Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor Auction Catalog #119 [Closing Monday, May 9th, 2011]

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label

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LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label
811.*ARGO ZRG--845: IVES - Symphony #3. CRESTON: A Rumor. COWELL: Hymn & Fuguing Tune #10; COPLAND: Quiet City. BARBER: Adagio for Strings. Marriner/ASMF. A-(c/c) 10.00

812.*CAPITOL SP-8545: RAVEL - Left-Hand Concerto. PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #3. Browning; Leinsdorf/PO. [TAS 153:69] A- 12.00

813.*CAPITOL SP-8573: JONGEN - Symphonie Concertante for Organ & Orchestra. Fox; Pretre/Paris Opera Orch. A- 9.00

814.*COLUMBIA MS-6115: SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony #5. Bernstein/NYP. [Recorded in Symphony Hall, Boston; TAS 36:123; 69:44] A-(early "2-eyes" labels; demo copy) 24.00

815.*DCC COMPACT CLASSICS LPZ-1002: RICHARD STRAUSS - Don Juan; Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks; Salome - Dance of the Seven Veils. Stokowski/New York Stadium Sym. [from Everest originals, recorded July 1958; Poliakin; Nathanson; Whyte; Engler; cut on 180+ pure virgin vinyl in 1996 from original 3-channel master tape (side 1) and from 3-channel 35mm film (side 2)] FS 35.00

816.*DCC COMPACT CLASSICS LPZ-2017: ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD - Seventeen selections from his Golden Age film music: Kings Row (4 selections); Anthony Adverse (3); The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (2); The Sea Hawk (2); The Prince and the Pauper (1); The Constant Nymph (2); The Adventures of Robin Hood (3). Lionel Newman/Orchestra. [This release from 1996 was the first LP issue using the original 1961 Warner Brothers two-track tapes. Limited Edition, Serial #613; pressed on 180+ Pure Virgin Vinyl. Still Factory-Sealed!] FS 35.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Labels - continued
817.*DENON OB-7333/4(2): BEETHOVEN - Symphony #9. Smickova; Soukupova; Pribyl; Novak; Neumann/CPO & Cho. [VERY early digital: recorded in Tokyo, December 3, 1976; Japanese-only notes] A- to A 20.00

818.*DGG 2707 054(2): SMETANA - Ma Vlast. Kubelik/BSO. [TAS 36:124; 59:117] A- to A(writing on cov) 20.00

819.*EMI ASD-2422: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Sancta Civitas; Benedicite. Harper; Partridge; Shirley-Quirk; Willcocks/LSO; Chos. [TAS 73:149L] A-(s/s) 15.00

820.*EMI ASD-2486: SIBELIUS - Luonnotar (Gwyneth Jones); The Oceanides; Night Ride & Sunrise; En Saga. Dorati/LSO. [TAS 98:112L] A- 19.00

821.*EMI ASD-2502: ELGAR - Nursery Suite; Grania and Diarmid - Funeral March; Severn Suite. Groves/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. A- to A 12.00

822.*EMI ASD-2970 (ODEON): ELGAR - Falstaff; The Sanguine Fan Ballet. BACH-ELGAR - Fantasia & Fugue in c (trans. Elgar from Bach). Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker & Eltham; TAS 6:184; 65:154L] A- to A 16.00

823.*EMI ASD-3345: ELGAR - Coronation Ode; British National Anthem (Elgar's arrangement). PARRY - I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me. Lott; Hodgson; Morton; Roberts; Ledger/NPO; King's College Choir. [Bishop; Parker; recorded in King's College Chapel, 1977; TAS 65:154L; quad] A- 16.00

824.*EMI ASD-3904: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Symphony #4; The Lark Ascending (Griffiths, violin). Berglund/RPO. [Fraser; Eltham] A- to A 12.00

825.*EMI CSD-3656: Psalms of David (16). Willcocks/King's College Cho, Cambridge. A- to A 12.00

826.*EMI ESD-7028: SULLIVAN (arr. Mackerras) - Pineapple Poll, Ballet. Mackerras/RPO. [Andry; Dillnut; TAS 73:149L] A- 13.00

827.*EMI HQS-1126: DELIUS - Florida Suite; Dance Rhapsody #2; Over the Hills and Far Away. Beecham/RPO. A- to A 12.00

828.*EMI HQS-1136: FRENCH "LOLLIPOPS." FAURE - Dolly Suite; Pavane. DELIBES - Ballet Music from Le Roi s'Amuse. BERLIOZ - Menuet des Follets; Corsair Overture. SAINT-SAENS: Samson - Danse des Pretresses & Bacchanale. ORTF (in Faure); RPO (in rest); Beecham conducts in all. A- to A 12.00

829.*EMI HQS-1231: DEBUSSY - String Quartet. RAVEL - String Quartet. Parrenin Quartet. A- to A 13.00

830.*EMI SLS--834(2): TCHAIKOVSKY - The Nutcracker (complete ballet). Previn/LSO. [Bishop; Parker] [TAS 73:149L] A- 27.00

831.*EMI SLS-5091(2): DELIBES - Coppelia (complete ballet). Mari/Paris Opera Orch. [G.Casadesus; Vavasseur][quad] A- 18.00

832.*EMI SXLP-30236: WALTON - Belshazzar's Feast (Bell, baritone; PO Cho); Partita for Orchestra. Composer/PO. [Jellinek; Davidson] A- 9.00

833.*EMI SXLP-30314: BERLIOZ - Harold in Italy. Menuhin; Davis/PO. [Olof; Boyling] A- 9.00

834.*EMI/ANGEL CSD-3749: MINKIS/LANCHBERY - Don Quixote (music from the Nureyev film). Lanchbery/Elizabethan Trust Melbourne Orch. [Culverhouse] A- 9.00

835.*EMI/ODEON ASD-3176: IBERT - Symphonia Marine; Bacchanale; Louisville Concert; Mouvement Symphonique (Bostoniana). Fremaux/City of Birmingham Sym. [quad; TAS 9:95; 14:212] A- 12.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Labels - continued
836.*EMI/ODEON PASD--610: ELGAR - Symphony #2; Falstaff. Barbirolli/Halle Orchestra. [Long a favorite of mine in its Seraphim incarnation in the U.S., this import is very scarce here] A-(s/s) 24.00

837.*EPIC BC-1002: TCHAIKOVSKY - Capriccio Italien. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole. MOUSSORGSKY - Khovantchina Prelude. BORODIN - Polovtsian Dances. Szell/CO. [blue labels] A-(c/c) 12.00

838.*EPIC BC-1024: WALTON - Partita. MAHLER - Symphony #10 (Adagio & Allegretto). Szell/CO. [blue labels] A- 16.00

839.*EPIC BC-1039: SCHUMANN - Symphony #1; Manfred Overture. Szell/CO. Epic BC-1039. A- 12.00

840.*EPIC BC-1044: BACH - Brandenburg Concerti #4 - #6. Szymon Goldberg/Netherlands Chamber Orch. [radial labels] A- 10.00

841.*EPIC BC-1047: POPS CONCERT AMERICA - Works of Gershwin, Bernstein, Gould, Benjamin, Lecuona(2), Guarnieri, Villa-Lobos & Galindo. Louis Lane/Cleveland Pops Orch. [radial labels] A- 16.00

842.*EPIC BC-1076: ALBINONI - Concerti, Op.9: #2, #4 & #10; Sonata in g for Strings & Continuo. van Tright, oboe; Michelucci, violin; I Musici. FS(open sleeve, but inside plastic sealed) 12.00

843.*EPIC BC-1089: HANDEL - Concerti Grossi, Op.6: #4, #5 & #6. Margraf/Handel Festival Orch, Halle. FS 9.00

844.*EPIC BC-1112: HANDEL - Water Music Suite. J.C. BACH - Sinfonias #2 & #4. Van Beinum/ACO. A- 9.00

845.*EPIC BC-1139: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #5. Fleisher; Szell/CO. A-(demo; little writing on back cov) 12.00

846.*EPIC BC-1243: HANDEL - Concerti Grossi, Op.6: #10 - #12. Margraf/Handel Festival Orch, Halle. A- 5.00

847.*EPIC BC-1263: RAVEL - Daphnis & Chloe, Suite #2. DEBUSSY - La Mer. Szell/CO. [blue labels] A-(c/c) 12.00

848.*EPIC BN-541: AN EVENING WITH HUGH DOWNS. Downs sings twelve songs, with guitar; accompanied by Mundell Lowe and His Friends. [how's that for off-the-beaten path?] Epic BN-541. A-(yellow radial label) 12.00

849.*EPIC BSC-150(7): BEETHOVEN - The Nine Symphonies. Addison; Hobson; Lewis; Bell; Cleveland Orch Cho, Robert Shaw, director (in 9th); Szell/CO. [The original issue of this classic set] A- 65.00

850.*EVEREST SDBR-3006: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Symphony Boult/LPO. [First recording of the work; VW passed away the night before the recording session. This is the original short-lived silver-label issue with heavy jacket and dowel-rod spine; like all of these, very scarce in this original form.] A-(s/s) 24.00

851.*HNH 4040: ALWYN - Symphony #1. Composer/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-86] A- 9.00

852.*HNH-4076: MARCHES by Rossini/Britten, Holst, Grainger, Walton (Hamlet), Howells, VW, Delius, Stanford, Parry, Coates. Boult/LPO (NPO in VW & Delius). [from Lyrita SRCS-71] A- 12.00

853.*HNH-4078: FRANK BRIDGE - Suite for Strings; Sir Roger de Coverly; Sally in Our Alley; Cherry Ripe; Lament for String Orchestra; Rosemary. Boult/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-73; TAS 36:182] A- 12.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Labels - continued
854.*HNH-4079: SIR LENNOX BERKELEY - Symphony #2 (Braithwaite/LPO); Piano Concerto #2 (Wilde; Braithwaite/NPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-94] A-(c/c) 9.00

855.*LAUREL LR-120: BLOCH - String Quartet #1. Pro Arte Quartet (Paulu; M & R Blum; Karp). [Herschel Gilbert, producer; Bernie Grundman, engineer] A- 9.00

856.*LAUREL LR-126: BLOCH - Quartet #2; Prelude; Night; Two Pieces. Pro Arte Quartet (Paulu; M & R Blum; Karp). [Gilbert; Grundman; analog recording, c.1984] A- 9.00

857.*LINCOLN LNC-202: BRAHMS - Symphony #1. Rudolf Langer/Frankfurt Sym. [An oddity; apparently issued by Allied Radio at the very start of the stereo era, probably as some sort of promotion] A- 12.00

858.*LYRITA SRCS--35: BAX - Symphony #6. Del Mar/NPO. [TAS re the U.S. issue on MHS 1198: 3:155; 98:110L] A- 18.00

859.*LYRITA SRCS--56: HOLST - A Somerset Rhapsody; Hammersmith - Prelude & Scherzo; Beni Mora - Oriental Suite, Op.29, #1; Scherzo (1933-34). Boult/LPO. [scarce] A- 20.00

860.*LYRITA SRCS--95: BRITISH OVERTURES. MALCOLM ARNOLD - Beckus the Dandipratt. FRANCIS CHAGRIN - Helter Skelter. WILLIAM ALWYN - Derby Day. ALAN RAWSTHORNE - Street Corner. GEOFFREY BUSH - Yorick. WALTER LEIGH - Agincourt. Braithwaite; Alwyn; Pritchard; Handley conducting NPO; LPO; LSO. [variety!!] A- 32.00

861.*MHS 1198: BAX - Symphony #6. Del Mar/NPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-35; TAS 3:154; 98:110L] A- 10.00

862.*MHS 1335: ELGAR - Symphony #2. Boult/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-40] A- 10.00

863.*MHS 1397: RUBBRA - Symphony #7. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Tallis Fantasia. Boult/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-119] A- 10.00

864.*MHS 1452: HOLST - Ballet Music from The Golden Goose; Capriccio; Double Concerto for Two Violins (Hurwitz; Sillito); Two Songs Without Words. Imogen Holst/ECO. [from Lyrita SRCS-44] A- 10.00

865.*MHS 1481: IRELAND - Overlanders Suite; Tritons Prelude; 2 Symphonic Studies; Julius Caesar Scherzo & Cortege. Boult/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-45] A- 8.00

866.*MHS 3618: BAX - Symphony #7. Leppard/LPO. [from Lyrita SRCS-83; TAS 11:381; 37:171] A- 8.00

867.*MOBILE FIDELITY MFSL 1-502: TCHAIKOVSKY - 1812 Overture; Romeo & Juliet; Marche Slave. Previn/LSO. [Bishop; Parker; half-speed mastered from EMI/Angel original; TAS 20:472] A-(very minor cover scuffs) 20.00

868.*OISEAU-LYRE SOL-60003: BACH - Cantatas #53, 54 & 200. Watts; Dart/Philomusica of London. [This early disc of the Decca/London affiliate has a blue-backed cover like the early London CS-6000 series] A- 12.00

869.*PHILIPS 6703 039(3): MOZART - La Finta Giardiniera (sung in German as "Die Gartnerin aus Liebe"). Donath; Norman; Troyanos; Hollweg; Prey; Unger; Cotrubas; Schmidt-Isserstedt/NDR Orch & Cho. [TAS 42:116-7] A- to A(c/c) 16.00

870.*PHILIPS 6768 223(2): DELIBES - Sylvia (complete). Fistoulari/LSO. [Silky French pressing of Mercury SR2-9006; TAS re original issue: 38:143; French-only notes] A- to A 19.00

LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Labels - continued
871.*PHILIPS FH--7 (JAPANESE): TCHAIKOVSKY - 1812 Overture (Dorati/Mpls). BEETHOVEN - Wellington's Victory (Dorati/LSO). [from Mercury originals, of course; Japanese-only notes] Philips FH-7. A- to A(silky Japanese pressing) 23.00

872.*PHILIPS FH-10 (JAPANESE): STRAVINSKY - Le Sacre du Printemps. Haitink/LPO. ["Audio Clinic" series; Japanese-only notes; recorded Walthamstow, 1973] A- to A 9.00

873.*PHILIPS FH-20 (JAPANESE): EIGHT SYMPHONIC MARCHES: BERLIOZ - Rakocsy. GOUNOD - Funeral March of a Marionette. DE LISLE - La Marseillaise, MEYERBEER - Coronation. CHABRIER - Marche Joyeuse. SAINT-SAENS - Marche Heroique & French Military. MENDELSSOHN - Wedding March. [TAS re nearly equivalent US issue on Mercury SR-90211: 34:177] A- to A(silky Japanese pressing) 24.00

874.*PHILIPS PHS-900-000: LISZT - Piano Concerti #1 & 2. Richter; Kondrashin/LSO. [Old Mercury team on one of their last recordings, and one of only two or three for Philips (and the only one acknowledged on an album cover) - Cozart, Lawrence, Fine & Piros; 35mm film recording] [CTFR-2/-2] A--(five bbl thumps in concerto #1) 16.00

875.*POLYDOR 829 663: VANGELIS - Opera Sauvage (soundtrack). [TAS 73:152L] FS 20.00

876.*TELARC DG-10045: BOITO - Prologue to Mephistofele. VERDI - Te Deum. Shaw/Atlanta Sym & Cho. [Woods; Renner; dig; 1979] A- to A(c/c) 12.00

877.*TELARC DG-10051: SAINT-SAENS - Symphony #3. Murray, organ; Ormandy/Phila. [Woods; Renner; dig; 1980] A- to A 11.00

878.*TELARC DG-10110: SCHUBERT - Symphony #9. Dohnanyi/CO. [Woods; Renner; dig; 1985] A- 8.00

879.*VARESE SARABANDE VC-81091: PROKOFIEV - Symphonic Suite of Waltzes; Gypsy Fantasia. BALAKIREV - Overture on Russian Themes. Schwieger/Kansas City Philharmonic. [Frost; Zitz; from Urania USD-1030; see TAS 34:182-6; 69:130] A- 19.00

880. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7028: WAGNER - Die Meistersinger: Prelude to Act I; Excerpts from Act III; Lohengrin Prelude (Act I). Rodzinski/PSOL. A-- 18.00

881.*WESTMINSTER WST-14064: TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake ("Ballet Synopsis"). Abravanel/Utah Symphony. [scarce, early-stereo Westminster] Westminster WST-14064. A- 16.00
Orchestral & Instrumental repertoire listings begin on following pager 
LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire
882.*ALBENIZ: Concerto Fantastico (Zedda/Torino Sym). ARENSKY: Russian Piano Concerto (Waldhans/Brno Philharmonic). Blumental, piano in both. Auditorium AUD-101. A- 10.00

883.*ALFVEN: Symphony #3. Grevillius/Stockholm Phil. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33161. A- 9.00

884.*ANDRIESSEN: (Hendrik): Variations & Fugue on a Theme of Johann Kuhnau. PETER VAN ANROOY: Piet Hein (Dutch Rhapsody). JOHAN WAGENAAR: Overtures to Cyrano de Bergerac & Taming of the Shrew. Hague Residentie-Orkest conducted by Dorati (in Piet) & van Otterloo (in rest). [notes in Dutch only] Fontana 6530 044. A- to A 25.00

885.*ANTHEIL: (George; 1900-1959): Symphony #5. PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: St. Thomas Wake. Dufallo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-770. FS 12.00

886.*ASAFIEV: (Boris; 1884-1949): Highlights from the ballets The Fountain of Bakhchisarai & The Flames of Paris. Zuraitis/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. [notes in Russian only] Melodiya C10-05071-4(2). A- 12.00

887.*AURIC: Les Facheux. MILHAUD: Le Train Bleu. SATIE: Jack in the Box. Markevitch/Monte Carlo Opera Orch. Varese Sara VC-81097. A- 12.00

888.*AVISON: (Charles; 1709-1770): Twelve Concerti Grossi after Domenico Scarlatti. Marriner/ASMF. Philips 6769 018(3). FS 12.00

889.*BACH: The Four Orchestral Suites. Pinnock/The English Concert (original instruments). Archiv 2723 072(2). A- to A 13.00

890. BADINGS: Louisville Symphony. BEN WEBER - Prelude & Passacaglia. SOWERBY - All on a Summer's Day. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-566. A- 12.00

891. BALASANYAN: (Sergey; b.1902): Seven Armenian Songs for Symphony Orchestra (Gauk/Moscow Radio Orch); Leili & Mejnun Ballet Suite (Stasevich/Moscow Radio Orch). [no notes - as issued] MK 1578. A-- 12.00

892. BALAZS: (Frederic; b.1920): Two Dances for Flute & Orchestra (Pazmandy; Composer/Philharmonia Hungarica). WALTER MOURANT (b.1910): Valley of the Moon; Air and Scherzo; Sleepy Hollow (Camarata/His Orch). CRI 157. A- 10.00

893.*BARBER: Concerto for Piano (Joselson); Medea's Meditation & Dance of Vengeance; Adagio for Strings. Schenck/LSO. [dig] ASV DCA-534. A- to A 10.00

894.*BARBER: Piano Concerto (Browning). WILLIAM SCHUMAN: A Song of Orpheus (Rose, cello). Szell/CO. [demo copy] Col MS-6638. FS(jacket open but disc still sealed;"2-eyes") 15.00

895.*BARTOK: The Wooden Prince. Boulez/NYP. [quad] Col M-34514. A- 8.00

896.*BARTOK: Transylvanian Dances; Suite #2; Hungarian Sketches; Rumanian Folk Dances. Miklos/Budapest Symphony. [Grand Prix du Disque; fold-open album with detailed notes booklet] Hungaroton SLPX-11355. A-(c/c) 10.00

897. BARTOK-SERLY: Mikrokosmos Suite (Serly/New Sym of London). BARTOK: Two Portraits (Pougnet, violin; Autori/New Sym of London). [recorded in Kingsway Hall, 1950] Bartok BR-303. A- 12.00

898.*BAX: November Woods; The Happy Forest; The Garden of Fand; Summer Music. Thomson/Ulster Orchestra. [dig; DMM] Chandos ABRD-1066. A- to A 10.00

899.*BAX: Spring Fire, Symphony; Symphonic Scherzo; Northern Ballad #2. Handley/RPO. [dig] Chandos ABRD-1180. A- to A(c/c) 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
900. BEETHOVEN: The Nine Symphonies in historic recordings: #1: Pfitzner/BPO; #2: Kleiber/BPO; #3: Keilberth/Orchester des Reichssenders, Stuttgart; #4: Mengelberg/ACO; #5: Richard Strauss/BPO; #6: Toscanini/BBC Sym; #7: Schulz-Dornburg/Berlin Radio Orch; #8: Walter/NYP; #9: Briem; Hongen; Anders; Watzke; Furtwangler/BPO; Kittel Cho. [German-only notes; never heard of Rudolf Schulz-Dornberg (Essen Opera director in late 1920's) before!] Top Classic Historia 690/695(6). A- 45.00

901.*BERG: Three Pieces, Op.6. SCHOENBERG: Begleitungsmusik. WEBERN: Six Pieces, Op.6. Craft/Col Sym. Col MS-6216. A-("2-eyes" labels) 12.00

902. BERGER: (Arthur): Polyphony for Orchestra. MEYER KUPFERBERG: Symphony #4. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-584. A- 12.00

903. BERNSTEIN: Age of Anxiety (Symphony #2). Foss; Bernstein/NYP. [original version] Col ML-4325. A-("6-eyes" labels) 12.00

904.*BLACHER: Orchestral Fantasy (1956). PANUFNIK: Rhapsody for Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-671. A- 12.00

905.*BLISS: Concerto for Piano (Fowke); March of Homage; Welcome the Queen. Atherton/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. [dig] Unicorn Kanchana DKP-9006. A- 9.00

906.*BOLCOM: (William: b.1938): Frescoes. Mather, piano & harmonium; LePage, piano & harpsichord. Nonesuch H-71297. FS 10.00

907.*BORODIN: Symphony #3; Petite Suite (orch. Glazounov). Svetlanov/USSR Sym. Melodiya 28437 008. A- 9.00

908.*BORTZ: (Daniel; b.1943): In Memoria Di. GUNNAR DE FRUMERIE (b.1908): Symphonic Variations. LARS ERIK LARSSON (b.1908): Divertimento. Kojian/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-773. A- 12.00

909.*CHADWICK: (George Whitfield; 1854-1931): Euterpe - Concert Overture for Orchestra. FREDERICK SHEPHERD CONVERSE (1871-1940): Endymion's Narrative - Romance for Orchestra; Flivver Ten Million - A Joyous Epic. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-753. A- 12.00

910.*CHAVEZ: Piano Concerto; 5 Preludes. Rodriguez; Mata/NPO. RCA ARL1-3341. A- 13.00

911.*CHIHARA: (Paul): Soundtrack to the motion picture, "Prince of the City." Delerue/Orch. Varese Sarabande STV-81137. A- 12.00

912.*CHIHARA: Forest Music for Orchestra. MORTON GOULD: Viola Concerto (Glazer); Flourishes & Galop. Louisville Orchestra conducted by Endo (in Chihara) & Smith (rest). Louisville LS-788. A- 12.00

913.*CHIHARA: Grass (Bass Concerto; Neidlinger); Ceremonies I & III. Marriner/LSO. Turn QTVS-34572. A- 10.00

914.*CHIHARA: Saxophone Concerto. AMRAM: Ode to Lord Buckley. Pittel, saxophone (in both); Endo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-781. A- 12.00

915.*CHIHARA: The Tempest (complete ballet). Jean-Louis LeRoux/Performing Arts Orchestra of San Francisco. MMG 201X(2). FS 16.00

916.*COPLAND: Clarinet Concerto (Goodman); Old American Songs, Sets 1 & 2 (Warfield). Composer/Col Sym. [the Old American Songs are wonderful - fine songs, fine scoring, great performances by Warfield & Copland alike, flattering sound; a favorite of mine] Col MS-6497. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
917.*COPLAND: Lincoln Portrait (Adlai Stevenson, narrator); Fanfare for the Common Man. IVES: Three Places in New England. Ormandy/Phila. Col MS-6684. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 9.00

918.*CORDERO: (Roque): Symphony #2. LEONARDO BALADA: Homage a Sarasate. HENRY BRANT: On the Nature of Things. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-765. A- 12.00

919.*CORIGLIANO: Clarinet Concerto (Drucker). BARBER: Essay #3. Mehta/NYP. New World NW-309. A- 12.00

920.*CORIGLIANO: Tournaments Overture; Elegy. MARTINU: Oboe Concerto. Gibson, oboe; Harth/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-771. A- 12.00

921. COUPERIN: L'Apotheose de Lully. MICHEL CORRETTE: Concerto for Three Flutes. Lavaillotte; Sagnier; Boo; Maurice Hewitt/His Ch Orch. Epic LC-3383. A- 10.00

922. COWELL: Symphony #11. ALEXANDER TCHEREPNIN - Suite, Op.87. BERNARD WAGENAAR: Concert Overture. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; notes included] Louisville LOU-545-2. A- 12.00

923. COWELL: Thesis (Symphony #15). RODOLFO HALFFTER: Ballet Suite, "La Madrugada del Panadero." Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-622. A- 12.00

924.*DEBUSSY: Music for Piano Four-Hands and for Two Pianos: En Blanc et Noir; Lindaraja; Marche Ecossaise; Six Epigraphes Antiques; Petite Suite. Bernard Ringeissen; Noel Lee. Astree AS-2. A- to A 12.00

925.*DELIUS: Works for Violin & Orchestra: Concerto (1916), Suite (1888) & Legende (1895). Holmes; Handley/RPO. [dig] Unicorn Kanchana DKP-9040. A- 9.00

926.*DELLO JOIO: Homage to Haydn (Slatkin/Louisville Orch). DAN WELCHER: Concerto for Flute & Orchestra (Fuge; Mester/Louisville Orch). Louisville LS-742. A- 12.00

927. DIAMOND: Timon of Athens: A Symphonic Portrait after Shakespeare. CLAUDE ARMAND: "John Gilbert:" A Steamboat Overture. HINDEMITH: Sinfonietta in E. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-605. A- 12.00

928.*DVORAK: Slavonic Rhapsodies #1 - #3; The Wood Dove; Czech Suite; Slavonic Dances, Op.46 & Op.72 (complete). Neumann/CPO. Telefunken SAT-22523/25(3). A- 25.00

929.*DVORAK: The Dance in Hell & Prelude to Act 3 from The Devil & Kate. Janacek - Lach Dances. Smetana - Bartered Bride Excerpts. Newmann/Leipzig Gewandhaus Orch. Telefunken SAT-22506. FS(plastic tearing, but disc unplayed) 9.00

930. EINEM: Meditations, Op.18. KAROL RATHAUS: Prelude for Orchestra. GEORGE PERLE: Rhapsody for Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-545-9. A-(in blank jacket; includes notes insert) 10.00

931. ELGAR: Cockaigne Overture (abridged); Carissima; Dream of Gerontius (2 excerpts); The Starlight Express (with Mott, bar; Nicholls, sop). Composer/Orch. [recorded acoustically, 1914-1917] Pearl GEM-111. A- 10.00

932.*ELGAR: Wand of Youth, Suites #1 & #2; Three Bavarian Dances; Chansons de Matin & Nuit. Boult/LPO. EMI / Odeon PASD-2356. A-(s/s) 9.00

933.*FAURE: Shylock (Senechal, tenor); Pavane; Madrigal; Caligula. Almeida/ORTF Ch Orch; Paris Opera Cho. Inedits 995 012. A- to A 10.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

934.*FINZI: Clarinet Concerto (Collins); Farewell to Arms; Dies Natalis (Hill, tenor). Hickox/London Sinfonia. [dig] Virgin VC7-90718-1. A- 8.00

935.*FOERSTER: Symphony #4 ("Easter"). Smetacek/Prague Symphony. Supraphon 1 10 0617. A- 9.00

936. GINASTERA: Pampaena #3. BERGSMA: A Carol on Twelfth Night. WARD: Euphony for Orchestra. SAUGUET: Le Trois Lys. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [bl cov; includes notes] Louisville LOU-545-10. A- 12.00

937.*GINASTERA: Piano Sonata; 12 American Preludes. CHAVEZ: Piano Sonata #6. Ruiz. Genesis GS-1008. A- 10.00

938.*GLASS: "Dancepieces" - In the Upper Room; Glasspieces #1-#3. Riesman/Instrumental Ens. CBS FM-39539. A- to A(demo copy) 10.00

939.*GLAZOUNOV: Lady, The Servant ("Watteau's Pastorale;" one-act ballet). Fayer/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. [Plus two additional numbers, apparently in electronic stereo, taken from 1952 recording by Orlov/Moscow Radio Orch] Melodiya 33CM-03591-92. A-(very minor cover damage) 9.00

940.*GLAZOUNOV: Raymonda (complete ballet). Svetlanov/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. [notes booklet in Russian only] Melodiya C-0163-0168(3). A-- 20.00

941. GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #1 (Akulov/Moscow Radio Orch); Carnival Overture (Ginsberg/Moscow Radio Orch). Melodiya 026137-8. A- 9.00

942.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #3. Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio Orch. EMI ASD-3993. A- to A 11.00

943.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #4 (Rachlin/Moscow Radio); Poeme Lyrique; Cortege Solinnel (Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio). EMI ASD-3238. A- 9.00

944.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #7 (Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio Sym); Oriental Rhapsody (Dudarova/Moscow Sym). EMI/Odeon ASD-3504. A- 9.00

945.*GLAZOUNOV: Symphony #8. Svetlanov/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya 33C-0437-38. A- 11.00

946. GLAZOUNOV: The Seasons (Composer conducts Orch; recorded 1929); Symphony #1 (Ivanov/Soviet State Orch). Pearl GEMM-195. A-(original sources not silent) 9.00

947.*GLAZOUNOV: Theme & Variations, Op.72; Piano Sonata #2; Idylle, Op.103. Elena Glazounov, pf (composer's daughter!). [German-only notes] Colosseum SM-615. A- 9.00

948.*GOTTSCHALK: Symphony, "A Night in the Tropics;" Grand Tarantelle (Nibley, piano). GOULD: Latin-American Symphonette. Abravanel/Utah Sym. Van SRV-275SD. A- 8.00

949. GOTTSCHALK-KAY: Cakewalk (Ballet Suite). Ormandy/Phila (recorded 1952). GOULD: Fall River Legend (Ballet Suite). Mitropoulos/NYP. Col ML-4616. A-("6-eyes" labels) 20.00

950.*GOULD: (Morton): Symphony of Spirituals; Housewarming. Smith/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-791. A- 12.00

951.*GOULD: Soundings; Columbia. Composer/Louisville Sym. CARLISLE FLOYD: In Celebration: An Overture for Orchestra. Mester/Louisville Sym. Louisville LS-716. A- 12.00

952.*GRAUNKE: (Kurt): Symphony #3; Two Symphonic Dances (Fink, violin); Air [in versions for harp & orchestra (Geraldine Graunke, harp) and orchestra alone). Composer/His Symphony. Sedina E.S.-902. A- to A 20.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
953.*HARBISON: Ulysseys' Bow (Previn/Pittsburgh Sym); Samuel Chapter (Larsen, soprano; Composer/Collage). [dig] Nonesuch 9 79129-1. FS 12.00

954. HARRIS: Kentucky Spring. KLAUS EGGE: Louisville Symphony. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-602. A- 12.00

955.*HAYDN: Piano Sonatas, Vol 1. McCabe. London STS-15343/45(3). A-(British press) 12.00

956.*HAYDN: Piano Sonatas, Vol 2. McCabe. London STS-15349/51(3). A-(British press) 12.00

957.*HAYDN: Piano Sonatas, Vol 3. McCabe. London STS-15352/54(3). A-(U.S. pressings) 12.00

958.*HAYDN: Piano Sonatas, Vol 4. McCabe. London STS-15368/70(3). A-(odd blemish sd 6 does not sound; US pressing) 12.00

959.*HAYDN: Piano Sonatas, Vol 5. McCabe. London STS-15428/31(3). A-(U.S. pressing) 12.00

960.*HENSELT: Piano Concerto in f, Op.16 (Maga/Philharmonia Hungarica); Twelve Etudes Characteristiques (piano solo). Michael Ponti. Candide CE-31011. A- 8.00

961.*HENZE: Concerto for Double-bass (Karr); Essay on Pigs (Hart, speaker; Philip Jones Brass Ens). Henze/ECO (in both). DGG 139 456. A- to A 16.00

962.*HOLST: Ballet Music from The Golden Goose; Capriccio; Double Concerto for Two Violins (Hurwitz; Sillito); Two Songs Without Words. Imogen Holst/ECO. [from Lyrita SRCS-44] MHS 1452. A-(s/s) 10.00

963. HONEGGER: Concertino for Piano & Orchestra. Levant; Reiner/Col Sym. DEBUSSY: Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun. DUKAS: Sorcerer's Apprentice. Ormandy/Phila. [10-inch] Col ML-2156. B-(however, Honegger is B+ with occ tks) 12.00

964. HONEGGER: Suite Archaique. ALEXANDER TCHEREPNIN: Piano Concerto #2 (Composer, piano). Whitney/Louisville Sym. Louisville LOU-615. A- 12.00

965.*HOVHANESS: Avak, the Healer (Farris, soprano; Rapier, trumpet). WIDDOES: Morning Music. SCULTHORPE: Sun Music III. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-735. A- 12.00

966. HOVHANESS: Concerto #7 for Orchestra. CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO: Overture to Much Ado about Nothing. SURINACH: Sinfonietta Flamenca. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-545-4. A- 12.00

967.*HUBAY: (Jeno): Violin Pieces (seven short works; Francois d'Albert, violin); Songs (eight; Maria d'Albert, soprano). Mayors/Hubay Kammer-Orchester. Hussar 1458. A-- 20.00

968.*HUMMEL: Grand Sonata for Piano Solo. JOHANN CRAMER: Piano Concerto #5. Sagara; Cao/Luxembourg Radio. Turn TVS-34608. A- 9.00

969. IBERT: Louisville Concerto. GARDNER READ: Toccata Giocoso. LUENING & USSACHEVSKY: Rhapsodic Variations for Tape Recorder & Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-545-5. A- 12.00

970.*IVANOV: (Konstantin): Symphony in Memory of Yuri Gagarin; Double Bass Concerto. Mikhno, bass; Composer/USSR Radio-TV Orch. [seems an appropriate record to offer in April of 2011: 50th anniversary, on April 12th, of Gagarin's trip into space!] Melodiya 33C10-08773-4. A- 25.00

971.*JANACEK: Sinfonietta; Taras Bulba. Neumann/CPO. [dig] Supraphon 1110 3400. FS 8.00

972. JOLIVET: Piano Concerto (Descaves); Concerto for Trumpet, Piano & Strings (Del Motte; Baudo); Andante for String Orch. Bour/Theatre des Champs-Elysees Orch (in all). West WL-5239. B- 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
973.*KABALEVSKY: Piano Concerto #4 (Popov); Rhapsody for Piano & Orchestra on the song "The School Years" (Nersesyan). Kitayenko/Moscow Phil; USSR Sym. Melodiya C10-18261-2. A- 12.00

974.*KAGEL: (Mauricio; b.1931): Musik fur Renaissance-Instrumente (Composer/Collegium Instrumentalis); Musik fur 3 Spieler (Caskel, percussion; Palm & Storck, celli). [tulip labels] DGG 137 006. A- to A(demo copy) 15.00

975.*KARLOWICZ: Stanislaw & Anna Oswiecie; An Episode During a Masquerade. Wislocki/Warsaw Philharmonic. Muza SXL-0269. A- 12.00

976.*KHACHATURIAN: Spartacus. Zhuraitis/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. [First recording of complete ballet; notes in Cyrillic only] Melodiya 33C10-06299-306(4). A- 24.00

977. KORN: (Peter Jona; b.1922): Variations on a Tune from The Beggars Opera. LOU HARRISON: Four Strict Songs for Eight Baritones & Orch (Bingham; Members of Southern Baptist Theological Seminar Cho). Whitney/Louisville Orch. [In blank cover; notes included] Louisville LOU-582. A- 12.00

978.*KRENEK: Kleine Blasmuwik; Three Merry Marches. PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: Saint Michael Sonata. Mester/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LS-756. A- 12.00

979. KUBIK: (Gail): Symphony #2. ROGER GOEB: Concertino for Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Sym. Louisville LOU-585. A- 12.00

980.*LAZAROF: (Henri): Sinfonietta; Chamber Symphony. Schwarz/Los Angeles Chamber Sym. [dig] Laurel LR-133. A- 12.00

981. LETELIER: (Alfonso): Aculeo, Suite for Orchestra. COPLAND: Orchestral Variations. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-591. A- 11.00

982.*LIADOV: Piano Music - Fifteen short pieces. Anton Ginzberg, piano. Melodiya C10-29941 002. A- 9.00

983.*LISZT: Tasso; Hungaria. Ferencsik/Hungarian St Orch. Hungaroton SLPX-11684. A- 9.00

984.*LITOLFF: Concerto Symphonique #4 (all of it - not just the Scherzo!) Gerald Robbins, piano; Remoortel/Monte-Carlo Opera Orch. Genesis GS-1035. A- 9.00

985.*LOVENSKIOLD: (Herman; 1815-70): La Sylphide (music for the Bournonville ballet). Garforth/Royal Danish Orch. [dig; DMM] Chandos ABRD-1200. A- to A 11.00

986.*LUNDSTEN: (Ralph; b.1936): Summer Saga (Nordic Nature Symphony #4); Pop Age. Composer on synthesizers, keyboards, etc. With Stockholm Baroque Ens; Cho; etc. Angel S-38108. A-(c/c) 9.00

987.*MACDOWELL: Piano Sonata #2 ("Eroica") & #3 ("Norse.") Yoriko Takahashi. Orion ORS-75183. A- 11.00

988. MAHLER: Symphony # 1. Borsamsky/Berlin Radio Orch. Urania URLP-7080. A- 13.00

989.*MAHLER: Symphony # 2. Horne; Neblett; Abbado/CSO & Cho. DGG 2707 094(2). A- to A 16.00

990.+MAHLER: Symphony # 5 (Walter/NYP); Kindertotenlieder (Ferrier; Walter/VPO). Odyssey 32 26 0016(2). A- 16.00

991. MALIPIERO: Fantasie di Ogni Giorno. VITTORIO RIETI: Introduzione e Gioco Delle Ore. ERNEST BACON: Enchanted Island. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-545-11. A-(in blank jacket; inc notes insert) 12.00

992. MALIPIERO: Piano Concerto #3 (Owen). WILLIAM SCHUMAN: Judith - Choreographic Poem for Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-604. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
993.*MARTIN: Concerto for Harpsichord (Jaccottet); Ballade for Piano & Orchestra (Benda); Ballade for Trombone & Orchestra (Rosin). Composer/Lausanne Ch Orch. Candide CE-31065. A- 13.00

994.*MAYUZUMI: Nirvana Symphony (Toyama cond); Mandala Symphony (Yamada cond). NHK Sym; Japan Chorus Union (in both). Philips 9500 762. FS 15.00

995.*MELCER: (Henryk; 1869-1928): Piano Concerto #2. Rutkowska; Wilkomirski/Warsaw National Philharmonic. Muza SX-1788. A- 12.00

996. MENNIN: Symphony #6. RIEGGER: Variations for Piano & Orchestra. TOCH: Notturno. Owen, piano; Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; notes included] Louisville LOU-545-3. A- 12.00

997.*MESSAGER: Isoline (ballet excerpts); Les Deux Pigeons (ballet excerpts). HAHN: Le Bal de Beatrice d'Este. Jacquillat/Paris Orch. [French-only notes] Pathe C-053-10017. A- 9.00

998.*MIASKOVSKY: Symphony #22. YEVGENY SVETLANOV: Festive Poem. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. EMI ASD-3062. A-(s/s) 12.00

999. MILHAUD: Globetrotter Suite; The Joys of Life. Composer/Los Angeles Ch Ens. Varese Sara VC-81051. A- 9.00

1000.*MILHAUD: Introduction & Marche Funebre (Composer/Paris Phil); Le Chateau du Feu (Gouverne/ORTF Cho); Suite Provencale (Baudo/PCO). [French-only notes] Le Chant du Monde LDX-78325. A- 13.00

1001. MILHAUD: Saudades do Brasil; Suite Provencale. Composer/Concert Arts. Cap P-8358. A-(occ lt tks) 12.00

1002. MILHAUD: Suite Francaise (Composer/NYP). IBERT: Escales (Rodzinski). [10-in] Col ML-2093. B+ 12.00

1003. MILHAUD: Symphony #3 (with Brasseur Chorale); Two Piano Concerto (Marika/Joy). Composer/PCO (in both). West WST-17101. A- 15.00

1004.*MONIUSZKO: Orchestral Works - Overtures: Fairy Tale, Halka, The Raftsman; Concert Polonaise; Mazurs from Halka & Haunted Manor. Rowicki/Warsaw Phil. Muza STXL-0229. A- 16.00

1005.*MOROI: Saburo; b.1903): Symphony #2. Yamaoka/Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra. Varese Sara VC-81062. A- 9.00

1006.*MOSONYI: (Mihaly; 1815-70): Piano Concerto. FERDINAND HILLER: Konzertstuck for Piano & Orchestra. Rose; Cao/Luxembourg Radio Orch. [quad] Candide QCE-31090. A- 9.00

1007.*MOSZKOWSKI: Concerto for Violin (Treger). ERNEST GUIRAUD (1937-1892) The Fantastic Hunt. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-743. A- 12.00

1008.*MOSZKOWSKI: Piano Concerto in E-flat, Op.59. Bar-Illan; Antonini/BVRS. Audiofon 2006. A- 10.00

1009.*MOZART: Concerti for Bassoon (Garfield) and Flute (Kincaid). Ormandy/Phila. Col MS-6451. A-(early "2-eyes" labels; minor cover stain) 12.00

1010. NABOKOV: (Nicholas): Symbolie Chrestiani for Baritone & Orchestra (Pickett). ALEXEI HAIEFF: Ballet in E. Whitney/Louisville Sym. [in blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-581. A- 12.00

1011.*NIELSEN: Flute & Clarinet Concerti. Drucker; Baker; Bernstein/NYP. Col MS-7028. A- 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1012. NIELSEN: Symphony #3. Frandsen/Danish National Orch. Epic LC-3225. A- 12.00

1013.*NIELSEN: Symphony #4. Markevitch/Royal Danish Orch. Turn TVS-34050. A- 8.00

1014.*OSTRCIL: (Otakar; 1879-1935): Calvary (Variations for Large Orchestra); The Orphan's Tale (Marova, mezzo). Neumann/CPO. Supraphon 1110 2548. A- 8.00

1015.*PADEREWSKI: Piano Concerto in a. RUBINSTEIN: Concertstuck for Piano & Orchestra. Blumental; Froschauer/Vienna Pro Musica. Turn TVS-34387. A- 8.00

1016.*PADEREWSKI: Piano Music: Tatra Album; Introduction & Toccata; Variations & Fugue; Minuet; Sarabande. Rinko Kobayashi. [dig] Muza SX-2509. A- 12.00

1017.*PALMGREN: Piano Pieces (17). Izumi Tateno, piano. EMI 9C063-82448. A- to A(minor cover scuffs) 12.00

1018.*PAPINEAU-COUTURE: Complementarite. SCHUMANN: Etudes Symphoniques. Jean-Paul Sevilla, piano. Radio Canada 384. A-- 9.00

1019.*PENN: (William; b.1943): Ultra Mensuram for Three Brass Quintets (Bjerregaard/Western Michigan Univ Wind Ens). WALTER ROSS (b.1936): Trombone Concerto (Brevig; Andersen/Bergen Sym); Prelude, Fugue & Big Apple (Brevig, trombone; magnetic tape). JOSEPH SCHWANTNER (b.1943): Modus Caelestis (Pittman/New England Conservatory Repertory Orch). CRI SD-340. A- 12.00

1020. PERSICHETTI: Serenade #5 for Orchestra. RODRIGO: Cuatro Madrigales Amagorios. BERNARD ROGERS: Dance Scenes. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-606. A- 12.00

1021.*PIERNE: Overture on Basque Themes; Two Suites from Cydalise & le Chevre-Pied. Mari/Paris Opera Orch. [quad] Angel S-37281. A- 10.00

1022.*PINKHAM: (Daniel; b.1923): Signs of the Zodiac. ROBERT ROHE (b.1916): Mainescape. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-673. A- 12.00

1023. PISTON: Serenata. DAVID VAN VACTOR (b.1906): Fantasia, Chaconne & Allegro. NIELS VIGGO BENTZON (b.1919): Pezzi Sinfonici. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-586. A- 12.00

1024.*PISTON: Symphony #1. HARRIS: When Johnny Comes Marching Home - An American Overture. JOHN WEINZWEIG (b.1913): Symphonic Ode. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-766. A- 12.00

1025.*PISTON: The Incredible Flutist (complete ballet). DUDLEY BUCK (1839-1909): Festival Overture on the Star-Spangled Banner. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-755. A- 12.00

1026. PORTER: (Quincy): Symphony #2. VITTORIO GIANNINI: Divertimento #2. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-642. A- 12.00

1027.*POULENC: Les Biches. SAUGUET: La Chatte. Markevitch/Monte Carlo Opera Orch (& Cho in Biches). Varese Sara VC-81096. A- 9.00

1028.*PROKOFIEV: Cinderella (complete). Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio. Mel-Angel SRB-4102(2). A- 9.00

1029. PROKOFIEV: Symphony #2. Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio. MK 1583. B+(clean copy, typical MK) 7.00

1030.*PROKOFIEV: Symphony #4. Ormandy/Phila. [first stereo recording(?)] Col MS-6154. A-("2-eyes") 16.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1031.*RAFF: Suite in d for Piano Solo. Adrian Ruiz. Genesis GS-1009. A- 8.00

1032. REESEN: (Emil): Himmerland (A Danish Rhapsody) (Composer/Danish Radio Orch). GRIEG: Lyric Suite (Tuxen/Danish Radio Orch). [10-inch] London LS-849. B+ 8.00

1033.*REGER: A Comedy Overture. NAPRAVNIK: Festive March. BIZET (orch. Weingartner): Chromatic Variations. MOSZKOWSKI: Suite #3. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-734. A- 12.00

1034.*REGER: Concerto for Orchestra in the Old Style, Op.123; Suite in the Old Style, Op.93 (orchestral version). Neidlinger/Nurnberger Symphoniker. Colosseum SM-542. A- to A 9.00

1035.*REGER: Concerto for Violin. Shiokawa; Kloss/Nurenberg Sym. Colosseum 514. A- 9.00

1036.*REGER: Music for Strings: Suite im Alten Still; Suite in G for Cello; Suite in g for Viola; Three Pieces for Violin & Piano. Keller, vln; Kloor, vla; Wolf, vcl; Schwarz, pf. Oryx 1833. A- 8.00

1037.*RESPIGHI: Belkis, Queen of Sheba - Ballet Suite; Metamorphoseon. Simon/PO. [dig; spectacular stuff!] Chandos ABRD-1142. A- to A 16.00

1038. RESPIGHI: Concerto Gregoriano (Stiehler, violin; Borsamsky/Leipzig Radio Orch). DE BERIOT (1802-70): Scene de Ballet (Tasschke, violin; Kegel/Leipzig Philharmonic). Varese Sara VC-81090. A- 9.00

1039.*RESPIGHI: Concerto Gregoriano for Violin & Orchestra (Nishizaki); Poema Autunnale. Hoey/Singapore Sym. [dig] Marco Polo 6.220152. A- to A 11.00

1040.*RHEINBERGER: Piano Concerto in A-flat, Op.94. Ruiz; Deaky/Nurnberg Sym. Genesis GS-1014. FS 8.00

1041. RIEGGER: Symphony #4. ROBERTO GERHARD: Alegrias, Ballet Suite. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-646. A- 12.00

1042. RIEGGER: Variations for Violin & Orchestra (Harth). PAUL BEN-HAIM (1897-1984): To the Chief Musician. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-601. A- 12.00

1043.*RIETI: (Vittorio): Capers Ballet (Mester/LPO). LEE HOIBY: After Eden - Ballet in Five Movements (Foster/LSO). Desto DC-6434. A- 10.00

1044.*RIETI: (Vittorio; b.1898): Harpsichord Concerto (Marlowe; Baron/Ch Orch); Partita for Harpsichord, Flute, Oboe & String Quartet (Marlowe; Ens). CRI SD-312. A- 12.00

1045.*RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Symphony #3. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. [Russian-only notes] Melodiya C10-20753 001. A- 9.00

1046. ROREM: Eleven Studies for Eleven Players. WILLIAM SYDEMAN: Orchestral Abstractions. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-644. A- 12.00

1047.*ROREM: Piano Concerto in Six Movements (Jerome Lowenthal, piano). PAUL TUROK: Lyric Variations for Oboe & Strings (McAninch, oboe). THOMAS BRICCETTI: Overture: The Fountain of Youth. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-733. A- 12.00

1048. ROSENBERG: (Hilding): Symphony #3 ("The Four Ages of Man"). Tor Mann/Stockholm Symphony. London LL-944. A--(s/s) 12.00

1049.*RUBINSTEIN: Piano Concerto #5. Ruiz; Deaky/Nurenberg Sym. Genesis GS-1012. A- 8.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1050.*RUBINSTEIN: Symphony #2 ("Ocean"). Kapp/Westphalian Sym. Candide CE-31057. A- 10.00

1051.*RUSSO: 3 Pieces for Blues Band and Orch. BERNSTEIN: West Side Story Dances. Siegel-Schwall Band; Ozawa/San Francisdo Sym. DGG 2530 309. FS 10.00

1052.*RUSSO: Street Music. GERSHWIN: An American in Paris. Ozawa/SF Sym. [Grand Prix du Disque] DGG 2530 788. FS 10.00

1053.*SANKEY: (Stuart; b.1927): Variations for Orchestra. FOX (Frederick; b.1931): Night Ceremonies. Endo/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-780. A- 12.00

1054.*SATIE: Monotones (complete ballet taken from piano works); Jack in the Box; Trois Morceau en Forme de Poire; Deux Preludes. [misc orchestrators] Lanchbery/ROHCG. Angel S-37580. A-(c/c) 12.00

1055.*SCHICKELE: (Peter; b.1935): Pentangle - Five Songs for French Horn & Orchestra (Albrecht, horn). JOYCE MEKEEL: Vigil. FRANCIS THORNE: Elegy for Orch. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-768. A- 12.00

1056.*SCHUMAN (William) Symphony #7. ROREM: Symphony #3. Abravanel/Utah. Turn TVS-34447. A- 9.00

1057.*SCHUMANN (Clara): Piano Concerto #1 (Schmidt-Gertenbach/Berlin Sym); Scherzi #1 & #2; Four Fugitive Pieces; Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann. Ponti. Candide CE-31038. A- 9.00

1058.*SCHUMANN (Clara): Romances #2 & #3; Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann; Mazurka in G. WILLIAM BENNETT (1816-1875): Sonata #1, Op.13. James Sykes, piano. Orion ORS-75182. A- 12.00

1059.*SCRIABIN: Symphonies #1 - #3. Svetlanov; USSR Sym (and Cho in #2). MHS 834587(3). A- 14.00

1060.*SCRIABIN: Symphony #1. Soloists; Svetlanov/USSR Sym; Cho. Mel-Angel SR-40113. A- 9.00

1061.*SEREBRIER: Erotica - The Complete Woodwind Music: Seis for Television; Saxophone Quartet; Suite Canina; Erotica (Farley, soprano); Pequena Music. Composer/Australian Wind Virtuosi; Australian Saxophone Quartet. Australian RCA VRL1-0404. A- 16.00

1062.*SESSIONS: Symphony #7; Divertimento for Orchestra. Leonard/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-776. A- 12.00

1063.*SHANKAR: Garland of Ragas (Sitar Concerto #2). Shankar; Mehta/LPO. [dig] Angel DS-37935. A-(c/c) 10.00

1064.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Ballet Suites #1, #2 & #3 (1949-53). Maksim Shostakovich/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. Mel-Angel SR-40115. A-(s/s) 12.00

1065.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Gadfly Suite. E.Khachaturian/Cinematic Symphony Orch. [includes typewritten English notes; liner in Cyrillic only] Melodiya 33C-0123-4. A--(writing on back cover - English translations) 12.00

1066.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 4. Kondrashin/Moscow Philharmonic. Mel-Angel SR-40177. A-(c/c) 12.00

1067.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 7. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. Mel-Angel SRB-4107(2). A- 14.00

1068.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 8. Previn/LSO. Angel S-36980. A(brief ticks in finale; s/s) 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1069. SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #10 (Composer/National Philharmonic). KABALEVSKY: Colas Breugnon Overture (Composer/Bolshoi Theatre Orch). [I gather there is controversy regarding whether or not Shostakovich is actually the conductor in this recording.] Colosseum CRLP-173. C/A-- 14.00

1070.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #10. Karajan/BPO. [dig] DGG 2532 030. A- to A 9.00

1071.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #10. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. Mel-Angel SR-40025. A- 10.00

1072. SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #11. Cluytens/ORTF. [Mono-only issue; includes handsome booklet w/many photos and a contemporary essay on Shostakovich by Georges Auric] [blue labels] Angel 3586(2). A- 24.00

1073.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #13. Shirley-Quirk; Kondrashin/BVRS & Male Cho. Philips 6514 120. A-(demo copy) 9.00

1074. SIBELIUS: Symphony #4; The Bard; In Memoriam; Lemminkainen's Return. Beecham/LPO. [Recorded 1937-8; A. C. Griffith transfers] World Record Club SH-133. A- 12.00

1075.*SMETANA: Complete Works, Vol.2: Piano Compositions. Issued in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Smetana's death (1984). Jan Novotny, piano (in all of the works - some project!) Ten-record set in box with booklet of notes in Czech, English, German & French. Supraphon 1111-4311-20(10). A-(box is scuffy; discs excellent) 50.00

1076.*STAMITZ: Cello Concerto in A (Blees; Faerber/Wurttemberg Ch Orch). DUSIK: Piano Concerto in B-flat (Kyriakou; Bunte/Berlin Sym). Turn TVS-34362. A- 10.00

1077.*STANLEY: (John; 1713-86): Five Concerti from Op.2. Hurwitz/Hurwitz Ch Orch. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-315. A-- 9.00

1078.*STENHAMMAR: Piano Concerto #1. Mannheimer; Dutoit/Goteborg Sym. [notes in Swedish only] Sterling S-1004. A- to A 12.00

1079. STEVENS: (Halsey; 1908-89): Sinfonia Breve. HERBERT ELWELL (b.1898): Suite for Violin & Orchestra (Sidney Harth). Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-593. A- 12.00

1080. STRAUSS: (Johann II): "Viennese Delights" - Fifteen mostly unusual pieces: Indigomarsch; Aus der Heimat; Rasch in der Tat; Spanischer Marsch; Liebchen, Schwing Dich; Es War Wunderschon; Gunstwerber Walzer; Eljen a Magyar; Lustiger Rat; Electrophor; Bonbon; Lagerlust; Aug der Jagd; Pizzicato Polka. Vienna Sym conducted by Franz Salmhofer (saying "und so weiter!" at the end of Perpetuum Mobile) & Eduard Strauss. Epic LC-3246. A- 16.00

1081.*STRAUSS: Schlagobers (complete ballet). Kloss/Frankenland State Symphony Orchestra of Nuremberg. [first recording; unusual to find in superb stereo copy] Lyrichord LLST-741(2). A- 20.00

1082.*STRAVINSKY: L'Histoire du Soldat Suite; Pulcinella Suite. Composer conducts Col Ch Ens & Col Sym. Col MS-7093. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 12.00

1083.*STRAVINSKY: Pulcinella Suite; Petrouchka (1947 version). Composer/Col Sym. [drm] CBS MP-39555. A- to A 10.00

1084.*STRAVINSKY: The Fairy's Kiss (complete). Composer/Col Sym. Col MS-6803. A-(early "2-eyes" labels; s/s) 9.00

1085.*SUBOTNICK: Silver Apples of the Moon for Electronic Music Synthsizer. Nonesuch H-71174. FS 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1086.*SULLIVAN: Merchant of Venice Suite; The Tempest (incidental music); In Memoriam Overture. Dunn/City of Birmingham Sym. Klavier KS-521. A- 12.00

1087.*SVENDSEN: Polonaise #2; Two Icelandic Melodies; Andante Funebre; Carnival in Paris; Romance for Violin & Orchestra (Hansen). Fjeldstad & Ingebretsen/Oslo Phil. Norsk Kulturrads Klassikerserie NKF 30028. A- 15.00

1088.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Sleeping Beauty (complete ballet). Rozhdestvensky/BBC Sym. Eurodisc 300-575-435(3). A- to A(c/c) 13.00

1089. TCHAIKOVSKY: Sleeping Beauty (complete ballet). Khaikin/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. [notes in Russian only] Melodiya 06347-54(4). A--(brief tks sd 3; slight warp sds 1/2) 20.00

1090. TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Piano Music - Twelve Preludes, Op.83; Expressions, Op.81. Robert Howat. Orion ORS-78329. A-(lgt/mod tks off & on in Expressions) 12.00

1091. TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Symphony #2. RICHARD MOHAUPT (1904-57): Town Piper Music. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-645. A- 12.00

1092.*TELEMANN: Suite in a (Gazzelloni, flute); Concerto in G (Ghedin, viola); Concerto a 7 in F. Ayo; Apostoli; Colandrea, violins; I Musici. Philips 9502 011. A- to A 8.00

1093.*TIPPETT: Symphony #1; Suite for the Birthday of Prince Charles. Davis/LSO. Philips 9500 107. FS 12.00

1094.*TIPPETT: Symphony #3. Harper; Davis/LSO. Philips 6500 662. A- to A 9.00

1095.*TIPPETT: Symphony #4; Suite for the Birthday of Prince Charles. Solti/CSO. [dig; nice cover photo of Tippett & Solti, who gave the symphony's premiere w/CSO] London LDR-71046. A-(Dutch pressing; minor cover damage) 10.00

1096.*TURINA: Danzas Gitanas. BENJAMIN LEES: Symphony #3. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-752. A- 12.00

1097.*VAN VACTOR: Sinfonia Breve; Chilean Suite; Pastoral & Dance; Recitativo & Saltarello; Intro & Presto. Composer/Hessian Sym. Orion ORS-6910. A- 10.00

1098.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Norfolk Rhapsody #1; In the Fen Country; Lark Ascending; Greensleeves Fantasia; Serenade to Music. Boult/Misc Orchs. Angel S-36902. A- 10.00

1099.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #5; Wasps Overture. Previn/LSO. RCA LSC-3244. A- 10.00

1100. VILLA-LOBOS: Childrens' Dolls (Suite #1 from The Baby's Family); The Three Maries; Rudepoema. Jacques Abram, piano. EMS 10. A- 9.00

1101.*VILLA-LOBOS: Danses Africaines. JOHN ADDISON: Concerto for Trumpet, Strings & Percussion (Rapier). Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-695. A- 12.00

1102. VILLA-LOBOS: Dawn in the Tropical Forest. CRESTON: Invocation & Dance. HALSEY STEVENS: Triskelion. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-545-1. A- 12.00

1103.*VILLA-LOBOS: Forest of the Amazon. Sayao; Composer/Symphony of the Air & Cho. [Taken from music for the motion picture Green Mansions] United Art UAS-8007. A-(a few ticks from tiny scrs each side) 20.00

1104.*VILLA-LOBOS: The Five Piano Concerti. Fernando Lopes, piano; Benito Juarez/Orquesta Sinfonica Municipal de Campinas. [Note in Portuguese only] Energia de Sao Paulo LPVL-25(4). A- 30.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1105.*WEBER: Symphonies #1 & #2; Piano Concerti #1 & #2; Overture & March from "Turandot." Frager; Andreae/NDR Orch (in concerti); Schonzeler/LSO (in rest). [The Turandot music includes the tune Hindemith used in 2nd movement of Symphonic Metamorphoses] RCA CRL2-2281(2). A- 16.00

1106. WEBERN: The Complete Music (omitting his arrangements of other composers' works and his orchestration of his Op.5 Quartet). Robert Craft/Ens. [6-eye labels] Col K4L-232(4). B(most plays much better, but various flaws) 13.00

1107.*WELCHER: (Dan): The Visions of Merlin. ROBERT XAVIER RODRIGUEZ: Favola Boccaccesca. Louisville Orchestra conducted by Endo (in Merlin) & Smith (in Favola). Louisville LS-793. A- 12.00

1108. WEN-CHUNG: (Chou): Soliloquy of a Bhiksuni (Raper, trumpet). DALLAPICCOLA: Due Pezzi. JOSE SEREBRIER: Partita. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-641. A- 12.00

1109.*WIKLUND: (Adolf; 1879-1950): Piano Concerto #2 (Erikson); Three Pieces for String Orchestra and Harp; Song to Spring. Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Caprice CAP-1165. A- to A 9.00

1110.*ZELENSKI: (Wladyslaw; 1837-1921): Piano Music: Theme Varie; Reverie; Idylle; Grand Scherzo; Masurek; Moments d'un Carnaval. Jozef Stompel. [dig] Muza SX-2510. A- 12.00

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