Job Audit Manual Fourth Edition, February 2011

B.3 Sample Job Audit Decision Documentation

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B.3 Sample Job Audit Decision Documentation

Job Audit Decision Documentation
Date: _____________________________ Determination: ________________________________
Determination made by: ________________________
Department: _____________________________________________________________
Incumbent: _____________________________________________________________
Present Class: _____________________________________________________________
Proposed Class: _____________________________________________________________

[This paragraph(s) should discuss why the HR Auditor is looking at the position. This may include information the supervisor provided on changes in the position; what caused those changes (gradual assumption of additional duties vs. abrupt change in duties); the time frame in which the changes occurred; and the classification level supervisor has requested.]

Basic purpose and focus of position being reviewed:

[This paragraph summarizes the current position description.]

Class concepts for proposed class:

[This paragraph(s) summarizes the class specification and allocation factors for the classes reviewed as comparisons to the subject position description]

Class concepts for current class:

[This paragraph(s) summarizes the class specification and allocation factors for the classes reviewed as comparisons to the subject position description]

Concepts for other related classes:

[This paragraph(s) summarizes the class specification and allocation factors for the classes reviewed as comparisons to the subject position description]

Comparison positions:

[These paragraphs summarize the position descriptions of positions within the agency or state-wide the HR Auditor considered as comparable to the subject position.]
Analysis and classification determination:

[These paragraphs compare and contrast the subject position with the class specification, allocation factors and comparison positions. Determination of classification level approved as a result of the job audit and why.]

If occupied, reason for reclassification to be a reallocation or change in allocation:

Job Audit Determination Cheat Sheet

Memo Components:

Contents of Memo / Things to Consider:

(not all items will be applicable in all audits)


Include who is making the request; what is being requested. Include the reportablility of the position and where it is located in the organization.

Overview of Job Responsibilities

Include the position purpose, broad task statements, budget responsibility (if any), and key KSAs. If position has lead/supervisory responsibilities, list number and classes.

For reallocations:

Description of how work has changed over time

  • Have the duties actually changed, or just the way the task is completed?

  • Has the level of duties increased or just the volume of the same duties?

  • Where did the old duties go?

  • Are new duties still appropriate for the current class and, if so, is the amount of time devoted to those duties significant enough (say >10 or 15%) to affect the class?

  • Has the position really changed, or is this a way to reward/retain the incumbent?

For reallocations:

Description of the period of time the changes have occurred

  • How and approximately when were the new duties assigned.

  • Have the changes occurred gradually over a period of nine months to two years?

  • Did the change occur abruptly as a result of management action or over a relatively short time frame, say < 9 months? If so, it may be considered a “Change in Allocation”

  • Are the changes within the normal learning curve of the class/position?

For temporary or statutorily unclassified:

Reference to statute and justification and an explanation of why the position is of limited duration.

For example: Management is requesting this position be established in the unclassified service for a period of XXX (cannot exceed three years), pursuant to MS 43A.08, sub 2a.


This temporary unclassified position is being created to XXX (list project/grant/etc.). After two years, the plans for implementation will be developed and the position will no longer be needed.

Comparison to Class Specification and to other positions in this or other agencies (look for benchmark positions that strongly represent allocation to the class(es)being considered)

  • How does the position compare with similar positions within the unit/division/department?

  • Profile the work unit/division/agency by checking the org charts and/or seniority rosters to understand/consider:

    • How many positions are currently within the same classification?

    • Where are they located within the organization?

  • Is the comparison solid? The standard, not always easy to assess or apply, is that the position should be clearly a better fit for a different class (make sure it’s not an over-allocated position

  • Have similar positions been reallocated?

  • Does the incumbent meet the criteria of the proposed classification?

    • For example, degree or licensure requirements.

    • Is there a significant difference between the incumbent’s qualifications and the standard selection criteria?


  • Priorities: If push comes to shove, what duties have to be done first?

  • Why does this position exist?

  • Where did the new duties come from?

  • Do the duties of the incumbent make sense in terms the role and responsibilities of the supervisor and co-workers?

  • Does the employee’s current performance/attendance warrant an upgraded position? Since class decisions are based on job content, this does not prohibit a reallocation, but this is something you should discuss with the supervisor or HR management.

  • Don’t assume – have the facts and be specific.

  • Stay objective.

If option is needed:

Justification of option

Include name of option.

Final allocation decision/ recommendation

Include job classification; option (if needed); employment condition (full- or part-time); status (permanent classified; temp unclassified; statutory unclassified; temporary; emergency); length of appointment (if necessary); and reallocation or change in allocation and FLSA status of job class/position.

B.4 Sample Classification Notice (e.g. Job Audit Results)

Agency Letterhead


RE: Job Audit ManualClassification Notice - Position Number: __________ /Option Code: _______________

Incumbent Present Classification Proper Classification

Action Determined to be:

 Reallocation (if classified) or Recomparison (if unclassified)

a.  May be eligible for back pay. Date properly documented request received

b.  Not eligible for back pay because:

 reallocation/recomparison resulted from study.

 transfer  demotion

 Change in allocation.

 Initial allocation to classified/unclassified service.

 Other

Bargaining Unit:

 Initial bargaining unit designation _____________

 No change

 Change; from ______________ to _____________. Labor Relations approval:

 Notice of temporary bargaining unit assignment

 Order from the Bureau of Mediation Services

An appointing authority or an incumbent of a position affected by a classification determination may appeal in writing to the Commissioner of MMB stating reasons for the protest and a rationale for any alternative proposed. To warrant reconsideration, an appeal must include new material and exhibits relevant to the classification of the position. If new information causes a change in determination, the date of receipt of that information will be used in determining back pay eligibility under collective bargaining agreements and plans.


A. Reallocation/Recomparison

 Appoint via class transfer

 Appoint via voluntary demotion

 Promote via M.S. 43A.15, Subd. 5 (non-competitive promotion)

 Appoint via new unclassified appointment

 Other

B. Change in Allocation or Initial Allocation of Previously Unclassified Position

 Seniority Unit Layoff list exists. If names on this list are cleared, appoint as indicated below.

 Submit Vacancy Builder and appoint by a competitive process.

 Appoint via transfer

 Appoint via voluntary demotion

 Transfer or demotion approved because:

 Qualifies for the position Date:

Demotion to lower class, same series Explain:

 Other

 Appoint via M.S. 43A.15, Subd. 7 (Unclassified conversion).

 Incumbent has served at least one year in the unclassified position performing similar duties.

 Incumbent has qualified for the position: ____

 Other:

Staffing Authorized Signature | Date



NOTE: Where the incumbent of any reclassified position is ineligible to continue in the position and is not transferred, promoted or demoted, the layoff provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements, the Commissioner’s Plan or the Managerial Plan shall apply.

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