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Proposed Plan Monitoring Activities During DDP6

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17.3Proposed Plan Monitoring Activities During DDP6

Successful project implementation and monitoring depends solely on the availability of supportive resources like:-

It does not matter how effective the plan managers might be, if the above resources are lacking successful project implementation will remain a myth. Inadequate capacity of councils to handle the many projects for the local and central government should be enhanced by looking into the possibility of providing funds for external sourcing of capacity from the private sector.

Public enterprises like Botswana Power Corporation and Botswana Telecommunications Corporation should be cautioned to provide services within a reasonable time. To this effect local officers should be established and/or empowered with the view of handling all service matters at the district level instead of Gaborone.
On the other hand, finally, an appropriate registration of contractors is needed. A number of contractors are registered for works above their capabilities. The Central Tender Board should vigorously peruse all credentials befitting the type of category applied for by each contractor. Also, either the contractors Organisation or the government should initiate training for number of contractors in the fields of project management, estimation, tendering and construction for a better and timely delivery of projects.

APPENDIX 1: Central Government Matrices










DDP 6 TEC (in Pula)










OP 401(21/401)









Semi Urban Police








40 000 000

Station and 60 staff houses


















OP 401(21/401)









26 Police Houses

Olifants Drift







7 150 000










OP 409(21/409)









Extension of VHF Radio








1 500 000

Trunking & Digital Microwave

Olifants' Drift








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