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Impact – Economic Growth

[____] Privatization of space will spur an economic renaissance in the US.
Steve Nelson, Daily Caller staff writer, 2/8/2011. “Fiscal Conservatives call for increased privatization of space” http://dailycaller.com/2011/02/08/fiscal-conservatives-call-for-increased-privatization-of-space/
Tuesday morning the Competitive Space Task Force, a self-described group of fiscal conservatives and free-market leaders, hosted a press conference to encourage increased privatization of the space industry. Members of the task force issued several recommendations to Congress, including finding an American replacement to the Space Shuttle (so to minimize the costly expenditures on use of Russian spacecraft) and encouraging more private investment in the development of manned spacecraft. Former Republican Rep. Robert S. Walker of Pennsylvania said, “If we really want to ‘win the future’, we cannot abandon our commitment to space exploration and human spaceflight. The fastest path to space is not through Moscow, but through the American entrepreneur.” Task Force chairman Rand Simberg, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said, “By opening space up to the American people and their enterprises, NASA can ignite an economic, technological, and innovation renaissance, and the United States will regain its rightful place as the world leader in space.”


[____] Allowing for commercialization of space will create jobs and add to the economy.
Environment News Service, 6/28/2010, “Obama's New Space Policy Peaceful But Guarded,” http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/jun2010/2010-06-28-02.html
"In addition," he said, "we will expand our partnerships with private industry, allowing commercial companies to take a larger role in the exploration of space while NASA pursues those activities the agency is uniquely qualified to do." "This policy will enable a vibrant, job-creating, transportation system for taking humans to and from low-Earth orbit, which should significantly contribute to the national economy, benefit all of our nation's citizens, and enable exploration beyond low-Earth orbit," Bolden said. "This policy promises to transform human spaceflight for future generations. "If there's one really broad theme it is international cooperation, which is woven throughout the new policy and it's our sort of foundational emphasis for achieving all of our goals in space," Barry Pavel, senior director for defense policy and strategy for the National Security Council, told reporters.

Impact – Leadership

[____] Privatization of space is absolutely necessary to maintain space leadership.

Douglas Messier, founder of Earth and Space Foundation, International Space University graduate, masters in public policy and science and technology from George Washington University29, 11/29/2011. “Witt: Privatization “Absolutely Required” to Progress in Space” http://www.parabolicarc.com/2010/11/29/witt-privatization-absolutely-required-progress-space/
The Obama administration, Congress, NASA and the private sector are finally voyaging toward a market-based space industry. Admittedly, the new policy’s vision is not bold enough nor its exploration schedule aggressive enough, but it does – as the Great One advised – “skate to where the puck is going, not to where it’s been.” It dismantles a cost-plus quagmire that has left Americans traveling in space far less often, far less safely, at far greater expense and, most ironically, not so very far at all. Much must be done to maintain U.S. space leadership, but privatization is absolutely required. In a world of declining revenues and budget-crushing entitlements, NASA as a sleepy jobs program for aging engineers is unsustainable. We understand that putting all our eggs into a newly woven basket of private space firms is taking a risk. However, risk-taking has defined America’s space accomplishments. President Obama took a risk when he chose to fight the vested interests for this private-sector solution, and it would be mad to imagine a Republican-led House opposing it. Yet, in a “through the looking glass” moment, some GOP members are resuscitating socialized space as a high-tech pork delivery vehicle for loyal Southern states.

[____] Privatization is key to overall space leadership because it will allow us to outperform other governments.
David Gomez, writer for TG daily, 7/5/2011, ” Russia has the edge in the space race now” http://www.tgdaily.com/opinion-features/57034-russia-has-the-edge-in-the-space-race-now
I think that the space race is extremely important for all of mankind, but when the wealthiest country in the world is cutting most of its budget for their space program I’d say that’s a very telling event. Economic problems and budget problems are causing our status in the world to fall, and they need to be taken seriously. If the U.S. ever wants to be a world leader in the space race, which I hope we do, then it will need to come from a different system. If we are ever going to get serious about a space program again, then this time it needs to be directed by the private sector. The huge budget that NASA used to have is unjustifiable with the economic problems we are facing, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on getting to colonize the stars. We can still have the best space program in the world; we just shouldn’t expect the taxpayers to fund it. We also shouldn’t let politicians be the ones who control it anymore. They’re the reason why the program lost its edge in the first place. A private sector directed space program needs to happen in some way, shape, or form. It’s too important to humanity’s future to not pursue. Our private sector space program could easily beat any other country’s government controlled space program. The only problem is getting it started. Does anyone want to put in a call to Richard Branson or some other eccentric billionaire?

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