) Please Don’t Go Chess

John Lee Hooker(USA) Queen Bee (OV/DV) Kent

John Lee Hooker(USA) Ride Till I Die (OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) Sally Mae (OV/DV) Sun/Modern

John Lee Hooker(USA) Shake It, Baby (Version 2) (OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) Shake It Up And Go Galaxy

John Lee Hooker(USA) She’s Real Gone Eagle/Flyright

John Lee Hooker(USA) 609 Boogie Fortune/Hi-Q

John Lee Hooker(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 8) Chess/United Artists

John Lee Hooker(USA) Think Twice Before You Go (OV/DV) ABC Bluesway

John Lee Hooker(USA) Too Much Boogie Modern

John Lee Hooker(USA) Trouble In Mind Eagle/Flyright

John Lee Hooker(USA) Weeping Willow (Version 2) Modern/Kent

John Lee Hooker(USA) We’re All God’s Chillun Fortune

John Lee Hooker (USA) Where Did You Stay Last Night? Battle

John Lee Hooker(USA) You Can’t Run Baby Dynasty

John Lee Hooker(USA) You Gonna Miss Me (Version 2) Ace

John Lee Hooker with Canned Heat(USA) Meet Me In The Bottom Liberty/Elektra

John Lee Hooker with Lowell Fulson(USA) Daisie Mae Jewel

John Lee Hooker with Lowell Fulson(USA) I Feel Good (Parts 1 & 2) (Version 2) – Jewel

Hootin’ Owl(USA)(Alias = Guitar Shorty/John Henry Fortescue) I Love That Woman - Savoy

Hootin’ Owl(USA) Wine Drinkin’ Baby Savoy

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Ain‘t It A Shame (Version 5) Mercury/Gold Star

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Ain’t It Crazy Excello

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Bald Headed Woman Sittin’ In With

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Big Mama Jump (Little Mama Blues) (Answer song) – Aladdin

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Black Cadillac Prestige/Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Blues In My Bottle (DV) Prestige

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Cattin’ Out Baby Sittin’ In With

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Christmas Blues (Version 4) Alligator

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 7) Aladdin

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Come On Baby (Version 4) (del.OV/DV)

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Corrine, Corrina Candid

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Crazy ‘Bout My Baby (Version 2) Mercury

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Devil Jumped The Black Man, The Prestige/Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Down Baby Aladdin

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Fan It Verve Folkways

Lightnin’ Hopkins (V: Ruth Ames)(USA) Finally Met My Baby Herald

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Freight Train Blues Sittin’ In With

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Give Me Back My Wig (Wig Wearing Woman) RPM

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Happy New Year Decca

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Hear Me Talkin’ Herald

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) House Upon The Hill RPM

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) I Like To Boogie Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) I Love You Baby (Version 12)

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) If You Steal My Chickens You Can‘t Make ‘Em Lay - Grammercy/Fuel

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) I’ve Got News For You Baby Sittin’ In With

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Jail House Blues Sittin’ In With

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Jake Head Boogie RPM

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Let Me Play With Your Poodle (DV)

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Let’s Do The Susie-Q Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 3) Jewel

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Little School Girl (Version 7) Jewel

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Mama Don’t You Tear My Clothes Koch

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Meet Me In The Bottom Prestige/Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Merry Christmas (OV/DV) Decca

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Mojo Hand (OV/DV) add Fire

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Movin’ Out Boogie Herald/Savage Kick

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) One Kind Favor (OV/DV) RPM

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Rolling And Rolling Aladdin

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Santa Columbia

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Shake That Thing (Version 2) New Rose

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Sixty Minutes To Wait Sittin’ In With

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Smokes Like Lightning Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Take Me Back, Baby (del.OV/DV)

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 4) Verve Folkways

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) T Model Blues Bluesville

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Trouble Stay ‘Way From My Door Verve Folkways

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Walkin’ The Streets Rockin’

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Where Did You Sleep Last Night Tomato

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) You Never Miss Your Water Bluesville

Linda Hopkins(USA) Come Back Baby Shout! Factory

Linda Hopkins(USA) Counting My Tears Quicksilver

Linda Hopkins(USA) Mama’s Doin’ The Twist Brunswick

Linda Hopkins(USA) My Loving Baby Savoy

Linda Hopkins(USA) Rock & Roll Blues Atco/Shout! Factory

Linda Hopkins(USA) Shiver And Shake Atco/Shout! Factory

Linda Hopkins(USA) Three Time Loser Shout! Factory

Linda Hopkins(USA) Why Don’t You Do Right? Quicksilver

Linda Hopkins(USA) You Could Have Had Me Baby Quicksilver

Linda Hopkins & Jackie Wilson(USA) Yes Indeed Brunswick

Poppa Hops & his Orch.(USA) Merry Christmas Darling Ivory

Jimmy “Bo” Horne(USA) Clean Up Man (Answer song) Alston

Jack Horner & the Plums(USA) Everybody Loves Somebody To Love Jerden

Jack Horner & the Plums(USA) Who Do You Love Jerden/Big Beat

Big Walter Horton(USA) Polly Put The Kettle On (Version 3) (OV) Blue Sun

Big Walter Horton(USA) Poor Boy (Version 12) M.I.L. Multimedia

Big Walter Horton(USA) Tin Pan Alley Red Lightnin’

Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell(USA) Have Mercy (DV)

Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 3) Alligator

Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 6) Alligator

Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell(USA) Trouble In Mind Alligator

Hot Tamales(USA) You Are My Sunshine Diamond

Son House(USA) Am I Right Or Wrong (DV) Paramount/Folklyric

Son House(USA) Death Letter (del.OV)

Lynn Howard & the Accents(USA)(Alias = Accents) Red Thunderbird Accent

Lynn Howard & the Accents(USA) Walkin’ After Midnight (OV) Accent

Rosetta Howard(USA) Candy Man (Version 4) Decca

Rosetta Howard(USA) If You’re A Viper Decca

Rosetta Howard + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Let Your Linen Hang Low Document

Rosetta Howard(USA) Men Are Like Street Cars Decca

Rosetta Howard(USA) Too Many Drivers Columbia

Rosetta Howard(USA) When I Been Drinkin’ Okeh

Bob Howe & Frankie Griggs(USA) Hottest Stuff In Town, The Decca

“Peg Leg” Howell(USA) Let Me Play With Your Yo-Yo Testament

“Peg Leg” Howell(USA) Moanin’ And Groanin’ Blues Columbia

“Peg Leg” Howell(USA) New Jelly Roll Blues Columbia

“Peg Leg” Howell(USA) Please M’am Columbia

“Peg Leg” Howell(USA) Too Tight Blues Columbia

(Peg Leg Howell, Eddie Anthony & (Sloppy) Henry Williamson(USA)(Alias = Joshua Howell/Joe Howell) –

( - Walkin’ Blues Columbia/Document

Peg Leg Howell, Eddie Anthony & (Sloppy) Henry Williamson(USA) Wringin’ That Thing – Columbia/Doc’t

Hattie Hudson(USA) No Easy Rider Blues Columbia/Document

Little Hudson(USA) I’m Looking For A Woman J.O.B.

Little Hudson(USA)(Alias = Hudson Showers) Rough Treatment J.O.B.

Baby Huey & the Babysitters(USA) Messin’ With The Kid Curtom

Baby Huey & the Babysitters(USA) Monkey Man (OV/DV) Curtom/Norton

Jimmy Huff(USA) She’s My Baby (Version 23) RPM

Luther Huff(USA) Dirty Disposition (OV/DV) Trumpet

Luther Huff(USA) Rosalee (Version 2) Trumpet

Willie B. Huff(USA) Operator 209 Big Town

Pee Wee Hughes(USA) I’m A Country Boy (OV/DV) Savoy

Randy Hughes(USA) Tappin’ ThatThing Jasmine

(Harvey Hull(USA) Don’t You Leave Me Here (OV/DV) Gannett

((Alias = Sunny Boy & his Pals)

Human Beinz(USA) Nobody But Me Capitol Capitol

Helen Humes(USA) Ain’t Gonna Quit You Savoy

Helen Humes(USA) Airplane Blues (Version 2) Savoy

Helen Humes(USA) I’m Gonna Let Him Ride Modern/GNP-Crescendo

Helen Humes(USA) Jet Propelled Papa Mercury

Helen Humes(USA) Mean Way Of Lovin’ Decca

Helen Humes(USA) See See Rider Aladdin

Helen Humes(USA) They Raided The Joint Aladdin/Decca

Les Humphries Singers(Germany) Kansas City Telefunken

D.A. Hunt(USA) Greyhound Blues (OV/DV)

Alberta Hunter(USA) Bleeding Hearted Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Alberta Hunter(USA) Boogie Woogie Swing Bluebird

Alberta Hunter(USA) Chirping The Blues (OV/DV) Paramount/Decca

Alberta Hunter(USA) Don’t Forget To Mess Around Okeh

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