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Fig. 5.1


Schematic arrangement of Gyroscope is as shown in the Figure 5.1. The motor is coupled to the disc rotor, which is balanced. The disc shaft rotates about XX axis in two ball bearings housed in the Inner ring. This ring can swing about Y – Y axis in bearings provided in the outer ring which is attached with the frame. This frame is free to rotate about vertical axis Z-Z, Thus freedom of rotation about three perpendicular axes is given to the rotor.


Set the rotating disc of the gyroscope in motion.

Increase the speed of motor from 1000 rpm to 3500 rpm gradually in steps.

Put weights in pan from 50 gm to 2500 gm for creating couple at defined speed in steps.

Observe the axis of spin will presses to a certain degree to retain the angular velocity.

Measure the angle of precession for the respective speed and weight.

Take the readings for the change in angle of precession in constant period say 15°.

Download 286.02 Kb.

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