Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor Auction Catalog #119 [Closing Monday, May 9th, 2011]


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The following several sections are devoted to listings of records by manufacturer in order of prefix and issue number. In most of these cases, either an individual item or a whole series has a following among groups of collectors on the basis of either quality of recorded sound to begin with or of pressing vintage (or both); in some cases (audiophile or not) the label per se has so devoted a following that it makes sense to list discs here rather than in an artist or repertoire category. Since many of these audiophiles are also followers of The Abso!ute Sound magazine, I have also included notations when I have found reviews or comments regarding specific discs in this publication. These take the form of the issue number followed by a colon, then the page number, i.e. [38:155]. Please consult these references directly if you are interested in what TAS has said. Their content in generally favorable, but they are not always so. Also, I have included these references even in cases where TAS has discussed or listed a different issue of the same recording I have listed (for example, a domestic vs. an imported pressing, or a reissue vs. original issue). So do not automatically assume that a TAS reference means a rave review of the specific item listed. When the letter "L" follows one of these notes, it means that the item was included on Harry Pearson's list on that page in that issue (rather than meaning that the item received an actual review or comment). [If you have a specific interest in the early Columbia stereo pressings with "2-eyes" labels, or the even earlier "6-eyes" pressings, here is where they are in this catalog: # 227, 283-4, 424, 434, 484-5, 814, 894, 901, 903, 917, 949, 1009, 1030, 1082, 1084, 1120, 1167, 1193-6, 1214, 1244, 1264, 1267, 1272, 1278-9, 1299, 1331-2, 1334-5, 1375-9, 1401, 1427, 1443, 1449-51, 1453-8, 1460-3, 1532, 1536, 1542-44, 1546, 1548, 1550-1, 1555, 1604-5, 1607-8 & 1610..]

LP's: Angels
All of the mono Angels below (except as noted) are early British pressings from the period 1953-1958 when Dario Soria was Angel's president. Except as noted otherwise, these copies are the deluxe editions, with fine art work on the covers, extra heavy sleeves and dowel-rod spines (boxed sets did not have the dowel-rod spines). In a few instances the spine is gone (indicated with "ns"); in some cases the copy is from their thrift edition ("th"), wherein the same fine pressings were packaged in simple sleeves without notes and sold for lower prices than the deluxe editions. Stereo items are usually either early pressings ["red" = red label for the very earliest of them, or "blue" = blue label used until the late '60's] or 45 rpm audiophile issues from the early 1980's. I sometimes also list other stereo Angels here when their EMI incarnations have been particularly popular.
492. 3501(2): LEHAR - The Merry Widow. Schwarzkopf; Kunz; Gedda; Loose; Ackermann/PO & Cho. A-(spine label torn) 13.00

493. 3580(3): STRAUSS - Capriccio. Schwarzkopf; Fischer-Dieskau; Waechter; Gedda; Hotter; Ludwig; Moffo; Sawallisch/PO. A- 21.00

494. 35183: MENDELSSOHN - Symphony #3; Calm Sea & Prosperous Voyage Overture. Kletzki/Israel Phil. B(most plays A-, but some scrs & a bubble) 9.00

495. 35202: BERLIOZ - Symphonie Fantastique. Karajan/PO. A-(a few ticks in outer grooves) 18.00

496. 35205: LALO - Symphonie Espagnole. Oistrakh; Martinon/PO. Angel 35205. A- 18.00

497. 35208: SPANISH SONGS - Works of Falla(7), Mompou(3), Montsalvatge(2), Turina(2), Obradors(5) & Pittaluga. Nan Merriman; Moore, piano. B to B+(much A-, but flaws) 15.00

LP's: Angels - continued
498. 35214: DVORAK - Symphony #8 (old #4); Scherzo Capriccioso. Sawallisch/PO. [nice, very young photo of Sawallisch] A- 18.00

499. 35217: FRENCH SONGS - Works of Debussy(9), Bachelet, Faure(3), Chausson, Duparc(2) & Bizet. Nan Merriman; Moore, piano. A--(outer grooves are B+) 15.00

500. 35312: HAYDN - Symphonies #101 & #102. Markevitch/ORTF. [th] A- 16.00

501. 35410: STRAUSS - The Two Horn Concerti. Brain; Sawallisch/PO. A- 12.00

502. 35436: LISZT - Piano Concerto #1; Hungarian Fantasy. Cziffra; Dervaux/PCO. A-(missing dowel spine) 10.00

503. 35594: PROKOFIEV - Love for Three Oranges. LIADOV - Eight Russian Folksongs. TCHAIKOVSKY - Nutcracker Suite. Malko/PO. [scarce - my last copy sold in 1988!] A- 36.00

504. 35608: EILEEN FARRALL - Songs & Ballads (16). Trovillo, piano. [ns] A- 16.00

505. 35610: GYORGY CZIFFRA, piano - Paraphrases, Transcriptions & Improvisations: Flight of Bumblebee, William Tell, Blue Danube, Sabre Dance, Hungarian Dance #5, Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, Vecsey's Valse Triste & Cziffra's own Rumanian Fantasy. A- 32.00

506. 35621: TCHAIKOVSKY - Francesca da Rimini; 1812; March Slav. Kletzki/RPO. A- 18.00

507. 35626: BRAHMS - Piano Sonata #3; Intermezzi Op.117, #1-3. Anda. A- 18.00

508. 35639: WALTON - Facade Suites; Johannesburg Festival & Portsmouth Point Overtures; Crown Imperial; Orb & Sceptre. Composer/PO. A- 20.00

509. 35643: HINDEMITH - Mathis der Maler. BARTOK - Divertimento. Silvestri/PO. A- 18.00

510. 35647: PROKOFIEV - Piano Sonata #7. RACHMANINOFF - Variations on a Theme of Corelli. LISZT - Mephisto Waltz #1; Feux Follets. Ashkenazy. [very early Ashkenazy - recorded late 1957] A- 32.00

511. 35652: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #9, #10, #13 & #14. Gieseking. [ns] A- 9.00

512. 35678: DEBUSSY - Jeux; Rondes du Printemps; Gigues; Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orleans (Betty); Trois Ballades de Francois Villon (Plantey). Inghelbrecht/ORTF. A-(lovely copy, but no dowel spine) 35.00

513. 35688: DEBUSSY - La Mer; 3 Nocturnes. Silvestri/PCO. Cho. [ns] A-(lovely copy) 24.00

514. 35744: ROMANTIC OVERTURES - May Night, Prince Igor, Midsummer Night's Dream, Hansel & Gretel, Russlan & Ludmilla. Silvestri/PO. [ns] Angel 35744. A- 12.00

515.*S-35426: HENRY KRIPS (Josef's brother): WALDTEUFEL WALTZES - Les Patineurs; Mon Reve; Estudiantina; Grenadiers; Pomone; Espana. Philharmonia Promenade Orchestra. [Very early Angel stereo issue with both first US red labels and dowel spine] A- 16.00

516. S-35427: SUPPE OVERTURES - Light Cavalry; Tantalusqualen; Die Irrfahrt ins Gluck; Poet & Peasant; Morning, Noon & Night; Pique Dame. Henry Krips/PO. [earliest issue, with U.S. red labels and the dowel spine which was onlyh on the very first Angel stereos] A-(s/s) 15.00

517.*S-37284: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony #4. Previn/CSO. [quad] [Bishop; Parker] A- 12.00

518.*SS-45011: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole. GLINKA - Russlan & Ludmilla Overture. MUSSORGSKY - Night on Bald Mountain. Rostropovich/Paris Orch. [45 rpm; quad] A-(c/c) 12.00
LP's: Londons
The very early [c.1958-1963] blue-backed issues with "FFSS" on the label are designated [bb]. All of the items listed below are British pressings unless otherwise noted.
519.*CS-6012: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Tsar Saltan Suite; May Night Overture; Russian Easter Overture. Ansermet/OSR. A- 12.00

520.*CS-6017: STRAVINSKY - Firebird (complete). Ansermet/OSR. A-(blue-backed jacket, but not FFSS labels) 18.00

521.*CS-6026: CHOPIN - Les Sylphides. DELIBES - La Source, Suite. Maag/PCO. A-(c/c) 10.00

522.*CS-6032: DVORAK - Serenade for Strings, Op.22. Kubelik/Israel Phil. [bb] A- to B+ 14.00

523.*CS-6033: LISZT - Piano Concerti #1 & #2. Katchen; Argenta/LPO. [bb] A- 12.00

524.*CS-6055: RACHMANINOV - Concerto #1. TCHAIKOVSKY - Concert Fantasy in G. Katin; Boult/LPO. A- 12.00

525.*CS-6202: HALFFTER - Rapsodia Portuguesa. TURINA - Rapsodia Sinfonica. GRANADOS - Girl and the Nightingale. Soriano; Alonzo/Spanish Natnl Orch. A- 12.00

526.*CS-6240: PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet (extended exc). Ansermet/OSR. A-(a little writing on back cover) 16.00

527.*CS-6322: KHACHATURIAN - Spartacus & Gayne Suites. Composer/VPO. [TAS 65:156L(Decca incarnation); very dynamic!] A- 16.00

528.*CS-6400: BACH - Suite #2. MOZART - Flute Concerto, K.314. GLUCK - Dance of the Blessed Spirits. Claude Monteux, flute; Monteux/LSO. A- 12.00

529.*CS-6429: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #4. Maazel/VPO. A- 12.00

530.*CS-6440: BACH - Piano Concerto in d. CHOPIN - Piano Concerto #2. Ashkenazy; Zinman/LSO. A- 9.00

531.*CS-6525: DVORAK - Symphony #3; Hussite Overture. Kertesz/LSO. A- 9.00

532.*CS-6540: CHAUSSON - Symphony. FRANCK - Les Eolides. Ansermet/OSR. A- 9.00

533.*CS-6602: BERWALD - Sinfonia Singuliere; Symphony in E-flat. Ehrling/LSO. A- 10.00

534.*CS-6675: BEETHOVEN - Egmont (complete). Wussow, speaker; Lorengar; Szell/VPO. [thrilling!] A- 16.00

535.*CS-6732: SCRIABIN - Poem of Fire; Piano Concerto. Ashkenazy; Maazel/LPO. A- 10.00

536.*CS-6746: DVORAK - The Water Goblin; Noonday Witch; Hussites & My Home Overtures. Kertesz/LSO. A- 12.00

537.*CS-6747: FRANZ SCHMIDT - Symphony #4. Mehta/VPO. [legendary performance; TAS 43:159-60] A- 20.00

538.*CS-6749: SCHUMANN - Kreisleriana; Allegro, Op.8; Romance, Op.28, #2; Novelette, Op.21, #8. De Larrocha, piano. A-(c/c) 10.00

539.*CS-6787: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphonies #1 & #9. Weller/OSR. [Mordler; Lock] A- 12.00

540.*CS-6789: ELGAR - Symphony #1. Solti/LPO. [Minshull; Wilkinson] A- 12.00

541.*CS-6945: VERDI - Ballet Music from Otello (Act 3); I Vespri Siciliani (4 Seasons); Don Carlos (Act 3). Maazel/CO. [Woolcock; Moorfoot, Parry & Law] A-(c/c) 12.00

542. CS-6952: CHOPIN - The 24 Preludes. de Larrocha. [Woolcock; Moorfoot] A-(c/c) 9.00

543.*CS-7018: BRAHMS - Concerto #1. Rubinstein; Mehta/Israel Phil. [inc Rbuinstein’s notes on the work] A- 16.00

544.*CS-7033: DEBUSSY - La Mer; Afternoon of a Faun. RAVEL - Bolero. Solti/CSO. [Minshull; Wilkinson] A- 12.00

545.*CS-7034: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #6. Solti/CSO. [Minshull; Wilkinson] A- 10.00

LP's: Londons - continued
546.*CS-7038: MENDELSSOHN - Symphonies #1 & #5. Dohnanyi/VPO. [Raeburn; Lock; Sofiensaal, 1976] A- 12.00

547.*CSA-2314(3): PROKOFIEV - The Five Concerti (Ashkenazy; Previn/LSO); Ashkenazy conducts Classical Symphony; Overture on Hebrew Themes; Autumnal . [D] A- 18.00

548.*CSA-2406(4): BRAHMS - The Four Symphonies; Academic Festival & Tragic Overtures. Solti/CSO. [Mallinson; Wilkinson, Moorfoot & Mailes] A- 20.00

549.*CSP--9(9): BEETHOVEN - Nine Symphonies; Leonore Overture #3; Coriolan & Egmont Overtures. Lorengar; Minton; Burrows; Talvela; (#9); Solti/CSO/Cho. [D; TAS 4:236 (re #9); Minshull & Harvey, producers; Wilkinson & Lock, engineers. Recorded at Krannert Center, University of IL (#9; Egmont; Leonore #3); Sofiensaal, Vienna (#6, #7 & Coriolan); Medinah Temple, Chicago (rest). Like the original issue, 9th is pressed on 4 sides; Eroica is spread onto 2 1/2 sides!] A-(lovely copy!) 50.00

550.*OS-25331: BRITTEN - Noye's Fludde. Brannigan; Rex; Anthony; Del Mar/ECO; East Suffolk Children's Orch. [TAS 65:154L; 73:149L (in its Argo incarnation)] [bb] A- 12.00

551.*OSA--1105: SCARLATTI - The Spanish Lady & the Roman Cavalier (Cossotto; Alvary). GIULIO CONFALONIERI - Gala (ballet; "A Cosmic Divertissement by Salvatore Dali"). Composer conducts Complesso Strumentale Italiano in both his work and the Scarlatti. [Plus an interview ("creative English") w/Dali, and a recording of Dali painting a picture in 1961 on a balcony in Venice. A-(FFSS labels, but not bb) 31.00

552.*OSA--1159: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #9. Sutherland; Horne; King; Talvela; Schmidt-Isserstedt/VPO; VSO Cho. A-(leftlet AUTOGRAPHED by Horne) 16.00

553.*OSA--1218(2): STRAUSS - Salome. Nilsson; Wachter; Stolze; Solti/VPO. [TAS 30:125-7; 153:70] A- 18.00

554.*OSA--1313(3): VERDI - Aida. Tebaldi; Bergonzi; MacNeil; Simionato; Karajan/VPO. [TAS 32:158-9; 61:130-4; 73:149L] [bb; FFSS] A-(booklet's photo page AUTOGRAPHED by MacNeil) 35.00

555.*OSA--1502(6): WAGNER - Tristan und Isolde. Nilsson; Resnik; Krause; Van Mill; Solti/VPO. [Sixth record is bonus: "Project Tristan, September 1960;" narrated by producer John Culshaw, the disc includes rehearsal excerpts and discussions surrounding the recording sessions] A- 26.00

556.*OSA--1508(5): WAGNER - Siegfried. Nilsson; Windgassen; Hotter; Stolze; Neidlinger; Sutherland; Solti/VPO. [1st recording; TAS 12:527] A- 20.00

557.*OSA-1294(2): VERDI - Requiem. Price; Elias; Bjoerling; Tozzi; Reiner/VPO; Cho. [London reissue of RCA Soria Series original; Smith; Brown; TAS re the RCA release: 88:160-2; 130:73] A- 25.00

558.*SLB-30 (JAPANESE): BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #5. Curzon; Knappertsbusch/VPO. [Japanese pressing, King Record Company; FFSS labels; Japanese-only notes; from CS-6019 (Decca SXL-2002)] A-- 23.00

559.*STS-15025: ROUSSEL - Symphonies #3 & #4. Ansermet/OSR. [1st stereo iss] A-(c/c) 12.00

560.*STS-15066: BALAKIREV - Thamar. LIADOV - Kikimora; Eight Russian Folk Songs; Baba-Yaga. Ansermet/OSR. [first stereo issue?] A- 12.00

561.*STS-15249/54(6): HAYDN - Symphonies #36 - #48. Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [Mallinson; Moorfoot] A- 32.00

562.*STS-15310/15(6): HAYDN - Symphonies #1 - #19. Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [Mallinson; Moorfoot & Dunkerley] A- 32.00

LP's: Mercuries
For the SR series (and some of the others) I am now replacing my previous pressing designation by means of label-type with designations by means of stamper numbers, since most of my customers seem to find that information more complete and useful. The FR's are the earliest stampers, followed by the RFR's, CFR's and M's. FR stampers no longer appeared in issues with numbers above about SR-90265 (some earlier numbers may also have been pressed first as RFR's), and there were no RFR's either above about SR-90500. Excellent (or mint) copies of Mercury's early stereo pressings (particularly those with the early FR stampers), like those of most companies in the late 50's and early 60's, sometimes grade A- but frequently have a degree of surface noise which falls a little below my audition grade of A-, yet is quieter than what I grade B+. These are graded "A- to B+." Items graded A- are very fine copies of very quiet pressings, and grades above that are exceptional.
563. MG-40010: PISTON - Symphony #3. Hanson/ERSO. [Golden Lyre label; recorded May, 1954; mono only of course] [MF-7/MF-2] B+ 17.00

564. MG-50022: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #7. Paray/Detroit Sym. [scarce in such fine condition!] [MF-7/MF-16] A- 25.00

565. MG-50040: RAVEL - Daphnis et Chloe (complete). Dorati/Mpls; Macalester College Choir. [recorded December 4, 1954; mono only] [MF-12/MF-12] B/B+(occ tks) 7.00

566. MG-50046: RESPIGHI - Church Windows; Feste Romane. Dorati/Mpls. [Recorded November 20, 1954; Church Windows has famous all-time tam-tam crash (TAS 39:144; 58:134), but don't overlook this terrific performance (and impactful mono-only recording) of the Feste!] [MF-10/MF-13] A-(9 lgt tks early Windows) 32.00

567.*MG-50053: MUSIC FOR QUIET LISTENING - Works of Ron Nelson, William Pursell, Joseph Scianni, Robert Gauldin, Martin Mailman, James Sutcliffe, Neil McKay, Paul Earls, Robert Stern. Hanson/ERSO. [All pieces have won the Edward B. Benjamin Award for Restful Music. Very scarce item. TAS re stereo issue: 34:180] [FR-1/FR-3] B+(brief tks Pursell, occ elsewhere) 16.00

568. MG-50057: BRAHMS - Symphony #4. Paray/Detroit. [mono-only; rec March 26, 1955] [MF-2/MF-2] A- 20.00

569. MG-50074: AMERICAN MUSIC FOR STRING ORCHESTRA. CANNING - Fantasy on a Hymn of Justin Morgan. MENNINI - Arioso for Strings. FOOTE - Suite in E. Hanson/ERSO. [mono-only issue] [FR-3/FR-1] A- 20.00

570. MG-50104: CHADWICK (George W.) - Symphonic Sketches. Hanson/ERSO. [TAS re stereo: 37:96] [MF-2/MF-2] A-(s/s) 9.00

571. MG-50140: BARTOK - Violin Concerto. Menuhin; Dorati/Mpls. [TAS re stereo: 33:134; recorded in Carnegie Hall from midnight to 5 a.m. following a concert!] [FR-7/FR-9] A-(s/s) 9.00

572.*SR-90173: WINDS IN HI-FI: GRAINGER - Lincolnshire Posy. ROGERS - Three Japanese Dances. MILHAUD - Suite Francaise. STRAUSS - Serenade in E-flat. Fennell/EWE. [TAS 36:165; 53:120; 65:156L] [FR-5/FR-1] A- 45.00

573.*SR-90183: BARTOK - Dance Suite; Deux Portraits; Mikrokosmos - Bourree & Moto Perpetuo ("From the Diary of a Fly"). Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [TAS 36:168; 54:159+163] [recorded in same sessions as the famous "Ancient Airs & Dances" disc; this record is much less common (in the feeding frenzy days of audiophile discs in the early '90's this sold for over $200); the Dance Suite especially is stunning] [FR-5/FR-5] A--(cluster blem is superficial; mod cov damage) 50.00

LP's: Mercuries - continued
574.*SR-90191: OUVERTURES FRANCAISES - BERLIOZ: Roman Carnival; Corsair. LALO: Roi d'Ys. BIZET: Patrie. Paray/Detroit. [TAS 34:178; 73:141+150L] [FR-3/FR-3] A-(c/c; a little crackle in Roman Carnival) 20.00

575.*SR-90192: HANSON - Symphony #2 ("Romantic"); Lament for Beowulf. Composer/ERSO (& Chorus in Lament). [TAS 35:108; 65:156L] [RFR-2/RFR-2] B+ to A- 23.00

576.*SR-90208: HAYDN - Symphonies #94 & 103. Dorati/Philharmonia Hungarica. [recorded during same sessions as the celebrated recording of Ancient Airs & Dances; TAS 40:167; 44:176-7] [RFR-1/RFR-2] A- 35.00

577.*SR-90209: TCHAIKOVSKY - Romeo & Juliet. KHACHATURIAN - Gayne (exc). Dorati/LSO. [TAS 33:137] [CS-7/CS-10] A-(c/c) 20.00

578.*SR-90222: POP-OVERS - 10 light classical works, inc Schwanda Polka & Fugue, Russian Sailors' Dance (by Gliere, not Glinka, despite the label!), Finlandia, Hora Staccato, Liebestraum, Procession of the Nobles. Fennell/Eastman Pops. [TAS 35:105] [FR-3/FR-6] A-- 23.00

579.*SR-90253: STRAVINSKY - Le Sacre du Printemps. Dorati/Mpls. [TAS 33:137] [M-2/M-2] A-(c/c) 12.00

580.*SR-90262: DVORAK - Symphony #9 (old #5). Paray/Detroit Sym. [PR-2/PR-2] A-(c/c) 45.00

581.*SR-90278: BERG - Lulu Suite; Wozzeck (3 Excerpts). Pilarczyk, soprano (ah, the famous Scream!); Dorati/LSO. [35mm film recording][TAS 34:180; 54:162; 58:134; 73:147L][still a hard disc to find in fine condition - my last copy sold in 2001] [RFR-1/RFR-1] A- 45.00

582.*SR-90325: MORE MARCH FAVORITES - Trojan March; Crown Imperial; Marche Heroique; Wedding March; Children's March; Golden Ear; Egyptian March. Misc artists - taken from earlier releases. [PR-2/PR-2] A- 20.00

583.*SR-90375: BERLIOZ - Symphonie Fantastique; Corsair Overture; Royal Hunt & Storm. Paray/Detroit. [PR-2/PR-2] A-(c/c; little writing on back cover) 16.00

584.*SR-90379: MENNIN - Symphony #5. SCHUMAN - New England Triptych. GRIFFES - Poem for Flute & Orchestra (Mariano). Hanson/ERSO. [TAS 11:390L; 46:154] [RFR-1/RFR-1] A-(demo copy; superficial mark sd 2 does not snd) 25.00

585.*SR-90386: ROSSINI OVERTURES - William Tell; Barber of Seville; Scala di Seta. ROSSINI-RESPIGHI - La Boutique Fantasque. Benzi/Lamoureux Orch. [TAS 36:169] [PR-2/PR-2] A-(c/c) 12.00

586.*SR-90395: TCHAIKOVSKY WALTZES - Nutcracker (2), Swan Lake (2), Sleeping Beauty, Eugen Onegin, Serenade for Strings, Symphony #5. Dorati/LSO; Mpls. [M-4/RFR-2] A-- 10.00

587.*SR-90426: BARTOK - The Wooden Prince. Dorati/LSO. [TAS 38:141-2] [RFR-4/RFR-2] A-- 16.00

588.*SRI-75023: RESPIGHI - The Birds; Brazilian Impressions. Dorati/LSO. [from SR-90153; TAS 54:159+163; 73:148L] A- to A 12.00

589.*SRI-75024: BRAHMS - Hungarian Dances (complete). Dorati/LSO. [from SR-90437; TAS 36:167] A- to A 14.00

590.*SRI-75049: SESSIONS - Black Maskers Suite. BARBER - Capricorn Concerto. GINASTERA - Creole Faust Overture. Hanson/ERSO. [from SR-90257(TAS 33:136; 54:162); SR-90224(TAS 35:106; 54:162); SR-90103(TAS 39:127-8; 53:120)] A- to A 12.00

LP's: RCA's
I am now listing RCA's all together in one group when they are either early pressings in which customers have indicated an interest, or when they are later pressings of issues which have had a particular following. Records are listed alphanumerically by prefix and number. Codes for pressings refer to label types, and are given in brackets just before the grade at the end of the listing (e.g. [SD]). RCA pressing codes are as follows:
PD = Plum Dog (Nipper, the RCA/HMV dog, shown against a shaded plum background; used for the last RCA classical mono issues, c.1954-1958).

SD = Shaded Dog (as above, but with fire-engine red background; used during the early stereo era, c.1958-1963, for both mono and stereo classical issues except some Sorias).

WD = White Dog (also called "Plain Dog"; Nipper here is against an unshaded background of Christmas red; used for all classical issues except Sorias c.1964-1969).

ND = No Dog (large "RCA" in open white letters on left of label; c.1969-1977).

LD = Late Dog (small dog on upper right of label against dark red; c.1977 forward).

BL = Black label (for popular records almost exclusively)

CP = Canadian Pressing.

PL = Plum Label (Victrola VIC or VICS issues, the earliest pressings, c. 1964-1968).

SS = Soria Series (special label of Christmas red with no dog used only for the Sorias; the first Sorias had SD labels, but switched to SS about 1961 - before WD era).
I am now also including the stamper numbers of each stereo disc (and some monos too) next to the pressing code. If the information is available I also show the names of the producer and engineer in another pair of brackets. Please note that for these issues - as for most records from the early stereo era - copies in apparently mint condition frequently grade "A- to B+" in my audition. Copies graded A- are very fine, and higher grades are quite extraordinary from this period.
591.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2147: SCHUBERT - "Trout" Quintet. Festival Quartet (Goldberg, Primrose, Graudan, Babin; Sankey, bass). A-(brief tks sd 2) 15.00

592.*GL-25006 (BRITISH): ELIZABETHAN SERENADE - English Favorites. Britten - Young Person's Guide. Arnold - 4 Scottish Dances. Short works by Elgar(2), Binge, Walton & Tove. Charles Gerhardt/NPO. A- 16.00

593.*LDS-6155(3): VERDI - Otello. Vickers; Rysanek; Gobbi; Serafin/Rome Opera. [Mohr; Layton; (Boux, sterophonic stage manager); Deluxe Soria Series issue with beautifully-illustrated 61-page Mignone libretto/book] A-(SS; 20S/12S/17S/13S/13S/24S) 32.00

594. LM-1104: VERDI - Rigoletto (excerpts). Peerce; Warren; Berger; Tajo; Merriman; White; Cellini/RCA Victor Orch; Shaw/Shaw Chorale. [early labels] B+ 16.00

595. LM-1105: HEART OF THE PIANO CONCERTO - Movements from Mozart #20, Rachmaninoff #2, Bach #1, Schumann, Beethoven #3, Grieg, Tchaikovsky #1 & Rhapsody in Blue. Sanroma; Fiedler/BPS. [early labels] B to B+ 15.00

596. LM-1106: ANDERSON - Classical Juke Box. KABALEVSKY - The Comedians. Fiedler/BPS. [early labels] B(mostly better, but some scrs) 10.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
597. LM-1107: BACH - The Well-Tempered Clavier: Book I: Preludes & Fugues #9 - #16. Landowska. [recorded 1950] [PD labels] A-(brief bbl thumps) 10.00

598. LM-1109: SCHUMANN - Kinderscenen. CHOPIN - Mazurkas. Horowitz. [nice cover - first I've seen it] [early labels] B+/A- 25.00

599. LM-1111: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Heifetz/Susskind/PO. [early labels] B- 10.00

600. LM-1112: CHRISTMAS HYMNS AND CAROLS - Twenty-Five songs, some very familiar, some not. Robert Shaw/His Chorale. [recorded 1945/46; this copy has the original jacket, with art identical to the 78-rpm album cover] [early labels] A-(startlingly fine copy of a classic!) 32.00

601. LM-1114: JOHANN STRAUSS - Die Fledermaus (excerpts in English). Munsel; Resnik; Stevens; Melton; Merrill; Peerce; Reiner/RCA Victor Orch; Robert Shaw Chorale. [Rare record! This copy has the later cover art, which I don't think I have ever seen before!] [PD labels] A- 32.00

602. LM-1117: GREAT SACRED CHORUSES - Messiah, Creation, Mount of Olives, Elijah, Enfance, Crucifixion, Ave Verum, St. Cecilia (Gounod). Robert Shaw Chorale. [early labels] A-- 12.00

603. LM-1118: DUKAS - Sorcerer's Apprentice. SAINT-SAENS - Danse Macabre. SMETANA - The Moldau. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [second jacket - only slightly different from first, with head shot of Toscanini instead of full body photo] [early labels] A-(brief tks sd 2) 16.00

604. LM-1120: TCHAIKOVSKY - Trio in a. Rubinstein; Heifetz; Piatagorsky. [WD labels] A-- 14.00

605. LM-1121: WALTON - Violin Concerto (Composer/PO). VIEUXTEMPS - Concerto #5 (Sargent/LSO). Heifetz in both. [early labels] A-- 25.00

606. LM-1122: HELEN TRAUBEL SINGS WAGNER (Volume 1). Excerpts from Tristan(2), Tannhauser & Lohengrin. Weissmann/RCA Orch. [early labels] C+(scarce; only my 2nd copy ever; stopgap??) 10.00

607. LM-1123: HELEN TRAUBEL SINGS WAGNER (Volume 2): Excerpts from Walkure(3), Lohengrin, Gotterdammerung, Parsifal & Dutchman. Weissmann/RCA Orch. [early labels] B(as scarce as Volume 1, in my experience) 18.00

608. LM-1127: THE GREAT CARUSO - Selections from the motion picture. Mario Lanza; Callinicos/RCA Victor Orch. [PD labels] A- 12.00

609. LM-1128: VERDI - Don Carlo (highlights). Thebom; Bjoerling; Merrill; Tajo. [With miscellaneous orchestras & conductors; scarce disc - perhaps the only issue, at least in this collected form] B+(occ tks) 24.00

610. LM-1132: CHOPIN - The Four Scherzi. Rubinstein. [PD labels] A- 12.00

611. LM-1133: BACH - Passacaglia & Fugue in c; Mein Jesu; Chaconne; Bourree; Siciliano. Stokowski/His Sym. [early labels] B+(occ tks from short scrs) 18.00

612. LM-1135: MOZART - Sonata for Two Pianos, K.448. CHABRIER - Three Romantic Waltzes. Jose & Amparo Iturbi. B(most plays much better, but some small scrs) 28.00

613. LM-1136: BACH - The Well-Tempered 3 Clavier: Book I: Preludes & Fugues #17 - #24. Wanda Landowska. [recorded 1950/51] [early labels] B+ to B 10.00

614. LM-1137: CHOPIN - Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise; Waltzes, Op.32,#2 and Op.64,#2; Mazurka, Op.7,#3; Polonaise, Op.53. Vladimir Horowitz. [early labels] A--(brief tks sd 1) 18.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
615. LM-1138: SPANISH MUSIC: PALAU - March Burlesque; Hommage a Debussy. RODRIGO - Homenaje a la Temperancia. CHAVARRI - Interior from Valenciannos. ITURBI - Seguidillas. FALLA - Dances from 3-Cornered Hat. Iturbi/Valencia Symphony. [early labels] B(scarce disc!) 20.00

616. LM-1148: A TREASURY OF GRAND OPERA - Eight selections by Albanese; Warren; Berger; Merrill; Tagliavini; Tajo; Thebom; Albanese/Peerce. Misc assisting artists; odd one to me was Fiedler/RCA Sym with Merrill in Pag prologue. [PD labels] A- 12.00

617. LM-1151: KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD IN TRISTAN: Isolde's Narrative & Curse (Hongen; Dobrowen/PO); Love Duet (Svanholm; Shacklock; Bohm/PO). [early labels] A--(superb copy except for few tks sd 2) 16.00

618. LM-1152: BACH - The Well-Tempered Clavier: Book II: Preludes & Fugues #1 - #8. Wanda Landowska, harpsichord. [recorded 1951] [early labels] B+ 9.00

619. LM-1153: RUBINSTEIN - Encores Liszt, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Chopin(2), Schubert & Rachmaninoff. [PD labels] A-(later cover - color portrait) 12.00

620. LM-1155: WAGNERIAN TENOR ARIAS - Lohengrin(2), Meistersinger(2), Walkure(2) & Tannhauser. Set Svanholm; Weissmann/RCA Victor Orch. [early labels] B+(some ticks in early grooves) 35.00

621. LM-1160: Highlights from CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA and I PAGLIACCI. Strange assemblage of selections includes vocalists Albanese, Milanov, Bjoerling, Peerce, Merrill & Warren, and conductors Fiedler, Grevillius, Leinsdorf, Morel & Weissmann. [early labels] B 12.00

622. LM-1162: GREAT OPERATIC LOVE DUETS - TOSCA (Quartararo; Vinay); PAGLIACCI (Albanese; Merrill); FAUST (Geori-Boue; Nore); BUTTERFLY (Albanese; Melton). [early labels] B(scarce disc - first copy I've seen) 25.00

623. LM-1163: CHOPIN - Preludes, Op.28. Rubinstein. [ND labels] A-(in early jacket, despite late pressing) 12.00

624. LM-1165: FIRST PIANO QUARTET - Dances Not for Dancing (Weber, Smetana, Handel, Chopin, Gluck, Rossini-Liszt, Boccherini, Milhaud, Tchaikovsky & Gliere) and Waltzes from the Classics (J.Strauss, Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Gounod-Liszt & Kreisler). [How weird: the album credits Clifton Fadiman for "originating" this ensemble, yet the names of the individual pianists are not listed anywhere!] [PD labels] B(most plays much better, but some small scrs) 16.00

625. LM-1166: VIOLIN ENCORES - Debussy(2), Bach, Falla, Mendelssohn(3), Arensky, Nin, Milhaud, Beethoven, Poldowski, Godowsky, Schubert & Mozart. Heifetz, violin; Bay, pf. [SD labels] B(most plays much better) 12.00

626. LM-1171: HOROWITZ - Encores by Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn(3), Debussy, Prokofiev (Toccata), Mussorgsky & Horowitz ("Carmen" Variations). [PD labels] A-(excellent copy in the early jacket) 24.00

627. LM-1174: WAGNER - Music from Tristan & Isolde (Prelude, Liebesnacht, Liebestod). Stokowski/His Sym. [partial personnel list of NYC musicians is impressive: Frank Miller, Wm Lincer, Leonard Rose, Julius Baker, Saul Goodman, etc] [early labels] A-(lovely - very hard to find so fine a copy!) 40.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
628. LM-1176: BACH - Suite #2; Little Fugue in g; Sheep May Safely Graze; Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; Giant Fugue; Komm Susser Tod; Easter Cantata Chorale. Stokowski/His Sym. ["Stokowski Conducts Bach, Vol 2"] [PD labels] A-(very fine) 40.00

629. LM-1181: CHAUSSON - Symphony. Monteux/SFSO. [early labels] A-(few ticky spots, most mid-mvt 3) 24.00

630. LM-1187: SAINT-SAENS - Cello Concerto #1 (Reiner/RCA Victor Sym). Cello Encores by Saint-Saens, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Weber, Rubinstein & Granados (Ralph Berkowitz, piano). All with Gregor Piatigorsky. [early labels] A-- 32.00

631. LM-1189: BRAHMS - Piano Sonata #3. Rubinstein. [startlingly fine first pressing of what is said to be one of Rubinstein's scarcest records] [early labels] A- 45.00

632. LM-1193: BEETHOVEN Violin Sonata #9. Heifetz; Moiseiwitsch, pf. [early labels] A-- 20.00

633. LM-1195: LISZT - Totentanz (Reiner/RCA Sym). Franck - Symphonic Variations (Morel/RCA Sym). Brailowsky in both. [early labels] B++(occ tks) 20.00

634. LM-1201: A TREASURY OF EASTER SONGS (20). Shaw/Robert Shaw Chorale. [early labels] B+/B 16.00

635. LM-1205: CHOPIN - Polonaises #1 - #6. Rubinstein. [early labels] B(early jacket; careful tape spine repair) 9.00

636. LM-1208: MOZART - Violin Sonata #40. PAGANINI (arr. Elman) - Caprice #24. Mischa Elman, violin; Wolfgang Rose, piano. [Very scarce item: issued between April and July of 1952, it was deleted in November 1953] [early labels] B(good copy, very conservatively graded) 175.00

637. LM-1227: FIRST PIANO QUARTET - FPQ on the Air: Arrangements of nine familiar works, including Turkish March, Danse Macabre, Capriccio Espagnole, Tristan Liebestod, The Swan. [Unlike their first 12-inch issue on LM-1165, here the pianists are identified on the jacket: Frank Mittler, Adam Garner, Edward Edson & Glanco D'Attili] [early labels] B 16.00

638. LM-1235: CHOPIN - Sonata in b-flat; Ballade #1; Nocturne Op.15 #2. LISZT - Hungarian Rhapsody #6; Au Bord d'une Source. Horowitz, piano. [early labels] B+(in the early jacket) 16.00

639. LM-1806: STRAUSS - Also Sprach Zarathustra; Salome - Dance of the 7 Veils. Reiner/CSO. [See TAS 75/76:78. The first Reiner/CSO sessions were held on March 6, 1954 and included Ein Heldenleben & Salome's Dance. The Zarathustra, though taped 2 days later, is often thought of as their first recording since it took the lower catalog number (LM-1806, as opposed to Heldenleben's LM-1807), and it probably remains Reiner's most famous recording. The stereo issue (LSC-1806), which came much later and is incredibly scarce, did not include the Dance, which didn't show up on stereo LP until the VICS era. This is the very earliest issue, with fold-open album including notes and session photos. [PD; 7S/8S] A-(little or no snd fr superficial rubs) 35.00

640. LM-1807: STRAUSS - Ein Heldenleben. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Pulley & Layton; the first Reiner/CSO recording, 3-6-54 (wrong date given in notes!) The later stereo issues preserve the warm, spacious Orchestra Hall sound better, but compare dynamics at the end of the piece and the mono punch reveals how much the separate stereo taping team (Pfeiffer/Chase) yanked down the limiters as the CSO roared! This is the very first issue in fold-open album with extensive notes & session photos (you can pick out Mohr & Layton if you look carefully).] [PD; 2S/1S] A- 35.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
641. LM-1831: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #1. Rubinstein; Reiner/CSO. [Never in stereo until ARL1-2044] [PD; 4S/9S] A- 12.00

642. LM-2000: CHERUBINI - Requiem in c. Toscanini/NBC Symphony; Robert Shaw Chorale. [SD; 6S/5S] A- 16.00

643. LM-2001: MOZART - Symphony #39; Divertimento #15. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [SD; 7S/22S] A- 15.00

644. LM-2002: GERSHWIN - Porgy & Bess Suite (arr. Gould); American in Paris. Morton Gould/His Orch. [PD; 3S/6S] A--(each side has brief, light tks) 12.00

645. LM-2003: BJOERLING SINGS AT CARNEGIE HALL - Songs of Beethoven, Tosti, Schubert(4), Strauss(2), Brahms, Foster; Arias - Don Giovanni, Fedora, Carmen, Manon, Tosca. Schauwecker, pf. [Live, Carnegie Hall, Sept 24, 1955] [SD; 8S/4S] A- 12.00

646. LM-2004: FRIML: THE VAGABOND KING - Music from the Motion Picture starring Kathryn Grayson; Oreste Kirkop (here identified simply as "Oreste"!); Rita Moreno; Sir Cedric Hardwicke. Henri Rene/Orch. [PD; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

647. LM-2005: SCRIABIN - Piano Sonata #3; 16 Preludes. Horowitz. [SD; 14S/16S] B+ 8.00

648. LM-2006: MORTON GOULD - "Music for Summertime." Twelve pieces, by Gershwin, Carmichael, Gould(2), Arlen(2), Warren, Youmans(2), Whiting/Harling, Kern & Rodgers. Gould/His Orchestra. [PD; 1S/1S] A- 18.00

649. LM-2008: JEROME KERN - SHOW BOAT. Merrill; Munsel; Stevens; Engel/His Orch & Cho. [ND; 11S/13S] A-(c/c; fine but very floppy dynaflex pressing!) 9.00

650. LM-2009: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #14 (Moonlight) & #21 (Waldstein). Horowitz. [PD; 17S/15S] A- 12.00

651. LM-2011: MOZART - Piano Concerto #9. BACH - Concerto #5. Gina Bachauer, piano; Alec Sherman/The London Orch. [PD; 1S/5S] A-(scarce Bachauer - only 2nd copy I've seen) 25.00

652. LM-2012: SCHUBERT - Wanderer Fantasy. PROKOFIEV - Piano Sonatas #2 & 3. Gary Graffman. [nice cover photo of the young Graffman] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 16.00

653. LM-2014: LEKEU - Violin Sonata in G (Gazelle, piano). Short works of Delius, Handel, Rimsky (Bumblebee), Nin & Beethoven (Moore, piano). [Very scarce item; released late in 1956, it was gone in October of 1958] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 32.00

654. LM-2015: BEETHOVEN OVERTURES - Leonores #1-3; Fidelio; Coriolan. Munch/BSO. [never in stereo on LP until Victrola; this copy has the earlier jacket, with castle tower] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 20.00

655. LM-2015: BEETHOVEN OVERTURES - Leonores #1-3; Fidelio; Coriolan. Munch/BSO. [never in stereo on LP until Victrola; this copy with later jacket (bust of Beethoven w/Munch in background] [SD; 7S/4S] A-/B 8.00

656. LM-2016: MIASKOVSKY - Cello Concerto in C. SAINT-SAENS - Concerto #1. Rostropovich; Sargent/PO. [the Miaskovsky is a haunting piece] [PD; 1S/9S] A- 20.00

657. LM-2017: GERSHWIN - Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F; Three Preludes. Morton Gould, piano & conducting His Sym. [scarce; deleted September 1961] [SD; 18S/19S] A--(brief tks sd 2) 16.00

658. LM-2019: PURCELL - Dido & Aeneas. Flagstad; Schwarzkopf; McNab; Lloyd; Hemsley; Mandikian; Rex; Pollak; Jones/Mermaid Theatre. [Very scarce in this issue. Previous LHMV issue deleted and this released 2/57; deleted already in 10/58] [PD; 10S/10S] A- 20.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
659. LM-2020: BAND MUSIC - The Band of Her Majesty's Irish Guards. Works of Lavalle, Lecuona, Rimsky, Jaeger, J.Strauss, Coates, Ganne, etc. Capt. C. H. Jaeger, director. [PD; 1S/2S] A- 16.00

660. LM-2026: STRAUSS - Don Quixote. Miller; Cooley; Guilet; Toscanini/NBC. [broadcast of 11-22-1953] [PD; 5S/8S] A-(superb pressing!) 25.00

661. LM-2027: ROZSA - Violin Concerto (Hendl/Dallas Sym). SPOHR - Violin Concerto #8 (Solomon/RCA Orch). TCHAIKOVSKY - Serenade Melancholique (Wallenstein/LAPO). Heifetz (in all). [Very nice cover photo of Heifetz that I have not seen elsewhere] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 16.00

662. LM-2030: DEBUSSY - The Martyrdom of Sebastian. Kopleff; Akos; Curtin; Munch/BSO; NEC Cho. [The mono-only original issue, deleted in September of 1963, including Munch's remarkable narration; the stereo reissue in VICS omitted the narration.] [PD; 1S/1S] A-(as quiet a copy of this as I've ever heard) 35.00

663. LM-2032: MARIAN ANDERSON SINGS SPIRITUALS (21). Franz Rupp, piano. [SD; 25S/18S] A-/A-- 9.00

664. LM-2033: LICIA ALBANESE SINGS PUCCINI - Arias from Tosca, Turandot(2), Le Villi, La Rondine(2), La Boheme(2), Manon Lescaut, Butterfly(3) & Suor Angelica. [Assisting artists not identified] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 18.00

665. LM-2035: DELIBES - Coppelia Excerpts. Irving/ROHCG. [Only in print 6/57 to 10/58; INCLUDES the insert so often missing] [PD; 1S/1S] A-(splendid copy!) 18.00

666. LM-2036: DELIBES - Sylvia Excerpts. Irving/PO. [Only in print 6/57 to 10/58; inc insert] [PD; 6S/3S] A- 16.00

667. LM-2037: MALCOLM ARNOLD - Homage to the Queen. Irving/PO. [PD; 1S/1S] A-(w/Xerox of insert) 12.00

668. LM-2039: VERDI-MACKERRAS - The Lady and the Fool. Mackerras/PO. [Ballet arranged by Mackerras from music of various operas; includes notes insert] [PD; 1S/1S] A-(brief, lgt tks sd 1) 12.00

669. LM-2040: ROSSINI OVERTURES - William Tell; Barber of Seville; Cenerentola; Semiramide; Il Signor Bruschino; La Gazza Ladra. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [SD; 16S/5S] A-(brief lgt tks in Wm Tell) 12.00

670. LM-2041: IN THE LATIN FLAVOR - Short works of Magidson-Conrad, Rodriquez, Youmans, Barroso, Azevedo, Dinicu-Heifetz-Schmid, Chabrier, Gade, Lecouna, Anderson(2), Yradier, Kreisler & Falla. Fiedler/BPS. [SD; 6S/11S] A-- 15.00

671. LM-2043: TCHAIKOVSKY - Francesca da Rimini; Romeo & Juliet. Munch/BSO. [Recorded 1956; original mono-only issue; never in stereo until Victrola (Romeo is not same performance as LSC-2565).] [PD; 5S/7S] B(second cover - text only, no photo) 9.00

672. LM-2047: ROSA PONSELLE IN SONG. Songs of Martini, Debussy(2), Folk(2), Delibes, Granados, Alvarez, Paisiello, Rosa, Tosti(4), Sadero, Falvo. Ponselle & Chichagov, pf. [only in print 9/57 - 5/59; PD; 2S/4S] B+ 10.00

673. LM-2049: CHOPIN - Mazurkas #22 - #31; Polonaise #7; Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise. Rubinstein, piano. [PD; 7S/7S] A- 12.00

674. LM-2050: CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO - Violin Concerto #2 (Wallenstein/LAPO). STRAUSS - Violin Sonata, Op.18 (Smith, piano). Heifetz in both. [PD; 1S/4S] A- 18.00

675. LM-2051: RACHMANINOFF - Piano Concerto #3. Composer, piano; Ormandy/Phila. [PD; 7S/12S] A-(loud tks 1/2 inch, mvt 2) 6.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
676. LM-2052: TCHAIKOVSKY - The Nutcracker (extended excerpts). Fiedler/BPS. [SD; 15S/20S] A-/B+(AUTOGRAPHED by Fiedler on back cover, red ink) 20.00

677. LM-2054: PUCCINI - Excerpts from Madama Butterfly. Albanese; Peerce; Bellezza/Rome Opera. [PD; 5S/4S] B+(jacket has tape repair) 7.00

678. LM-2055: JAN PEERCE IN OPERA - Arias from Rigoletto, Forza, Carmen, Juive, Don Giovanni, Arlesiana, Ballo, Cav, Lucia. Misc conductors/orchs. [SD; 5S/4S] B(mostly better, but some scrs) 8.00

679. LM-2056: TOSCANINI CONDUCTS: SMETANA - The Moldau. DUKAS - The Sorcerer's Apprentice. SAINT-SAENS - Danse Macabre. LIADOV - Kikimora. WEBER - Invitation to the Dance. NBC Sym. [SD; 10S/9S] A- 18.00

680. LM-2071: THE PRESIDENT'S FAVORITE MUSIC - Collection of RCA recordings of Dwight Eisenhower's favorites (!): Coriolan Overture (Munch/BSO); Sheep May Safely Graze & Giant Fugue (Stokowski/His Sym); Fledermaus Overture (Reiner/RCA Sym); Hebrides Overture (Reiner/CSO); Porgy & Bess Exc (Fiedler/BPS); High Noon (Goodman/Orch); He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (Marian Anderson); Traviata Aria (Warren). [A piece of 1950's nostalgia: only in print from late 1956 until October 1958; nice cover photo of Eisenhower and his wife; brief statement from the president on the back cover regarding the importance of music.] [PD; 4S/2S] B+ to B 32.00

681. LM-2072: THE WORLD'S BEST-LOVED WALTZES - Works of J.Strauss Jr.(2), Josef Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Ziehrer, Sibelius, Lehar & Weber. Morton Gould/His Orch. [obscure issue!] [PD; 6S/11S] A-- 18.00

682. LM-2073: MOZART - Clarinet Concerto (Munch/BSO); Clarinet Quintet (BSO String Quartet: Burgin; Krips; de Pasquale; Mayes). Benny Goodman (in all). [PD; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

683. LM-2075: GRIEG - Peer Gynt Suites #1 & #2. Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals. Whittemore & Lowe (in Carnival); Fiedler/BPS. [ND; 20S/14S] A- 10.00

684. LM-2077: STRAUSS - Till Eulenspiegel; Death & Transfiguration. Reiner/VPO. [PD; 7S/6S] A- 12.00

685. LM-2079: STRAVINSKY - L'Histoire du Soldat. Robert Helpmann; Terence Longdon; Anthony Nicholls; John Pritchard/Instrumental Ens. [In English, as performed at 1954 Edinburgh Festival in collaboration with Glyndebourne Opera] [PD; 1S/2S] A- 20.00

686. LM-2081: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony #10. Kurtz/PO. [PD; 2S/1S] A- 25.00

687. LM-2083: PISTON - Symphony #6. MARTINU - Fantaisies Symphoniques (Symphony #6). BSO. [Exceptionallly fine pressing of a legendary disc in its original mono-only issue, first pressing] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 35.00

688. LM-2084: ROSSINI-RESPIGHI - La Boutique Fantasque. IBERT - Divertissement. Fiedler/BPS. [TAS re stereo - 36:123; 67:138-40] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 16.00

689. LM-2086: FAMOUS BARITONE ARIAS - Otello, Trovatore, Hamlet, Traviata, Barber, Andrea, Herodiade, Africana, Zaza & Rigoletto(2). Robert Merrill, baritone; Bellezza & Perlea conducting Rome Opera Orch. [PD; 7S/1S] A--(some ticks, band 1/side 1) 12.00

690. LM-2088: HANDEL - Excerpts from Messiah. Marshall; Palmateer; Vickers(!): Milligan; Sir Ernest MacMillan/Toronto Symphony & Mendelssohn Choir. [PD; 2S/2S] A- 18.00

691. LM-2089: BLOCH - Poeme Mystique. GRIEG - Violin Sonata #2. Heifetz, violin; Smith, pf. [PD; 1S/2S] A- 20.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
692. LM-2091: CHOPIN - Piano Sonata #2; Impromptu #1; Nocturne #8; Etude #5; Mazurka #45; Scherzo #3. Byron Janis, piano; [scarce; mono-only; issued 5/57; gone 1/60] [PD; 5S/2S] A- 20.00

693. LM-2092: PROKOFIEV - Symphony #1 & #7. Malko/PO. [PD; 1S/1S] A- 16.00

694. LM-2093: CURTAIN GOING UP - Exc from My Fair Lady, Carousel, Brigadoon, Can-Can, Wonderful Town & South Pacific. Waltz Medley by Richard Rodgers. Fiedler/BPS. [SD; 8S/6S] A-(but a few short, lgt scrs) 16.00

695. LM-2095: SONGS OF ITALY (12). Gigli, tenor; Sivieri/Orch (11); Fedri/SO (1). [PD; 5S/1S] A-(brief tks) 12.00

696. LM-2096: DVORAK - Slavonic Dances #1 - #10. Nicolai Malko/PO. [PD; 2S/1S] A- 16.00

697. LM-2098: Blue Danube & Other Favorites: Brahms Waltzes (3); Chopin Waltzes(2), Ballade #1 & Etude #8; Liszt Liebestraum #3 & Hungarian Rhapsody #6. Byron Janis, piano. [very early Janis; deleted February 1957] [PD; 16S/2S] B to B+ 15.00

698. LM-2101: JAN PEERCE - Golden Moments in Song. Works of Rossini, Leoncavallo, Grieg, Romberg, Adams, Scott, Brahe, Bond, d'Harelot, Geehl, de Curtis, di Capua, Padilla, Herbert & Moya. Misc assisting artists: conductors Fistoulari; Bass; Levin. [SD; 3S/8S] B 10.00

699. LM-2102: MENDELSSOHN - Piano Concerto Concerto #2. GRIEG - Piano Concerto. Ania Dorfmann; Leinsdorf/Robin Hood Dell Orch, Philadelphia. [PD; 9S/1S] A- 12.00

700. LM-2103: STRAUSS - Sinfonia Domestica. Reiner/CSO. [Never in stereo on LP until VICS] [PD; 4S/4S] A--(superficial scr snds off & on, 1 inch, sd 1) 10.00

701. LM-2106: RACHMANINOFF - Symphony #2. Boult/LPO. [Recorded July 24-27, 1956; Walthamstow; but never issued in stereo until VICS] [SD; 23S/11S] B+ 9.00

702. LM-2107: DVORAK - Slavonic Dances #11 - #16. GRIEG - Lyric Suite. Malko/PO. [never in stereo to my knowledge, at least not in the U.S.] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 18.00

703. LM-2109: BLOCH - Schelomo. WALTON - Cello Concerto. Piatagorsky; Munch/BSO. [TAS re stereo issue: 36:123] [SD; 7S/5S] B(cover scuffs - different cover than stereo) 6.00

704. LM-2110: PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet Excerpts. Munch/BSO. [Original mono-only issue in deluxe album with 11-page bound-in booklet including Eugene Karlin illustrations and Robert Lawrence essay; never in stereo until Victrola] [PD; 5S/9S] A- 25.00

705. LM-2111: DEBUSSY - La Mer. IBERT - Escales. Munch/BSO, [Mohr; Layton; original deluxe issue with fold-open cover & illustrated bound-in booklet (never in stereo with this packaging) including excerpts of writing about the sea by Rachel Carson, Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Marcel Proust, etc.; TAS re stereo: 178: 144-6; 153:66] [SD; 4S/11S] A- 25.00

706. LM-2112: VIENNA. J.STRAUSS JR.- Morning Papers; Emperor Waltz; Blue Danube. WEBER - Invitation to the Dance. JOSEF STRAUSS - Village Swallows. RICHARD STRAUSS - Rosenkavalier Waltzes. Reiner/CSO. [Original mono-only issue in fold-open album with 11-page booklet (stereo issue was never available in this form) illustrated with lovely photos of Vienna and essay by Joseph Wechsberg; TAS re stereo issue: 75/76:176-7; album here is in fine condition except for minor tears in spine, which I will leave to the new owner's choice either to ignore or make careful repair with tape] [PD; 1S/5S] A-(see note preceding re spine) 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
707. LM-2113: STRAVINSKY - Petrouchka; Firebird Suite. Monteux/PCO. [This Petrouchka is something of an orphan among Monteux recordings. This disc was a mono-only issue, but the Firebird Suite was later issued in true stereo on Victrola. The Petrouchka, despite being in recorded in stereo also, was passed over because Monteux subsequently re-recorded it with the BSO. Apart from a brief appearance on a late London STS issue, I don't think this Petrouchka has ever been back in the catalog. Nice cover too.] [SD; 8S/8S] A- 24.00

708. LM-2115: BACH - Sonata #2; Partita #3. Heifetz, solo violin. [PD; 6S/3S] A- 20.00

709. LM-2117: SCHOENBERG - Transfigured Night. PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet Excerpts. Stokowski/His Sym(in Night); NBC Sym Members(in Romeo). [I don't think the Schoenberg was ever in stereo, at least on LP; the Romeo eventually showed up in 1978 on ARL1-2715 in a different coupling] [PD; 6S/11S] A-- 16.00

710. LM-2118: MIKLOS ROZSA - Kipling's Jungle Book; Thief of Bagdad Suite. Leo Genn, narrator; Composer/Frankenland State Sym. [ obscure issue; mono-only; issued Sept 1957 and deleted in April 1959; I've been told that Thief was later reissued in stereo on United Artists UAS-29725 in Britain] [PD; 5S/1S] A- 65.00

711. LM-2119: WAGNER - Tannhauser Overture & Venusberg Music; Siegfried's Rhine Journey; Magic Fire Music. Munch/BSO. [PD; 37S/35S] A-(lovely!) 18.00

712. LM-2127: STRAUSS - Burleske. RACHMANINOFF - Concerto #1. Janis; Reiner/CSO. [original mono-only issue; never in stereo until VICS] [PD; 4S/4S] A- 12.00

713. LM-2129: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Reiner/CSO. [PD; 4S/4S] A-/B+ 8.00

714. LM-2133: GLIERE - Red Poppy Suite. IPPOLITOV-IVANOV - Caucasian Sketches. Fistoulari/LPO. [never in stereo to my knowledge, at least in the U.S.] [SD; 10S/10S] A-- 12.00

715. LM-2134: OVERTURES - IN SPADES! Light Cavalry; Zampa; If I Were King; Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna; Queen of Spades; Crown Diamonds. Agoult/New Symphony Orch Of London. [Re-titled "Overture! Overture!" for its brief stereo incarnation; this mono issue has a different cover from either of the stereos; TAS re stereo: 60:126] [PD; 9S/7S] B- 5.00

716. LM-2135: PROKOFIEV - Cinderella (exc). Rignold/ROHCG. [never in stereo until VICS] [PD; 1S/5S] A- 12.00

717. LM-2138: PROKOFIEFF - Piano Concerto #3 (Graffman); Classical Symphony. Jorda/SFSO. [Mono-only original issue; never in stereo until VICS; strong performances, but must not have had the star power to sell well - one of Graffman's first discs; VERY scarce: first copy I've ever listed. [SD; 6S/2S] A- 25.00

718. LM-2139: CHRISTMAS HYMNS & CAROLS, Vol. 1. Robert Shaw/His Chorale. [SD; 15S/20S] A- 10.00

719. LM-2140: CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CLASSICAL MUSIC: Abridged works (and movements from works) by Grieg, Bizet, Beethoven, Wagner, Schubert, Weber, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Brahms & Dvorak. Robert Russell Bennett/RCA Victor Sym. [never in stereo] [PD; 6S/1S] A-(mod tks 1/2-inch in New World) 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
720. LM-2141: "ENTER THE BALLET" - Verdi, Saint-Saens, Gounod, Ponchielli played by Stokowski, Fiedler, etc; prime interest is only LP issue of Reiner/RCA Sym performance of Minuet & Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Gluck's Orfeo. [never in stereo] [PD; 4S/1S] A- to B+(slight cover scuffs) 12.00

721. LM-2143: VILLA-LOBOS - The Surprise Homage. Castro/Rome Sym. [PD; 6S/1S] A-- 15.00

722. LM-2144: VICTORIA DE LOS ANGELES - Five Centuries of Spanish Song (1300-1800): Gothic Period(2); Renaissance(8); Baroque(7). Ins Ens. [PD; 4S/1S] A-(lovely!) 16.00

723. LM-2145: ANDRE TCHAIKOVSKY DEBUT RECITAL: Prokofiev - Visions Fugitives. Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit. [recorded in Paris; mono only] [PD; 3S/4S] A- 20.00

724. LM-2146: JOSEPH EGER, french horn: Around the Horn. Mozart Concerto #3; short works of Haydn, Rossini, Schubert, Bartok(2), Bernstein, Gershwin & Guion; brief commentary by Eger, with musical examples. With Isadore Cohen, violin; Sterling Hunkins, cello; Yaltah Menuhin, piano. [only in print December 1957 - April 1960; mono only] [PD; 2S/1S] A-/A- to B+ 20.00

725. LM-2147: SCHUBERT - "Trout" Quintet. Sankey; Festival Quartet. [PD; 6S/13S] A- 20.00

726. LM-2151: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #5, #7 & #25. Schnabel. [PD; 1S/3S] 12.00

727. LM-2152: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #6, #8 & #18. Schnabel. [PD; 1S/3S] A- 12.00

728. LM-2153: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #11, #20 & #23. Schnabel. [PD; 8S/6S] A- 12.00

729. LM-2154: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #3 & #17. Schnabel. [PD; 6S/3S] A- 12.00

730. LM-2155: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #22 & #29. Schnabel. [PD; 1S/2S] A- 12.00

731. LM-2156: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #4 & #16. Schnabel. [PD; 10S/4S] A- 12.00

732. LM-2157: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #12 & #21. Schnabel. [PD; 3S/1S] A- 12.00

733. LM-2158: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #1, #10 & #28. Schnabel. [PD; 1S/2S] A- 12.00

734. LM-2160: CHOPIN NOCTURNES - Volume 1. Brailowsky, piano. [PD; 6S/5S] A-- 15.00

735. LM-2161: CHOPIN NOCTURNES - Volume 2. Brailowsky, piano. [PD; 1S/4S] A-- 15.00

736. LM-2166: MENDELSSOHN - Songs Without Words (21). Ania Dorfmann, piano. [PD; 2S/1S] A- 15.00

737. LM-2167: MOZART - Quartets #14 & 19. Juilliard Quartet. [PD; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

738. LM-2168: HAYDN - Quartets Op.74, #1; Op.77, #1. Juilliard Quartet. [SD; 3S/4S] A- 12.00

739. LM-2175: CHOPIN NOCTURNES - Volume 1. Rubinstein, piano. [SD; 36S/37S] B 6.00

740. LM-2176: CHOPIN NOCTURNES - Volume 2. Rubinstein, piano. [SD; 20S/21S] B- 5.00

741. LM-2178: BRAHMS - Double Concerto. Mischakoff; Miller; Toscanini/NBC. [live, 1948] [PD; 5S/7S] A- 24.00

742. LM-2179: RESPIGHI - Ancient Airs & Dances, Suites #1 - 3. Franco Ferrara/Rome Sym. [PD; 1S/1S] A- 10.00

743. LM-2181: FALLA - Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Jorda/SFSO). Short works of Granados(2), Falla, Albeniz(2) & Mompou. Rubinstein, piano. [SD; 5S/12S] A-- 10.00

744. LM-2182: BACH - Brandenburg Concerti #1 - #3. Stagliano & Shapiro, horns; Gomberg, oboe; Burgin, vln; Voisin, trumpet; Dwyer, flute; Munch/BSO. [SD; 7S/1S] A- 7.00

745. LM-2185: RACHMANINOFF - Symphony #3. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Russian Easter Overture. Boult/LPO. [never in stereo until Classic Records reissue] [PD; 2S/2S] A-/A--(couple of brief scrs, side 2) 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
746. LM-2186: BEETHOVEN - Trios Op.9, #1 & #3. Heifetz; Primrose; Piatagorsky. [PD; 3S/4S] A- 12.00

747. LM-2188: GIORGIO TOZZI - Presenting Tozzi. Arias from Don Carlo, Simon Boccanegra, Vespri, Ernani, Nabucco, Don Giovanni(2) & Figaro(2). Morel/Rome Opera Orch. [scarce - only in print 1958-1961] [PD; 3S/1S] A-(lovely!) 20.00

748. LM-2190: GRAFFMAN PLAYS SCHUMANN - Sonata in g; Symphonic Etudes; Romance in F#. Graffman, piano. [Mono-only issue; deleted 1962 and never reissued, to my knowledge] [PD; 1S/2S] A- 20.00

749. LM-2194: BACH - Partita #2; Fantasia in c, S.906; Capriccio on the Departure of His Beloved Brother. Fischer - Passacaglia in d. Wanda Landowska, harpsichord. [recorded 1957] [SD; 3S/1S] A- 12.00

750. LM-2197: PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #2 (Henriot-Schweitzer). BARBER - Medea's Meditation & Dance of Vengeance. Munch/BSO. [Original mono-only issue; neither item in stereo on LP until Victrola, though Barber (one of Munch's killer performances) was on 2-track stereo tape.] [PD; 7S/1S] A- 12.00

751. LM-2198: BACH - Brandenburg Concerti #1, #2 & #3. Dwyer & Pappoutsakis, flutes; Burgin, violin; Lukas Foss, piano; Munch/BSO. [PD; 1S/5S] A- 12.00

752. LM-2219: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #2. Gilels; Reiner/CSO. [PD; 4S/4S] A- 12.00

753. LM-2251: HOVHANESS - Mysterious Mountain. STRAVINSKY - Divertimento from Le Baisee de la Fee. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS re stereo: 59:123-4] [AUTOGRAPHED in black ink on back cover by CSO first flute Donald Peck, 1964] [SD; 5S/2S] A-(autograph) 19.00

754. LM-2261: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony #5. Mitchell/National Symphony. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; TAS re stereo: 60:134; fine disc often overlooked on account of the popularity of the Skrowaczewski/Mpls on Mercury] [SD; 5S/5S] A- 10.00

755. LM-2264: GOULD - Suite from Declaration; Jekyll & Hyde Variations. Mitchell/National Sym. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; only in print 1/59 to 9/61; never in stereo until late Gold Seal] [SD; 3S/3S] A-(slight jacket scuffs) 11.00

756. LM-2868: SHOSTAKOVICH - Piano Sonata #2. BACH - French Suite #5. Gilels. [Dellheim; Gardner & Crawford] [WD; 3S/2S] A- 12.00

757. LM-6129(3): THE TONE POEM - LISZT: Mephisto Waltz; STRAUSS: Don Juan (1954) (Reiner/CSO). TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet; Francesca da Rimini; RAVEL: La Valse (Munch/BSO). LISZT: Les Preludes (Monteux/BSO). CASELLA: Italia; COPLAND: El Salon Mexico (Fiedler/Boston Pops). DEBUSSY: Nuages; IBERT: Escales (Stokowski/His Sym). [I can find no other issue of the Casella, at least on LP] A-(the box is pristine!) 45.00

758.*LSA-2489 (SPS-133-44): STEREO ACTION UNLIMITED - An Introduction to Stereo Action - The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow. Sampler of fourteen selections from RCA's Stereo Action series of quite wonderfully gimmicky early-stereo manipulations of channels to make instruments move around artificially. Especially dizzying on good earphones! David Hall contributes front-cover notes, "Here's the Story of Stereo Action." [Canadian pressing; released December 1961; deleted February 1963] A- 16.00

759.*LSC-2267: OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. KHACHATURIAN - Gayne Suite. Fiedler/BPS. [Mohr; Crawford; TAS 60:136-8] [SD; 17S/16S] A- 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
760.*LSC-2302: GILBERT & SULLIVAN Overtures - Mikado; Yeomen; Ruddigore; Iolanthe; H.M.S. Pinafore; Pirates. Alan Ward/Orch. [Recorded in England; TAS 96:150-51] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 20.00

761.*LSC-2314: PROKOFIEV - Violin Concerto #2. MENDELSSOHN - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Munch/BSO. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; TAS 65:158L+182; ND; 9S/12S] A--(c/c) 9.00

762.*LSC-2352: BLACKWOOD - Symphony #1. HAIEFF - Symphony #2. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 77:136-8; 209:180(January 2011). [Scarce! - in print only January 1960 until February 1963] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 95.00

763.*LSC-2367: GERSHWIN - Rhapsody in Blue (Wild); American in Paris. Fiedler/Boston Pops. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 42:83; 73:146L; 96:148] [ND; 25S/18S] A- 11.00

764.*LSC-2398: KABALEVSKY - The Comedians. KHACHATURIAN - Masquerade Suite. Kondrashin/RCA Victor Sym. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 65:156L; 75/76:76; 93:146-7] [ND; 8S/11S] A-(c/c) 12.00

765.*LSC-2455: SCHUMANN - Piano Concerto. Cliburn; Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 69:146; SD; 10S/8S] A- 25.00

766.*LSC-2465: PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #2 (Leibowitz/PCO). HAYDN - Piano Sonata #35. Frager. [Gerhardt & Dellheim, producers; engineer(s) not listed; TAS 98:112L] [SD; 1S/1S] A- to B+(lgt tks one minute, 4th movement) 19.00

767.*LSC-2489: DVORAK - Symphony #7 (old #2). Monteux/LSO. [Bremner; Wilkinson; TAS 83/84:239] [SD; 2S/3S] A- 30.00

768.*LSC-2566: GRIEG - Piano Concerto. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Orch. Short pieces by Falla, Villa-Lobos, Liszt, Prokofiev, Schumann. [Wilcox; Layton] [TAS 65:156L] [SD; 4S/1S] A- 18.00

769.*LSC-2568: RAVEL - Daphnis & Chloe (complete). Munch/BSO; NEC Cho. [Wilcox; Layton; 1961 recording; TAS 67:146; very few copies of this disc I have had in a SD pressing have deserved a grade of A-: this is also a 9S stamper on side 2, which has some of the widest disc cutting I've ever seen on an RCA (in the final pages of the work); substantially finer performance and recording of the work than the celebrated earlier one (LSC-1893; 1955), in my (minority!) opinion] [SD; 15S/9S] A- 75.00

770.*LSC-2569: SOUSA FOREVER! - Gould/His Symphonic Band in 14 marches, including Stars & Stripes, Corcoran Cadets, Semper Fidelis, High School Cadets, National Fencibles, El Capitan, Washington Post, Gladiator. [SD; 4S/1S] A- 18.00

771.*LSC-2581: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #2. Cliburn; Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton] [WD; 30S/18S] A-(later jacket w/cover photo of Cliburn/Reiner) 18.00

772.*LSC-2581: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #2. Cliburn; Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 21S/13S] A-(earlier jacket with photograph of Brahms) 25.00

773.*LSC-2638: LEROY ANDERSON - Fiddle Faddle, Blue Tango, Sleigh Ride, Syncopated Clock, Serenata, Belle, 6 more. Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Salvatore; TAS 73:192-3] [SD; 4S/1S] A- 15.00

774.*LSC-2677: CONCERT IN THE PARK - Victor Herbert Favorites; Austrian Peasant Dances; Song Fest; Funeral March of a Marionette; Chester; Thanksgiving Prayer; Mosquito Dance. Fiedler/Boston Pops. [Dellheim; Salvatore] [ND; 15S/7S] A- 12.00

775.*LSC-2679: GERSHWIN - Scenes from Porgy & Bess. Price; Warfield; Bubbles; Boatwright; Henderson/RCA Orch & Cho. [Mohr; Layton; nice fold-open album] [WD; 17S/9S] A- 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
776.*LSC-2694: MOZART - Symphony #41; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 21S/10S] A-(original with nice raised illustration; s/s) 12.00

777.*LSC-2725: STRAVINSKY - Firebird Suite. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Coq d'Or Suite. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Salvatore] [ND; 21S/14S] A-- 11.00

778.*LSC-2798: TENDERLY - 12 gentle pieces (September Song, Cradle Song, etc.). Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Keville] [WD; 7S/6S] A- 10.00

779.*LSC-2874: SCHUBERT - Piano Sonata in G, Op.78. Peter Serkin. [Wilcox; Gardner] [WD; 2S/8S] A- 12.00

780.*LSC-2909: HOWARD FERGUSON - Violin Sonata #1. KAREN KHACHATURIAN - Sonata, Op.1. Heifetz; Steuber, piano. [Pfeiffer; Fisher; TAS 209:182 (January 2011); scarce - only the second copy I've ever had!] [WD; 1S/1S] A-(writing & underlining on back cover) 25.00

781.*LSC-2939: BIZET - L'Arlesienne Suites #1 & 2. LALO - Le Roi d'Ys Overture. MASSENET - Meditation from Thais. Martinon/CSO. [Scott; Goodman] [Recorded in post-renovation Orchestra Hall; December, 1966; the Lalo especially is spectactular!] [WD; 4S/1S] A- 19.00

782.*LSC-3040: RACHMANINOFF - Piano Concerto #3.Weissenberg; Pretre/CSO. [Pfeiffer; Moran] [WD; 2S/3S] A-(s/s) 12.00

783.*LSC-3067: KHACHATURIAN - Symphony #3 ("Symphony-Poem"). RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Russian Easter Overture. Stokowski/CSO. [Scott; Goodman; recorded in Medinah Temple; February, 1968] [ND; 2S/4S] A-(brief bbl thumps, Rimsky; s/s) 12.00

784.*LSC-3330: THE CLASSIC FILM SCORES OF ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD. Sea Hawk; Kings Row; Captain Blood; Robin Hood; Constant Nymph; Juarez; Anthony Adverse; Devotion; Deception; Escape Me Never; Of Human Bondage; Between Two Worlds. Gerhardt/National Phil. [G. Korngold; Wilkinson; includes insert with film stills][TAS 30:143] [ND; 2S/1S] A- 12.00

785.*LSC-6096(2): BEETHOVEN - Symphonies #1 & 9. Curtin; Kopleff; McCollum; Gramm; Reiner/CSO; Cho. [Mohr; Layton; SD; 5S/7S/1S/1S] [SD] A-(not easy to find in excellent SD pressing) 50.00

786.*LSC-6168(3): VERDI - Luisa Miller. Moffo; Bergonzi; Verrett; MacNeil; Tozzi; Flagello; Cleva/RCA Italiana. [Mohr; Salvatore; photo page of libretto AUTOGRAPHED by MacNeil] A-(WD; 6S/5S/4S/4S/1S/1S) 25.00

787.*LSC-6710(5): WAGNER - Lohengrin. Konya; Amara; Gorr; Dooley; Hines; Marsh; Leinsdorf/BSO; Boston Chorus Pro Musica. [Mohr; Salvatore; terrific BIG Symphony Hall sound; Leinsdorf really lets the trumpets loose!] [TAS 36:124-9] [WD; 1S/4S/5S/2S/5S/3S/5S/7S/5S/4S] A- 50.00

788.*LSO-6006(2): BELAFONTE AT CARNEGIE HALL - The Complete Concert. [Live; April, 1959; Bollard; Simpson] [TAS 65:160L] A-/B+(varies; scr causes mod tks off/on 1 inch sd 3) 27.00

789.*LSP-1001: MUSIC FOR RELAXATION - George Melanchrino/His Strings & Orchestra. [BL; 6S/10S] A- 9.00

790. SOLOMON: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #5. Solomon; Menges/PO. [PD; 1S/1S] A-(neat cov tape repair) 12.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
791.*VICS-1002: TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake (excerpts). Morel/ROHCG. [Very scarce. The original issue was in mono only on LM-2227; this stereo reissue arrived in May 1965, but while it persisted in the Schwann until August 1969, it is very rarely seen - this is only the third copy I've ever encountered.] [PL; 2S/2S] A- 40.00

792.*VICS-1016: SIBELIUS - Symphony #5; Karelia Suite. Gibson/LSO. [From LSC-2405: TAS 65:158L; 65:184] [PL; 1S/1S] A-(slight jacket discoloration) 20.00

793.*VICS-1053: IBERT - Divertissement. KAY - Cakewalk. ROSSINI-RESPIGHI - La Boutique Fantasque. Fiedler/BPS. [from LSC-2249(Kay) & LSC-2084(rest; TAS 36:123; 67:138-40)] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 16.00

794.*VICS-1059: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #3. Graffman; Hendl/CSO. [Mohr; Bayne; from the VERY scarce LSC-2396 (only in print 5/60 - 3/62); wonderful spacious Orchestra Hall sound] [PL; 1S/4S] A-(lovely copy) 32.00

795.*VICS-1060: RAVEL - Mother Goose Suite. DUKAS - Sorcerer's Apprentice. d'INDY - Symphony on a French Mountain Air. Henriot-Schweitzer; Munch/BSO. [from LSC-2292(TAS 64:127) & LSC-2271(TAS 60:134-5)] [PL; 5S/5S] A- 18.00

796.*VICS-1068: TCHAIKOVSKY - Marche Slave; Marche Miniature. MOUSSORGSKY - Night on Bald Mountain. GLINKA - Russlan & Ludmilla Overture. KABALEVSKY - Colas Breugnon Overture. BORODIN - Prince Igor March. Reiner/CSO. [Originally released as LSC-2423; TAS 65:154L] [Pink; 7S/4S] A-(lovely copy; original jacket) 11.00

797.*VICS-1069: SIBELIUS - Finlandia; Valse Triste; King Christian II Suite (Elegie & Musette); Pelleas et Melisande (Entr'acte). GRIEG: Wedding Day at Troldhaugen; Two Melodies; Two Elegiac Melodies. MacKerras/London Proms Orch. [Walker; Wilkinson; from LSC-2336; TAS 73:195] [PL; 4S/1S] A- 18.00

798.*VICS-1153: KHACHATURIAN - Violin Concerto. SAINT-SAENS - Havanaise. Kogan; Monteux/BSO. [from LM-2220; this VICS was its 1st stereo release; TAS 77:132-4] [PL; 2S/1S] A-(s/s) 27.00

799.*VICS-1162 (BRITISH): DEBUSSY - Images for Orchestra (complete). Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [British Decca pressing; TAS re original issue on LSC-2282: 36:122; 90:140] A- 20.00

800.*VICS-1167: MOZART - Piano Concerto #25 (Andre Tchaikovsky); Don Giovanni Overture. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; from the very short-lived and scarce LSC-2287] [PL; 3S/1S] A- 18.00

801.*VICS-1168: WALTON - Facade Suites. LECOCQ - Mamzelle Angot Suite. Fistoulari/ROHCG. [Williamson; Wilkinson; from the rare and highly sought-after LSC-2285, which was only in print from 10/59 - 3/62. This VICS issue is not much more common: issued in February 1966, it was dropped from the catalog in August 1969. See TAS 69:152; 75/76:72-6] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 36.00

802.*VICS-1168 (BRITISH): WALTON - Facade Suites. LECOCQ - Mamzelle Angot Suite. Fistoulari/ROHCG. [Williamson; Wilkinson; British Decca pressing; from the rare and highly sought-after LSC-2285, which was only in print from 10/59 - 3/62. This VICS issue is not much more common: issued in February 1966, it was dropped from the catalog in August 1969. See TAS 69:152; 75/76:72-6] A- 32.00

803.*VICS-1169: PROKOFIEV - Symphony #5. Martinon/PCO. [from LSC-2272; TAS 98:125] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 20.00

LP's: RCA's - continued
804.*VICS-1184: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony #1; Age of Gold Suite. Martinon/LSO. [from LSC-2322; TAS 64:125] [PL; 2S/1S] A-/A--(brief crackle beg sd 1) 24.00

805.*VICS-1266: SHAKESPEARIAN SONGS AND CONSORT MUSIC. Deller Consort. [first release on VICS - no LM/LSC equivalent] [PL; 2S/1S] A- 11.00

806.*VICS-1322: RODRIGO - Fantasia para un Gentilhombre; Concierto de Aranjuez. de la Maza, guitar; Cristobal Halffter/Manuel de Falla Orch. [original release: no LM/LSC issue] [Pink; 5S/3S] A- 7.00

807.*VICS-1392: STRAUSS - Final Scene from Salome (Inge Borkh); Don Juan (1954 recording). Reiner/CSO. [TAS 100:220; 1st issue of either of these in stereo except on 2-track tape; issued 1969 and never available in a plum-label pressing.] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 18.00

808. VICS-1402: MOZART - Clarinet Concerto (Munch/BSO); Clarinet Quintet (BSO String Quartet: Burgin; Krips; de Pasquale; Mayes). Benny Goodman (in all). [from LM-2073 (mono-only); this 1968 Victrola (too late for a plum label) was the 1st stereo release] [Pink; 4S/8S] A- 25.00

809.*VICS-1412: PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet Excerpts. Munch/BSO. [From mono-only LM-2110: this Victrola was its first stereo issue in any format; never in plum label] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 20.00

810.*VICS-1445: BIZET - Carmen for Orchestra. Gould/His Orch. [Habig; Layton; from LSC-2437; never in plum label] [Pink; 1S/1S] A-(c/c) 20.00

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