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The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs is a key provider of a wide range of cultural and social services that are essential for the social and economic development of the country. The Ministry continues to employ the Performance Management System (PMS) in order to fulfil its mandate, and a strategic plan for the period 2000 to 2006 has already been formulated. The plan intends to address various challenges, amongst them, the mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS in the society, as well as contributing to the realization of Vision 2016 pillars on “Creating an Educated and Informed Nation, and Building a Productive Prosperous and Innovative Nation”.

11.1.1Institutional Framework

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs is responsible for provision of culture and social services and it is represented by several departments in the District, while Information and Broadcasting falls under the responsibility of the newly created Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology. The departments are as listed below:
Cultural Services are provided:

  • Botswana National Library Services

  • Culture and Youth

  • National Museum, Monuments and Art Gallery

  • Sports and Recreation

Social Services are provided by the following departments at the district:

  • Immigration and Citizenship

  • Civil and National Registration

  • Prisons and Rehabilitation

  • Labour and Social Security

Other institutions that provide social services are the Ministry of Local Government, through its Social welfare and Social Benefits Divisions, Social and Community Development Department of the District Councils as well as the Department of District Administration. The Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology provides social services through the Department of Information and Broadcasting.

11.1.2Strategic Plans for Respective Ministries

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs

The Ministry’s strategic plan is defined through the following strategic goals:

  • To improve customer satisfaction by providing services in an excellent, effective, efficient and friendly manner.

  • To generate, acquire and disseminate information through efficient services for purposes of education, research creation, personal empowerment and socio-economic development.

Ministry of Local Government

The mandate of the Ministry Local Government is to provide basic physical and social infrastructure through the provision of social protection systems. In the district the Departments of Social and Community Development and Remote Area Development have a mandate of providing social protection systems to those in need especially the vulnerable groups.

Ministry of Trade, Industry, Tourism and Wildlife

The mandate of the Ministry is to ensure conservation and promotion of sustainable utilisation of Botswana’s wildlife resources as well as the commercial exploitation of its tourist attractions. The ministry also ensures citizen entrepreneurship development.

11.1.3Role of the Private Sector

Various Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) continue to complement social and welfare services that are provided by government. These organisations include, among others, the SOS children village, Botswana Christian Council, Child line, and several other welfare providing NGOs.
In Mochudi, there is Metlhaetsile, which is an NGO whose mission is to protect the rights of women. Botswana National Youth Council has also established an office in Mochudi, which augments the services provided by Department of Youth and Culture.

11.1.4Culture and Social Services Consultation Priorities

Culture and Youth Department in the district is operating with only one officer who covers the whole district. This results in inefficiency of service delivery. This calls for an additional officer in the district. Another issue raised during the consultations is lack of recreational facilities in the district.
There is acute shortage of office accommodation for the staff of this ministry.

11.2National Policies and Legislation

11.2.1Community Based Natural Resources Management

The programme promotes the utilisation of natural and, cultural resources to improve the standard of living of the communities. The Kgatleng the community is conserving and utilising the Matsieng Foot prints site at Rasesa. It iscurrently utilised as a tourist resort.

11.2.2Disability Policy

The policy proposes the integration of people living with disability into the main society. The district has established special education units at Kgafela and Lenchwe Primary schools as well as at Lenchwe CJSS. There is also the Pudulogong Centre for the blinds and Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre for the disabled. The District Council through Health Department assists in the rehabilitation of people living with disability by giving them equipment such as wheel chairs.

11.2.3Policy on Destitute Persons 2002

The framework of the policy is to ensure that government provides minimum assistance to the genuine destitute persons to ensure their good health and welfare.

11.2.4National Youth Policy1996

The National Youth Policy is a framework for youth development in Botswana, which endeavours to ensure that young women and men are given every opportunity to reach full potential both as individuals and as active citizens in Batswana society. The policy addresses the major concerns and issues that are critical for young people in Botswana and gives direction to youth programmes and services provided by government and NGOs.

11.2.5Policy on Women and Development 1995

The main goal of this policy is to achieve the effective integration and empowerment of women in order to improve their status, enhance participation in decision-making and their role in development process. This will be achieved through elimination of all negative economic, social and cultural practices as well as inappropriate laws, enhancement of women’s health, provision of education and skills training and promotion of gender awareness in development planning.

11.2.6National Library Act 1967

This act was enacted in 1967 and calls for the provision of a comprehensive and efficient library service to the public and provision of resources needed for fulfilling the service. The district has got one library in Mochudi and has extended its services to the rest of the district through village reading rooms, book box service and mobile libraries.

11.2.7National Registration Act 1986

The act mandates the Division of National Registration to register all citizens aged 16 years and above and those who become citizens through registration or naturalization for purposes of issuing them with national identity cards (omang).

11.2.8National Policy on Culture 2001

The act empowers the department of Culture and Youth to undertake activities that promote and preserve culture and the general public to participate in cultural development. The district will continue to undertake cultural activities and engage all stakeholders in order to preserve the culture in the district.

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