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Penn State University

Aligning Strategy, Leadership, and Culture: Keys to Competitive Advantage


This one-week course is designed for leaders charged with creating and implementing strategy. It provides participants with the integrated management perspective to maximize the performance of their organization. Participants will learn how the forces of culture impact performance and hone leadership skills that establish a common sense of purpose that drives commitment and cooperation. Specifically, the program will prepare participants to:

  • Critically assess and respond to the changing environment and marketplace

  • Grow and develop core capabilities and operational focus to compete

  • Build capability through global networks of employees, partners, and suppliers

  • Understand how financial performance affects process and operations in an organization

  • Communicate, motivate, and empower talent to implement strategic changes

Dates: April 28-May 3, 2013; September 22-27, 2013

Fee: $7,950

Location: University Park, PA

Contact: 1-800-311-6364 or psep@psu.edu
Table of Contents

Enterprise Integration & Transformation: Beyond IT/Business Alignment

This unique executive education program, in affiliation with Gartner, uncovers critical enterprise principles and provides participants with a roadmap for achieving sustainable transformation through alignment. Topics include all aspects of IT and organizational integration and transformation -- from enterprise strategy, planning, and infrastructure issues to those surrounding external alliances and partnerships. The program is for CIOs, EVPs, senior strategists, senior IT management, enterprise and business architects, business and IT strategists, enterprise transformation analysts, enterprise portfolio managers, and other executives with leadership responsibility for their organization.

Dates: November 18-22, 2013
Fee: $4,400

Location: University Park, PA

Contact: 1-800-311-6364 or psep@psu.edu

Table of Contents

Portland State University (Center for Public Service)

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Leadership Program

The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Leadership (EMHSL) Program provides a foundation in the core concepts, contemporary practices, and theories of emergency management and homeland security. The courses offered through this program provide state-of-the art education, tools, and skills to effectively manage emergencies.
The program is specifically designed to improve the leadership and capabilities of those responsible for planning for, mitigating-against, responding to, or recovering from emergencies. The program will benefit professionals working in the field of emergency management, persons who have assumed emergency management tasks in addition to their primary work functions, and those who wish to enter the growing field of emergency management. Students from public, private, and non-profit sectors will benefit from their experience in the program.
The program consists of 6 courses with two in-class sessions as the beginning and end of each term (Fall 2012, Winter 2013, and Spring 2013) with online course work and interaction in between the two sessions.
Program Dates: 6 Courses

The Professional in Emergency Management: TBD

Emergency Program Management:TBD

Understanding Community Expectations: Jan. 4-5, 2013 & Mar. 8-9, 2013

Earth Sciences for Emergency Managers: Jan. 6-7, 2013 & Mar. 10-11, 2013

Building Situational Awareness: April 5-6, 2013 & June 7-8, 2013

Crisis Communication and Disasters: Apr. 7-8, 2013 & Jun. 9-10, 2013

(Dates are subject to change)

Application Deadline: Rolling deadlines prior to each course. Contact for information.
Program Tuition:
$1,450 per course + applicable PSU fees

Contact: Christine Hanolsy, Program Coordinator. hanolsy@pdx.edu, (503) 725-5114
Table of Contents

Executive Master of Public Administration Program

The fully-accredited Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) Program is designed for ambitious and forward-looking public and nonprofit professionals who have at least ten years of significant work experience. The program is intended to prepare individuals for advanced leadership, with an assumption that they have already "earned their wings" as successful managers of people, programs, and organizational units.
Program students have a clear commitment to public service and strong personal motivation to deepen their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and assume advanced leadership roles in public service.

The EMPA Program increases the efficacy of public officials for ethical, competent, and effective public service leadership in federal, state, local, special district, tribal, and nonprofit organizations. The program integrates theory and practice through a co-production process engaging community groups, citizens, public service executives, academic colleagues, and practitioners with the Center for Public Service.

Program Dates: Fall to Spring (2-year program)

Application Deadline: TBD (Roughly April)
Program Tuition:

Contact: Marcy Newton, Program Coordinator, marcy.newton@pdx.edu, (503) 725-5165
Table of Contents

Executive Seminar Program for Natural Resources

The Executive Seminar Program (ESP) for Natural Resources is a professional education program for mid-career natural resource professionals in public, private, tribal, and non-profit organizations.
The program uses live case studies of controversial natural resource issues, advance leadership development, and enhance understanding of governance principles. Each seminar reconstructs the natural resource policy controversy by visiting the site of the issue, reviewing background materials, and meeting with the decisive players in the conflict.
Past presenters have included members of Congress, governors, state legislators, tribal leaders, agency heads, lobbyists, coalition leaders, and journalists.
The seminar program develops leadership skills that enhance the performance of managers in their own organizations and prepares leaders for the complex decision making process inherent in a pluralistic society. Participants will understand the need to evaluate social, economic and political values in natural resource policy development.
A total of three case studies and one capstone are held during the program year. Three seminars of approximately one week each will be held on site to reconstruct cases. The fourth session (capstone) runs two-days and is held in the Portland area concluding the program with a review of leadership principles, techniques for policy resolution, and a summarization of insights gained by the participants. PSU Faculty provides oversight and emphasizes sound administration practices, as well as ways on how to improve policy outcomes.
Dates: Feb. 4-8, 2013; Apr. 21-26, 2013; and June 6-7, 2013

Application Deadline: Contact us to check availability

Location: Olympic National Park, WA; Coos Bay, OR; Burns and Frenchglen, OR; and PSU Campus, Portland, OR

Cost: $6,000 for all cases or $2,300 per case

Contact: Christine Hanolsy, Program Coordinator, hanolsy@pdx.edu, (503) 725-5114

Table of Contents

National Policy Process Seminar

This personal and up-close approach to learning about the national policy-formation process leaves students with a detailed understanding of the way work is accomplished in Washington, DC and gives them insights on how this affects their work back in the Northwest. The one week courses offers:

  • "Live" case study on policy issues important to the region

  • Direct and personal interaction with participants in policy process

  • Detailed understanding of the forces at work in national policies

  • Ability to take these lessons and reflect on issues back in the region

This program allows each member of the program to personally meet and discuss policy issues with the expert guest speakers while in Washington, DC. The class travels to meet with these speakers on location and in the midst of the work of the national policy process. The week centers on a policy case study and uses this to introduce models of how national policy is created. Key to the success of the program is the support speakers in Washington, D.C., without whom this program would not exist.

Dates: Pre-Trip Orientation Meeting TBD

Application Deadline: TBD

Location: Pre-Trip Orientation Meeting PSU Campus, Portland, OR; Trip Washington, D.C.

Cost: $1,250 (Does not include travel expenses or meals)

Contact: Christine Hanolsy, Program Coordinator, hanolsy@pdx.edu, (503) 725-5114

Table of Contents

National Resources Policy, Values and Economics

Natural resource management requires knowledge of policy issues, economics, and human valuation, as much as it requires knowledge of specific natural resources. What are the complex policy factors involved in natural resource management? What is the basic role of economics in the management of natural resources? How are human value systems that underlie policy making and economics integrated into policy decisions? The Natural Resource Policy, Values and Economics Program is designed to answer these questions and enable the natural resource professional to synthesize the concepts learned for use in everyday professional practice.

The Natural Resource Policy, Values and Economics Seminar is a workshop that is part of the U.S. Forest Service Continuing Education Program. The course is offered at Portland State University and the University of Georgia for alternating years. The goal of this Continuing Education program is to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of professionals whose work involves or relates to management of rare plants, wildlife, and fish habitats. The Continuing Education Program strives to serve the people who care for the land and is designed to meet the training needs of entry-level and mid-career professionals.
The week-long program utilizes real-world case studies and interactive exercises to teach concepts to students. Discussion amongst students, professors and guest lecturers on topics related to activities in public lands will assist natural resource professionals to understand and deal with economic and political influences in their agencies.
All type of environmental and natural resource professionals are invited to attend, including those working in state, tribal and other federal agencies. Past participants have included:

  • Bureau of Land Management

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife

  • Oregon State Forestry Department

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • Portland State University Graduate Students

Dates: May 27-31, 2013

Application Deadline: April 30, 2013

Location: PSU Campus, Portland, OR; Trip Washington, D.C.

Cost: $1,500

Contact: Christine Hanolsy, Program Coordinator, hanolsy@pdx.edu, (503) 725-5114

Table of Contents

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