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Add N to X Avant Hard 1999 Mute

Abbc (Burns/Convertino) Tête à Tête 2001 Cargo

Acid Mothers Temple Acid Mothers Temple (AMT-1) 1997 PSF 93

Acid Mothers Temple Pataphisical Freak Out Mu!!! (AMT-2) 1999 PSF 106

Acid Mothers Temple Trb.Fr.Another Heavenly World (AMT-3) 2000 PSF 123

Acid Mothers Temple La Novia 2000 Swordfish CD2

Acid Mothers Temple New Geocentric World 2001 Squealer 034

Acid Mothers Temple Absolutely Feak Out (Zap Your Mind) 2001 Resonant 84

Acid Mothers Temple In C 2002 Squealer 037

Acid Mothers Temple 41st Century Splendid Man LP 2002 Tumult

Acid Mothers Temple Family Compilation (Do Whatever..)3CD 2002 Worm79

Acid Mothers Temple Born To Be Wild In The USA 2000 LP 2002 Wabana

Acid Mothers Temple Father Moo & The Black Sheep 2002 Swordfish SFAM CD1

Acid Mothers Temple Electric Heavyland 2002 Alien8 34

Acid Mothers Temple Univers Zen ou de Zéro à Zéro 2002 Fractal 020

Acid Mothers Temple Magical Power From Mars Vol:2 2003 Imprec 010

Acid Mothers Temple Magical Power From Mars - Complete 2003 Imprec 017

Acid Mothers Temple Last Concert in Tokyo: February 1999 (AMTCD-12) 2003 AMTCD-12

Acid Mothers Temple Mantra of Love 2004 Alien8 44

Acid Mothers Temple Born To Be Wild In The USA 2000 2004

Acid Mothers Temple Penutimate Galactic Bordello Also The World You Made 4CD 2004

Acid Mothers Temple Does the Cosmic Shepherd Dream of Electric Tapirs? 2004 Space Age

Acid Mothers Temple Minstel in the Galaxy 2004 Riot Season CD7

Acid Mothers Temple (+Cosmic Inf.) Just Another Band from the Cosmic Inferno 2005 Imprec058

Acid Mothers Temple (+Melting Par)) Myth of the Love Electrique 2006 Riot Season CD12

Acid Mothers Temple (+Melting Par)) Acid Motherly Love 2007 Riot Season CD16

Acid Mothers Temple+Kinski Kinski+Acid Mothers Temple 2003 Sub Pop

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto) Hot Rattlesnakes 2002 Paratactile

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto) Private Tapes 6 CD 2002 Acid Mothers

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto) Private Tapes 7 CD 2002 Acid Mothers
Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto) Infinite Love CD 2002 Ochre
Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto) I Wished You Were Here Once Again LP 2002 Swordfish

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto) I’m Here Still Now 2003 Ochre 041

Acid Mothers Temple (Tsurubami) Kaina 2003 Last Visible Dog

Acid Mothers Temple (Tsurubami) Tsukuyomi 2003 Riot Season

Acid Mothers Guru Guru Psychedelic Navigator 2007 Important

Adams (Ryan) Heartbreaker 2000 Cooking Vinyl

Adams (Ryan) Gold 2001 Lost Highway

Adams (Ryan) Demolition 2002 Lost Highway

Adams (Ryan) Rock N Roll 2003 Mercury

Adams (Ryan) Love is Hell Part 1 2003 Lost Highway

Adams (Ryan) Love is Hell Part 2 2003 Lost Highway

Aerial-M Aerial-M 1997 Domino

Afrirampo A 2005 AMT

Afrirampo Koe G Mayaku Da 2005 Tzadik

Agitation Free 2nd 1973 Spalax

Agitation Free Last 1973 Spalax

Agitation Free The Other Sides of Agitation Free 1974 Garden of Delights

Air 10000 Hz Legend 2001 Source/Virgin

Akron/Family Akron/Family 2005 Young God YG28

Akron/Family & Angels of Light Angels of Light & Akron/Family 2005 Young God YG30

Alien Ant Farm Antology 2001 New Noize

Allman Brothers Band Allman Brothers Band/Idlewild South 1969/70 Capricorn

Allman Brothers Band Eat a Peach 1972 Capricorn

Amen Amen 1999 Roadrunner

Amen We Have Come for your Parents 2000 Virgin

Amen Death Before Musick 2004 eatURmusic

Amiina Kurr 2007 Ever

Amon Düül Psychedelic Underground 1969

Amon Düül Disaster (recorded 1969) 1971

Amon Düül II Yeti 1970

Amon Düül II Tanz der Lemminge 1971

Amon Düül II Wolf City 1973 UA/Bellmusic GRR83803

Amon Düül II Vive La Trance 1973 UA/Bellmusic GRR83804

Amon Düül II Lemmingmania (Best of…) 1974 UA/Bellmusic GRR83805

Amon Düül II Live In Tokyo 1996

Angels of Light New Mother 1999 Young God YG08

Angels of Light How I Loved You 2001 Young God YG16

Angels of Light We Were Alive 2002 Young God

Angels of Light Everything is Good Here/Please Come… 2003 Young God YG22

Angels of Light Angels of Light sing “Other People” 2005 Young God YG27

Angels of Light & Akron/Family Akron/Family & Angels of Light 2005 Young God YG30

Animal Collective Spirit They’ve Gone/Danse Manatee 2000/2001 Fatcat

Animal Collective Feels 2005 Fatcat

Animal Collective Strawberry Jam 2007 Domino

Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion 2009 Rough Trade

Aphex Twin Richard D.Jones Album 1994

Aphex Twin I Care Because You Do 1995

Apple (Fiona) Extraordinary Machine 2005 Epic/Clean Slate

Arcade Fire The Arcade Fire (EP) 2003

Arcade Fire Funeral 2004

Arcade Fire Neon Bible 2007

Ash Ra Tempel Ash Ra Tempel 1971 Tempel/SPALAX

Ash Ra Tempel Schwingungen 1972 Cleopatra

Ash Ra Tempel Seven-Up 1972 Cleopatra

Ash Ra Tempel Join Inn 1973 Cleopatra

Ash Ra Tempel Starring Rosi 1973 Cleopatra

Ash Ra Tempel Le Berceau de Cristal 1975 Tempel/SPALAX

Ashra New Age of Earth 1977 Virgin

Ashra Blackouts 1978 SPALAX

Ashra @shra (Live in Tokyo) 1998 Think Progressive

Aerial-M Aerial-M 1997 Domino

Asian Dub Foundation Rafi’s Revenge 1998

Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound Ekranoplan 2007 Tee-Pee TPE-075

Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound When Sweet Sleep Returned 2009 Tee-Pee TPE-095

At The Drive-In Acrobatic Tenement 1996 Restart

At The Drive-In El Gran Orgo 1997 Onefoot/Offtime

At The Drive-In In/Casino/Out 1998 Fearless

At The Drive-In Vaya 1999 Fearless

At The Drive-In Relationship of Command 2000 Virgin

Audioslave Audioslave 2003 Epic

Ayers (Kevin) Joy of a Toy 1969 Harvest

Ayers (Kevin) Shooting at the Moon 1970 Harvest

Ayers (Kevin) Whatevershebringswesing 1972 Harvest

Ayers (Kevin) Compilation 1989

Back Door Back Door 1973 Warner

Back Door 8th Street Nites 1974 Warner

Back Street Boys As Long As You Love Me (EP) 1997

Balanescu Quartet Luminitza

Ballistic Brothers Rude System 1997

Banhart (Davendra) Oh me oh my 2002 Young God YG20

Basement Jaxx Rooty 2001

Basho (Robbie) The Seal of the Blue Lotus 1965 Fantasy/Ace

Battle Back to Earth 2006 Transgressive

Bennett (Tony) San Francisco/I Wanna be Around 1962/3

Beach Boys Pet Sounds 1966

Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique 1989

Beastie Boys Hello Nasty 1998

Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks 2000 Sub Pop

Beachwood Sparks Make the Robot Cowboys Cry 2002 Rough Trade

Beatles White Album 1968 Apple

Beck Devil’s Haircut (EP) 1996

Bellowhead Burlesque 2007 Westpark

Belly Star 1993

Beta Band The Three Eps 1998

Beta Band The Beta Band 1999

Beta Band Heroes to Zeroes 2004 Regal

Biffy Clyro Infinity Land 2004 Beggars Banquet

Big Black Rich Man's 8-Track Tape 1986

Big Black Songs About Fucking 1987

Big Black It’s Toasted/Pigpile (Live) 1992

Birds (Cotton Casino) Birds in the World 2005 imprec059

Björk Debut 1993

Björk Play Dead (EP) 1994

Björk Debut Remixes 1994

Björk Post 1995

Björk It’s oh so quiet (2 EPs) 1995

Black Flag The First 4 Years Released>1984 SST 021

Black Flag Damaged 1981 SST 007

Black Flag My War 1983 SST 023

Black Flag Slip It In 1984 SST 029

Black Flag Live ‘84 1984 SST 030

Black Flag In My Head 1985 SST 045

Black Flag Who’s Got The 10.5 1985 SST 060

Black (Frank) Frank Black 1993

Black (Frank) & Catholics Dog in the Sand 2001 COOKCD200

Black Grape Fat Neck (EP) 1996

Black Keys Rubber Factory 2004 Fat Possum

Black Rebel M/C Club B.R.M.C. 2001 Virgin

Blige (Mary J.) No More Drama 2001 MCA

Blind Idiot God Blind Idiot God 1987 SST

Blo Phases 1972-82 1972-82 AfroStrut

Blondie Greatest Hits 2005 EMI

Blue Cheer Outsideinside 1968 Mercury

Blue Cheer Vincebus Eruptum 1968 Mercury

Blue Nile Hats 1989

Blue Nile Peace at Last 1996

Blue Nile High 2004 Sanctuary/Epstein

Blue Oyster Cult Best of 1983 CBS

Blurt Best of Blurt Vol.1 – The Fish Needs a Bike 2003 Salamander

Boards of Canada Geogaddi 2002 Warp

Bombay Bicycle Club Bombay Bicycle Club 2009

Bonnie Prince Billy Greatest Palace Music 2004 Domino

Bonzo Dog Band Gorilla 1967 EMI

Bonzo Dog Band Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse 1968 EMI

Bonzo Dog Band Tadpoles/Keynsham 1968-1970 EMI

Boredoms Soul Discharge 1990 Shimmy Disk

Boredoms Pop Tatari 1992 Reprise

Boredoms Wow2 1993 Avant 026

Boredoms Super Roots 1993 Warner

Boredoms Super Roots 3 1994 Warner

Boredoms Super Roots 5 1995 Warner

Boredoms Super Roots 6 1995 Warner

Boredoms Super Roots 7 1997 Warner

Boredoms Super Roots 9 2004 Thrill Jockey

Boredoms Chocolate Sythesizer 1994 Reprise

Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun 2000 Birdman 028

Boredoms Super Are 2001 Birdman 019

Boredoms Seadream/House of Sun 2004 Warner

Boris Absolutego 1997 Southern Lord

Boris Pink 2005 Southern Lord

Boris Smile 2008 Southern Lord

Breeders Pod 1990

Breeders Divine Hammer(EP) 1993

Breeders Title TK 2002 4AD

Breeders Mountain Battles 2008 4AD

Briggs (Anne) A Collection 1963-71 Topic

Briggs (Anne) Sing A Song For You (released 1996) 1973 Fledgling

British Sea Power decline of British Sea Power 2003 Rough Trade

British Sea Power Open Season 2005 Rough Trade

Brooklyn Funk Essentials In the BuzzBag 1998 Shanachie 5050

Brooklyn Funk Essentials Make Them Like it 2000 Dorado 076

Broughton (Edgar) Band Out Demons Out! (Best of) 1969-73 EMI

Broughton (Edgar) Band Sing Brother Sing? 1969?

Brown (Pete) Living Life Backwards (Best Of… 1969-70) 2006 Harvest

Buckley (Tim) Goodbye and Hello Elektra 1967

Buckley (Tim) Live at The Troubadour Edsel/Straight 1969

Buffalo Springfield Complete (4-CD) 2001 Rhino

Bunyan (Vashti) Just Another Diamond Day 1970 Spinney

Bunyan (Vashti) Lookaftering 2005 Fatcat

Burial Burial 2006

Bush (Kate) Hounds of Love 1985 EMI

Bush (Kate) The Red Shoes 1993 EMI

Bush (Kate) Aerial 2005 EMI

Butthole Surfers Piouhgd 1991

Buzzcocks Another Music in a Diff.Kitchen/Love Bites 1978

Buzzcocks Singles/Going Steady 1981

Byrds Mr Tamborine Man 1965 CBS

Byrds Fifth Dimension 1966 CBS

Byrds Younger Than Yesterday 1967 CBS

Byrds Notorious Byrd Brothers 1968 CBS

Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo 1968 CBS

Byrne (David) David Byrne 1994

Caberet Voltaire The Crackdown 1983 Virgin

Caberet Voltaire Micro-phonies 1984 Virgin

Caberet Voltaire The Original Sound of Sheffield 78/82 1978-82 Mute

Calexico Hot Rail 1997 City Slang

Calexico The Black Light 1998 Quarterstick

Calexico Spoke 2001 Quarterstick

Calexico Feast of Wire 2003 City Slang

Calexico Garden Ruin 2006 Coty Slang

Califone Califone 2000 Road Cone

Califone Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People 2002 Glitterhouse

(2xEPs Califone from 1998/2000)

Califone Roomsound 2001 Glitterhouse

Califone Quicksand/Cradlesnakes 2003 Thrill Jockey

Califone Deceleration Two 2003 Perishable

Califone Heron King Blues 2004 Thrill Jockey

Califone Roots & Crowns 2006 Thrill Jockey

Califone All my Friends are Funeral Singers 2009 Dead Oceans

Calla Scavenger 2000 Young God 15

Calla Televise 2003 Ryko

Calla Collisions 2005 Ryko

Camel Breathless 1978 Deram

Cameo She's Strange 1984

Cameo Single Life 1985

Cameo Machismo 1988

Camille Le Sac des Filles 2002 Source

Camille Le Fil 2005 Virgin

Camille Live - au Trianon 2006 Virgin

Campag Velocet Bon Chic Bon Genre 1999

Can Monster Movie 1970 spoon sa4

Can Tago Mago (2-CD) 1971 spoon 006/7

Can Ege Bamyasi 1972 spoon 008

Can Soundtracks 1970 spoon 005

Can Future Days 1973 spoon sa9

Can Monster Movie 1974 spoon sa10

Can Unlimited Edition 1968-75 spoon 023/24

Can Anthology 1968-93 spoon 030/31

Can Peel Sessions 1973-75 Strange Fruit

Can Radio Waves 1970-72 Sonic Platten

Can Out of Reach 1978 Marginal Talent

Can Can (later titled: Space) 1979 spoon CD 28

Can Rite Time 1989 Phonogram

Can Can Box (2-CD + video,book) 1971-7 spoon 041

Canyon Empty Rooms 2003 Wichita

Captain Beefheart Safe as Milk/Mirror Man (2-CD) 1967

Captain Beefheart Safe as Milk (remix + extras) 1967

Captain Beefheart Mirror Man (remix + extras) 1967

Captain Beefheart I may be hungry but I sure ain't wierd

Captain Beefheart Strictly Personal 1968

Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica 1969

Captain Beefheart Lick My Decals Off Baby 1970

Captain Beefheart Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot 1972

Captain Beefheart Live @ Drury Lane 1974 1974

Captain Beefheart Blue Collar Soundtrack

Captain Beefheart I’m going to do what I wanna do(live) 1978 Rhino

Captain Beefheart Dust Sucker (Bat Chain Puller) 1975/76 MilkSafe

Captain Beefheart Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) 1979

Captain Beefheart Merseytrout (Liverpool Live) 1980

Captain Beefheart Doc at the Radar Station 1981

Captain Beefheart Ice Cream for Crow 1982

Captain Beefheart Grow Fins (5-CD) 1999

Caravan If I Could Do it all Again 1970

Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971

Caravan Waterloo Lily 1972

Caravan For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night 1973

Carthy (Eliza) Angels & Cigarettes 2000 Warner

Case (Neko) Blacklisted 2002 Matador

Cash (Johnny) Lonesome in Black (Sun recordings) 1955-58 Sun

Cash (Johnny) American Recordings 1994 Warner

Cash (Johnny) American III - Solitary Man 2000 Warner

Cash (Johnny) American IV – The Man Comes Around 2002 Warner

Cat Power What Would the Community Think 1996 Matador

Cat Power You Are Free 2003 Matador

Cat Power The Greatest 2006 Matador

Cave (Nick) The Mercy Seat (EP) 1988 Mute

Cave (Nick)+P.J.Harvey Henry Lee (EP) 1996 Mute

Cave (Nick) & The Bad Seeds Abatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus 2004 Mute

Chance (James) Irrestistable Impulse (4CD) 1979-88 Tiger

Cheap Trick Cheap Trick 1977

Cheap Trick In Color 1977

Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight 1978

Cheap Trick Live at Budokan (2CD) 1978

Cheap Trick Music For Hangovers (live 1998) 1999

Cheap Trick Silver (live 1999)(2CD) 2000

Chemical Brother Exit Planet Dust 1995

Chemical Brothers Setting Sun (EP) 1996

Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Whole 1997

Cherry (Don) Home Boy

Cherry (Neneh) Raw Like Sushi 1989

Chestnut (Vic) Drunk 1993 Texas Hotel

Cinematic Orchestra Every Day 2002 Zen

Circle Meronia 1994 Ektro

Circle Andexelt 1999 Metamorphis

Circle Guillotine 2005 Scratch

Circle Earthworm 2006 No Quarter

Circle Miljard (2CD) 2006 Ektro

Circle Tyrant 2006 Latitudes

Circle Rakennus (live) 2007 Ektro

Clarke (Dave) Southside (EP) 1996

Clarke (Dave) Four Seasons RMX (EP) 199?

Clash The Clash 1977

Clash Give ‘em enough rope 1978

Clash London Calling 1979

Clash Sandinista 1980

Clash From Here to Eternity (Live) 1999

Clem Snide The Ghost of Fashion 2001 Cooking Vinyl

Cloudland Canyon Silver Tongued Sisyphus

Cluck (Diane) Macy’s Day Bird/Black With Green Leaves 2006/2002 Important

Cluck (Diane) Countless Times 2005 Voodoo-Eros

Cluster (as Kluster) Klopfzeichen 1970

Cluster (as Kluster) Zwei Osterei 1970

Cluster (as Kluster) Eruption 1971

Cluster Cluster II 1992 Brain

Cluster Zuckerzeit (ex-Brain, reissued 1994) 1974 Tempel/Spalax

Cluster One Hour 1994

Cocteau Twins Garlands 1982 4AD

Cocteau Twins Head over Heels 1983 4AD

Cocteau Twins Treasure 1984 4AD

Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas 1990 4AD

Cocteau Twins Lullabies to Violaine (singles etc) (2-CD) 2005 4AD

Cohen (Leonard) The Songs of Leonard Cohen 1968

Cohen (Leonard) I'm Your Man 1988

Cohen (Leonard) The Future 1992

Coil How to Destroy Angels 1992 Threshold

Coldcut Let Us Play (2-CD/CD-ROM) 1997

Cole (Nat King) Sings for Two in Love 1954 Capitol

Cole (Nat King) Love is the Thing 1957 Capitol

Cole (Lloyd) Rattlesnakes 1984

Cole (Lloyd) Mainstream 1988

Cole (Lloyd) Don’t Get Weird on Me 1991

Colosseum Daughter of Time 1970 Sanctuary

Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral 2004 Sub Pop

Comets on Fire Avatar 2006 Sub Pop

Comus First Utterance/To Jkeep From Crying 1971/74 Dawn/Virgin

Concretes Chosen One 2006 EMI

Cooder (Ry) Boomer’s Story 1972 Reprise

Cooder (Ry) Paradise & Lunch 1974 Reprise

Cooder (Ry) Chicken Skin Music 1976 Reprise

Cooder (Ry) Bop ‘till You Drop 1979 Reprise

Cooder (Ry) + Cuban musos Buena Vista Social Club 1997

Cooder (Ry) Chavez Ravine 2005 Nonesuch

Coolio Gangsta’s Paradise 1995

Cooper Temple Clause See This Through & Leave 2002 Morning

Cope (Julian)/Teardrop Explodes Floored Genius (best of 1979-91) 1979-91 Island

Cope (Julian) Peggy Suicide 1991 Island

Cornelius Point 2002 Matador

Cosmic Jokers (Goettsching/Schulze)Cosmic Jokers 1973 Ohr/Tempel/Spalax

Cosmic Jokers (Goettsching/Schulze)Galactic Supermarket 1974 Ohr/Tempel/Spalax

Cosmic Rough Riders Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine 2000 Poptones

Coulter (David) Intervention 1999 Young God YG10

Country Joe & The Fish Electric Music For the Mind & Body 1967 Vanguard

Country Joe & The Fish I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die 1967 Vanguard

Country Joe & The Fish Together 1968 Vanguard

Coverdale/Page Coverdale/Page 1993 A&M

Cream Disreali Gears 1967 Polydor

Cream Live Cream 1970 Polydor

Cream Royal Albert Hall May 2005 2005 Reprise

Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country 1969

Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy & the Poor Boys 1969

Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo’s Factory 1970

Crescent Now 1996 Atavistic ALP80

CSN Carry On (Best of – 2CD) 1968-90 Atlantic

Curlew Live From Berlin 1986 Cuneiform

Curlew Fabulous Drop 1998 Cuneiform

Czukay (Holger) Canaxis 1968 spoon CD15

Czukay (Holger) Moving Pictures 1993 stumm 125

Czukay (Holger) Good Morning Story 1999 Tone Casualties

Czukay (Holger) La Luna 2000 Tone Casualties

Czukay (Holger) The New Millennium 2003 Funfundvierzig

Damned Machine Gun Etiquette 1979

Damned Pleasure & the Pain (Best of 1982-91) 2000

Damon & Naomi/Ghost Damon & Naomi with Ghost 2000 Sub Pop

Damon & Naomi/Kurihara Song to the Siren 2002 Sub Pop

Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables 1980

Dead Meadow Dead Meadow 2001 XEMU

Dead Meadow Shivering King and Others 2003 Matador

Dead Weather (Jack White etc) Horehound 2009 Sony

Deefhoof Friend Opportunity 2007 atp

Deftones White Pony 2000 Maverick

Defunkt In America 1988

De La Soul 3ft High and Rising 1989

Delakota One Love 1998

Denny (Sandy) Listen Listen – Best Of 1978 Island

Desaparecidos Read Music – Speak Spanish 2002 Wichita

Desert Sessions Desert Sessions Vols.7 & 8 2001 Rekords

DEUS The Ideal Crash 1999

Devo Q: Are We Not Men? + Devo Live 1978-83 Virgin

Dinosaur Jnr Dinosaur 1985 Sweet Nothing

Dinosaur Jnr Your Living All Over Me 1987 Sweet Nothing

Dinosaur Jnr Bug 1988

Dinosaur Jnr Where You Been 1997

Disco Inferno D.I. go Pop 1994

Distillers Coral Fang 2003 Sire

DJ Shadow Entroducing....DJ Shadow 1996

DJ Shadow High Noon (EP) 1997

Dr John The Very Best Of Dr John 1968-92

Dr Strangely Strange Kip of the Serenes 1969 Island/Hux

Doors LA Woman 1971 Elektra

Doves Lost Souls 2000 Heavenly

Dowd (Johnny) Pictures From Life’s Other Side 1999 Munich

Dowd (Johnny) Temporary Shelter 2000 Munich

Dowd (Johnny) The Pawnbroker’s Wife 2002 Munich

Drake (Nick) Five Leaves Left 1969

Drake (Nick) Bryter Layter 1970

Drake (Nick) Pink Moon 1972

Durutti Column LC 1980

Durutti Column Another Setting 1983

Durutti Column The Guitar and other Machines 1988

Dury (Ian) Very Best Of 1999 EMI

Dust Junkys (Nonstopoperation) (EP) 1997

Dust Junkys Done And... Dusted 1998

Dylan (Bob) The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan 1963 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Bringing It All back Home 1965 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Highway 61 Revisited 1965 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Blonde on Blonde 1966 CBS

Dylan (Bob) John Wesley Harding 1967 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Nashville Skyline 1969 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Self Portrait 1970 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Blood on the Tracks 1974 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Desire 1975 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Time Out of Mind 1997 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Love and Theft 2001 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Rare & Unreleased 1961-1991: Bootleg Series: 1-3 1991 CBS

Dylan (Bob) “Albert Hall Concert”: Bootleg Series: 4 1998 CBS

Dylan (Bob) Rolling Thunder Review 1975: Bootleg Series: 5 1998 CBS

Dylan (Bob) No Direction Home: Bootleg Series: 7 2005 CBS

Echo & the Bunnymen Porcupine 1983 Warner

Echo & the Bunnymen Ocean Rain 1984 Warner

Echo & the Bunnymen Songs to Learn & Sing (best of) 1985

Edwards (Terry) Large Door (18 Tracks from Vinyl) 1983-94

Eels Beautiful Freak 1997

Eels Last Stop: This Town (EP) 1998

Eels Electro-shock Blues 1998

Eels Daisies of the Galaxy 2000

Eels Souljacker 2001

Eels Blinking Lights 2005 Vagrant

Egg Egg 1970 Decca/Cherry Red

Egg Civil Surface 1974

808 State 90 1989 ZTT

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Eine Kleine Nacht Musik 2008 Modular

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Strats.Against Achitecture I 1980-83 STUMM 14

Einstuerzende Neubauten(2CD) Strats.Against Achitecture II 1984-91 Mute

Einstuerzende Neubauten(2CD) Strats.Against Achitecture III 1991-2001 CDSTUMM 201

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) 2x4 (originally released on tape) 1980-83 ROIR RUSCD8235

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Kollaps 1981 ZickZack ZZ65

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Drawings of Patient O.T. 1982 SBVART 2/Potomak

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Halber Mensch 1983-85 BART 331/Potomak

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Funf auf der Nach Oben Offenen Richter. 1987 BART 332

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Haus der Luege 1989 BART 333

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Tabula Rasa 1992 BETON 106

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Faust 1994 Mute 9021-2

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Ende Neu 1996

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Silence is Sexy 2000 CDSTUMM 182

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) 9-15-2000 Brussels 2002 Underground

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Perpetuum Mobile 2004 CDSTUMM 221

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Kalte Sterne (Early Recordings 1980-82) 2004 CDSTUMM 137

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD) Anarchitktur 2005 USTERHAUS-1

Elastica Elastica 1995

Elastica The Menace 2000

Electric Prunes Too Much to Dream + Undreground 1967 Rhino/Reprise

Eleventh Dream Day Ursa Major 1994 Atavistic

Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade 2000 Thrill Jockey

Elliott (Missy) Da Real World 1999 Gold Mind

Elliott (Missy) So Addictive 2001 Gold Mind

Embryo Father, Son & Holy Ghosts 1972 Disconforme

Embryo Steig Aus 1972 Brain

Embryo Surfin’ 1974 BASF/Disconforme

Embryo Bad Heads & Bad Cats 1976 BASF/Disconforme

Embryo Reise 1979 Schneeball

Embryo Live in Berlin 1989 United One

Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2000

Eminem The Eminem Show 2002 Aftermath

Empire (Alec) Squeeze The Trigger 1997 DHR

Empire (Alec) Adicted to You (EP) 2002 DHR

Empire (Alec) Intelligence & Sacrifice (2-CD) 2002 DHR

Eno (Brian) Here Comes the Warm Jets 1973 Virgin

Eno (Brian) Another Green World 1975 Virgin

Eno (Brian) Music for Airports (Ambient 1) 1978 Virgin

Eno (Brian) My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 1981 Virgin

Eitzel (Mark) West 1997

Espers Espers 2003 Wichita

Espers Espers II 2006 Wichita

Eurythmics Savage 1987 RCA

Everything But The Girl The Worksf (3-CD)

Ex-Girl Back to the Mono Kero! 2001 Ipecat

Fagen (Donald) The Nightfly 1982

Fairport Convention Fairport Convention 1968 Polydor

Fairport Convention What We Did on Our Holidays 1969 Island

Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking 1969 Island

Fairport Convention Liege & Leif 1970 Island

Fairport Convention Full House 1970 Island

Faithless Don’t Leave (EP) 1997

Faithless God is a DJ (EP) 1998

Faithless Sunday 8pm 1998

Fall (The) Hex Inductment Hour

Fall (The) The Rough Trade Years (2CD) 2002 Rough Trade

Fall (The) The Infotainment Scam 1993

Farrar (Jay) Sebastopol 2001 Artemis

Faust The Clear Album 1971

Faust So Far 1972

Faust + Tony Conrad Outside the Dream Syndicate 1972

Faust BBC Sessions + 1972 ReR

Faust Faust Tapes 1973

Faust Faust IV (2CD remixed 2006) 1974

Faust Munic & Elsewhere/Faust Party Three 1971-5

Faust Rien 1995?

Faust You Know 1996

Faust Nosferatu - Wakes 1997

Faust Live Edinburgh 1997

Faust Ravvivando 1999

Faust Ravvivando Remix 2001

Faust In the Land of Ukko & Rauni 2001

Faust Friespiel 2002 Klangbad

Faust Patchwork 1971-2002 2002 Staubgold

Faust + Dalek Derbe Respect Alder 2004

Feeney (Julie) 13 Songs 2007 Mittens

Feist The Reminder 2007 Polydoor

Ferguson (Jay) Thunder Island 1978 Asylum

Ferry (Brian) Taxi 1993

Fiery Furnaces Gallowsbird’s Bark 2003 Rough Trade

Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat 2004 Rough Trade

Firehose if’n 1988

Fischer (Wild Man) The Fischer King (3CD Compilation) 1999

Flaming Lips Finally punks are taking Acid (3CD) 1983-88 Restless

Flaming Lips Shot a hole in the Jesus Egg (2CD) 1989-91 Restless

Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin 1999 Warner

Flaming Lips At war With the Mystics 2006 Warner

Fleet Foxes Sun Giant (EP) 2008 Bella Union

Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes 2008 Bella Union

Fleetwood Mac Looking Back (Blues years) c1968

Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac 1968 CBS

Fleetwood Mac Mr Wonderful 1968 CBS

Fleetwood Mac then Play On 1970 CBS

Flock Dinosaur Swamps 1971 CBS

Flux Information Sciences Private/Public 2000 Young God YG14

Flying Burrito Brothers Out of the Blue (2CD) 1968-73 A&M

Foetus Sink (compilation) 1984,etc

Foo Fighters Foo Fighters 1995

Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape 1997

Foo Fighters There is Nothing Else to Lose 1999

Fonda 500 8 Track Sound System 1999 Village

Fonda 500 Autumn:Winter Collection 2000 Village

Forest Forest/Full Circle 1969/70 Harvest

Fotheringay Fotheringay 1972 Island

Four Tet Rounds 2003 Domino

Fowlis (Julie) Cuilidh 2007 Shoeshine

Freakwater Dancing Under Water 1991 Thrill Jockey

Freakwater Springtime 1998 Thrill Jockey

Freakwater End Time 1999 Thrill Jockey

Friends of Dean Martinez Retrograde 1997 Sub Pop

Friends of Dean Martinez Whichita Lineman ? Glitterhouse

Friends of Dean Martinez Retrograde 2005 Glitterhouse

Fridge Happiness 2001 Text

Fripp (Robert) Exposure 1981

Fruit Bats Echolocation 2001 Perishable

Fruit Bats Mouthfuls 2003 Sub Pop

Fuchsia Fuchsia 1971 Kingdom

Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport 2009 ATP

Fugazi 13 Songs 1988 Dischord

Fugazi Repeater/3 Songs 1990 Dischord

Fugazi Steady Diet of Nothing 1991 Dischord

Fugazi In on the Kill Taker 1993 Dischord

Fugazi Red Medicine 1995 Dischord

Fugazi The Argument 2001 Dischord

Fujiya Miyagi Transparent Things 2007

Funkadelic The Original Cosmic Funk Crew 1978-81 Metro

Funkadelic The Funkadelic Collection 2-CD 1978-81 Dressed to Kill

Fushitsusha 1978 2003 PSFD-8014

Fushitsusha Fushitsusha (1st CD,live 1989) (2CD) 1989 PSF 003/004

Fushitsusha Fushitsusha (2nd CD,live 1991) (2CD) 1991 PSF 015/016

Fushitsusha Allegorical Misunderstanding (3rd CD) 1993 Avant 008

Fushitsusha Fushitsusha (4th CD,live 1994) 1994 PSF 050

Fushitsusha The Caution Appears 1995 CDSA 54039

Fushitsusha Withdrawe, this sable disclosure ere devot'd 1997 Victo

Fushitsusha Gold Blood 1998 Charnel CHCD-30

Fushitsusha Originis Hesitation 2001 PSFD-8010

Futureheads The Futureheads 2004

Future Sound of London Lifeforms (2-CD) 1994

Future Sound of London We Have Exploisive (EP) 1997

Galaxy 500 On Fire 1989

Galaxy 500 Copenhagen (Live) 1990

Gang of Four That’s Entertainment 1979

Gang of Four Solid Gold+Another Day/Another Dollar 1981

Gang of Four Shrinkwrapped 1995

Garbage Version 2.0 1998

Gastr del Sol Camoufleur 1998

Gaye (Marvin) What's Goin' On + Let's Get It On 1971/73

Gentle Giant Gentle Giant 1970

George (Inara) All Rise 2006 Loose

George (Lowell) Thanks I’ll Eat it Here 1979 Warner

Germano (Lisa) Happiness/Inconsiderate Bitch 1993 4AD

Germano (Lisa) Excerpts From a Love Circus 1996 4AD

Ghost Ghost 1990 Drag City 127

Ghost Second Time Around 1992 Drag City 128

Ghost Temple Stone 1994 Drag City 129

Ghost Lami Rabi Rabi 1996 Drag City 113

Ghost Snuff Box Immanence 1999 Drag City 148

Ghost Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet 1999 Drag City 165

Ghost Hypnotic Underworld 2004 Drag City 249

Ghost Metamorphosis (CD+DVD) 2005 Drag City 279

Ghost In Stormy Nights 2007 Drag City 313

Ghost Overture: Live in Nippon Yusen Soko 2006 2007 Drag City 330

Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele 2000 Epic/Razor Sharp

Gelb (Howe) Dreaded Brown Recluse 1991 Restless/Black Sand

Gelb (Howe) Down Home 2000 Ow Om #3

Gelb (Howe) Confluence 2001 Loose

Gelb (Howe) Lull (Some Piano) 2001 Ow Om #4

Gelb (Howe) The Listener 2003 Thrill 124

Gelb (Howe) Down Home 2002 2003 Ow Om #5 (???)

Gelb (Howe) Upside Down Home 2004 2004 Ow Om

Gelb (Howe)/Arizona A & A Arizona Amp & Alternator 2005 Thrill 166

Gelb (Howe) ‘Sno Angel 2006 Thrill 167

Giant Sand Valley of Rain/Thin Line Man 1985/6 Diablo/Black Sand

Giant Sand Storm (LP) 1987 Homestead

Giant Sand The Love Songs (tape) 1988 Homestead

Giant Sand Giant Sandwich (tape) 1989 Homestead

Giant Sand Long Stem Rant 1989 Homestead HMS148

Giant Sand Swerve 1990 Restless/Black Sand

Giant Sand/Blacky Ranchette Sage Advice 1990 Restless/Black Sand

Giant Sand Ramp 1991 Restless/Black Sand

Giant Sand Center of the Universe 1992 Restless/Black Sand

Giant Sand Purge & Slouch 1993 Restless

Giant Sand Glum 1994 Imago

Giant Sand Goods & Services 1995 Enemy

Giant Sand/OP8 Slush 1997 Thirsty Ear

Giant Sand/OP8 Sand (EP) 1997 Thirsty Ear

Giant Sand Chore of Enchantment 2000 Loose VJCD113

Giant Sand Selections Circa 1990-2000 2000 Loose VJCD121

Giant Sand Cover Magazine 2002 Thrill Jockey

Giant Sand/Blacky Ranchette Still Lookin’ Good to Me 2003 Thrill Jockey

Giant Sand Is all Over The Map 2004 Thrill Jockey 142

Giant Sand proVISIONS 2008 yeproc 2188

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #1) Epiphany 1997 Off.Bootleg #1

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #2) The Rock Opera Years 2000 OwOm #1

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #3) Unsungglum 2001 OwOm #5

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #4) Infiltration of Dreams 2002 Il Mucchio

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #5) Too Many Spare Parts 2003 OwOm #9

Giant Sand (Sandman #2) Juxtaposition (Live 1995-2000) 2000 Sandman #2

Giant Sand (Sandman #3) Make it Sound Like Hendrix (Live 1989) 2000 Sandman #3

Giant Sand (Sandman #4) Atlantic Sessions (Live 1991) 2001 Sandman #4

Gilmore (Thea) Avalanche 2003 Hungry Dog

Gira (Michael) The Somniloquist 1994-96 Young God YG04

Gira (Michael) Drainland 1995 Virus 188

Gira (Michael)/Body Lovers Number One of Three 1998 Young God YG05

Gira (Michael)/Body Haters 34.13 1999 Young God YG07

Gira (Michael)/D.Matz What We Did 2001/2 Young God YG17

Gira (Michael) Solo Recordings at Home 2001 Young God YGSolo01

Gira (Michael) Living ‘02 2002 Young God YGSolo02

Gira (Michael) I am Singing to You From My Room 2004 Young God YGSolo04

Girls Album 2009 Fantasy

Godsmack Awake 2000 Republic

Goldbug Whole Lotta Love (EP) 1996

Goldfrapp Felt Mountain 2000 Mute

Goldfrapp Black Cherry 2003 Mute

Goldfrapp Supernature 2005 Mute

Goldfrapp Seventh Tree 2008 Mute

Goldie Timeless 1995

Göttsching Inventions for Electric Guitar 1974 Spalax

Göttsching E2-E4 1981 Spalax

Graham (Davy) /Shirley Collins Folk Roots, New Routes 1964 Decca

Grandaddy The Broken Down Comforter Collection 1999 ABB

Grand Drive True Love & High Adventure 2000 RCAVictor

Grateful Dead Live Dead 1969

Gravediggaz The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel 1997

Gravenhurst Flashlight Seasons 2004 Warp

Gravenhurst Fires in Duistant Buildings 2005 Warp

Gray (Macy) On How Life Is 1999

Green (Al) Best of (2CD) 1968-75 Music Club

Green Day Smooth/Slappy/1000 Hours 1990

Green Day Kerplunk 1991 Lookout 46CD

Green Day Dookie 1994

Green on Red Here Come The Snakes 1989 Restless

Gris Gris The Gris Gris 2004 Birdman

Groundhogs Scratching the Surface 1968 Liberty

Groundhogs Blues Obituary 1969 Liberty

Groundhogs Thank Christ for the Bomb 1970 Liberty

Groundhogs Split 1971 Liberty

Ground Zero Plays Standards 1997/2002 ReR

Grubbs (David) Rickets & Scurvy 2002 Fat Cat

Guitar Wolf Planet of the Wolves 1997 Matador

Guitar Wolf Jet Generation 1999 Matador

Gun Club Miami 1982

Gun Club The Las Vegas Story 1984

Gun Club Mother Juno 1987

Gun Club Pastoral Hide & Seek/Divinity 1990/91

Guru Guru UFO 1970 Spalax 14296

Guru Guru Hinten 1971 Spalax 14295

Guru Guru Känguru 1972 Brain 511737-2

Guru Guru Guru Guru (4th LP) 1973 Brain

Guru Guru Dance of the Flames (5th LP) 1974 Brain/Revisited

Guru Guru 30 Jahre Live 1998 Revisited

Guthries (The) The Guthries 2002 Circus

Guy Called Gerald (A) Black Secret Technology 1995 Juicebox

Hamell on Trial Choochtown 2000 Evangeline

Hamell on Trial Ed’s Not Dead – Hamell Comes Alive 2001 Evangeline

Hamnett (Martin) Zero 1977-1991 1977-1991 Big Beat

Handsome Family In The Air 2000 Loose

Handsome Family Twilight 2001 Loose

Happy Mondays Wrote for Luck (EP) 1989 Elektra

Happy Mondays Madchester (EP) 1989 Factory

Happy Mondays Squirrel & G-Man 24hr Party 1987 Factory

Happy Mondays Bummed 1988 Elektra

Happy Mondays Pills and Thrills 1990 Elektra

Hardy (Francoise) Tant de belles choses 2005 Virgin

Harmonia (Rother,Roedelius/Moebius) Live 1974 1974 Gronland

Harmonia (Rother,Roedelius/Moebius) Musik von Harmonia 1974 Brain

Harmonia (Rother,Roedelius/Moebius) Deluxe 1975 Brain

Harmonia & Eno Tracks & Traces 1976 Groenland

Harper (Roy) Stormcock 1971 Science Friction

Harper (Roy) Lifemask 1973 Science Friction

Harper (Roy) Valentine 1974 Chrysalis/Science Friction

Harper (Roy) & Jimmy Page Jugula 1985 Harvest/Science Friction

Harris (Emmylou) Anthology – Warner/Reprise (2-CD) 1975-90 Warner

Harris (Emmylou) Elite Hotel 1975 Warner

Harris (Emmylou) Pieces of the Sky 1975 Warner

Harris (Emmylou) Luxury Liner 1977 Warner

Harris (Emmylou) Quarter Moon in a 10 Cent Town 1978 Warner

Harris (Emmylou) Roses in the Snow 1980 Warner

Harris (Emmylou) Cowgirl’s Prayer 1994 Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou) Wrecking Ball 1995 Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou) Spyboy 1998 Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou) Red Dirt Girl 2000 Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou) Stumble into Grace 2003 Nonesuch

Harris (Emmylou) All I Intended to Be 2008 Nonesuch

Hatfield (Juliana) Become What You Are 1993

Hatfield and the North Hatfield and the North 1973/4 Virgin/Caroline

Hatfield and the North The Rotters Club 1975 Virgin/Caroline

Hart (Grant) Ecce Homo 1995

Harvey (PJ) Dry 1992

Harvey (PJ) Rid of Me 1993

Harvey (PJ) 4-track demos 1994

Harvey (PJ) Down By The Water (EP) 1995

Harvey (PJ) To Bring You My Love 1995

Harvey (PJ) A Perfect Day Elize (EP) 1998

Harvey (PJ) Is This Desire? 1998

Harvey (PJ) Uh Huh Her 2004 Island

Harvey (PJ) White Chalk 2004 Island

Hawkwind Hawkwind 1970

Hawkwind Space Ritual (live) 1973

Hayes (Gemma) The Roads Don’t Love You 2005 Virgin

Hayes (Gemma) Night on my Side 2008 Virgin

Heap (Imogen) Speak for Yourself 2005 Megaphonic

Heaven 17 Best of Heaven 17 1981-87 Virgin

Hendrix (Jimi) Are You Experienced (plus singles) 1967

Hendrix (Jimi) Jimi Plays Monterey 1967

Hendrix (Jimi) Electric Ladyland (2-CD) 1968

Hendrix (Jimi) Live at Fillmore East 1969/70

Henry Cow Leg End 1973

Henry Cow Unrest 1973

Henry (Joe) Scar 2001 mammoth

Hersh (Kristen) Hips and Makers 1994 Sire/Reprise

Hersh (Kristen) Sky Motel 1999 4AD

Hersh (Kristen) Sunny Border Blue 2001 4AD

Hersh (Kristen) The Grotto 2003 4AD

High Llamas Hawaii 1996 Alpaca Park

High Llamas Cold & Bouncy 1998 V2

High Llamas Snowbug 1999 V2

High Rise Psychedelic Speed Freaks 1984-85 1999 Tme Bomb CD-48

High Rise Speed Free Sonic 1994 paratactile 1104-2

High Rise High Rise II (2nd High Rise) 1999 SQLR1000 (PSF2)

High Rise Dispersion (3rd High Rise) 1999 SQLR1001 (PSF26)

High Rise Live (4th High Rise) 1999 SQLR1002 (PSF48)

High Rise Disallow (5th High Rise) 1999 PSF78

High Rise Disallow (5th High Rise) 1999 SQLR1003

High Rise Desperado (6th High Rise) 1998 PSFD-099

High Rise Durophet (8th High Rise) 11/1998 Fractal 005

Hitchcock (Robyn) Moss Elixier 1996

Hives Veni Vidi Vicious 2000 Burning Heart

Hives Your Favourite New Band 2001 Poptones

Hold Steady Stay Positive 2008 Rough Trade

Hole Pretty on the Inside 1991

Hole Celebrity Skin (EP) 1998

Hollis (Mark) Mark Hollis 1998

Holmes (David) Lets Get Killed 1997

Howling Bells Howling Bells 2006 Bella Union

Howling Bells Radio Wars 2009 Independiente

Howlin Rain Howlin Rain 2006 Birdman

HolyFuck HolyFuck LP 2007 Young Turks

Hukkelberg (Hanne) Little Things 2005 Leaf

Hukkelberg (Hanne) Rykestrasse 68 2007 Propeller

Hundred Reasons Ideas Above Our Station 2002 Columbia

Hüsker Dü Land Speed Record 1981 SST 195

Hüsker Dü Everything Falls Apart & More 1982

Hüsker Dü Metal Circus 1983 SST 020

Hüsker Dü 8 Miles High/Makes No Sense At All (EP) 1985 SST 025/051 (270)

Hüsker Dü Zen Arcade 1984 SST 027

Hüsker Dü New Day Rising 1985 SST 031

Hüsker Dü Flip Your Wig 1985 SST 055

Hüsker Dü Lyndales Burning (Live) 1985

Hüsker Dü Candy Apple Grey 1986

Hüsker Dü Warehouse: Songs and Stories 1987

Hüsker Dü The Living End (Live) 1987

Icarus Line Penance Soiree 2004 V2

Idlewild Captain 1998

Illness Good Books (EP) 2007 Columbia

Incredible String Band Incredible String Band 1966 Elektra

Incredible String Band The 5000 Spirits or Layers of the Onion 1967 Elektra

Incredible String Band The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter 1968 Elektra

Incredible String Band The Big Huge 1968 Elektra

Incredible String Band Trips of the Senses (2CD) 1966-72 Elektra

Incubus Make Yourself 1999 Epic/Immortal

Incubus Morning View 2001 Epic/Immortal

Inner City Paradise (Big Fun - US title) 1989 Virgin

Inner City Paradise (remixes) 2000 Virgin

Inspiral Carpets The Singles 1995 Mute

Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 1968 Atlantic

I-Roy Presenting I-Roy/Hell & Sorrow 1973 Trojan

Jackie O Motherfucker Fig.5 1999 Road Cone 024

Jackie O Motherfucker Liberation 2001 Road Cone 031

Jackson (Janet) Control - Remixes 1986

Jackson (Janet) Janet 1993

Jackson (Janet) Any Time, Any Place (2-EP) 1994

Jackson (Joe) Big World 1986

Jackson (Michael) Thriller 1982

Jaga Jazzist What We Want 2005 Ninjatune

Jamiroquai Emergency On Planet Earth 1993

Jane Lady 1975 Brain

Jansch (Bert) Bert Jansch 1964 Transatlantic

Jansch (Bert) The Black Swan 2006 Sanctuary

Jayhawks (The) Sounds of Lies 1997

Jayhawks (The) Smile 2000 Columbia

Jefferson Airplane After Bathing at Baxters 1968

Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation 1968

Jennifer Gentle Ectoplasmic Garden Party 2003 Lexicon Devil

Jesus & Mary Chain Darklands 1987

Jesus & Mary Chain 21 (Singles Collection) 2002

Jesus Jones Chemical#1 (2-EP) 1997

Jethro Tull This Was 1968 Chrysalis

Jethro Tull Stand Up 1969 Chrysalis

Jethro Tull Aqualung 1971 Chrysalis

Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick 1972 Chrysalis

Jethro Tull Minstrel in the Gallery 1975 Chrysalis

Jethro Tull Songs From the Wood 1977 Chrysalis

Joan as Policewoman Joan as Policewoman 2004 Reveal

Joan as Policewoman Real Life 2006 Echo

John Doe Thing Freedom is.. 2000 twah!

Jo Jo Gunne Jo Jo Gunne/Bite Down Hard 1972/3 Asylum

Jo Jo Gunne Jumpin the Gun/So..Where’s the Show 1973/4 Asylum

Jones (Quincy) Back On The Block

Jordan (Louis) The Very Best of Louis Jordan c1940s

Joy Division Peel Sessions (EP) 1990 Strange Fruit

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 1979 Factory

Joy Division Closer 1980 Factory

Kemp (Rose) A Hand Full of Hurricanes 2007 One Little Indian

Keys (Alicia) Diary of Alicia Keys 2003

Killers (The) Hot Fuss 2004 Island

Kills (The) Keep on Your Mean Side 2003 Domino

King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King 1969 Island

King Crimson Lizard 1970 Island

King Crimson Larks’ Tongues in Aspic 1973 Island

King Crimson Starless and Bible Black 1974 Island

King Crimson Red 1974

King Crimson Beat 1982 Warner

King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair 1984 Warner

King Crimson Absent Lovers (Live in Montreal 1984) 1998

King Crimson The ConstruKction of Light 2000

Kingsbury Manx The Kingsbury Manx 2000 City Slang

Kings of Leon Youth and Young Manhood 2002 RCA

Kinski+ Acid Mothers Temple Kinski+Acid Mothers Temple 2003 Sub Pop

Kinski Alpine Static 2005 Sub Pop

Kluster (also see Cluster) Klopfzeichen 1970

Kluster (also see Cluster) Zwei Osterei 1970

Kluster (also see Cluster) Eruption 1971

Korn Follow the Leader 1999 Immortal/Epic

Kraan Kraan 1972 Intercord

Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 1 & 2 (2xLP) 1971/72 Vertigo

Krall (Diana) The Look of Love 2001 Verve

Krauss (Alison) I’ve Got That Old Feeling 1990 Rounder

Kular Skaker K 1996

KYUSS Blues for the Red Sun 1992 Dali

KYUSS Welcome to Sky Valley 1994

KYUSS/Queens o.t.Stone Age KYUSS/Queens of the Stone Age 199?

KYUSS Muchas Gracias – The Best Of 2000

La Dusseldorf La Dusseldorf + Viva 1976/78 Radar

Ladyhawke Ladyhawke 2008 Modular

La’s (The) The La’s 1990 London

Lambchop Thriller 1997 City Slang

Lambchop What Another Man Spills 1998 City Slang

Lambchop Nixon 2000 City Slang

Lambchop Aw Comon – No you Comon (2-CD) 2004 City Slang

Lambchop Damaged 2006 City Slang

Lang (k.d.) Ingénue 1992

Larsen Rever 2001 Young God YG19

Last Town Chorus Wire Walz 2006 Loose

LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem 2005 EMI

Lennon (John) & Plastic Ono Band 1970

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1969

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II 1969

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III 1970

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 1973

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti (2CD) 1975

Led Zeppelin Presence 1976

Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door 1979

Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions 1969/71

Led Zeppelin How the West Was Won (3-CD) 1972

Leftfield Leftism 1995

Lemonheads It’s a shame about Ray 1992 Atlantic

Les Rallizes Denudes Hadak No rallizes – Yodo-go-a-go-go 19?? 10th

Les Rallizes Denudes Le 12 Mars 1977 à Tachikawa (2CD) 1977 001

Les Rallizes Denudes Blind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes ???? ????

Les Rallizes Denudes Heavier than a Death in the Family ???? Group Sounds AGS1

Les Rallizes Denudes December’s Black Children (Live 13/12/1980) (2CD) 1980 ????

Less than Jake Hello Rockview (2CD) 1996

Le Tigre Thise Island 2004 Universal

Lewis (Jenny)/Watson Twins Rabbit Fur Coat 2005 Rough Trade

Liars they Were Wrong, So We Drowned 2004 Mute

Libertines (The) The Libertines 2004 Rough Trade

Liebezeit (Jaki)/Burnt Friedman Secret Rhythms 2002 Nonplace

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Lindstrom & Prins Thomas II 2009 Eskimo

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 2000

Lionrock City Delirious 1998

Little Axe Slow Fuse 1996

Little Feat Little Feat 1971

Little Feat Sailin' Shoes 1972

Little Feat Dixie Chicken 1973

Little Feat Late Night Truck Stop(Live 1973)(2CD) 1973 Pilot 110

Little Feat Feats Don’t Fail Me Now 1974

Little Feat The Last Record Album 1975

Little Feat Time Loves a Hero 1977

Little Feat Waiting For Columbus (live) 1978

Little Feat Down on the Farm 1979

Little Feat Hotcakes & Outtakes (4CD) 2000

Loop A Gilded Eternity 1990

Love Love 1966

Love Forever Changes 1967

Low Things We Lost in the Fire 2001

Lowrider + Nebula Double EP 2001 Prison 995

Lucas (Gary) Evangeline 1997

Lucas (Gary) Busy Being Born 1998 Tzadik

Ludus The Vist/Seduction 1980/81 New Hormones/LTM

Ludus Pickpocker/Danger Came Smiling 1981/82 New Hormones/LTM

Ludus The Damage (Best of) 2002 LTM

Luna Romantica 2002 Beggars Banquet

Luna Rendezvous 2004 Jetset

Luscious Jackson Fever In Fever Out 1997

Lynn (Shelby) This is Shelby Lynn (Best of the Epic years) 1990-1991 Epic

Lynn (Shelby) I am Shelby Lynn 1999 Mercury

M People Bizarre Fruit II 1996

Mady Gula (Cotton Casino) Blue Heaven 1997 Gyuune

Magazine Where the Power is (Best of) 2000

Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers 2005 EMI

Magma Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh 1973 Seventh

Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire 1973

Mahavishnu Orchestra The Lost Trident Sessions 1973

Mainliner Mellow Out 1996 Riot/Charnel CHCD19

Mainliner Mainliner Sonic 1997 Charnel CHCD25

Mainliner Imaginative Plan 2002 PDFD-125

Mainliner Psychedelic Polyhedron (original LP: 1997) 2004 Fractal 030

Malkmus (Stephen) Stephen Malkmus 2001

Malkmus (Stephen) Pig Lib 2003 Domino

Mann (Aimee) Bachelor No.2 1999 SuperEgo/Virgin

Marble Sheep The Gate of a Heavenly Body 2005 Funfundveirzig

Marling(Laura) Laura Marling 2008 Virgin

Mars Volta Tremulant EP 2002 GSL/Universal

Mars Volta De-loused in the Crematorium 2003 GSL/Universal

Mars Volta Francis the Mute 2005 GSL/Universal

Mars Volta Scabdates 2005 GSL/Universal

Mars Volta Amputechture 2006 GSL/Universal

Mars Volta The Bedlam in Goliath 2007 Universal

Martyn (John & Beverley) Stormbringer 1970 Island

Martyn (John) Solid Air 1973 Island

Martyn (John) Live in Leeds 1975 Island

Martyn (John) One World 1977 Island

Martyn (John) Grace & Danger 1980 Island

Martyn (John) Piece by Piece 1986 Island

Massive Attack Blue Lines 1991

Massive Attack Protection 1994

Massive Attack Mezzanine 1998

Masters of Reality Deep in the Hole 2001 Brownhouse

Matching Mole Matching Mole 1972 SMM

Matching Mole March (live) – released 2002 1972 Cuneiform

Material Halucination Engine 1994

Mayall (John) & Clapton Blues Breakers 1966

Mayall (John) Blues Breakers A Hard Road 1967

Mayall (John) Blues Breakers Bare Wires 1968 Deram

Mayall (John) Blues From Laurel Canyon 1968 Deram

Mazarin A Tell-tale Storyline 2001 Rocket Girl

McLachlan (Sarah) Solace 1991 Arista

McLachlan (Sarah) Surfacing 1997 Arista

Mclaughlin (John) Extrapolation 1969 Polydor

Mclaughlin (John) My Goal’s Beyond 1970 Columbia

Mclaughlin (John) Devotion 1970 Douglas

Meat Puppets Meat Puppets II 1984 SST

Meat Puppets Out My Way 1986 SST

Meat Puppets Huevos 1987 SST

Meat Puppets No Joke! 1995

Mel & Kim Mel & Kim

Mercury Rev Yerself is Steam 1991

Mercury Rev Boces 1993

Mercury Rev See You on the Other Side 1995

Mercury Rev Deseter’s Songs 1998

Mercury Rev All Is Dream 2001

Mercury Rev The Secret Migration 2005 V2

Mercury Rev Snowflake Midnight 2008 V2

Metalheadz Platinum Breakz (2-CD) c1990?

Method Man Tical 1994 Def Jam

Method Man Tical 2000: Judgement Day 1998 Def Jam

Mi & L’Au Mi & L’au 2005 Young God YG31

Midlake Bamnan & Silvercork 2004 Bella Union

Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther 2006 Bella Union

Midlake Midlake Grand Army (EP) (recorded 2002) 2007 Bella Union

Miller (Steve Miller Band) Fly Like an Eagle 1976

Minutemen Punch Line + Man Start Fires (P.M.1)1981/2 SST CD 138

Minutemen Buzz or Howl + Project Mersh (P.M.2)1983/5 SST CD 139

Minutemen The Politics of Time + EPs (P.M.3)1980-4 SST CD 165

Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime 1984 SST CD 028

Mitchell, Joni Clouds 1969 Reprise

Mitchell, Joni Blue 1971 Reprise

Mitchell, Joni Court and Spark 1974 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, Joni The Hissing of Summer Lawns 1975 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, Joni Hejira 1976 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, Joni Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter (2CD) 1977 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, Joni Mingus 1979 Electra/Asylum

Mogwai Come on Die Young 1999 Chemikat

Moldy Peaches The Moldy Peaches 2001 Rough Trade

Moloko Do You Like my Tight Sweater 1995

Mono Under the Pipal Tree 2002 Tzadik

Moondog Moondog + Moondog 2 1969/70 CBS

Mooney Suzuki Electric Sweat 2001 CBS

Moorer (Alison) The Duel 2004 Sugar Hill

Morphine Yes 1995 Ryko

Morphine Like Swimming 1997 Ryko

Morrison (Van) Astral Weeks 1968

Mould (Bob) Black Sheets of Rain 1990 Virgin

Mould (Bob) The Last Dog and Pony Show 1998 Creation

Mouse on Mars Folds and Rhizomes 1995

Murphy (Roisin) Overpowered 2007 EMI

Muse The Resistence 2009 Warner

Music (The) The Music 2002 Hut

Musica Transonic Musica Transonic 2nd 1996 PSF PSFD-76

Musica Transonic/Haino Keiji Incubation (4th album) 1999? PSF PSFD-98

Musica Transonic Swing Strong Mod (5th album) 2002 PSF PSFD-108

My Bloody Valentine Loveless 1991

My Bloody Valentine Isn’t Anything 1996 Creation

My Morning Jacket At Dawn 2001 Darla

My Morning Jacket It Still Moves 2003 ATO

My Morning Jacket Z 2005 ATO

My Morning Jacket Okonokos (live 2-CD) 2006 ATO

My Morning Jacket Evil Urges 2008 Rough Trade

My Vitriol Finelines 2001 Infect96cd

Nadler (Marissa) Song III: Bird on the Water 2007 Peacefrog

Napalm Death Scum 1987 Earache

Nas (Nasir Jones) Streets Disciple (2-CD) 2004 Sony

Nebula Sun Creature EP 1998 Man’s Ruin

Nebula + Lowrider Double EP 1998 Prison 995

Nebula Charged 2001 Sweet Nothing

Nebula dos ep’s (recorded 1998) 2002 Sweet Nothing

Necks (The) Aether 2001 ReR Megacorp

Necks (The) Chemist 2006 ReR Megacorp

N.E.R.D Fly or Die 2004 Virgin

Nesmith (Mike) Magnetic South + Loose Salute 1970

Nesmith (Mike) And the Hits + Standard Ranch Stash 1970

Neu Neu 1971 Brain/EMI

Neu Neu 2 1973 Brain/EMI

Neu Neu 75 1975 Brain/EMI

New Order Touched by the Hand of God (EP) 1987

New Order Substance (2-CD) 1987

New Order Peel Sessions (EP) 1990

New Order (the rest of) New Order (remixes) 1995

New Order Singles 2-CD 2005 London

New Radicals Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too 1999

Newsom (Joanna) The Milk-Eyed Mender 2004 Drag City

Newsom (Joanna) Ys 2006 Drag City

Newsom (Joanna) Newsom (Joanna) & Ys Street Band (EP) 2007 Drag City

New York Dolls Rock n’ Roll (compilation) 1973/4

Niblett (Scout) I Am 2003 Too Pure

Niblett (Scout) Kidnapped by Neptune 2004 Too Pure

Nickel Creek Nickel Creek 2001 Sugar Hill

Nico Marble Index/Desertshore 1968/70 Electra/Reprise

Nicolette Let No-one Live Rent Free in your Heart (2-CD)

Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine 1989

Nine Inch Nails Broken (EP) 1992

Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 1994

Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug (EP) 1997

Nine Inch Nails Halo 14 1999

Nirvana Bleach 1989

Nirvana Nevermind 1991

Nirvana Incesticide (earlier material) 1992

Nirvana In Utero 1993

Nishinihon Nishinihon (2LP) 2002 Resonant

Nishinihon/Hiroshi Nar Hiroshi Nar with Nishinihon (15/12/2001) 2004 Lexicon Devil

Noahjohn Had A Burning 2001 Loose

No Doubt

No Doubt

North Mississippi All Stars Shake Hands With Shorty 2000 Blano y Negro

Notwist (The) Neon Golden 2002 City Slang

Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague 2004 Peacefrog

Nurse With Wound Automating Volume 1 1986 United Dairies 053

Nurse With Wound Large Ladies With cake in the Oven 1993 United Dairies 038

Nuyorican Soul Talkin Loud 1997

N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton 1988 Priority

Oasis Definitely Maybe 1994

O’Connor (Sinéad) I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got 1989

Oh Susanna Sleepy Little Sailor 2001 Didgeridoo

Ole’ Dirty Bastard Nigga Please 1999 Electra

Ole’ Dirty Bastard The Definitive Story 2005 Electra/Rhino

Olsen (Mark) & the Creekdippers Mystic Theatre 2004 Glitterhouse

Om Conference of the Birds 2006 Holy Mountain

Oneida Enemy Hogs 1999 Turnbuckle

Oneida Anthem of the Moon 2001 Jagjaguwar

Oneida Secret Wars 2004 Rough Trade

O'Neal (Alexander) All Mixed Up 1988

Only Ones The Only Ones 1978

Only Ones The CBS Recordings (2-CD) 1978-82 CBS

Only Ones Peel Sessions 1989

Orange Can Home Burns 2001 Regal

O’Rourke (Jim) Insignificance 2001 Drag City

Orbital Snivilisation 1994

Orbital The Box (EP) 1996

Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2-CD) 2003 Arista

Page (Jimmy)/Black Crowes Live at the Greek (2-CD) 2000 Musicmaker

Palestine (Charlemagne) Maximin 2002 Young God YG21

Pallot (Nerena) Dear Illustrated Supersar 2001 14th Floor

Pallot (Nerena) Fires 2006 14th Floor

Papa-M Papa-M Sings 2001 Rock Action

Papa-M Whatever, Mortal 2002 Domino

Parks (Van Dyke) Song Cycle 1969

Parsons (Gram) GP + Grievous Angel 1973-74 Reprise

Parton (Dolly) Halos & Horns 2002 Sugarhill

Payne (Candie) I Wish I could Have Loved You More 2007 Deltasonic

Portuondo (Omara) Early Stuff Xascente

Postmarks The Postmarks 2006 Unfiltered

Pavement Slanted & Enchanted 1992

Pavement Westing (by musket and sextant)(early) 1993

Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain 1994

Pavement Wowie Zowie 1995

Pavement Brighten The Corners 1997

Pavement Terror Twilight 1999

Pearl Jam Ten 1992

Pearl Jam Vitalogy 1994

Pearl Jam Yield 1997

Pentangle Basket of Light 1969 Reprise

Peppercorn Free Love 2001 Arista

Pere Ubu Datapanik in the Year Zero (5-CD Box) - including:-

The Modern Dance, Dub Housing, New Picnic Time, Art of Walking

Song of the Balling Man, Datapanik in the Year Zero

Pere Ubu The Modern Dance 1978

Pere Ubu 390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo Vol.1 1981

Pere Ubu The Tenement Years 1988

Pere Ubu Waiting For Mary (EP) 1989

Pere Ubu Cloudland 1989

Pere Ubu Worlds in Collision 1991

Pere Ubu Pennsylvania 1998

Pere Ubu Apocalypse Now (Live 1991) 1999 Cooking Vinyl

Pere Ubu St Arkansas 2002 Glitterhouse

Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women 2006 Glitterhouse

Pernice Brothers The World Won’t End 2000 Southpaw

Petty (Tom) Full Moon Fever 1989 MCA

Photek Modus Operandi 1997

Pink Fairies Never Never Land 1971

Pink Floyd London 1966-67 1966-67

Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1967

Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets 1967

Pink Floyd Ummagumma - 2-CD 1969

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 1975 EMI

Pink Floyd The Wall - 2CD 1979 EMI

Pink Floyd The Final Cut 1983 EMI

Pink Floyd Pulse (Live – 2CD) 1995 EMI

Pissed Jeans Hope for Men 2007 SubPop

Pixies Purple Tapes 1987 Cooking Vinyl

Pixies Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim 1988

Pixies Monkey Gone to Heaven (EP) 1989

Pixies Doolittle 1989

Pixies Bosanova 1990

Pixies Planet of Sound (EP) 1991

Pixies Trompe Monde 1991

Pixies Debaser (2 x EP) 1997

Pixies Death to the Pixies(Best of+Live 2CD) 1997

Pixies Pixies at the BBC (1988/9) 1998

Pixies Complete B-Sides 2001

Placebo Placebo 1996

Placebo Nancy Boy (EP) 1996

Placebo Without You I’m Nothing 1998

Plant (Robert) Mighty Rearranger 2005 Sanctuary

Poco essential Collection 1975-82 1975-82 ABC/MCA

Pop (Iggy) & the Stooges Pop (Iggy) & the Stooges 1969

Pop (Iggy) & the Stooges Fun House 1970

Pop (Iggy) & the Stooges Head On (demos etc) 1972-73

Pop (Iggy) & James Williamson Raw Power 1973

Pop (Iggy) & the Stooges Open Up and Bleed (released 1988) 1974

Pop (Iggy) & the Stooges Metallic KO (Last Concert - 2CD) 1973/4

Pop (Iggy) & James Williamson Kill City (+) 1977

Pop (Iggy) The Idiot 1977

Pop (Iggy) Lust for Life 1977

Pop (Iggy) Blah,Blah,Blah 1986

Pop (Iggy) Instinct 1988

Pop (Iggy) American Caesar 1993

Pop (Iggy) Soldier 2000 Buddha

Porno for Pyros Porno for Pyros 1993

Popol Vuh Affenstunde 1970 SPV 085-112

Popol Vuh In den garten Pharaos 1971 SPV 085-102

Popol Vuh Hosianna Mantra + Tantric Songs 1972+1979 Celestial H

Popol Vuh Einsjäger & Siebenjäger 1974 SPV 085-152

Popol Vuh Aguirre 1975+1979 Celestial H

Portishead Dummy 1994

Portishead All Mine (EP) 1997

Portishead Portishead 1997

Portishead Third 2008 Go! Disks

Preston School of Industry All This Sounds Gas 2001 Domino

Pretty Things Get The Picture 1965

Pretty Things SF Sorrow 1968

Pretty Things Parachute 1969

Primal Scream Exterminator 2000

Primus Fizzle Fry 1991

Primus Miscellaneous Debris (cheesy ep1) 1992

Primus Miscellaneous Debris (cheesy ep2) 1992

Primus Pork Soda 1993

Primus Antipop 1999 Interscope

Prince The Hits Vols 1 & 2 (2-CD) 1993

Prince Sign of the Times (2-CD) 1987

Prince Diamends & Pearls 1991

Prince My Name is Prince 1992

Prince The Beautiful Experience (EP) 1994

Prince The Rainbow Children 2001 NPG

Prince Musicology 2004 NPG

Prince Daily Mail Cd 2007

Prodigy Experience 1992

Prodigy Music for the Jilted Generation 1995

Prodigy Voodoo People (EP) 1995

Prodigy Firestarter (EP) 1996

Prodigy Breathe (EP) 1996

Psychedelic Furs The Psychedelic Furs 1980

Psychedelic Furs Talk Talk Talk 1981

Public Image Public Image (First Edition) 1978 Virgin

Public Image Metal Box (Second Edition) 1978 Virgin

Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page Godzilla Theme (2EP) 1998

PuffyAmiYumi An Illustrated History 2002 Epic

Purple Trap (Keiji/Laswell/Ali) Decided..Already the... 1999 Tzadik

Queens o.t.Stone Age/KYUSS KYUSS/Queens of the Stone Age 199?

Queens of the Stone Age Q.O.T.S.T. 1998 Roadrunner

Queens of the Stone Age Restricted 2000 Interscope

Queens of the Stone Age Live at the Pyramid – Feb 1999 2001 Dr Rock

Radiohead The Bends 1995 EMI

Radiohead OK Computer 1997 EMI

Radiohead OK Computer (2cd deluxe) 1997 EMI

Radiohead Paranoid Android (EP) 1997 EMI

Radiohead Kid A 2000 EMI

Radiohead Amnesiac 2001 EMI

Radiohead Hail to the Thief 2003 EMI

Radiohead In Rainbows (download) 2007

Rage Against the Machine Evil Empire 1996 Epic

Rainer & Das Combo Barefoot Rock With.. 1986 Glitterhouse

Rainer & Das Combo/ZZTop The Texas Tapes 198? Glitterhouse

Rainer Nocturnes 1995 Glitterhouse

Rainer Live at the Performance Center 1995 Glitterhouse

Rainer Alpaca Lips 1996 Glitterhouse

Ramones Anthology (2CD) 1999

Ramones Its Alive 1978 Sire

Rapeman Two Nuns and a Packmule 1988 Touch & Go

Red Red Meat Jimmywine Majestic 1993 Sub Pop

Reed (Lou) Metal Machine Music 1975 RCA

Reed (Lou) (perf: Zetkratzer) Metal Machine Music (recorded 2002) 2007 Asphodel

R.E.M. Green 1988

Residents Duck Stab + Buster & Glen 1978 Euro Ralph

Residents Wormwood 1998 Euro Ralph

Residents Roadworms 2000 Euro Ralph

Reznor (Trent) Natural Born Killers Film Soundtrack

Rilo Kiley Take Offs & Landings 2001 Barsuk

Rilo Kiley More Adventurous 2004 Barsuk

Rites of Spring Eod on End (plus EP) 1985-91 Dischord

Rival Schools United by Fate 2001 Mercury

Rocket from the Tombs Live From Cleveland 1975 Glitterhouse

Rodriguez (Omar) A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One 2004 Gold Standard

Rodriguez (Omar) Omar Rodriguez 2005 Willie Anderson

Rodriguez (Omar) & Lydia Lunch 2007 Willie Anderson

Rodriguez (Omar) Se Dice Bisonte no Buffalo 2007 Willie Anderson

Rodriguez (Omar) Apocalypse Inside of an Orange 2007 Willie Anderson

Rodriguez (Omar) Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus 2008 Willie Anderson

Roedelius Works 1968-2005 (2CD) 2005

Rogue Wave Out of the Shadow 2004 Sub Pop

Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones 1964

Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street 1972

Rolling Stones Dirty Work 1986

Rollins Band Life Time 1987

Rollins Band The End of Silence 1992

Rollins Band Weight 1994

Rollins Band Come in and Burn 1997

Rollins Band Get Some, Go Again 2000 Dreamworks 450971-2

Rouse (Josh) Under Cold Blue Skies 2002 Rykodisc

Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 1973 Virgin

Roxy Music Stranded 1973 Virgin

Roxy Music Country Life 1974 Virgin

Roxy Music Siren 1975 Virgin

Roxy Music Avalon 1982

Royal House The Royal House Album c1989

Royal Trux Veterans Of Disorder 1999 Domino

Royal Trux Pound for Pound 2000 Domino

Rundgren (Todd) Something/Anything? 1972

Rundgren (Todd) A Wizard, A True Star 1973

Rundgren (Todd) The Best of (2CD) 1971-85

Run DMC It’s Like That (EP) 1998

St Germain Tourist 2001

Saints (I’m) Stranded 1977

Santana Abraxas 1969

Santana Caravanserai 1972

Santana Supernatural 1999 Arista

Savoy Brown Hellbound Train (Live 1969-72 - 2CD) 2003 Castle

Schmidt (Irmin) & Kumo Axolotl Eyes 2008 Spoon

Schulze (Klaus) Irrlicht 1972 Magnum

Screaming Trees Uncle Anesthesia 1991 Sony

Scritti Politti Oh Patti (EP) 1988

Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Red Talk 2002 Arrivederci

Secret Machines Now Here is Nowhere 2004 Reprise

Secret Machines Ten Silver Drops 2006 Reprise

S’Express Original Soundtrack 1989

Shack The Corner of Miles & Gil 2006 Sour Mash

Sheep on Drugs From A to H and back again (2-EP) 1993

Sheep on Drugs Greatest Hits 1993

Sheep on Drugs Double Trouble 1996

Shellac At Action Park 1994 Touch & Go

Shellac Terraform 1997 Touch & Go

Shellac 1000 Hurts 2000 Touch & Go

Shellac Excellent Italian Greyhound 2007 Touch & Go

Shivaree I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making.. 1999 Capital/Odeon

Shivaree Rough Dreams 2002 Capital/Odeon

Shonon Knife Let’s Knife 1992 Virgin

Sigur Ros Von 1997 SM

Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun 1999 FATCD11

Sigur Ros () 2002 FATCD22

Sigur Ros Ba Ba/Ti Ki/Di Do 2004 Geffen

Sigur Ros Takk 2005 EMI 337 2522

Sigur Ros Hvarf/Heim (2CD) 2007

Sill (Judee) Judee Sill/Heart Food 1971/73 Asylum

Silly Sisters Maddy Prior & June Tabor 1978 Crysalis

Silver Jews American Water 1998 Domino

Silver Jews Bright Flight 2001 Domino

Simian Chemistry is what We Are 2001 Source

Simon (Paul) Graceland 1986

Simply Red Picture Book 1985

Sinatra (Frank) In the Wee Small Hours 1954

Sinatra (Frank) Swing Easy 1955

Sinatra (Frank) Songs for Swinging Lovers 1955

Sinatra (Frank) Where Are You? 1957

Sinatra (Frank) Only the Lonely 1958

Sinatra (Frank) In the Wee Small Hours 1954

Sinatra (Frank)/Basie Sinatra at the Sands 1966

Siouxsie & the Banshees Peepshow 1988

Siouxsie & the Banshees Once Upon A Time (Singles 1978-81) 1978-81

Sir Alice No.2 2004 Tigersushi

Sir Alice ? 2006 Tigersushi

Six by Seven The Closer You Get 2000 Mantra

Size (Roni) Reprazent New Forms 1997

Size (Roni) Reprazent Heroes (EP) 1997

Skin (Gira/Jarboe) Blood, Women, Roses 1987 Prod 5

Skin (Gira/Jarboe) Shame, Humility, Revenge 1988 Prod 11

Skunk Anansie Selling Jesus (EP) 1995

Skunk Anansie All I Want (EP) 1996

Skunk Anansie Charlie Big Potato (EP) 1999

Skunk Anansie Post Orgasmic Chill 1999

Slayer Reign in Blood 1986 American

Slayer Christ Illusion 2006 American

Slint Spiderland 1991 Touch & Go

Slipknot Iowa 2001 Roadrunner

Smashing Pumpkins Gish 1991

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 1993

Smashing Pumpkins Unplugged SB014

Smashing Pumpkins Pisces Iscariot 1994

Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1995

Smashing Pumpkins Adore 1998

Smashing Pumpkins Machina/The Machines of God 2000 Virgin

Smashing Pumpkins Exit Under Burning Skies(Reading Live) 1995 - Bootleg

Smashing Pumpkins Tonight,Tonight (2-EP) 1996

Smashing Pumpkins Thirty-Three (2-EP) 1996

Smashing Pumpkins The End is the Beginning is the End(EP) 1997

Smith (Patti) Horses 1975 Arista

Smith (Patti) Radio Ethiopia 1976 Arista

Smith (Patti) Easter 1978 Arista

Smith (Patti) Wave 1979 Arista

Smith (Patti) Dream of Life 1988 Arista

Smith (Will) Men in Black (EP) 1997

Smith (Will) Big Willie Style 1998

Smiths (The) The Smiths 1984 WEA

Smiths (The) Hatful of Hollow (Singles, Rarities, etc) 1984 WEA

Smiths (The) Meat is Murder 1985 WEA

Smog Rain on Lens 2001 Drag City

Sneaker Pimps Becoming X 1997

Sneaker Pimps Post Modern Sleaze 1997

Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight(plus) 2CD 1980/2001

Soft Boys Nextdoorland 2002 Matador

Soft Machine Jet-Propelled Photographs 1967 Charly

Soft Machine Volumes One and Two 1968/69

Soft Machine Third 1970

Soft Machine Fourth/Fifth 1970-72

Soft Machine Sixth + Live Sixth 1973

Soft Machine Live at the Paradiso 1969

Soft Machine Noisette (Live @ Croyden) 4/1/1970 Rune130

Soft Machine Live 1970 1970 Blueprint

Soft Machine Backwards (issued 2002) 1968-70 Cuneiform

Soft Machine Virtually (Live in Bremen) 1971 Cuneiform

Soft Machine Live in Concert (Radio 1) 20/7/71

Soft Machine As If (Compilation) 1970-73

Soft Machine Floating World Live (Bremen 29/01/1975) 1975/2006 MoonJune

Soft Machine British Tour 1975 (Nottingham 11/10/1975) 1975 MLP

Soft Machine Legacy Live in Zaandam (10/05/2005) 2005 MoonJune

Sonates Sonantes 2008 6 Degrees

Sonic Youth Sister 1987

Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 1988

Sonic/Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album 1988

Sonic Youth Dirty 1992

Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set,Trash and No Star 1994

Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves 1998

Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers 2000 Geffen

Sonic Youth Murrey Street 2002 Geffen

Son Volt Trace 1995 Warner

Son Volt Straightaways 1997 Warner

Son Volt Wide Swing Tremolo 1998 Warner

Son Volt Afterglow 61 (EP) 2005 Transmit Sound

Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom 1996

Soul-II-Soul Club Classics Vol.1 1989

Soundcarriers The Soundcarriers 2009 Melodic

Soundgarden Superunknown 1994

Soundtrack of our Lives Welcome to the Infant Freehouse 1996 Telegram

Soundtrack of our Lives Extended Revelation 1998 Telegram

Soundtrack of our Lives Behind The Music 2002 Telegram

Spacemen 3 The Perfect Prescription 1989 Fire

Sparklehorse Vivaldixiesubmarintransmissionplot 1995

Sparklehorse Good Morning Spider 1998

Sparklehorse Distorted Ghost 2000 Odeon

Sparklehorse It’s A Wonderful Life 2001 Capital

Sparro (Sam) Sam Sparro 2008 Island

Speedy J Loudboxer 2002 Mute

Spencer (Jon) Blues Explosion Acme 1998 Mute

Spin Doctors Pocket Full of Kryptonite 1991

Spirit Spirit 1968

Spirit The Family That Plays Together 1968

Spirit Clear Spirit 1969

Spirit Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus 1970

Spirit Journey Into Potatoland 1973

Spirit Spirit of ‘76 1975 MCA/BGO

Spirit Son of Spirit 1975 MCA/BGO 644

Spirit Farther Along 1976 MCA/BGO 644

Spirit Future Games 1977 MCA/BGO 657

Spirit Live at the Rainbow 1978 1978

Spirit Spirit of 84 1984 MCA/BGO 657

SPK Auto Da Fe 1978-82 Mute

SPK Information Overload Unit 1980 Mute

Steeleye Span Hark! The Village Wait 1970 RCA/Castle

Steeleye Span Please to see the King 1971 Castle

Steeleye Span Ten Man Mop 1971 Castle

Steeleye Span All Around My Hat 1974 Crysalis

Steely Dan Can’t Buy a Thrill 1972

Steely Dan Countdown to Ecstasy 1973

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 1974

Steely Dan Katy Lied 1975

Steely Dan Aja 1977

Steely Dan Two Against Nature 2000

Stefani (Gwen) L.A.M.B. 2004

Stereolab Space Age Batchelor Pad Music 1993

Stereolab Miss Modular (EP) 1997

Stone Roses The Stone Roses 1989

Stone Roses Second Coming 1994

Strokes Hard to Explain (EP) 2001 Rough Trade

Strokes Is This It 2001 Rough Trade

Strokes Room on Fire 2003 Rough Trade

St Vincent Marry Me 2007 Beggars Banquet

Subways Young for Eternity 2005 City Pavement

Sugar Changes (EP) 1992

Sugar A Good Idea (EP) 1992

Sugar If I Can’t Change Your Mind 1993

Sugar Copper Blue 1992

Sugar Beaster 1993

Sugar FUEL (File Under Easy Listening) 1994

Sugar Believe What You’re Saying (EP) 1994

Suicide Suicide 1978

Suicide Suicide (2nd Album) 1980

Suicide A Way of Life 1989

Suicide Why Be Blue? + Live Paris 1989 1992/1989

Suicide American Supreme 2002 Blast First

Sunn)))+Boris Altar 2006 Southern Lord

Suzuki (Damo)/Dunkelziffer Dunkelziffer III 1986 55 23

Suzuki (Damo) Vernissage (Live Linz, 11/1/90) 1990 DNW 007

Suzuki (Damo)/Network JPN ULTD Vol.1 (Live Tokyo, 2/05/78) 2001 DNW 015

Suzuki (Damo)/Network JPN ULTD Vol.2 (Live Osaka, 4/05/78) 2002 DNW 016

Suzuki (Damo)/Network Seattle (Live 5/10/98) (2CD) 1998 DNW 018/19

Suzuki (Damo)/Network Metaphysical Transfer (Live 2000/2001) (2CD) 2001 DNW 022/23

Swans Filth/Body to Body/Job to Job (2CD) 1983-85 Young Gods YG11

Swans Cop/Young God/Greed/Holy Money (2CD) 1984-86 Thirsty Ear

Swans Public Castration is a Good Idea (live) 1986 Thirsty Ear 57071.2

Swans Various Failures (2CD) 1988-92 Young Gods YG06

Swans Kill The Child (live) 1985-87 Atavistic ALP57

Swans Real Love (live) 1986 Atavistic ALP58

Swans Feel Good Now (live) 1987 Atavistic ALP135

Swans Children of God 1987 Young God

Swans Children of God/World of Skin (2CD) 1997 Young God YG02

Swans The Burning World 1989 MCA

Swans Forever Burned (reissue of The Burning World) 2003 Young God YG—

Swans White Light from the Mouth of Infinity 1991 Young God YGCD3

Swans Love of Life 1992 Young God

Swans Omniscience 1993 Young God YGCD7

Swans The Great Annihilator 1994 Young God YG18

Swans Soundtracks for the Blind (2CD) 1996 Young God YG01

Swans Swans are Dead (Live 1995-7) 1997 Young God YG03

Sylvian (David) Brilliant Trees 1984 Virgin

Sylvian (David)/Robert Fripp The First Day 1993 Virgin

Sylvian (David) Manafor 2009 Sound

Tabor (June) Airs & Graces 1976 Topic

Taken by Trees Open Field 2007 Rough Trade

Talking Heads Sand in the Vaseline (Popular Favorites 1976-92)

Talking Heads Stop Making Sense (Live) 1984

Talking Heads Naked 1988

Talk Talk The Party’s Over 1982

Talk Talk It’s My Life 1984

Talk Talk The Colours of Spring 1986

Talk Talk Spirit of Eden 1988

Talk Talk London 1986 (live) 1986 (released 1999)

Talk Talk Laughing Stock 1991

Talk Talk (12inch, demos etc) 1998 (released)

Tangerine Dream Nebulous Dawn (3CD – Ohr recordings) 1967-73 Ohr

Tansads Flock 1994 Castle Comms

Tears for Fears (EP)

Television Marquee Moon 1977

Television Adventure 1978

Television The Blow-Up (live 2CD) 1978 ROIR

Television Television 1992

Texas Jerusalem Crossroads Lift to Experience 2001 Bella

Therapy? Trigger Inside (EP) 1994

Third Ear Band Alchemy/Elements 1969/70 Harvest

13th Floor Elavators Best Of c1966

Thomas (David) & 2 Pale Boys Surf’s Up 2001 Glitterhouse

Titan A Raining Sun… 2007 TeePee

Toolshed Toolshed 2005 Twisted Nerve

Trees On The Shore 1970 CBS

Trees Garden of Jane Delawney 1970 CBS

Tractor/The Way We Live A Candle For Judith OZit

Tractor Tractor OZit

Trobbing Gristle 20 Jazz-Funk Greats 1978 Industrial

Trobbing Gristle Live Vol 4 – 1979-1980 1979-80 Industrial

Trobbing Gristle Heaven Earth (live) 1981 Industrial

Trobbing Gristle Mission of Desd Souls 1981 Industrial

Throwing Muses Life of Thunder + The Fat Skier (EP) 1986 4AD

Throwing Muses Hunkpapa 1989 4AD

Throwing Muses The Real Ramona 1991 4AD

Throwing Muses Bright Yellow Gun (EP) 1995 4AD

Throwing Muses University 1995 4AD

Throwing Muses Throwing Muses 2003 4AD

Titan A Raining Sun of Light & Love, for You & You & You 2007 Tee Pee

Tool Lateralus 2001

Tortoise TNT 1998

Transglobal Underground 1991-1998 1991-98

Tricky Maxinquaye 1995

Tricky Pumkin (EP) 1995

Tricky - as Nearly God Heaven 1996

Tricky Christiansands (EP) 1996

Tricky Pre-Millenium Tension 1996

Tricky Angels With Dirty Faces 1998

Tricky Blowback 2001 Anti

Trumans Water Of Thick Tum 1992

Tunng Comments of the Inner Chorus 2006 Full Time Hobby

23 Skidoo 23 Skidoo 2000 Ronin

Ulan Bator Ego:Echo 1999 Young God YG12

Ultrasound Everything Picture 1999

Uncle Tupelo No Depression 1990 Columbia

Uncle Tupelo Still Feel Gone 1991 Columbia

Uncle Tupelo March 16-20, 1992 1992 Columbia

Uncle Tupelo Anodyne 1993 Sire/Reprise

Uncle Tupelo 89/93 Anthology 2002 Columbia

Underworld Second Toughest in the Infants 1996

Underworld Born Slippy (2-EP) 1996

Underworld Pearl’s Girl (3-EP) 1996

Underworld Beaucoup Fish 1999

Unthank (Rachel) & The Winterset The Bairns 2007 RabbleRouser

U2 October 1981

U2 Rattle & Hum 1988

Vajra (Keiji Haino/Kan Mikami) Sichisiki 1997 PSFCD-88

Vajra (Keiji Haino/Kan Mikami) Cat Last 2002 PSFCD-88

Van der Graaf Generator H to He Who am the Only One 1970 Virgi

Vaughan (Stevie Ray) Live Alive 1986

Vaughan Brothers Family Style 1990

Veirs (Laura) Triumphs & Travails of Orphan Mae 2001 Bella

Veirs (Laura) Carbon Glacier 2004 Bella

Veirs (Laura) Year of Meteors 2005 Nonesuch

Veirs (Laura) Saltbreakers 2007 Nonesuch

Velvet Underground Velvet Underground & Nico 1967

Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat 1967

Velvet Underground The Velvet Undreground 1969

Velvet Underground Loaded 1970

Velvet Underground VU 1985

Velvet Underground Bootleg Series Vol.1 (3-CD) 2001 Universal

Veronicas The Secret Life of… 2006 wARNER

Vetiver Vetiver 2004 DiChristina

Vetiver To Find Me Gone 2006 FatCat

Veruca Salt American Thighs 1994

Vines The Vines 2002 Heavenly

Waits (Tom) Closing Time 1973 Elektra

Waits (Tom) Small Change 1976 Elektra

Waits (Tom) Blue Valentine 1978 Elektra

Waits (Tom) Swordfishtrombones 1983

Waits (Tom) Rain Dogs 1985

Waits (Tom) Asylum Years 1986

Waits (Tom) Frank's Wild Years 1987

Waits (Tom) Bone Machine 1992

Waits (Tom) Mule Variations 1999

Waits (Tom) Money 2002 Anti-

Waits (Tom) Real Gone 2004 Anti-

Walkmen (The) Bows & Arrows 2004 Record Collection

Was (Not Was) Walk the Dinosaur (EP) 1987

Was (Not Was) What Up Doc? 1988

Was (Not Was) Out Come the Freaks (EP) 1988

Was (Not Was) Hello Dad...I’m in Jail (Best of) 1992

Webb Brothers Beyond the Biosphere 1998 Mews5

Webb Brothers Maroon 2000 Mews5

We Are Scientists With Love & Squalor 2006 Virgin

Weird War If You can’t Beat ‘em, Bite ‘em. 2004 Drag City

Welch (Gillian) Revival 1996 Acony

Welch (Gillian) Hell Among the Yearlings 1998 Acony

Welch (Gillian) Time (The Revelator) 2001 Acony

Welch (Gillian) Soul Journey 2003 Acony

West Coast Pop Art Exp.Band Volume One 1967 Reprise

West (Kanye) The Colledge Dropout 2004 Roc-a-File

Whiskeytown Stranger’s Almanac 1997 Outpost

Whiskeytown Faithless Street 1998 Outpost

Whiskeytown Pneumonia 2001 Lost Highway

White (Jim) Wrong Eyed Jesus 1997 Luaka Bop

White (Jim) No Such Place 2001 Luaka Bop

White (Jim) Drill a Hole 2004 Luaka Bop

White (Jim) Transnormal Skiperoo 2007 Luaka Bop

White (Jim) A Funny Little Cross to Bear 2008 Luaka Bop

White Denim Workout Holiday 2008 Full Time Hobby

White Denim Fits 2009 Full Time Hobby

White Stripes White Blood Cells 2001 XL

White Stripes Elephant 2003 XL

Who Killed The Zutons The Zutons 2004 Deltasonic

Wilco Being There (2-CD) 1997

Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2002 Nonesuch

Wilco A Ghost is Born 2004 Nonesuch

Wilco Kicking Television – Live in Chicago (2-CD) 2005 Nonesuch

Willard Grant Conspiracy Everyting’s Fine 2000 Ryko

Williams (Kathryn) Little Black Numbers 2000 Cau

Williams (Lucinda) Rambling 1978 Smithsonian

Williams (Lucinda) Happy Woman Blues 1980 Smithsonian

Williams (Lucinda) Lucinda Williams 1988 KOCH

Williams (Lucinda) Sweet Old World 1992 Chameleon

Williams (Lucinda) Car Wheels on a Gravel Road 1998 Mercury

Williams (Lucinda) Essence 2001 Lost Highway

Williams (Lucinda) World Without Tears 2003 Lost Highway

Williams (Lucinda) Shepherds Bush Empire 5/5/2003 (2CD - bootleg) 2003 Cagey 272

Williams (Lucinda) Kive @ The Fillmore 20-22/11/2003 2005 Lost Highway

Williams (Victoria) Happy Come Home 1987 MCA/Universal

Williams (Victoria) Swing the Statue 1990 Mammoth

Williams (Victoria) Loose 1994 Mammoth

Williams (Victoria) This Moment in Toronto (Live) 1995 Atlantic

Williams (Victoria) Musings of a Creek Dipper 1998 Atlantic

Williams (Victoria) Water to Drink 2000 Atlantic

Wilson (Brian) Smile 2004 Warner

Wilt Bastinado 2000

Windsor for the Derby Difference & Repetition 1999 Young God YG09

Winter (Johnny) Johnny Winter And + Johnny Winter And Live 1970/71 Sony/BGO 610

Wire Behind The Curtain 1977-78

Wire Pink Flag 1977

Wire Chairs Missing 1978

Wire 154 1979

Wire Kidney Bingoes (EP) 1988

Wire A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck 1988

Wire Peel Sessions Album 1978

Wire Peel Sessions Album 1989

Wire Read & Burn 2002 Pink Flag

Wishbone Ash Argus 1972 MCA

Wolf Eyes Burned Mind 2004 Sub Pop

Womack (Bobby) The Poet 1981

World of Skin (Gira/Jarboe) World of Skin (+ Children of God/Swans) (2CD) 1987 YG02

Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang 1993

Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tand Forever (2CD) 1997

Wu-Tang Clan The W 2000

Wyatt (Robert) The End of an Ear 1970 Columbia

Wyatt (Robert) Rock Bottom 1974

Wyatt (Robert) Ruth is Stranger than Richard 1975

Wyatt (Robert) Old Rottenhat 1986

X Los Angeles 1980

X Wild Gift 1981

X Under the Big Black Sun 1982

XTC Apple Venus Volume 1 1999

XTC Wasp Star - Apple Venus Volume 2 2000

XX The XX 2009 Young Turks

Yardbirds The Very Best of c1966

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeah 2002 Shifty/Wichita

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell 2003 Polydor

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones 2006 Polydor

Yes The Yes Album 1970 Atlantic

Yes Time and a Word 1970 Atlantic

Yes Close to the Edge 1972 Atlantic

Yes Fragile 1972 Atlantic

Yes Yessongs (2CD Live) 1973 Atlantic

Yes Best of Yes (2CD)

Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside 2000 Matador

Yo La Tengo Summer Sun 2003 Matador

Yo La Tengo I Am Not Afraid of You 2006 Matador

Yo La Tengo Prisoners of Love 1985-2003 (3CD) 2007 Matador

Young (Neil) Everybody Knows this is Nowhere 1969 Reprise

Young (Neil) After the Goldrush 1970 Reprise

Young (Neil) On The Beach 1974 Reprise

Young (Neil) Tonight’s the Night 1975 Reprise

Young (Neil) Zuma 1975 Reprise

Young (Neil) Rust Never Sleeps 1979 Reprise

Young (Neil) Live Rust 1979 Reprise

Young (Neil) Trans 1982 Reprise

Young (Neil) Landing on Water 1986 Reprise

Young (Neil) Eldorado 1989 Reprise

Young (Neil) Freedom 1989 Reprise

Young (Neil) Ragged Glory 1990 Reprise

Young (Neil) Weld (2-CD) 1991 Reprise

Young (Neil) Arc 1991 Reprise

Young (Neil) Sleeps like Angels 1994 Reprise

Young (Neil) Mirrorball 1995 Reprise

Young (Neil) Priarie Wind 2005 Reprise

Young Gods Young Gods 1985 Intoxygene

Young Gods Young Gods 1988

Young Gods The Young Gods play Kurt Weill 1990

Young Gods Live in Melbourne 1993

Young Gods Only Heaven 1995

Young Gods Live Noumatrouff 1997 Intoxygene

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Freak Out 1966 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers We're Only in it..Money/Lumpy Gravy 1967 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Ruben & the Jets 1968 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Uncle Meat (2CD) 1968 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Ahead of Their Time (Live Albert Hall) 1968 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Hot Rats 1969 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Burnt Weeny Sandwich 1970 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Weasels Ripped My Flesh 1970 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Chunga’s Revenge 1970 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Waka/Jawaka 1972 Ryko

Zappa (Frank)/Don Van Vliet No Bacon For Breakfast (Live Boston) 1975 Phantas

Zappa (Frank) Zoot Allures 1976 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Sheik Yerbouti 1978 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Tinseltown Rebellion 1981 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Them or Us 1984 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Shut Up 'n Play Your Guitar (2CD) 1986 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) The Best Band You Never Heard(2CD) 1988 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Yellow Shark 1993 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) The Lost Episodes (various old stuff) 1996 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) Cheap Thrills (compilation 1998) 1998 Ryko

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Tis the Season To Be Jelly(Live in Sweden, 1967) 1967 'Bootleg'

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Jaws (Live at The Ark, July 1968) 1968 'Bootleg'

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers As An Am (Live Cologne/NY 1973) 1968 'Bootleg'

Zappa (Frank) & Mothers Unmitigated Audacity (Live at Notre Dame, May 1974) 1974 'Bootleg'

Zappatistas Absolutely Live 1999

Zwan Mary Star of the Sea 2003 Warner
Various Blade soundtrack 1998 TVT

Various Blue Coller soundtrack

Various City of God soundtrack 2003 Milan

Various Cold Harbour Soundtrack 2003 DMZ/Columbia

Various Compilation 2000AD (Young God Records) 1999-2001 YG13

Various Down From The Mountain (Bluegrass) Mercury

Various Garage Sounds of Deepest New York

Various House Sound of Chicago Vol.I

Various House Sound of Chicago Vol.III (Acid Tracks)

Various Hardcore Holocaust

Various North - The Dance Underground

Various Nuggets (4CD Original Psychedelic Era) 1965-8

Various O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Bluegrass) Mercury

Various Rebellious Jukebox Melody Maker

Various Repo Man soundtrack

Various Rough Guide to Bluegrass

Various Run Lola Run – Lola Rennt (soundtrack) 1998 BMG

Various Trainspotting soundtrack 1996

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