Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor Auction Catalog #119 [Closing Monday, May 9th, 2011]

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VHS Video Tapes
Here is a small handful of VHS videos of classical performances, all in excellent condition.
VHS: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire
148.*BEETHOVEN: Triple Concerto; Choral Fantasy. Perlman; Ma; Barenboim; BBP; Cho. [Live, 1995] EMI 7243-4 77830 36. FS 17.00

149.*BOULEZ IN SALZBURG: Stravinsky - Song of the Nightingale. Debussy - Trois Nocturnes. Boulez - Livre pour Cordes. Bartok - Miraculous Mandarin (complete). VPO; Cho. [Live; August, 1992] DGG 440-072 244-3. 16.00

150.*BRAHMS: Piano Concerti #1 & #2. Barenboim; Celibidache/Munich Philharmonic. Teldec 4509-99022-3. 16.00

151.*HOROWITZ IN MOSCOW: Works of Scarlatti(3), Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Schubert/Liszt & Moszkowski. [Apparently includes some non-perforance footage as well; Horowitz' first visit to Russia in 61 years (1986); 104 minutes] Sony SHV-64545. FS 16.00

152.*MAHLER: Symphony #8. Varady; Eaglen; Bullock; Schmidt; Rappe; Riegel; Schulte; Sotin; Tennstedt/LPO; Misc Choruses. [Live; Royal Festival Hall; January 1991] EMI 0777-7 40309. 16.00
A small group of 45-rpm records follows on the next page 
45-rpm Records
Now and then I find some unusual 45-rpm items: here's a small selection.
45's: Vocalists
153. STEBER: Templeton - Vienna in the Springtime; Roses in Wintertime. Templeton, piano. [I don't ever recall having seen this on LP -- ??] RCA 49-0421. B(bl cov) 16.00
45's: RCA's
154.*61-8501: KHACHATURIAN - Sabre Dance. OFFENBACH - Barcarolle. Fiedler/BPS. [45-rpm stereo "showcase" issue; excerpts from LSC-2267] A- 12.00
45's: Chamber Music

155. DEBUSSY: String Quartet. Paganini Quartet. RCA WDM-1213(4). A- 25.00

156. FAURE: Piano Quartet #1. Rubinstein; Paganini Quartet. RCA WDM-1493(4). A- 25.00
45's: Violinists
157. MILSTEIN: Schubert - Serenade; Ave Maria. Faure - Apres un Reve. Poldini - Dancing Doll. Fiedler/RCA Victor Orch. RCA ERA-77. A- 24.00
45's: Conductors
158. BEECHAM: Sibelius - Symphony #2. RPO. [Issued on 45's and 78's, but never on LP, at least in U.S.] RCA WDM-1334(5). A- 25.00

159. FIEDLER: Gluck - Ballet Suite (arranged from Gluck operas by Felix Mottl). BPS. Camden CAE-152. B+ 12.00

160. FIEDLER: Favorite Encores - War March of the Priests; Polonaise Militaire; Eugen Onegin Polonaise; Grand March from Aida. BPS. Camden CAE-142. B 8.00

161. JOCHUM: Wagner - Tannhauser Overture (BPO); Lohengrin - Preludes to Acts I & III (BSOO). Capitol - Telefunken KCM-8024(3). A-- 20.00

162. KOUSSEVITZKY: Haydn - Toy Symphony (actually movements from a Cassation by Leopold Mozart). Tchaikovsky - Finale from Serenade for Strings. BSO. [The Toy Symphony, recorded 8-15-1950, was never issued on LP. The Tchaikovsky was taken from their recording of the complete work (8-16-49).] RCA WEPR-7. B+ 24.00

163. VAN KEMPEN: Brahms - Academic Festival Overture. BPO. DGG EPL-30248. A-- 10.00

Listings of LP's begin on the next page 
That's it for tapes, VHS & 45's: the rest of the catalog is devoted to LP's & CD's.
LP's: Operatic & Choral Repertoire
Operatic and choral listings include libretti unless noted NL for "No Libretto."
164.*ADAMS: Grand Pianola Music (Ambush; Bryden; Wheeler, sopranos). REICH: Eight Lines. Feinberg; Oppens, pianos; Wilson/Solisti New York. [dig] Angel DS-37345. FS 10.00

165. BACH: Cantata #198. Laszlo; Roessel-Majdan; Poell; Kmentt; Scherchen/VSOO; Academy Cho. West XWN-18395. A- 11.00

166.*BACH: Mass in b. Hansmann; Iiyama; Watts; Equiluz; vam Egmond; Harnoncourt/Concentus Musicus Wien. [1st recording with original instruments] Telefunken SKH-20/1-3(3). A- to A 11.00

167.*BACH: Mass in b. Stader; Topper; Haefliger; Engen; Fischer-Dieskau; Richter/Munich Bach Orch & Cho. Archiv 198 190/92(3). A- to A 16.00

168.*BACH: Passion According to Saint John. Thebom; Harrell; Addison; Chabay; Stern; Matthen; Robert Shaw/RCA Victor Orchestra; Shaw Chorale; Collegiate Choir. [Very fine copy (box too) of a very obscure and rare set - the first copy I've ever had!] RCA LM-6103(3). A--(superficial blemishes cause little or no snd) 75.00

169. BACH: St. Matthew Passion (in English). Ferrier; Greene; Parsons; Suddaby; Cummings; Clinton; Jacques/Bach Choir; Jacques Orch. [NL - apparently as issued] Richmond BA-43001(3). A- 15.00

170.*BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Ludwig; Vickers; Berry; Klemperer/PO; Cho. [blue labels] Angel S-3625(3). A- 18.00

171. BEETHOVEN: Fidelio. Jurinac; Peerce; Stader; Dickie; Neidlinger; Ernster; Knappertsbusch/BVRS & Cho. West XWN-3318(3). A- 32.00

172. BEETHOVEN: Mass in C. Vyvyan; Sinclair; Lewis; Nowakowski; Beecham/RPO; Beecham Choral Soc. Capitol G-7168. B++ 8.00

173.*BEETHOVEN: Missa Solemnis. Schwarzkopf; Ludwig; Gedda; Zaccaria; Karajan/PO; Cho of Soc of the Friends of Music, Vienna. [blue labels] Angel SBL-3595(2). A- 14.00

174. BELLINI: Beatrice di Tenda. Sutherland; Dondi; Kabaivanska; De Palma; Votto/La Scala. [Live, 1961; probably with English notes, but Italian-only libretto] Movimento Musica 03 007(3). FS(minor box damage) 16.00

175. BERLIOZ: Romeo & Juliet. Swarthout; Garris; Moscona; Toscanini/NBC; Cho. [Live, February 1947] [WD labels] RCA LM-7034(2). A- 28.00

176.*BERLIOZ: Romeo & Juliet. Ludwig; Senechal; Ghiaurov; Maazel/VPO; unusual choral forces: Les Soloistes des Choeurs de l'ORTF and Vienna State Opera Chorus too! London OSA-12102(2). A- 18.00

177.*BERLIOZ: Te Deum. Tagliavini; Davis/LSO & Cho; Wandsworth Boys' Cho. Philips 839 790. A- to A 10.00

178.*BERLIOZ: Te Deum. Tagliavini; Davis/LSO & Cho; Wandsworth Boys' Choir. Philips SAL-3724. A- to A 9.00

179.*BERNSTEIN: Mass. Titus; Composer/Ens; Norman Scribner Choir; Berkshire Boy Choir. [Quad] Col M2Q-31008(2). A-(c/c) 16.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
180. BIZET: Carmen. Perelli; Brothier; de Trevi; Musy; Coppola/Paris Opera Comique. [As issued - with notes and synopsis, but NL] [Very fine copy of a scarce issue: box is also excellent] Camden CCL-100(3). A-(unusually fine pressing for a Camden) 45.00

181.*BIZET: I Pescatori di Perle. Kraus; Bruscantini; Campo; Maliponte; Cillario/Teatro Liceo di Barcellona. [notes & libretto in Italian only] Bongiovanni GB-516/7(2). A- to A 20.00

182. BIZET: Les Pecheurs de Perles. Alarie; Simoneau; Bianco; Depraz; Fournet/Lamoureux Orch; Brasseur Cho. Epic SC-6002(2). A- to B+(AUTOGRAPHED by Fournet in libretto booklet) 35.00

183.*BLITZSTEIN: The Airborne Symphony. Orson Welles, narrator; Velis, ten; Watson, bar; Bernstein/NYP; Choral Art Soc. Col M-34136. A-(demo copy; minor cover scuffs) 12.00

184.*BOUGHTON: (Rutland; 1978-1960): The Immortal Hour. Dawson; Taylor; Davies; Wilson-Johnson; Bryson; Melville/ECA; Mitchell Cho. [dig; DMM] Hyperion A-66101/2(2). A- 18.00

185.*BRITTEN: Billy Budd. Glossop; Pears; Langdon; Shirley-Quirk; Composer/LSO. London OSA-1390(3). A- 20.00

186.*BRITTEN: Songs from the Chinese (6). DODGSON: Four Songs of John Clare. ELIZABETHAN SONGS (4). DOWLAND: Pieces for Solo Guitar (3). Brown, tenor; Williams, guitar. Odyssey 32 16 0398. A- 7.00

187. CHAPI: El Punao de Rosas (with Delores Perez). GIMENEZ: La Gatita Blanca (with Luisa de Cordoba). Navarro/Orquesta de Camara de Madrid. [Texts in Spanish only] Montilla FM-56. A- 12.00

188. CHARPENTIER: Louise (in composer's abridged version). Vallin; Thill; Lecouvreur; Pernet; Gaudel; Bigot/Raugel Orch & Cho. [deleted 3/57] Entre EL-7(2). B+ 19.00

189. CHERUBINI: Elisa (Tucci; Raimondi; Zanasi; Capuana/MMF; live, May 1960). Pigmalione (Borghi; Ligabue; Carturan; Gerelli/RAI Milan; live, March 1955). L'Osteria Portoghese (Ligabue; Villa; Taino; Montarsolo; Piazza/RAI Milan; live, July 1952). [no libretti] Melodram MEL-153(4). A- 35.00

190.*CIKKER: (Jan): Ode to Joy. Holickova; Stracenska; Livora; Mikulas; Composer, reciter; Pesek/Slovak Philharmonic & Cho. Opus 9112 1512. A- 10.00

191.*CILEA: Adriana Lecouvreur. Tebaldi; Del Monaco; Simionato; Maionica; Ricciardi; Capuana/ASCR. A- 18.00

192.*CIMAROSA: Il Pittor Parigino. Garino; Kincses; Szucs; Kleitmann; Gregor; Pal/Salieri Ch Orch. Hungaroton SLPD-12972-74(3). A- 24.00

193. CONSTANTINESCU: (Paul): O Noapte Furtunoasa. Dumitrescu; Gurau; Niculescu; Dimitriu; Silvestri/Roumanian Radio-TV Orch. [Rec 1954; with English notes, but libretto in Russian, French, German and Roumanian only!] Electrecord ECE-0276. A- 16.00

194.*CRUMB: Ancient Voices of Children. DeGaetani; Dash; Weisberg/Contemp Ch Ens. None H-71255. A- 8.00

195. DEBUSSY: L'Enfant Prodigue; La Damoiselle Elue; Noel des Enfants qui n'ont Plus de Maison. Gorge; Joly; Legay; Cottret; Inghelbrecht/Champs Elysees Theatre Orch. West WL-5336. C(listed only because it's so rare; stopgap?) 6.00

196. DELIUS: A Village Romeo & Juliet. Wakefield; Morison; Felley; McIntyre; Davies/Sadler's Wells Or. [Live, 1962; w/synopsis & notes; NL] IGS 079/80(2). A- 15.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
197. DONIZETTI: L'Esule di Roma. Ricciarelli; Brewer; Bogart; Gibbs; Hammonds; Head/Pro Opera Orch; Chelsea Opera Cho. [Live, 1982; 1st recording; with English notes & synopsis; NL] HRE 399(3). A- 21.00

198.*DONIZETTI: La Fille du Regiment. Sills; Corena; Greenspon; Hirst; Gagnon/unidentified company. [with synopsis but NL] Rataplan RA-200(2). A- 25.00

199. DONIZETTI: Poliuto. Corelli; Callas; Bastianini; Zaccaria; De Palma; Votto/La Scala. [live, 12-7-60; bl covs; NL]. FWR 644(2). B 16.00

200.*DONIZETTI: Requiem. Pavarotti; Bruson; Washington; Cortez; Fackler/Ente Lirico Arena Orch & Cho, Verona. [German-only notes] Telefunken 6.42680. A- to A 8.00

201.*FALLA: Atlantida (realized and completed by Halffter). Tarres; Gimenez; Sardinero; Fruhbeck de Burgos/Spanish National Orch & Cho. [quad] Angel SBLX-3852(2). A- 16.00

202.*FAURE: Requiem. de los Angeles; Fischer-Dieskau; Cluytens/PCO; Brasseur Cho. Angel S-35974. A- 9.00

203.*FOSS: Time Cycle. Addison, soprano; Improvisation Ch Ens; Bernstein/Col Sym. Col CMS-6280. A-(demo copy) 12.00

204. GILBERT & SULLIVAN: The Mikado. Green; Fancourt; Osborn; Watson; Styler; Godfrey/D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. [NL - as issued] Richmond RS-62004(2). A- 10.00

205. GLANVILLE-HICKS: The Transposed Heads. Harlan; Pickett; Nossaman; Anderson; Sutton; Bomhard/Louisville Orch & Cho. [In English; with notes but NL - as issued, I believe] Louisville LOU-545-6(2). A-(in blank jackets) 25.00

206.*GOMES: Il Guarany. Gomes; Maresca; Fortes; Carara; Tavares/Teatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro. [Live; July 4, 1980; with notes, but NL] Voce 48(3). A- 25.00

207.*GOUNOD: Mireille. Freni; Vanzo; Rhodes; Van Dam; Bacquier; Plasson/Toulouse Orch & Cho. Angel SZCX-3905(3). A-(c/c) 18.00

208.*GRIFFES: Songs (12); Milnes; Stapp; Bryn-Julson with Spong & Richardson, pianists and Ozawa/BSO, who also play The Pleasure-Dome of Kubla Khan. Also - Three Tone Pictures (New World Ch Ens). [fold-open album includes extensive notes] New World NW-273. A- to A(c/c) 12.00

209. HALEVY: La Juive. Poncet; Brunin; Rottier; Wierzbicki; Ledent/Royal Opera House, Gent, Belgium. [Live, 1964; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 439(3). A- to B++(exceptionally fine pressing for EJS) 25.00

210.*HANDEL: Judas Maccabaeus. Davies; Palmer; Baker; Shirley-Quirk; Keyte; Esswood; Mackerras/ECO; Wandsworth School Cho. DGG 413 906(3). A- to A 16.00

211.*HANDEL: Messiah. Bogard; Green; Gall; Bressler; Guinn; Weaver/Smithsonian Chamber Players; American Boychoir; Scribner Cho Members. [Performed on original instruments] Smithsonian N-025(3). A- 14.00

212.*HAYDN: Die Erwahlung eines Kapellmeisters; Chor der Danen; Svanisce in un Momento; Madrigal, The Storm. Takas; Szokefalvi-Nagy; Fulop; Szekeres/Hungarian State Or; Budapest Madrigal Cho. Fidelio FL-3320. A- to A 9.00

213.*HAYDN: Missa Sanctae Caeciliae. Popp; Soffel; Laubenthal; Moll; Kubelik/BVRS & Cho. [Live, 1982] [dig; DMM] Orfeo S-032822 H(2). A- to A 16.00

214. HAYDN: The Seasons. Morison; Young; Langdon; Beecham/RPO; Beecham Cho. Cap GCR-7184(3). A- 13.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
215.*HAYDN: Theresienmesse. Spoorenberg; Greevy; Mitchinson; Krause; Guest/ASMF; Cho. Argo ZRG-5500. FS 11.00

216.*HENZE: Der Junge Lord. Little; Mathis; Otto; Driscoll; Krebs; McDaniel; Dohnanyi/Berlin Opera. [tulip labels] DGG 139 257/59(3). A- to A(demo copy) 30.00

217.*HINDEMITH: Mathis der Maler. Fischer-Dieskau; King; Koszut; Wagemann; Kubelik/BVRS & Cho. [quad] Angel SZCX-3869(3). A-(c/c) 20.00

218.*HOIBY: (Lee; b.1926): Beatrice. Nossaman; Lohr; Thomas; Clenny; Moritz Bohmard/Kentucky Opera Association Members; Louisville Orchestra Members. [notes included, but no libretto (as issued, I believe; the opera is in English)] Louisville LOU-603(2). A-(in blank jackets) 25.00

219. HONEGGER: Christmas Cantata (Mollet; Brasseur Cho; Durufle, organ); Symphony #3. Tzipine/PCO. [French-only notes] Pathe FCX-336. B 16.00

220. IBERT: Angelique. Boue; Lovano; Bourdin; Aubin/Orchestre Radio Lyrique; Choeurs RTF (Yvonne Gouverne) [with synopsis but NL; recorded 1954] Bourg BG-3010. A- 12.00

221.*LA MONTAINE: (John): The Nine Lessons of Christmas. Baker; Griffith; Molstad; Composer/Fredonia Singers. Fredonia FD-6. FS 16.00

222.*LANGE-MULLER: (P.E.; 1850-1926): Songs (26). Cold; Moller; Hedegaard, vocalists; Bundgaard, Hedegaard & Gurtler, pianists. [Texts in Danish only] Dansk Musik Antologi EMI DMA-010. A- to A 6.00

223.*LANGE-MULLER: (P.E.; 1850-1926): Songs (16). Norup; Veto, piano. [Texts in Danish only] Dansk Musik Antologi EMI DMA-009. A- to A 10.00

224.*LAZAROF: (Henri; b.1932): Canti (Roger Wagner Chorale). MARC-ANTONIO CONSOLI (b.1941): Vuci Siculani (Martin, soprano; Composer/Inst Ens). CRI SD-465. FS 12.00

225.*LEONI: (Franco): L'Oracolo (1905). Sutherland; Gobbi; Van Allan; Davies; Tourangeau; Bonynge/National Philharmonic. [World Premiere recording; plus incidental music from Prayer of the Sword] London OSA-12107(2). A- to A 16.00

226.*MAHLER: Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Schwarzkopf; Fischer-Dieskau; Szell/LSO. [blue] Angel S-36547. A- 8.00

227.*MAHLER: Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Ludwig; Berry; Bernstein/NYP; PLUS - live performance from Vienna with same artists, but Bernstein at piano instead of with orchestra. Col KS-7395(2). A-("2-eyes" labels) 20.00

228.*MARSCHNER: Hans Heiling. Weikl; Schroeder-Feinen; Siukola; Zeumer; Gilles; George Albrecht/RAI Turin. [with notes & synopsis, but NL] Voce 45(2). A- 16.00

229. MASCAGNI: Iris (Christoff; Petrella; Di Stefano; Meletti; Gavazzeni/Rome Opera; 1956); Cavalleria Rusticana (Simionato; di Stefano; Guelfi; Votto/La Scala; 1955). [Italian-only notes & libretti] Cetra LO-15(4). A-(scattered lgt tks sd 5) 27.00

230.*MASSENET: Cendrillon. Williford; Lucas; Jhunever; Harrell; Bagwell; Taylor; Cheek; A. Coppola/Unnamed company. [Live; w/12-page illustrated libretto booklet] BJR S-125(2). A-- 18.00

231.*MASSENET: Cherubin. Buchan; Delange; Command; Hubert; Marty/unidentified company. [Live, 1980; with lovely illustrated booklet with notes, synopsis & full French-English libretto] BJR S-160(2). A- 30.00

232. MASSENET: Herodiade. Fouche; Cambron; Gulot; van Harden; Wolff/Hilversum Orch & Cho. [Live, 1957; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 245(3). B- 18.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
233.*MASSENET: Le Cid. Domingo; Bumbry; Plishka; Ingram; Hodges; Bergquist; Queler/Opera Orch of NY; Byrne Camp Cho. [live, Carnegie Hall, 3-8-76] Col M3-34211(3). A- 16.00

234.*MASSENET: Le Roi de Lahore. Sutherland; Milnes; Tourangeau; Ghiaurov; Lima; Morris; Bonynge/National Philharmonic. [dig] London 3LDR-10025(3). A- to A(Dutch pressing) 12.00

235. MASSENET: Manon. Feraldy; Rogatchewsky; Guenot; De Creus; Gaudin; Vavon; Rambert; Bernadet; Vieuille; Cohen/Paris Opera Comique. [original oversized album in excellent condition; libretto added] Entre EL-6(3). B+ 30.00

236.*MASSENET: Marie Magdeleine. Crespin; Nadler; Roney; Rouleau; Morss/Unnamed company. [Live; 1976] BJR S-138(2). A- 30.00

237.*MASSENET: Werther. Kraus; Troyanos; Bastin; Barbaux; Manuguerra; Plasson/LPO. Angel SZCX-3894(3). A-(libretto booklet AUTOGRAPHED by Kraus) 25.00

238.*MCKUEN: The City (McKuen, narr); I Hear America Singing (Seibel, soprano; McKuen, narr). Mester/Louisville Orch (in both). Louisville LS-732. A- 12.00

239. MENOTTI: The Unicorn, the Gorgon & the Manticore. Hodges; Nowland; Hensley; Karian; Schippers/Ch Ens & Cho. Angel 35437. A--(earliest U.S. red-label pressing) 16.00

240. MESSAGER: Veronique. Boue; Bourdin; de Rieux; Marquet; Moizan; Mallet; Dervaux/Orch & Cho. London Internationl TW-91093/94(2). A-(NL) 18.00

241.*MEYERBEER: Robert le Diable. Ramey; Anderson; Vanzo; Lagrange; Fulton/unidentified company. [Live; Paris, 1985; first recording of complete original French version in five acts; includes notes booklet and French/English libretto] Legendary LR-211(4). A--(minor pressing flaws cause occasional sound) 24.00

242.*MOHAUPT: (Richard): Double Trouble (Comic Opera in One Act). Dales; Pulliam; Beierfield; Riesley; Pickett; Moritz Bomhard/Chorus & Members of Louisville Orchestra. [Includes synopsis, but no libretto - as issued - in English] Louisville LOU-545-12. A-(in blank jacket; includes notes insert) 12.00

243.*MONIUSZKO: Flis ("The Raftsman;" opera in one act). Majak; Slonicka; Ladysz; Gorzynski/Warsaw Phil & Cho. [w/English notes, synopsis; NL] Muza SX-0145. A- 16.00

244.*MONTEVERDI: L'Incoronazione di Poppea. Laszlo; Lewis; Bible; Dominguez; Cava; Pritchard/RPO; Glyndebourne Festival Cho. [blue labels] Angel SBL-3644(2). A- 16.00

245. MOUSSORGSKY: Boris Godunov. Reizen; Krassovsky; Bogdanov; Sipaev; Nelepp; Mikhailov; Golovanov/Bolshoi Theatre. [booklet has nice photos, but Russian-only text and NL; recorded 1948] Melodiya 33M10-47403-10(4). A- 35.00

246. MOZART: Don Giovanni. Pinza; Bampton; Sayao; Cordon; Kullman; Novotna; Kipnis; Harrell; Walter/Metropolitan Opera. [Live; March 7, 1942; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 119(3). B(sds 1 & 2)(rest is B to B+ - nice for an EJS) 30.00

247.*MOZART: Marriage of Figaro. Wachter; Schwarzkopf; Cossotto; Taddei; Moffo; Giulini/PO & Cho. [blue labels] Angel S-3608(4). A- 20.00

248. MOZART: Mitridate, Re di Ponto. Kolk; Cotrubas; Fassbaender; Zara; Gabry; Heger/Salzburg Mozarteum Orch. [Live, 1970; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 520(3). B 21.00

249.*MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godounov. Ghiuzelev; Penkova; Bodurov; Markov; Naidenov/Sofia Opera. [notes & libretto in French only] Harmonia Mundi HMU-4-144(4). A-(former owner's name in neat ink on box cover) 20.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
250.*MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godounov. Petrov; Shulpin; Ivanov; Arkhipova; Melik-Pashayev/Orch. [includes English notes & synopsis, but NL] Melodiya 33CM-0413-20(4). A-- 20.00

251.*MUSSORGSKY: Boris Godunov. Talvela; Gedda; Mroz; Kinasz; Hiolski; Haugland; Semkow/Polish Radio Orch & Cho; Boys' Cho of Krakow Philhamonic. [First recording of original version; quad] Angel SDLX-3844(4). A- 16.00

252.*NONO: Como una ola de fuerza y luz; U estonces comprendio. Vocal soloists; Pollini, piano; Abbado/BVRS; Cho. DGG 2530 436. A- to A 12.00

253. OFFENBACH: Genevieve de Brabant (complete without dialogue). Dachary; Hennetier; Ristori; Parrat; Peyron; Creder/ORTF & Cho. [Broadcast; NL; blank jacket] Golden Age of Opera EJS 449. B+ 16.00

254. OFFENBACH: Le Pont des Soupirs. Capderou; Stiot; Demigny; Dachery; Mallabrera; Alpress/ORTF Orch & Cho. SIDE 4: OFFENBACH: Le Violoneux. Moizan; Lubin; Senechal; Depraz; Jollis; Allener/ORTF. [Live; NL; blank jackets] ANNA 1022(2). A- 15.00

255.*ORFF: Carmina Burana. Janowitz; Stolze; Fischer-Dieskau; Jochum/Berlin Opera Orch & Cho. [in fold-open album] DGG 139 362. A- to A 12.00

256.*ORFF: Der Mond. Buchner; Teschler; Lunow; Klotz; Terzibaschian; Kegel/Leipzig Radio Orch & Cho. Philips 6700 083(2). A- to A 18.00

257.*PALIASHVILY: Absalom and Etery. Sotkilawa; T. & L. Tatischwili; Schuschanija; Tschkonija; Mirzchulava/USSR Radio Orch & Cho. DGG 2709 094(3). A- to A 16.00

258.*PETERSON-BERGER: (Wilhelm): Songs (25). Jonth, soprano; Brilioth, tenor; Alin, pf. Bis LP-42. A- to A 9.00

259.*POULENC: Gloria (Carteri, soprano); Concerto for Organ, Strings & Timpani (Durufle, organ). Pretre/ORTF. [red U.S. labels - the earliest Angel stereo labels] Angel S-35953. A- 16.00

260.*PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly. Bieshu; Fedoseyev; Novoselova; Borisova; Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre. [notes in Russian only; NL] Melodiya 03905/10(3). A- 24.00

261. PUCCINI: Tosca. Melis; Pauli; Granforte. [The notes state that this recording came from 1929, but are silent about the artists beyond those three; apparently the recording is the Victor version originally on M-84, with Sabajno/La Scala.] [NL] Eclat EC-1002(2). A- 35.00

262.*PUCCINI: Tosca. Milashkina; Atlantov; Milashkina; Atlantov; Sokolov; Filippov; Shkaptsov; Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre. [includes English synopsis and notes, but NL] Melodiya C10-08431-36(3). A- 25.00

263.*PURCELL: The Fairy Queen. Harrhy; Smith; Nelson; Penrose; Priday; Stafford; Hill; Thomas; Gardiner/English Baroque Soloists; Monteverdi Choir. [dig] Archiv 2742 001(3). A- to A 18.00

264. RAVEL: L'Enfant et les Sortileges. Sautereau; Scharley; Vessieres; Michel; Bour/ORTF & Cho. Col ML-4153. C+ 7.00

265.*RAVEL: Songs (complete). Berganza; Lott; Mesple; Norman; Bacquier; Van Dam; Plasson/Misc Orchs; Baldwin, piano; Debost, flute; Fontanarosa, violin. [dig; DMM] Angel DSCX-3965(3). FS 35.00

266.*REYER: (Ernest; 1823-1909): Sigurd. Chauvet; Guiot; Massard; Esposito; Bastin; Blanc; Rosenthal/Unnamed Company. [Live; 1974] BJR S-141(4). A- 60.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
267.*RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: The Snow Maiden. Arkhipova; Zakharenko; Grigoriev; Moksyakov; Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio Orch & Cho. EMI SLS-5102(4). A- to A(minor box damage & tape repair) 23.00

268.*ROSSINI: Elisabetta. Caballe; Carreras; Masterson; Creffield; Benelli; Jenkins; Masini/LSO; Ambrosian Singers. Philips 6703 067(3). A- to A(demo copy) 23.00

269. ROSSINI: Elissabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra. Gencer; Guglielmi; Grilli; Bottazzo; Gavazzeni/Teatro Massimo of Palermo. [Live, 1971; Fillers, sides 5 & 6: Gencer interview, 1971; live aria performances, 1964-7: Stabat Mater; Wm Tell, Anna, Maria Stuarda & Roberto; with nice illustrated libretto/notes booklet] MRF 98(3). A- 30.00

270. ROSSINI: L'Inganno Felice. Cundari; Jacopucci; Montarsolo; Tadeo; Franci/Scarlatti Orch, Naples. [Live; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 297(2). B/B+ 13.00

271. ROSSINI: L'Italiana in Algeri. Berganza; Petri; Falachi; Palombini; Meucci; Sanzogno/RAI Milan. [Live, 1957; w/English notes, Italian-only libretto] Movimento Musica 03 006(3). FS(plastic is frayed, but box unopened) 18.00

272. ROSSINI: La Cenerentola. Berganza; Monti; Bruscatini; Monreale; Rossi/Scarlatti Orchestra & Chorus of RAI Naples. [Live; 1958] Movimento Musica 03 004(3). A- 20.00

273. ROSSINI: Petite Messe Solonnelle. Mancini; Dominguez; Berdini; Petri; Fasano/ASCR. [no notes or texts] Italian Odeon QALP-10107/8(2). FS(box open, but discs still sealed in plastic) 23.00

274. ROSSINI: Semiramide. Sutherland; Simionato; Raimondi; Ganzarolli; Santini/La Scala. [Live, 12/19/62][NL & plain box - as issued] EJS 259(3). B to B+ 18.00

275. ROSSINI: Zelmira. Zeani; Washington; Tagger; Limarilli; Rota; Franci/Teatro San Carlo di Napoli. [Live, 1965; NL] Melodram MEL-164(3). A- to A 27.00

276.*ROUSSEL: Evocations. Mrazova; Svehla; Jindrak; Kosler/CPO & Cho. Supraphon 1112 2454. A- 12.00

277.*SCHONBERG: Pierrot Lunaire (in English; Laine; Howarth/Nash Ens). IVES: Three Songs (Laine; Hymas, piano). RCA LRL1-5058. A-(demo copy) 12.00

278.*SCHUBERT: Rosamunde von Cypern - Complete Incidental Music. Ameling; Masur/Leipzig Gewandhaus Orch & Radio Choir. [dig; DMM; German-only notes] Eterna 725 001. A- to A 12.00

279.*SIBELIUS: Kullervo (1st recording); Swanwhite (incidental music); Kuolema (Scene with Cranes). Kostia; Viitanen (in Kullervo); Berglund/Bournemouth Sym. Angel SB-3778(2). A- 12.00

280. STRAUSS: Ariadne auf Naxos. Schwarzkopf; Seefried; Otto; Streich; Hoffman; Prey; Felbermeyer; Schock; Karajan/PO. [blue labels] Angel 3532(3). A- 14.00

281. STRAUSS: Elektra. Varnay; Hoengen; Wegner; Svanholm; Schoeffler; Reiner/Unnamed Company (doubtless the Met). [Live; 1952; NL; no notes (as issued)] SJS 704/705(2). A- 18.00

282. STRAUSS: Elektra. Madeira; Borkh; Lorenz; Bohme; Della Casa; Mitropoulos/Salzburg Festival. [Live, August 1957; NL] Discocorp SID-731(2). A- 18.00

283. STRAUSS (J): Die Fledermaus (in English). Pons; Welitch; Tucker; Kullman; Lipton; Brownlee; Ormandy/Metropolitan Opera. [pristine copy in later, regular LP-sized box] Col SL-108(2). A-("2-eyes" labels; lovely!) 32.00

284.*STRAVINSKY: The Rake's Progress. Raskin; Young; Reardon; Sarfaty; Composer/RPO; Sadlers Wells Opera Cho. Col M3S-710(3). A-("2-eyes" labels) 25.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
285. TCHAIKOVSKY: The Maid of Orleans. Preobrazhenskaya; Ulyanov; Runovsky; Solomyak; Khaikin/Kirov Opera & Ballet Theatre of Leningrad. [Recorded in 1946; includes English notes and full libretto] Ultraphone ULP-135/138(4). A-- 28.00

286.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Yolanta. Vishnevskaya; Gedda; Petkov; Groenroos; Rostropovich/Paris Orch; Groupe Vocal de France. [dig; live, 12/84] Erato NUM-75207(2). A- to A 20.00

287.*TELEMANN: Pimpinone. Spreckelsen; Nimsgern; Hirsch/Ensemble Florilegium Musicum. Telefunken 6.35285(2). FS 15.00

288.*THOMAS: Hamlet. Milnes; Sutherland; Morris; Conrad; Winbergh; Lewis; Bonynge/Welsh National Opera. [dig; Dutch pressing] London 410 184(3). A- to A 20.00

289.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Hodie. Baker; Lewis; Shirley-Quirk; Willcocks/LSO; Bach Choir; Westminster Abbey Choristers. [blue labels] Angel S-36297. A- 8.00

290. VERDI: Aida. Arangi-Lombardi; Capuana; Lindi; Borgioli; Pasero; Baccaloni; Molajoli/La Scala. [original oversized album is sturdy thanks to tape repair] Entre EL-3(3). A--(bit more snd start sd 6, but very fine) 30.00

291.*VERDI: Attila. Raimondi; Bergonzi; Deutekom; Milnes; Bastin; Cassinelli; Gardelli/RPO; Ambrosian Singers; Finchley Children's Music Group. Philips 6700 056(2). A- to A 16.00

292. VERDI: Don Carlo. Caniglia; Schiutti; Rossi-Lemeni; Previtali/RAI, Rome. Turnabout THS-65054/6(3). FS 12.00

293. VERDI: Ernani. Gencer; Bergonzi; Cappuccilli; Raimondi; Gavazzeni/unidentified company. [NL; live; 1972] HRE 324(2). A- 22.00

294. VERDI: Falstaff. Evans; Dominguez; Oncina; Pastori; Gui/RPO. [Live; Glyndebourne Festival, 1957; includes English notes, but libretto in Italian only] Replica RPL-2454/56(3). A- 26.00

295. VERDI: Falstaff. Rimini; Tassinari; Tellini; Baudes; Monticone; Molajoli/La Scala. [original oversized album in excellent condition; added libretto] Entre EL-8(2). B++ 32.00

296.*VERDI: I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata. Domingo; Deutekom; Raimondi; Lo Monaco; Malvisi; Dean; Gardelli/RPO; Ambrosian Singers. Philips 6703 032(3). A- to A(c/c) 20.00

297. VERDI: La Forza del Destino. Cerquetti; Simionato; Ferraro; Protti; Christoff; Sanzogno/Unidentified Company. [Live, 1956; no notes; NL; blank covers] Unique Opera UORC-332(2). A- 16.00

298. VERDI: La Forza del Destino. Del Monaco; Tebaldi; Bastianini; Siepi; Corena; Simionato; Di Palma; Molinari-Pradelli/ASCR. [AUTOGRAPHED on libretto by Tebaldi & Bastianini; Tebaldi also signed the inside of box front] London XLLA-37(4). B/B-(rather scuffy) 25.00

299. VERDI: La Forza del Destino. Caballe; Carreras; Cappuccilli; Ghiaurov; Bruscantini; Foiani; Patane/Unnamed company. [Live; Italy, 1978] Side 8: Excerpts from original (1862) version of Forza with Van Der Luct; Babini; Verbruccan; Simonetto/Unnamed company. HRE 255(4). FS(plastic frayed, but box unopened) 12.00

300. VERDI: Luisa Miller. Bohme; Hopf; Cebotari; Trotschel; Rott; Hann; Herrmann; Elmendorff/Dresden Staatskapelle & Opera Cho. [no notes or libretto] Private LM-1-4(2). A- 18.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
301. VERDI: Macbeth. Ludwig; Milnes; Ridderbusch; Cossutta; Bohm/Unidentified Company. [Live, 1970; NL] ERR 120(3). A--(fine pressing for ERR) 30.00

302. VERDI: Otello. Carbone; Beltacchi; Fusati; Girardi; Palai; Granforte; Spada; Sabajno/La Scala. [as issued, with notes & synopsis, but NL; box also superb] Camden CCL-101(3). A-(startlingly fine pressing for Camden!) 35.00

303. VERDI: Otello. Martinelli; Tethberg; Votipka; Tibbett; de Paolis; Moscona; Panizza/Metropolitan Opera. [Live broadcast: February 24, 1940] [Deluxe Soria Series limited edition; the fourth (1977) in the Met's Soria Series of Historical Recordings available only to generous Met donors; with 20-page illustrated booklet and complete libretto in velvety slipcase] Metropolitan Opera-MET--4(3). A- 100.00

304. VERDI: Otello. Vinay; Nelli; Valdengo; Merriman; Chabay; Moscona; Toscanini/NBC Sym. [from broadcasts in December 1947] British RCA AT-303(3). A- to A(superb British pressings) 24.00

305. VERDI: Simon Boccanegra. Gobbi; Christoff; de los Angeles; Campora; Santini/Rome Opera. [blue labels] Angel 3617(3). A-(libretto AUTOGRAPHED by Gobbi) 25.00

306.*VERDI: Un Ballo in Maschera. Caballe; Carreras; Wixell; Payne; Ghazarian; Howell; Davis/ROHCG. Philips 6769 020(3). A- to A(c/c) 9.00

307.*VICTORIA: Missa Pro Defunctis cum Sex Vocibus (with Gregorian Chant Interpolations). Edith Ho/Choir of the Church of the Advent (Boston, MA). AFKA S-4698. FS 11.00

308.*WAGNER: Das Rheingold. Flagstad; London; Svanholm; Neidlinger; Solti/VPO. London OSA-1309(3). A- 14.00

309.*WAGNER: Der Ring des Nibelungen - An Introduction. Deryck Cooke explains and analyses Wagner's system of leitmotifs including 193 musical examples drawn from the Solti/VPO Ring cycle (in some cases recorded especially for this production). Side 6 includes performances of Siegfried Idyll and Kinderkatechismus with Solti/VPO; Vienna Boy's Choir. Includes 42-page booklet with extensive discussion with musical examples. London RDN-S-1(3). A- 25.00

310.*WAGNER: Der Ring des Nibelungen. Nilsson; Windgassen; Hotter; Flagstad; London; Svanholm; Frick; Solti/VPO. The four operas, individually boxed, then enclosed in slipcase along with a copy of producer John Culshaw's book, "Ring Resounding." Iconic recordings; first copy I've had of the complete collection with book. London RING-S(19). A- 75.00

311.*WAGNER: Die Walkure. Hoffman; Jones; Altmeyer; McIntyre; Schwarz; Killebrew; Reppel; Boulez/Bayreuth Festival. [Live; dig] Philips 6769 071(4). FS 16.00

312. WAGNER: Die Walkure. Suthaus; Frick; Frantz; Rysanek; Modl; Klose; Topper; Furtwangler/VPO. [Booklet includes fine photographs; notes in German only; NL] Electrola E-90 100/04(5). A- 50.00

313. WAGNER: Flying Dutchman. Hotter; Hann; Ursuleac; Klarwein: Krauss/Bavarian State Opera. [Live, 1944; NL] Discocorp IGI-381(2). A- 14.00

314. WAGNER: Lohengrin. Bolshoi Theatre Soloists; Samosud/USSR Radio Choir & Orch. Melodiya 04734-41(4). A-(brief tks sd 2; NL) 45.00

315. WAGNER: Lohengrin. Steber; Windgassen; Varnay; Uhde; Keilberth/Bayreuth Festival. Richmond RS-65003(5). A- 30.00

LP's: Operatic, Choral & Vocal Repertoire - continued
316. WAGNER: Parsifal. Windgassen; Modl; London; Weber; Van Mill; Uhde; Knappertsbusch/Bayreuth Festival. [live, 1951] Richmond RS-65001(5). A- 30.00

317. WAGNER: Rienzi. Svanholm; Christiansen; Ludwig; Schoeffler; Berry; Stich-Randall; Krips/Vienna Radio Orch. [Live, 1960] [German-only libretto] Side 6: Svanholm in arias from Lohengrin & Tristan (w/Nilsson). Melodram MEL-225(3). A- 27.00

318. WAGNER: Siegfried. Flagstad; Svanholm; Hoengen; Weber; Hermann; Markwort; Pernerstorfer; Furtwangler/Unnamed Orch (apparently La Scala). [Live, 1950; blank jackets; no notes or libretto] Unique Opera UORC-123(4). A-/B+ 22.00

319. WAGNER: The Ring of the Nibelung (complete). Suthaus; Modl; Windgassen; Frick; Frantz; Konetzni; Calvelti; Grummer; Malaniuk; Neidlinger; Klose; Patzak; Streich; Pernerstorfer; Greindl; Poell; Jurinac; Rossl-Majdan; Furtwangler/RAI Rome. [Recorded 1953. Each opera is in its own box, plus single disc "The Seraphim Guide to the Ring;" all enclosed in an oversize slipcase.] Seraphim IS-6100(19). A- 85.00

320. WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde. Flagstad; Thebom; Suthaus; Greindl; Fischer-Dieskau; Schock; Furtwangler/PO. [blue labels] Angel 3588(5). A- 20.00

321.*WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde. Nilsson; Resnik; Krause; Van Mill; Solti/VPO. [Sixth record is bonus disc, "Project Tristan, September 1960." Narrated by producer John Culshaw, the disc includes rehearsal excerpts and discussions during recording sessions. London OSA-1502(6). A- 25.00

322. WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde. Flagstad; Melchior; Janssen; Kalter; List; Reiner/ROHCG [Live; May, 1936; NL; blank jackets] Golden Age of Opera EJS 465(4). B+ 20.00

323.*WALTON: Facade 2 (World Premiere recording); Facade Entertainment. Cathy Berberian & Robert Tear, reciters; Steuart Bedford/Instrumental Ens (including Jack Brymer, alto sax; Thea King, clarinet & bass clarinet). Peters PLG-135. A-- 12.00

324.*WEINBERGER: Schwanda. Prey; Popp; Jerusalem; Killebrew; Nimsgern; Wallberg/Munich Radio Orch; Cho. [TAS 29:132-3] CBS M3-36926(3). A- to A(lovely German pressing) 20.00

325. WOLF-FERRARI: I Quattro Rusteghi. Carteri; Valletti; Rossi-Lemeni; Elmo; Ligabue; Zampieri; Votto/La Scala. [Live; February 6, 1954; NL] HRE 344(3). A- 18.00

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