J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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Alberta Hunter(USA) Double Crossin’ Papa Okeh

Alberta Hunter(USA) Everybody Mess Around Okeh

Alberta Hunter(USA) Heebie Jeebies Okeh

Alberta Hunter(USA) If You Want To Keep Your Daddy Home Paramount

Alberta Hunter(USA) I’m Down Right Now But I Won’t Be Down Always (OV/DV) – Victor

Alberta Hunter(USA) I’m Hard To Satisfy Okeh

Alberta Hunter(USA) Lonesome Monday Morning Blues Paramount

Alberta Hunter(USA) Mistreated Blues Paramount

(Alberta Hunter(USA) My Handy Man Ain’t Handy No More Columbia

(Recorded in 1978 at the age of 83.

Alberta Hunter(USA) Stingaree Blues (OV/DV)

Alberta Hunter + Original Memphis Five(USA) ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness – Paramount

Alberta Hunter(USA) Take That Thing Away Okeh

Alberta Hunter(USA) Take Your Big Hands Off Juke Box

Alberta Hunter(USA) You Can’t Tell The Difference After Dark ARC

Fluffy Hunter with Jesse Powell(USA) Walking Blues, The (OV/DV) Federal

Herbert Hunter(USA) Right String Wrong Yo Yo Hit

Ivory Joe Hunter(USA) Blues At Midnight Pacific

Ivory Joe Hunter(USA) I Got Your Water On King

Ivory Joe Hunter(USA) She’s Gone (del.OV)

Ivory Joe Hunter(USA) You Can’t Stop This Rocking And Rolling Atlantic

Long John Hunter(USA)(Alias=Lost John Hunter& his Blind Bats) Bad Feet - Black Magic/Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Beggar Man Alligator

Long John Hunter (V: Sonny Guitar)(USA) Betty Lou Royal Roost/Yucca

Long John Hunter(USA) Border Town Blues Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Bugs On My Window Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Come On (Version 11) Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Cool Down Mama Sun

Long John Hunter(USA) Crazy Baby (Version 2) Duke

Long John Hunter(USA) Dream About The Devil Spindletop/Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Everybody Knows (Version 4) Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Grits Ain’t Groceries Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) I Wanna Love You (Version 4) Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Ice Cold Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) I’m Broke Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) It’s Hard To Please A Woman Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Locksmith Man Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Looking For My Baby Blues Express

Long John Hunter(USA) Nasty Days Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Road Hog (Version 2) Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Rooster And The Hen Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) School Girl Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) She Used To Be My Woman Duke

Long John Hunter(USA) Street Walkin’ Woman Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Tell Me (Version 5) Spindletop/Black Magic/Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) 39 Days Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) Trouble On The Line Alligator

Long John Hunter(USA) V-8 Ford Alligator

Long John Hunter + Tom "Blues Man" Hunter(USA) Ain’t Gonna Cry No More – Alligator

Long John Hunter + Tom "Blues Man" Hunter(USA) I Give You All My Money - Alligator

Long John Hunter + Tom "Blues Man" Hunter(USA) One Foot In Texas Alligator

Long John Hunter + Tom "Blues Man" Hunter(USA) Roll Over And Cover My Head – Alligator

Lost John Hunter + Blind Bats(USA) Cool Down Mama (OV/DV) 4 Star/Sun

Lost John Hunter + Blind Bats(USA)(Alias = Long John Hunter) Schoolboy (Version 3) - 4 Star/Sun

Lee Hunter(USA) Back To Santa Fe Gold Star

Hunter & Jenkins(USA) Lollypop (Version 6) Columbia

Hunter & Jenkins(USA) Meat Cuttin’ Blues Vocalion

Jade Hurley(Australia) I’m Walkin’ Festival

Hurricanes(USA) Little Girl Of Mine King

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Big Leg Blues Okeh/Yazoo

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) C-H-I-C-K-E-N Blues Vanguard

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) First Shot Missed Him Vanguard

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Keep Me Knockin’ (You Can’t Come In) Vanguard

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (del.OV) add Vanguard

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice Okeh

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Nobody’s Dirty Business Okeh (1928)

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Roll And Tumble Blues Okeh

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Shake That Thing (Version 2) (OV/DV) Blue Moon

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Slidin’ Delta (del.OV)

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Way Down In Arkansas Okeh

Mississippi John Hurt(USA) Weeping And Waiting Vanguard

Frank Hutchinson(USA) Hellbound Train (OV/DV)

Jack Hylton + O. (V: Sam Browne (Artist 2))(Britain) Bogey Wail HMV

Ian & the Zodiacs(Britain) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Fontana

(Bertha Idaho(USA) You’ve Got The Right Eye, But You’re Peeping At The Wrong Keyhole –

( - Columbia/Document

Ideals(USA) Go Go Gorilla (OV/DV) Satellite

Ideals(USA) Gorilla Cortland

Ideals(USA) Mo Gorilla Cortland

Ideals(USA) Mojo Hannah Cortland

Ikettes(USA)(Alias = Mirettes/Pat Powdrill) Prisoner In Love Teena

(George Immerman & the Thrills(USA) Ain’t Got The Money To Pay For This Drink (del.OV/DV)

((Alias = George Zimmerman & the Thrills)

Impressions(USA) Little Boy Blue (Version 6) (OV/DV) ABC-Paramount

Incredible Upsetters(USA) Baby I’m Your Man (OV/DV) Audio Lab

Benny Ingram(USA) Jello Sal Bandera/Todd

Luther Ingram + G-Men(USA) I Spy For The FBI Smash

Ink Spots(USA) Honeydripper, The Decca

Ink Spots(USA) Keep Cool, Fool Decca Decca

Ink Spots(USA) Knock-Kneed Sal (On The Mourner‘s Bench) Decca

Ink Spots(USA) Oh! Red Decca

Ink Spots(USA) Rock Roll Rag Decca Festival

Ink Spots(USA) That Cat Is High (OV/DV)

Louis Innis(USA) You’re Gonna Reap Just What You Sow De Luxe

Innocents(USA)(Alias = Echoes (Group 8)) Dee Dee Di Oh Indigo

Innocents(USA) I’m A Hog For You Indigo

Innocents(USA) Walking Along Indigo

(Big Dee Irwin(USA)(Alias = Pastells) Everybody’s Got A Dance But Me - Dimension

(Answer song to all the Dance Songs.

Big Dee Irwin(USA) Someday You’ll Understand Bliss

Chris Isaak(USA) Trying To Get To You Vanguard

Isley Bros.(USA) My Little Girl (Version 7)

Isley Bros.(USA) Nobody But Me Wand

Isley Bros.(USA) You Better Come Home (OV/DV) Wand

Little Iva & her Band(USA) Continental Strut Miracle

Little Iva & her Band(USA) When I Needed You Miracle

Johnny J. & the Hitmen(USA) Oowee Sugar Blue Viper Records

Johnny J. & the Hitmen(USA) Watch It Sprocket Blue Viper Records

Bessie Jackson(USA)(Alias=Lucille Bogan) Down In Boogie Alley(OV/DV)Banner

Bessie Jackson(USA) I Hate That Train Called The M & O Banner

Bessie Jackson(USA) Shave ‘Em Dry Banner

Bessie Jackson(USA) Sloppy Drunk Blues Perfect/Brunswick

Bessie Jackson(USA) Walkin’ Blues (Version 11) Banner

Bud Jackson’s Swan(n)ee Serenaders (V: Fess Williams)(USA) Messin’ Around – Brunswick/Jass

Bull Moose Jackson(USA) Bearcat Blues Queen

Bull Moose Jackson(USA) I Found My Love Warwick

(Bull Moose Jackson(USA) I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well Queen

((Alias = Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well (Answer song))

Bull Moose Jackson(USA) Keep Your Big Mouth Shut King

Bullmoose Jackson(USA) Meet Me With Your Black Dress On (del.OV/DV)

Bull Moose Jackson(USA) Sneaky Pete (Version 2) (OV/DV) Queen

Bull Moose Jackson(USA) Watch My Signals Encino

Bull Moose Jackson + Buffalo Bearcats(USA) Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again - King

Bull Moose Jackson + Buffalo Bearcats(USA) Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide – King

Bull Moose Jackson + Buffalo Bearcats(USA) Love Me Tonight (Version 11) (OV/DV)

Charlie Jackson(USA) Baby Don’t You Be So Mean Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) Bad Luck Woman Blues Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) Don’t Tear Your Pants Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) Gay Cattin’ Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) I Got What It Take But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away (OV) – Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) I’m Looking For A Woman Who Knows How To Treat Me Right (OV/DV) - Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) Mama, Don‘t You Think I Know? Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA) Salty Dog Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Charlie Jackson(USA)(Alias = Papa Charlie Jackson) Texas Blues (Version 2) – Paramount

(Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) All I Want Is A Spoonful Paramount

((Alias = Charlie Jackson/Freddie Keppard + Jazz Cardinals (V: Papa Charlie Jackson)/Casey Harris/

(Charlie Carter/Ma Rainey & Papa Charlie Jackson)

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Hot Papa Blues Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Hot Papa Blues No. 2 Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) I’m Alabama Bound Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) I’m Tired Of Fooling Around With You Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Look Out Papa Don’t Tear Your Pants Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Messin’ Around Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) No Need Of Knockin’ On The Blind Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Salt Lake City Blues (OV/DV)

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Shake That Thing (OV/DV) Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) Shave ‘Em Dry Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) We Can’t Buy It No More Paramount

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) What’s That Thing She’s Shakin’ Okeh

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) You Put It In, I’ll Take It Out Vocalion

Chuck Jackson(USA) Tell Him I‘m Not Home (OV/DV) Wand

Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown(USA) Let’s Go Get Stoned Wand

Jim Jackson(USA) He’s In The Jailhouse Now Vocalion (1928)

Jim Jackson(USA) Kansas City Blues (V2) (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) (OV/DV) Vocalion/RCA

Jump Jackson(USA) Hey Pretty Mama (OV/DV)

Jump Jackson + O. (Vocals: Benny Kelly)(USA) I’m Cuttin’Out On You Aristocrat

Jump Jackson + O. (Vocals: Benny Kelly)(USA) Not Now Baby Aristocrat

Jump Jackson(USA) Sweet Thing (Version 4) (del.OV)

(Li’l Son Jackson(USA) Rockin’ And Rollin’ (OV) Imperial

((Alias = Melvin ”Lil’ Son” Jackson)

Li’l Son Jackson(USA) Turn The Lamp Down Low Arhoolie

Little Son Jackson(USA)(Alias = “Li’l Son” Jackson) Gambling Blues Sittin’ In With

Melvin ”Lil’ Son” Jackson(USA) Freedom Train Blues Gold Star

(Melvin ”Lil’ Son” Jackson(USA) Gambling Blues (OV/DV) Gold Star

((Alias = Li’l Son Jackson/Little Son Jackson)

Monroe Moe Jackson(USA) Move It On Over Document

Michael Jackson(USA) Doggin’ Around Motown Tamla Motown

Ollie Jackson & his Band(USA) You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone Jukebox

Roddy Jackson(USA) Juke Box Baby Specialty

Roddy Jackson(USA) Love At First Sight (Version 2) (del.OV/DV)

Roddy Jackson(USA) She Said “Yeah” (OV) Specialty

Roddy Jackson(USA) Until The End Of Time Specialty

(Samuel L. Jackson(USA) Alice Mae New West

(Samuel L. Jackson(USA) Stackolee New West

(Both above selections from the 2007 Movie “Black Snake Moan”

Tony Jackson(Britain) Love Potion Number Nine Pye

Wanda Jackson(USA) Busted Third Man Records

Wanda Jackson(USA) Like A Baby (Version 2) Third Man Records

(Jackson Blue Boys(USA) Corrine, Corrina Columbia

((Alias = Bo Carter/Lonnie Chatmon/Charlie McCoy)

Jaguars(USA) Baby, Baby, Baby (Version 3) R-Dell

Jaguars(USA)(Alias = City Zoo, The) Love Is Strange Faro

Jamaican Calypsonians (V: Lord Lebby)(Jamaica) Blood Shot Eyes Kalypso

Betty James(USA) I’m A Little Mixed Up (OV/DV)

Colin James + Little Big Band(USA) Surely (I Love You) (DV)

Elmo James(USA)(Alias = Elmore James) Done Somebody Wrong Trip

Elmo James(USA) Fine Little Mama (OV/DV)

Elmore James(USA)(Alias = Elmo James) Be Careful What You Do Trip

Elmore James(USA) Cry For Me Baby (OV/DV)

Elmore James(USA) Going For Good Blue Horizon

Elmore James(USA) I Done Somebody Wrong Trip

Elmore James(USA) Knocking At Your Door (OV/DV) Chief/Sue

Elmore James(USA) Mean Mistreatin’ Mama (del.OV/DV)

Elmore James(USA) One Way Out Sphere Sound

Elmore James(USA) Person To Person Fire/Relic

Elmore James(USA) Rolling And Tumbling Trip

Elmore James(USA) Stranger Blues (DV) (Transferred from Blues)

Elmore James(USA) Sunnyland (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Elmore James(USA) Take Me Where You Go Chief/USA/S & M/Vee Jay

Elmore James(USA) Talk To Me Baby Chess

Elmore James(USA) Twelve Year Old Boy, The (OV/DV)

Elmore James(USA) Way You Treat Me, The (OV/DV)

Elmore James(USA) Whose Muddy Shoes Checker

Etta James(USA) Come What May (OV)

Etta James(USA) Crazy Feeling (OV/DV)

Etta James(USA) Honey Don’t Tear My Clothes RCA/S.F. Jazz

Etta James(USA) I Hope You’re Satisfied (OV/DV)

Etta James(USA) Shortnin’ Bread Rock Modern

Etta James(USA) Stop The Wedding (OV/DV) add Argo

Etta James(USA) Tell Mama (del.OV)

Etta James(USA) That’s All (Version 4)

Etta James & Steve Winwood(USA) Give It Up (Version 4)

Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto(USA) In The Basement Chess

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Come Back Baby (Version 6) Appaloosa

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Crawlin’ King Snake Appaloosa

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Highway 51 Big Bear

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Homesick’s Original Dust My Blues - Big Bear

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) If I Could Live My Life All Over Again - Big Bear

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Kissing In The Dark Appaloosa

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Lonesome Train Big Bear

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Mailman Bluebird

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Meet Me In The Bottom Appaloosa

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Set A Date (OV/DV)

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Sweet Home Chicago Bluebird

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Tin Pan Alley Big Bear

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Twelve Year Old Boy, The Priority

Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Walking The Backstreets Trix

(Homesick James (Williamson)(USA) Woman I Love (OV) add Appaloosa

((Alias = Homesick James Williamson & Sunnyland Slim/Blues Rockers/Lazy Bill Lucas Trio/Blue Rhythms)

Homesick James & Snooky Pryor(USA) After You There Won’t Be Nobody Else - Bluebird

Homesick James & Snooky Pryor(USA) Bottle Up And Go (Version 2) Big Bear

Homesick James & Snooky Pryor(USA) Shake Your Money Maker Big Bear

Homesick James & Snooky Pryor(USA) Woman I Love, The Big Bear

Jesse James(USA)(Alias=Sunny James (Artist 2)) Sweet Petunia Decca

Paul James(USA) Crazy Little Kitten For Christmas Stony Plain

Skip James(USA) Devil Got My Woman (OV/DV)

Skip James(USA) Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues (OV) Paramount

Skip James(USA) How Long Blues Paramount

Skip James(USA) If You Haven’t Any Hay Get On Down The Road - Paramount/Black Swan

Skip James(USA) Jack Of Diamonds Paramount

Skip James(USA) Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning Vanguard

Skip James(USA) Walking The Sea Vanguard

Skip James(USA) What Am I To Do Blues Paramount

Sunny James (Artist 2)(USA)(Alias = Jesse James) Please Mam Forgive Me - Flyright

James Quintet, The(USA) Paw’s In The Kitchen Derby

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Chocolate To The Bone (I’m So Glad I’m Brownskin) - Decca

(Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon + Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers(USA) –

( - Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn Historical/Document

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Come On Mama, Do That Dance Document

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Corrine Decca (1926)

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Dirty Dozen, The Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Don’t Drink It In Here Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Down The Alley Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Fan It (OV/DV) Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Get The ‘L’ On Down The Road Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) I Knocks Myself Out Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Mama Don’t Allow It Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) No Need Knockin’ On The Blind Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Rock Me Mama Decca

(Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon + Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers(USA) –

( - She’s Comin’ Round The Mountain Vocalion

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon + Harlem Hamfats(USA) Take It Easy Greasy Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon + Harlem Hamfats(USA) (You Got To) Wet It Decca

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Willie The Weeper (Answer song) (OV) Black Patti

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) You Know Jam Don’t Shake (Answer song) Decca

Jay & the Americans(USA) Lonely Teardrops United Artists

Jay & the Americans(USA) Some Kind Of Wonderful (Version 2) United Artists

Ron & Ellie Jaye(USA)(Alias=Ron Jaye/Ellie Jaye) Road Runner (V3) Table Rock

Jayhawks(USA) Creature, The (From Outer Space) (OV/DV) Aladdin/Capitol

Jeannie & her Boyfriends(USA) Baby (Version 16)

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Beggin’ Back Paramount

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Cat Man Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Corinna Blues (OV/DV) Paramount (1926)

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Eagle Eyed Mama Paramount

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) (See See Rider) Easy Rider Blues Paramount

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Jack O’Diamonds (OV) Okeh

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Peach Orchard Mama (OV/DV) Indigo

Blind Lemon Jefferson(USA) Yo Yo Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Little Miss Jessie(USA) My Baby Has Gone Rev-Ola

Young Jessie(USA) Pretty Soon Modern

Jesters(USA)(Group 2) Cadillac Man Sun

Jesters(USA)(Group 2) My Babe Sun

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts(USA) New Orleans (Version 2)

Jiggles & the Zanies(USA) Get Your Good Good Lovin’ From Me Dore

Jiggles & the Zanies(USA) I Wish I’d Stayed In Bed Dore

(Jammin’ Jim(USA) Carolina Boogie Savoy

((Alias = Carolina Slim/Lazy Slim Jim/Country Paul/Ed Harris/Georgia Pine/Paul Howard)

Country Jim(USA) Stormin And Rainin’ Specialty

Lazy Slim Jim(USA) (Pour Me) One More Drink Savoy

(Lazy Slim Jim(USA) Sugaree (Version 2) (del.OV)

((Alias = Carolina Slim/Jammin’ Jim/Country Paul/Ed Harris/Georgia Pine/Paul Howard)

Poor Jim + Dan Jackson(USA) Stack O’Dollars Blues Conqueror/Melodeon/Oriole/Romeo/Perfect

Jimmy & the Dimensions(Britain) Slow Down Young Blood

Little Jimmy + Tops(USA) Puppy Love (Version 7) (transferred from Doo Wop)

Maxwell Street Jimmy (Davis)(USA) I Got My Eyes On You Elektra/Testament

Maxwell Street Jimmy (Davis)(USA) Someday Baby Rounder

St. Louis Jimmy(USA)(Alias = Jimmy Oden) Goin’ Down Slow (OV) add Bluebird

St. Louis Jimmy(USA) I’m St. Louis Bound Apollo/Delmark

St. Louis Jimmy(USA) Murder In The First Degree Parrot

St. Louis Jimmy(USA) One Doggone Reason Opera

St. Louis Jimmy(USA) Pipe Layin’ Blues Document

Jimmy & the Rackets(Germany) Skinnie Minnie Elite Special

Jive Bombers(USA) Bad Boy (Version 3) (del.OV)

Jive Bombers (Group 3)(USA) Daddy Likes To Mambo Texas Jamboree Records

Jive Bombers (Group 3)(USA) Home Cooking Texas Jamboree Records

Joe & Ann(USA) Gee Baby (OV/DV)

Banjo Joe(USA) My Money Never Runs Out (DV) Paramount

Big Joe(USA)(Alias = Big Joe Williams) I Know You Gonna Miss Me Bluebird

Cousin Joe(USA) ABC’S (Parts 1 & 2) Imperial

Cousin Joe(USA) Chicken And The Hawk Black & Blue/Night Train

Cousin Joe(USA) How Come My Dog Won’t Bark Great Southern

Cousin Joe(USA) Stagger Lee Great Southern

Cousin Joe(USA) Stoop To Conquer Great Southern

Delta Joe(USA) Roll Tumble And Slip Opera/Chance

Delta Joe(USA)(Alias = Sunnyland Slim) Shake It Baby (Version 2)

Hallelujah Joe(USA)(Alias=Joe McCoy) Twenty Minutes To Hell Decca

Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie(USA) Can I Do It For You Document

Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie(USA) Frisco Town Columbia

Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie(USA) Goin’ Back To Texas Columbia

Kansas Joe (McCoy) & Memphis Minnie(USA) I’m Going Back Home (OV/DV) – Bluebird/RCA/Yazoo

Kansas Joe (McCoy) & Memphis Minnie(USA) Jailhouse Trouble Blues Vocalion

Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie(USA) When The Levee Breaks (OV/DV) – add Columbia

(Little Joe(USA) Keep Your Arms Around Me House Of Sound

((Alias = Leslie Hill/Joe Hill Louis/Chicago Sunny Boy)

Monkey Joe(USA)(Alias = Jesse Coleman) Just Out The Big House Vocalion

Sleepy Joe & Spider Sam(USA)(Alias=Ralph Willis/Brownie McGhee) Cool That Thing - Abbey

Tampa Joe & Macon Ed(USA) Wringing That Thing (OV/DV) Okeh (1929)

Brother John (Sellers)(USA) Baby, How Long How Long (Recorded in France) - Columbia

(Brother John (Sellers) & Little Brother’s Jazz Band(USA) Shakin’ That Thing – Ebony

((Alias = John Sellers/Johnny Sellers/Brother John Sellers)

Delta John(USA)(Alias = John Lee Hooker/Birmingham Sam) Helpless Blues – Regent

(Dr. John(USA) Black Night Warner Bros.

((Alias=Mac Rebennack/Ronny & the Delinquents)

(Dr. John(USA) Curious George Theme Universal

(From the TV Cartoon Series “Curious George” (2000’s)

Dr. John(USA) Goin’ Back To New Orleans Atlantic

Dr. John(USA) How Come My Dog Don‘t Bark (When You Come Around) - Flashback

Dr. John(USA) Little Liza Jane (del.OV)

Dr. John(USA) Such A Night (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Dr. John(USA) Those Lonely, Lonely Nights (del.OV/DV)

Mable John(USA)(Alias = Mabel John) Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Version 2) (DV) - Tamla

Little Willie John(USA) All Around The World (del.OV)

Little Willie John(USA) Doll Face (Version 2) King

Little Willie John(USA) In The Dark Capitol/Ember

Little Willie John(USA) Sleep (del.OV)

Little Willie John(USA) Talk To Me, Talk To Me (OV)

John & Jackie(USA) Little Girl (Version 11)

Johnnie & Jack(USA) Camel Walk Stroll RCA

Johnny & the Jammers(USA)(Alias = Johnny & Edgar Winter) Schoolboy Blues (Version 3) - D/Dart/Big Beat

Bill Johnson(USA) I Can’t Be Satisfied Gennett

Bill Johnson + Musical Notes(USA) Elevator Boogie RCA

Bill Johnson + Musical Notes(USA) My Baby Likes To Be-Bop RCA

(Bill Johnson’s Louisiana Jug Band (V: Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon) –

( - Get The “L” On Down The Road Vocalion/Document

Bob Johnson(USA) A Day Late And A Dollar Short (OV/DV) Chart

Bubber Johnson(USA) It’s Christmas Time (OV) King

Buddy Johnson + O. (V: Chester Boone)(USA) I Ain‘t Mad At You Decca

(Buddy Johnson + O. (V: Ella Johnson)(USA) Fine Brown Frame (OV/DV) Decca

((Alias = Buddy & Ella Johnson)

( as above Please Mr. Johnson (OV) Decca

as above Shake ‘Em Up (Version 3) (OV/DV) Decca

( as above That’s The Stuff You Gotta Watch (OV) Decca

Bunk Johnson + Yerba Buena Jazz Band(USA) Nobody’s Fault But Mine Document

Caroline Johnson(USA) Mama Stayed Out All Night Long (But Mama Didn’t Do No Wrong) (OV) – Document

Charlie Johnson’s Original Paradise Ten (V: Monette Moore) Don’t You Leave Me Here - Victor

Edith North Johnson(USA)(Alias = Hattie North) Eight Hour Woman Paramount

Edith North Johnson(USA) Honey Dripper Blues No. 2 Paramount

Ella Johnson + Buddy Johnson & his O.(USA) You Better Believe Me (OV/DV) – Mercury

Herb Johnson & the Premiers(USA) Help (Version 2) Palm

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